Glee Recap: Audition and Subtraction

Tuesday night’s episode of Glee — its final installment before next week’s season finale — tried to shovel a path to redemption for Sue Sylvester, who’s been snowed-in by some truly abhorrent character development for too much of Season 2, and began the potential dissolution of two of the show’s least-appealing romantic relationships.

If you somehow got rerouted to Tripoli and missed the action, please allow me to catch you up — in the classic “here’s what you missed on Glee” format: To give New Directions an edge at Nationals, Mr. Schue hired deeply annoying recent high-school grad Jesse St. James, and acquiesced when the self-proclaimed “show choir consultant” proposed building the club’s entire Nationals routine around its best performer — a title that would be determined by open audition. Jesse brutally dismissed Santana, Kurt, and Mercedes in quick succession — as Schue stood mutely by — and saved all of his praise for Rachel. Sue, meanwhile, sank to new depths of rage — even booting Becky from the Cheerios squad — as she dealt with the death of her sister Jean. Kurt and Finn decided to help Sue by planning a Willy Wonka-themed funeral, and enlisting the glee kids to sing “Pure Imagination,” while Schue took over reading the eulogy when Sue was overcome with emotion. The experience proved transformative for the psycho cheerleading coach, who wished “good luck” at Nationals to Schue (and New Directions), warned them that she’d rerouted their flight to NYC via Libya, and announced her intention to run for Congress. Terri, meanwhile, fixed the transport situation by sneakily scoring first-class tickets for New Directions, then announcing her intention to move to Miami (though a part of me worried Will’s ex was wishing him a more permanent adieu). In the parking lot after Jean’s funeral, Finn broke up with Quinn and picked at the scab till she cried, but later got his own heart broken when he walked in on a brief kiss between Rachel and Jesse in the school auditorium. And at the last possible second, Schue rejected Jesse’s plan for Nationals, disposed of the idea of forcing the kids to re-audition, and decided there was no ‘I’ in team. Of course, he didn’t tell them that after Nationals, he planned to stay in New York City for an undisclosed about of time — and maybe forever — to help April mount her Broadway show. And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Now, before we get on to letter grades for the week’s musical numbers, I’ve got to dish the three best and three worst non-musical moments from “Funeral.”

1) “I’d like to put the fun back in funeral as much as the next girl, but why would the glee club help plan a service for Coach Sylvester?” –Santana, simultaneously bringing the funny and questioning the general ridiculousness of this week’s plot

2) Sue’s eulogy. Maybe it’s blasphemy for me to say I was less than enthralled by New Directions’ central involvement in the funeral of someone they didn’t know, who was related to someone they didn’t like, but Sue’s final farewell to her late sister was beautifully written — even if I wish she’d read it start-to-finish, not Schue.

3) Brittany inviting Jesse to be a guest on the next episode of Fondue for Two. Can’t wait till they  pass judgment on her cat. Also, aren’t we due for another Brittany-centric episode, like, immédiatement?

1) Schue and Jesse channeling Paula and Simon. Wait! I’m supposed to believe even for 15 seconds that Will Schuester would subject his beloved New Directions kids to hyper-critical feedback from a former rival-turned-consultant just to give them an edge at Nationals? Doesn’t this fly in the face of everything this character has stood for over the course of two seasons?

2) The death of Jean, or rather, what it represented to the show from a creative standpoint. Look, Jane Lynch is a terrific actress, to the point that I even enjoy her cameos in Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ “Healthy Choice” ads. But I’ve always felt like Jean was less of a fully fleshed-out character and more of a shorthand way of saying “Sue’s nice to her sister with Down’s Syndrome! See, she’s not an entirely unredeemable monster!” So after spending the last dozen episodes or so thinking “How the heck is Ryan Murphy going to rescue this character/actress from the abyss?”, it felt like a cheat for him to slap a pat “Sue’s in mourning” denouement on her season’s worth of increasingly nasty, unforgivable behavior. The woman is not a blackboard: She can’t simply get wiped clean whenever it’s convenient for the writing team!

3) The chocolate fountain at the funeral. 1-800-I-DON’T-THINK-SO.

And now, onto this week’s musical performances…

“Back to Black,” Santana | Always nice to hear Naya Rivera’s big, silky (and underutilized) voice. Not exactly a revolutionary cover, but then again, it’s not like Amy Winehouse is out there giving the people what they want right this second. Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: J’refuse on the grounds that I hated this entire “audition” process

“Some People,” Kurt | Wanna know how I came to the realization that this wasn’t Kurt’s all-time greatest performance? Well, about 15 seconds in, my brain began wandering into a long, weird tangent of “Where is Kurt getting his clothes anymore? Is there a ‘fop’ section at the Army Surplus Store?” Musical grade: B Relevance to the plot: (See “Back to Black”)

“Try a Little Tenderness,” Mercedes |
I’m going to pretend the show’s writers didn’t plunk in an exchange that made Mercedes look like a lazy kid who never practices her craft. (Can I get a “Hell to the No”?) Instead, can we talk about the warhead-level firepower she brought to a great soul classic? Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: (See “Back to Black”)

“My Man,” Rachel | I loved Lea Michele’s acting performance here — her heartbreak over Finn felt real and age-appropriate — but while the Funny Girl soundtrack cut showcased her power and killer control, I wish Michele had brought more of a conversational ease to the lyrics instead of just pure vocal bombast. Bonus points, though, for that little black dress with scoop neck and horizontal striped pattern. Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: (See “Back to Black”)

“Pure Imagination,” Kurt, Finn, Tina, and New Directions | A pretty enough rendition, but I had a hard time getting past the context. Maybe by next week I’ll be able to hear it with fresh ears? Musical grade: B- Relevance to the plot: B

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which story arcs were you loving? Which ones did you have problems with? Sound off in the comments, and for all my TV recaps (including one coming Wednesday morning on episode 3 of The Voice), follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Courtney says:

    While I didn’t have as much trouble with the Jesse plotline as Slezak, Schue’s, “aww, eff it, let’s just do that thing we did before with the original songs, since that worked out for us so well the last time.”

    I seem to recall repeating the same strategy worked out super poorly last season at Regionals.

    I didn’t mind the Sue plotline. I liked the crap out of Jean, and there would have been some redemption in a line to the effect of “she’s been sick for several weeks/months now.” It wouldn’t have wholly excused her behavior, but it would have provided a reason for her becoming progressively more unhinged.

    Also, I really appreciated how Sue’s whole speech to Schue about how she wasn’t going to abuse them anymore and good luck to you ended with an “Oh, by the way, I routed your flights through Tripoli.”

    She didn’t mean it. Not really. She’ll be back next season, Sue as ever.

    • Amy says:

      Seriously, how unrealistic is it for them to be picking songs and soloists a WEEK before nationals? How are they going to write songs plus putting the performances together in one week?? I mean, I know they do this everytime and I still love the performances and will forget all about it but still.

      • Jack says:

        My question is why you would even assume a level of realism when it comes to the competition aspects of Glee. I’ve been in a Glee club…trust me, there is very little resemblance. Watch the show for the entertainment value, not it’s realism.

        • TMo says:

          I learned long ago never to expect Glee to be realistic. Sometimes I still try to analyze it, but then I stop myself.

      • Just Jules says:

        This is an area where suspending our disbelief works well for glee. If they had the songs for Nationals picked out weeks (eg: episodes) ago, we would be subjected to a constant rehash of those songs and the inevitable rehearsals that would also be required for the “realism” effect. I am fine with the lack of realism on this point, because (1) I like the surprise of the numbers they sing at Nationals; and (2) I rather have more new performances than episode after episode of snippets of the same couple of songs.

  2. Caroline says:

    I thought this was a great episode, a big improvement from some earlier episodes..ahem.. “Night of Neglect.” Although I found it hard to muster up my suspension of disbelief at times, I actually loved the auditions. It felt like a throwback to the pilot, which I couldn’t help but smile at. I enjoyed all the songs except “Some People,” which was mediocre and a bit forgettable. Don’t get me wrong. I love Kurt, just not as much on this song. Glad to see them giving Naya Rivera another solo, because I have absolutely loved her voice ever since “Like a Virgin!”

  3. Dolly says:

    My biggest excitement from this episode was seeing Kurt and Finn doing something together, seen as since the epic wedding scene, they haven’t really had scenes together. I loved the funeral scene, I thought it was lovely (and I love that song), and that it suited Jean’s character whom I also loved :(

    • Amy says:

      I know, it was nice to see them together. Also, loved Sue calling them Eddie and Herman Munster! Laughed so hard.

  4. bto says:

    where was karofsky? his storyline is becoming the most interesting of them all and after what happened at the end of ‘prom queen’ I wanna know what’s next for him!

  5. Monica says:

    Episode wasnt 100% amazing, but it was decent. When we found out it wasnt a ND member that was dying in this episode, but was female, I knew it had to be either Becky or Sue’s sister, but Becky is too adorable to lose, so I wasnt surprised it was Jean. The musical selections werent a top favorite of mine (usually I download close to all the songs every episode), but Pure Imagination was done very sweetly.
    And of course I’ll take anything with Jonathan Groff, total asshole or absolute sweetheart.

  6. Lucy says:

    “My Man,” Rachel its an A/A+; the song was close to perfect. Barbra Streisand (my queen) would be proud, Kurt got it right she can sing and Lea can see any song type. As for “Try a Little Tenderness,” Mercedes sorry do not agree I give that a B-/B; girl can sing but give her variety let us see what she can really do. As for the lazy kid comment that for the written they need to give Mercedes more than filler one liners (Hell to the No”)and same song type, the give her a story, she is a character being wasted. “Back to Black,” Santana totally agree B+ they are really showing another side of Santana totally digging it. “Some People,” Kurt it was ok not the greatest I cant wait to see both Kurt & Rachel sing a Wicked song next week I know he will put his heart into that song. oh as for the chocolate fountain at the funeral totally agree, but i would love to have the fountain in my living room, hmmmmmm chocolate.

    • John says:

      I emphatically disagree…”My Man” is easily the worst Rachel performance yet. First of all, I hate how the once-talented Michele has devolved into histrionics and just squeezing tears out while she sings. It wasn’t acting, it was making faces. (and please, who believed for a second that those tears weren’t squirted on between takes

      Second, was…was she doing a “Barbara voice”? Good God. She was singing the song out of context, about Finn no less, but still felt the need to slap on a silly “New York Jewish Fanny Brice” voice.

      Third, it was emblematic of Rachel’s overall problem as a performer…she may not always be loud and bombastic, but her performances are always terribly melodramatic these days.

      I rewatched the pilot a couple weeks ago, and was amazed during “On My Own” to see that, once upon a time, before this show devolved her, that Lea Michele could actually act a song.

      • Genevieve says:

        My thoughts exactly. Thank you!

      • marcee says:

        Totally agree with all of this. Her faux Barbara-Jew-accent was atrocious and borderline offensive.

      • Ravanne says:

        Amen! Thank you for saying that. I was afraid that I’m the only one who was getting irritated with Rachel’s rediculous faces when she’s trying to portray emotion when singing. She doesn’t do it with her singing itself because she can’t be anything less than her version of perfect, so we’re reduced to the clown faces. It doesn’t work and I’m franking a bit tired of it.
        Her Straisand fixation is also wearing thin. I’m tired of her immitations of Barbara and her lack of ability in trying to make the songs her own. She comes across quite often as a poor copy of Barbara. Simon Cowell would definately have critiqued her performance as “Kareoke”, and it was.
        I love Rachel, but she really needs someone to tell her that she’s not God’s gift to musical theater.

      • Frank says:

        Totally disagree Lea nailed it. At first Rachel was trying to compose herself for thinking about Finn but then just let it all go. I have no idea what you would looking at. Her vocal were spot on as usual.

        This whole face stuff is puzzling, crying and belting a song is not always pretty. The face will contort in various ways. The criticisms people heep on Lea is ridiculous. She is doing a fine job at the song she covers and her acting continue to be a bright spot on glee.

        • sgleek says:

          Totally agree It is rude IMO to insult and that is what it is for ridiculing the actress for her facial expressions while singing. I felt Rachel wore her heart on her sleeve singing the song and all of her emotions showed. Now if you wish to compare her performance to Barbra with her acting it is your right but I give her applause for her raw emotion to show when she was singing the most emotional song for Rachel in this time of her life. IMO well done. It was beautifully done.

      • Tracie says:

        I don’t think that the tears were fake… Several weeks back, she tweeted that she had just recorded one of her favorite songs of all time and that it was very emotional and that she had cried. And unless there is a song in the finale that’s more emotional, this is the only song that she’s done that I could see being her favorite song and causing an emotional reaction.
        So, I’m not going to deny that it’s not possible for them to have made the tears between the takes- although, from what I saw about their editing process, I think they run through the entire performance from one angle, then switch to a different angle or film all the angles at the same time… not stopping in the middle of the song and giving them time to give her fake tears- but unless somebody from the show comes out and says the tears were fake, then I believe they were real.

      • Captain says:

        I have a hard time believing we’re watching the same show. Lea had the performance of the night.

  7. LoopyChew says:

    Will taking over for Sue almost ruined the funeral for me, saved only for the fact that Jane Lynch owned the moments before it, and that her reading through the entire monologue would have destroyed us all.

  8. Jen says:

    Did the actress that played Jean die in real life?

  9. MJ says:

    Loved this episode (more than M.Slezak)! I also felt that this went back to the roots of Glee, with the audition process. However, Kurt’s choice, in particular, was perplexing since he already did another song from Gypsy (with bits of it included in this one too)which made me feel like the continuity person on the show wasn’t on the job. Same with Rachel’s song– enough with the audition for Funny Girl– and the channeling of Barbra. The storyline with Sue was amazing. First of all, it brought back the awesome Jane Lynch to the canvas and gave her some amazing scenes to play. Secondly, the songs seemed to fit into the story rather than the songs being chosen first and the writers making up a story around the artist or songs.

    • Rob says:

      Actually, technically, Kurt’s last song, “Rose’s Turn” had bits of *this* one. “Rose’s Turn,” the final song in “Gypsy,” takes pieces of many of the show’s previous songs but twists them, like a reverse overture. This was actually one of the areas of the episode I felt had excellent continuity. Kurt loves “Gypsy,” so he chose to audition with another song from it.

      The problem with the show is there isn’t anyone looking over continuity. Ryan, Ian, and Brad each write their scripts, and don’t seem to even talk amongst one another, which is why none of the characters make any sense any more, and the arcs all fall apart.

  10. Michele says:

    Loved the performances but hated the audition process plots as well. It felt like they needed music in the episode and didn’t have a way to drive songs thru plot so why not dig on Idol. Jessie might be funny but his return just speaks to the lack of confidence Shue actually has in his kids. I too was wondering how Kurt affords his clothes during his audition. I didn’t understand the pointed flash of Rachel seeing Finn in the hallway during her number. I think it would have been better to leave it out and make the audience wonder.
    I also hope Quinn’s announcement at the end of the show means that new hair cut in the preview is her big NYC. The gal needs to be on her own to really grow and right now is the most compelling character of the bunch because she is at such a loss right now in her life. Time to bring on Nationals – which for the record those kids would have been rehearsing their songs for MONTHS AGO!

  11. indi says:


  12. jay says:

    Other than the Quinn/Finn breakup it was a boring, pointless filler episode.
    The girls solos were all immense but I’m feeling short changed of proper New Directions performances this season, since we’re (thankfully) rid of the warblers I was excited to get back to what they do best but we’re given meh.

    • Rachel says:

      Are you kidding?! Maybe the solo/Jesse plotlines were pretty boring, I’ll give you that, but Jean’s death was incredibly well-done and I’m so sad she won’t be on the show again! The way Sue talked about her, told Will she was afraid no one would come to Jean’s funeral and that’s why she invited the glee club…amazing.

  13. Secondbecky says:

    Loved Lea’s song; seriously her best performance to date on the show. However, it was irrelevant. I was kind of hoping that they wouldn’t do any songs this week, except for at the funeral. You know, maybe change it up like how they did in Buffy for the ep where her mom died…

  14. ExBFF says:

    Is the writing staff on hiatus? This season has been wildly inconsistent and, frankly, sublimely boring in large swaths. They have turned Kurt into a cliche (or castrato…come on, he has a great voice but not everything has to be an annoying falsetto). They have absolutely ruined Sue – one of the most fun, interesting characters on tv. They’ve neutered puck. Rachel has embraced the shrill. Even Quinn has completely lost the fire/confidence that made her interesting.

    Come on guys! At least try.

    • Laurel says:

      I TOTALLY Agree !

    • Nerdista says:

      Neutered puck? Because he’s treating a woman with a little respect? It’s called “maturing”.

      • Just Jules says:

        Preach it sistah!! Me suspects ExBFF is a total dude.

      • sgleek says:

        Totally agree He is so smokin hot but not the sex shark trolling with eagerness and no respect for a girl. Good job Lauren. He’s a better man for it. And be a better boyfriend to whomever in next season. I love him even more now. He still wants some of his badassness. This makes him even more loveable. MMMMH!!!!!!!
        So good.

    • Mike M says:

      Gold star for you. My feelings exactly. The performers are still good but the writing this season is atrocious.

    • Eva Klein says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Puck has totally vanished! I had to look twice to see him behind everyone at the funeral! Lauren has been introduced for what ? Represent fat people and to tell people : “hey guys, you see fat people can also be cool…” that’s so boring I mean, the characters have so many possibilities and reducing the plot to this is waste! it’s the same for some other characters…And let me laugh : Quinn being “unpretty” a few weeks ago : It could have been credible if they hadn’t made an exaggerated photo montage of her… I thought this season would be about mature issues (stuff regarding Quinn’s baby and how she deals with the adoption…) but no, it seems like she has never been pregnant –” SO for season 3 please do something on the writing, I’m fed with watching kitsch teen issues (every week Finn is in someone else’s arms and so is Rachel…)

      • Just Jules says:

        PUCK “vanishing” probably has more to do with the actor’s promoting is solo album and not being available, than lack of storyline. He can’t always be in “Juvie”…

        • Eva Klein says:

          yeah but Mark Salling must have finished his promoting (ok for the fall episodes) but we’re in May!!!!

  15. Jessica says:

    Funeral was what is to be expected from Ryan Murphy. Ryan plays favorites when it comes to writing episodes, more so than Brad and Ian, although they aren’t innocent either. Which is why Chris, Lea and Cory were the focal point and Mark was virtually invisible.

    As for the songs, My Man was a beautiful cover, but couldn’t come at a worse time. Seriously RIB, having her sing this only a week after “Jar of Hearts?” Are we supposed to forget “Go Your Own Way” and “Firework” too?

  16. maiv says:

    Yes, the character development on this show is absolutely horrible! A lot of characters, not only Sue, keep changing for “the better” at the end of certain eps, but of course the very next episode they’re back to who they originally were! This show is so frustrating in terms of the writing.

    And yeah, this episode wasn’t that great. The Jesse character was wasted, and the “audition” process was totally useless and lame.

  17. Lee says:

    Love having Jesse back – every line delivered by Groff was done with perfection. I wish they could find a way to keep the character coming back but it seems this time around he’s there only to facilitate Rachel reuniting with dull as dishwater Finn. And, it just seems criminal to have Groff on and not have him sing something in every episode he is in – though I think if he did it would glaringly highlight how much weaker the voices are of the male cast members.

    I didn’t care for Mercedes version of a long time favorite of mine – too much screeching after starting out well. Not a version I would listen to again.

    The chocolate tower was there because Jean’s fave movie was Willy Wonka – otherwise, it would out of place at a funeral.

    • Mary says:

      I agree completely… I want to hear Jesse sing! Given that the other guest stars they have had all had several songs an episode. That being said, I am really enjoying Jonathon Groff’s acting and would love to see him as a series regular.

      Amber Riley is an amazing singer, but I did not enjoy the song last night so much. It seemed like more screaming than singing in the end.

      • cmj says:

        Jonathon Groff. *HURL*

        The whole “consultant” storyline was/is stupid. STEW-PID. I mean HOW believeable is it? They qualify for nationals, and a WEEK beforehand they’re still trying to figure out their performance? I don’t think so. One week until New York and they’re just STARTING to write original songs that won’t sound sappy or full of so much claptrap you’ll want to vomit? Sure, it could really happen.

        And if you believe that, I’ve got some beach property in North Dakota I’d like to sell you.

        The utter lack of preparation on the part of this show choir should be indicative of their performance next week, and that will not include hoisting a trophy over their heads.

        • Honey Badger says:

          If I understand correctly, you are upset by Glee’s lack of realism? Seriously, that’s kind of awesome.

          • Jack says:

            I know. I keep cracking up when I read Glee is unrealistic!! Good grief people, it’s a commentary on high school life from the view of those always picked upon. It is by design to be over the top, just a bit out there and always biting. It what realm would an adult like Sue be allowed to be the head of the cherios after wanting to launch a live teenager out of cannon??!! And that is just one of the many over the top things Glee does for the entertainment value and to show how very absurd high school can be sometimes.

          • Lu says:

            you know what, it is not about realism- Its about whether an audience member can suspend disbelief and run with it. Many shows are not realistic- CSI, NCIS (both), Chuck, Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Bones, etc….
            But, if the story is consistent a viewer can suspend belief. Not making up rules as it goes. Unfortunately, Glee is lacking sufficient consistency and character development to make up for the unrealistic plot devices. I think most people are really complaining about that and would like to see their favorite characters grow and struggle in a realistic way. Shows seem more realistic if the characters act in a human manner that is not contrived or unpredictably ridiculous. Realistic and consistent character development could forgive anything.

    • Glinda says:

      I so agree. I usually agree with Michael on many main points, but how anyone could watch a Jonathan Groff ep – esp the last couple – and not give him credit for bringing absolute delight is beyond me. First, his opening on ‘Rolling in the Deep’ was amazing last week – the song collapsed under the bad arrangement and Lea’s not quite there vocals after that – but oh the beginning. And he is an amazing comic actor. I love the light touch he gives his completely self-absorbed character – like the story of when his parents told him he was their favorite child. I think Michael just didn’t appreciate the Idol send-up – which is odd as it fits his current worldview. Love both J. Groff and Jesse St. James.
      And how did I know Michael was going to love Mercedes number best of all? I mean she is a diva in his tradition of blind adoration of anyone who could possibly one day be played by Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson. It was a tired, by the numbers piece. Loved, loved Santana as always – and her number was fresh, the phrasing nuanced. Go Naya!! They’ve buried you long enough. And surprised by how moving Lea’s version of ‘My Man’ was – not new but not many people can do the imitation justice and she did. (Kurt not so much for me this week.)
      I didn’t mind the plotline – after all, Sue couldn’t actually have them killed. (Could she?) It was soppy but Jane has the chops to actually make it work.
      Dreading more original numbers – they kinda sucked last time. And I really don’t like being the test audience for the show’s summer tour.

      Bottom line: More Jesse, More Santana, More Brittany. Now!

      • Rodeoblu says:

        Uh..NO it’s not…It’s most sucessful in biggest hit..was the cover by Three Dog Night…the vocal is legend…and it rocks

  18. Doris says:

    Mr. Slezak, you didn’t mention the Becky storyline at all–shame on you. Sidebar: that explains why Lauren Potter was featured in TV Guide Magazine this week. Kudos to her and to the actress who played her mother and to Matthew Morrison for his work in this part of the plot. Well done!

    That being said, I HATED Mercedes’ rendition of Try a Little Tenderness. The song is a ballad, for goodness sake. It’s sweet and loving; it deserves a slow, quiet, gentle rendition–not screaming. She’s a great singer, even though I don’t care for her style of singing, but that was the ruination of a lovely song. Please don’t do it again.

    I admit I don’t know much of the music they perform on the show, so I don’t appreciate it as much as most people. But when they do a song I know & love, I don’t want it made unrecognizable, as they did with the classic Singin’ in the Rain. Keep the classics classic, kids. When in doubt, let Rachel sing it. She CAN do ballads!

    • Jurybox says:

      I LOVED the Umbrella/Singing in the Rain mashup!!! It was one of their best. I showed my 14 year old the original clip of Gene Kelly doing Singing In The Rain and she loved it. It is a classic and Kelly’s performance of it was an iconic movie moment that I wanted my daughter to see – but bringing it up to date with the GLEE mash-up allowed me the opening to introduce my daughter to a bit of American movie history.

    • Rodeoblu says:

      Re try a little tenderness…Uh..NO it’s not…It’s most sucessful in biggest hit..was the cover by Three Dog Night…the vocal is legend…and it rocks
      Give it a listen see what you think…

  19. Lorie says:

    As soon as Sue entered the room and I heard the violins, I started to tear up. When they played the video of Jean and Sue, I totally lost it and sobbed like a baby.

  20. L says:

    I enjoyed the episode. For the most part I’ve enjoyed season two, although the character development is wobbly at best. Loved Funeral. I thought Jesse was hilarious, I love having the Groff back. I was sad they killed off Jean, I loved her the few times we saw her. I cried buckets during Sue’s speech at the funeral and then at the video while the Glee kids sang.

    Overall I’ve enjoyed the season, and can’t wait for Nationals next week. I want Finnchel back together come next week! I also hope that during season three they focus more on the story-lines instead of the music. Let the music fit with the stories, not the other way around, too much this season has been spent fitting the songs around the episodes as someone else has said and I want season three to focus more on the story-lines. I want them to straighten the characters out. Make Sue less satanic, tell us why Puck suddenly went from sleeping with everyone in school to wanting Lauren, and I want them to focus on the core couples instead of making stupid triangles with everyone!

  21. maureen says:

    When Terri announced she was moving to Miami, I thought “prequel”. So this is what got her to Miami where she’ll become a drug addict and meet Dr. Christian and eventually fall to her death.

  22. Jonathan says:

    The songs this episode were just alright. The Finn/Quinn scene was easily the best moment; I was hoping there would be some sort of development after all the funeral talk. This wouldn’t have seemed so weak to me had it not come right before the finale; this should have been an episode that really showed a build up to something, but instead it was just sort of THERE. Not a bad episode, considering Rachel sang the pants off of the Funny Girl number, but I’m sick of these Broadway songs for Kurt; Rose’s Turn was the only good one for me, and there’s really a lack of variety. Overall, this episode just needed to focus more on some of the relationships instead of just spending the majority of the time on a funeral that came out of nowhere. At the least, all the characters could have learned something from the funeral and applied it to their lives, similar to Finn.

  23. Jamey says:

    Other than the funeral itself, which was touching and the Quinn/Finn breakup, I HATED this episode. The tryouts were painful and was something that just didnt fit how far they had come. Mercedes was very pitchy at first. Santana needed more development in tone and I LOVE Kurt, but that was one of his weakest. I thought Rachel’s was actually better than you graded her. They haven’t brought Jesse back very well. He would have taken over the audition and actually sang, which is the reason we wanted him back. I hate this story line. This show is brilliant at times and then just…. bad. I am looking forward to next weeks.

    • Serin says:

      @ Jamey, the reason this episode was so bad was because Ryan Murphy wrote it. You can always tell which episode he writes because Finchel is shoved in your face. Other character’s development take a 180 to make them look bad and Finn look like the hero. ie. Quinn/Jesse. Pucks character has almost zero screen time. (I applaud Mark Salling for doing his own music and not what FOX wanted him to do, but it really sucks he gets shafted because of it)

      I despise that they make Rachel Berry clingy and pathetic for Finn, instead of the strong driven female lead that she was at the beginning of the show. And I am so SICK of Finn always getting what he wants. LOVE COREY, Hate his character. He is selfish, spoil brat, who constantly strings along both Quinn and Rachel. He tells Puck to back off on Rachel but yet he goes back to Quinn and coerces her into cheating on her boyfriend to be with him. And Finchel is suppose to be a couple that Ryan Murphy wants me to root for. Please. I love the cast and they do a great job portraying what they are givin in the script, but sometimes I don’t want to watch it due to way they portrayed the girls characters this season. I don’t like the message it sends to young girls or the viewers.

      • Donna says:

        Do you watch the same show I do? Finn is the selfish spoiled brat? The boy whose girlfriend got pregnant by another boy while stringing him along? The boy whose NEW girlfriend then cheated on him, too? The boy who took back up with girlfriend #1 only the be led around on a leash by her? Seriously? The boy’s a sadsack.

        As for Rachel, she’s been clingy and pathetic where Finn is concerned since the second he joined the Glee club.

        And I can NOT share the Jesse love, probably because Jonathan Groff now looks like he’s pushing 40. What the heck happened to him?

      • Norma says:

        Rachel is by far the most selfish character on this show but people will continue to ignore the fact that she’s horrible because RIB would rather protray her as some kind of victim. She constantly throws herself at another girl’s boyfriend, throws tantrums when she doesn’t get a solo, puts herself before the club, uses boys, went after a boy she knew her friend liked then had the nerve to tell him ‘who cares about you? I might get a boyfriend’, and so much freaking more. She’s not an innocent little victim. She bullies, she uses, she cheats, and she has no one to blame but herself when she feels lonely.

      • Rebeccapedia says:

        MARRY ME SERIN! Best comment ever. If Glee doesn’t get a good feminist writer (a former Whedonite PLEASE!) next season I dread to think just how far into the awful stereotypes they’ll go to give the girls a storyline.

        Finn is an arrogant, mean, selfish jerk who thinks he is the hero. Jesse may be a total ass, but he knows he is, and unlike Finn, he actually apoligised to Rachel for being so awful. Are eggs really that much worse than slushies? Because Finn slushied Rachel, and he never apoligised for that.

        Glen Beck and Hilary Clinton would make a better couple than Finn and Rachel, they’re so toxic, they really bring out the worst in each other, how people go so crazy for that couple is completely beyond me!!

        • Mike says:

          Puck slushied Rachel, not Finn. Finn never slushied her. And in the first episode he apologised for all the past bullying. Rachel fans just ignore that.
          Rachel is also arrogant, mean, selfish and thinks she’s all that, thinks she’s the most talented person in the world.

          • Mini says:

            Finn did throw eggs at her and stood by while other people slushied and made horrible remarks about her. And no he didn’t apologize, he just had some throw-away line about not wanting to be like that anymore. He also technically cheated on her by agreeing to go on a date with two girls before he broke up with her and lied to her for the majority of their relationship. It seems like you’re so determined to hate Rachel and portray her as the worst person when there are people like Santana, Will, Sue, Quinn and yes, Finn, around that you’re willing to re-write history and ignore certain things to make your point.

          • Mike says:

            Mini, you’re ignoring the fact that Rachel lied too. She never slept with Jesse when she told Finn that she did. She’s been a selfish, manipulative little girl since the first episode when she got a teacher fired for not giving her a solo, she didn’t care that he may be molesting a student, she cared he didn’t give her a solo. Rachel rarely shows any good qualities and when she does, it’s not genuine. She’s fake, she’s manipulative, she cries ‘victim’ when she starts fights and people dare to fight back, she cheats for revenge, and a whole hell of a lot more.

            And yes Finn did say ‘I’m sorry about that.’ That’s not re-writing history, that’s quoting the episode. You’re ignoring history to pretend Rachel’s not a horrible person.

  24. Anatasia B. says:

    First, I agree with Mr. Slezak regarding the audition process (not the songs themselves) and Schue taking over the eulogy. Jane Lynch was fantastic in this episode, solidifying another Emmy nom for herself. I also agree that Naya Rivera is underutilized, but I’m hoping this will change in the future; she has certainly proven herself worthy of additional musical numbers.

    Second, and this is a more general comment regarding Glee but still applicable to this episode, the notions of interpretation and adaptation must not be forgotten when discussing this show. The musical director(s) of Glee need to adapt and interpret songs to make them fit not only the show but also the singer(s). For example, they change lyrics that might be deemed inappropriate for an early primetime audience (i.e. lyrics to “Back to Black”). Also, they must take into consideration who is singing the song; for example, they made “River Deep, Mountain High” into a duet, or the fact that Chris sings many songs originally sung by women (as Kurt pointed on this last episode).

    Such adaptation and interpretation is akin to a screenwriter’s adaptation of a novel; the core concepts of the novel are still intact in the adaptation, but the screenwriter has the opportunity to interpret the work for a different medium. Thus, comparing the movie to the book by saying “the book was better” is a false comparison; they are two different media and, essentially, have two different authors (original author of the novel and the author of the screenplay).

    We have a similar situation with Glee. Of course, the song won’t be like the original; it is not being sung by the original artist or even has the original arrangement. So comparing the two is problematic. Acknowledging that many of the show’s songs are adaptations/interpretations is useful because we can, then, discuss how the musical director and artist(s) added their own originality to the song.

    Some examples might be the recent version of “Landslide”, which was an interpretation of both the original song and the version sung by the Dixie Chicks. As a result, we had a new version of this classic song. And, with Chris Colfer singing many songs originally performed by women, we are again offered a new way of experiencing these songs because of the adaptation of those songs for his voice and the show.

    Sorry for the ‘scholarly’ response here, but this has been on my mind since I’ve started reading fan responses to the show, and given some of the comments that I’ve read about this episode, I just wanted to toss this out there. Yes, “Try a Little Tenderness” is a ballad, but it is a soul ballad; TPTB adapted the song for Amber’s range and type of voice, which resulted in a new interpretation of the song. This is simply indicative of the show as a whole.

    • Doris says:

      Since when has Try a Little Tenderness been a “soul ballad?” It’s just been a sweet, simple song, PERIOD. I’d love to hear it in its original form. She ruined it for me, but obviously not for you.

      • Anatasia B. says:

        The original version is certainly (and obviously) different than Amber’s. I don’t see why it would be ruined for you. They can both co-exist, I would hope.

      • Donna says:

        I don’t think you HAVE heard the original Otis Redding version of this song. Yes, it starts quietly and sweetly, but it ramps up BIG TIME. By the end Redding is in a full-throated, almost fevered, growl. Mercedes’ is more like the original than you think. See for yourself:

        • Livia says:

          Donna’s right. Mercedes was actually trying to imitate Otis Redding’s version… However, i felt she was the worst performance for me. I love Mercedes, and I love her voice belting out on some great numbers, but this didn’t feel like belting. It felt like she was forcing everything out to try and sound loud and it just felt pitchy and screechy and just horrible. If she had actually tried to use a little bit more tenderness in her song, especially in the beginning, then it would have been better, but I felt she forced out everything… I’m probably in the minority, but I thought this was one of her worst performances vocally. I’ll take “Look to You” and “Proud Mary” over this any day.

          Rachel’s performance on the other hand was absolutely brilliant, and she should have at least deserved an A-

  25. Tavis says:

    Terri had better not be moving to Miami!! I took that look at the very end to mean that she was NOT moving and that she has another scheme in store for Will. I hope Jessalyn Gilsig is not leaving Glee—she is the reason I watch!

  26. Angie says:

    So being a Fringe fan, now every time I hear a name Jean/Gene, I picture that adorable cow from Walter’s lab….

  27. MJ says:

    Regarding Amber’s “Try a Little Tenderness”, I believe she did the version that was in “The Committments” movie. Go back and watch that movie and you’ll see that the arrangement/interpretation is EXACTLY the same. You’ll also note that she knocks it out of the park. Remember, she is pretty young to have those kind of chops. This was definitely an episode highlight for me.

  28. Joe says:

    Couple of things.
    I like the Sue plotline last night. I’ll like it more if next season she is Will’s ally and they bring in a new villain as principal that will and Sue both have to deal with who has no regard for after school activities. Biest has disappeared and the Sue/Will dynamic can still include banter but actual friendship. Making that disappear next season and having Sue want to destroy Glee is a place the show cannot go back to after the episode last night. The Glee kids should be her favorite kids and Will should be one of her best friends.
    As for Will taking over for Sue at the funeral during the eulogy, the moment rang true for me. When my Dad died my sister had a eulogy she wanted to deliver and couldn’t and I got up and read it for her while she stood next to me in tears. That’s real. The moment didn’t feel hokey to me since I’ve seen a moment like that in my life.
    As long as the show doesn’t turn Sue back into a maniac out to destroy Glee at all costs, last night will have worked and been earned. If they go backwards with her character though, it will have been a cheap stunt/ploy to manipulate the audience. I hope they plan on being better than that. Introduce a new villain next season and let Sue play big snarky sister to Will.

  29. sm says:

    I loved the show last night. It was very moving. Sue showing raw emotion and vulnerability which she masks with her meaness. Loved Kurt and Finn helping and setting up the funeral for Sue. It was wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful. Pure Imagination was flawless IMO. I cried my eyes out. The auditions were wonderful. Kurt and Rachel broadway is their preference in music I see why they chose their songs. Rachel’s idol is Barbra and My Man hit her with a heart felt meaning for Finn. Santana has a wonderful voice and sang beautifully. Mercedes I love the song she sang it well but I IMO don’t care for the screaming Just my taste. Kurt and Finn brotherly helping Sue in all ways well done. Rachel IMO sung her ass off It was beautiful beyond words. She put her heart and soul into it. I’m glad Finn and Quinn are done. very well acted the break up scene. All in all my most favorite episode ever of Glee. I cried my eyes out to giggle to LMAO in 1 episode. Very moving. IMO it could not have been written any better or acted any better. Kudos to all. I’m proud to say that as Glee fan I’ve been critical of Glee tis year til the last few episodes. I’m soooo happy.

    • Jurybox says:

      I usually don’t mind when Glee goes off course to let the cast do great musical numbers – and I really enjoyed all the audition songs – but the whole idea of the auditions was so off character for Mr. Shue and the plotline so STUPID – I had a big problem with it. Rachel’s My Man was awesome, loved Santana singing Back to Black, Mercedes was totally diva-ish, and Kurt sang beautifully (but I’m getting a bit tired of the broadway stuff and want Kurt to do other things again). The Willy Wonka song was a nice moment.

  30. Amy says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who cynically thought this was the writer’s attempt to win Sue back over to us after this rediculous year. I felt like they dropped the momentum on many story lines: Santana, Karofsky, Brittany to randomly redeem Sue to us. Though, I have to say I did tear up during the funeral when the Glee club sang Pure Imagination. It was nice to see them reach out to Sue regardless of how she treats them. That is a good lesson for the kiddies watching. I also found it weird that they dropped in the Terri storyline (what was that all about?) which was unsettling. I hope they further resolve the Finn/Quinn/Rachel/Jesse storyline and just get Finchel back together so we can focus on the other stories. It has dragged on enough. Having said all of that – can’t wait for next week and big performances. The previews? What do you think is unplanned? I wonder if that is Quinn’s plan?

  31. StorytellerGal says:

    I was so happy to see that they are finally trying to humanize Sue. I never want her one-line lightening bolts to stop, but she was turning into a walking cartoon for a while. Strangely I didn’t cry at the funeral, but dissolved into a puddle when Sue asked Becky for a hug at the end. That one little scene felt more honest than the entire funeral.

  32. Kat says:

    You’re crazy! Lea killed it!!!! Her song is the only one I downloaded this week!

  33. Ashley says:

    Oh, Glee. You’ve been such a mish mash roller coaster this year! I’m sorry, but it was hard for me to get emotionally invested in a grieving Sue Sylvester when she has had such an abhorrent one dimensional story line all season. It felt like a band aid that writers stuck on top of her to point out “See she’s not such a monster, after all!” I felt the same way when she went to the hospital to visit kids and sign with Will. Come on! There are things like layers to a person but this is just a plain yo-yo.

    I know Glee has always been celebratory of it’s own cheese, completely unrealistic and a lot of the characters are caricatures, but honestly it’s flown into full blow ridiculousness sometimes this year. I miss the old Glee. And I never thought I’d be that person.

  34. Eva Klein says:

    Well, this season the episodes are always so-so, jumping from “OMG AMAZING” to “WTF is that ?”. It’s been so irregular! And I didn’t enjoy the episode that much…It was okay, but really the plot has serious problems! When I saw the episode title I immediately thought of a major death, I don’t know Karovski or whatever but something which could have affected the whole Glee club! But no! They decided to kill Jean…Ok the funeral was kinda emotional, but it could have been more dramatic if Jean had been shown/involved in the show in the last episodes…Like we say in french : C’est tombé comme un cheveux sur a soupe! (=it came at an awkward moment). Anyway, the songs were not so good (well, then it depends of people’s tastes). I was just blown by Lez Michele interpretation and maybe Amber’s. I don’t know why but I hated Kurt’s song and as it’s said above : his clothes (omg what was this xD)
    and the auditions were so random too…We never get to hear Puck anymore, nor Sam or Quinn…It’s always the same who sing and it’s a shame!
    Also Jesse coming back is so weird! And by chance Kurt came back too a few weeks ago…Everything is expectable, and the writers seem to neglect the back story to focus and songs (which is good) but songs without plot = nothing worth watching!

    Where has gone the Glee from season 1 ? because I want it back!

  35. adam says:

    When i heard that someone was dying in this season of Glee, i was hoping it would be Rachel, I hate her, she isnt the best singer, she is a egotistical ass and she looks like she is in pain or having a stroke when she sings.

    • Tavis says:

      I hate her too! If Terri is leaving it won’t matter because I won’t be watching anymore.

    • Joe says:

      wow you are missing a great character I guess it flew over you head. To bad you don;t get it.

      How is she any worse that the others come on. They are all selfish, and egotistical. At least Rahel reaches out to others sometimes.

    • Jonathan says:

      Lea is the best talent vocally on the show; there’s no way the writers would kill her off. I was personally hoping for Quinn or Lauren. If Lauren died, then Puck might be drawn back to Quinn, which would have led to some real development in her. Regardless, this was a heartbreaking episode.

    • Jac says:

      She’s the only reason I watch this show really. She’s no worse than the rest of the kids on the show and I actually think she’s the most innately good person of the kids comparatively. Also, the show would be 1769% less laugh out loud funny and just generally entertaining without her.

      And the producers would never kill its biggest iTunes moneymaker.

      Also Lea’s super fine.

  36. Eleanor says:

    ah my beloved Slezak, I think this is the first time we’ve ever disagreed so completely. I thought the “Sue accepts the Glee club’s help with Jean’s funeral” plot line was gorgeously written and acted, and a real TV moment for me. It made perfect sense to me for some reason that it would play out exactly as it did. And the chocolate fountain? absolutely necessary for a Willy Wonka funeral which I think should set the new standard for funerals. I’m now letting my whole family know that my funeral must be Star Trek The Next Generation themed, no excuses.

    I do however agree that the only good thing about the Jesse St. Jerk plot line was Mercedes’ AMAZING performance of Try a Little Tenderness. I’d never heard it sung by a woman before and she absolutely slayed it. Now can we please have J St. J exit stage left permanently? Please?

  37. Anna Muller says:

    Why must you ALWAYS hate on Jesse? I happen to find him hilarious and don’t consider his storyline unnecessary at all! It’s a teenage comedy series. Stop taking it so seriously, you’re a grown man and it’s creepy.

    • Donna says:

      I hate on Jesse because in the year or so that he was gone, the actor who plays him aged 20 years. He now looks like he could be the father of any member of the glee club. What the heck happened to him?

      • Joe says:

        He looked older than Matthew Morrison last night. Not buying him being a year older than the Glee kids at all.

    • Sharon says:

      Well in real life Jon Groff is 25, and Matt Morrison is 31, so the age difference isn’t that much.

  38. Rush says:

    Two points. First: While I generally agree that Schue agreeing to hold auditions being against what his character has been about for the past two seasons, I feel that this whole set up was really an excuse to have the cast’s three arguably best singers have their own solos. Can’t say I can complain with the results here. What I was waiting for was a moment where Schue would muster the cajones, turn to Jesse, and go all Trump on him and say, “You’re fired!”
    Second: The chocolate fountain. At first I thought it was inappropriate in a Glee way to have that there. Indeed, the smell of lillies, formadehyde, and hot choclate must’ve been nauseating. This was until I realized that it fit into the Wonka theme as a representation of the chocolate waterfall. Thankfully Glee didn’t have Lauren fall in, ala Augustus Gloop.

  39. Norma says:

    Jesse St Sucks should be fired. As a consultant for a high school show choir him trying to get into Rachel’s skirt is not only creepy but unethical and against school rules. ND is still a school sanctioned club and its advisors cannot be abusing their authority like that.

  40. murley says:

    as someone who has suffered a loss like sue losing jean i thought that her grief and the reactions of those around her were spot on. as was her eulogy. it spoke a lot more clearly to what it is really like when you lose someone that important than most television shows i have seen (buffy’s ‘the body’ being the obvious exception). i also liked the call back to the pilot with the auditions and needed the hilariousness of jesse playing simon to counterbalance the tears! the quinn/finn break up was well done. i am glad they had them break up for a real, proper reason as opposed to a dramatic and thus unresolved one. this was a great episode, in my opinion, and much needed for sue’s character. i would like to see her tamer next season and more of a critical ally. and then bring jesse back full time as the new nemesis!

  41. Ravanne says:

    There were a few things that kind of grated on my nerves. They’ve been trying to hammer it into our skulls all season that Rachel is much more of a team player now, yet she was very much in on the fact that Jessie planned to give her the lead spot no matter how any of the other auditions went. There was nothing that Kurt, Santana or Mercedes could have done to win that spot. Instead of arguing with Jessie that he wasn’t right, we were back to Rachel grabbing for every lead, no matter how good her teammates might be. Her momentary protestation that the others had been good was a bit half-hearted. She didn’t once argue that it wasn’t right that her sort-of-boyfriend was going to such a big influence in deciding the lead part. I was dissapointed in Rachel. Thankfully, Mr. Schu regained his backbone.
    Second… both Quinn and Rachel need to get over Finn ASAP. Enough already, girls! He’s not worth it. He’s strung the both of you along for much too long. Let Finn and Rachel both be single for awhile. Learn to associate as friends before trying to renew anything romatic. Maybe then Rachel won’t have to turn every solo into a “woe is me Finn doesn’t love me” pile of drek.
    Lastly, I love Lea Michelle, but I’m having a difficult time watching her sing now. The over emoting when she sings has become a huge distraction. It is possible to translate the heartbreak and meaning of a song without making those unattractive faces to show “I’m sad!”. Chris Colfer manages that beautifully. If you want an example of heartbreak in song that doesn’t require contorting one’s face into a painful grimmice, watch his performance of I Want To Hold Your Hand during Grilled Cheezus.

    • Jan says:

      So Lea’s face freaks you out but not Chris’ apparent lack of teeth while singing? Yeah, no bias there.

      • Ravanne says:

        Never had a problem with Chris’s teeth… or lack thereof when singing. Do have issues with Lea’s exaggerated stage faces. I don’t need to be bludgeoned over the head to get the sense of what a character is supposed to be feeling during a song. Subtlety goes a long way.

        • Marge says:

          It’s a purely Rachel affectation as she was actually mimicking Barbra’s performance of the song from the movie. I think it works well for the over the top character that Rachel is. Personally, I admire when actors and actresses aren’t afraid to look “ugly” and just go there. I though Lea was absolutely amazing and consistently delivers the best complete performance, musically, of anyone on the show.

  42. rochelle says:

    Honestly I’ve gotten to the point where when Rachel starts to sing I mute the tv. Her voice, especially when she is channeling barbra, is grating to the point in which it hurts my ears. Also, her facial.expressions are even more hilarious with no noise.

    This show has become less about being awesome and more about finding little tidbits in each episode that aren’t terrible

    • Jim says:

      wow really no musical taste I see. weird.

      • rochelle says:

        Musical taste is a matter of opinion, of course. That said, I completely understand that Les Michele is a vocally talented woman. However, in the show she seems much more interested in showing off how amazing her voice is rather than truly connecting with the song.

        I get that not everyone agrees with me. I’m fine with that.

        • May says:

          ….Yeah it’s definitely a lack of musical taste.

          • rochelle says:

            Lol, okay.

            It must be difficult going through life thinking that everyone who doesn’t agree with you is tasteless.

            Have a nice day.

        • Ravanne says:

          Rochelle – that is so very true. Lea has an amazing voice, but I never get any real emotion out of her performances. Everything is superficial. Instead of me sitting there understanding that she’s sad, she had to all but say outloud “Okay, I’m really, really sad now.” It’s the difference between a whisper and a shout. Lea shouts at me. It’s something that works on a theater stage, but she’s on TV now. She doesn’t have to sing every song as if she needs to reach the cheap seats.

          • rochelle says:

            @ravanne thank you, that is all I meant.

            Not saying anything about her talent just maybe needs an adjustment for tv vs stage performing

        • Norma says:

          I agree with all you said. Her vocals may be technically perfect but that doesn’t matter if she can’t make you connect with her. She started crying and it just didn’t feel real. She performs her songs, she doesn’t feel them.

  43. jamie says:

    I’m amazed by some comments. Wow, this is a TV show, not real life. With that being said, I wish too that Jonathan would sing every time he is on too. Darren C. as Blaine gets a solo every episode he’s in it seems and Jonathan’s singing is far better in my opinion and again that is my opinion. Don’t attack me for it. Plus I love Jonathan’s acting. He can deliver lines like no one else because his character is so far from what he seems to be in real life and that makes the acting he does even better. I loved Lea’s song. I thought she did a beautiful job singing it and I love Rachel. She is one of my fave characters, if not just for her singing alone. I personally like her character though when she is a stronger, more independent person, not the clingy girl they write her to be when she is with Finn. I will agree the season has lost some of its sparkle, but I’m a true fan of the show and I’m not going anywhere.

  44. Mikey M says:

    True, they were painting Sue into a corner. I mean, how nasty and over the line can someone be when it stops being funny. That is where we were at with Sue. I was hoping they would get rid of her.
    Tonight was a nice way of redeeming her but they did that on the Christmas episode and then the next week she was back to being horrible Sue. Let’s hope it sticks this time and not go back and fourth.
    I am glad Terri left but I had read she was going to be a regular next year. Yuck.

  45. ggny says:

    the title of the article on the front page made me sad since it reminded me of The OC episode The Goodbye Girl from season 1

  46. Phil says:

    I hope Terri has left because I LOVE Jessalyn Gilsig and I want her to get an acting job lets her, y’know ACT! I don’t know why she sticks with Ryan Murphy, he treats her so badly in his shows.

    • Tavis says:

      I sort of agree with you, but if Terri’s gone, there goes my viewership to Glee. I find the children insipid and only like Terri and Sue.

  47. KCatty says:

    I actually loved that Jesse called out Mercedes for being “lazy.” Don’t get me wrong, I love Mercedes and her voice, but he pegged her from the get-go, in terms of her lack of practice and discipline. Her crap about how she is just “moved” by the music is BS, and I’m glad she got called on it. I hope that comes into play in later storylines.

    And I actually am saying that as someone who was pretty talented at a performance-type activity and had moderate success, but never fully hit the big time because I lacked the commitment and drive to do so. In hindsight, I don’t necessarily think that was a bad thing, but it does intrigue me that Mercedes thinks that she can get by on mere talent alone. You know that Santana, Rachel and Kurt all practiced their numbers like crazy.

    There was so much going on in this episode, but I liked that they planted that seed.

  48. JennieO says:

    I actually loved the chocolate fountain. It fit in very well with the whole Willy Wonka theme.

  49. Dee says:

    I think you might be missing the point. Rachel Berry is not subtle, and the emoting is her attempts at Broadway-type emotion. I don’t think it’s a reflection on Lea, if anything, it shows how good an actress she is.