Ratings: Survivor Finale Tops Housewives

The three-hour finale of Survivor: Redemption Island easily bested Desperate Housewives‘ Season 7 climax in all key measures Sunday.

From 8 to 10 pm, Survivor — which featured a victory by Boston Rob — crossed the finish line with a solid 13.3 million viewers and a 4.0 rating in the 18-49 demo. The hour-long reunion special followed at 10 pm with 11 million viewers and a 3.5 in demo.

Housewives, meanwhile, drew 10 million viewers/3.0 rating from 9 to 11 pm — the smallest audience for a DH finale on record.

Elsewhere, the penultimate episode of Celebrity Apprentice finished third at 10 pm with 6.8 million viewers/2.5 rating.

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  1. Amanda says:

    The DH finale was very disappointing. *spoiler* The story of Gaby’s returning from the dead stepfather was rushed. The overreaction of what Carlos did was ridiculous. Bree and Renee in Doreen’s store was just dumb. And Paul just decided to up and confess after all this time? Sure.

    The only things good were Tom and Lynette’s story and Chuck and Bree getting “caught” by the neighbors.

    • Denise says:

      I did the same thing Travis did below – I taped DH and watched Survivor.

      I’m disappointed that they broke up Tom and Lynette; to me they were the epotime of a marriage… ups and downs… I hope next season they work on their marriage and get back together.

    • Rose says:

      The Paul thing was especially stupid. He already went on trial for killing Martha and served his time. They can’t send him back because of double jeopardy.

      The story about Gaby’s stepfather was rushed. How did she become such an expert shot so quickly?

      Bree and Renee going to the store was silly. Even dumber was Renee slipping up and saying the comment about visiting the ex.

      Renee’s story about the bartender was also dumb. Please give the great Vanessa Williams a plot.

      • Laurel says:

        DH has been boring and crappy all season.
        It just seems like the same old stuff over and over.

      • Too Late Kev says:

        Paul went to jail for killing Felicia; he got out when they found out she was alive. I don’t think he or anyone else went to jail for killing Martha.

      • Sean says:

        Paul was sent to jail because of killing Felicia, not Martha so double jeopardy wouldn’t apply in this case. Not saying it makes it any better, but that isn’t a slip up on the writers part.

  2. Ingmar says:

    Loved the DH finale and sad to see it performing so low lately but that is easily to be explained by the crappy ABC schedule, with airing DH against every huge event possible while they air repeats in weeks people can actually watch. That way people miss 1-2 episodes and get out of touch with the story so they just skip the show. Only makes sense ratings are so low. I hope ABC organises it better next season.

    • SupaFan says:

      The ratings are not slipping because of the competition. The ratings are slipping because the show has become absurd and not worth our time. Its the same garbage week after week. I stopped watching a couple seasons back and do not miss it.

      • Ingmar says:

        You state you stopped watching a few seasons ago, and yet you are so easy to judge on the quality of the show these days. You dont even watch it, lol.

        Desperate Housewives has had the hardest year with the sucky ABC scheduling on Sunday’s. Same goes for B&S. Has nothing to do with quality, but more with the competition.

  3. Tavis says:

    I taped DH and watched Survivor. Will watch DH tonight.

  4. Survivor Question says:

    If Burnett and Co. (from Survivor) are so insistent about bringing back two former players for the next season, why not bring back Julie (ex girlfriend of Jeff Probst and former Survivor participant)?

    That would make for some nice, awkward interview moments I’d think!

  5. Karen says:

    I kicked myself EVERY week for watching DH hoping it would turn around. Not sure what I was thinking since it hasn’t been good for YEARS. I’m finally done. I will not return for the next season and/or future seasons.

  6. Moneek says:

    I usually watch DH but since ABC cancelled ALL MY Children I have cancelled ABC. I watched 3 Hrs. of Survivor. I have decided NBC is “THE PLACE TO BE”

  7. carole says:

    I’m watching Survivor tonight. Didn’t get to watch it last night.
    I have never like DH. NBC has lost me as a viewer. They get you into a show and then drop it. I really like The Event. There is not another show on NBC that I can think of, that I like.

  8. Dee says:

    Uh oh. Ratings are down on DH. Seeing as this is ABC I’m sure they will announce over the summer that the “production” costs are just too high and the ratings too low to continue on with this show. That is the trend….. isn’t it?

  9. Darcy says:

    I stopped watching DH and anything ABC/Disney when they mismanaged then cancelled the American institution of two soaps.

  10. sam says:

    they cant cancel DH, they already signed contracts for next year…

  11. Mary Ann says:

    I haven’t truly enjoyed this show since they did the five year leap – how stupid was that? I was utterly underwhelmed by the finale. I’ve watched since season one and the last couple of years have been only half-heartedly. It’s like I watch because I keep thinking it will get better………

    Gaby – Much more fun character without children – then they give her a dramatic storyline involving her “real” daughter and leave us flat out in the dust…there was no closure to that storyline and at least it could have continued………..

    Susan – In real life, someone like Susan would have already killed herself by doing something stupid.

    Bree – Much more entertaining as the uptight Bree controlling her universe…she is now alone and seems to float on whatever wind passes her bedroom door – there is little personality left there.

    Lynette – her character insists on compartmentalizing her life..a quote from last night “We’ve been through raising six kids, a failed business, my cancer, and now THIS”….and what exactly is “THIS” – Tom’s success??? Puhleze!

    Renee – absolutely criminal waste of talent, period.

    BUT I will watch again next year hoping it will all get better again……………….

  12. JC says:

    I don’t argee that DH is terrible. Sure it hasn’t been a stellar season, but I still think its always enjoyable. It did seem that this years big story with Paul didn’t quite hit the mark, but I actually enjoyed them making Paul human again towards the end.

    As for the finale, it was a little odd, the whole Paul/Felcia thing wrapped in the first hour and the last hour almost seemed like a stand alone episode. As others have pointed out, a lot of things were rushed. Gaby’s story would have made way more sense if they had brought in Gaby’s step dad earlier in the season and have us believe he was out of the way, only to return for revenge in the finale. The Tom/Lynette split also felt rushed, again, they should have had Tom get the new job at the beginning of the season and then have the resentment towards each other grow over the year, where as it seems like he only got the job several weeks back and suddenly the marriage is in tatters?