Chuck Season Finale Post Mortem: The Game Has Been Changed Yet Again!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of Chuck, run — don’t walk — to the nearest emergency exit. Everyone else, onward and downward….]

I think I speak for Chuck fans everywhere when I say thank the lord almighty that Monday’s season finale wasn’t a series finale. The show’s 11th hour Season 5 renewal ensures that the climactic twist — make that twists — in the closing minutes of the episode marks the beginning of Chuck’s next (and last) chapter and not the end. In case you missed it, a quick recap: Chuck and Sarah “inherited” Volkoff’s vast empire and, after being pink-slipped by the CIA, decided to open their own spy agency (to operate out of the Buy More, which they purchased). Oh, and Morgan has taken possession of the Intersect. Craziness! To help make sense of what went down and how it impacts the show’s 13-episode final season, exec producer Chris Fedak phoned TVLine for the most awesome post mortem ever.

TVLINE | I know you’ve issued a personal moratorium on the phrase game-changer, so allow me to congratulate you on your premise-altering finale. The show’s like Hart to Hart now!
I actually think it’s Hart to Hart meets The A-Team. [Laughs] It’s certainly a big switch for the show. But it’s also going back to the basics. We really wanted to get back to what it’s like when Chuck — who has a little bit of experience under his belt — doesn’t have the super computer in his head anymore. Now his best friend Morgan has the super computer in his head and he needs him. We think that’s a really fun way to [evolve] the show, because Morgan very much speaks to Chuck in Season 1 — the fish out of water; the guy who hasn’t been on every spy mission and doesn’t know what to do in a gunfight. But now he has to be brought along on the missions. And for Chuck, he’s the guy who’s becoming a hero, becoming a professional, becoming a spy. He’s kind of almost a little bit like Casey and Sarah in Season 1, having to protect this doofus on spy missions.

TVLINE | Will Chuck and Sarah open up an office? Is the government going to contract cases out to them? How will it work?
I don’t want to give away too much but you’re in the world of what we’re talking about. The show wouldn’t be the show without the Buy More. And Chuck has realized that he has the perfect cover with the Buy More, so that will still be a part of the show. It’ll be a part of their cover operation — even though they’ll have a private spy agency. And also Chuck now owns the Buy More, so he’s not simply running a spy agency, he also owns and operates the Buy More. And we’re going to have some fun with that.

TVLINE | What happens to General Beckman?
Bonita [Friedericy] is fantastic and she is certainly a part of the show, but it’s going to be different.

TVLINE | Does the spy agency have a name yet?
It doesn’t have a name yet. That’s an interesting thing we have to think about. I hadn’t thought about that.

TVLINE | How will immense wealth change Chuck and Sarah?
I can’t wait to see what Chuck does with a billion dollars. I also know that he’s going to get into a lot of trouble. It’s going to be fun. It’s the exact wrong person to have so much money in his hands.

TVLINE | Will there be a new mythology thread running through the final season?
We’ve always had two sides to the mythology on our show: We have the emotional mythology of our characters’ backstories, and we also have the spy mythology. And both of those things will be part of the new season. I think that’s what is great about Season 5, the ability to get into the character mythology. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones with Sarah’s backstory, Morgan’s backstory, and Casey’s backstory. We’ll have a spy mythology as well, but we’ll probably get into it a little differently.

TVLINE | Has Josh Gomez been ordered to hit the gym? Or at least start taking martial arts classes?
I would never ever do that. The man is in too good of shape. He’s perfect the way he is. I wouldn’t pluck a single hair from his beard.

TVLINE | It’s safe to say he’ll be called on to do more than he has in the past physically, yes?
That’s absolutely true. I guess I should probably tell him he should start stretching.

TVLINE | Switching gears to the Season 5 renewal, did you discuss setting an end date with NBC? Or was this all their call?
We went in and pitched them Season 5, which is very much a climactic story for Chuck. It wasn’t exactly designed to be the final season, but it’s certainly a big, emotionally satisfying, epic story. They liked the story, but there were also business factors that they considered. They ultimately picked us up and decided to make it the last season.

TVLINE | Given the show’s underdog and rocky ratings history, do you view this 13-episode wrap-up as something akin to a miracle?
Absolutely. We’ve always been very lucky, first for our incredibly loyal fan base, and second because Warner Bros. and NBC have been supportive of the show. We’re a unique, special show — there’s nothing else quite like it on television. We’re very lucky to have people that have supported it, protected it, and allowed us to get to a point where we could do a fifth season and tell the final chapter of this story in a really satisfying way.

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  1. Cay says:

    Love the Chuck scoop! You’re the best!

    • Samantha Viana says:

      This show has been just so brilliant so far that it’ll jus be sad when its actually over after the last season’s 13 episodes are over. But the previous seasons N especially the last episode of this season has been so awesome N absorbingly suspenceful that I just can’t wait 2 see Season 5,cuz from what I’ve read its gonna be just awesomely brilliant,exsiting N totally funfilled!!!!

      • cryptone says:

        I love morgan but I hate the fact they have given him what belongs to chuck the dumb ass writers should not of made that move atleast give it back to chuck at some point in season 5 and not at the end

    • joshua says:

      i love the character morgan he is funny but do not take the intersect away from chuck ,i love the show because of chuck and the intersect this new story line is not pleasing me but if you do change the story line still let chuck keep the intersect and morgon can have a intersect too once you do not take the intersect from chuck . i watched all the episode so i consider myself a big fan.

      • Robert says:

        When I saw Morgan eying the glasses, I thought.. uh oh… is Fonzi really gonna go surfing with a leather jacket on? The Morgan character has always kind of seemed like an NBC stable for pretty much all of it’s multi-season comedies. The writers are brilliant and really great at surprising me when I’m observing a plot direction and see nothing but corner. If I had to guess, I’d say there has to be a story line that reshapes the viewers image of him. Goofy, awkward, and short are traits that will not all together pair well with what we’ve come to expect the intersect to make a person capable of.

    • Malou Escasa says:

      Chuck had me hooked from the pilot. And now, I’m “impatiently” waiting for season 5 to begin. =D

      I do hope season 5 won’t be the last but, in case it is, I hope they make it at least 24 episodes in all.

      Long live Chuck! =D …Hope the entire cast would visit Manila, Philippines and meet and mingle with their fans here! =D

      • Jenika Mercado says:

        I agree with you Malou! I hope they will visit us here in the Philippines! i’m a big fan of CHUCK.. can’t wait for the next season.. :)

      • kathleen kae says:

        totally agree, when i saw the last part of your comment that ur from PI! i said, YES! another filipino loving CHUCK.. i hope PI have CHUCK episodes :P .. :)

      • Ace Gadia says:

        I really do hope they visit the Philippines!!!! I’m really gonna miss Chuck when it ends. To all my, KA-BUYMORES in here!!!!! LONG-LIVE CHUCK!!!!!

  2. winnikid says:

    Bearded Brilliance!

    • gataroo says:


    • Davad says:

      Attack of the tiny bearded man. I am looking forward to 13 episodes of concentrated awesome (Not just Devon) since they can plan for a final finale. I wish all shows could get a hard final to plan out the last arc.

  3. Jackie says:

    I can’t wait to see how this story turns out! Long live Chuck!!!

  4. Joe says:

    Very excited to see what’s in store. Great finale, even though I had a funny feeling Morgan would somehow get the intersect. Should be a great dynamic and so glad that wasn’t the last episode. These thirteen episodes should be quite epic.

    • goldie4ever says:

      So, because Morgan has the intersect then Chuck doesn’t? Only one at a time can have it? Did I miss something? I can’t imagine Chuck NOT having the intersect!

      • Marcus says:

        i know, right? i thought that you had to have like an incredible brain capacity to have an intersect also? hence all the people that fulcrum tested on and died? but chuck didnt. plus, i think it kinda defeats the whole object of the show when the main storyline throughout the whole of seasons 3 and 4 was about chuck’s intersect progressing? does morgan need the governor? damn im so confused..

  5. Amber says:

    I loved this episode. Can’t wait to see what they do with it. I still crushed about it being the last. Oh maybe a spin off. It could be call Morgan, and every thing else can stay the same. LOL

  6. Jenny says:

    I love Chuck! But honestly, I feel like tonight’s episode would have been a nice little ending. It wrapped a lot of things up but leaves the door open for future fun in the fan’s imagination. I would have been okay if that was the last episode.

    • TJ. Church says:

      ^^^^Gotta go with this. I liked the renewal, until I saw Morgan get the Intersect.

      • Emily B says:

        Me too! Chuck HAS to have intersect, or the title would be Morgan! I liked the first 58 mins. Not the last!

        • Frank says:

          ABSOLUTLY!!! Love Morgan, but he is the best sidekick ever. Chuck was the intersect, it was just about designed for him. He made it work the best.

      • Amanda says:

        I agree so much!!! Chuck will always be the badass spy and Morgan will always be the goofy loyal friend. Morgan being the Intersect just doesn’t work. :/ Hopefully I’ll change my mind come next September.

    • Davad says:

      That’s how they’ve ended each season. Great closure, but…..opening a new door for more if they got renewed. I think those finales made the execs really want to see what they could do next and helped get renewals. 5 seasons will be a nice run and look good in my blu-ray collection eventually.

  7. Che says:

    Very interesting, the season ended great! Cant wait to ser what they come up with but I hope they do it right, end the series in a good way also I would like unexpected, but I know they will come up with something amazing.

  8. Katie says:

    Too bad this is the last season or I’d be begging for a Burn Notice crossover. I hope Chuck and Sarah and their future superhero children are very happy with all that money. The wedding scene with all the flashbacks from previous seasons was adorable. As for next season, I’m most interested in the “plan” apparently EVERYTHING has been a part of. Chuck is just a pawn? What does that mean?? Thank god/NBC there’s another season.

    • Liz says:

      and what about Decker’s laugh when Chuck said his dad had been killed? Is Orion really dead?

      • Maryb889 says:

        @Liz: I thought the exact same thing. I’m guessing Orion isn’t dead (maybe just confused like Volkoff/Hartley was) and we’ll get a reunion in the last episode. I’m sure Scott Bakula can fit one ep in between filming for “Men of a Certain Age” … that would be so cool!!

      • Terri says:

        I was wondering about that too! It appears somehow, Chuck’s Dad will end up alive in the end. That would make me happy, I love Scott Bakula! I will miss this show when it ends. Why only 13 episodes? C’mon give us the full season!

        • 5MillionChuckFan says:

          It would be fabulous if Scott Bakula, the Cat Squad, and Gary Cole returned for one or two episodes. They were memorable shows. Perhaps a show about Sarah’s mom? Of course to have Papa and Mama Bartowski together would cap things off nicely and I do enjoy Linda Hamilton.
          Whether Chuck will be given an extra few episodes to make it 100 rather than 91…NBC holds the cards. It’s too bad that no other network has even hinted at picking it up. This show has still sooo much potential…But in any case, the cast has a large following wherever they wind up. And we really don’t want to hold them back do we? (No Pierce Brosnan/NBC debacles please! I could not live thru another one of those!!

      • larmindy says:

        Hey Bryce Larken came back from the dead so why not Orion. I actually though it was going to happen this past season for some reason.

  9. Benn says:

    Great episode! Make sure you add the wedding, the firing/resignations, and the big return of Zondra and Carina to the Sweeps Scorecard!!! =P

  10. Chad says:

    They’ve always tried to have multiple intersects, so I suspect by the time Season 5 wraps, Chuck will have an intersect in his brain again. But he doesn’t need it anymore. Let’s face it over the last year he has become less and less reliant on it, and it hasn’t been as important to the overall arc of the show. Kudos to you Chris, I don’t know what the rest of America is thinking. This show should be a massive hit. No one does a season finale bigger than you, and that includes those guys over at Lost!

    • Angel says:

      Chuck doesn’t need the intersect, are you kidding? he doesn’t know all the top secret information that flashes into his head whenever he sees a billboard, face, or hears an alias. Now that they won’t have access to CIA inteligence files he needs the intersect even more! Besides, without it he doesn’t know “kung fu.” He doesn’t have any kind of martial arts or self defense training. How is he going to fight, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and rescue friends who are falling off balconies (“without any core work” as Awesome would say)? He’ll be a totally different spy without the intersect. Confidence without skill instead of the other way around!

    • larmindy says:

      are you kidding the intersect is not as important…This season was weaker than the rest due to the fact that the intersect wasn’t as important. Chuck needs to have the intersect in him, he is not a spy without it regardless of what is being said by fans or Casey himself.

      The best seasons were when the intersect and Chuck were the key focus. I am grateful that we are getting season 5 and hope it ends on a high note.

      However, the fact that this finale has brought such discussion says a lot for the writers. Fans on both sides of the issues. That is a great thing, never know if enough buzz is made what NBC will do when all their other shows fail.

    • Steve says:

      I really want to say that Chuck NEEDS an intersect in order for the show to work. But I doubt that the writers haven’t thought this over, and don’t have something incredible planned for their last season. I’ve had some worries in the past (season 2’s finale made me wonder if the show was heading down some weird superpower path) but the writers have yet to mess up the show with all of these crazy arcs. Actually, these huge changes have helped to make the show amazing.
      Personally I think this show needs to be advertised a LOT more. I heard of the show maybe one or two times throughout all four seasons, and I just happened to find out about it again on some website, which led me to start watching them. I devoured all four seasons within 1-2 weeks. Chuck is definitely one of the best series on TV. Maybe if more people heard of it, the series could get some extra episodes (season 6 please =D).

      P.S. I know I’m a little late with this post, just hoping people still read these :)

  11. Andrew says:

    I loved the finale, but here is my only qualm.

    Is that even the right word? Qualm?

    Anyway, my “qualm” is that the name of the show is Chuck. Since all the events that happened this season and last, the show could have been called the Chuck and Sarah Hour.

    Now, with the idea that they pass the torch onto Morgan and that Chuck and Sarah are now officially married (and attached to the hip), how will the writers successfully be able to center the show about the title character?

    Maybe NBC should consider naming this final season “Chuck & Friends”.

    It’s something I am willing to wait and see how it turns out, but coming from a writing perspective, it will NOT be an easy task.

    The only bright light in this dark tunnel comes from the “conspiracy” of how Chuck and friends were all puppets of a bigger game plan.

    Beyond that, I’m afraid, I am clueless, but hopeful.

    • Tusk says:

      Their world and connection all revolve around Chuck.

      The earth revolves around the Sun, the system is called the Solar System in reference to the Star the planets revolved around. It will not be renamed Solar & Friends, nor will it be called the Terra System (Reference to Earth if you didn’t know.)

      A quirky, chock full of characters and a hot as hell leading lady show gets to close it’s story partly in deference to the fans who have supported it all along. NBC does at least this right in letting them close out on their terms and not abrubptly cut short like many others. New twist to the dynamic of the show….

      ….and you’re problem, or “qualm”, is it should be named “Chuck and Friends”?

      • DJ Doena says:

        That’s not entirely true. It’s called the “Solar System” because it’s the only relevant to us. It’s like living in the suburbs and declaring that you go into town.

        But as soon as you have to deal with multiple solar systems (e.g. in a sci-fi environment) you start to name them after the main planet (“The fleet has entered the Hoth system”).

        • Tusk says:

          Erm solar = Sun. We revolve around the Sun. You’re saying we SHOULD rename it “Chuck and Friends” simply because all the stories don’t have Chuck as the main subject? It’s called Chuck because everthing in that universe revolves around him. They are relevant in the story because of their connections to Chuck. He has changed all of them even Casey, to follow him.

          The point is the premiss of his post is misdirected and bizarre to say the least. Why not name it “Here’s Chuck the spy and all his buddies” That might be clearer for him….. whatever, thnx for missing the point.

          • DJ Doena says:

            You missed my point. I didn’t mean to imply that they should rename “Chuck”. I only pointed out that we call the solar system solar system because there is only one for us. Epsilon Eridani is also a solar system with a sun and at least one planet. It’s not our sun, but a sun.

            The only reason we call the moon “moon” is because we’ve got only one of them. If we had more then “moon” would be the generic term like “planet” and they would have “real” names.

            All I was trying to say was that’s it’s pointless to call it solar system as a name when you have more than one of it.

      • Andrew says:

        It is called the solar SYSTEM for a reason. This implies that there is more than one thing with the sun which is what they mean by saying system. Chuck is singular, not plural.

        I think side stories and subplots involving other characters are perfectly fine. That’s what Dexter does and it works well. BUT when they get back to the main plot, it’s all and only about Dexter. The first three seasons of Chuck followed a similar idea. Towards the end of this season, on the other hand, the show focused more and more towards Chuck and Sarah; attached by the hip it felt.

        I was actually joking when I said it should be called “Chuck and Friends”, but trying to make a point.

        I’m a huge fan of Chuck and I do feel that the dynamic change is great and seeing the end is fantastic for the writers in the same way that it worked for Smallville. I just feel that if the show is about Chuck than it should stay focused on its titular character and not on everyone else at the same time.

  12. Ashleigh says:

    To quote (then) Colonel Casey: Chuck me! The episode seemed a little ho-hum to me for the most part until the last 6 or 7 minutes. Great job! Can’t wait for season 5!

  13. NCSouthernBelle says:

    What a wild finale!!! Wow!!! Cannot wait for the next season.

  14. susan says:

    I like the Chuck final. morgan will not last long as intersect because he can not pull it off. Chuck will find a way to unblock his or takes morgans out of him. Morgan and intersect do not match.

  15. Tim says:

    At this point each of the four have a “specialty” and they will make an awesome spy team.

    Only part I didn’t like is how it went from hospital –> wedding directly. I had assumed that was a dream so I wasn’t really appreciating it as the actual wedding.

    • Tusk says:

      LOL, then I don’t feel so bad. I saw chuck delivering the antidote and Sarah’s bedside, then to commercial. I switched to check on a baseball game, switched back a couple minutes later and Chuck was saying “I Do”. I was like WTF?????

    • Kristin says:

      Same here! I kept waiting for them to flash back to the hospital and have a wedding by her bedside when she woke up or something. It felt like they were missing a little scene in between there to just let us know for sure that the antidote worked. Other than that, though, I thought it was a great episode. Fave line: “Shut up, Bartowski, you’re the second best spy I’ve ever worked with; go save the first.”

  16. onlyakb says:

    just a perfect rollercoaster ride season4 finale, but absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed,it had a bit of everything, but TG we have a S5 with that ending, otherwise I would be crushed!!! freaking out …..!!!! perfect wrap for Season 4!!! nad hey they did it!!\o/

  17. Jeanne says:

    Fantastic season finale…….LOVED IT! Can’t wait for next season. What are the chances of having a full season and not just 13 shows?

  18. Aimee says:

    I love this show but for me Morgan has always been the weak link so the fact they have continuously given him a more pivotal role as the seasons progressed has been a massive disappointment to me.

    • Tusk says:

      Hmm I think you need to go back and read Joseph Campbell, about the Hero’s Journey. George Lucas consulted Campbell during writing Star Wars. (Would you call Han Sol or Chewbacca weak links?)

      The hero always has a companion that is considered lesser but represents the heart and conscience and sometimes acts like a mirror for the Hero to reflect upon.

      The Hero’s companion is the “common man” perpective, when the hero fights the mythological battle, the companion gets him there, the companion helps him focus on his quest, with unquestionable faith.

      The hero cannot complete his quest alone. Morgan is Chuck’s conscience and grounded his friend. Nobody understands Chuck like Morgan. Chuck has always gone to Morgan, when he can’t even go to his own sister.

      The piece of foam that fell off the Space Shuttle, Columbia, was a pretty important piece of that design, even though it was less important than say the Rocket Fuel. In a funtioning system all parts are important to that system.

      • Aimee says:

        None of that changes the fact that for me Morgan is one of the most annoying characters on TV. I wouldn’t call Han Solo are Chewbacca weak links because they didn’t annoy me. And the character of Morgan could have existed in a less annoying form if he is so essential to the mythodology of the show.

        • Tusk says:

          Fair enough, you don’t like the way they’ve created the character, I was just speaking to the archetype of the Hero’s companion that has been used practically in every Hero’s story since before the Greeks.

          • Aimee says:

            My issue was never with the ‘archetype’ I see why they gave the Chuck a best friend and I agree that role has been pretty essential to the show… however for me the character has always been lacking. I get others enjoys Morgan… however for me he is the weak link in the cast.

    • Mik says:

      Morgan is the new Intersect? I’m very disappointed.

  19. Dee says:

    Tonight’s episode had a little bit of everything. Can’t wait to watch it again because I always miss something. Am glad I will finally have something to watch on Fridays in the fall. Chuck is the only thing I watch on NBC and I know quite a few other people who are tired of all the reality garbage. Love Chuck and the gang.

  20. Jaclyn says:

    LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE CHUCK!!!!!!! One of the BEST shows on t.v.!!!!

  21. Tim says:

    I have enjoyed the show and hate to be a wet blanket on this love fest but……

    A rewrite of season one with Morgan? I guess they were officially out of decent ideas. Morgan will play out quickly (and a 1.3 share will seem like the new high bar)! The finale was kind of fun but had too many things to be resolved. I guess that I am really growing out of the Chuck demographic because I am not thinking that this is so much fun.

    The cast still is fantastic and really do a great job. It is unfortunate they have so little to work with these days.

    The show is like watching a very slow speed train wreak.

    • Tim says:

      Its getting late I should have said slow train wreck.

    • Joseph says:

      The episode was called “Chuck vs The Cliffhanger,” so it seems logical to me that they would leave things to be resolved in order for next season to have something to start with in my opinion. Also, I think that it would be good for them to find a way to make Morgan not be the intersect.

      Overall, I thought that this episode was great, except for the ending prior to the castle scene. I didn’t understand how Chuck’s only punishment for going against the CIA while also bringing Russians to combat them was getting fired. It seemed like that should have been more serious, and I was really confused when the wedding started. Throughout the thing, I thought that people were going to break it up or something else horrible would happen.

      I think that the episode was great and it made me excited to watch Season 5, but I think some things could have been done better.

  22. Becca says:

    Loved the season finale with all the twists! Thanks for the great insight into next years season. Sad that it will be the last season but looking forward to seeing how it will play out. Hope it will be a satisfying ending. Always loved the show and have watched it since day one and have been a very loyal fan. So glad they didn’t cancel it! Thanks for all those who fought to keep it alive!

  23. Jared says:

    Please don’t make Morgan the intersect. At least make them an intersect duo. The over use of people being the intersect has devalued the mythology of the whole thing.

    • marcus says:

      i definitely agree.. after daniel shaw, the gretta’s and just about half the freaking cast getting what was supposed to be something special. kinda began to ruin it a bit for me.

  24. jbw says:

    Hope Chuck gets the intersect back soon that’s the show.

  25. Brynna says:

    I dunno, I still want chuck to get the intersect back in his head! He’s just not Chuck without it!

  26. Amy says:

    I did not see Morgan with the intersect coming until he saw the glasses. I love it. Morgan has always been amazing and this is sure be be good for laughs. Also glad that Chuck and Sarah really did get married. I was afraid the wedding was in her head and she really died. Congrats on the Season 5! Can’t wait!

    • TacomaLeroy says:

      I was afraid as the episode was wrapping up that they were going all “LOST FINALE” on us. Although I loved LOST, I am very glad that that was not the case. I do wonder how things would have been wrapped up if this had in fact been the finale.

  27. Mike says:

    The finale is perfect! I am happy to see Chuck & Sarah finally got married. I hope after Season 5, there will be Season 6. Long live Chuck!!!

    • Michelle says:

      I agree! After seeing how they set themselves up for season 5, I’m sad that it’s going to be their last! It feels like they could tell all sorts of stories now!

  28. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to see Morgan’s Intersect face! :D

  29. Brandon says:

    I loved the episode, and the last few minutes were amazing. Season 5 will be…chucking awesome.

  30. Dan says:

    Ok Chuck has a billion dollars and the fantasies of a comic book nerd… am I the only one who wants to see Chuck and Morgan make Castle look like the Bat-Cave? oh and I really hope they get a bad guy to say “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

    • Tusk says:

      $877 Million doesn’t buy what it used to, don’t forgef Sarah gets 50% of the decision making, and if they’re serious about their next mission to uncover the plan, I think the Fanboy aspects of their personalities won’t be as overt as you’re thinking. (

      BTW they are big time Star Wars fans so I would think more in that direction for their fanboy lair) :)

  31. Aiden says:

    Thanks for this instant CHUCK scoop! I can always count on Ausiello for that.

    I almost have no words for the show’s S4 finale. It was absolutely perfect, I wouldn’t change anything about it. It worked both ways, successfully closing this season’s stories in a satisfying way as well as changing the game for something exciting next season. Thank heavens, it’s not the last season.

    This show honestly never ceases to amaze me. Even though Season 5 will be its last, I know that it’s going to be incredible.

  32. rodg12 says:

    The season finale was absolutely perfect…until they gave Morgan the intersect. Dumb, dumb idea.

    • lexi says:

      that totally sucked morgan really ??
      i hope it goes to ellie she and chuck i guess are the only ones who would work well with the intersect

    • JayFro says:

      I second that! Totally loved the episode but HATE that Chuck’s intersect is supressed and now Morgan has the intersect. Weren’t only certain people able to handle the intersect? And you’re telling me Morgan can? Chuck made sense since Orion was his dad. I thought for sure that Ellie would end up with it. I mean, what was the point of Orion giving her the computer? A reboot of season 1 is not what we want for the final season. Hopefully the writers will not disappoint.

      • JBVO says:

        The intersect has come a long way since the Ring tried to shove it in people and killed them. The combination of the updates that have been made over the years and Ellie fixing whatever she fixed on Orion’s laptop opened the door for a more wide-spread implementation. We’ve seen a dozen other intersected people throughout the show’s run. The latest instance with the Gretas was only a failure because they were lacking in empathy to begin with, and the intersect made it worse. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with next season. I remembered being very worried about how the whole Chuck fu thing would mess up season 3. While season 3 was pretty crappy in my opinion, it wasn’t because of the Chuck fu.

  33. Mdz says:

    Great season finale!!!Just Awesome…ja!!!Loved the scoop for next season..but with all that seems to be going on I would really like to be 22 episode and not just 13..hopefully they’ll get syndication!!

    • Leron says:

      I agree. I would like them to get the back 9, so that they close out with 100 episodes. I’m surprised no one is talking about this.

  34. Tusk says:

    -I kind of thought the track was heading to putting it into Elly’s head. What with her Father leaving the laptop for her to find, and she IS the eldest Bartkowski kid.

    -That being said, I have an idea it won’t be in Morgan long. Not sure but I always kind of assumed that Chuck worked best with the Intersect because, he (and possibly Ellie) was being programmed from youth by Orion to be able to receive it without (or little) damage.

    -The bigger question as far as Morgan is concerned is, didn’t he JUST declare that he would quit because he loved Casey’s daughter (I forget her name).?

    -The spy game was irrisistable for Chuck but he was able to focus on doing it just to be with Sarah (became a spy to do bigger, important things with Sarah). Sarah was his center focus.

    -I’m not sure if Morgan’s new relationship is solid enough for him to be able to handle the Intersect’s kind of power, especially if that means he renegs on his promise to quit. Would Morgan’s personality be able to handle that uber power without abusing it?

    -Would they do that? Make the lovable, mostly harmless friend of Chuck into Chuck’s Arch Enemy. Anakin and Obi Wan were friends once…. ;)

  35. Uck says:

    Yeah. I’m not so thrilled. I understand the need to reboot the awkward fish-out-of-water bit, but Morgan?

    I love the guy, but I absolutely groaned when I saw him pick up the intersect glasses. (I’m still not sure at what point the intersect became something that can be loaded into any idiot with multiple copies of upload/erase glasses floating around.)

    Chuck backed the intersect up with his genius and technical knowledge. Morgan brings nothing to the table.

    I don’t want to hate the final season, but I’m already expecting it to suck. I don’t want plucky comic relief turned super hero. I want Chuck as Chuck.

    I’m praying they have a change of heart and fix this early next season.

    • melita says:

      ughh i hated that morgan got the intersect he is really annoying sometimes

    • larmindy says:

      Uck, I totally agree with you. The transfer of the intersect to Morgan was a bad move. I only hope they get it out of him in the first or second episode next season. Maybe since only certain minds can handle the intersect their will be some adverse health issues that will force the removal.

      Not matter what though Chuck needs to get an intersect into him, again!

  36. Mac says:

    Chcuk is something that should be considered for a “movie of the week”, something like 2 per year after the final 13. 2 episodes each year.

  37. Alissa zimmerman says:

    Please bring back Chuck! our family of three have watched since day one and even TiVo it or watch it online so we done miss any episodes

  38. Chris says:

    That finale blew my mind. Emotionally a very satisfying episode, and the twists and action were top-notch the whole hour. As if I wasn’t satisfied enough with the closure of the Volkoff arc, they give us that unexpected development at the end too. Next season will just be amazing. I’d have kicked myself if it weren’t renewed and I have to wonder what could have been. Needless to say, I think season 5 will be a strong, strong end season for Chuck. I can’t wait.

  39. epic34 says:

    I’m glad they’re bringing the show back for another season, but come on, only 13 episodes. What’s that? The first season only had 13 episodes. If it’s going to be the last season, which I think is a mistake, I think it should be at least a 20-22 episode season, because with Morgan getting the intersect, they’re going to have to rush everything, and that might bring down the quality.

  40. Philippa says:

    As much as I love the direction things are taking, I have one suggestion. Casey [briefly] gets the Intersect. I’d just love to see how he copes and what he does with it :-)

  41. Justine says:

    I LOVED season finale of CHUCK! It was amazing and I’m so happy it’s not over. Wanna see what’s next for our freelance spies! Just worried a little about Morgan, but I hope it goes well;)

  42. Ayie says:

    I was moved to tears prior to watching the last episode of season four. I love all the cast in the show.This is one of the best tv series ever! It will be awesome if you guyz get to sustain the series and why not, a movie!

  43. airhead says:

    That was an epic season finale – I’m so glad Chuck is coming back for a fifth season (even if it’s the last season)!
    I’m wondering if Chuck will get a little jealous of Morgan now though because he has what Chuck lost. Although Chuck is an awesome spy anyway

  44. Stephanie says:

    The season finale shows that there is still a lot of life left in this series! I just wish that Season 5 won’t be the last, and that it won’t be a measly 13 episodes. Chuck is AWESOME and deserves more!

  45. Erin says:

    I just caught the season finale last night and loved it. I will be catching up on all the seasons this summer so I will be ready in the fall. :) Great show!

  46. Khan Fucious says:

    Next season could be very interesting. Morgan promised his girlfriend he would leave the spy business for her sake but now he’s the Intersect. Sarah has tons of money now with a con-artist father still roaming around out there. Maybe “Frost” gets together with Hartley now that he is nice but Orion comes back into the picture. Casey no longer works for the CIA so maybe he gets back together with his wife. And best of all, maybe Jeffster’s tour bus gets hit by a train.

    • Kili says:

      ROFL…. all possibilities. The twists they’ve just thrown us have story possibilities worthy of much more than 13 episodes if you ask me. I think the network is goofing big time killing it in 13. I suspect they’re not taking into account all the geeks who watch it on the internet and on demand due to scheduling conflicts. I’m usually working when it airs and so see it in the next few days either on the website, or via FiOS on demand… are those views even getting counted? The ads sure are getting seen and should be getting paid to the network. Standard ratings calculations are so not the whole picture these days.

  47. Jacob says:

    i still want to know what happens from the flashback 2 wehen chuck is a kid and he uploads the intersect while in his dads study
    WHAT DID HE LEARN?!?!?!?

  48. B!Furious says:

    yeah i dont know what happened there cos it said upload complete and kinda left the story there so…. maybe when he unlocks the intersect 2.0 whe “dads study” intersect will become unblocked 2

  49. B!Furious says:

    yeah cos it said upload complete and left it there so….
    maybe when chuck has the intersect 2.0 unblocked the “dads study” intersect will be unblocked too

  50. B!Furious says:

    soz thought the first comment didn’t upload