Brothers & Sisters Exclusive: Find Out What Would've Happened to the Walkers in Season 6

Somewhere, the Walkers are drinking a lot of wine — as are their fans.

In early May, ABC dropped the axe on Brothers & Sisters amid reports that a shortened sixth season of the veteran family drama was being considered. In the end, budgetary issues brought the Walkers’ journey of secret siblings, partnership issues, lost love and family ties to an end.

Below, executive producer David Marshall Grant tells TVLine what he would have changed about the de facto series finale, hints at what was in store for the Walkers — another health scare for Kitty? — and reveals what it was like saying goodbye to the show’s on and offscreen family.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when ABC told you the show had been canceled?
I was, of course, sad. But everything must come to an end at some point. We had five great years. That’s a long run on television. I am so grateful for those years, and I’m so glad that we could tell as many stories as we could.

TVLINE | Did ABC give you a reason for the cancellation?
It really ends up being a budgetary situation. Our show was very expensive to produce and there are ways that we were saving money along the years. I think that there was an attempt to find a way to hit that magic number that [ABC] could produce the show at. And I think they just finally were unable to do it.

TVLINE | Over the years, you’ve had to say good-bye to a number of castmembers. Was it a relief, in a way, because now you wouldn’t have to trim the cast further?
I don’t think anybody was going to get cut, but [we would’ve had to] lessen the number of episodes that people were going to be in. I think that we could have augmented some of that with new faces. But yes, the truth is we were a family drama and at some point if you start to lose more and more of the family, it becomes less and less of what it was in the beginning. I think that as was said at the end of the finale, families change and they adapt and they become something else. I think that’s true of all families. So I think you could choose to look at the possibility of a different kind of evolving family and keep going. So I don’t think that it’s a relief that way, but you’re correct to point out that the original stories of just that family had shifted.

TVLINE | Speaking of the family, have you talked to any of the cast? How are they handling the news?
I’ve spoken to some of the cast, and I’ve exchanged e-mails. Brothers & Sisters was a family show, and I think it was a family that put it together. Starting from Robbie Baitz, who created it. His creation and his imprint on the family has lasted all the way through to the the finale. Likewise, [executive producers] Greg Berlanti, Allison [Schapker] and Monica [Breen], [director] Ken Olin… I bring up all these names because television is such a collaborative art. I think especially when you are doing a family drama, it really becomes sort of the essence of collaboration because people bring to the table their stories. And the actors brought their stories and their views of the world and that always made an impression on the writers. … You see it on the screen, and the truth is that their contributions really are parts of a whole. It’s all part of this family dynamic that intersects and creates this larger thing, which is larger than the brother, or the sister, or the uncle, or the mother. It’s the family.

TVLINE | In the finale, there were a lot of storylines that had closure. Did you see the writing on the wall?
I felt that we had a chance of getting picked up, but we also had a chance of not. I have to be honest: I thought it was a possibility. It came down to the wire. With that in mind, I felt I needed to do two things. What we tried to do was create a finale that had some closure in the sense that we had Scotty and Kevin with their family, Sarah getting married to Luc and discovering that Beau Bridges was her father, Nora falling in love with Brody, and Justin reconnecting to the girl he met in Season One…  These are ways of trying to give closure to this family, but at the same time the closure also represented the beginning of a new family, which was Brody’s daughter, who showed up in that finale; and Kitty being pregnant with Seth’s baby and the idea that that had some kind of medical jeopardy for her. And the fact that the girl that Justin reconnected with was married. Also, if Brody and Nora were going to live together, they had a new, larger extended family now to deal with because Brody clearly, as he says, has five children, if you count Sarah. So it was both closure and, at the same time, we were hoping that we were opening the door to a new world where there was a new family, a larger family.

TVLINE | Is there anything you would have changed about the episode had you known going in it was going to be a series finale?
I would have probably not had a medical problem looming for Kitty and her pregnancy. And I think I probably would have taken Justin’s relationship with [Tyler] further. The fact that she was married was setting up conflict and problems for him next season.

TVLINE | Were there any storylines you already had in the idea bin for next season?
We were definitely interested in Brody’s kids. I thought that his daughter would have been a great character. … Sarah had new brothers and sisters. So we were really interested in exploring Sara’s new family with Brody and how that could present conflict with the Walkers, because she now would have one foot in two worlds. Kevin and Scotty had finally created this family that they always wanted, so we were looking forward to telling the story of a gay family with two kids and what that means in terms of the world that we live in today. There was always the possibility of trying to think of that series ending [with] big drama. Something that would have been big for Nora. For Kitty, we were thinking seriously about whether or not we were going to put her in real medical peril because of the pregnancy and give her a choice  — a choice that she clearly made: Her unborn baby was going to be more important to her… Kitty was going to, obviously, refuse the chemo or whatever therapy she needed so that she didn’t harm her baby. And then the baby was going to be born fine and then we were going to decide what happened to Kitty.

TVLINE | Was the plan to have Seth back next season?
Yeah, we were going to bring Seth back.

TVLINE | Was there any thought about bringing back Emily VanCamp or Patricia Wettig if there was another season?
We would have loved to have brought Emily back and Patty. The Harpers were part of the show for so long, so it would have been so great to have had them come back for a few episodes.

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  1. Tony says:

    I’m literally crying right now. It was the closest thing to real life America we had. Please bring it back!!!

  2. Grick says:

    So give Kevin and Scotty their own show. Cast members can to visit And at least we get closure. Come on and give in CBS!

  3. Lorraine Street says:

    I am so sad that such a great show like Brother and Sisters was cancelled. I have watched this show from the very beginning and i was devastated that it will not be back. I know all shows at one point run their course but when you watch a show and follow it all the way thru you want it to at least rap up and not leave you hanging in the air. It just seems like all the local stations do that just end shows abruptly. Well i guess it is time to just watch shows on TNT and USA because they seem to know how to keep their shows. I will really miss Brothers and Sisters it was a great family show.

  4. Karen and John Chambers says:

    I can not believe in any sense that this fantastic programme has been cancelled. I have watched this show since day one and can honestly say that I have cried at EVERY episode which my husband reckons totals to around a hundred episodes although he reckons he hasn’t cried at one (lies). It is in my eyes the best thing ever to be shown on my TV screen, and hope that the producers may give in to the public pressure and film more and more episodes.
    I am grateful to the TV companies to have given me the pleasure of the series that I have loved (and my husband is grateful to have shown Sally Field in her full matured glory) and truly hope for MORE and More to come.

  5. Therese Steinlauf says:

    Both my sister and I are SO SAD that “Brothers and Sisters” has been canceled!! This and “Castle” are my two favorite ABC shows, both so well-written with such great characters. At this rate I guess I need to find another network. You know, ABC, you could reconsider. :(

  6. Tatum says:

    Just heard the news. I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing it on TV anymore! I am utterly disappointed! This was a show I craved watching week to week. It was a breath of fresh air to see a new, believable, with-the-times family show! It was amazing as were the actors. I am truly sad and going to miss it so much! I definitely wanted to continue watching the WALKERS for many more years! What a SHAME!

  7. Sheila Helm says:

    I thought my plus box hadn’t worked when I saw that Brothers and Sisters had not recorded. I live in England and we had no idea here that the show was finishing. Have watched since the first episode and have loved this show. I have five children myself and loved all the interaction between the siblings and all the characters. Am gutted that it has ended. Please reconsider, this was great family viewing, there is nothing else like it on TV. It will be sadly missed.

  8. kelly says:

    I’m sooo sad. Everytime I start watching a show and get excited about a new season, it gets cancelled. There have been shows dropped by one network then picked up by another come on someone pick this brilliant show up. I watch reruns on Reelz and ABC but I was so looking forward to season 6. My favorite thing about the show is the fact that Scotty and Kevin stayed together, how cute are they. There are still a lot of episodes I haven’t seen, like what happened to Robert. What about Rebecca right now I’m at where she.is pregnant. So ill enjoy what I have left to learn but still sad.

  9. Coralie says:

    I’m a Sally Field fan going back to “Gidget” and trying the peanut butter hair conditioner, too (it didn’t work!) But the role as Nora was her very best role ever! EXCELLENT portrayal of age – someone vital, vivacious, energetic instead of the usual one foot in the grave… She really seemed to enjoy the role, too, and to enjoy life… And Luc – so refreshing to see such a gorgeous man as a loving, intelligent, giving person instead of the usual cliched selfish, narcissistic, cheater as most shows portray models and awesome-looking men. I felt like I had a family again, watching tnis show. And the scene they played “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” while Brody was driving away – the show, by a juxtaposition, could trigger so many of our own memories. It was a GENIUS of a show. I thought I heard wrong when the cancellation was announced on TV. Wrong move, ABC. Someone else needs to pick up this family show. Adoption, gay adoption, mediczl records confidentiality – such timely issues in tune with the zeitgeist.

  10. Babs says:

    Oh good grief what am I going to do now B & S has come to an end, this was the highlight of my week, I looked forward to each episode to finding out what was to come, all of the actors were so so good, they made me laugh they made me cry, nothing else will fill the void, come on why do all good things come to an end when there is so much rubbish on the air waves. Come Back Brothers and Sisters the audience needs you to bring a little sunshine in our lives.

    Comment Babs 8th July

  11. Babs says:

    Oh good grief what am I going to do now B & S has come to an end, this was the highlight of my week, I looked forward to each episode to finding out what was to come, all of the actors were so so good, they made me laugh they made me cry, nothing else will fill the void, come on why do all good things come to an end when there is so much rubbish on the air waves. Come Back Brothers and Sisters the audience needs you to bring a little sunshine in our lives.

  12. janet says:

    i need this show back like seriously…it was one of the good and entertaining ones

  13. TRICIA says:

    cant believe this show is cancelled. i think that ARMY WIVES being on the same time where i live really hurt the show. I have watched B&S since the first show and looked forward to it until it was put up against Army wives. I dont have all the recorders,dvrs and all that stuff. Just enjoy a good show. and B&S was the only show i watch now on the regular channels. Everything else is on cable channels. so you lost the best show!!!
    Shame on you!!!!

  14. nish says:

    I am so sad that a one of the greatest show has come to an end…plz I request ABC to rethink about their decision and renew the season for the greatest show Brothers & Sisters…….

  15. Jamie says:

    Very sad This show is not coming back, I have watched from the beginning, and it has been my favorite show on TV. Would another network PLEASE pick it up!

  16. Trudi says:

    I am so pissed about this I no longer want to watch shows on this network!!! Thank goodness for netflix~

  17. Katie 'Walker' says:

    My mom & I used to love watching this show. And right now I’m re-watching all the old episodes. In 3wks I got from S1E1 – S4E17, and I’m loving it!
    I really hope the bring it back
    I was thinking that they should take a nice break and come up with some good storylines and then bring it back and hopefully get the views!

  18. Ragan S says:

    My family is so sad that this show is canceled! That was our Sunday night time, everyone snuggled in and eating popcorn. It will be greatly missed.

  19. Walker says:

    Please come back
    i want more balthazar(tommy)

    It would have been good say if its his wedding day, he is marrying rose. And the night before Julia comes to drop of Elizabeth. And she says she still loves him & forgives him. They share a passionate kiss and then Rose & a walker walks in.
    My friends and i were just discussing that today.
    I loved Tommy & julia! We all did (My bezzies & i)

    • katie walker says:

      Yes. Tommy + Julia were my faves. And I like Walkers plot idea. That is if Sarah Jane Morris wanted to come back

  20. Deanna says:

    I have just started watching Brothers & Sisters on Netflix. I’ve only watched the first 10 episodes but it’s so addicting! I’m sad to hear that the end of this show had to happen in a “drop of the hat” sort of way. I hope that the episoded I have to look forward to later on will continue to amaze me.

  21. Annette Peters says:

    I can’t believe that ABC cancelled Brothers & Sisters great program I always looked forward to my Sunday night programs. I don’t understand why ABC has programs like Wipe Out and The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, these programs are not entertaining and who really cares if they pick some one to marry because they never go through with the marriage any way what horrible programs. Please bring back Brothers and Sister it was a great show.

  22. Rinatta says:

    I cannot tell you how sad I was when I was told yesterday that Brothers and Sisters had been cancelled. I don’t understand. Useless and uninteresting reality shows continue to be created, overly repetitive police and investigation stories last and spawn other shows with mostly the same, predictable story lines, and great family shows like B&S are cancelled. I’ve always loved ABC compared to other channels but this leaves me looking at other cable networks for something good to watch. The cast was wonderful and such a great show to watch at the close of a busy weekend. I hope the network rethinks this really bad decision and provides us something worth while to look forward to on Sundays.

  23. Kandis says:

    I cant’s believe B&S’S has been cancelled. What a wonderful show about family life with all it’s trials,tribulation and celebrations. That’s it cancel a show with family morals and values. Because we need more Real Housewives,Snooky’s and teens having sex in High School on TV. WOW… Where’s Bill Cosby when you need him!

  24. Lennon says:

    Honestly, I’m gutted, I really loved this show,I Agree with Walker & katie Walker, I prefered Tommy & Julia rather than Tommy & Rose, and that’d be a good storyline, please come back, ABC you suck!

  25. Susan says:

    I have never understood why none of the cast was ever nominated for an Emmy. I think there is a lot of behind the scenes politics going on. Even the show itself was never nominated for Best Drama. Sally Field is a great actress but she was never recognized for her wonderful character as Nora Walker.

  26. John says:

    We have watched Brothers and Sisters since day 1 and cannot believe you are cancelling it. We hope that you reconsider. We will definitely will miss Brothers and Sisters. Nothing can replace it.

  27. Sunshine says:

    Please consider season 6!!!! This is a request coming all the way from South Africa

  28. Hope says:

    So disappointed in ABC cancelling Brothers and Sisters. Sunday night at ABC was the great beginning of my week. I have lost a great show with wonderful actors. This show was one of the few shows I watched. Cannot begin to tell you the depth of my disappointment in ABC. Another really bad decision. No wonder CBS has moved one of their top rated shows to Sunday. Guess Sunday night is now CBS for me. So sad. So very sad. No Brothers and Sisters. The show rocked.

  29. Callie (Catherine) Walker says:

    I loved desperate housewives…but that’s so unbelievable and I’m so sick and tired of it at this stage. Brothers and sisters, is a show you could relate to and was completely believeable, I felt as if I Were a walker (I also have the wonderful surname too).
    The ratings soared over the last few episodes, and maybe they will if they reconsider a 6th season? I would have called brothers and sisters one of the cheaper shows in comparison to other shows.
    I too loved Tommy & Julia, and I felt they were so unnappreciated in the show.
    Please bring this show back. This was my families favourite show (All my siblings, my parents, my husband & my 4, well now 5 beautiful boys).
    My boys grew up with this show. My 14 year old son loved it, as did my 11,9 & 5 year old. I truly miss the walkers

    But they’ll always live on in my heart (That sounds so cheesy, but it’s true).

    I don’t know if this is coincidence or not, but I even named my new baby Tommy (Thomas) Walker, but that’s also my brothers name, but I was influenced by the show & the walker family!

    God I’ll miss them

    Please reconsider! This came all the way from Ireland!

  30. Walkers forever says:

    Is it sad that I google search ‘Brothers & sisters renewed for 6th season!’ nearly everday, and I still hope they will renew it!
    I too loved Tommy & Julia. 2 fantastic actors, and Rebecca. I miss all 3, they should not have left. I also miss Rob Lowe as Robert!
    But Tommy & Julia were my faves, I strongly disliked his new girlfriend

  31. Me!!!!! says:

    Yes, that’s a little sad……………I do it too, I check back almost everyday to see if they renewed the show……….And Tommy & Julia along with Sarah & Luc were my faves…….I loved all the Walkers to be honest!

  32. Diane says:

    I’ve been watching the old seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4, the season 5 set is to be released next month……..watching it now from the beginning, makes me want Season 6 that much more…………..what a waste of talent to lose such an amazing cast……..drop a show ? and for what to save a few bucks, ….save some brain cells and put the show back on…….or rally and move it to another network, so they can do it justice…….but don’t cancel it for goodness sakes……….we want our Walkers & Harpers……back on the air darn it.

  33. T. says:

    What? Who would cancel such an amazing show is there any way to bring it back ?I just started watching this show last or even this month and already finished all 5 seasons. Brothers and Sisters definitely made some people learn about life and others relate to it. This show was amazing. All the actors and actresses where the best !! Will miss this show a lot !!!!!!!!

  34. Bryant says:

    I can’t believe that they cancelled my favorite show. I absolutly loved Brothers and Sisters. I myself am gay and I liked to see how Kevin worked through his problems with Scotty and other challanges along the way. He was a role model to me. This was the only show that I know of besides Modern Family that has gay characters, but in Brothers and SIsters the characters actually felt real, like if you went to LA you could find them living out thier lives. I was devastated to find out that they cancelled the show. I really think that they should reconsider ending it because I know many many people love and enjoy this show.

  35. John says:

    I can’t believe the show is over. It has been my favorite TV family. I see so much of my family in the Walkers. ABC BRING IT BACK. Its quality TV compared to reality trash.

  36. Brothers & sisters addict says:

    I loved Tommy & Julia too, and Justin & Rebecca, why did they make her miscarry, if she had a child it would have been more interesting. Like Justin could’ve come back from his tour and find he has a baby!
    I was hoping Tommy would ditch that new lady of his and end up with Julia again (Didn’t she only leave because she was having a baby?).

    Aww please bring it back!!!!

  37. B & S addict says:

    And congrats to Callie on baby Tommy Walker :)

    Tommy & Julia were so under appreciated!

    And they brought interesting storylines!

  38. Sally says:

    I’m also in the uk and love this show, and so does everyone I’ve introduced to it. I think the Kitty storyline would have been great. After all the crazy thongs that have happened to the Walkers this is something that affects a lot of families but isn’t shown on the tv very often. To show her losing her fight in the delicate way that only b&s know how would have been great, sad but great.

  39. Cynthia says:

    Okay, I didn’t have the kahonna”s to google Brothers and Sister”s until tonight, yea, august 5 th.
    I was in denial and now deeply saddened.

  40. Danielle says:

    Bring back the show I love it ….s and was not was not ready to let it go yet

  41. Gwen says:

    I am so sad to know that Brothers ans Sisters has been cancelled. It was one of my favorite shows. I wish ABC would reconsider!! Such a loss!!

  42. Tammy says:

    OMG! What am I going to chill out to in my PJ’s. This was my time out I would put my PJ’s on get some favourite drink & food lay on the sofa & aarhhh…. Swith the TV on for Brothers & Sisters, this is a total chill out time for women to watch. I do not know what it is but this program is addictive once you watch it thats it your hooked. The actors are great, it is day to day scenarios which you can relate to & a little bit of comedy & the backing music is perfect. Come on listen to the viewers ‘Give Us Back Our Brothers & Sisters’!

  43. Mrs P. says:

    I can’t believe it. ABC is cancelling all the best shows! What is going on??? I was just getting hopeful that my daytime soaps would be picked up and now THIS!!! What’s next my ABC Family shows too? BTW, Gilles (Luc) is now on Switched at Birth.

  44. Lorui says:

    This was a GREAT SHOW that touched alot of hot topics. War and the effects on the troups, politics, cheating, drinking, gay relationships, sickness, adoption..you name it. ABC has a history of dropping the good shows and keeping the ones that run the story line into the ground. AT LEAST have a finale season….ABC let me know, I could have helped this show and also Alias…at least the first 3 seasons that were actually good.

  45. Ronnie says:

    ABC sure made a big mistake cancelling the one show they had going for them. I for one refuse to watch ABC or any affiliated station because I don’t want to get addicted to another show just to have them cancel it. I have watched some of the other shows on ABC and wonder why they keep shows like Happy Endings which is pointless, unfunny and a waste of time and money. Too bad for ABC

  46. samantha smith says:

    Absolutely gutted, can’t believe there will be no more. I have watched all 5 seasons backs to back and its been the best ever. Great characters, great story! Loved it and will miss it very much :(

  47. Natasha says:

    I had never watched this show, this summer I decided to start watching season 1…in 2 months I watched all 5 seasons non stop, to find out it was not returning this season. I am so upset! Brothers and Sisters was such a good, real, honest show…it does not deserve to end. I need to live in Scotty and Kevin’s new family, I want to see Jutin happy and in love again, he came so far! Saul finally is not alone so is Nora….OMG, this is just so sad. You must get a last season in to really give everyone a proper finale, a proper goodbye!
    So saddened by this decision….

  48. Stefanie says:

    This was a good show. A wholesome show. About family. And what many forms family can take. I thought they approached storylines no one else did in considerate ways. Could there have been more diversity? Yes! And stronger writing at times? Yes. And were the many cast changes frustrating at times? Yes. But the core made it all worth it.
    Yes, this season was slow (and even painful sometimes) but I was looking forward to what was to come because of what was being set up. This show deserved a final close with dignity and respect. The finale was good but a real series finale would have been better.

  49. Sheila Gazlay says:

    Yikes, I just heard this show is being canceled. As one of the many Internet viewers of this show, I’m saddened but also wondering if ABC knows how many people watch this show on the Net. If you do and want to be counted, send a postcard saying, “I watch this show via the Internet and don’t want it canceled” or something like that to

    ABC, Inc.
    500 S. Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521-4551

  50. Debbie says:

    That was the only show I looked forward to watching each week. It was great! Hope it comes back.