Brothers & Sisters Exclusive: Find Out What Would've Happened to the Walkers in Season 6

Somewhere, the Walkers are drinking a lot of wine — as are their fans.

In early May, ABC dropped the axe on Brothers & Sisters amid reports that a shortened sixth season of the veteran family drama was being considered. In the end, budgetary issues brought the Walkers’ journey of secret siblings, partnership issues, lost love and family ties to an end.

Below, executive producer David Marshall Grant tells TVLine what he would have changed about the de facto series finale, hints at what was in store for the Walkers — another health scare for Kitty? — and reveals what it was like saying goodbye to the show’s on and offscreen family.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when ABC told you the show had been canceled?
I was, of course, sad. But everything must come to an end at some point. We had five great years. That’s a long run on television. I am so grateful for those years, and I’m so glad that we could tell as many stories as we could.

TVLINE | Did ABC give you a reason for the cancellation?
It really ends up being a budgetary situation. Our show was very expensive to produce and there are ways that we were saving money along the years. I think that there was an attempt to find a way to hit that magic number that [ABC] could produce the show at. And I think they just finally were unable to do it.

TVLINE | Over the years, you’ve had to say good-bye to a number of castmembers. Was it a relief, in a way, because now you wouldn’t have to trim the cast further?
I don’t think anybody was going to get cut, but [we would’ve had to] lessen the number of episodes that people were going to be in. I think that we could have augmented some of that with new faces. But yes, the truth is we were a family drama and at some point if you start to lose more and more of the family, it becomes less and less of what it was in the beginning. I think that as was said at the end of the finale, families change and they adapt and they become something else. I think that’s true of all families. So I think you could choose to look at the possibility of a different kind of evolving family and keep going. So I don’t think that it’s a relief that way, but you’re correct to point out that the original stories of just that family had shifted.

TVLINE | Speaking of the family, have you talked to any of the cast? How are they handling the news?
I’ve spoken to some of the cast, and I’ve exchanged e-mails. Brothers & Sisters was a family show, and I think it was a family that put it together. Starting from Robbie Baitz, who created it. His creation and his imprint on the family has lasted all the way through to the the finale. Likewise, [executive producers] Greg Berlanti, Allison [Schapker] and Monica [Breen], [director] Ken Olin… I bring up all these names because television is such a collaborative art. I think especially when you are doing a family drama, it really becomes sort of the essence of collaboration because people bring to the table their stories. And the actors brought their stories and their views of the world and that always made an impression on the writers. … You see it on the screen, and the truth is that their contributions really are parts of a whole. It’s all part of this family dynamic that intersects and creates this larger thing, which is larger than the brother, or the sister, or the uncle, or the mother. It’s the family.

TVLINE | In the finale, there were a lot of storylines that had closure. Did you see the writing on the wall?
I felt that we had a chance of getting picked up, but we also had a chance of not. I have to be honest: I thought it was a possibility. It came down to the wire. With that in mind, I felt I needed to do two things. What we tried to do was create a finale that had some closure in the sense that we had Scotty and Kevin with their family, Sarah getting married to Luc and discovering that Beau Bridges was her father, Nora falling in love with Brody, and Justin reconnecting to the girl he met in Season One…  These are ways of trying to give closure to this family, but at the same time the closure also represented the beginning of a new family, which was Brody’s daughter, who showed up in that finale; and Kitty being pregnant with Seth’s baby and the idea that that had some kind of medical jeopardy for her. And the fact that the girl that Justin reconnected with was married. Also, if Brody and Nora were going to live together, they had a new, larger extended family now to deal with because Brody clearly, as he says, has five children, if you count Sarah. So it was both closure and, at the same time, we were hoping that we were opening the door to a new world where there was a new family, a larger family.

TVLINE | Is there anything you would have changed about the episode had you known going in it was going to be a series finale?
I would have probably not had a medical problem looming for Kitty and her pregnancy. And I think I probably would have taken Justin’s relationship with [Tyler] further. The fact that she was married was setting up conflict and problems for him next season.

TVLINE | Were there any storylines you already had in the idea bin for next season?
We were definitely interested in Brody’s kids. I thought that his daughter would have been a great character. … Sarah had new brothers and sisters. So we were really interested in exploring Sara’s new family with Brody and how that could present conflict with the Walkers, because she now would have one foot in two worlds. Kevin and Scotty had finally created this family that they always wanted, so we were looking forward to telling the story of a gay family with two kids and what that means in terms of the world that we live in today. There was always the possibility of trying to think of that series ending [with] big drama. Something that would have been big for Nora. For Kitty, we were thinking seriously about whether or not we were going to put her in real medical peril because of the pregnancy and give her a choice  — a choice that she clearly made: Her unborn baby was going to be more important to her… Kitty was going to, obviously, refuse the chemo or whatever therapy she needed so that she didn’t harm her baby. And then the baby was going to be born fine and then we were going to decide what happened to Kitty.

TVLINE | Was the plan to have Seth back next season?
Yeah, we were going to bring Seth back.

TVLINE | Was there any thought about bringing back Emily VanCamp or Patricia Wettig if there was another season?
We would have loved to have brought Emily back and Patty. The Harpers were part of the show for so long, so it would have been so great to have had them come back for a few episodes.

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  1. Ed says:

    So sad. Next season sounds like it would have been epic!! :-(

    • Joseph says:

      I also at times liked Brothers & Sisters but feel they needed to change how the show was presented because the repeats at midseason and not knowning when new material is going to start sucks.
      I think that the Networks , ABC & NBC being the two primary offenders should switch to a 13 episode season and break the Evening dramas into 2 seperate seasons each year.
      With a summer season of to fill the gap and pull the dramas like they always due during the winter holiday.
      They just need something that helps them to keep intesest going and the current model does not support that.

      • Petra says:

        I too have watched brothers &sisters from the beginning and it has been fantastic viewing .The actors and actresses have made the walkers come alive! Come on ABC listen to the viewers !! Season 6 is a must.

        • Emily says:

          Thank you. I too enjoyed the show immensely!

          • marie says:

            I loved the show. Bring it back. I just found out the show was not coming
            back, very disappointing.

          • Vickie says:

            Loved the show and really miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Nick says:

            I missed the announcement that the show was canceled, and have searched in vain ever since, thinking any day the new season would be aired. I’m very disappointed. I was not ready to let go of the Walkers and their extended family.

        • Melanie says:

          I too believe there should be a 6th season. Even if just to show what would have happened with all the family branches they created. It doesn’t make sense to just stop it after creating new stories!

          • Lori Francomb says:

            I have been so anxiously awaiting for Brothers and Sisters to be back and now am so disappointed that it will not be. ABC did the same thing several years ago with “Judging Amy”, another show I was loving. So much of their stories are just left up in the air. I am inclined to not become involved with this kind of show and especially on your channel. What a huge disappointment. I should have learned my lesson with “Judging Amy”. These two shows were truly wonderful entertaining television with wonderful, believable stories, in my opinion. They should not have been just left for the imaginations of your viewers. The actors of both shows were top quality which really drew us in – only to be left with no endings. There are so few really good shows. I am both sad and mad. It is quite inconsiderate to your dedicated viewers. Either show us story wrap ups at the end of the season or go another year for that.

          • desiree1 says:

            I agree! They should have given it a 6th season so they had time to wrap up the characters. I hate when they do that for any show. They say it was a money issue, I think they knew they were gonna do well before a week ago. ABC needs to stop canceling shows without notice and allow them to wrap up all the loose ends for their viewers sake. I think the money shouldn’t come before the viewers!

          • Euphemia Abraham says:

            Loved the show. So very dissappointed that we will not be seeing any more episodes in the UK.

        • Yvette says:

          i hear you I felt the same way!! ABC is nuts to drop this show..budget BS

          • Char says:

            I can not believe this! ABC is nuts. Brothers & Sisters was a real life family with real issues every episode. The actors were exceptional!

            I am still in shock! ABC you are SO WRONG to cancel this amazing show!!!!!

            You can count me out watching the replacement!

          • Cheryl Stubbs says:

            I really hate getting attached to a show and have it cancelled. Brothers and sisters was my show. I stayed up every Sunday just to see that episode each week even if I was not feeling well. I am really sad to hear that the show has been cancelled and I hope that ABC will reconsider and make this right. Thank you.

          • sam says:

            Can’t believe ABC dropping all my favorites even the daytime tv I will not be watching ABC any longer its out of control

          • bonnie Staley says:

            I loved the show brothers and sisters.It was such a great show.real life family drama.It is nuts to cancel such a good show.you should really listen to your viewers and bring it back.I’am really disappointed in this tv network.The stupid shows go on forever and the good ones you cancel.You people need to get your crap together and get brothers and sisters at least one more season for closure for us viewers.

          • tammy l chandler says:

            I too believe ABC should have let the show Brothers and Sisters continue on for at least another season. This is not new for ABC they drop shows like flies, due to this I have stopped watching this channel because it is a constant thing with them. Money my butt, but we unfortunately have no say, I loved the characters of the show very much as well as others they dropped and still continue the boycott of their channel,maybe they will get the message. Family shows are real hard to find these days and Brothers and Sisters was all about family.

          • Tammy says:

            I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”” PLEASE BRING IT BACK! Really! I think it is an awesome show!.PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! I love all the of the characters! Sally Field is amazing!!!””

          • Rita says:

            I to think that another episode needs to take place. They just dropped the show and left you hanging. They ended it and a lot of questions needed to be answered.

        • susan says:

          I thought this was a fantastic show–great characters and always interested in what was to come next. Really, will miss this show–and do not plan to watch it’s replacement of Pan Am–who cares about this. The cast of B and S were fantastic–I suppose to well done to keep and people prefer garbage. Couldn’t wait to see the next episode.

        • Marie Mansi says:

          I will miss this show terribly. It was one of the few shows I watched and I looked forward to it every week. I loved the writing, the acting, the story line and the characters. SAD, SAD, SAD.

          • Mary says:

            I went to set my DVR tonight and just found out it was canceled !!!
            Unbelievable !!! I agree with all of the posts. There are such few quality dramas to watch. Everything else seems to be about crime, which in our world I don’t want to watch. It was a feel good show. Sarah and Kitty were annoying and whining..but the rest of the story lines were great !!! As a flight attendant for over 25 years….we really get to talk to a lot of people across the country and I rarely found any women or gay men who didn’t really look forward to this show.
            I am so disappointed and totally agree that stopping shows all through the season is awfully frustrating. I don’t like seeing reruns and missing weeks. One does get mixed up with story lines. It always used to be that summer was for reruns. I think ABC need to stop this and runt he shows every week for the season. It’s very sad that there really are few quality shows.

          • Wanda says:

            I have been waiting for the announcement of when the new show would begin. Usually the end of September. Well today is the 30th and I had not heard anything so I typed Brothers and Sisters in my google space and WOW…everything about the show being cancelled. ABC you made the wrong choice. You had so many people that watched this show. I have 6 children and so many times your episode about the Walkers helped me out on a problem. I agree with Marie Mansi…SAD, SAD, SAD!!!!!UNBELIEVABLE…PAN AM REPLACED IT??????????STUPID!!!!

        • krindi says:

          I can’t beleive it’s cancelled and to be replaced by “Pan Am’..uugghh im so upset!!

          • Chelse says:

            I am one disappointed and angry viewer, you need to bring back Brothers and Sisters for season 6! I can promise you I will NOT be watching Pan Am- what a horrible replacement!!

          • SUSAN says:


          • jpv says:

            I agree. What were you thinking when you replaced Brothers and Sisters with Pan Am. UGH. Bring back the good show- Brothers and Sisters.

          • mary says:

            I just found out that Brothers & Sisters was cancelled..I am so disappointed as it was my most favorite show on TV !!! I have watched it from the beginning….and, I am not watching Pam Am or the Playboy Club…This was a great family show..so little of these types of shows ever get to see…very sad….Please bring it back…

          • DS says:

            How ANNOYING!! i too like all the others enjoyed this show immensly. The characters were fantastic, Sally Fields was awesome everything about this show kept me a dedicated viewer. Im really disappointed with this outcome. I hope ABC reconsiders, considering a lot of the garbage thats out there at the moment.

        • Chelse says:

          YES PLEASE!? Season 6 is a MUST!

        • sue reisetter says:

          i am devastated that abc dropped this wonderful show with its talented cast…shame on you!

          • Helene says:

            I was also shocked and saddened to find out this show was not returning. It was one of our favorites. When they cancel good shows and leave violent, garbage-filled ones on, it just makes no sense. Bad decision…a loss for sure.

          • Nancy says:

            I agree with all comments expressing shock, sadness, disappointment, etc. at the cancelling of Bros and Sisters – the only really good show on TV – and to replace it with Pan Am – ugh!

        • jpv says:

          I am heart broken. I loved this show. What a crummy thing to do at this point in the story line. Get rid of more reality shows, and put this one back on. So sad.

        • Tony says:

          I didn’t even realize that the show had been cancelled–my curiosity got the best of me after 3 weeks of the new season and no mention of a start date for this show. It was one of my favorites and can’t believe it was cancelled. There wasn’t one cast member who didn’t do an excellent job.

          • Debbie says:

            I am so disappointed that Brothers and Sisters has been cancelled. I, too, didn’t know it had been cancelled until I looked it up trying to find out when the new ones started. Had they had a better schedule, the ratings would probably have been better. No one ever knew when a new episode would come on because it was so sporadic. A new show for a couple of weeks, then an old show jumps in. And it seems to me that the viewers were at least owed a finale tying up all those loose ends.

          • Sherry says:

            I just do not like Pan Am. Decided I would google Brothers & Sisters to find out what night they were on. What a surprise – they are cancelled. That’s terrible. I hope everyone changes the channel on ABC. They had a great show and maybe they need to realize what they cancelled really worked for the audience.

        • Bros ans sis fan says:

          Abc bring it back!

          • Vickie says:

            I agree. It sucks to really get wrapped up in a show and WHAM! It’s cancelled. I was also a fan of Judging Amy. Hate this channel !

        • SueEllen says:

          I can’t believe ABC would take off this wonderful show and in it’s place put on the air flying sex plane and a cast of loosers.

          • Sandy says:

            I agree also, so very disappointed. I just wish once those big Corp types would think of us instead of themselves.

          • nancy says:

            I agree i will not be watching Pan Am, what a shame with such good actors to leave us all hanging. I am going to avoid ABC new series in the future if this is the way they care for the public. Shame on you ABC!!!!

        • sheila says:

          Hope it comes back its a real good show and Me and Hubby watch it and come back and Love the family the walkers.

        • Kathy says:


        • rebecca says:

          I agree!! don’t leave us hanging like this!! It’s cruel. I love this show, and look forward to it. I can’t stand reality TV, it’s sad to see such a fantastic family drama go down the tubes…

      • liza says:

        I had high hopes that the writing for Brothers and Sisters would improve , so I continued to watch the show because Sally Field has always been one of my favorite actors. The story lines got a little too wacky! They kept introducing new people whom you would think had something significant to add to the show then suddenly the person would disappear! The young step brother sold the family out for a dumb reason and he dropped out! Kitty didn’t seem to like her adopted son much. The blond girl who was so in love with the younger brother decided she wanted out of the relationship and couldn’t deal with her mom’s mental illness, so she ran across country to New York! Nora’s love interests never stayed! I would have liked to see her in a happy relationship. The gay relationship was the most interesting and consistent story line the show had.

      • orlando says:

        sally Fields the best and great cast ,sorry to see it go ,they put all this crap all those reality shows that are a waste.and get rid of real lives ,miss a great series and who ever took it away get a new job.

    • Catherine says:

      I cannot believe such a great show is cancelled. Another example of TV choosing to dumb down to people with short attention spans. Thank you producers and writers for giving us interesting and real story lines which included all age groups and family situations. Once again, there will be even less to watch. This is probably a good thing for those who wish to keep their intelligence intact.

      • Vera says:

        I totally agree with you, Catherine!

        • Missi says:

          I totally agree with Catherine. This movie i look forword to watching ever week..There is somethink about being family.. They make me thing about how close an together family can be.

          • Wendy says:

            Brothers and sisters was in my view entertainment at its best. There are so few shows out there for tbe babyboomers that dont invove voilent murder or distastfful language and casual sex crimes. We see that on the news everyday. This show was beloved by all our family. They spoke the language we speak in our own homes. We never had to worry are grandkids would pick up dirty language from this one. The walkers gave me hope for strong family ties. The cast was perfect bravo!

      • Annie says:

        I agree with you Catherine, there should be a facebook site to bring it back. I know so many people who are very upset the show has been dropped!! Come on lets put the pressure on to bring it back and save money elsewhere. Take off some of the so called ‘comedy’ shows!

        • Lindy says:

          My 96 year old Mum and I totally agree with you Catherine. We live in Melbourne Australia and have watched every episode – just loved it. We felt like the show was part of our family (we all have problems don’t we) – the cast members were so “real” – we were very upset the show has been cancelled. What will we watch now – The Bold and the Beautiful is absolute trash, along with Days of our Lives. How come those shows have been “financed” for so many decades? Please, please producers bring the show back!!!

          • pamela says:

            Yay Lindy, well said…in fact, couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s the only thing I watch on TV all week, so I’m devastated….and flumoxed! Quality TV programs are a rarity, and there is so much other trashy TV. Guess it all comes down to ratings, and what the masses are interested in doesn’t necessarily concur with some of us.

          • MC says:

            Well said – I could not agree with you more Lindy.

          • Sharon says:

            I agree completely!! There are 4 generations in my family that watch Brothers and Sisters, everyone of us can’t believe it’s been cancelled. What will you put in it’s place? Nothing can take the place of this show…the actors were perfect for their roles…the storyline kept your interest…we never knew from one week to the next, but we were always there watching!!! It felt like the Walkers were a real family, not some “Oh So Perfect Family” with no problems. What will take it’s place? Nothing can!!! Some half hour “comedy” show? UUGGGHHH!!!!

          • Ashley says:

            I agree i cried when i found out it was cancelled i hate it i want to boycott ABC into putting it back on i think if enough of us get together we can get them to bring it back i wish any way i am very highly upset about it. That show was the best.

        • Hanna says:

          Perhaps a movie (2 hour) episode to close out those story lines that were addressed. I really don’t see it lasting another season.

        • Ann Marie says:

          I was totally thinking the same thing in regards to starting a facebook or similiar to try and save the show. Does anyone know of one out there? I too am just devastated by the show’s cancellation. I looked forward to it each and every week. The cast is so talented, always delivering such emotional as well as comical performances. I guess ABC needs to clear some more room for more mindless, ‘fake’ reality TV. How truly sad. BRING BACK BROTHERS & SISTERS! Ann Marie

          • Lindsay Chester says:

            I absolutely LOVE Brothers and Sisters and am devastated it has finished..in the UK we have rubbish like Coronotation Street that has been running for 50 years, why can’t a totally engaging, brilliantly acted, realistic family drama, which Brothers and Sisters was, run and run and run…………? The whole cast were fantastic and I’m from a big family and can confirm that the relationships between the siblings was spot on. Sally Field was superb. Why stop a drama series as good as this??

          • Julie Smith says:

            I agree this is a great show ..they seem to want more superficial brain dead shows like ‘Dancing with the dumbasses’..Brothers and sisters was more reality.I guess that scares too many …

          • Ashley says:

            Ann Marie I agree definately, and we could totally try something i would love to save the show lets do it. Nora and Kitty would please someone HELP bring it back.

          • Martha says:

            I am shocked I just said to my daugter I have not seen previews on the fall lineup, myself and my two daugters watch every sunday without fail. I went online and found it was cancelled, was one of if not the best shows on abc. I’m ganna miss the Walkers. Please no more sucky reality shows, bring back the Walkers.

        • Lynn Sendall says:

          Like many other people I am so sad that Brothers and Sisters has ended. I have watched every episode since the beginning and have grown to love the characters and their stories. If anyone has the power please reconsider, think of cheaper ways of making this programme and help return it toour screens.

          • Gail says:

            I totally agree that ABC should find a way to bring back ” Brothers & Sisters”! I was really looking forward to seeing it again! Can’t believe it’s been replaced with something that so few folks will watch. Does that not cost more money when a show is repalced with poor programming? People will just choose to watch another network…I know I will!! Very Sad!

        • Juzjeans says:

          I agree bring it back and get rid of some other rubbish shows on TV There is a facebook group –

        • Mary says:

          I just watched the season, or should I say series finale, last night and I loved every second of it! I have watched this show since the first episode and even in the times when I was not crazy about it I still hung on and so glad I did. Every Sunday night when it ends I say to my husband, alot of time through tears, “I love this show – it is so good.” I will miss it terribly and I agree with Catherine – get rid of the crap that is on the air and keep the good shows. They have to put something in the 9:00 slot – figure out a way to make it work!

        • Cindy says:

          I also agree… you are canceling Desperate Housewifes, take the money from that show. I am unbelieveably mad that this show was canceled, I watched it every Sunday and bought all the season on dvd. I watched about 10 minutes of Pan Am and it sucked!!! what is going on here????

          • Bonnie says:

            Totally agree with Cindy. I thought the much hyped Pan Am sucked and the quality of acting and story line paled in comparison to Brothers and Sisters.

      • sue says:

        im devestated that the show is ending i dint want any interuptions while watching brothers and sisters so i would record it and watch it later

        • kaylee says:

          TOTALLY AGREE!! I have been waiting for this show to begin its new season and I am shocked at the decision made by ABC…finally a family program with quality acting and they couldn’t make enough money to continue it? REALLY ABC?? You have got to be kidding me? You have surely taken your finger off the pulse of your viewers. How disrespectful to the viewers to leave the show with no closure or finale. Really vow to never get involved with viewing any of your programs in future!!

      • Kim says:

        I agree, I am so sad that Brothers and Sisters has been cancelled!!!! ABC has chosen to cancel so many of the programs I watch and love which is disheartening to me. What happens when the fad of talk shows and reality shows have passed and all the good shows have already been cancelled because we jumped on a train of the in the moment interest of a small group of people? Do they ever poll real people to find out what we watch? I’ve never been or know anyone who has ever been asked “what shows do you watch?” TV has gone to the dogs so I guess I’ll have to find a new past time, these days it’s not worth turning on when the good, decent, believable shows are gone and all that’s left are people talking………I get that daily in real life and I’m not impressed then either and quite bored!! Talk shows are a waste of time and they say they are “informative” Well, that’s what google is for and on my time and on my terms!! I guess I’ll save money by having satellite disconnected. Why can’t they leave what works alone? I love this tv family and relate to them and look forward to tuning in weekly to visit, relax and relate. I hope Sally Field finds another show to be on, she is acting at it’s absolute best!! Her relation to her character and audience is so believable, I have to remind myself she’s not my mom. I love her and will truly miss her I’ll never forget her line in Smokey And The Bandit…..”I was born ready” so go Sally……..I’ll watch whatever program you are on!! To the whole cast of Brothers And Sisters, you are all wonderful actors and actresses and have made watching tv pleasurable, you will all be missed greatly!!

        • Wendy says:

          I couldn’t agree more, Kim! I looked forward each week to this show. So real, so down to earth; and what an amazing, talented cast! As far as TV goes there is really nothing left to look forward to. I’m in shock really that they could cancel such a great show. But this is not the first time-I once enjoyed watching “Commander in Chief” and that was very quickly cancelled. It seems that TV today is aimed at the lowest common denominator. Anything with an ounce of intelligence is quickly scrapped.

        • Denise says:

          I agree with Kim 100%. There are still many of us who appreciate a good show on TV. Brothers And Sisters was and still should be a clean story of a wonderful normal everyday family that wasn’t always perfect. What do our kids grow up learning in todays world? They learn how to gossip about others and how easy it is to be disrespectful. As far as I’m concerned ABC and NBC is showing that same disrespecful attitude with the people who made them who they are today. Thanks goes out to these two networks for caring and respecting their viewers opinion. NOT

      • vicki says:

        Catherine…you are SO right. I’m the oldest child of five…2 girls; three boys. We are older than these characters and none of us are gay…however, we have our own set of problems but we can still gather around the dinner table and open up to each other. A lot of the sibling rivalry, support, and frankness with each other was very realistic. I have never watched Home Makeover or Desperate Housewives but never missed Brothers and Sisters. There will be no reason to turn on ABC on Sunday nights. I think the network is shooting themselves in the foot with some of the shows they have cancelled.

      • Neeshia says:

        I too will miss the fun and thoughtful story lines of Brothers and Sisters. The characters were like family members and I enjoyed the creative situations in which they found themselves. One less show I enjoy. As Catherine said, probably a good thing as it means I’ll watch less TV!

      • Pat says:

        Amen, I agree. This show was one of the highlights of my “weekly distractions” especially during these challenging, uncertain times. Thank you writers for a series that draws you in and doesn’t dumb you down. Your skilled craft was greatly appreciated by me and I’d be more than thrilled if another network could pick it up and run with it (USA, Fox)-please?????????

      • S says:

        Totally agree with Catherine. I’m from Malaysia and I have watched B&S since the first season. Can’t believe a good show is taken off the air prematurely. The execs should really find a way on how to manage and make it profitable so that audiences can have more B&S. After all I would assume that’s part of their responsibilities.

      • ann says:

        Another wonderful show gone. I loved the cast and the story. I looked forward to my Sunday night show.

      • Cheryl says:


      • Susan says:

        I agree with Catherine and cannot believe they cancelled such a wonderful show for all ages. I cannot get enough and really wish it would come back at least for another Season and have a decent ending. There are not many decent shows to watch as Catherine stated, so now we shall watch even less. Do these high up TV decision makers not listen to their public and what people want? We don’t all want to watch sex and crime, bring back the GOOD interesting real story line family shows for all ages!

      • Susan Michigan says:

        What a great series…it will be missed…great producers..and actors I suppose now more reality dumb down America shows…Brothers and Sisters was Family situations and how to handle.. Sally Field is the very best… Now I see replaced by REVENGE ..just what we need more killing, revenge, instead of a caring, sharing family…I’m so tired of cops, CSI’s, pedophile law cases… no wonder there are mounting problems in this country… Brothers and Sisters was clean family entertainment..with family situations..

      • beth says:

        I really can not beleive this , to me it simply says the wrong people are in charge! ABC is tainted for me now.They should listen to all of these posts here. There is such a lack of intelligence on most of TV
        pitiful to have to dumb down entertainment today.

      • Patty says:

        I agree with Catherine. I too will miss Brothers and Sisters. The cast was great, the acting superb, and the story line was so believable to me. I watched every episode, and then my daughter and I would go over it long distance even though we both had to be at work early the next morning. Please bring the show back!

    • lesley says:

      We are in shock here in Australia. Only told last week it was being axed, nothing on the Facebook page. Why are the quality shows always axed? Get rid of 5 reality shows and put good, well written, heartfelts shows back on TV! Our family and many friends feel that there has been a death in the family with the last episode to be screened in an hour!

      • Chris says:

        From another Aussie…I totally agree 100% with everything you have said Lesley. I was just devastated when I heard the sad news !

      • Liesjan says:

        I wanted to cry when a week before the last episode, Australia found out the show has been axed… I recorded the last episode and wathced it twice, with tears in my eyes. I would have loved to see Brody and Nora make up for all their lost years…. they truly loved each other… Sad, sad, so sad…… :(

    • Lulu & Joh says:

      We loved this show, can’t believe it’s been five years – entertaining, light, diverse, funny, unpredictable – it’s a shame. Real escapism with enough depth and good storylines. Well done everyone. We hope you can produce something new, just as enjoyable. Thanks. From Sydney. xx

    • tina lopes says:

      please do not cancel this show, we need to start a campaign to bring it back, i loved watching every minute of it over and over again. It was a fantastic show and should never have been cancelled. I cannot believe this is the END. I won;t accept it!

      • B Olsby says:

        AMEN! This was the best family show ever put on television in my
        lifetime! Are they crazy at ABC. I’ll bet it was the most
        watched program on their network. Have they read the
        comments made on this site?? If it is so expensive,
        why don’t they switch it to Pay per View. I would gladly
        pay to see this show each week. It’s better than most movies
        put out today. They could make a fortune!

    • Julia says:

      I am actually glad it’s over. It went from a great family drama that I loved to a show I just tolerated. I especially hated the ridiculous juvenile behavior of all the screaming at each other. I felt the show had lost its way.

      • Stephen says:

        I agree. Brother & Sisters was my favorite show for almost four seasons. The show was so great in showing how blood is thicker than water, and how families who really love each other and stick together can get through any and all types of crises. But when the show started losing some of their key original characters (Tommy, Robert, Rebecca, Holly), it started losing the “essence” of family, and it seems the writers started creating some “soap opera” story lines to fill in the gaps. The fifth season was so disappointing. ABC did the right thing to cancel Brother & Sisters when it did so as not to destroy the legacy of the show’s brilliant first three seasons.

    • donna says:

      i totally agree with you, just another example of when you have something good you get rid of it, just like rescue me, great series , then they just dump it.

    • D. Moroney says:

      I cant believe Brothers and Sisters is to end. I have followed from the first episode and have the first three series on DVD and will get the rest. I loved it so much.

    • Catherine Brozaitis says:

      Are you kidding me??? How could they cancel Brother’s & Sister’s!!!! It was my FAVORITE show on television. Brilliant cast, writers, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Please say it isn’t so….

    • Katy Tag says:

      Totally disappointed that the show has been axed. Did not know this until the last show was aired in Sydney last week. Why do food things always come to an end and meaningless serials go on forever?

    • GERALDINE says:

      feels like i just lost my best friends.I looked forward to meeting the walkers every week.if there is any way PLEASE bring them back.

    • Trisha says:

      As a uk viewer, have just seen the final B&S episode and just cannot understand the decision to cancel. This has been a cracking series from day 1, and I am so dissappointed that there’s to be no season 6. Every single actor in B&S is pure to joy to watch, every episode makes you want more its been that good. I agree with many of the other comments, get rid of stupid comedies/useless talks shows/and the other general rubbish and leave viewers with this excellent dramas series.

      • Barbara says:

        I am a UK viewer too and have been watching the Walkers since the very beginning. I felt desperate when I found out that I had just watched the very last episode. PLEASE PLEASE bring back another series, it really is one of the best series I think since Dallas!

        I would willingly sign a protest group petition to stop them cancelling the show. Has anyone started one up??

    • janet goodhew says:

      I cant believe Brothers and Sisters has been cancelled. I live in the U.K and have watched every episode of Brothers and Sisters. Its the BEST show ever. Why does every decision on T.V series have to come down to money and ratings? A good series such as this needs nurtering not cancelling. Every show has ups and downs, hopefuuly you are able to ride the downs and not cancel when they have a temporary blip. With good scripts this show could continue to succeed, and i’ve no doubt that good scripts could be produced, without “the ratings” bringing it down. Thursdays nights wont be the same any more. I have all the series on DVD too so will continue to watch the amazing performances from all the cast but would be nice to have new episodes to watch. Has anyone set up a protest group/site to protest about the cancellation of Brother sand Sisters?

    • Shanveer Sunderlall says:

      Really sad that show is at an end after reading what was gonna happen.Am an avid fan and hope that things turn around so the season continues!

    • Shanveer Sunderlall says:

      Really sad that show is at an end after reading what was gonna happen.Am an avid fan and hope that things turn around so the season continues!

    • Joyce Wicks says:

      Thank you SO much for publishing your comments on Brothers and Sisters. It makes the disappointment a little easier to deal with, but we will still miss it. Most of the times programs are just dropped with no communication whatsoever to the loyal viewers. I think that is a TERRIBLE practice and it’s not fair to the public.

      Does it cost as much to produce shows as videos as it does on TV?? Why not keep the programs going on video or online instead of just dropping them? Is that possible.

      A reply would be appreciated.


    • hutton says:

      My son said he had heard that this show was cancelled and I didn’t believe him. This is terrible news! I love the Walkers because they are so dysfunctional and so close and connected at the same time–they are real! Please ABC–just a few more episodes. Cancelling this show is such a shame. I”ll miss you Walker family!

    • Cecile Warnock says:

      My husband and I really enjoyed watching the show as the characters grew and we are sad it has been cancelled. the only character I was bored with was Sarah. With all that pouting and paranoia how did she ever land a sweet man like Luc? We will miss all of them and I hated that ABC cut it off so abruptly. Aside from budget reasons, perhaps this kind of show does run its course, but being part of the Walker family was so much nicer than most of the rediculously silly or very violent programs doled out to the viewing public.

    • Chel says:

      This totally sucks!! I loved that show and looked forward to watching it every Sunday night.

    • Tyler says:

      This is ABC’s usual stupid ammo. The series could have been wrapped up with a 3-4 episode season to tie up the loose ends and finish out the series. They garnered a very loyal viewership on Sunday nights due to these talented actors and great writing. To not wrap us the series is unacceptable. This is a disservice to their loyal viewers and the show. With all of the horrible reality s**t on TV one would think this intelligent show deserves better. Obviously the leadership at ABC is uninterested in quality programming.

    • Mary says:

      This is and was my very favorite show. I am just crushed it is cancelled. But worst of all, it didn’t get to have a proper send off!

      Everyone on the show was just great and the stories were so intersting.

      I shall miss everyone!!!

    • Patricia E. says:

      I can’t believe they are cancelling the best drama comedy on TV! They are stuck on ratings and money without a care for good TV anymore. Shame! You don’t even finish the drama. ABC should finish what they start. I guess I will find other things to do than watch TV you cancel.

    • 1371 mom says:

      This is hard to believe. I am truely going to miss Brothers and Sisters. I thougt it was a great show and they definately had a huge story line to create another season. Sorry to see you go!

    • Sue says:

      This was the one show that I actually watched. When I couldn’t stay up to watch it I recorded it on my cable box. Since that’s not an option now I have canceled by cable. There’s nothing on it anyway especially now. Perhaps if they had put the show on before 10pm more people would have been able to watch. Some of us have to work after all.

    • karen says:

      I am so sad that Brothers and Sisters has been cancelled! What are they thinking? They could have at least planned a final show! What’s going to replace it….another reality show? Must have been too family oriented. I’ll hope they will bring it back. I think when a show is on for years, the producers and the net work owe it to the fans who kept on that long a real ending!!

    • Roy says:

      Can’t believe you finally have a great show to watch and then you cancel it, really dumb stunt you did for sure.

    • Karen says:

      this sucks !!!!!!!!! I loved this show and would rather watch this than a lot or any of the reality crap that is on now ! should have at least planned it better and gave us an actual end to the show .

    • Paula Fredrickson says:

      I just learned now of the cancellation. What a shame as it was an excellent show with great actors. My husband and I really looked forward to it on Sunday night.
      Why such a well-written show has be through and more “reality-gag-me” shows are added and/or kept on the air, is beyond me.

      Just shows you the type of people who watch TV these days. Back to more book reading for me.

    • Collene says:

      I hate that brothers and sisters are not going to be back on. I loved the show . I think it was the best show on tv. I am very sad about this.

    • Pj says:

      ABC does it again. Who is running this company?????????

      • Tricia says:

        You’re right … ABC does it again and blames it on budget. I’m quite sure that Grimm has a lower budget to produce than Brothers & Sisters. Come on! I have boycotted ABC. Whoever is running that company needs to be “cancelled.”

    • JAY says:


    • kathy says:

      i am so upset yet again a GREAT FAMILY SHOW BEING REPLACED WITH showing women as loose and slutty (PAN AM) OH YIPPEE. come on ABC GIVE us what we ask for a 6th season.

    • Gina says:

      Oh I am so sad this show is gone…will not be watching Pan AM

    • Dolores says:

      I am so upset that ABC canceled this show. Everytime I get interested in a show it gets canned. I think they should bring this show back and give it more closure. Of course we all now that this will not happen. I watch alot of ABC shows but I am afraid to get to interested because next thing you now it will be canceled.

    • margaret says:

      I am very sad that Brothers and Sisters is not coming back. I just started watching it 2 seasons ago. I feel you should have give it one more season to see how it does. And if you had to let it go then don’t let it be a cliff hanger let it end right.

    • Silvana says:

      I watched Brothers & Sisters from the beginning and was so looking forward to season 6. It was a show that was real people with real feelings and real problems. I can’t believe you didn’t bring it back. What a mistake! I now will think twice about watching an ABC show again!!!!! Why do you do this to your viewers???? Come on bring it back PLEASE!!!

      • Karen Miller says:

        I was so looking forward to season 6. I thought I had missed it and when I went to look up when the season opener would be…..I found this …..and that the show had been cancelled. BAD decision ABC. this was one good show among so many lousy programs. Bring back the show that is loved by so many.

    • Melinda says:

      I can’ t believe “Brothers and Sisters” ended! I loved that show!! I want Sally Fields to adopt me! She played such a great mom, too good to be an “act”!

    • Sabrina says:

      I am very sadly missing Brothers and Sisters, was my favorite show, I don’t think it ever had a good time slot. Not even close to Pan Am. Boring. Bad move in my opinion.

    • Rose says:

      I am so disappointed that Brothers & Sisters got cancelled. The story line was excellent and so were the actors. It was like watching real family life in today’s world. Pan Am is not a good replacement. And who CARES OR EVEN WANTS TO GO BACK TO THE 60’s. After Desparate Housewives finishes, I just turn ABC off. It’s SAD that ABC isn’t bringing Brothers & Sisters back. BAD DECISION!!! – Rose

    • Marla says:

      I’ve been waiting all fall for the new season of “Brothers” and just now discovered the sad truth. I loved that show – would much rather see that than “Pan Am”. Why are all the good ones cut? This was a terrific show for all generations. Disappointed it’s over

    • Mary Lowe says:

      I can’t understand how ABC keeps a crappy show like The Middle on, while cancelling a great show like Brothers and Sisters. A budget failure? How about hiring some top business consultants, Wharton MBA’s, Stanford, Harvard…to help firgure things out, instead of merely throwing the baby out with the bath water. It is not exactly brain surgery. They had good ratings. Something else must have been at play here.

    • Julie Walker says:

      I can not beleive there is no more brothers and sisters to watch, i am so upset. I just watched all five seasons through netflix and it was the highlight of my day. Thanks alot abc for getting rid of a real show with real issues that we can relate to.

    • Dianne C says:

      I can’t believe you have cancelled Brothers & Sisters. I have been waiting all summer for it to come back on. I am cancelling your channel from my viewing from now on… Back decision!

    • Kyle Kreiter says:

      As this new season began I was anxiously awaiting the start of Brothers and Sisters, one of my favorite shows. I had no idea it had been cancelled– it was so well acted and had such an interesting story line. I am so disappointed!!!!

    • IdaMae Ketelsen says:

      It is so disappointing when you wrap yourself into a show and the network just drops it without cycling down to an ending…

    • cathie says:

      I am so mad that this show was canceled and left everyone hanging and wondering why. That was stupid, they should have at least let them have a final show or something! I watch this show every week and when I couldnt it was being recorded, and I know alot of people that looked forward to it as well! DUMB!

    • jamilo lincoln says:

      The cancellation of brothers and sisters was a shock!!! It was the best series on TV. I don’t like the replacement and now turn the channel. Lets start a signature list to bring it back.It worked for Betty White. What the viewers want is more important then MONEY!!! Lets DO IT!!!

    • jennifer says:


    • Mary Wade says:

      I am just finding out that Brothers and Sisters was cancelled. I’m upset. I really liked the show and am very sorry to hear that it is over. I guess I’ll have to be content with watching it from the beginning on Sat. nights after the news. Glad that I have that, at least.

    • rob guarante says:


    • darnell says:

      totally disgusted of the cancellation. Loved the show.very tired of all white cast pan am will not look at it. you could have had closure for the final season. too many cliffhangers. I hope another network will pick it up PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Teresa says:

      Sorry to hear that Brothers and Sisters was cancelled. Although, they could have did without the homosexual relationships. Hope they reconsider bringing it back. I definitely will not watch the alternative show.

    • Derek jermey says:

      How can these big T V companies such as ABC expect us the viewers to invest so much of our time into following their programs such as Brothers & Sisters only to have them axe them on a whim, surly they have a duty to at least do a one off special to tie all the ends up nicely, come on ABC play the game GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO THE VIEWER.

      A very disgruntled British B & S fan.

    • Michael says:

      ABC has really let their viewers down. You can’t expect loyality to your new shows, when you get it, and then drop your dramas like a hot potato. Your grooming your loyal viewers to go to other stations. Brother and Sisters was a show in it’s own league. You had quality actors, quality family problems in a drama that let people come into their homes on sunday night.
      You really blew it ABC…. your clearly not getting it. then you waste money on new stupid sitmos that you cancel after one season. You had a winner, and you forgot how to appreciate it. You deserve to loose your viewership. Who’s at the helm?

    • Maria C. Varela says:

      I wish that brothers and sisters would have continued it sucks that Rob Lowe decided to leave the show because I was looking forward for him and kitty having there own baby. I hope there will be a possibility of continuing the episode. It seem that you had lots of idea. The last episode left a lot questions.

    • alexandra marinakos says:

      I as well as my family would also liked to have seen the continued season for the Walker family. The idea of an extended family given clues of Brody’s colorful other children, the Sara/Luc union, Kitty’s new relationship and perils she would face—-but all these are real people things that someway help us remember that truth that life is a momentum that keeps on going. Things change -they hurt they get better, they go up they go down, what seems like an end always gives in to a new beginning–and we can laugh with the now and we can laugh with the pains of the past because thats where they are, in the past but they were survived.
      It definitely was a show that viewers, family, could relate too and feel comfort. Nora Walker (Sally Field) is inspiring–fragile yet strong, a mother but also an individual, a best friend but also a wise old soul. I loved her. She gave me strength and perspective. Im sorry to find out that in the end there will be no more continuation of the show.

    • amy says:

      hi brothers & Sister
      I love the very much
      when will back on the air Season 6 ?
      from amyadella

      • I really hope that brother and sister come back on because I really enjoys that show it was a really good show and I want to see what happend on season 678 910 if your guy make them I will be really happy because there is no ways your guys just take it off like that I love it and I really want to see it back on TV pleaseeeee

    • What happened to GOOD tv? says:

      Figures they finally start to make some good tv then they stop WTG. THX Now go put on some ridiculous reality tv show or another unrealistic vampire love story and I can go back to finding a good book to read. (FYI I know this is over a year to late)

    • terry says:

      I’ve been watching the re runs of the show on Soap Net and dont understand why SoapNet cant’t bring the show back

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks for this interview. I was torn to pieces when Brothers & Sisters was axed and love to have gotten this little tiny morsel of what would-have-been. The behind the scenes people at B&S are always so cool.

  3. Kaye says:

    I loved B&S from the start and was sad it was canceled. But, after reading this I feel better about it. That story with Kitty would have been just about the last thing I’d want to see. I am happy with the way the show ended.

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      I’m happy too. Nora’s voice-over was beautiful and a lovely ending with Born This Way and dancing. Thank you, B&S, for the memories.

  4. Ingmar says:

    I loved the finale and the only real SL being left open was Kitty and I just assumed she would get the baby savely.

  5. Ingmar says:

    Also I prefer this ending than seeing Kitty sick again and maybe die in the end. This way I can just assume she had the baby and lives.

  6. Guy says:

    God. This is so sad. I was going to say that i didn’t really want a final season after watching this seasons finale but now reading that i want that final season :(

  7. Patty says:

    What about Saul and Jonathan? Were they actually going to commit/marry or was that doomed? So sad this series was cancelled!

  8. Sam says:

    Totally off-topic, but Ryan Devlin looks smoking hot in that picture.

  9. Shuayb says:

    I can’t believe that they made Sara not be a walker! That was dumb! And I must admit I didnt watch the fifth season yet, but so dissapointed by that. I though sara was the awesomest of the walkers… thats just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think ABC should give them a small comeback, like a tv movie or something!!! the deserve it!!!!!!!!!

  10. fra says:

    well done abc, these ideas are ridicolous kill kitty??? Brody family WHO CARES?
    I remember to everyone that Kitty can’t have a child, she had chemo, she has a lot of problems during season 2 so this pregnancy was stupid and useless.
    I’m happy they cancelled it, b&s’s end was in the 5.01 all the WALKERS (including sarah) at dinner togheter

  11. Dee says:

    It’s quite sad what ABC has done over the last few years with their programming. It almost feels like they need a lesson in business 101. Yes, shows are expensive to produce. However, if you give them time to grow establish and re-establish themselves they will thrive with a core group of loyal fans.

    They cancel the daytime soaps, they cancel evening “soaps”, they cancel freshman comedies while putting on mid-season replacements hoping they will ‘catch on’ before the next season (which they won’t and will ultimately be cancelled). This house used to watch quite a bit of ABC from GMA through to our evening news. Well, GMA has been replaced with morning radio. Mid morning programming has been replaced with mid morning radio. Soaps are DVR’d to be watched at a later time. Evening viewing is now made up of a couple other networks, but mostly cable. AMC has wonderful offerings (which obviously aren’t too expensive to produce) like The Killing, Mad Men, etc. My hope is that one of the cable channels would consider picking up some of ABC cast-offs. In the meantime, perhaps ABC needs to realize that with all the options available 15+ in the ratings isn’t going to happen every day and every show but if they keep alienating their loyal views, they will lose more and more to cable.

    *getting off my soapbox now, thank you*

    • Jude says:

      Wholeheartedly agree, Dee!

    • Barbs bowman says:

      I was really devastated that they chose to cancel Brothers and Sisters…………They should have cancelled Desperate Housewives instead.

      If it was producion costs ……..that is disgusting that they are willing to keep airing the Bachelor and Bachelorette which is the biggest con job that ABC does on their network.

      I guess they don’t want us to have any good thinking shows on t.v. anymore. Now, it is only stupid reality shows that are so staged and fake including the Bachelor. I have lost all respect for ABC and won’t be watching any of their programs.

      Unbelieveable, that they don’t care about the real fans.

      • janice says:

        I agree.
        this was my favourite show. Love sally field. And yet, they
        keep the trash like the Batchelor and Batchelor pad on?
        The only thing I didn’t like was the story line they introduced
        with Brody and being Sarah’s father. Thought that was stupid.
        I will truly miss this show. Come on ABC – bring it back,
        and get rid of the trashy stuff like Batchelor Pad
        No reason to look forward to sunday night now

    • Kevin says:

      I totally agree with you. I’m sure ABC is going in with more “reality shows” which I for one do not and never will watch. B&S presented many true to life story lines that are current to today’s world, and got people thinking and relating. Our BIG loss and their STUPID mistake at cancelling B&S

      • pam says:

        I completely aggree!!!!! I just can’t believe it! I hardly watch tv anymore its filled with reality and cop or medical shows blah!
        My mom would even remind me when I was out of town to record it:)

    • Lillian says:

      I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!!! I completely agree with your views on ABC’s ethics and the fact that they made a mistake in canceling B&S. I have watched that show from episode 1, and I cannot believe that such shows as Desperate Housewives, or other none sensical idiotic shows are kept, but B&S was canceled. I will no longer be a fan of ABC, nor what they show. I too, hope that another station picks up B&S and that it will be resumed at some point.


    • grl1prg says:

      Totally agree. I used to say if i could only have 1 channel it would be ABC. Now all the shows I watched are going. Soaps, Oprah, Brothers and sisters. Only one left is Desperate Housewives. Why not get rid of Funniest Home Videos. That is the stupidest show I have seen. People acting like idiots. Don’t need a replacement for the first three becuase I used to record them. Don’t like Oprah replacement show. Guess it will be HGTV or A&E now.

  12. CLN says:

    I think it’s a real shame that this show is cancelled and yet so many silly ones remain. The acting was so amazing you felt you were a part of the scene. Sunday’s are the worst day of the week in my opinion, at lease I HAD something to look forward to as the day ended.

    • Kate says:

      I totally agree – the acting was outstanding – it is a shame what is happening with network TV and dedicated, trained, hard-working actors as opposed to nonsensical reality TV with people who aren’t actors – it is very disappointing and disheartening to say the least

  13. MJ says:

    I HATE ABC so much! It was the best show on TV. I won’t never watch ABC network again.

  14. Lyn says:

    They SHOULD have killed Kitty off before the ridiculous relationship & pregnancy with the college student! Maybe they could have gotten back to some drama rather than one ludicrous coupling after another. Excellent actors on B&S, but I’m glad it’s done and will be glad to see them on other shows in the future.

  15. Jude says:

    I’m appalled again by how ABC did NOT care for its viewers and the shows’ fans and actors! Example last year KISH. I will never understand – except the money part.. *sigh*.. – why they decide to pull good drama and replace it with inane reality/game shows.

    I followed Brothers & Sisters from the very beginning and was instantly drawn! The intensity of the acting, the great storylines captivated! It had its ups and downs and I didn’t care much for certain storylines (repetitions) but season 5 was getting back to being brilliant, mostly and it’s a horrible shame that we didn’t get proper closure! And yes, what about Saul & Jonathan?! I was looking forward to seeing them together so much! It’s near to never, that you see an older same-sex couple on television! Finally a storyline for Ron Rifkin, finally happiness for Saul! Dang, that hurts! Richard Chamberlain was perfect as Jonathan! Sweetest couple ever! *Sigh again*

    I am going to follow all actors in their careers, but together as the Walker clan, they were darn fine! Instead of more pregnancy and paternity issues, I think they should have gone a route with problems bigger than that, problems that would have divided (but not really) the family like Robert’s/Kitty’s politics, Ojai Foods or Justin’s drug problem and being drafted again. Maybe explore the homophobia aspect (but no gay bashing!).. Anyway…

    I for one expect that in 25 years a revival of the Walkers with the same actors is released. Nora will be in her late 80s but still fit as no other mother. Sarah and Luc and Scotty and Kevin and Justin and Tyler all living close to each other. Kitty would have died in childbirth giving birth to a daughter who she left with Sarah and Luc, as well as Evan. We find out that Julia died in an accident and Tommy couldn’t cope alone and he had Scotty and Kevin adopt Elizabeth. Justin and Tyler have children too and the next ‘Walker’ generation with its trials and tribulations is born! I’ll be here in 2036!

    I liked the finale very much, but I’m deeply saddened that Brothers & Sisters ended! Would be fun if they had a kind of get-together for the fans to attend. Maybe. Anyway, wishing all the cast and crew great projects for the future!

  16. SantaFeJill says:

    I am very sad that B&S has come to an end but that was pretty evident with the last episode. This show was a good example of the good and bad that can happen with a family and although all the family fighting got old at times, I loved that you always knew that everyone would “kiss and make up” before the end of the episode. What I don’t understand is why they axe shows like this that give a very real view of what happens in large families and keep other shows on that are so pointless, you don’t remember what you saw 5 minutes after the episode is over.

    ABC: Please consider putting more shows like this one on your network. B&S was a joy while it lasted!

  17. Davey says:

    I really wish ABC had thought about their fans when they cancelled Brothers and Sisters abruptly. It wouldn’t have been so hard to allow the creators of this show which lasted five years to end the show in the way they wanted.

    An example of a show that did it right: Greek on ABC Family. That show wasn’t as high-profile as Brothers and Sisters, yet they managed to plan a final season with a perfect last episode.

    Of course every show must come to an end. But I can’t say I’m thrilled with some of the new shows ABC plans to produce.

  18. Heather MacMaster says:

    I am greatly disappointed to hear that Brothers and Sisters was cancelled. It was without doubt the best series on TV. The characters and actors were fantastic and the storyline was lively and challenging. I will miss it a lot. It sure was better than all of the reality shows.

    • shari mcdonald says:

      I am sad that they took off a program that allowed families to realte to a TV program. The acting, diversity and realism allowed you to escape from your own turbulences in your family and presented with a little laughfter. To Bad ABC.Stupid move, great show, great acting. You should have just fired the writer’s for not producing, it is a show worth saving

  19. lori Montero says:

    Yes I am sad to see Brothers and Sisters go, but last week season finale had a lot of closure and I thought it was the end of the show.

  20. Jenny says:

    I really liked B&S but I think it ended when it should have- many even too late.

    • Sipster says:

      Have to agree – it was time to finish. When Robert was killed off and Holly’s fiesty character destroyed, the show became boring. I watched the last season in hope that it would get better, but seriously I was fast forwarding through episodes, it was getting so lame.

  21. Kate says:

    Sounds like next season would have been great! too bad cheapo/fan hating ABC and Disney killed the show! Can you call Shondra and ask what would have happened on “Off the Map”? I’m dying to know!!!

  22. Liz says:

    Sorry, don’t buy budgetary reasons for cancelling. Look at the budgets for other shows… GA? PP? DH? Anything that requires special effects. But am glad that the producers brought about some storyline closure before the end. Would have been really hacked off had it just been left in limbo.

  23. Sylvia says:

    I am so disappointed that they cancelled “Brother’s and Sisters. This show was a wonderful diversion from the “Blood and Guts” shows that are always on. The writing on this show was fantastic!
    All the characters were great. I will miss this show!

  24. Lisa hildebrand says:

    I am more than sad that this show has ended. I was attached to Nora, Kitty, Sara and the rest of the Walkers. They were my Sunday night family. Maybe another time slot would have been warranted but to cancel this series is just crazy. I enjoyed it with my mother, and my grandmother.
    I’m more than upset that I will now have to find another show to fill my sunday family night. brothers and sister you will be missed.
    Lhildemomma – 34

  25. Kelly says:

    I wanted Justin and Rebecca to end up together.

  26. RJ says:

    @Liz… RE: budgetary issues. It’s really quite simple. Networks will cancel shows that don’t make a profit the executives are happy with. A large ensemble show is expensive and each year it stays on, the costs go up (everyone gets raises). For the 6th season of what is supposed to be a hit show, no one in the cast and crew will take a pay cut, nor should they, hence the statement about cast members being in fewer episodes. Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives both have much higher ratings than Brothers & Sisters. Private Practice has only had 4 seasons, so is arguably a bit less costly to produce at this point.

    On a separate note, I guess I’m one of the few who liked having Seth be Kitty’s boyfriend. I never really cared for her other relationships.

    Though I would have enjoyed more B&S, I thought the finale was very well done. I don’t think I would have liked them killing off any of the original brothers and sisters in that proposed shortened 6th season.

    • Annonymous says:

      The bottom line is everybody is greedy. They have been spoiled by the huge profits reality shows bring in so they don’t want to spend the money on regular programming anymore. Hollywood heads are making more money than ever, you can see all the mansions they own and th huge garages full of cars and houses all over the world. They sweat cash for fun. It is the only industry making more than they did before the economy took a downturn. Pure and simple greed. The wealthier are still getting richer in this world and the bottom gets poorer and schools suffer and ifrastructure. Time to tax these deadbeats who hide their income just like docs and hospitals do. I know a lot about finance and the fact that these corporations pay little to nothing taxes and when loopholes get closed up, they formed new parternships called LLC which still allow them to hide their money. when will the lower end of the economic spectrum look up and ask for some regulation so they pay their fair share.

  27. Angel says:

    I still think they should have kept Jason McCallister on the show for Kevin.

  28. Rosie says:

    I will miss the WONDERFUL story of Scotty/Kevin. I was so looking forward to their lives as fathers of two. I will also miss the TOTALLY AWESOME and MAGNIFICENT chemistry between Luke Macfarlane and Matthew Rhys.

    It was a GREAT five years, Brothers & Sisters!!!!

  29. sophia says:

    ABC bring Brothers and Sisters back now. This news is bad for our health.

  30. Bradley Wilson says:

    Bring back Brothers and Sisters!!!! Such a good show! It will be missed.

  31. Robin says:

    Thank you so much for this interview. I was terribly upset by the news of B&S’s cancellation. I am disappointed in ABC…but I suppose I get why they cancelled it…I just think its ridiculous that everyone revolves around money! (ok end rant.)

    Season 6 had promise. Though he didn’t say he would for sure have killed off Kitty…but that whole drama sure would have made for good televison.

  32. Deb says:

    I am positively crushed and heart broken that the show was cancelled. While I like many characters, I am so incredibly sad that I will never see Kevin and Scotty together again. ABC didn’t try very hard to save this show. There are endless ads for Desperate Housewives, and nothing for B and S. So sad.

  33. nancy says:

    I just don’t get it. Brothers and Sisters was one of the best shows on TV. The actors were superb, the story line was always intriguing and the characters were “real”. I know of many who will miss this outstanding series…. What a shame, ABC!

    • Sue says:

      we can only hope that another network will pick brothers and sisters, they have made a big mistake. It has happened before when another network has picked up a series, all has to be on at the right time and up against another show.I cant believe the trash like desperate housewives can still be going to air.

  34. Vanessa Vincent says:

    I really do not want brothers and sisters to end. Putting the two families together is a brilliant idea so please let Nora and Brody get together to start the new brothers and sisters by being a bigger family. The grand children of Nora is also bigger now so they are another part of the family.

  35. P. LaManna says:

    What is wrong with these people? A decent show aimed at the 40+ crowd and BOOM andother decent show gone. The “crown heads” should be shown the guillotine in my opinion.

  36. Taisha says:

    I think out of all the shows that got cancelled, this was the most upsetting. B & S was extremely good this year unlike last season. I will really miss this show and all the actors on it.

  37. Dave says:

    I loved B&S from day one…despite its ups and downs…and i’m very sad they cancelled it…however, after reading this interview i’m kinda relieved…i mean, new characters? new family? Kitty probably dying and the other original Walkers with less screen time? It would have sucked, i wouldn’t have watched a show about Brody and his children..this show has always been about Nora and his children…so maybe it’s better that it has ended before jumping the shark…i’s hard for me to say it coz i will really miss the Walkers…

  38. Kimberly says:

    Give me a break! ABC has lost their minds! This is one of the best shows on television and they cancel it first the soaps and now this! There are plenty of crappy shows they could have cut to make budget for this show! All I have to say to ABC is forget you, I’m disgusted! Maybe another channel will pick them up!

  39. Garema says:

    The Last episode of season 5 is so abrupt to be the end for the series!! cant they just give one last season?? :(

  40. Barbara says:

    I’m really disappointed with ABC. This was one of my favorite shows. I can’t believe they cancelled it.

    • Donna Robson says:

      I am relly pissed off with ABC too. This was my favourite show, what do I watch now? ABC you sux

    • Nazira says:

      I thought let check when season 6 is to begin and CANNOT believe that there is no season 6 . Come on ABC get rid of the reality shows – most are crap. Please, please bring back B&S. I am one of 5 and often compare how we would deal with similar situations……..have laughed and cried. Thank you to the cast for wonderful 5 seasons and good luck……………Sally you reminded me of my mother, always the doer, carer, the nurturer and the giver of herself……..mercy beaucoup.

  41. Anna says:


  42. Kathi says:

    I am so frustrated that “B&S” is cancelled; however, I am more than upset that ABC thinks its viewers are stupid and shallow, only able to watch “yet another reality show” and stupid comedies. I am sick of reality TV and do not watch. I was also very disappointed that “Off the Map” was axed, too!

  43. Robin Reffit says:

    I am so mad that they would take my favorite family off the air! Just think how great the next season would have been. Nora getting married to her true love, Kitty having a baby. Wow ABC must be working like our government. Taking something great and getting rid of it, making citizens mad. What is going on with the world?!

  44. Ed says:

    Like many others that have posted here I am very disappointed that Brothers & Sisters, my favorite show, has been cancelled. It is truly a sad sign of the times when a show with excellent writing and some of the finest actors on the planet that always manages to touch the heart can be dropped while crappy reality shows are kept in the line-up. I’m afraid this is the last straw for me. I’m giving up on ABC.

  45. susan says:

    I will miss having Brothers and Sisters to look forward to as a way to soften the return to a work week. It is one of the few shows I watch. I am sick of reality shows and wish they would go out of style already. This was a great show with talented actors and interesting plots. ABC has alienated alot of viewers with this move!

  46. Shirley says:

    I, too, am very disappointed that B & S has been cancelled. I love the show and am very disgusted that they keep bringing on more of these phony “reality” shows. Do they think we are stupid to believe all that junk.

  47. Debra says:

    Does ABC not care about their viewers??? This was the one of the few shows I looked forward to every week. And every week I told my husband I wished I was part of the Walker family, warts and all. If there is a campaign to keep it on, or at least have a movie or two, count me in. ABC, you can kiss my hiney.

    • Neeshia says:

      How sad that cheap, directionless reality shows are all that a network can afford to produce anymore! A good drama is worth 10 reality or talent shows. But TV gets dumber every year. Netflix, here I come!!

  48. Steph says:

    I am so sad that that this is the end! I was so pleased with the season finale, but excited about what was to come. I just new that Kitty would have the baby and everything would be alright. I was so so so happy that it seems Nora was finally going to be happy with a man she really loved and that loved her back. I was also pleased that Sarah was able to see Brody for who he really was and see that he really loved her as well. I could go on and on, but I won’t. However, I am extremely disappointed that it seems as though ABC didn’t really take the fans into consideration when making this decision. This wasn’t only a show for me, but it was a great way for my husband and I to spend quality time together. We laughed and even though he won’t admit it, we cried (well I cried he just got misty eyed) over many episodes. I wish all of the actors and actresses the best because they really brought their “A” game in this show and it was a pleasure to be a loyal fan.

  49. Debbie says:

    I was heartbroken when my sister told me they had cancelled the show! I looked forward every Sunday to Brothers & Sisters it could make me laugh & cry and I will miss it so much! It made you care about the family and what happened to their lives. I thought the last show seemed like a ending in some ways and am very glad it was a happy one!! I will miss how brilliantly the actors played their characters! I was really looking forward to Noras new love and the new experiences that would bring . I also loved Kevin & Scotty and the eyes they may of opened .

    • Corinne says:

      I can’t believe its all over!! it was the only show that I watched on Sunday night before a long work week and I looked forward to it!! What am I going to watch now?? Please bring the show back I totally agree with Debbie’s comments.. I am really sad and upset :(

      • Joanna says:

        Are we the only 2 fans who didn’t know B&S had been canceled? This was one of the few shows worth watching besides PBS fare. No more TV Sunday night after 60 Minutes.

        • Linda says:

          My co-worker and I were just talking about B&S and we googled to see when it would be coming back on .. so so so disappointed .. love Sally Field and we’ve watched the show since the beginning. We have been watching Pan Am and I’m pretty sure it is going to be cancelled .. not even close to B&S in quality!