Fall TV Preview

Breaking: CBS Cancels $#*! My Dad Says, The Defenders and Mad Love

CBS has finally cut the $#*!

Sources confirm to TVLine that the Eye network has canceled William Shatner’s critically panned freshman sitcom $#*! My Dad Says.

Also axed after one season: The Defenders and Mad Love.

No word yet on the fates of remaining CBS bubble shows CSI: NY and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

CBS is set to unveil its fall schedule on Wednesday afternoon. So far, the network has announced the pickups of two new fall series, the JJ Abrams/Michael Emerson drama Person of Interest and the Michael Patrick King comedy Broke Girls.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated!

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  1. Stephen says:


  2. Matt says:

    Mad Love was good. Gah poor form, CBS!

    • Tausif Khan says:

      I liked the performances of Tyler Labine and Judy Greer. Sarah Chalke is always great. I liked the serialized nature of the show and I think they should have given it fall premiere and more promotion to show that it can create a formidable block of television with How I Met Your Mother.

      • Dave says:

        I agree. Tyler Labine and Judy Greer were the reason I watched the show. Unfortunately where I think Mad Love went wrong was the extensive recasting where Jason Biggs was the only one not replaced before the pilot and had he not been the exec producer, who knows? And also, it was compared unfavourably to the British show “Gavin and Stacey” even before the pilot had aired and then once the pilot had aired, it was dubbed “HIMYM Lite” because of Tyler Labine’s voice overs in the pilot.

        Had Mad Love and Bleep My Dad Says been swapped around, so Mad Love was Fall and Bleep was Midseason, it might have been a different story.

        • jenna says:

          I think jason biggs was a poor casting choice, I really liked the rest of the cast but with the set looking so similar to himym jason biggs was like a poor man’s josh radnor. Plus I don’t know about anyone else but his ‘mustache’ (or lack thereof) really bothered me

        • Chuck says:

          Jason Biggs was definitely a problem. Also, while I generally like Sarah Chalke, she really wasn’t given anything to do in the show. So Tyler Labine and Judy Greer basically had to carry the whole show, and for that matter had to constantly be paired together to get the big laughs. A big thing going for a show like HIMYM is that you can pair any of the cast together and make with the funnies, which allows the writers a lot of room for creativity. Mad Love didn’t have this option, so even if CBS renewed it things would quickly grow stale.

      • Nicotine says:

        I wanted them to do a crossover episode of HIMYM and Mad Love since both shows are set in New York City. I know Sarah Chalke was on HIMYM as Stella, but her current character Kate on Mad Love could’ve been Stella’s doppelganger. It could have been legendary! Not to mention that Ben & Larry are lawyers just like Marshall and they’re almost always ‘suited up’. CBS dropped the ball on this one.

        • Heather says:

          Judy Greer appeared on an episode of HIMYM also. She was in the Wedding Bride and had all the weird baggage. I like the show, especially Larry and Connie, but it just seemed like a second rate version of HIMYM. Too many things similar like the voice-overs, the bar scenes, New York, the actors, etc.

    • Eli says:

      No, just no.

    • Kim R says:

      I thought Mad Love was funny and the writing quick and sharp. I enjoyed it every week. Can’t we be left with any sitcoms that are not done like documentaries? I’m disappointed. I hope they don’t axe Mike & Molly next. :(

      • SupaFan says:

        AGREE. I really liked Mad Love. It was a nice, sweet little romance. I also like Mike and Molly. I hope that returns… Since it is not a reality-show, I am doubtful.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed! Not fair to cancel a show that only got a partial season to show what it could do. So disappointed in CBS right now. Mad Love was finally picking up steam and on course to get even better.

  3. L says:

    I am GUTTED about The Defenders. I loved the show, loved the characters, thought it was hilarious and it made a change to see the defense side of the law. Thought it might have gotten a reprieve.

  4. Jo says:

    Just hurry up and get Thomas Gibson back on Criminal Minds!! The show NEEDS HIM!

  5. Caro says:

    The Defenders was funny! Pity it has been axed… :(

  6. klutzy_girl says:

    Noooooo! I loved Mad Love.

  7. Jess says:

    S#*! My Dad Says was actually funny once you got into it, what a bummer. :(

    • Deena says:

      The 1st part of the season was really funny but when they started tailing off from the relationship between the father & son and started focusing only on Shatner’s character it lost something. I was still hoping it would be picked up though because they could have turned it back around.

    • sal delpizzo says:

      I’m bummed, too! Hate those crappy reality shows and mediocer sitcoms, except for Two and a Half Men and Mike & Molly. CBS, you’re making huge mistakes.

  8. Bobby says:

    Sad about Mad Love, but somewhat expected it so not as upset as earlier in the week.

  9. Jennifer says:

    So hopefully with the Defenders canceled, that means Blue Bloods is safe (fingers crossed)

  10. Sarah says:

    No! I love Mad Love! Well mostly just Larry and Connie but I do love it. So sad.

  11. Cleo says:

    The defenders never had a chance misadvertised in the beginning. Became a great show in the second half. CBS should have given it a second chance with proper promotion.

  12. Bobbi says:

    The Defenders was a nice break from the rest of what is on. Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell were a great team. I’m sorry to see it wasn’t renewed. We’ve lost some good shows over the past couple of days!

  13. Erin says:

    Ugh. I loved Mad Love. :(

  14. Katie says:

    Boo!!! I really like Mad Love. Sweet, funny, and I love Sarah Chalke and Judy Greer

  15. Jenny says:

    I’m soooo sad about Mad Love & The Defenders. My husband & I both really really enjoyed both of those shows. Dammit. :(

  16. Amy says:

    I will miss The Defenders.

    • Vanessa says:

      I really liked Defenders and **it My Dad Says was one of the only funny programs on TV besides Mike and Molly. That stinks!

  17. TaMara says:

    Mad Love: 4 very talented actors in search of good writing.

  18. vmlm says:

    DISLIKE on Mad Love – it was really really good!! better than the constant fat jokes on Mike & Molly!

    • Dave says:

      But Mike & Molly for all its faults is:
      (a) a Chuck Lorre show and in CBS’s eyes, he can do no wrong having been the creative force behind the #1 comedy 2.5 Men and the #2 soon to be #1 comedy The Big Bang Theory. Mike & Molly is going to take over from TBBT one day, so although its renewal hasn’t been announced yet, it’s a given.
      (b) a show with the lovely Melissa McCarthy and with her on it, I can tolerate those “jokes”. But I hope Lorre tones them down for season 2 because we get the premise of the show now and it’s quite a good ensemble cast, all things considered.

  19. vmlm says:

    DISLIKE on Mad Love – it was really really good!! better than the constant fat jokes on Mike & Molly!

  20. Ariel says:

    noooo why Mad Love?? it was really good!! :(

  21. Michel says:

    Too bad for $#*! My Dad Says. Shatner is really funny.

  22. Chmarin says:

    What about the Good Wife??

    Like I said on Deadline.com, I hope no news is good news. Right?

    • xav says:

      Rumour has it the entire cast is supposed to show up for the upfronts. So I doubt they’re bringing the cast out to an upfront to tell them that they’re all fired.

      • Kayleigh says:

        Yes, I think The Good Wife will be okay (thank God). Josh Charles himself confirmed that they’re all appearing at upfronts, so chances are season 3 will be officially confirmed this week. Apparently they are in salary negotiations with the cast right now… for example, Archie Panjabi won an Emmy so her salary will have to be renegotiated.

    • connerc says:

      Despite what the tv by the numbers site wanted everyone to believe, The Good Wife was never in danger of being canceled. It’s time slot may move though.

  23. Shannika says:

    I liked The Defenders :(

  24. Kira says:

    The Defenders and Mad Love?! WTF?! I’m so over broadcast television. They cancel all of the good shows. I’m sure CBS now has made room for CSI: Des Moines. *rolleyes*

    • MissBee says:

      @ Kira…”I’m sure CBS now has made room for CSI: Des Moines. *rolleyes*”……..hahaha! LOL! I bet they have too!

  25. Ozzy says:

    Damn, I really liked Mad Love. :(

    I watched My Dad Says, but it wasn’t great so I don’t mind too much.

  26. TK says:

    CSI: Des Moines!! HAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laughs!

  27. amadeline says:

    I really liked them all. With the exception of Big Bang Theory, I didn’t watch many comedies because I didn’t like the characters and/or actors playing them, but I really liked all of these. I don’t think the networks are in tune with what people want or watch. They’re trying to play to some mythical demographic set by advertisers, rather than a real one based on real and/or potential viewers. Boo CBS – bad move on cancelling these shows!

  28. Coleman says:

    Really bummed out about Mad Love. Thought the show was great.

  29. Dwayne says:

    Damn this sucks! It seems like almost every bubble show I wanted to be saved is getting cancelled! I loved The Defenders. I don’t think CBS advertised it enough and gave it a real shot to grow. Jerry & Jim had awesome chemistry and it was fun to see a law show that wasn’t so serious!

  30. Moviefan2 says:

    I was also a fan of The Defenders; fun show even if it wasn’t filmed in Vegas. What about Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0? Both are enjoyable shows and both have greats casts!

  31. lariet50 says:

    I liked Tyler Labine and Judy Greer in “Mad Love.” And Sarah Chalke, when paired with anyone but Jason Biggs, was growing on me in that role. I have to admit, I gave up on the show weeks ago because I knew it would be cancelled, and didn’t want to get too attached. It’s a shame, because that’s a talented group. They just need decent writing.

  32. Tavis says:

    I had never even heard of Mad Love until now. I guess that says something about CBS’ promo department.

  33. Patrick says:

    Not surprised by any of these – Defenders and Bleep have been off the air since March, Mad Love is bottom of the sitcom ratings for CBS – but in the case of The Defenders it’s a little disappointing. Jerry o’connell was likeable! The show was fun, a fresh take on the procedural angle, especially with all the dark and gloomy ones that are on the schedules.

  34. JB Smooove says:

    Well thank you Jason Biggs for your HORRIBLE acting taking down Mad Love. Your acting is just garbage. And Sarah, wow, over act much? The 2 best parts of the show where 1) fuzzy face guy and redhead story and 2) the hot blonde mommy of two.

  35. Jen says:

    BOOOOO!!! I loved Mad Love. It should have aired in the fall.

  36. Raven_Moon says:

    I liked “Mad Love.” That’s too bad.

  37. KJ says:

    Mad Love was really good! This sucks…

    I also liked #*! My Dad Says but if I had to choose, I wish they would reconsider Mad Love. Massive fail CBS.

  38. T McNeil says:

    Still confused about what CBS wanted from “The Defenders”. Didn’t it win its time slot when it was on Wednesdays and only drop to second twice after it was moved to Fridays?
    As for “Mad Love”, it had an awkward pilot, consistent pacing problems, and aired during the no-new “Two and a Half Men” era. While I felt the show had promise, it is understandable that CBS would rather start fresh than try to interest viewers on a show they are already not watching. Hopefully Greer can find a better vehicle to showcase her comedy skills.

  39. Ashley says:

    I wasn’t TOO impressed with “Mad Love” – it felt too similar to “How I Met Your Mother” – but it was one of those shows where I’d tell myself I’d watch a couple minutes and end up watching the whole thing. It could have grown into something if it had been given the chance.

    I’m baffled by the way CBS treated “The Defenders”. It had good ratings on Wednesdays and then did well for a Friday show when it got bumped in favor of “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” (a show that deserves to be cancelled), but they acted like it was a total flop. Too bad it wasn’t on a network that actually gave shows a time to develop and gain an audience.

  40. David says:

    I’m going to miss all three actually. I’m really disappointed about The Defenders. I thought it was really good actually and was really surprising to me. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was and I was hoping that it might make it through. I think sending it to Friday at 8 was a bad idea. If it would have stayed in it’s original slot I think it would have done okay.

  41. Mykey716 says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised by CBS’s choices….none of these shows were very good. Mad Love is too much like HIMYM (and not in a good way!), Defenders just didn’t do it for me (and I tried, really I did) and I never understood the hoo-hah over Sh*t My Dad Says….might have been a funny book (IDK, didn’t read it) but it was NOT funny TV.
    The only thing I don’t understand? WHY is Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior still on the bubble?? This has got to be the WORST show I’ve ever seen…if it weren’t for Garcia being dragged into each episode, you’d never know it was supposed to be a spin-off from a really good show. CBS, you need to cancel this NOW! (should never have greenlit in the 1st place…but it’s not too late to learn your lesson!!)

  42. Vicki says:

    I didn’t care for Mad Love but I love CSI: New York. It’s at a crappy time, FRIDAYS 9:00pm. I am only home on Fridays half the time. So I catch it online the next day. It has great stories and actors. Please don’t ax it!

  43. Barbie says:

    I’ll DIE if CSI:NY gets canceled. It’s by far the best CSI and with Sela Ward joining the cast, it just got even better. It’s totally unfair that they’ll move a show to Friday night and then just cancel it. Why not move their precious CSI instead???

    I really like Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. The characters are as flat as the ones in Criminal Minds but it’s the only two shows I don’t watch for the characters, I watch for the profiling and they deliver that just as greatly! I hope both the shows get picked up!

  44. Kristina says:

    Boooooo. I loved Mad Love! :(

  45. Erin says:

    I am deeply upset. I loved the Defenders. Seems like all the new shows I liked were cancelled…Defenders, Better With You, Chase, Chaos, Off the Map, No Ordinary Family. I am holding out hope for Nikita, it is my last, first season show.

  46. Cheryl says:

    Really bummed to find out The Defenders was canceled – that was one show my husband and I both watched and looked forward to. Not many good shows on TV anymore – sorry to see this one leave!

  47. Steven says:

    I loved Mad Love! Noooooooooo!!!!

    I have to admit, it took a while to hit it’s stride, but it had me laughing out loud these last few eps. And 75% of the cast is so awesome, I can’t believe this happened. CBS, please pull another Jericho!

  48. Raksha says:

    I loved Mad Love…I am sad they cancelled it! But on the other hand, I hope they pick up ‘The Assistants’..I love David Henrie..!!

  49. godzilla_foil says:

    Tyler Labine and Judy Greer deserve a much better show, which is surely about to happen for them. Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi deserve many more fourth-rate movies in which to sink their brilliant careers. William Shatner deserves a better retirement, very much away from any camera.

  50. Linz says:

    CBS sucks. The only reason they killed The Defenders was because they spent all of their money on their new flop Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior. I seriously hate when there’s a great show but it never gets promoted because the network cares more about some crap show they poured all their money into. The Defenders was a great show!

    • kristin says:

      I hate what there doing cancelling defenders i mean the show covers almost all genres such as comedy,drama,just to name a few i look forward and hope the networks will put the denfender back on