Kayla Ewell Talks Vampire Diaries Encore: 'I Was Just As Shocked As the Viewers!'

Thursday night’s season finale of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries marked the shocking (and welcome!) return of fan fave Kayla Ewell. In an exclusive Q&A with TVLine, the starlet reveals the reason she initially thought Vicki’s reappearance was a very mean joke, ponders potential Season 3 plans, and more.

TVLINE | It was so nice to see you back on Vampire Diaries! How are you feeling about your big return?
It was a wonderful surprise to be able to go back for an episode. I love Atlanta, so it was fun to be back in the city. [On Thursday night] we had a wrap party during the finale and the second Malese [Jow, who plays Anna] and I showed up on screen, everyone screamed and clapped — it was a fun moment that everyone on the inside of the show got to share together.

TVLINE | Julie Plec told me that Vicki and Anna’s returns were in the writers’ minds all season. When did you find out, and how much notice were you given before heading back to Mystic Falls?
It actually wasn’t much notice at all. The funny story is that I got the call about it on April Fool’s Day, so when my agents and manager called me, I was just waiting for them to tell me they were kidding. I was thinking that it was the cruelest joke anyone had ever played on me. But it ended up being real and was the coolest thing to ever happened.

TVLINE | What was your reaction upon reading the finale script?
It was crazy to get that script and read it. I was just as shocked as all of the viewers were.

TVLINE | How did you approach playing Vicki this time around? It was such a mysterious scene, and you were given very little knowledge of what exactly was going on.
It definitely took me a second to figure out what I wanted to do. I had a bunch of different options in my head, and the one that I ultimately decided on I’d actually like to keep to myself, just so I can wait and see if it comes true or not. [Laughs] One of things that makes our job as an actress so fun is that we’re able to explore and create something out of nothing — which is essentially what we had to do. It was challenging, but also really fun at the same time.

TVLINE | I know that the cast is really close-knit, and you’re still so much a part of that, so what their reaction when you came back to town?
They actually flew me out a little bit early to spend time with everyone. We just came together as a group and went to dinner at this cute place in Atlanta with a Bocce Ball court. They really just make me feel special because whenever I come into town, everyone gathers together. I’ve been back many times not working, just to visit, so it’s more than just work friends — it’s family.

TVLINE | This might be an obvious question, but are you hoping this will lead to more appearances next season?
Of course I am. If they ever asked me back, I would do it in a second. I love the character Vicki so much, I would hope they’d want me back. But that’s what makes the show so great, we never know what’s going to happen.

TVLINE | In the meantime, what’s next for you? Any summer projects?
Yes! There’s a Hallmark movie called Keeping Up with The Randalls, coming out July 19. It’s a really cute little movie I did with Marion Ross from Happy Days, and I play an L.A. fashion designer. To be honest with you, I’m really used to playing the villain and a bad druggie girl, so this was a switch-up for me. [Laughs]

And in case you’re still itching for more from Ewell, she’s finally joined Twitter. Follow her @real_kaylaewell.

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  1. Jason Lawson says:

    I’m so happy she was back! I hope we’ll see these ghost lead to something very evil even more sinister than Klaus. Hopefully the demons from the vampire diaries books will be introduced this way.

    • Noah says:

      I wasn’t a big fan of Vicki, but I truly loved Malese’s Anna, (and her mother, Pearl) and was disappointed when they were both killed off as I felt that there could’ve been a lot of storylines where they could’ve gone (especially with Anna and Jeremy), and am happy to see them back, if at least to stir things up at least for Jeremy if they aren’t corporeal…. The finale was fantastic and I am looking forward to the new season.

      • koalialoalo says:

        yea same here – i wasn’t a big fan of vicki but i liked anna a lot more

        i’m interested to see where they go with this – i’m hoping that their personalities will be slightly twisted as ghosts haha

      • silly says:

        Go Anna Go Anna!!! Team Anna all the way! Didn’t like Vicki… she was only in like 5 episodes so she wasn’t family for me like all the others are ;)

  2. Tavis says:

    I loved Vicki and was disappointed they killed her off in Season 1 and not the EXTREMELY (and still!) annoying Caroline. Glad she’s back even if it’s not as a regular.

  3. lorna says:

    LOVE HER! SOOO glad to see her back, and I LOVE Caroline.

    • Tavis says:

      LOL, did you feel the need to mention this because I said I loathe Caroline?

      • Tarc says:

        I doubt it, but I will. I hated Caroline at first, but now that’s completely changed. Caroline rocks, and the actress that plays her is really impressive.

  4. Blake says:

    Love her and Vicki!! Hope she sporadically pops up throughout the season!

    • Tavis says:

      Gonna assume she’ll at least be in the season premiere. You can’t end on a cliffhanger like that and NOT follow up!

  5. Lynn says:

    She’s in that Hallmark movie with Thad Luckinbill from Nikita. Should be good! Two CW peeps.

  6. Paul says:

    Never cared much for the character of Vicki, she was all about using people. That said I do like the actress so I’m glad to see her back. I’ve given up on the tv show ever being like the books, but it’s awesome independently. Hoping to see some Damon / Elena action finally!!

  7. Dew says:

    Yikes! Vicki was a one-note annoyance. I’m bummed the vapid druggie is back, I get more than enough of that from my perpetually stoned older brother. He hasn’t been sober for 25 years.

    Caroline may be the best character on the show. It’s good that some viewers dislike the role, it shows that the part is challenging and complex.

    For the sake of continuing storylines for Matt and Jeremy; because Malese Jow is awesome; and in hopes that Kevin Williamson’s involvement in The Secret Circle doesn’t have the same deliterious impact on TVD as Joss Whedon’s departure form the show running of Buffy/Angel or Chris Carter’s defection from X-Files, I’m keeping an open mind.

  8. Martin says:

    I love Vicki, always thought there were so many things to explore with her, and of course I miss her and Anna, so good to see them back on the show, even if it is as ghosts.

  9. Sam says:

    No spoiler alert? SERIOUSLY?

    • Dean says:

      Sorry you got spoiled but it’s been over 24 hours since the episode aired. TV Line writers (and any other entertainment media writers for that matter) can’t sit around and wait for everyone to catch up.

  10. Amber says:

    Great interview. I enjoyed it a lot.

  11. sally says:

    i dont know y i dont like caroline either…she’s annoying i guess thats y….and i think there are alot of other characters on the show that are a lot better….omg when delena happened i was crying, it was so cute and emotional….love stefans blood lust potrayel…but they better not kill katherine, she’s just so badass and great in that role…loved anna and jeremy together. i dont like bonnie with him at all. um vicki was a tad bit annoying, but i like kayla ewell…cant wait for season 3 and the finale was great.

  12. Justin says:

    Loved Vicki and I really hope she’s back full time next season, somehow. For whatever reason. I just always really enjoyed watching her. Anna too.

  13. Stacy says:

    I really did not like Vicki and was happy when she died. I really like Anna so I’m interested seeing where this goes. I just hope Vicki is just a little less whinny in death.

  14. em says:

    Awesome interview! So glad to see her back (and Jow as well!). I always thought Vicki was a really complex character the writers never truly explored. Too bad we have to wait so long for season 3!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Since when was Vicki ever a fan favorite? I’m sure she had her fans but she really wasn’t a popular character. Anna was definitely a fan favorite. I hope to see a lot more of her next season.

  16. Elena (not gilbert:L) says:

    I’m so pleased to see Vicki returning to our screens, as well as Anna! There are so many possibilities of story lines with both their returns, so I hope they continue to pop up through the next series – which by the way I cannot wait for! But I hope it doesn’t stir things with jeremy and bonnie too much because they make such a cute couple! I think the reason jeremy seeing them is something to do with him coming back from the dead…?!? Also hoping series 3 will bring some Damon, Elena action. I think Stefan’s disappearance is trying to relate to when he is taken to the shi no shi in the book ‘shadow souls’ but I try to look at the tv series and books as completely different things, although I’d love to see what they could do with the shinichi-misio (I think that’s how you spell it:L) story…

    • Alice says:

      It’s Misao, with an a not an I lol but yeah I totally agree!

      • jake says:

        Glad to see Vicki coming back:D she has such a flamboyant personality I love it! Plus she is pretty hot! To be honest I didn’t really like anna, I found her a bit annoying, but good actor. Hope vicki and jer get back together!! Looking forward to next series.

    • jake says:

      yeah okay half your comment didn’t even make sense… And anna died at the end of season one in episode 22 ‘founders day’ when john gilbert stakes her… Season 2 has only just finished, and vicki and anna RETURNED in the last episode.. But fair play vicki did die half way through season one

    • Donna Taylor says:

      I am a Stefan and Elena fan. They belong together. Don’t get me wrong I love Damon, but he don’t belong with Elena. I am hoping that Elena will see Damon as the big brother she never had. She should love him as a friend. I am hoping and praying that they don’t put Elena and Damon together.

  17. soraya198207 says:

    I am not a fan of Vicky and Anna.

    You are way too long.

    And never was such a long part of the series as the others.

    Vicky died in the middle of season 1

    Anna came in the middle of Season 2 and died at the end of the season2

  18. Alice says:

    calm down…lol CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON THREE!! Gonna buy season 2 as soon as it hits the shops:) Vicki for the win!

  19. T says:

    I’m so glad that Vicki’s finally back – however brief it may be. I would LOVE to see her brought back on as a series regular, but I have a feeling that won’t happen :(

    Also, I’m not sure what everyone’s fascination with Anna is. She wanted to use Jeremy as her mother’s personal blood blank. She kidnapped Elena and Bonnie. Sure, I felt bad for her when her mother died – how could you not feel for the poor girl? – and I’ll openly admit Vicki effed up – her stupid fights with Jeremy, always going back to Tyler, attacking Jeremy and Elena in the end – but I found her way more interesting than Anna. If I hadn’t read about people freaking out over her death online, I never would have known she was a fab favorite. No one I know cared for her that much.