Adam Lambert Vs. David Archuleta! Idol's Best Performance Quarterfinals Begin!

Over the last three weeks, we’ve narrowed the field from 64 down to eight players in’s American Idol All-Time Greatest Performance Bracket Tournament. But the pain has just begun!

Our first quarterfinal matchup pits Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert (and his dramatically lit, achingly beautiful “Mad World”) against Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta (and his tender, crystal clear “Imagine”). It’s going to be a brutal choice between two very different artists, but it’s the only way we can narrow our single-elimination, 64-player tourney down to four semifinalists. (For the uninitiated, every day around 1:00 p.m. ET over the next few weeks, we’ll launch a new set of duels to the death, so be sure to keep coming back and making sure your favorites advance.)

Before you head to the polls, you may want to peruse these memory-refreshing links to the performances entering the ring this afternoon:

Performance Links!
David Archuleta, “Imagine
Adam Lambert, “Mad World

Watch those videos now, then down to our polls to vote for your favorites (voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

And if you’re interested in the matchups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks and how the early rounds of matchups played out, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Cleo says:

    No contest on this one, Adam’s Mad World will always be the most haunting, beautiful performance to ever grace the AI stage. I just remember barely breathing watching him perform this song.

    • harris says:

      You should try that again.

    • darclyte says:

      This might have been one of the easiest for me as I never liked Archie’s Imagine. I don’t much care for his voice, and he seemed breathy during it (as usual.)

      • Marylee says:

        So sad you feel that way..did you know he had vocal paralysis in his younger years & it was doubtful he would ever be able to sing? His determination & dedication to music at such a young age helped him to overcome this huge obstacle~thought you might want to know :)

    • Suzanne says:

      I’m voting based on how I felt during the performances. David all the way.

    • DC says:

      Except that he stole the arrangement and performance from another group and never gave them any credit.

      • Rosa says:

        It’s a show where they do cover songs – he never claimed to have come up with it all himself. Jesus. He talked about the arrangement afterward.

    • Lynne Tania says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with Cleo. Adam Lambert’s Mad World gave me the chills it was so magnificent. It takes a lot for Simon Cowell to give a standing ovation in fact, I don’t think I have ever seen him do so until Adam sang Mad world. ADAM LAMBERT ALL THE WAY!!

    • Carole says:

      “MAD WORLD” is and will always be ADAM’S most beautiful and haunting performance!!!! I will never tire of listening to his “haunting” performance!!! His talent is endless and reaches all ages,,,”THANK YOU”, Adam, for coming into our lives and gracing so many people with your beautiful voice!!! May life always be gracious to you!!!

  2. Barb says:

    Both are just beautiful but gotta go with Adam’s Mad World.

  3. jgay says:

    Adam A+

  4. Kirstin says:

    Adam vs Cookie is gonna be a hell of a decision :P

    • Jenny says:


    • SharonM says:

      haha, really! I will choose Cookie though because he took what was (IMO) a really crappy pop song and made it sound good. ‘Mad World’ was already a great song done very well by Adam.

      • jeff says:

        Wow SharonM! I know its just your opinion, but I’ve never heard anyone ever call John Lennon’s Imagine a “really crappy pop song”. Gotta disagree with your judgement.

        • Corinne says:

          I think they’re referring to David Cook’s rendition of Mariah Carey’s song. Hence the”Cookie,” not “Archie.” I think the assumption is that Adam will fly through this and later face David Cook.

        • Erin says:

          Jeff, did you even read SharonM’s post? She said “Cookie” which stands for David Cook. Last time I checked, David Cook did not sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”, David Archuleta did. She was talking about when Adam Lambert beats David Archuleta on this bracket and is eventually against David Cook.

        • Kirstin says:

          Yeah such is the power of the Cookie that he made me love a Mariah song. It was pretty stupendous.

          Jeff…pretty sure you read that all wrong ;)

          • jeff says:

            Whatever, SharonM’s post was confusing it didn’t mention Mariah Carey or the name of her song once.

          • jeff says:

            sometimes you miss the starting post by accident and get confused, but as a Idolatry and Idoloonies fan I don’t ever remember Sleazak calling David Cook “Cookie”. Anyway, problem resolved.

        • Paul says:

          How was her post confusing exactly? Do you call David Archuleta Cookie?! lol

          • jeff says:

            accidentally missed the first post, never heard David Cook called “cookie” by Sleazak and had a brain fart after i thought “imagine” was being called a crappy pop song. And as SharonM said herself ” I just didn’t clarify.” you’re an jerk Paul. SharonM has class.

      • Sissy says:

        I don’t understand why they took what I PERSONALLY felt was the worst of his (Cook’s) performances for this competition!
        Hello…Billie Jean…Baba O’Reilly…Eleanor Rigby…ALL of those were TONS and TONS better than this one.

        • Lori says:

          It wasn’t my favorite Cook performance either, but it was the one where everyone knew his ill brother was in the audience. I wonder if that’s why Michael Slezak picked that one.

        • Jason S. says:

          I agree 100%!!! Billy JEan, Little Sparrow and Elenor rigby were his three best. Especially “Little Sparrow” because that was his own arrangement! But Billy Jean was a “Did that Just happen?” moment! Trouble is this is Slezak were talking about. He’s a Mariah Carey fan and gets hard whenever he hears a sappy ballad!!!

      • Mancie says:

        John Lennon’s “Imagine” is one of the most beautiful and most meaningful songs ever written.. to call it “crappy” has made you look like a fool and know nothing about music.

        Have to go with Adam Lambert! He made Mad World come alive again.
        Adam is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • flower says:

        I totally agree. The amazing thing about David Cook (I am clarifying because the nickname Cookie is causing some confusion) was that he made so many old songs relevant. Besides the Mariah Carey song, he also made me love Lionel Richie’s “Hello” and that was not an easy task!!! To me, he is still the most talented AI winner.

    • Robin says:

      You sure Cook will beat Allen?

  5. djafan says:

    Absolutely David Archuleta and to think he was only 17 at the time of this timeless soul stirring performance.

    • flower says:

      I agree. Not an Archie fan, but it was still a more moving experience for me. I loved the simplicity of it all. Just the piano and him. I had tears in my eyes (and from a voice of a 17 year old boy!). “Mad World” was amazing, but it was just that. The song never touched my heart.

  6. stheroses says:

    David Archuleta’s Imagine is my pick. it’s just a tenderly beautiful performance without any unnecessary gimmicks. love his lovely voice too.

    • agrimesy says:

      The only thing that turned me off Archie’s performance was he changed the words. Somehow he left out “imagine no religion” and Randy called him out on it. I didn’t like the fact that Archie chose to edit John Lennon’s message.
      That makes me wonder what they are going to do with Haley Reinhart’s performance of Alanis Morissette’s You Oughta Know next week. The judges picked it for her! I know two places of that song in particular that are not family friendly. LOL!
      Will you go down WITH him TO the theater?
      And are you thinking of me when you KISS her?
      Hmmmmmmmm. Sorry off topic!
      Go go go go go ADAM! Mad World was more than a moment . . . it was an historical event.

      • Pecanpie says:

        I don’t think he edited John Lennon. He just sang a different verse.

      • djafan says:

        David didn’t change the lyrics, he chose a different verse, his favorite as he explained to Randy when asked. He has sang the entire song many times including the time he was asked to come back and sing Imagine for Beatles week.

      • Ashley says:

        David didn’t change the lyrics, he sang a different verse that was more meaningful to him. I prefer the verse he sang to the “religion” verse honestly.

      • Lynne says:

        Archie sang a different verse, but he also put his own inflection on the song as he did with all of them and made it his. It was probably a better verse anyway. It was the way he sang it. The song Mad World wasn’t changed by Adam…it is a different version from the movie Dannie Darko and was done by a different singer. Adam talked about it after the show in an interview. Adam sang it like that version, but I think most people wouldn’t have known that version existed.

      • agrimesy says:

        You are all completely correct! I made a mistake. I went back and watched it again. I remembered it wrong. I apologize. I should have investigated before I commented. I’m usually really good about that. Later, Archie sang ALL the lyrics too. That’s probably the version Slezak intended for this bracket anyway. I’m embarrassed.

    • Tagrid says:

      @stheroses – how can you say “without unnecessary gimmicks” when Archuleta took John Lennon’s iconic and beautifully idealistic dream for the future, that defined a whole generation, and changed the lyrics simply because of his own, personal, religious beliefs?? That my dear IS a gimmick – of the worst kind! If he didn’t believe in the message of the song he shouldn’t have sung it. He could’ve chosen something else. This young NOBODY thinking he had the RIGHT to change ANY lyric Lennon wrote – for ANY reason – is and always will be unacceptable – and unlistenable – and made worse because he changed the lyric for a reason that was the exact opposite of Lennon’s message!
      Adam Lambert is the winner, regardless of how many votes Archuleta gets. Not only is Adam’s version of “Mad World” beautiful, it was was sung with a sensitivity and truth that enhanced the intended meaning giving it more relevance in today’s world than when it was written.

      • flutiefan says:

        HE DIDN’T CHANGE ANY LYRICS, you ingrate! he sang a different verse! a verse that JOHN LENNON WROTE, and David sang the exact words that John wrote. my goodness, get it through your head.

        it’s fine to not like it, but don’t twist the facts.

      • Chris S. says:

        Your argument is stupid, and you don’t understand the message behind Imagine. Imagine is not an anti-religion song; John Lennon was a Christian, NOT an atheist/non-religious. It’s a song that asks everyone to imagine how the world can probably be a better place if we got rid of all the unnecessary complexity and just accepted each other as partners in this circle of life. Religion is one of the contributing arguments in the song, yes, but it’s not the start-all-end-all for it, and anyone who sees the song as a song contesting religion or God is pretty foolish.

        • Rakki says:

          John Lennon wasn’t a Christian, he was an athiest – check out his lyrics in the song ‘God’ where he sings both “I don’t believe in Bible” and “I don’t believe in Jesus” along with a “I don’t belive in…” a number of of other idols – religious and otherwise. He was fairly open minded in terms of other people’s spiritual beliefs, but he didn’t lay claim to any himself.

          • Chris S. says:

            Actually ignoramus, Lennon was theist but did not believe in organized religion or idolizing of figures. I’m surprised that amongst all of that dribble you ignored that fundamental fact, and the idea that he blatantly stated he believes that there is a god.

            I thought you were going somewhere with that. Guess not.

      • Alec says:

        He didn’t change the lyrics, genius. He sang a different verse! Try to listen to the performances first before you go on and write something stupid. Cause damn, you just made yourself look dumb.
        AND DO NOT CALL ARCHIE A NOBODY. That’s just wrong.

      • Lisa says:

        John Lennons Wife Yoko Ono Congradulated him for that song and told hiom how beautiful it was. So to get personally congradulated for something like that is pricess. He did everything and more about that song right.

  7. Blair says:

    Adam Lambert is hands-down my favorite AI performer ever (and will continue to be until another one comes along and proves to me different), so this was, for me, and easy decision. And I love Mad World, but I think perhaps another of his collection of tunes done while on the AI stage would’ve possibly have been an even better selection (though it would be hard for me to decide which one – they were all great).

    • jackw says:

      What were they? I don’t remember any of them.

      • Blair says:

        funny, jackw, that’s my exact, word-for-word reaction to any of Lauren Alaina’s performances this season!

        Anyway, to answer your question: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, MJ’s “Black And White”, “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash, “Tracks Of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, “Play That Funky Music” by KC and The Sunshine Band, of course, the one here, “Mad World” by Gary Jules, “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf, “If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Elliman, “Feeling Good” by Anthony Newly (or more recently Michael Buble), “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zepplin, and “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Same Cooke. If you followed Adam’s journey on Idol, you might remember his performances of them?

        • ohbabs says:

          omg. what about U2’s One and Aerosmith’s Cryin? The interesting thing about Adam. Mad World and Tracks of My Tears were amazing in the live show. but you can’t much better than the studio version of One and Feeling Good. The live did not always match the studio with some being better or not depending. but in relation to every one else all of his performances were stellar.

      • Lissy says:

        Tracks of My Tears

        Whole Lotta Love

        Change Is Gonna Come

        for starters

    • glamity58 says:

      It makes me giggle when I hear everyone talking about “Mad World” as Adam’s greatest performance. He missed the pitch for a second at the end, but ended on the right one. I think that his best IDOL performances were “A Change is Gonna Come” and “Born to Be Wild.” There are so many, but A Change just slayed me. Adam is the best vocalist to come out of American Idol hands down. I loved Archie and David Cook and many others. But once I heard Adam, everything changed. He may not sell as well as other lesser singers in this emotionally bankrupt America, but he is the best whether people want to face it or not. He can sing so many genres of music.

      • ohbabs says:

        But remember the night it was performed. The First Time you saw it. The mood, the look, the lighting- the song and Adam’s heartfelt delivery. It was like nothing any of us had ever witnessed on idol. The performance penetrated our souls and touched our core and visited places that we often do not want to go. He made a connection. I think that is why this song and performance will always be a favorite

    • JayK* says:

      I agree, Blair! Adam is also my favourite ever. I adored Crystal last season, but no one else has even come close to Adam. He’s kind of ruined Idol forever! And I am okay with that. :)

  8. Sveta says:

    Adam of course!!!!

  9. Wally says:

    Don’t like either, but got to hand it to David Archuleta.

  10. Laurel says:

    Whether you were an Adam Lambert fan or not “Mad World” was one of the Very Best performances on Idol.

    Simon gave him a standing ovation …
    Enough said.

    God I miss Simon !

    • Eric says:

      I think Simon did that because mainly on behalf of the other judges, because they didn’t have time to praise it, since the show was running overtime that night.
      It’s interesting though, when you consider that Adam reprised this performance in the finale, and Simon said that Kris won that round against him… so there’s an instance of Adam’s “Mad World” getting beaten on the show itself, according to Simon.

      • Lissy says:

        LOL Simon just didn’t like the rolling fog calling it too theatrical. Kind of hilarious considering that stage fog is practically a defacto minimum for performances this season.

      • glamity58 says:

        I think that was a bunch of bunk by Simon. I think they knew what the performances were going to be in the rehearsal and Cowell felt he had to go with Kris on this one. I remember being so angry with the judges on the finale. Now I think the judges hurt James Durbin this year. They were so hard on Haley and I know that I felt I had to vote for her to keep her in. I’m not a country fan. I wanted James and Haley in the finale.

      • Candy says:

        Simon is the toughest judge on idol and always says what he feels, why would he give a standing ovation if he didn’t believe it? Has he even given one before? And you seemed to conveniently forget that Simon hated Kris’s other song (said he thought it was like he was singing in a dorm room with buddies, something like that) and loved “A Change is Gonna Come”, as did all the other judges. In fact I think that is the performance that Paula said he would be iconic. Regardless, who won out in the end? Adam is FAR more successful that Kris.

        • sara says:

          Did you know that Adam was on AI this year and rating was down 16% persent. People turned off there Tv’s from Wednesday night to Thursday night more people was interested in James Durban then Adam. Kris Allen was also on the show this year to he didn’t even sing and Trended on twitter world Wide for five hours after the show went off so i would not count Kris out just.

        • Elena says:

          I think the point is… If you are going to use Simon as a gauge for what’s good and what’s not, then you have to be consistent about it! If Simon’s standing ovation as a powerful sign that something was good, then you ALSO have to concede when he awards Kris Round 1 of the finale, when Adam reprised his performance of “Mad World”. Glamberts always try to have it both ways. When Simon gives a standing ovation, it’s “proof” that something was amazing, but when he gives Kris Allen Round 1, it’s because Simon was just rehearsed or faking it??? LOL. Oh Glamberts. Everyone can see right through your desperate attempts to validate Adam at the expense of others.

      • BY says:

        why are you talking about Kris here? Adam has stomped all over that bland boy in his post Idol career. Besides this is between Adam and Archie.

    • darby says:

      Why should it have to be one of the very best to anyone who wasn’t a fan? Please don’t dictate to me. I hope it’s t’s okay if people don’t like your tin god.

    • AI Junkie says:

      I don’t miss Simon at all! He should have taken Adam to England with him if he liked him so much! Good place for BOTH of them!

      • Candy says:

        So explain why you hate Adam so much. I don’t like Kris’s or David’s style, but certainly don’t wish them any ill will or feel they should be banned from their own country. Are you another homophobe?

  11. Danielle Notaro says:

    Michael, why not break these singers up into categories. It’s impossible to send Elliott up against someone like Adam. I say you cluster the soul/R&B singers against one another. The country kids against one another. The pop singers against one another. The EMO/Metal kids against one another. The Diva’s against one another. The Rock kids against one another. The Teen kids etc. No way is a soul or country kid or teen kid ever going to come out on the tippy top against the guys with the massive range. I know you sort of did that but let there be just one winner in each category, PERIOD.

    • Blair says:

      I know you’re referring to this particular blog, Danielle, but if I may, you said, “No way is a soul or country kid or teen kid ever going to come out on the tippy top against the guys with the massive range.”

      ..and then my answer to that is, “Unless you’re talking about this season’s AI contest.” LOL

      • Templar says:

        Try Carrie Underwood. She took in 13 mil. in 2010. Probably more than all other past Idol contestants combined.

  12. Becca says:

    I pick the one Paula was sobbing and said she wanted to tear his head off and dangle it from her rear mirror and the one Jennifer Lopez said “He changed her whole world!! The one and only IMAGINE by David Archuleta! << NO COMPARISON NEVER EVER EVER! lol

    ( I love how both ladies adore David)That's all I have to say :)

  13. Lissy says:

    No question that David’s Imagine was a beautiful rendition, but my heart belongs to Adam’s ethereal, poignant Mad World.

  14. bec says:

    Both are great & I sincerely hope David has the career he deserves but but Adam is just more seasoned imo.

  15. tuppy says:

    Made myself re-watch both before voting this time, even after having lived with these performances for YEARS. But, really, for me it’s no contest: “Imagine” is THE. BEST. EVER. I know that Adam’s very intelligent vocal choices, arrangement, and theatricality are all very impressive — and Mad World is a stand-out performance — but David Archuleta seriously has THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL. Chills every time.

    • Teresa says:

      I did the same thing. And it was really close. I can still remember when David Archuleta sang that song and I loved that he made into a call for action. It was perfect for the time — when “Change we can believe in” was in the upswing.

      I was mesmerized by “Mad World,” but not bowled over at the time. Perhaps because it was just two weeks after “Tracks of My Tears” and three weeks after “Ring of Fire,” which were also incredible performances.

      But watching both together, I had to give the slight edge to “Mad World.” Both are beautifully crafted, but “Imagine” has a little less impact each time I hear it, and “Mad World” always draws me in a little more with each viewing.

      But it was close.

      • lisa says:

        Ring of fire sucked and Johnny Cash had to turn over in his grave after Adam ruin his song. get a hearing aid.

  16. meme says:

    David Archuleta’s Imagine!!!

    It’s interesting that some think David doesn’t have a career, he’s had and is having a great career. Adam is fine and wish him the best but it’s David who has made the Forbes top ten Idol’s earner list 3 years in a row not Adam.

  17. Rhama says:

    Imagine was a grown-up song performed by a kid. Sorry but there’s no comparison with Mad World.

    • Ashley says:

      Grown up song performed by a kid? David may have been 17 but he was one of the more mature people his whole season, vocally and personality wise. The song was perfect for David and he sang it beautifully. The best performance ever on the show, imo.

  18. nora says:

    David did not change the words to Imagine, he sang the second verse, because it was his favorite, and it had a great message, so get your facts straight, and know what you are talking about.

  19. Sissy says:

    I never liked Archie’s version of Imagine…I PERSONALLY (my opinion…I’m entitled…don’t jump me…lol) PERSONALLY didn’t like it AT ALL. I LOVE Adam’s Mad World…loved almost everything he did on Idol…too bad now all he makes is crappy music…LOL (Again…this is my PERSONAL opinion…don’t jump me cuz you don’t agree LOL)

    • nevada01 says:

      I agree with you and have been jumped on for expressing it as well. Although well-sung, it struck me as a manufactured moment. Like it had been professionally arranged for maximum effect and sung the exact same way, exact same notes, exact same runs, in many talent shows over many years. Yes, I realize that most contestants sing songs they know well or have done before. But that’s the feeling his performance gave me. I also felt the same way about every performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by K. Locke and K. McPhee.
      (Disagree with you about Adam’s post-Idol music, though, but I won’t bash you for it!)

      • gigiperreau says:

        Adam’s Mad World was the exact Gary Jules version. EXACT. What’s so original or fresh about that? It would be sad if this ends up winning the best moment, since it was a virtual karaoke copy – as many, many people noted at the time. Similar to how Ring Of Fire only slightly altered from Dilana’s version.

        • nevada01 says:

          I never said that “Mad World” was original or fresh. I do believe that Adam conveyed the emotion of feeling alone and lost in the crowd, feelings we all have at some point. That is what many people respond to. If you like, you can share how “Imagine” makes you FEEL I will re-watch it through your eyes.

          Very few Idol performances are original or fresh, even those that get applauded as such. What matters is that the contestant made the audience feel the emotion of the song. Cook’s “Billie Jean” was a copy of Chris Cornell but I felt the anger and despair of a man in bad relationship, trying to figure out how to get out and move on. Kris’s “Heartless” was inspired by The Fray’s version. But I felt the defiance of a man standing up to a woman, and by extension, Kris standing up to the judges who criticized him and told him “Danny was better” the week prior. Allison’s “Cry Baby” was a copy, but the emotions were apparent, especially in the exit performance. Adam’s “Black or White” was not an original arrangement but you felt his anger and frustration about being treated differently and being discriminated against due to being gay. Shall I go on?

          • Lynne says:

            Can you tell me if Kris’ “She Works Hard For The Money” was original? I don’t think anyone would do a version like that as a cover. A lot of the originality for some of these covers is in the little changes in how the lyrics are delivered from the artist with there own inflections. I think both Davids changes were mostly their original delivery too.

          • nevada01 says:

            As far as I know, “She Works Hard for the Money” was a Kris original, and a cool one at that. As were Adam’s arrangements of “If I Can’t Have You” and “Tracks of My Tears.” As was Blake Lewis’s “You Give Love a Bad Name.” There have certainly been others. My point to @gigiperreau was that the originality of the arrangement is not an issue if the emotion, connection, and performance are there.

          • already bored says:

            Well, I’m a Kris fan and heard his heartless live version that he did on the show and it sounded nothing like fray’s. Maybe you got it confused with the version on his CD? which I think he said he did not want to do but producer made him do and it has similarities to Fray’s version I guess… I only heard Fray’s version twice more than a year ago. I love Fray’s songs like You Found Me or Never Say Never or How to Save a Life, etc, but I didn’t like their Heartless(personally).

        • Lissy says:

          LOL that is silly. The arrangment can be similar but the delivery can still make a huge difference. If you listen to Gary Jules and Adam’s side by side, Adam makes a ton of different vocal phrasing and tone choices. And Dilana’s Ring of Fire? Even more different side by side, especially the best part of his rendition, Adam’s own strongly supported upper register wailing in perfectly on key in the complex eastern musical pentatonic musical scale which is entirely different than the western scale we’re all familiar with. Level of difficulty on his Ring of Fire = 10+

        • jennyrose says:

          I went and listened to two different versions of Gary Jules singing this and then went and rewatched Adam Lambert’s performance. Adam’s version was more dynamic, covered a greater range and conveyed a lot more emotion. Mr. Jules was less interesting and less moving. Lambert’s performance was most definitely not karaoke. I then went and listened to Dilana’s performance, followed by Adam’s. Adam’s performance was, again, more interesting, more emotional and much more impressive vocally. He had much better control of his voice than Dilana.

          I would never call David Archuleta’s performance karaoke, either. It is truly lovely. And I adore the song. But for me, it doesn’t compare to Adam Lambert’s Mad World. David’s singing an anthem, and he builds to the triumphal conclusion. But there isn’t the complexity, changes in dynamic and tone or, frankly, the imagination of Adam’s performance. Of these two performances, Adam Lambert’s moves and impresses me more.

        • Raquelos says:

          Actually it really wasn’t EXACT at all – It was certainly the Gary Jules version (I mean have you heard the Tears for Fears version – it is awful – imo!). But in fact the GJ version is much mellower than Adam Lambert’s was. AL made a number of changes which meant that It was much more dynamic – the melodic uplifts at the end of phrases being the most obvious example. It did mean that even to a fan of the GJ version (ie me) it did sound original and fresh at the time, certainly it wasn’t even approaching Kareoke. Go back and listen to them both on You Tube and you will see what I mean – or don’t, obviously. If you can’t be bothered – I would understand lol!

          All that said, the only other contender I think who showed more artistic flair or originality than Adam was David Cook. If it come down to AL and DC at the end of this thing (and I think it might) I really don’t know which way I will jump!

      • crabpot says:

        Archuleta has now sung “Imagine” on Idol 3 times, never with the same runs or the same way. Yes, he sings the notes that were written. So did Lennon. So does Lambert when he sings. That’s called “singing.”

        The third time David performed it on Idol, he sang all 3 verses, including the lyric about no religion. It makes me sad when immature people hold onto erroneous and out of date information.

        Perhaps it is David’s poise and comfort when he is singing that gave the impression of years of rehearsal? I have heard him some of the same songs (like “Crush”) live more than once and he seems never to sing anything the exact same way twice.

        PS I agree that Adam’s post-Idol music is not at the level of creativity that I expected. Why do they make everyone do generic ****? You could almost have given either David or Adam any of the songs on their debut.

        • nevada01 says:

          That was the feeling I got from Archie’s original performanceon the show. And from many of his performances. He has a great voice and is a talented person. I don’t hate him but he feels robotic to me. Maybe I will check out his new stuff, if people think it is good. He just didn’t appeal to me at that point in his career.

  20. Henry says:

    Archuleta’s performance is sublime.

  21. flutiefan says:

    i’m sad Adam is kicking Archie’s butt so badly. “Imagine” will always be most most favorite performance ever on the Idol stage.

    i was never an Adam fan, because of his sharp screams (much like wannabe James Durbin this year). i like when he’s subdued (for instance, when he sang Muse).

    but i’ve gotta go David Archuleta—one of the few Idols whose CDs i own (yes, both of them, they’re fantastic). and before anyone accuses me of being a “teenybopper”, i’m a 35 year old woman.

    • By says:

      Didn’t Archie get dropped by his label? Let Adam remain a strong and dynamic vocalist and let Archie stay subdued. It works for me.

  22. Emily says:

    Archie all the way, awesome Imagine.

  23. Frannie says:

    Not into freak shows so David Archuleta gets my vote.

  24. adam-4-ever says:

    I have archies CD, cooks cd, carries and kelly’s. But adam is in a whole different leaque- just go see him live! He IS the whole package!!! Love them all- of course, I went with mad world, too bad “change is gonna come” was not there or “angels” for archie!

  25. indigo says:

    I love both singer and own both of their music. But I must say Adam wins this one.

  26. JillSusan says:

    Think David is a sweet kid with a great voice, but I love Adam and will support him forever!

  27. imrahd says:

    Love David and Adam both but Mad World is the winner. That was a history made on idol. I voted for Archie on his round on AI and voted for Adam on his AI performances. Love them both but my heart belongs to Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Zoey says:

    Both are great emotional songs, but based on sheer performance and impact, I’m voting Adam.

  29. Volcfom says:

    I’m still mad that Clay lost to “Imagine”… Luckily, this time the clear majority is with Adam.

  30. Sean D says:

    Lord Melinda v. Fantasia is gonna be tough.

  31. Ashley says:

    Umm how come every time I vote for Archie his percent goes down? Something’s wrong here…

    • Lissy says:

      Because simultaneously as you vote, more people are voting for Adam. Duh. LOL it’s not a conspiracy.

    • --bianca says:

      Because it only takes 1 vote per IP address or something? I tried to vote twice (on 2 different days) and it would not count my vote the 2nd time.

    • Joey says:

      Because the rules state only one vote per person. The site will not accept additional votes, so there can be no power voting.

  32. Ashley says:

    And btw, Archie’s “Imagine” beats everything, just so everyone knows ;)

  33. Ashley says:

    Whoever is in charge of this poll should really make sure no Archie haters did anything to mess with the voting. It’s been done many times before, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Because every time I vote for Archie his percent goes down and that’s not fair at all :\

    • JBanana says:

      How many times are you voting? I realize this whole tournament is just for fun and therefore it’s all honor system.. but I’m being fair and just voting once. Are other people really voting multiple times? That seems wrong.

      • flutiefan says:

        i don’t think multiple votes count.

        confirmation on that, Slezak?

        but i also noticed the numbers going down. i checked results before i voted and after, and my pick’s percentage went down. it’s possible that the other side had several people clicking at the same time i did.

      • Joey says:

        Multiple votes do not count. Try it and see, you’ll get a message saying that your vote has already been counted.

        Sorry guys, power voting won’t work on this one.

  34. Cindy says:

    I love David and his rendition of “Imagine” was wonderful. I voted for Adam’s “Mad World” though. I remember watching Adam’s performance like it was yesterday. My husband and I were speechless and stood up along with Simon at the end.

  35. lb says:

    @ashley- I really don’t think there are any archie haters here, especially from glamberts. I do know how you feel because us glamberts have felt that polls were rigged and he’s blackballed from d’J’s ABC ,radio and america- YOU Name it- adam has had a tough time, but talent will prevail and archie (Who I love) will also prevail. He’s young, his fan-base is fairly young. I used to get so mad of the treatment of adam, but it’s not worth it- Adam is and will become a major superstar- Time tells all – RElax darling! Know how you feel, but this one goes to adam- sorry.

    • Ashley says:

      Well the fact that Archie and Adam are already in another poll together, which was already rigged by haters, is hard, and then this poll came up. I do like Adam’s Mad World. Not a huge fan of him but Mad World was on General Hospital so I do like it. However Archie will always be my fave, especially “Imagine”, hands down.

  36. ArchieFan says:

    Let’s see David Archuleta sang “Imagine” THREE TIMES on American Idol, I think that pretty much says it all. Besides a poll means nothing to the reality of the voice. David can sing! No music needed he creates his own with the gift that God gave him. He loves music and his fans. So personally I dont care who wins a poll. Who wins in the hearts of their fans? David Archuleta!! I would take listening to David sing live or on CD over voting for any silly poll anytime. It doesnt matter to David anyways. He just loves to sing and boy does he know how to. Perfect singer, great humanitarian, wonderful humanbeing=David Archuleta.

    • flutiefan says:

      i agree. i felt when he sang Imagine on last season’s AI that he would’ve (and should’ve) won THAT season, even not being a competitor! he was light years ahead of the S9 contestants.

    • Philippa says:

      Opera singers from the UK and other countries have commented on the incredible vocal range of Adam Lambert. Opera singers really know what a voice can do. Adam’s performances on Idol (rock, pop and R&B) are all proof of Adam’s vocal skills. His ‘Mad World’ rendition was one of those moments that is forever imprinted in the heads of millions and millions of his fans worldwide.

    • Melissa says:

      Singing it 3 times says something? It says that he picked it as his reprise for the finale, and when a spot was available for him to perform on Idol last season he did not have a current single to promote.

      • crabpot says:

        Melissa, he didn’t make a fuss about it, but David sang “Imagine” at the finale only when Idol did not clear any of his other choices for performance. Interestingly, they were all much more current pop songs than he was known for on the show. Conspiracy theorists should have had a field day with that, but I think they were tired by that time in Season 7. And you are correct, he did not have a current single when he sang “Imagine” the third time. However, he was asked back specifically to sing “Imagine” which I think still says something.

  37. Red in Denver says:

    I couldn’t vote for Adam on “Mad World”. In addition to not being a big fan of ‘glam rock’ (not that THIS particular performance was that) — I don’t think there’s ever been a more hauntingly beautiful version of this song than the one performed by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules (the version in the movie “Donnie Darko”). The combination of Andrews’ beautiful, clear voice and Jules’ on the piano can not be topped.

    • Joy says:

      I’m sorry, but I disagree. Adam topped it with his incredible vocal. Complete perfection.

      • Lissy says:

        And his unique phrasing plus choosing a different arc to the song as far as when it builds and then falls back to an exquisite finish.

  38. Ki says:

    FYI in the elimination episode after madworld, Ryan seacrest gave the judges a chance to finish critiquing his performance, but they said the standing ovation was the best they could do. Plus, in the finale, the only reason that (only) Simon didn’t like it was because of the over theatrical take Adam had on it! So my vote is Adam!! Archie’s was amazing too though!

  39. lily says:

    i miss simon and the days when there was honest criticism and a standing O actually gave me shivers.

    • Mel says:

      I know right? This season standing ovations seem like they’re a dime a dozen. And almost everyone gets a gold star just for participating. I loved JLo and Steven in the beginning, but I wonder how much of that was editing, because in the live shows they have both been complete fails as judges.

  40. Hungarevival says:

    Adam’s Mad World is the most beautiful song ever…His performance and voice gave me chills. How could I forget that?

  41. Olesia Lexi says:

    Adam’s “Mad World” is the BEST performance in the history of the AI!!! I think you will agree with me!!! =)))

  42. Amber says:

    My vote goes to “Imagine”! Best performance ever!

  43. Jason S. says:

    Incidentally – The judges/production has given Haley a death song in “You Oughta Know” If she does it straight rock she will definitely get the “karoke” criticism. HEre is the version she must do to avoid the producers wrath and get moment!! If you know her convince her!!!!!

  44. Ashley says:

    In reality nothing on the show will ever beat Archie’s “Imagine”, all 3 of them. “Imagine” actually did something for people. It made people fans of him and really moved and touched everyone. It was the best performance ever on the show, and Archie and his fans don’t need to win some poll to know that.

  45. Kari G says:

    I know I will get raked across the coals for this comment, but I was never really an Adam Lambert or David Archuleta fan. I’ve watched both of these videos and hands down Adam wins this round for me. David Archuleta always sounds like he is stuffed up when he is singing, and this song is no different. I just can’t get past that. I agree that he sings it very sweetly but that’s not enough to sway me that it’s an idol moment… this is obviously just my opinion.

    • Joey says:

      LOL no raking over the coals here, I loathed Lambert during his season and was for Kris all the way, but even I’ve got to give it to him on this one. Archie’s a nice kid and that’s a beautiful vocal, but as much as I am loathe to admit it, Mad World was his one performance that gave me chills. His Smokey Robinson song was good too, but the rest ugh.

  46. Amy says:

    The David fans are not voting on this poll because they found out the Lambert fans have been cheating on the other poll with bot voting. They got sick of it so they decided not to vote on polls just like many other AI contestant fans. They are ridiculous and only there to stir up trouble. Lambert fans love a good POLL LOL

    • Melissa says:

      LOL forever. I lurk on every major Adam fansite, and they’ve actually talked about thinking the exact same thing about Archie fans. Mostly because no one even knows how to set up a bot. Or cares to.

      With over a million twitter followers including fans not only in Asia, but Australia and Europe where he’s also toured, if the fans can get enough people pointed in the same direction (difficult at times because there are several different factions within Adam fans, and they fight lulz) that means serious numbers. No cheating, no conspiracy, just a lot of people clicking on a twitter link and then clicking a button and then going on with their lives.

    • jennyrose says:

      What other poll? I assume it allows repeat voting, or a bot wouldn’t matter. Whatever it might be, I don’t think most fans know how to create a bot to vote in a particular contest.

    • Candy says:

      I have never heard of any bot for Lambert fans. We have links to the poll on all Adam fansites, people are tweeting the links, and I have 2500 friends on Facebook who I have asked to vote. They are actually complaining that they are voting so much but the percentages aren’t changing. Just FYI, Archie has been ahead most of the week and it is just in the last hour or so that Adam has surpassed him by a mere .1% margin. Don’t you think if a bot was used, that Adam would have been ahead most of the week and by a larger margin?

      • tess4ADAM says:

        Agree with @candy … the only bots on that other poll are the diligent fans that sit & VOTE constantly day & night … only a few hours ago have I seen any improvement on ADAM’s numbers … Archie has led MOST of his polls … even the one against Kelly … so the bots to which others here have referred … are NOT “Glamberts” … we only want to win FAIRLY … we don’t have to use automatic means of voting … R U Kidding me … with 1M+ Twitter followers AND a GOLDEN VOICE like no other?? ADAM is far too GOOD for us Glamberts to have to resort to bot voting!! Just LISTEN to that GLORIOUS VOICE … MAD WORLD … all the way … GO ADAM!! Good Luck to Archie too … his voice is GOOD too … can’t take that away from him!!

  47. John says:

    I know I will get raked across the coals for this comment, but I was never really an Adam Lambert or David Archuleta fan. I’ve watched both of these videos and hands down David wins this round for me. Adam Lambert always sounds like he is screaming in pain when he sings, and this song is no different. I just can’t get past that. I agree that he sings it very screamingly but that’s not enough to sway me that it’s an idol moment… this is obviously just my opinion. LOL

    • Jane says:

      Adam screaming in Mad World?? At what point?

    • Joey says:

      Dude I’m not even a Lambert fan, and I know there’s no screaming in Mad World. Practically every other song, yes, but not this one.

    • tess4ADAM says:

      @John … I’m sorry but how can ADAM have been ‘screaming’ in MAD WORLD when the entire song was done in crisp pure FALSETTO? Anyone who knows anything about vocal ability can tell you that …. do you REALLY think Simon would have given ADAM a SO if ADAM was ‘screaming’?? Come on … lets get real … ADAM doesn’t ‘scream’ … ADAM sings in an extremely high register that even opera singers can’t reach and has been LAUDED for the Vocal range he has by many Opera experts!! You Are Wrong!!

  48. nadishanbz says:

    “Mad World by Adam is the one I vote for how he made me feel with that song can’t be described.

  49. nadishantz says:

    Lambert fans do not use the bot method of voting ever they may work hard at multi-voting etc. but do not cheat. They accept the beliefs of the person they are a fan of. There is no point in cheating.

    • musicfan says:

      no one in the Lambert fandom uses bots…. trust me, we are DEDICATED FANS but not cheaters. We DM’d each other for the Q102 Ultimate Idol poll so we could coordinate when to get together to vote, because the numbers would not budge for days. We saw tweets from Adam haters saying they were voting for Archie just because they hated Adam (for some reason, I do not know). Adam is the sweetest guy, and I know David Archuletta is a sweetheart as well… I liked his “Imagine” but Adam’s the only one the I’ve been absolutely CRAZY for since I first saw him on Idol… he is exciting and a brilliant performer with an exceptional voice & style, I absolutely ADORE Adam, and that’s why he has such dedicated fans. :)

  50. Anna says:

    Adam; as I do not like singing children or teenage boys. I didn’t even like them when I was a teenager.