Gary Sinise Says CSI: NY Finale 'Puts Mac to the Test,' Weighs In on Show's Uncertain Future

This Friday at 9/8c, CSI: NY presents what might turn out to be its series finale. But Gary Sinise tells TVLine that long-time fans of the CBS procedural need not worry — if this is in fact the end.

“There are questions left open,” Sinise shares. “But it’s not a cliffhanger like we’ve had the past couple of seasons. This one stands on its own.”

The CSI: NY season-ender “puts Mac to the test,” Sinise previews, allowing the lead detective to tie up some loose ends after a lengthy career hunting down bad guys.

A near-death event “at the beginning of the episode makes Mac question a lot of things,” Sinise says. “He tries to revisit an old case to bring closure to something that’s been sitting open on his desk for nearly 10 years.”

Ironically, not knowing whether the series will return for an eighth season didn’t afford the fine folks who work on NY the same sense of closure.

“Wrapping Season 7 was different, if only because in previous years we’ve always felt fairly certain that we were coming back,” the actor explains. “You do want to know one way or another [if this is it], so you can have a sense of closure.”

“It has been a wonderful working atmosphere,” Sinise emphasizes. “We’ve done good work together, and people like working on this show — I do — and I’d like to come back.

“But if it’s over,” the actor continues, “I’m grateful for the seven years I had on the show, and I’ll be grateful that I was able to do it, because it’s been a really great run.”

Should this be the end for Mac Taylor & Co., you can always catch the immensely charitable star on the road with his philanthropic musical group, Lt. Dan Band — though, Sinise sincerely hopes that’s not the case. “We have a very loyal audience that’s watching CSI: NY around the world,” he notes. “I’d like to keep giving them good shows.”

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  1. Donna Lane says:

    Although I do not like Sela Ward as much as I did Melina, I still enjoy CSI NY quite a lot. And to think that CSI Miami could remain on the air and CSI NY would be gone. That is just unfathomable.

    Please maintain CSI NY. Quality shows are few and far between.

  2. The hansen family says:

    This is our favorite csi. Heavy on plot, less disgusting scenes than csi lv.

  3. Dawn says:

    Having been hooked on CSI from the start I’ve watched each new version of the original as it’s arrived. I never thought any would be as good if not better than the original. CSI NY in my opinion is now the better of the three. Sadly I find that LV is just not the same for me without Grissom unlike Horatio and Miami which I could definitely live without.
    Please listen to your viewers and keep CSI NY – ditch Miami!

  4. judith from liverpool england says:

    i love all the csi’s&have watched them all from the beginning.don’t like sela ward character,she’s only been there five minutes&she thinks she owns the place,bring back stella,hope it’s not the last csi ny,because apart from the fact i love the programme,i always get to see really great shots of my favourite building the chrysler.

  5. Fran Burke says:

    Please bring CSI New York back with the whole crew, its The BEST of the CSI series.

  6. Irene says:

    I’m from Scotland and I’ve also watched all of the various CSI shows from start to finish and this is my favourite. CSI Miami is really far fetched – the people are false and the victims/perps too ‘beautiful’. I love watching the scenery and the houses are amazing but there’s nothing ‘real life’ about it.

    Please keep CSI NY and if any show needs to be ditched, make it Miami.

  7. Matt Ellison says:

    I Love CSI NY. Mac was great please don’t end it PLEASE…. There are dozens of lame shows out there that should be axed.. KEEP. CSI NEW YORK GREAT SERIES GREAT CAST. MAC NEEDS TO STAY

  8. Teri says:

    Please renew CSI NY. You should cancel CSI Miami. CSI and CSI NY are my two favorite ones. Liked Melina better but enjoy Sela too, although you could write off Hill. He was better at playing the coroner.

  9. mm says:

    According to the following website
    CBS renewed all versions of CSI

  10. Evelyn Eyler says:

    Thank you Mr. Sinise for being who you are. Have seen your shows for vets. Have sons in Military. Hope show continues. If not, go with God. Couldn’t help noticing –was that Ronald Reagan’s picture behind you? Good Man!! Take care. Evelyn Eyler

  11. br says:

    Have never written in…but I had to. So glad CSI NY is staying. My husband and I really enjoy the show. I’m from Canada, so many love the show up here. Please keep up the good work in the writing..season 7 ratings showed the lack in the pizzaz of the scripts perhaps something to do with Sela Ward. Lovely lady but she is too much like your character Mac..only need one, so keep Mac. Please don’t make Jo Mac’s love interest?? would hate the combination and the baggage, ex husband, child?????Don’t need the trivial love angst, just good drama. Loved the chemistry between Stella and Mac, because Stella had fire and emotion, Mac needs someone outside of the work place. If MK does not come back then consider a character that brings out Mac’s emotion…good work CSI NY

  12. LAHs says:

    I didn’t realize this show is coming to an end! This is terrible. Please drop Miami CSI, the women in that make me feel nauseous. Bring back MK and Mac they were the very best, give them the Miami slot. Gosh I am so sad over this.

  13. Jade Hines says:

    keep csi ny please its the best i have watched the others and just didnt get into it then my grandad told me to watch it 1 night i got right into it and have watched every episode from season 1 all the way to season 7 now i am always watching replays i have literally fallen in love with csi ny better than all the other csi’s csi ny has my vote

  14. Jade Hines says:

    give csi NY csi miami slot they deserve it this show is much better please

  15. Liz says:

    I will be sad, if this show will not continue. Among those CSI shows, this is my favorite. The story that they are showing are related to some true stories that happened. CSI: NY is the coolest and most high tech forensic team. Even their guests are good actors or singers. The soundtrack of this show are so updated. The story line and the way they produced NY is the story for the big screen. Not only for the TV series. This show deserves to stay in CBS.
    I cannot wait for the next season. I hope CBS will air it so soon this Fall. Mr. Sinise is one of my favorite actors. All of the actors are really great to their performances.

  16. jade says:

    found out yesterday that there bringing it back 4 an 8th series hope its true i love this show n i agree we need to bring melina back she and mac were great working cases together it was so watching them 2 working together i always thought they would get together and in a way i thought they would get together

    please keep this show please

  17. I love Mac Taylor & Co. Instead of CSI Las Vegas (no Grissom, no show)

  18. euler romero says:

    No puedo creer que el error que se cometio en CSI Las Vegas al sacar a Crisom se pueda repetir en esta serie , comprendo que los productoras puedan cometer errores ;pero es increible que no observen como pierden trama y sentido de continuidad como en CSI Las Vegas o en dos hombres y medio donde no han comenzado y ya no saben como dar continuidad a la serie por sacar al verdadero protagonista: esperando no cometan ese error me despido.

  19. euler romero says:

    I can not believe that the error was committed in CSI Las Vegas to get Crisom can be repeated in this series, I understand that producers can make mistakes, but it is amazing that no plot and watch as they lose sense of continuity as in CSI Las Vegas or two and half men where they have not begun and no longer know how to continue the series by taking the real protagonist, waiting will not make that mistake firing me.

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  20. Tara Berardi says:

    For your input I love CSI,CSI,NY,LAS VEGAS & MIAMI
    give David Caruso a break he did a wonderful job
    I just got into Miami and Vegas so leave the shows alone
    I am sick of people putting down one of favourite actors of
    CSI MIAMI so leave him and I support him & I love CSI NY
    and Gary Sinise.

  21. lesleywright says:

    With the departure of ‘Grissom’ ‘Mac’ wins hands down, it’s the best of the CSI’s. Long may it continue with ‘Stella’ back and the rest of the team.

  22. grace yung cromie says:

    I moved to Nanjing China 4 years ago. I have always loved CSI NY
    Though I am living so far away, I still manage to get all the CSI showseven though they can be of past seasons., specially Mac. Gary is such a great actor, he plays his role well. I dont mind missing CSI Miami. Cant stand the main guy. But I Always make sure I watch CSI NY without fail. I love th stories, the characters and the music for the opening scene. I hope CSI NY continues as long as there is NY.

  23. Barb says:

    Please keep CSI NY for next year. If one of the CSI’s must go, get rid of CSI Miami. CSI NY is the more intelligent of the CSIs and the acting is great. I think Sela Ward is great replacement for Melina. They are different but both women are interesting.

  24. Terri says:

    CSI NY is a great show. I enjoy the program and the cast. I hope this show is one keep on the air for next year.

  25. Michellemac says:

    I love all the CSI shows but will be extremely upset if NY is canceled!! I love Mac n Flack! I never miss this show ever please cbs do not cancel this show!!

  26. Nan C says:

    Keep CSI NY. Ditch CSI Miami. Mac Taylor walks around sad and depressed, but Horatio Caine always walks around like a emotionless zombe. I live in NY, and CSI NY streets and scenes are not accurate with the city; but the plots and characters are much better than Miami.

  27. Priscilla Hammond says:

    We are regular watchers of CSI-NY. The show is compelling, relevant, and the acting is superb. Additionally, one can tell how much the cast likes working together. They really raise the bar on their acting each week. We love Gary Sinese—just an excellent actor and so passionate about his support for the military and love for our country. I hope the “powers that be” will consider how significant this show is and renew for the 2012-2013 season. I loved the season finale—it was very emotional and if this is the end. Then, what a better way to end the show than that! Bravo to all the cast and crew of this fine series! Thank you to two grateful fans. It’s been a great ride.

  28. anna! says:

    I have recently watched some episodes of CSI:NY and i was amazed by the characters,the way they were playing,how they were investigating the crime..!!! I like also the fact that this series is conected with science,detectives…You can understand that now I am a big fan of this series!Congratulations to all the members of the team!I hope this wasn’t the last episode.Nowadays TV has “rubish” but this series is a real gold,so KEEP GOING…..

  29. Becky says:

    Keep new York I only watch Miami and new york I’m 16 years old and as soon as I get in I look to see if new York is on then check Miami prefer new York it wouldn’t be the same with Gary sinse though and I like David coruso in Miami he’s mint hope they renew it next year cried at the last show :'(

  30. Kathy says:

    i miss CSI NY please dont let it end, I miss you Mac.

  31. A. Mapula says:

    This is a great show, why would you want to cancel a winner.

  32. Becky Abbott says:

    I just want to say, Please don’t take CSI:NY off the air. I love the show and Gary Sinise is the best actor you could have for the role of Mac Taylor. I found this site because I was looking to see if he was sick. He doesn’t look healthy at all.

  33. Robert P. says:

    I love watching CIS NY, and hope that it does not taken off. Gary Sinise truly makes the show. We love having him and his Lt. Dan Band here in Beaufort for the Wounded Warriors weekend fundraiser.


  34. Nina Torkos says:

    My goodness, you’d take off one of (if not THE) favorite shows on the schedule?? We plain ordinary American workers work hard & need to relax at night a little bit & you’d take off one of our favorite shows?? We support Lieuitenant Dan on CSI: NY for not only his excellent acting but a great deal for what he does as a stellar American… What’s the matter with you Willis??