Breaking: NBC Axes Law & Order: LA, The Event and Outsourced

Don’t try to tell anyone at The EventLaw & Order: L.A., and Outsourced that it’s silly to be scared of Friday the 13th: NBC cancelled all three shows today.

The Event started strong last fall but, the denser its serialized plot became, the more its viewership fell off. For what audience remains, at least there will be some (not total but some) closure in the series’ last episode, which airs Monday, May 23. (, meanwhile, reports that producers are looking at ways to keep the show going via another outlet, possibly Netflix.)

On the flip side, LOLA was in trouble right out of the gate. Though the network retooled it and relaunched it with a new cast this spring, it still tanked. So — unthinkable as it is — if Criminal Intent isn’t renewed, come fall, SVU (which is on the verge of being picked up) will be the only L&O still on the air!

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated.


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  1. Omar says:

    For any people that are upset about The Event getting cancelled watch Fringe to save the show from the same fate. It is an amazingly intriguing plot. Excellent characters and great writing. WATCH IT.

  2. Meghan says:

    I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only person who actually liked Outsourced. I never understood all the hate for that show. Was it the best show on TV? Absolutely not. But was it as bad as everybody insisted it was? Absolutely not. Anyway, I’m just happy that a bit of closure was provided from the finale episode.

  3. JJ says:

    Man they cancelled Outsourced! How am I gonna get my Gupta fix now… A sad day for television. Friday the 13th BLOODBATH indeed. At least Todd ended up with Asha. Sad… So sad…

  4. Jaded says:

    NO!!!! I loved The Event!!! :(

  5. sell says:

    minha preferida das L&O franquia sempre será CI. Mas confesso que não entendí o cancelamento da “nave- mãe”. Pior, ao mesmo tempo em que estreava LOLA. Eu pensei: ‘Ué? desistir de uma que já tem seu público pra investir em outra,que basicamente trata da mesma coisa? Não faz sentido!” E não fez. Pena que minha CI está em sua última temporada…Confesso que não tenho simpatia por SVU.

  6. Whatever says:

    I fricking love watching the EVENT. It’s a really good show and if you pay attention every show, you won’t be confused or puzzled why so and so character is different form the beginning. It all makes sense, and I was really getting into it! Dangit!!! This is after I watched Flash Forward and enjoyed that show too before it got cancelled. Honestly though, the Event is far more interesting and if there was enough time for character development, could have been better than Lost too!

  7. Bob says:

    Outsourced was a very funny show. The finale was great. I think too many people didn’t watch the show at all because they thought it made fun of Indian culture when it actually made more fun of American culture. Deidrich Bader is a comic genius. I hope he gets another show soon.

  8. Vanny says:

    Really sad about the Event!

  9. Madi says:

    Okay, Outsourced had it coming. The show started out as funny, but got offensive fast. Plus, the same plot as a UK show “Mumbai Calling.”

    The Even got MUCH better closure than other shows, in my opinion. I think L&O had it coming to. they keep trying to tweak the original L&O and called a brand-new show.

  10. Giselle says:

    I just hope they don´t cancel SVU.

  11. Patrick Munn says:

    Yes LOLA isnt that great, but to be honest it was worse (in my opinion) to both TBJ and Conviction. And as for SVU being only Law & Order on the air next year, aren’t we forgetting Law & Order UK?

  12. Lish says:

    I’m not shocked by these cancellations, but I really never though that Outsourced was that bad of a show. It had some laughs and I liked the concept, but it was definitely a show I DVR’d and watched when I was bored.

    I’m still pissed about Chase being cancelled. I think that show could have done so much better with a little promotion. Almost every fall promotion I saw was for The Event!

  13. Wes says:

    It sucks that Outsourced was cancelled. It was a very enjoyable joy and poked fun at cultural peculiarities.

  14. T McNeil says:

    No major network should be allowed to interfere with the creative content of a genre show (in this case, “The Event”). They (the networks), without fail, misunderstand the need to grow a tiny seed of story into the big picture and instead insist on trying to make the story accessible but still maddeningly vague.
    L&O:LA…I never got past the second episode. It did manage to lose any sense of urgency in the police investigations (maybe that was an East Coast vs. West Coast style choice), but it seemed soulless.
    As for “Outsourced”, I will actually miss it. Ben Rappaport developed nicely as a likable lead and the rest of the cast was stronger than the writing. I do appreciate that NBC gave it a full season (see “The Paul Reiser Show” for the most current instance of the network overreacting tom its own inability to attract viewers to anything other than “The Biggest Loser” or “The Voice”).

  15. sum dum goy says:

    The event although a little long winded was a good replacement for 24. Hope it will continue on another venue.

  16. Clarisse Hammerli says:

    I am very sorry to hear about The Event cancel! For me it’s the best drama on air today!!!!

    I hope they give us some closure, at least!
    I’ll miss it a lot!

  17. carolyn says:

    I personally REALLY liked the event, and I’m sad to see it will be cancelled. It is definately one of those shows you can’t jump in mid-season and get into, and that may be part of the problem. I also LOVE law and order SVU is my favorite , but I also like criminal intent. I hope they bring back both law and order criminal intent and the event.

  18. Samantha says:

    I absolutely loved Outsourced. I can’t believe they canceled it…

  19. MARY ANNE says:


  20. Mark says:

    How about some explanation of what happened to Outsourced? It’s a really good ensemble comedy. Offbeat to be sure (which often spells doom in our give-me-more-of-the-same viewing culture), but a great show that ought not be cancelled.

  21. S says:

    I actually just started to like LA. Screw my luck.
    This is a slap in the face to all L and O fans. You cancel the best series in history to make a new one, but you fail at that. And you cancel that, saying, “Oops, sorry we cancelled”. LA is better than other NBC shows that are being renewed. And it gets axed.
    I really liked the characters as individuals. Rubirosa, probably my favorite ADA, is a big plus. Dekker is pretty interesting, and the Cesar Vargas problem is making some nice drama. But the rare appearance of the DA is kind of putting off, as the DA pisses me off for some reason. I feel like he’s a McCoy poser.
    The cast is really great. But while I love Dekker (I do, trust me), he’s no Cutter, and Rubirosa was better with Cutter (romantically and when it comes to work). Morales and TJ are cool, but none are equivalent to Briscoe. And the sudden shakeup was a bit abrupt.

  22. jennifer says:

    While nbc has a show by the name of “the biggest loser”-in my opinion: nbc is the biggest loser! What happened to the ratings of “the event” was the fault of nbc-3 words: “four month hiatus”! All of these networks should show the fans some degree of respect & put an end to these ridiculous long breaks! I loved “the event” as I truly believe it got so much better after that long break. Nbc promoted the fall premiere of “the event” like crazy & yet,-if you blinked:you would have no idea it returned in March. When “the event” came back in March,most of the hardcore,loyal fans such as myself returned,but,the casual fans did not.My point:nbc totally destroyed the ratings for this show.But please remember:most of the fans,including myself,-watch programs later on-not when they are first aired.If they counted everyone who watches “the event” on the internet,on demand,on tape,& on tivo-the numbers would be very strong & pleasantly surprising! When “the event” came back, it was so much better,because the writing really improved. Taking into account that nbc basically trails every other network-they are in no position to be cancelling quality programs such as “the event”. Also,viewers need some quality programs like “the event” ,because,let me make myself clear:I AM SO SICK OF THE REALITY CRAP THAT FILLS TELEVISION NOWADAYS- AS FANS WE WATCH TV FOR STORIES WHICH MAKE YOU THINK, AS FAR AS THESE REALITY SHOWS GO- I DO NOT CARE ABOUT REAL HOUSEWIVES,PEOPLE LOSING WEIGHT,THE BACHELOR,THE BACHELORETTE,THE APPRENTICE,AMERICAN IDOL,XYZ FACTOR,AMERICA’S GOT NO TALENT,DANCING WITH SO-CALLED STARS,OR,PEOPLE ON AN ISLAND-UNLESS IT’S “LOST”. “Survivor & all these reality shows are taking over television & not leaving room for creative,intelligent programs such as “the event”. An example: I like “the simpsons”,but how is it that it is going past 20 years on television, but, “the event” isn’t given another season just when it was really getting good, come on.Thanks 4 posting my comments.

  23. Darnelle says:

    I TOTALLY agree with all the comments made! I honestly just feel like not watching TV anymore cause I get invested in a show and then it’s cancelled. I really enjoyed Heroes and Flash Forward and they were cancelled. Also Law and Order LA got better after they retooled it and now look it’s cancelled!! WHAT are these people @ these TV stations looking for???!! Maybe I should tune into new shows in Season 2

  24. V. Simone says:

    And this is why reality TV IS TAKING OVER. No one gives TV shows a chance anymore. Outsource was a great show and I liked the re-vamp of LO.LA. Didn’t care too much for the Event. It reminded me too much of Lost and I didn’t care for that show either. NBC could end up losing a lot of viewers no matter what new line-ups they have if they continue on this route.

  25. Linda says:

    I agree that the original L&O should’ve been renewed. It had a great cast and Sam Waterston is always interesting and an excellent actor. Also, I think that L&OLA should’ve had another chance to collect viewers. Corey Stoll is great and Alfred Molina is a fantastic character actor that NBC can’t afford to lose. As usual, network execs at their insipid best.

  26. Jeanette says:

    I can’t believe Outsourced was cancelled! It was one of my favorite shows. There’s hardly anything good to watch anymore. I hate crime/violent shows.

  27. mtc says:

    NBC cancells ‘Outsourced’ and promotes the PURE HATE spewed by Alec Baldwin and Al Sharpton. NBC is evil.

  28. Claire says:

    GDI! I really like Law & Order LA, now. The characters are brilliant and the writing’s improved 100%.

    Why do they axe shows just as they’re getting good?

  29. Chanel says:

    I miss the event so bad, I thought it was pretty good, now law and order la, wasn’t that great, I only watched it cause of Terrence Dashon Howard, aint that sad.