Breaking: ABC Cancels Brothers & Sisters, V, Mr. Sunshine, Four Others

Friday the 13th turned out to be doomsday for Brothers & Sisters and V: ABC has axed both shows. The Alphabet net also pulled the plug on rookie series No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Better With YouDetroit 1-8-7 and Mr. Sunshine.

Though, as Deadline reported, the network was trying to find a way to bring back B&S for an abridged final season, in the end, the suits elected to free up their post-Desperate Housewives time slot for a new show. As a result, last Sunday’s B&S season finale is now, retroactively, the series’ finale.

V, meanwhile, was on the upswing. Its ratings remained so-so, but after a shaky start, it returned for a second season on solid ground creatively. Heck, it even added to the cast the delectable Jane “Diana” Badler from the ’80s version.

So, are you surprised that the Walkers have popped their last cork? That the aliens are no longer a threat? And which dearly-departed ABC series will you miss the most?

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  1. Brynna says:

    Better With You was soooooo good. I’m going to miss it. I loved Brother’s and Sisters too but I think that episode served as a great finale.

  2. N!k!t@ says:

    I liked Mr sunshine, but I assumed it would be canceled from the begining. I will miss Allison and Mathew.

    As for V, the season finale was so freakin awsome. It’s sad to know we’ll never know how it ends.

  3. K says:

    I HATE ABC. First they cancel all my children and now B&S. ABC, I am done watching you! You should fire all your execs. for their poor decision making.

  4. Keira says:

    Figures! Another show I like that is thrown to the curb. I enjoyed V because it was different and it had a great cast. I’d also like to see some kind of wrap-up episode. I want to see Erica kick butt!

  5. Lori says:

    “V” has been cancelled? Then I have no reason to watch their mediocre channel any longer. That was a stupid decision on their part.

  6. Jeff in Co says:

    Great..more room for crappy scripted reality shows. B&S and 187 were good shows and should have been kept. Now we’ll be stuck with America’s Next Yodeler or Some other Tyra banks show…..ugh!

  7. Terry says:

    Better With You is one of the funnier shows on TV. Much funnier than Happy Endings. Again, a very good reason I get most of my programming from the cable nets and not the broadcast networks.

  8. cpreynolds says:

    We always laughed at Better With You. Questioning ABC’s decision-making team.

  9. Cathy says:

    This is why I’m so freakin’ wary to start a new show. Networks don’t give ANY shows a chance anymore, and what’s the point in getting into a show when they’ll just cancel it whenever they like…or shows you HAVE gotten into that don’t have a chance to finish their story i.e Las Vegas (COME ON, CLIFFHANGER MUCH???????) and the Dead Zone (The biggest story line wasn’t concluded). I think you need to give shows at least a 1 month leeway, or have a 2 hour movie if you cancel a show without notice. They think it’s all dollars and cents, but the reality is that they’re just pissing people off!!

  10. WhtSnw says:

    I don’t understand what happens to TV networks nowadays when good television shows such as Brothers and Sisters are being cancelled whereas horrible trashy shows like Glee are adored.

  11. Jill says:

    So upet about Better with You! Why don’t they cancel The Middle instead? That show bores me to no end. At least Better with You was funny!

  12. Kevin says:

    Better with You? Seriously ABC. This is why I no longer invest in this network. Stumbled upon Better With You because of Modern Family but I no longer care what is new in development because they cancel so quickly.

  13. Robin says:

    Better with you too! This is a horrible Friday the 13th! I refuse to watch whatever the put in Brother & Sisters time slot! And there are no other comedies I even watch on that channel so I guess it will just go back to that. Did they renew happy endings? b/c if they did that is really REALLY ridculous when it hasn’t been on the air as long as Better with You and Better with You was actually BETTER than Happy Endings!

  14. JenB says:

    Will not be shedding a tear over B&S…hated the show. I will miss Mr. Sunshine though…or more to the point, I will miss Matthew Perry.

  15. Diana says:

    Brothers & Sisters has gotten down right silly with the Walker antics, but I watch it every week. Shocked to hear it’s gone. I absolutely hate that they cancelled Off the Map!!!

  16. Hayley says:

    I saw B&S coming, but it still makes me sad. It deserves a good wrap up, but now it won’t get that. I’m sad about Better With You, too. That was a really funny show.

    SO HAPPY about Happy Endings. It’s the best new show on TV. It’s LOL hilarious. I even rewind parts of it sometimes to laugh again. If you’re not already watching, start now!

  17. Cat says:

    Eek! Bloodbath is right! “V” really was all over the place, but it was fun to watch. I love seeing Elizabeth Mitchel on a weekly TV show! Sad for “Mr Sunshine”. It was getting better each week, and Lizzy Caplan was so great in the finale! “B&S” hasn’t been at its best since Rob Lowe and Emily VanCamp left. I’m sad that I won’t miss it very much. Now, if only ABC would finally axe “Desperate Housewives”. That show is insanely bad.

  18. Christy says:

    I CANNOT believe they canceled Better With You! I was getting invested in that show and the numbers were pickng up-I was sure they were going to keep it! I bet they canceled it to make way for Tim Allen’s new show which I will predict right now is going to be an epic FAIL.

  19. sladewilson says:

    Let’s run it, shall we?

    1) Brothers and Sisters – Saw the writing on the wall and at least the season finale can play as a series finale.
    2) V – I’m sorry but I stuck with it for the two years it was on and it was all over the freakin’ place. Plus the ender was weak. They needed much better writing…
    3)No Ordinary Family – Supreme let down and they were going to lose essential cast members. Horrible – let me repeat that – HORRIBLE writing.
    3) Mr. Sunshine – there was hope there. Had some serious funny moments and a pretty good cast. Should’ve gained at least a mid season replacement reprieve…
    4)Better With You – see “Mr. Sunshine” but at least they also had a semi “Brothers & Sisters” season/series ender. Oh well…
    5)Off The Map – Really getting better at the end and was finding it’s voice.
    6)Detroit 187 – They saw the writing on the wall and basically wrote a season/series ender but they definitely should’ve been given another shot… Best series out of the bunch…

    Sad thing is ABC/Disney is as bad as every other network and they wonder how TNT and USA is not only catching up to them but creatively is kicking their collective butts….

  20. BrianR says:

    Brother & sisters had gone downhill for a while so no surprise there but they did leave it at a cliffhanger which is irritating.

    V was never given an opportunity to grow. They start with 4 episodes then take 4 months off and cut the episode order to 12 for the first season. Then season 2 gets 13 order and cut to 10. I’m amazed the writers were able to get enough in to tell the story so well. I will miss Elizabeth Mitchell.

    OTM is a much better show than the soap operaesque Private Practice which should be cancelled and replaced by OTM instead. Caroline Dhavernas can not get a break with the worthless networks at all. First Wonderfalls and now this travesty.

  21. tuck says:

    Was hoping to see brothers back for one last season but the season 5 finale is a nice end 2 the had run out of steam but it was still the bast acted dramas on TV,i dont now about the rest of ya but i will miss the walkers,hopefully we will see sally field back on our small screen soon.
    Congrats on 5 good seasons

  22. sHADEN says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ok seriously that was my reaction on the spot and cue waterworks after cause I was caught off guard by the news. WTF ABC??? I loved V and Brothers & Sisters. They will be missed but never to be forgotten. RIP V. RIP Brothers & Sisters.

  23. DarkHawke says:

    Gaaaah! Detroit 187 is dead? The best new show this year? The show that made me fall for James McDaniel all over again? MORONS! And yet they pick up Happy Endings? Oh. Wait. Real pretty cast. Beautifully shot and staged. Completely but inoffensively vapid characters and storytelling. Hell, this IS the next Friends! :(

  24. Kennkmay50 says:

    No Ordinary Family was fun, Detroit 187 was good. That’s the problem. ABC can’t handle fun and good. The Bacelor and the like; cheap tawdry crap goes on while good shows fail.ABC deserves to be the past place network.

  25. klutzy_girl says:

    Noooooooooooo, I loved “Better With You”. It was a great show!

    The series finale was perfect, though. Still angry, however.

  26. Danny says:

    “Detroit 1 8 7” deserved a reprieve. “Brothers & Sisters” was languishing in a prosperous time slot. It’s cancellation was probably fair. No surprise on “Mr. Sunshine” … and “V” absolutely deserved the axe. It’s action-packed season finale was too little, way too late. ABC made fair, logical, sound decisions. The network does need to reinvent itself, however; “Desperate Housewives” is aging badly; only “Grey’s Anatomy” is still strong, going into an eighth season.

  27. Jules says:

    The only one of these I’m really sad about is Better with You:-( I loved that show! It was cute and funny and I always smiled and laughed when watching it.

  28. jay says:

    I loved Better With You.

  29. Catriona says:

    Thanks ABC for showing the fans how much you respect them….this is like saying ‘screw the fans’ ‘ we are only out to make our fast arse’s richer’!! Brothers & Sisters deserved better than you shower of *******!!! Time to boycott all ABC shows cause lets face it, they are gonna kill them once they get bored!!!

  30. Megalion says:

    V & Mr Sunshine are my dearly departeds from this list.

    Mr Sunshine was the breakout sitcom for me this year, even more than Modern Family & Community from last year!

  31. Denis says:

    How could they not have given brothers and sisters just 13 more episodes. Sorry, but i’m raging, that was not a proper send off. Justin basicly had no happy ending, Kitty preggers? and they couldn’t have expanded that a bit? Sarah has a whole new family and they could have went far with that. Damn u ABC, you could have just gave it one more chance. The ratings weren’t that bad.

  32. Denis says:

    How could they not have given brothers and sisters just 13 more episodes. Sorry, but i’m raging, that was not a proper send off. Justin basicly had no happy ending, Kitty preggers? and they couldn’t have expanded that a bit? Sarah has a whole new family and they could have went far with that. Damn u ABC, you could have just gave it one more chance. The ratings weren’t that bad. Can I also state that just cause they have high performing shows, although I love grey’s, PP and DH. They think they can shove anything with slightly lower rating than them in the trash.. ARGHHHH

  33. Taylor Geary says:

    I guess I’m going to be the only one to mention Better With You. I thought it had a great cast and a lot of potential, if only the network plugged it better. Yes, I’m sad about Brothers & Sisters, but honestly I only watched it this season out of loyalty, I didn’t really enjoy any of the story lines. I’m mostly sad not to see all the great actors together, and No Ordinary Family too, love Julie Benz.

  34. Micki says:

    V, unfortunately, had it coming. ABC invested in a second season, so at least we got to see Tyler killed.

    I’m super upset about 187, though. What a well-written, well-conceptualized show. It was character drama at its finest. It honestly probably suffered by being after V. I wish ABC’d give it another shot and have it follow some popular programming. It might’ve helped.

  35. Michelle says:

    DEVESTATED they canceled V! It was my favorite show and it got better every week! What will I do on Tuesdays?

  36. Candice says:

    I liked V and Better with You.

  37. Amber says:

    I always try very hard not to curse on this website, but ABC, you can kiss my shiny, white ass. You are my least favorite network. You are canceling some decent scripted series to make room for s**tty reality programming just to save money and increase your executive paychecks. And it’s possible this decision will work for you as a lot of America is into crappy programming like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but I will not be watching you anymore. My life will go on without you, ABC.

  38. Andrea says:

    I am going to miss off the map. I really liked that show. It was unusual. The accidents and surgeries were unlike those on any other show.

  39. Amy says:

    I was really hoping Off the Map would make it back, although it seemed like a long shot. It was getting better with each episode.

  40. cherol says:

    meh no big losses sadly. I watched off the map here n there but not regularly and stopped watching B&S a few seasons ago. Mr sunshine looked like it might havebeen cute but i only saw 1 ep, and just was not into V. Can they cancel the ridiculous desperate housewives too? please!

  41. Diane says:

    How can u cancel V?People are watching,check out the campaign on Facebook to save it.If you’re not going to listen to viewers,why put anything on.I am so tired of ABC continually canceling shows I watch.Since Lost is gone,I give up on ABC all together.

  42. O says:

    They should have cancelled V last year and kept Flashforward instead!
    It’s so annoying!
    It’s a waste of time to invest any interest in new shows if they keep cancelling them!

  43. connerc says:

    I watched B&S from start to finish. But, even I said several times this year it should end. I think last week’s finale was a good way to go. I’m pretty sure they wrote the Sally Field voice-over at the end just in case this happened.

  44. Rolfe says:

    I wish they would have at least given fans warning. I would have loved to know I was watching the series finale!

    • sandymwp says:

      i agree…’s one thing to cancel a show….it happens. please, though, when it is a long-running series, give the viewers one last show to wrap up all the loose ends. i think a network should reward viewer loyalty. i loved sally field in b&s. she is an outstanding actress and deserved better. an episode this summer would be much appreciated.

      i LOVED “off the wall” ‘cuz it was “off the wall”. sad to see it go.

      not nice, abc.

      • sandymwp says:

        oh, forgot to say……..i also would have liked to know it was the final episode. i would have listened more closely to sally’s voice-overs.

  45. Snsetblaze says:

    I will miss V and Mr. Sunshine (the latter of which I thought was doing well.)

  46. G says:

    Will Andrea Anders ever have a show that lasts?

    Joey, The Class, Better Off Ted and now Mr Sunshine – I’m gutted about Mr Sunshine, but still not over Better Off Ted! Bring it back dammit!

  47. wanda says:

    I am sad to hear that B&S has been taken off the air.I really liked that show,but seems like every time there is a good show on tv,they cancel it.Just doesn’t make sense.

  48. Stacy says:

    Am sad to see V go. I hope another network picks it up or summer dvd sales convince the network to pick it up again. Season 2 really brought out the punches and had immensly improved from Season 1 as we now knew the characters. It kept me hooked on it such that I made sure I watched it live instead of on DVR or on demand.

    Brothers and Sisters did feel like a series finale with minor cliffhangers. I think it was the Nora speech that assured some sort of closure for the end.

    Off The Map seemed doomed when most of the main actors started getting roles on upcoming shows. It’s like they knew that they show was not going to be renewed.

    Sad to see No Ordinary Family go. It was a fun and upbeat show with a real and true focuss of family without getting too heavy. The casting was great and I hope to see them soon on other TV shows.

  49. torontogirl98 says:

    First off Better With You was awesome cute, funny and fun to watch, it kicks Happy Endings butt. And while I am sad B&S is ending I get that all shows have to end but this is totally wrong, ALL shows should be give a proper ending it is just horrible when they decide after the fact and give fans nothing at all, what is the point of even watching when networks treat fans with no respect at all!!!

  50. Bobbi says:

    Very said about Brothers & Sisters. It has been a favorite since it debuted. I can’t believe it is going off the air before Desperate Housewives.

    Even more, we will miss Detroit 187. The show never got the kind of push it needed but it turned into a really good show by the end of the first season. Really sorry to see it go.