Exclusive: Nikita Boss Solves Finale Mysteries, Shares (Probable) Season 2 Scoop

And just like that, the first season of The CW’s Nikita went out with a bang — or rather, an explosion of epic proportions with some plot-changing twists thrown in, just for good measure. Now, let’s get this post mortem started, courtesy of a scoop-filled Q&A with the brains behind this rogue operation, showrunner Craig Silverstein.

TVLINE | This was quite a jampacked finale. Was there anything you weren’t able to fit into the hour? Or was everything you’d planned to do early on able to find it’s way in?
The one thing that was left out of the episode was the fate of Percy (Xander Berkeley). Ultimately, the idea is that Amanda is now going to take over Division, and there was a scene that demonstrated that. It was pitched early on, but the network thought that it was too much change. Though, I feel that we did it without having to show it — and the beginning of Season 2 will show it.

TVLINE | It’s funny you bring that up, because I actually thought Percy would be the one offed in the finale. He seemed doomed through the entire episode. Is there still a relevant spot for him next season?
Oh, there’s a spot. There’s a whole journey for Percy to go on, but the plan was never for him to get killed. It was actually to put a finer point on what really happened to him. You would have seen that Amanda pulled the rug out from under him, and we weren’t actually able to show that. But we will. [Laughs] I want to put Percy through his paces; strip him down and work him back up again.

TVLINE | What does the future hold for Division? Will it undergo a facelift with Amanda in charge? Or will it disappear all together, making way for more prominent Oversight involvement?
It will undergo a bit of a change. It might look a little more palatable at first, but that might be an illusion.

TVLINE | Are we to believe that Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) will now continue working for Division, under the guise of doing good — albeit selfishly?
It’ll be more of a quid pro quo; she won’t work for a Division that’s doing outright evil things. Like she said in the finale, she’s got a new target. She wants to take back the empire that her father had left for her, and that empire is tied into Gogol, as we’ll find out, so she’s going to need Division’s resources to help her.

TVLINE | Does all of that mean that Alex will be a full-fledged foe for Michael and Nikita next season? Will we see them on completely opposite sides from here on out?
Yeah. It’s not like Alex hates Nikita (Maggie Q) and wants to kill her, but her [arrangement] with Amanda will be: You help us catch Nikita and stop this crusade that she’s on, and we’ll help you get back your birthright.

TVLINE | Can Amanda really be trusted to deliver on that promise?
That’s the game Alex is willing to play.

TVLINE | Talk a bit about Amanda — and Melinda Clarke for that matter. Had you always envisioned that she’d become such a integral part of the series?
It’s something that began to emerge. The writers were reacting to Melinda Clarke’s performance — she was so scary! Sometimes scarier than Percy — but Amanda is the character that we know the least about, and so she presents a great threat.

TVLINE | Now that we’ve seen who “dies” in the finale, I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the sneaky death tease Melinda gave us last week.
I was saying the same thing to people. [Laughs] She wasn’t lying — Alex did die for 26 seconds.

TVLINE | And finally, “Mikita”: Is the plan to see them on the run next season?
Yes, absolutely.

TVLINE | You didn’t play the traditional “Will They/ Won’t They?” game with Michael and Nikita. Will we see them stay together? Or are you of the mindset that it may become boring?
I’m of the mindset that it gets boring if they get together and no new tension arises. Something is going to happen to get in their way next season. It won’t happen right away, but yeah, it’ll happen. There are a lot of new paradigms in Season 2. I don’t think you can just have them happy and in love, kicking ass together forever.

TVLINE | Speaking of Mikita tension, are there any plans to introduce new characters as physical obstacles to the two of them?
There are a couple new characters that we will introduce.

TVLINE | Men…? Women…?
Let’s see: One is a man, and one’s a woman. How’s that?

TVLINE | How about Ryan (Noah Bean)? Will Season 2 follow up on where he landed after helping Nikita escape in the finale? Or is he secondary to the story?
Oh no, I loved the idea that he made this big sacrifice for Nikita. What he did is going to look like treason, so he’s going to be put in a maximum security prison. Nikita made a promise to break him out and the CIA knows that she made it, so they’re waiting for that. It’s going to be tough, but she always follows through on her promises.

TVLINE | Same question, but about Owen. Have any decisions been made about what capacity Devon Sawa will return next year?
I definitely want him to come back. Part of the thing that makes the character of Owen so cool is that we only saw him four episodes and because of that, there was no fat on the bone, so to speak. He got to maximize his time and really leave an impression. He’s a character who doesn’t make a lot of wasted moves and I wouldn’t want to lose that. Let’s say you had him in every other episode, you wouldn’t want to take a false step and have fans get annoyed with Owen for a second.

TVLINE | What’s next for Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford)? Will there be any repercussions for him helping Michael escape? Or will he also be part the new Division? Personally, I’d love to see him go rogue with the gang.
Your wish may come true, but I don’t want to spoil what happens with Birkhoff. He’ll definitely be back next season.

TVLINE | Now that we’ve sat here talking about all of your big Season 2 plans…. How are you feeling about a Nikita renewal? Still confident?
I feel good about it. I won’t know it’s a sure thing until I know it’s a sure thing [Laughs], but I feel the same thing I felt a few months ago, which is that I’d be super-shocked if it didn’t happen. So, we’re just planning for it.

TVLINE | How quickly will you guys get back to work on the second season, should the show get picked up?
We’re actually still going a little bit. I can’t bring in the whole staff, but we’ve been keeping the fire on, and meeting and talking about Season 2. And when we get the pickup — I’ll just put it that way — we’ll start back up in the writers room in a week or two.

TVLINE | Let’s wrap this thing up: Is there an overall theme or description of what you’re hoping to portray in Season 2 of Nikita?
It’s Michael and Nikita righting wrongs, as Alex heads from right towards wrong.

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  1. Marissa says:

    Great finale. Great season. Has to be renewed because this show has taken away from all the drama in the CW & has filled it with action which makes it even more interesting. Can’t say that there’s been a show like this but keep it coming!!!!! Its started out as gooooooooood & heading toward GREAT/wonderful/amazing/fantastic!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Alex is annoying! I hate her now. What is she trying to prove? That she’s a BAMF?! pshhhh, whatever! Looking forward to Mikita next season.

    • M says:

      You gotta give Alex a little break, its expected that she would be a tad resentful of Nikita, especially when she has been kept in the dark for so long about how her parents died. What I don’t like about Alex is how easily she is swayed by everyone else. Also, Alex is doing nothing more than going back to her roots, taking over her father’s company was her first education and she is going back to that. I am not pleased that she is going up against Nikita, but since last week, I have wanted Nikita to kick her ass a few times. But the end result is that Alex is no match for Nikita and it doesn’t worry me at all that she has gone down that road.

    • Cy says:

      Aww, poor Alex. She’s just young and confused at the moment. I’m glad she still appreciates Nikita and remembers all she did for her, even if they go down different paths for a while. But personally, I like this development in their relationship–they care about each other (aaah, that gut-wrenching, teary plea Nikita made to Alex before Percy’s minions so rudely interrupted!) but circumstance is going to drive them to opposition, even if their emotions aren’t. So much delicious tension~~ I pray we get the renewal news SOON.

  3. Jen says:

    WHAT A FREAKING AMAZING SEASON FINALE! … I legit had to pick up my jaw from the floor and get out of a shocked, very emotional, state to be able to comment on this LOL. SUCH good TV! GAH…this show never ceases to blow my freaking mind.

    I can’t WAIT for S2 … it all sounds so awesome. I am so looking forward to what’s to come. SO MUCH is going on. Oversight, Alex going rogue, Mikita on the run, Birkhoff, Percy, GOSH DAMN what a way to set up S2. So many stories to tell.

    My personal fav part of this interview.

    It’s Michael and Nikita righting wrongs, as Alex heads from right towards wrong.

    YAY!!!!!! Michael and Nikita have become my favorite relationship on TV right now. The chemistry between Shane and Maggie is just undeniable. When Michael thought she was dead it ripped me to pieces and that ending scene in the car. So much love – so much. Thanks for the bit Meg! Everything crossed for S2 :D!

    • Jamie says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better. :)

      I will say this. I’ve always been of the mindset that because Mikita got together so early (which I love by the way) and because their relationship is so integral to the show that they’d kind of have that on and off relationship throughout the series. So, I’m not surprised about a man and woman being introduced as obstacles. I’m just glad it’s balanced, so that we might get to see them BOTH jealous. lol

  4. Rachel says:

    OH LORD CW!!! PLEEASEEEEE ANNOUNCE SEASON 2 ALREADY!!!!!! Meg, thank you SO much for this!! your just amazing!
    And gahh! everything Craig spilled sounds so amazing!!! Mikita working together, very mrandmrs smith like!! asldkas;ldkas;dlaks (i just hope by things coming between them – he means circumstancial or very few short teases of other ppl – srsly! i cannot have this beautiful love turned into one of CW’s teeny bopper orgies!!! no no no!)
    And amanda “running” Division… hmm sounds intriguing!
    and Birkoff needs to officialy join Team Nikita! couldn’t agree more! OT3 <333

    thanks again Meg!

    • Jamie says:

      I trust Craig completely and so I think it’s more of these characters throwing minor wrenches into the Michael and Nikita relationship rather than their relationship being ruined and turned into something lame like the teeny bopper orgies on the CW. I’ve always said that I think the Michael/Nikita relationship will play out over the course of the series and be very on and off, as in getting back together and being torn apart multiple times over the years. But, nothing will ever TRULY tear them apart if you catch my drift.

  5. Jane says:

    S2 renewal needs to happen now! Hooray for Mikita or [enter any other coupling] but the show’s core relationship is between Nikita & Alex. The scene between Nikita & Alex in the loft was phenomenal & gut wrenching. It’s interesting that by saving Alex from Divison/fire, Nikita actually saved herself (soul) but truly couldn’t save Alex from herself/destiny (at least not yet). Hope that if Alex does side w/ Divison in S2 she redeems herself!

    • Captain says:

      I completely agree. Nikita/Michael may be the show’s endgame romantic union but this show has always (and hopefully will always) been about the Nikita/Alex relationship. It doesn’t seem like Alex will redeem herself since her mission is to take down Nikita but I do hope by season’s end, her and Nikita are back together, where they belong.

  6. Jason says:

    Renew! I needs more Fonseca!

  7. Hannah says:

    I love Nikita. The actors are amazing, the plot always keeps me interested. Hellcats is welcome to leave, just so long as Nikita comes back for a 2nd season!

  8. Anna says:

    That doesn’t qualify for a spot on the death list, does it?

  9. Captain says:

    It pains me to look at Alex now. I’ve become so invested in this show and rooted for Alex/Nikita so hard (my favourite dynamic in the show) and I feel so betrayed by her. I don’t even hate her, its so weird but I feel like she physically hurt me or something. I’m so disappointed in her.

  10. Jay says:

    That scene with Amanda and Alex was amazing, some of the best tv ever.

    Melinda Clarke needs to be the front and center of the next season. It makes you wonder what she would actually do with Nikita if she had no one expecting Nikita’s demise.

  11. adam says:

    the season finale, was epic, but i was very sad by alex going rogue. however, i feel like it could have been avoided if nikita had just told alex the truth in the first place. like alex said why didn’t you just tell me and now i can’t trust you. ps, lyndsy fonseca is awesome.

  12. Robin says:

    Oh, Alex. Using Division to help get the man who ordered the hit on her family. That’s exactly the trap Michael fell into.

    • Ade says:

      Oooo this is very very true, ii didn’t even think about that! But then again I guess u can always make the arument that that was division run under percy NOT amanda so well see how that turns out, altho I do believe it’ll be bad for alex

  13. nikita says:

    not a fan of the nikita vs. alex thing…have a feeling.. u will loose lots of viewers going this direction…

  14. Julie says:

    Thanks Megan!!! I love that Craig revealed so much, but yet there are so many possibilities for season 2!!! Thanks Craig for no major cliffhangers!!! We had enough toward the whole season, so I’m glad there is nothing major during the summer hiatus. PLEASE CW RENEW RENEW RENEW NIKITA!!!

  15. Kingdom says:

    Guess Megan was not a fan of USA’s La Femme Nikita as not seen any reference to Alberta Watson who played Madeline. The Amanda of that series and really the model Melinda Clarke is following even if doesn’t know it. Hopefully more nods like that will come next season.

  16. dxgarten says:

    The fight between Nikita and Alex really hits home for me. I have a close friend that I had a big fight with and now we’re not talking. Losing a friend or becoming estranged from them can be as painful as losing a significant others. Hopefully they spend some time to deal with this issue.

  17. Riley says:


  18. Darius says:

    That was an INCREDIBLE finale! It’s crazy how fast-paced this show is, that hour went by so fast. Now we have to wait till September for season two. :|

  19. M says:

    As I was watching last night, I thought myself that it is a travesty that the network should be taking this long to renew this completely sophisticated, sleek and amazing show. I’ve always said that Nikta is on the wrong network, not with the 90210’s, Gossip Girls and a host of other teen drama’s invading the CW. Perhaps if they give them Smallville’s time slot of Give them Tuesdays at 9pm, it would be better. Currently this Thursday night at 9pm timeslot is killing the show’s potential. Not when there are so many die hard Grey’s and Bones fans watching ABC and Fox at the same time. Move the show to a different night and renew it. Nikita deserves a chance and they deserve a better timeslot.

  20. Alex says:

    I loved season 1 and the finale – but season 2 sounds like a bore… I think i’ll check out now on a high note. Mikita? Ugh… With them together for good and Percy defeated (he was defeated) – where’s the tension?? And Alex’s reversal is awful – so out of nowhere… No interest in Amanda’s unrealistic takeover of division… Give me a break… Thanks though for a great season 1!

    • Jena says:

      How is Alex’s reversal out of nowhere ? A whole bunch of us saw it coming. Alex has never really had her head on straight with her previous captivity ,drug use etc, things are bound to happen. The whole show is partially based on redemption.

      • M says:

        It definitely was a long time coming. From the minute she started having flashbacks about the training her father put her through, about being a true Udinoff and claiming her legacy; then there was the time she shot her former pimp or whatever he is called and she said cold’y “I am Alexandra Udinoff and this is your reward”, then the camera had panned back to Nikita and that look said it all, then there was that detox episode where she saw herself as the true Udinoff heir. Maybe Alex missed a few episodes, like all the ones that I just mentioned?

  21. Ivy says:

    This finale was EPIC, and I expected nothing less from this show. Though I’ve got to say it felt a little rushed and some things did not surprise me ( but that is all because “Betrayals” taught us to expect the unexpected). Amanda was the biggest surprise of the night, that is something I did not see coming at all; I found it funny that she took Percy’s place without breaking a nail. Amanda, I would say, is the sneakiest character of the show and thus I love her.
    I also love NERD, I am glad he didn’t die (i was fearing it after they said someone would die in the finally).
    Alex/Nikita scenes broke my heart. I see Alex’s point, to be honest, I think she is more angry at Nikita for lying to her than for actually killing her father. However, I am also mad at her for the way she treated my lovely Nikita (Maggie nailed it; you could see how Nikita hurt so bad for the breakup with Alex).
    My lovely Michael nailed it as well. His expression was just GAAHH awesome after he was told his girl was alive. Mikita is the bestest ever!
    I hope we get a S2. Otherwise, CW will be the biggest mistake. It would be interesting to see where Alex goes from hear, though it would be hard to see her go against her mentors (she better redeem herself btw; she has to redeem herself in my book. I also love the idea of Mikita on the run because they are true love (the finale needed a reunion kiss though). I just hope that bringing new love interests doesn’t turn the show into a melodrama.

    Can’t wait for S2 and for having more of this amazing cast. Maggie and Shane rock! as do Lindsy, Xander, Melinda, and Aaron. I just love them all.

    Now to try to find something else to do to deal with Nikita/Mikita withdrawal lol

    Nikita S2 FTW

  22. Cy says:

    Seriously, that was one of the greatest hours of television I have EVER seen. WHAT AN EPISODE! Dang, this show is on fire! They HAVE to renew it!! (hurry up, CW!!! This is driving me nuts!)

    I LOVE where they took Niki and Alex’s relationship–still caring for each other but driven apart by circumstance. Oh, I can just imagine the juicy clashes and complications this situation will cause in the future. Nothing better than nemeses who respect and admire each other from across the battle lines, so to speak. ^^

    And I love where Birkhoff’s character is headed–the unexpected sincerity of his friendship for Michael was moving, and something about the contrast of fighter/non-fighter between them (as opposed to every other relationship on the show being between equally matched butt-kickers like Mikita, Nowen, etc) is really cute. Oh, I guess Rikita is similar, in that poor, little Ryan wouldn’t stand a chance versus Nikita–loved where his story went too! And I’m so glad Nikita’s going to bust him out of prison… I can imagine it wouldn’t go well for a cute, little guy like him in there. ^^; Hurry, Niki, hurry!

    Also, MIKITA. *__* (kyaaaaaa!) It’s going to be unspeakably cool to watch happy, lovey-dovey Mikita right wrongs and triumph over evil in season 2. Can’t wait!!!

  23. Sarah UK says:

    Just saw the finale…wow!!!! I really hope we get season 2!!! When it first started I never thought it would go the places it did so soon. Brilliant!!

  24. Chanel says:

    gaaajdfkdsvlkd that was the most intense, emotional, gripping episode CW has offered in a while..i like xo and 90 but NIKITA fulfils the tomboy in me. That episode was amazing!!!!!!!!! If CW doesnt renew this we should all stage a protest like seriously. Cant wait for s2. Mikita, need to stay together and in love but not ‘together’ until maybe near the end od s2 to get back with each other, to avoid boredom. Alex needs to triple cross Amanda to redeem herself and renew the Nikita/Alex. Birkhoff will be a #TeamNikita and Percy should just die. Nikita rox!!!

  25. Marci says:

    I thought the final was fantastic and liked how they put Percy in his place. Now with Amanada in charge I hope she uses Roan more than just a Cleaner and hope they fix his face after Nikia threw that chemical at him.

    I also love Birkoff and want to see him more too.

  26. Eugene says:

    Abosultely love the series. Can’t wait for Season 2 to be out. I want to see Alex triple crossing. Alex, Birkoff, Michael and Nikita will make a awesome team. Nikita is by far, the tv series I like best.

  27. Lynn Kaelin says:

    I love the show…. Everything about it I make sure I’m at home on thur.it’s the BEST…:0)

  28. sam says:

    as the ‘top’ cleaner, what about robbie?

  29. Lolo says:

    Really loved the season finale , and the article too , but I think Michael and Nikita love each other way too much to let some random people get in their way , besides I think a moral obstacle would be so much better , don’t you think ???

  30. Lucy says:

    I love reading his interview gets me so excited for Season 2. Avid watcher of Nikita I loved it the moment it graced our screens.
    Michael and Nikita cannot wait for their ups and downs will be epic either way. Birkhoff, Percy and Amanda I adored seeing more of them. I cannot wait for everything to unfold. I do love Owen I see what he means about not ruining his character. Michael and Nikita doing the whole Bonnie and Clyde thing I can’t wait I love how this show keeps moving forward. Like in TVD when Elena found out Stefan was a vamp half way through the season I was like thank-you. None of this what is he bull. Let’s get to it. And that’s what I love about Nikita. The action, the drama, the epic romance between Michael and Nikita. Pure Gold. Just waiting for news of the renewals. I just want confirmation on my favorite show!

  31. Brittany Collins says:

    This show is better than one tree hill,charm, cis both version, life unexpected and 24. I hop we get to see a trailor of season2 because this show is HOT BABY, HOT BABY, HOT BABY, HOT BABY! I haven’t seen girl power sense Cold Case, Buffy the vampire slayer, and Angel. Listen up guys or whoever is in charge of the cw network please renew Nikita this show is to addictive to stop watching. Come now this is worth giving another shot to. Nikita is action pack thriller that set up a whole new error of drama mix with a lot of adventure. Over 85,000,000 people watch this show and if you want to get rid of a show ONE TREE HILL should be the to get the AX

  32. Aileen says:

    I really like Aaron Stanford’s portrayal of Birkhoff. While I absolutely love the whole Nikita thing, who knew I’d get hooked on the show because of Birkhoff? He’s a great protagonist nerd- wonder why there isn’t a whole nerd following out there identifying with him, I love nerds!

  33. marissa says:

    cant wait for season 2 i loved the season finale and i hope in season 2 alex ends up helping nikita again or is pretending to help division when she is really helping nikita like in the first season but in this season if that happened nikita wouldnt know alex was helping her but who knows whats going to happen in the 2nd season thats just what i think should happen.

  34. Andi says:

    Season 1 finale really solidified my hatred that I had for Alex since the start. She comes off as too emotional for what she’s doing (Come on, she can at least be COMPOSED. And she’s a terrible liar. I can’t believe she even survived Division.) and really selfish.

    I did enjoy the decent amount of Birkhoff in the finale, though, and I had a total fangirl SQUEE moment when he helped Michael escaped.

    Epic Bromance, dude. :)