American Idol Top 4 Results: Did the Right Contestant Get Sent Home Tonight?

American Idol held its Top 4 results show tonight, and in a most shocking turn of events, the Golden Stools of Advancement replaced the Silver Stools of Potential Doom. Okay, maybe “shocking” isn’t the right word for that development, but what’s a superlative or two when we’re talking about the nation’s biggest, most maddening, most buzzed-about television show?

Perhaps more surprising, however, was the fact that in a season that for a long time looked like it would be best known for the quick and merciless elimination of its female finalists — after all, the first five singers to go home from the Top 13 were all women — the Season 10 Top 3 will be comprised of (in order of Ryan’s announcement) Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, and Scott McCreery.

Yes, that’s right, in keeping with Idol‘s history of fourth-place finishes for perceived front-runners (think Tamyra Gray, La Toya London, and Chris Daughtry), judges’ favorite James Durbin received the lowest number of votes this week and was eliminated from the competition. [Update: Check out our full episode recap here.]

“Man, I worked so damn hard to get here,” said James, as tears rolled down his cheeks. But before his emotional exit lap on “Maybe I’m Amazed,” the 22-year-old California rocker expressed happiness that he accomplished what he set out to do on the show. “Give metal a chance!”

And now, as the expression goes, there are three. Let’s break down the remaining facts of the telecast.

Musical Performances
Scotty McCreery & James Durbin: “Start a Band”
Haley Reinhart & Lauren Alaina: “Gunpowder and Lead”
Enrique Iglesias: “Dirty Dancer”/”I Like It”
Jordin Sparks: “I Am Woman”

Video Performances
Lady Gaga: “You and I (Live in Concert)”
Steven Tyler: Some Bacchanalia Situation That Had Ryan Making Jokes About Sexy Ladies

And now that you’ve got the scoop, I’m going to get working on my full episode recap — look for it to post overnight here at [UPDATE: Full recap is liiive!] (And yes, I might get over my shock long enough to express some actual opinions in said article.) Until then, how are you feeling about James’ ouster? Did you see it coming? What kind of future do you see him having in the music biz? Can you imagine buying his post-Idol music? Sound off in our poll below, then hit the comments; and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. RTW says:

    I’m standing up, I’ve got a glass of wine in my hand and I am toasting a JOB WELL DONE to everyone on this site…I’m so freakin proud of all of you! James, you rocked it and you WILL be missed! And to Haley…from zero to hero…go get ’em kid! To the “Save the Growler” movement!

    • Jessabean says:


    • Amie says:

      Here! Here! I’m very sad to see James go, I would have preferred Scotty or Lauren. But I am so excited for Haley. I don’t care if she goes farther than next week I am just happy she got top 3! #savethegrowler

      • Haley's Comet says:


        CHEERS TO STEVEN TYLER for going off script and calling out Randy and JLO for picking on Haley. EW is reporting that Haley and (Lauren!) spoke out against the Judges negative attacks on Haley. Lauren even admitted that Haley is the best singer in the competition!!! Lauren also mentioned that she listens to Haley’s itunes recording over and over and over again…as to I!! We have so much in common Lauren, I totally agree with you Lauren, Haley is a better singer than all of you…

        Lauren should go home tonight, but Lauren has a stronger fan base than Haley. Lauren has over 100,000 followers on twitter, last I checked Haley has around 78,000. And Lauren and Scotty’s fans are FANATICS, LOL.

        Who’s going home? Well last night’s contest for final three was actually between Haley and James. Lauren and Scotty has had final three locked for weeks because of their huge fan base, and intensely loyal fans. As we saw last night the AI production team pulled out all the stops to make sure james make it into the the final three. They even gave him the pimp spot. (The pimp spot should have been given to Scotty since he is already a lock for the finals…that way the other contestants would have been on an even playing field.)

        There has been so much media buzz about the Judges negative treament towards Haley…that I actually think that the Judges negativity may work in Haley’s favor, and James might be sent packing TONIGHT!!

        Comment by Haley’s Comet – May 12, 2011 09:59 AM PDT Reply To This Post


        • Ell says:

          In a non-flaming way, why is Haley such a favorite around here? I find something about her attitude towards criticism really off-putting. Like, it’s Idol. The point of the show is to be judged on your performance.

          She has a really nice voice, but there have been a lot of people with good voices and a lot more stage presence (charisma, movement, etc.), without the Haley adoration on this site. What do you guys find so compelling about her, genuinely curious?

          • B.Rich says:

            Yes it’s idol. Yes there should be criticism. Yes only Haley is receiving any criticism.

            Who cares though, she just made top 3 so it must have backfired on them.

          • Wendeeloo says:

            First I wonder what you mean by “a non flaming way”(just curious) Beyond just her great voice she has been able to switch from genre to genre country(Blue) jazz(Moanin) pop rock (Bennie and the Jets) classic rock (houseofrising sun) etc Her studio versions have been the best of anyone’s and has sold the lions share of them. She is a performer without the odd habits like Scottys eyes and exudes more confidence than Lauren. And I would definitely buy an album and see her in concert. I don’t get the perception that she is arrogant – quite the opposite. She has put up with being the only one criticized so long that this week after doing a song she loved and was inspired by – the judges dumped on her choice and her voice while having no criticisms for the others who most agree were not perfect. No wonder she spoke out – No wonder.

          • David says:

            There’s a difference between giving constructive criticism to the contestants and giving a free pass to every contestant but one. All the contestants have had good and bad performances, but you couldn’t tell that from how the judges react week after week. If all you heard was the judges reactions and not the songs, you’d think every contestant was a lock for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame except Haley, who is clearly just a bad karaoke singer. The truth is far, faaaar different, and, while I happen to think Haley IS the best singer left, and certainly the most well rounded this season, you are also seeing a lot of people here sticking up for someone who is being bullied. Thus: #SaveTheGrowler!!!!!

          • Julie says:

            Haley has become something of a favorite because she’s the only one in THIS crew that even has the glimmer of an artistic approach to her singing. Yes, she needs to develop better presence, but she at least does something with the music. She expresses the music more than the lyrics, in fact, which is both a strength and a flaw. Now that Casey is not there, who else of them has any maturity musically? Then there is the fact that she gets disproportionally criticized. It’s not that people want her to be criticized less, they just think the others stink, and get away with it, while Haley can’t get a break.

          • Haley's Comet says:

            Ell, like lauren alaina pointed out in an interview last night. Haley has the best voice in the competition. Her itunes recordings are Amazing. Haley does need to work on her stage presence, but I think all the contestants have areas in which they need more developement. Having said that…Haely is by far the most unique vocalist I have come across in a look time.

            Haley extraodinary talent coupled with the judges seemingly obsessive need to criticize Haley and not the other contestants. Have rallied a lot of viewers to haley’s side. I think it’s about not only saving Haley, but also calling out the Judges on their mean spirited hypocrisy.

          • Grace says:

            I totally get why you’re confused, and may I just say that I appreciate the level-headed tone?

            To your first point, Idol USED to be about being judged on your performance, but this season, and especially the past few weeks, it’s been about judges building up contestants regardless of their worthiness. Ear-splittingly awful performances are being praised as genius. THAT’s why I get pissed when Haley gets constantly panned more than anything, because other performers who do much worse get much higher praise for no clear reason. Also, the criticism she gets, as well as a good deal of the praise, is NEVER about her performance. It’s always song choice or who she is as an artist, without mention of the quality of her performance.

            Aside from that, I do just think she’s better than a “nice voice,” which is totally a personal preference thing, but even before I loved her, I had to admit that she was technically spot-on every time. I find her vocal prowess to be a lot more exciting than flaming pianos or marching bands…

          • joy2011 says:

            From the first time I heard her sing I enjoyed the tone of her voice. It had an interesting edge to it. When she took on Alicia Keys(who is one of my favorites) and sounded like A.K. but adding her own nuances to the song I became a fan. Especially after listening to Randy tell her the song did nothing for her when I believed it showed she could step into that genre and be successful in my opinion. I have become an even bigger fan as I watched her get “dogged” after good performances and others get praised for less worthy ones. I guess it is the whole underdog theory. The more insults thrown her way the more I like her and the harder I fight to see her win.

          • Jill says:

            It’s not just TvLine. EW, E!, TV Squad and I think People all have columnists who have written about the treatment Haley has received compared to the others. It’s not just Slezak.
            Haley has kept her composure, last night included. I only flipped over from Survivor to see her performance and her numbers so I could vote for her. I didn’t want her to get the shaft.
            I think I’ll have a hard time watching SYTYCD this summer with Nigel on the judging panel.

          • Davers says:

            I think he meant “non-inflammatory”. The supposed attitude towards criticism only came when they really started to pile it on her. Before this week, the many weeks when she had been singled out and slammed by the judges, Haley took it in stride. But it had really become too much. I have never heard one negative word from them for Lauren or James and only once has Scotty been criticized. She rightly felt exasperated. And the content of the critique was so ridiculous that I could only admire her for standing up for herself and reacting as pretty much anyone would in the face of bullies like that.
            You ask what the fuss it? The versatility of her voice is remarkable. I noticed it first when she sang “Falling” – a song I have never liked but which she somehow made seem fresh and interesting through the quality of her voice. She can produce so many different vocal textures, from the growl to the power notes,to the lilting notes of her upper register. I really like Lauren’s tone, but I don’t ever see her push herself vocally and don’t notice any interesting variations. Scotty has swagger and confidence, and sings in key, but I am bored by him and fastforward through his performances. James had moments of brilliance (“Maybe I’m Amazed” “Will you still love me”) but was also completely off and shouty on too many occasions, none of which were *ever* pointed out by judges on a show the point of which, you say rightly, is to be judged on your performance.
            In sum, GO HALEY!!!

          • Tusk says:

            Short answer:

            View the Idoloonies from the beginning. Indesputable proof of shenanigans culminating in last night’s Randy “Uber” savaging of a young, confident and talented woman.

          • colleen says:

            I absolutely DESPISE Haley. She misses 90 percent of the notes she attempts to sing. She looks like a horse. She has zero style, no personality, and no class. Oh, and did I mention, she can only scream..not sing. James should have won the whole thing. Although I really like Lauren and Scotty, I am so irate right now I will never watch American Idol again. I’ve been a fan since day 1, but am done with it. Pia, and Casey were ten thousand times better singers than stupid Haley. She disgusts me as a human being, and mostly as a singer. I’m kissing my loyalty to American Idol goodbye, as of tonight.

          • lisa says:

            I have to agree. Since the begining -I have been completely put off by Haleys seeming arrogance. No mentor ever humbles her and any critcism has her defending herself. Clearly she is a legend already – in her own mind. She could seriously learn from jennifer lopez who has won me over… What a lady, what a star, what a wonderful human being. God I hope haley is next or i will be tempted to stop watching

        • dunedinjeff says:

          I LOVE Haley, and I believe she has been given the shaft (“judges”-wise) for the last few weeks. I’m glad she made it through, but even if she makes top 2 (which she def. could), she will never win and here’s why:
          If Scotty is voted off, the country contigent of voters will flock to Lauren and vice versa. It’s a shame, and I feel like Haley will get a bunch of James’ fan’s votes next week, but after that, it’s gonna be a “country-fied” winner for sure. I hope not, but that’s my prediction.

          • haley is toast says:

            James’ fans are blaming Haley’s fans for sending James home. They are very anti-Haley right now, and they will be sending their votes to Scotty and Lauren. We could actually see an all-teen-country finale. Lauren still ranks highest amongst tweens -a powerful AI voting block – they admire & look up to her (think jordin sparks win in s6). Two ppl at opposite ends of same genre is not unusual in AI F2 (crystal lee, adam kris, carrie bo), so Scotty Lauren finale is not unlikely, given that James fans are now on the “anyone but Haley” train.

          • lisa says:

            Haley should have left long ago, yes shes good, but not great, and she behaves as though she is already a mega star. Thats not even confidence…its arrogance. I will be devistated if she won,

      • j says:

        Why is lauren still on the show?

        • Darrin says:

          Because she’s a talented singer and a majority of voters prefer her??

          • JOHN says:

            She is the least talented of the top 4 and cried the last two episodes for the pity vote. Wake up.

          • S. Lee Stack says:

            nope, pretty sure that’s not it…

          • Suncatcher says:

            AND, KUDOS to Lauren for not only sticking up for Haley Wednesday night, but for even singing like Haley with her second song! She did the Haley growls and mannerisms perfectly!!! I loved it! I was not a big Lauren fan before, but I am now. It finally be a real horse race between Haley & Lauren to the finale.


          • Joel says:

            Lauren is still there for more-or-less the same reasons Scotty is. Because most of the AI voters are good ‘ol Americans who love their winners innocent, pretty, country-music loving, Gaga-fearing Christians. Now Scotty is equally more talented than Launren as he is smarter than her, so I’ll give him some credit, but he beat James — a much more watchable performer — for that very reason.

          • Cat says:

            She’s not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination (#savethegrowler!!!), but her voice sounds really nice in the ipod, where emotional connection doesn’t matter as much. Pretty voice. Immature teenager.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Not a majority. Just enough to keep her around. Next week, James’ voters have to go somewhere. I don’t think they automatically shift to Lauren. Haley is closer to that crowd. Or they don’t vote at all.

        • hooch says:

          In my opinion, tonight showed why Lauren is still in it — or at least why she deserves to be. When she sang her duet with Haley, I was like “Why didn’t she sing THAT last night??”
          She sounded and performed better than Haley, who sounded better than both of the guys. And Scotty sounded better than James.
          So in my opinion, it was the correct top 4, and it is now the correct top 3.
          SUCK IT JUDGES.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            What hooch said! Finally, Lauren gave the performance we’ve all been told she could but never managed to muster – until she sang with Haley on “Gunpowder and Lead”. Haley raised Lauren’s confidence level, IMO. You always do better when you’re singing or doing anything with someone that’s really good. And, at last – Lauren wasn’t dressed in some ghastly cast-off outfit from the Lennon Sisters’ wardrobe or “Hee-Haw”.

            It stands to reason Lauren sang better than Haley – after all, that’s Lauren’s type of song, but Haley did very well considering she’s not a country singer. And nothing says “country” like a woman standing behind the door with a 12-gauge shotgun, waiting to blow her abusive man away. I hope this means all of you AI fans that dislike Jesus/crosses/flags/patriotism/Christians/George Bush/and songs about 9-11 will ZIP IT.

          • Carla says:

            Lauren outsang Haley because the song was a country song. Also the reason that Scotty sounded better than James! Just saying. (conspiracy theory…Lauren and Scotty are the obvious shoe-in’s for finale)

          • joy2011 says:

            I didn’t think she sounded better than Haley I just thought she did a better job than usual. I think they had Haley’s and James’s mike set lower to let the other two sound louder but that is okay. Which ever one is your favorite you tend to be biased about. Haley all the way to the final 2.

          • Haybabyfan says:

            This is what Lauren said about The judging od Haley: “I wasn’t a happy camper about that,” said Lauren Alaina, who was seated with Haley and fellow contestants Scotty McCreery and James Durbin. “That made me a little ill. Because Haley” — she turned to Scotty and James — “I’m sorry guys, but Haley has the best voice on this show, and she gets the most criticism. It’s just, like, I deserve a lot more criticism than she does.” At this point, Haley began to redden: “Oh wow. You’re very sweet.” Lauren wasn’t done, either. “I’m Haley’s number one fan,” she continued. “I listen to her iTunes songs over and over and over again.” Finally, Haley’d had enough, her face disappearing into her hands: “Stop! You’re making me blush! You are really cute, thank you. That was really, really, really sweet.”

          • Stephanie says:

            I definitely agree the judges have been extra harsh on Haley recently. There have been some occasions where it was accurate. However as the show has gone on she has become one of my favorite contestants. The one getting the sympathy vote in my opinion would have been James. He was too much like Adam Lambert just not as good. Scotty is amazing at what he does which is country music. If u don’t like country your not going to be a fan. lauren’s voice is great and she proved it last night with the Martina song and with the duet with Haley. America got it right. From here it is a tough choice because they are all so different and amazing at what they do.

          • Stephanie says:

            Lauren sang it better not because it was a country song so much as that her voice is more pure and she can hit higher notes.

          • Lunakit says:

            The duet song was completely slanted in Lauren’s favour. I also thought showing Gaga’s version of “You and I” was meant to imply a negative comparison to haley’s version of the same song. When in the history of Idol have they compared the original artist singing the same song as one of the contestants? I still think Haley stood up well to Gaga on that song.

            It is almost like “hidden gems” now looking for all of the ways TPTB snub Haley. As in, didja notice in the beginning that as Ryan walked past Haley he said “…but for one, it all ends tonight”

          • Lunakit says:

            HIDDEN GEM (for the heinous Haley edit)* #2: ALSO, why was there not much conversation with Haley and her family on the skype chat?! S he could have at least sent them a song to listen to if there wasn’t much else to talk about. No, lets give that extra bit of airtime to Lauren and Scotty. Seems petty, but it is getting irksome as it all adds up.
            * props to Annie Barrett on the ‘Hidden Gem’ usage!

          • steelie says:

            Lauren sang better than Haley on that duet because there were backup singers on her solo lines giving her a fuller sound. They were not there on Haley’s solo lines which made her sound thinner. I was stunned at the blatant musical manipulation.

          • marie says:

            Yeah, Lauren sounded better than usual, and I am willing to believe that having to sing with Haley may have spurred to to try harder than usual – but that SONG – !
            Sorry, call me prudish if you like, but I thought those lyrics were pretty appalling to be given to be sung by a teenager and a young woman who is still (I believe) a minor: standing behind the door with a loaded shotgun, smoking a cigarette, waiting to shoot your man? “Family show”? Sorry, but that made me squirm.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            To Marie – I’m with you re: the lyrics to “Gunpowder and Lead” but perhaps that will silence the “Jesus Haters” on this list – at this point I’m finding them FAR more annoying!

        • funkycoldmedina says:

          MAYBE Lauren Alaina is still there because after her audition, the judges said “Yep,we’ve found THE ONE” (I believe it was JLo)…Does anyone else remember this? I’m not a fan of any of the finalists. I would be shocked if Lauren didn’t win because TPTB love manipulation. Whether she does or doesn’t, they will all three get signed.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Yea, I do. It’s why she’s been given a pass on all of her performances, even though she’s been quite boring. Each week, her voice becomes weaker, and breathier. She lacks emotional connection to the majority of songs she sings. TPTB are determined to put her in the final 2.

        • adioats says:

          Lauren should have been sent home Hollywood Week. I can’t believe she’s in Final 3. It makes no sense to me.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I agree but at least tonight she finally gave a decent, energetic performance and I thought “where has this girl been?”

        • preteens & tweens says:

          Because the tweens & preteens identify with her and find her inspirational. She is a metaphor for they themselves being there (as in, if she can do this, maybe so can i). She leads the FranktownRocks poll almost every week, and they successfully predict the winner every year, because tweens & preteens are a powerful AI voting group – they have time on their hands to vote, not too much homework yet like teens do. Similar to the love that Jordin Sparks got which propelled her to her win.

        • sorrybutitstrue says:

          because steven tyler wants to sleep with her

      • Sarah says:

        I agree that it’s sad to see James go, but at least Haley is safe! YES! I think this top three will make it easier for Haley to reach the finale, as in, there’s a possibility that it can be a Haley/Scotty finally. Next week is really going to be a competition between Haley and Lauren because there’s no way Scotty won’t make it to the finale. #savethegrowler

        • Joe Strummer says:

          But the Country vote might get split between Lauren and Scotty which should give Haley a trip to the Finals.

          • Jon Y says:

            THIS. The finale would be the absolute worst if it was a country show/hoe-down.

          • Name That Tune says:

            And where do James’ voters go?

          • Bobbye Ann says:

            I am sorry, but I am glad James is gone….I really was afraid that he would go all the way. He is talented, but HEAVY METAL was going to be his venue. American Idol should be someone who represents the majority of what is liked in music….and I don’t think its heavy metal. He will be all right….and I think Lauren and Haley are both good, but I like Scotty and I am not a country fan, but this kid is going to make it really big.

      • adamfan says:

        What is the point of a talent show if people are going to power vote for a person who mopes in front of the judges to get sympathy votes. I hope all of you Haley fans are going to get her cd when it comes out, I will not. I wonder if the blinded by Haley love Slezak is going to say anything about those short shorts? Many of girl contestants have gotten a huge criticism for wearing those in the past. So sad to see James go. Done with the show, read you all next season.

        • David says:

          I will definitely get her CD when it comes out. Aside from Casey’s (and okay, maybe Pia’s) hers will be the only one I buy.

        • Tom K says:

          It is a bit interesting that you are an Adam fan – given that Adam has been pretty darn “vocal” (ok, it’s twitter) about his love for Haley.

          As for the shorts, I think girls have gotten criticized in the past for wearing “suggestive” outfits during performance nights. (the “other” Haley being the most obvious) Not that I ever agreed with that – who cares what they wear, really? Especially if they can pull it off. Beyond that, she probably already had the “drooling guy” vote, not that I think that is a large contingent of the Idol fan base.

          At the end of the day, it is about performance – and the girl knows how to perform. (which is not to say James can’t perform – I was hoping for James/Haley in the finale). Like everyone, she has some rough edges to work out, and there is no guarantee at all that she’ll make it in the industry at a high level (believe it or not, a lot of Idol contestants make at least a modest living off of their music, even if you don’t hear most of them on mainstream radio). But is there any guarantee that James will make it mainstream? Nope. Lauren? Nope. Scotty? I can bet you anything he’ll make it onto the top country stations at least once – probably more – but will he be the male version of Carrie? Probably not.

          As I told my wife today, when it gets down to this point of the competition, it’s really not much about Idol anymore – all four of them were squarely in the public eye, and all four of them will be given a *CHANCE* to prove that they have what it takes. They’ll all be able to ride the Idol wave for a while…we’ll see who takes advantage of it.

          Haley has a very distinctive, unique voice – she may be more Adele or Duffy (great artists who don’t overproduce a million songs just to get on mainstream radio), but again – nobody knows what will happen.

          At the end of the day, I wish success to ALL OF THEM – I have nothing to gain or lose, so why should I sit here and actively root against someone making it?

        • Joe Strummer says:

          I liked the shorts. I think she should wear them every week.

          • Julia says:

            Me too. I thought when I saw her, “well, Haley may be going home but she’s going out looking HOT!” Scotty the body, my foot! Haley the body.

          • underdressed says:

            disagree. the whole outfit looked like she was completely underdressed. nothing wrong with wearing shorts IMO, esp if you have the legs for it, but can she dress like she’s a star on a singing show, please? see how lauren dressed by comparison – the first time she looked like a true star all season! in fact, she looked and sang like a guest star promoting her latest single. haley by comparison looked like she had just run on stage after dropping her kids off at summer school.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Oh, please. There has been plenty to criticize about Lauren, Scotty and James performances. They just single Haley out. Haley has taken it very well over the weeks, but she finally let her emotions show.
          Power-voting is an open game. You can power vote for anybody you want.

      • Missmissy says:

        I so agree with you there. I really wished Scotty had went home. He’s just not as good or current as the others. I’m sooo glad Haley didn’t get eliminated! I think she’s gonna go all the way!!!

      • MamaLis says:

        Agree. Actually – at exactly 14m into the show, when Ryan was sitting with James and BillyBob, he said, “WHAT, YOU’RE CRYING ALREADY?” to James. I stopped. I rewinded. I said to my son, “Uh oh… I think Ryan just let the results slip.” SURE enough…. Ryan’s subconscious totally let the cat out of the bag. If James was going home to celebrate with the Final Three – that thought wouldn’t even have entered his mind!!! I knew it!!! Ryan BLEW it!!!! Kinda funny… but he blew it 14 m into the show.

        • Pam says:

          Well, I missed that, but I do know that James looked like he had been crying right at the very beginning of the show. He looked the most worried from the get-go. Actually, only Haley looked confident and secure, right from the intro.

      • Gabrielle says:

        I am ALSO excited for Haley, she WORKED so hard to get that spot! Its so difficult to perform with all the OUT OF THIS WORLD COMMENTS of j lo and randy! I didn’t start out to like haley, until I saw her IMPROVE weekly, she has a strong personality. They all deserve to be in the top 4, in my opinion, I was just saddened by the obvious FAVORITISM of the judges.

    • Maire says:

      Woohoo! #savethegrowler

    • Joseph says:

      I like many others for the 1st time in ages voted like a Mad Man last night using the online voting method.

      As for James going versus Lauren not really happy but I understand it , the largest voting block is in the South East , so Lauren being safe is not a surprise. Plus , I am thinking more then a few monsters switched from James to Haley after they saw Gaga last night and read the various postings about how he did not like working with her.

      So gratz to Haley , I can only hope she makes it to the top 2 now versus Scotty.

      • Brittany says:

        I thought the online method only allowed you to vote 50 times?!?! Am I wrong? I spent an hour and half with two cell phones dialing for Haley over and over again, and then I used all my 50 and my boyfriend’s 50 online to vote for her. I voted for her over 1200 times.

      • Name That Tune says:

        I power voted Wednesday night. Programmed my cell phone to vote 5701,5702 (James, Haley) every second. AT&T says I sent 6900 votes – half for Haley, half for James. Next week, guess where all those votes go?

    • Leila says:

      I was hoping to see both James and Haley in the finale, but I guess we have to suffer through a couple more weeks of Lauren and Scotty.

      • patricia vicknair says:

        I thought James had it by a long shot. It makes me want to quit watching show but I will pull for Haley. She is second best.

        • tootie says:

          so sorry to see James go .thought he had it ,now i will pull for been getting it wrong,makes me sick

        • RJ says:

          I will no longer be watching American Idol.

          The best performer for weeks has been James Durbin.
          The format for this show must be changed 3 judges should walk off the show.

      • djm11 says:

        I think I will record the rest of the season so I can fast forward thru scotty and lauren. Watched the whole past episodes last week, James and Haley were the ones who should be there at the end bot so multi talented with their voices not just cute.

    • agrimesy says:

      I’m going to take this opportunity to savor the moment. I approve of this top three!

    • MC says:

      I second that…
      And to all those who say Haley won’t make a sell-able record, I would like to introduce you to Christina Perri …

      • Joel says:

        You mean the Christina Perri who does for “Jar of Hearts” what Miley does for “The Climb”? Thank goodness Lea Michelle shows how nice that song is when someone talented sings it.

    • JeanRose says:

      How Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet it is!!!!!
      2 solid hours of voting paid off!!
      I am over the moon! I don’t really care (somewhat!)
      if Haley wins….I’m just thrilled that she made the top threeeeeeeeee!!!

      Now we can’t let up though!!! Gonna be voting like madness next week!!
      Yes! Kudos to all who helped the cause!!!!!!!

      • Kathy says:

        Voting needs to change because of “voters” like you

        • David says:

          Voting needs to change because of 12 year old girls eliminating Casey at 11 (except for the Judges’ Save) and Pia at 9.. Until it does, I find it perfectly acceptable to exploit it to #SaveTheGrowler.

        • Luke2 says:

          What? What are you talking about Kathy? So everybody should hold back on their voting even though the show allows unlimited voting? Take your complaint to the show itself instead of a good fan!

    • the real wendy says:

      growler saved. life back to normal.

      • Suncatcher says:

        Ironically, Nigel, JLO & Randy may never know that it was the viewers who may have saved American Idol from itself – by doing the major correction for them cuz they refused to. Yay, Haley!


    • darclyte says:

      2 boring country singers in the finale, just as Nigel had wanted all along. Lauren should have gone home, she just never has lived up to her hype or potential. How boring will the next 2 weeks be now? Ugh. Worse, VFTW will try to claim “victory” for this since Haley is their latest pick, but the record shows that VFTW has no affect on this series, particularly in the latter rounds. Just ask Jacob. Anyway, congrats to the Top 3. I can only hope that SOMEHOW Haley makes it to the finale even though she won’t win. At this point, I hope it’s Scotty and not Lauren. I think winning would ruin Lauren’s life…she’s just not mature enough.

    • cassandra says:

      ok so you like haley but they were right about her, she was screaming the last part of the mike song and her second was amazing, i think your bias of this chick and ok. and who listens to the radio any way thants true wht people do know and dont know, is up to the groups , but ok i love buffy also so you rock it and haley can sing

      • Emy says:

        It doesn’t matter how right or wrong their critiques are if they’re not handed out fairly. James, for instance, constantly scream (often off pitch) and gets nothing negative from the judges. He did this in DSB, even. The invalidate their correct feedback with the contradictions and favoritism of the rest of their comments.

    • Haley's Comet says:

      (Whispering) Uhmm, exuse me guys, I know this is a kind of crazy, cockamamie notion…but what if…what if the growler can pull this off and win this whole damn thing? And…and what if we can help her take the idol title through our POWER voting? I mean I know Scotty-d-body is an apple-pie force of nature, but I’m beginning to think we can do it. Why, I mean we got her this far. Why not go all the way!?? Yeah, I know, what am I thinking. Me and my crazy, ideas…

      • carla888 says:

        Keep it hidden, keep it safe!

        It could happen. It would be amazing. But Kris Allen won even though noone thought he would….

        ssshhhh…vote on people.

        I like your crazy idea’s Haley’s Comet.

        love and kisses

        • Haley's Comet says:

          Love & kisses to you too Carla888. Maybe we can really take Haley all the way. Shhhhhh.. Nite Nite

      • Darsy says:

        The trouble is that Scotty and Lauren are both of the same sort of genre–which means that if/when one is eliminated, their voting bloc goes to the other. There’s zero chance that one of them won’t win.

        • Erin says:

          I tend to agree with you, however when Ryan said this was the largest vote for a final four, I had to think that the surge to save Haley (the only criticized singer) had something to do with it. And I believe James’ votes go directly to Haley (hell, all my James votes went to her last night – bittersweet).

      • Suncatcher says:

        Haley! Put it out there – less than 2 weeks left! Scotty is going on to stardom without any help from Idol so no votes needed there and Lauren, though good, is too young for all this. It would be a huge statement to Nigel & company by all the viewers if we went around the judges and their nonsense and just voted for who we know is really the winner of Season 10 – Haley!

        To quote Steven Tyler – “DO IT!”

    • Dani says:

      I agree! I was sad to see James go, but I am so ridiculously HAPPY for Haley I can hardly sit still! GO HALEY!!! :D

    • john says:

      James will for sure be missed. This should have been James and Haley in the final. Lauren got the pitty vote.

    • Carrie says:

      I am also sad to see James go—he may not have always been a great singer, but at least he wasn’t boring. I find Lauren and Scotty boring.

      American idol totally sucks because I don’t think Nigel will ALLOW Haley into the final two. I think the LaScotty finale was planned so long ago…this show is so manipulated now.

      I love Haley and want her to win now, so I sincerely hope I’m wrong…..

    • Jeff.B says:

      Why are Lauren & Haley still here…wake up America! The top 3 should be James, Scotty, & Pia. I think this will be the last year of the Idol. It will be for me.

      • Joe Strummer says:

        Wasn’t Pia voted off a few weeks ago? You are kind of a wanker Jeff.B.

      • be says:

        PIA should not have been voted off!!! SCOTTY has a mesmerzing voice. I actually don’t like the way you trying to sex him up.

        Thing about scotty is he is consistently honest, always Humble, and he is a light

        • be says:

          Posted by error… scotty is “polite”. Always thought the final two would be pia and scotty and pia would win!!!!!! Sorry but tyler contributes nothing except an old man learing at young girls. He’s gross

          Btw. I am 100% scotty. I dislike country music, I
          am 56yo wiccan lesbian!!!!

          There are no “tyess

      • Pam says:

        Seriously??? It’s time to let Pia go!!! I’m sick of hearing about her. Frankly, I was sick of her by the time she left. If I wanted a Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand record, I’d buy those. Pia was dull, and what they generously referred to as her singing “uptempo” was midtempo at best. Except for having to listen to all the whining about her leaving too soon, I was glad to see her go.

    • Suncatcher says:

      Sign me up for the movement, RTW! : )

    • Cheryl says:


    • Suncatcher says:

      Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson & Nigel Lythgoe never “got it.” They did not “look in the mirror.” (Thanks, Jacob). Had they, they would have seen that Wednesday night they started a backlash as probably never seen in Idol’s history when they kept attacking Haley – and nobody else.

      Kudos to SLEZAK who led the way and everyone who voted any way they could to right a terrible wrong brought on by the show itself.

      Kudos again to Steven Tyler and Lauren Alaina who both stood up to these bullies and their relentless assault on Haley.

      Sorry to see James go. He DID give it his all – but he has no one to blame but Ms. Lopez (tears running down her American beauty face), Mr. Jackson (shock & awe on his face) and Mr. Lythgoe (in hiding). They got what they deserved tonight.

      NOW. May the BEST SINGER win this year!

    • Robin says:


    • Robin Lemke says:

      HALEY!!!! *raises glass*

    • joy2011 says:

      I have two comments.

      First, I hope everyone has listened to her studio version of I who have nothing. It is so beautiful and if I am not mistaken I think it is growless (Love the growl but for those who think she can’t sing without it give it a listen).

      Second, I want James’s fans to know that even though I am a big Haley fan I don’t think anyone should be making negative remarks about him especially now. I know how hurt you all are as I would also be if Haley was sent home tonight but he has so much to look forward to. He will get some time with his wife and baby and a wonderful musical future. Also we will see him again in two weeks at the finale when they usually have the top 11. He made it this far and really only misses one idol show. I look forward to hearing about all his future successes:)

    • Jason says:

      COMPLETELY AGREE. Haley has gotten so much better since her days of Alicia Keys and Leann Rimes. THIS is what this show is about. Someone like her, an underdog, improving week to week, taking the punches from the judges, talking back, and giving stellar performances. TEAM HALEY

    • Julia says:

      I read some comments that the Gaga video was intended to snub Haley and show up her performance of “You and I.” I completely disagree. I thought it showed how moronic Randy and JLo were for slamming the song. It was a cool song when Haley sang it. It was a cool song upon a second hearing. Gaga is going to have a hit on her hands if she actually releases it. In the meantime, Gaga’s video reminded me I need to pop on over to iTunes and get a copy of Haley’s version.

      So there, Randy and JLo!

    • DQ says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • Neelie says:

      I was totally astounded that James was eliminated, what a huge massive disappointment. Now my money’s on Haley :)

    • sara says:

      damn good effort, team growler. good effort indeed. I salute you all.

  2. Gabe says:

    When Ryan announced Haley to be safe, I literally guffawed then did a massive happy dance while my mom and sister stared at me like I was an idiot…. Don’t care, I’m just so happy she cracked the Top 3!

    • Steph says:

      There was a lot of screaming in my house…. I am so plesantly suprised!!! Super excited to support Haley on Saturday at Arlington. Girl deserves an awesome homecoming celebration!

    • Dallas says:

      I kind of choked when James said he had WORKED SO HARD TO GET HERE. I thought about all the performers who “really” worked for years, practicing, learning, trying to get noticed, going to auditions, shopping around their recordings, fighting rejections. James “worked” for a few months in a very spoon-fed Idol machine.

      • davey says:

        I think you’re talking about someone like Paul McDonald who’s 27 and has been working as a musician for years trying to get noticed. And who’s made a very good album already. James still has a long way to go.

      • Tom K says:

        Though I do agree, the bottom line is that many of the artists from the 80s, 90s, etc. would have gladly taken a shot at the Idol Machine if it was there to be offered. If not Idol, they may have taken it to youtube instead of sitting in smoky bars and lounges. It’s a different world now, and I am not going to get on James Durbin’s case for taking advantage of what is there. It isn’t easy getting passed the first round of auditions (before the judges even see them) – and it DOES take practice for them to get where they are. It’s a very select few who come out of the womb ready to take on the music industry.

        • star search says:

          many ppl became famous off Star Search back in the day. AI has just taken the place of Star search.

      • E says:

        I do think that James can fairly say he “worked hard”. The Idol process does not appear to be an easy thing and he did have an additional hardship as compared to other contestants.

        HOWEVER, I totally understand what you’re saying as compared to non-Idol prospects.

        I was more bothered by his “I’ve done things that have never been done in Idol”. Maybe I’m just not seeing that, but that struck me as a little self serving (and inaccurate). Was never a fan of his though.

        I was impressed that Scotty seemed to handle the whole “bottom two” with a smidge more grace. When Haley was safe he was congratulatory while James was wrecked.

    • Daisy says:

      I was expecting Haley to be sent home tonight…but did think it was time for James to go. It really will be a tough competition if Scotty and Lauren are the final 2! Scotty is top in the male singers, and Lauren is top in the female singers. And they are both very good country singers.
      I think Scotty will make it, and if he doesn’t he will still make it singing!
      James got too much from Randy of how great he is! The judges should have been pointing out the things they could do to improve and continue singing. I think the same thing could happen to Lauren, since she is told how much she reminds Randy of Carrie Underwood etc. That is not right to get them so excited, feeling like they already made it the top!

  3. Andrew says:

    Disgusted, to put it lightly.

    • Matt says:

      You thought Jordin Sparks looked like a drag queen, and was singing “I am a woman” just to remind us too? Good. I thought I was the only one.

      • B.Rich says:

        LOL what a mess that was. Got the fast forward fast than Enrique Iglesias.

      • hooch says:

        Yeah — that was per-retty terrible.
        And Steven Tyler’s video reminded me of the brainwashing videos they showed Alex’s boyfriend in that detention center. Was he supposed to be in love with the blonde chick, the pussycat chick, or the elephant ?
        The Ford Music Video was the best video of the night.

      • Former Fan says:

        And to think that I voted my fingers bloody for sweet Jordin Sparks. Her performance was a disgrace. She sold out. Pity.

      • Luke 2 says:

        Wow just the opposite! Jordin was amazing and looked beautiful

      • Eurydice says:

        I don’t know about drag queen, but her performance was almost offensively boring.

        • Joel says:

          She might have sold out a bit, but thr sogn was at least catchy, and her performance seemed like opera compared to Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor” stinker. Jennifer has joined the Jamie Foxx Club of “supposed singers who realized they don’t have to sing”

  4. Jem says:

    I would have preferred Lauren go home, but whatever… At least it isn’t HALEY! HALEY FOR AMERICAN IDOL!

    That said, I’m pretty disappointed that there won’t be a James/Haley finale… It’ll be same old Scotty and boring Lauren, if all goes according to the producer’s wishes.

    • Amelia says:

      I agree – I would have preferred Lauren to go hom. She is the contestant that has tried the least on this show, in my opinion, and I know she won’t give me anything new and exciting next week. James was more creative and interesting than Lauren… BUT he had the weakest vocal out of the four contestants, so I guess its only right that the remaining three are the ones with really strong vocals and few pitch problems.

      • john says:

        James had the weakest of the vocals? Do you watch the show? James and Scotty by far have the strongest vocals of every show. To slight James like that says that 1 you dont watch the show or 2 you are deaf!!!

        • David says:

          James hadn’t hit a note on key in three weeks. It was his time to go.

        • Robin says:

          He was an off-key mess for at least 3 weeks

        • Nael says:

          Ditto to the two above.
          He has a great range and a strong voice, but the musicality just isn’t there.
          He is constantly off-pitch and doesn’t even realize it.
          The good thing is, this stuff can be trained.

        • DonDDD says:

          I think you’re confusing vocals for range (and even then using it wrongly). James by far had the largest range, but he’s young and doesn’t have the skill to control it. For instance, he doesn’t have the skill to put enough power in his lower register. That’s why anytime he went too “deep” it seemed muffled or too low in terms of volume. That’s something he’ll learn to master as he gets older. Hell, he might have improved that if the judges had pointed it out the first time it happened.

          Scotty, on the other hand, as the smallest shown range on the show (meaning he literally sang less notes far apart from each other than anyone else). He’s just very very good as what he does sing. And both Lauren and Haley have about the same range, or so they’ve show on the stage, and both have great control over using it, and Haley’s ability to move from low to high registers is extremely impressive.

          On actual technical merit in terms of vocals, Haley and Lauren were most consistently in pitch while using more of their range. James was often off pitch, but he did attempt higher notes than anyone else. It often just didn’t work right. He’ll get better. Scotty is the least impressive vocally, but he certainly knows how to work what he’s got.

      • Blair says:

        I know …every time after a performance show is over, I try to reflect upon every performance. But nine times out of ten, for the life of me, I can never remember Lauren’s performances at all. Is she really that forgettable?

        • davey says:

          Yes, Lauren is completely forgettable. She hasn’t had one “moment” all season. I hope she doesn’t make it to the final.

        • Nael says:

          I totally agree.
          I can never remember her performances.
          She really needs “a moment” next week.

    • Bat Country says:

      No, there was no chance Lauren was going to go home after last week’s bottom two placing. So it was Haley over James, and that’s thanks to the judges being unduly harsh on her and easy on everyone else. It worked out exactly as I had expected after reading the comments here yesterday.

      I hope James had come to the same conclusion beforehand so he wasn’t taken by surprise…

  5. Amanda says:

    I haven’t been this pleased by an elimination since Danny Gokey.

  6. D says:

    Save the Growler movement=success. Voted my a** off last night.

  7. Nat says:

    I was just overjoyed to see Haley go through – if for no other reason than just to stick it to Randy. I would’ve liked to see James another week (especially over Lauren) and I imagine his homecoming would have been really special, but I’m just pleased Haley’s there. Now just to see how the producers are going to throw her under the bus for her homecoming…

    • susela says:

      Did you see the look on Randy’s face when Haley was called safe? Boy, was he p*ssed.

    • Sybil says:

      The massiveness of the Eff U to Randy–and let’s be fair, JLo too–is very satisfying. Haley in the top 3!!!! was sad to see James go instead of Scotty or Lauren, but I think he had topped out. But despite his vocal inconsistencies, I really liked him. Especially given his particular challenges, the fact that he was such a good showman, and so endearing is a real tribute to his hard work.

      • cjinsd says:

        I agree…well said.

      • Nat says:

        You’ve put it perfectly, I think James should be proud of how much he’s overcome to produce a (mostly) fantastic Idol run – his flagging in the last couple of weeks was his only downfall (and NO J Lo: he was doing the *exact opposite* of “peaking at the right time”. #IrrelevantJudges).

      • JeanRose says:

        Oh Yeah……and Big Eff U to Randy and JLo makes this victory
        super super sweet!!!! KEEP VOTING HALEY! KEEP VOTING HALEY!!!!!

        • Kath says:

          Oh and I thought this was a singing competition, not a contest to see how pissed off can we get the judges, who are, I’m betting, way more successful than you’ll ever be.

          • Tusk says:

            It stopped being a competition when the constant dragging and beating of a young, confident and talented woman on national TV became unbearable.

            The 72 mil votes and the multiple posts last night tells me that many were motivated against the savagery we ALL witnessed. I submit Haley probably had the most votes, not Scotty.

            If they wanted a singing competition, maybe they needed to be more fair and frank with ALL the competitors. Your attempt at fake indignance falls flat.

            I’m really surprised a woman(you) apparantly is OK with the public humiliation Haley endured in front of millions. And don’t say that didn’t happen, internet and media buzz and the numbers tell me you’re wrong.

  8. Jeannine says:

    YAY YAY YAY! I am dancing in J-Lo’s tears! well, that is kind of gross, but you get the drift…. and btw, Lauren and Scotty didn’t look too upset by this turn of events. Haley FTW!

    • Brittany says:

      I thought the same thing! Lauren didn’t shed one tear for James. I would have preferred that she or Scotty went home instead of James.

    • B.Rich says:

      Lauren obviously knew Haley deserved it more than any of them. Her comments about Haley last night made me actually like her for the first time.

      • Tusk says:

        If you think aobut it she had more brass b@lls than the guys when she stood up for Haley.

        Not only that, by sticking up for Haley she risked herself getting eliminated.

        Lauren is more than fine with me for having humanity that seemed absent last night.

      • Suncatcher says:

        @ B.Rich – I TOTALLY agree! Lauren has my respect now after her standing up to Nigel, JLO and Randy Wednesday night! Glad she made the finals tonight along with Haley!

  9. wooster182 says:

    You’ve been a major reason why Haley made it through to the next round with the Save the Growler campaign. Good for her and for you! I was floored that she walked through the fire and made it. Why in the hell was she forced to watch You and I live in concert? Were we supposed to believe that Gaga did it better? She didn’t.

    • mrclean says:

      she is the only one I have voted for all season. and yes, Haley sang it better than Gaga!

    • Tusk says:

      You and I is an “earworm” currently playing in my head.

      • Tusk says:

        Correction I just heard the studio version of Earth Song, my god that song is an eargasm!! Too bad it didn’t go well live but this song is pretty good!! Worth a couple more listens.

  10. Paola says:

    EFF YEAH! :D :D :D :D


    • Pat says:

      Paola–you have to be the most ignorant ass I have read on here. And you must be tone deaf also. I have no doubt you and your BFF are booed off the stage at your local sleaze hole. Let’s see who sells the most records over the next year. James will be this years version of Daughtry. He will out perform Haley 8 out of 10 times on any given night. So go drink a few I am sure you and your friends will need them. Better buy the bar around or two cause they will need to drunk to listen to you.

      • Lauren says:

        You are entitled to your opinions, but you’re a little delusional if you think James is going to be like Daughtry. People said the same thing about Allison in S8. Unless James completely sells out and goes the Nickleback route, his best shot is to reach maybe Carly Smithson levels of success – good band, good money touring, not huge publicity or album sales but the money is made in the touring. ven if he does Nicklecreed type music, there are no guarantee as there has been a decrease of that on the radio lately (Cook’s single isn’t doing so hot, for instance). One out of nine 4th place finishers beat the odds and got major success. It’s not likely to happen again, especially in an age of smaller and smaller album sales.

  11. JohnDoe says:

    Still think Scotty should have gone home, now we’re stuck with Mr. Vanilla Country singer that makes goofy faces.

    • Jeannine says:

      Sorry, but I am afraid that we are stuck with Scotty the Body (gag) as the winner. BUT THAT’S OK. Really. The little girls love him, and he will sell lots of records to the Beiber bunch. But we defeated the evil (sorry lauren) Randy/JLo team. They didn’t get to decide who was in the final three…. dare I say two??? I will buy Haley’s music and so will people with taste everywhere.

  12. SpyKi says:

    Haley is safe! All is right with the universe. I don’t even care if she goes home next week, which is very likely seeing as she’s up against the golden two, it’s incredible she’s made it this far. I’ve been scared of losing her since top 13.

    • Amelia says:

      Haley might not go home next week! According to the writers at “What Not To Sing” no Idol Finale has (yet) consisted of contestants from the same genre. It might not be possible for two country singers to get into the Finale.

      • mrclean says:

        …good point…they could cancel each other out…. it’s not Nashville Star

      • Nat says:

        I dunno, I’d argue that Bo and Carrie were from similar genres of country – even though he leant more towards rock-country and she to pop-country. Having said that, I’d still be very surprised if some sort of vote splitting didn’t occur. Haley could actually make the finale!

    • Liz says:

      It’s very possible that she will go home next week, but it’s also possible that some of James’s fans will switch to Haley, right? I think she has more in common with James than either of the country teens.

      • del says:

        This particular fan of James will not be voting for Haley. Although I like her and I’m glad she improved so much since week one, she is not my choice for the winner of Idol. My choice got sent home tonight. So my votes will just sit…wait for it…idle.

    • MrSideEye says:

      While I do think that this is the best case Top 3 for Haley to crack the Top 2, I also think this is the best case for the producer pushed McLaina finale. James would have been a bigger threat to break this up. Nigey sure does know what he is doing…. #savethegrowler

    • pretty blu eyes says:


  13. Karrie says:

    I’m thrilled that Haley made it to the top but beyond pissed that James didn’t make it! It will be a boring finale without him!

    • Sheri says:

      Karrie — I agree with you 1000%. The finale will be boring without James. He may have a few vocal flaws, but no more than any of the others. His entertainment value was worth watching,

      • Lily says:

        Glad to see Haley survive, but sorry to see James Durban go. I’d have rather it be Scotty, who should be fine for a Nashville career regardless of where he finishes. I would have liked a Haley/James finale.

        • Bat Country says:

          People traded their James votes for Haley votes. Had the Haley voters also remembered to vote for James, Lauren “The One” (Thanks for that, Tyler. BTW) might have been pushed out.

    • dp says:

      agreed, James would have had a moment in the finale guaranteed.

      • ohbabs says:

        o no. will steven tyler still perform? he promised james he would perform with him in the finale. I have voted for james a few times in the past, but i threw all my votes to haley last night fearing any for james might sabatoge her chances. now it is a battle between the country music lovers and the rest of us. Do you think Haley has a chance? or will james fans just stop watching?

  14. E says:

    As much as I was not James’ biggest fan, as I watched the exit tape I reminded myself how we didn’t have his Tourrettes (sp?) sob story shoved down our throats.

    • Brittany says:

      Amen! Unlike “16-year old Lauren Alaina”… “ST’s chosen one”… “Miss ‘In it to win it'” herself.

    • Sabc says:

      Even if James’ health issues had been mentioned more, it would have not been his doing. AI producers make those decisions.

      He will be the next Chris Daughtry – you wait and see.

      The top 3 – blah, blah and blah.

      • Lauren says:

        When this happens, will you come back and let us all know? Cause I’ll bet you now it just won’t happen. I think he’ll be fine, but Daughtry is a once in 10 seasons kinda guy.

  15. Joe says:

    The fury in Randy Jackson’s face after James got tossed was just what I needed to smile. I cannot believe a so called professional hates Haley as much as Randy does, but folks? He hates her. Really hates her.
    Lauren’s going to win this competition by hook or by crook, accent on the crook so it’s all academic.
    But the fact is this websites efforts to show Idol that Haley is for real is working.
    That said, there is no way posserus that Lauren won’t win this.
    At least we made Randy frown tonight.
    As for James going home it was time. He was not good last night and the week before but he wouldn’t have known it based on the judges telling him every little thing he does is magic.

    • susela says:

      I think it’s far more likely that Scotty will win. The Grandmas of America are awfully fond of him.

      • Grandma says:

        Not this grandma! I want him gone! There are more than enough bigots in this country already. He needs to go home, grow up and take Lauren with him, she also needs to mature to ‘fit’ the clothes she wears.

    • Steph says:

      IA with this so much!!! The only thing that was better than Randy’s reaction was James denying him a fist bump during his sing out and Randy playing it off as some sort of tae bo dancing… Priceless!!!!

    • Dee says:

      I think you are the one filled with hatred for Randy. If you were sincere, you would have criticized/hate jennifer lopez, but you chose to only spew your hatred for Randy. Get a grip.

    • Gabrielle says:

      If Haley wins, do you think RANDY will walk out or JLO will give “a disappointing face?”. That would be funny!>???

      I love Haley! Sorry I cant vote for her, Im not in american soil.

  16. dj says:

    America didn’t swallow the koolaid! You go, Haley!

  17. JRM says:

    Heeeellll yeaaaahhhh!!!!

  18. Aaron says:

    I have to admit…I jumped out of my seat and started doing the Haley Reinhart fist-pump circa “Beautiful” performance…sooo f-ing excited. The two hour non-stop voting sure paid off. If I had my druthers Scotty would be packing up his cowboy hat and heading home sans private jet, but I am too overcome with joy that Haley lives another week (albeit the knives will be coming out next week from Jennifer and Randy).

    Save the growler, save the world.

    • Suncatcher says:

      Maybe we got through to JLO and Randy enough for them to finally realize that it is all about the VOTERS – and not THEM. I very rarely “gloat” over someone’s misfortune, BUT, I was dancing around the room watching the big tears running down the American beauty’s face and next to her, Randy with shock and awe all over his big puss. They caused this. They got to see real fast what America thought about their picking on someone who just did not deserve it. It’s called “BACKLASH” – learn from it.

  19. tkav3 says:

    Had so hoped to say Goodbye to Scotty. Really enjoyed Durbin and happy for Haley. Never thought Lauren or Scotty did any actual growing or gave any stand out performances. Judges could be blamed for that though.

  20. ssc says:

    Don’t really know how James will do post-Idol. My 17 yr. old son, who would not be caught dead watching American Idol except when pasing thru when I am watching, keeps saying James is not “metal”. Not even that good a “rocker”! However, I loved the look on Randay and J-lo’s faces when Haley was in the top three!!

    • cibele says:

      I don’t listen to metal, but I know a few people that are from this crowd and he’s not really metal. Personally I think he’s pretty cheesy with all the high notes.

    • Punchie says:

      I think James was as metal as PG Idol would let him be. Crying, however, is NOT metal! I think James will be a success. Like Randy said, I could see him touring with Avenged Sevenfold.

  21. Fi says:

    To quote the lovely Kristen “Reality TV rarely delivers this kind of justice”. THIS IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO IDOL THIS SEASON.

    The judges did James no favors by NEVER giving him concrit. Frankly the excessive fawning over him was nauseating. Glad he’s gone.

    Bring on the Haley / Scotty Finale! (sorry Lauren, I like you but they are better)

  22. Zach says:


    • Kat says:

      Too bad you don’t vote based on performance or talent instead of a campaign for Haley. Sounds like this is your life?

      • fischi says:

        Wow Kat, you have really opened my eyes to my own lack of direction, taste, and general usefulness on the planet. I’m sure a lot of us are going to really “look at ourselves in the mirror,” thanks to your constructive criticism.

  23. Paul says:

    I think the right person went home, I don’t think he was that good. I know this has been said before but he was just a clone of Adam Lambert. And, am I the only one who found his little speech really annoying? It just seemed so arrogant, but that might just be me.

    • marie says:

      No, you are not the only one. James has consistently struck me as rather too full of himself.

    • dp says:

      I think James is one of those people who says a lot of things without really thinking, without feeling like it might come across as arrogant. I don’t think he is truly, deeply arrogant, he just comes across that way to viewers because he’s so excited and emotional. he lets his feelings out. He doesn’t have a filter at times.

      although, i have to agree to a certain extent that he was buying into his own hype (but only because of the tongue bathing those darn “judges” continuously gave him!)

      • marie says:

        Thank you for pointing that out; I stand corrected. In my previous comment, I wasn’t taking into account James’s emotional / mental difficulties. I take it back; you’re probably right.

      • Nael says:

        I agree, he probably just gets caught up in the moment and doesn’t think about every word he says. Which is a good thing.
        I actually liked the personality he has shown, came across as real and unfiltered.
        I didn’t like most of his singing though, wished the judges would have helped him to improve. The panel is so worthless this season, it’s disgusting.

    • Joe says:

      He has never been a clone of Adam Lambert. His speech was sincere.
      He did work hard, probably more than any in this competition. You are wrong by saying he was arrogant. He was right in saying that he did things in his performances that no one on Idol did before. Personally, I wanted James to win, even though I thought that Scotty would.

      • john says:

        You comment is totally right on the money. James was an outstanding showman and every song was like being at a concert. He made the other contestants look foolish.

        • CKK says:

          I am hoping that S Tyler will use his contacts to jump-start a career for James.

          • JLL says:

            If I’m not mistaken normally when an idol is voted off it’s because they already have a record deal in the making. Nine times out of ten you always have an idol making an album. So as sad I am tht James went home we will all be seeing his album in stores very soon.

          • Tusk says:

            What does Steven Tyler’s eyesight have to do with James? Will he have to wear glasses? ;) JK

            Seriously, I think James has made many contacts already. The hardest thing he will have to overcome is the “American Idol” tag. He will have to work hard, collaborate with the right people, get lucky and kick some @ss. It will be a hard road but he seems like he has the proper motivation and tools to succeed.

          • Rhiannon says:

            @JLL 9 times out of 10? Where are you getting these stats? Historically, the first 3 get signed by whatever record label Idol has a partnership with: used to be Sony, now it’s Universal. Only 3 times in 9 seasons has the 4th place finisher been signed with that company. Only 3 others 4th placers got signed immediately after to some other company. Casey James, for instance, didn’t get signed until after tour had started and that was really late. Also, turn around is really bad for 4th placers. All but a couple like Daughtry were dropped from their label after their first year (ex Allison). Daughtry really is one of the lucky few. Most others, 5th down, put out their own EPs, like Anoop or Michael Sarver or Michael Johns had to do.

          • Rhiannon says:

            @Rhiannon Damn lol. Casey James was 3rd I don’t know why I said him. Everything else should be right.

        • Robin says:

          Like being at a really bad concert, maybe he should have focused more on his singing and less on the pyrotechnics

    • adamziggied says:

      No one – I mean no one – is a clone of Adam Lambert. That said, you might not understand the disabilities this kid has to fight on a daily basis suffering with both aspergers AND autism. It’s not arrogance; it’s working his butt off to be like you and me and sometimes that may come across as looking arrogant. Personally, my hats off to James and hope he has a great future. And with that said, GO GROWLER!!

      • David says:

        Now that he’s off the show do you think people will finally (PLEASE!) stop comparing James to Adam? They are different artists and we should wish them both the best.

    • Laura says:

      I love Adam and I liked James. He was not a clone at all….Adam isn’t really a rock singer, which is what James is. No, he isn’t metal (I love metal).

      That being said, I’ve taught a few autistic kids, and I don’t think James comes off as arrogant. He, like all autistic people, doesn’t realize how he comes off and there isn’t a lot of subtlety there. But I do agree some healthy criticism would’ve helped him tremendously.

  24. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    I’m happy for the remaining three, really, but I kind of feel like I’ve been stabbed. I have Asperger’s like James, and he was my favorite besides Scotty. Oh well. There’s still the tour, and I have all of his iTunes recordings, and somebody will pick him up for a record (I’m crossing my fingers.) Go Scotty and Haley! Can they please be the Top 2? Please?

  25. Steve says:

    So awesome. And better still, our Growler should be in good shape to make the finale if Lauren and Scotty split the teen and/or country vote. (She’s probably toast after that, though.) Here’s hoping that her “Judge’s Pick” song next week gets chosen by Steven and not Randy!

    • susela says:

      OMG, I hadn’t thought of that. The judges will give her something really awful. And then tell her it’s the wrong song, and they don’t know what kind of artist she wants to be.

      • julesmn says:

        Oh, no. Another Happy Feet debacle is in our future.

      • Suncatcher says:

        Aaauuuggghhh! You’re right, Steve! I forgot too! Let’s hope Randy and JLO don’t have Haley singing Handel’s Messiah or something like that. But, knowing Haley, she’d give it her best try!

    • Walrus says:

      Haley is my favorite… as my favorite, I want her to go out third. That way she can get a deal with a little creative control, and not put out the over-produced pop dreck that 19 will foist off on her. I want to hear some blues/jazz/torch music from Haley.

    • Sybil says:

      Someone on my Twitter timeline speculated that Randy would make Haley sing “Muskrat Love.”

    • happy says:

      The subtle “bus” would be give her Summertime or Mariah Carey… Of course, it could backfire. (BTW, evidently Summertime was the first Casey / Haley tune in the mansion – would love to have seen that).

  26. Kelly says:

    Go ahead, JLo. Cry some big old tears! I earned each one for all my Haley votes. I hate mean comments, but when you bully Miss Reinhart like you do, I have no compassion.

    As for James, sorry your fans neglected you, dude. Thanks for all you contributed to the season. I have a feeling you’ll do great post-Idol.

    • dp says:

      ugh jlo and her crocodile tears… bring back Paula!

    • agrimesy says:

      I’m sorry to say that I feel the same way about JLo. She should cry. She did nothing to help James grow so he could develop a wider fan base. He was so upset because the judges (esp. JLo) made him so hopeful. It’s actually kind of sad. I don’t wish James any ill will, but I think Haley deserved that third spot. Now things will get VERY interesting.

      • Scotty is best! says:

        James did appear to be tough while letting out the screeching in his songs.And his jumping around, he is a very good performer.
        But I don’t think he has the emotional strength to handle the music world. He has so much troubles with holding his emotions while singing, and when being sent home.
        It is tough for the 4 to be sent home, after how much they have done. And of course how great the judges kept saying they are. James would have taken it a lot better if Simon was there. Simon would not have told him how great he is, they all do have some faults, and it should be pointed out. It is not right to continuously tell them how great they, how much they are loved and how much they are like their idols!

  27. J says:

    I would have preferred Lauren, but I’m just happy we saved Haley.

  28. TL says:

    Glad Haley’s still there. I knew Scotty wouldn’t go home, but man I wish he would.

  29. Sushi says:

    Lauren should have gone home. There is nothing special about her. At all.

  30. ab2859 says:

    I can’t believe James really had the nerve to say he’s done things on the show no one has ever done before. Really? Did he completely miss Mr. Lambert’s season?

    • Paola says:

      No he didn’t miss it. But he never sang in tune, thus his statement was correct. No one has ever done it before for a whole season and got top 4.

    • tkav3 says:

      I’m a huge Lambert fan but James is right. He did do some things this year not done before and it’s only because the show has given some more flexiblity as it has gone on and has actually listened to some of what the performers have wanted to do. James said before he planned out and had a vision for what he wanted to do. Adam planned out what he wanted too. You shouldn’t slam James for being happy that he got to do this. I have a lot more respect for James as an artist than Lauren or Scotty simply because the two of them are still immature and need to grow. They both hold back when performing. You can’t say James holds back. Just saying!

    • Tony says:

      STFU. he had a fire piano. nuff said.

      • Mark says:

        He also claimed that was an original idea as if no one had ever set a piano on fire before. Gaga did it in 2009 during a highly televised award show for goodness sake.

  31. Mary says:

    I really thought it should have been Lauren. I’m not infuriated that it was James. Lauren, bless her heart, has no breath control. I wind up gasping for breath right along with her. So we’ll just see how it goes the next couple of weeks, won’t we?

  32. Made says:

    This is a bittersweet moment for me. I’m sad to see James leaving before Lauren and Scotty :( but I’m ecstatic to see Haley “survive”! Great job everyone voting for Haley! I really, really wanted a Haley vs James finale :(

  33. tuppy says:

    Not sure how to vote above (which is why I voted for “Still Working Through My Feelings”): I’m DEFINITELY OK with the elimination, but not sure it was the RIGHT person. I would’ve loved for Scotty to have been the surprise exit, but that was a pipe dream.

    Between James and Lauren, I’m not so sure. I’ve enjoyed more of James’s performances (Livin’ For The City, Saturday Night’s Alright, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow), but I do think Lauren can still ACTUALLY realize the potential we’re sure she has (rather than the phantom realization-of-potential that the judges are telling happens every. single. week.). I liked her more in the duet with Haley tonight than I have in any of her solo performances over the last few weeks.

    Most importantly: HALEY FTW!!! SHOCKED/THRILLED that her momentum (fueled by her phenom dot com performances and our righteous indignation at BS judging) is keeping her going!!!

  34. ladyhelix says:

    In the moment I felt badly for James. Then he sang (OUCH-intonation problems). The saddest thing is that James would still be with us if the judges had told him 1/100th of what he needed to hear to improve. We all suffered for their egos and vanity, but no one more than James.

  35. Jessabean says:

    I still feel like we were just punked and Ryan is going to come back on and say “Scottyyyyy … is going home.”

    I was so convinced of a Scotty/James/Lauren finale that I never considered that even one of them would get eliminated.

    I am so excited for Haley. That she made it through. Randy looked so mad when she was put through. Take that! You useless lump.

    We all know Scotty’s a lock for crown, but tonight (if I’m not being punked) felt like a victory. Now, excuse me, I think I need to go give myself a confetti shower.

  36. cjinsd says:

    Yea Haley! Sorry James. It should have been one of the country singers. I’m so afraid of how TPTB will spin Haley’s hometown visit. I wouldn’t put anything past Nigel et al.

  37. Cris says:

    What a shock! Shocked to see America didn’t believe what the judges have been shoveling. Finally! I’m glad to see that the most genuine survived.

    • susela says:

      God bless America.

      • Dera says:

        God bless America and Internet Social Media and Power of People for not following for corporate mishap.

    • Joe says:

      The most genuine did not survive. James is more genuine than any of the four, and now he is gone.

      • Susan says:

        Well said Joe. James is genuine. I’m going to miss him. I always enjoyed his performances weather they were off key or not, because I liked him. Thats what an idol is really. I don’t care who wins now, I’m not invested at all in the other three.

  38. Jenny says:

    So glad Haley is safe. My votes were given to her simply as a F-U to the judges and producers of this show. For the past several seasons I have watch this show being told who is the best without any credit given to why. I do wish it didn’t happen at the expense of James and would love to see metal make a come back over this overproduced autotuned junk we have now. Going to vote a lot next week for a Lauren/Haley finale.

  39. Jackie says:

    My top 3 were James, Hayley, and Lauren. I love country music and Scotty is good but I’m sorry to say, he is not better than James! He will be amazing and I wish him the best of luck.


  40. hanie says:

    We did it! The campaign to SAVE THE GROWLER worked! Good job to everyone who voted their butts off. Next stop: FINALS

  41. AllieK says:

    I don’t mean to brag or anything, but like a lot of you, I started rooting for Haley ages ago — for me, it started with “Blue” — and have been rooting for her ever since. I think our grassroots support for her as really made a difference this year. She has defied all expectations and obstacles, and now I don’t want her to stop. Let’s not give up now. HALEY FOR THE FINALE!!!

  42. dgman says:

    Randy Jackasson and J-Low-talent really got payback tonight…Lady Gaga doing the very song they criticized and Our Lady Reinhart herself for making Top 3!

    • Dee says:

      Great point! Randy actually said GaGa’s song was not very good. Bet he didnt know it was going to be a filler song on results night!

  43. Shelley says:

    I have mixed emotions about this. I am a Haley fan and I absolutely want her to win (ironic concerning I lean more to country music), she is by far the most talented. However, I am having serious doubts as to whether or not that is the best thing for Haley? If she wins, she will be under the thumb of 19E and if the production dislikes her as much as it appears they do, I can’t imagine that will do her any favors. Its obvious 19E doesn’t do a whole lot to support some that have done well in this competition in the past, even former winners and runners up (i.e. Blake Lewis, Crystal Bowersox, Taylor Hicks, etc.)

    I almost think it would be better for her to finish third and run right into the arms of some music producer that sees the value in her talent and will do what is necessary to cultivate it. She’s probably already under 19E’s thumb, but I wonder for how long??

    The other part of me thinks she is uber talented, has endured far more humiliation in this TV series that she should have, has produced the majority of our shining “moments” this season and deserves the title. So, with that in mind, I’m back to “Save the Growler, Save the Season”. Haley FTW!!!

    • Walrus says:

      This! I have expressed the exact same sentiments in a post or two. I love her, therefore I want her to finish third. Does that make sense?

      • Shelley says:

        To me, absolutely!!!! If she finishes third, it seems to me like she might have more artistic freedom to put out the kind of album she wants to put out. I fear if she finsihes higher, she is doomed for failure…they will give her 2nd rate producers, the album won’t do well and then she will be dropped.

        I sure wish Simon could sign her! lol

      • Leslie says:

        You both make total sense—and I agree that Haley should be able to have more creative control that a deal with 19E would get her. HOWEVER—wouldn’t it just be SO INCREDIBLY COOL for her to win just to shove it in J-Lo’s and Randsacks faces???? However, I want what is best for Haley. Whatever she feels that may be. HALEY FTW!!!!!

        • Shelley says:

          That is why I think I am back to Save the Growler, Save the Season status! And, I have never agreed with that group VFTW, but this is the one time I hope they are having an influence. I really would like to see her win it all since the production did everything possible to keep her from it, so it seems.

          All in all, this is a bittersweet season for me. I’ve been a supporter of this show since Season 1 and I think this will be my last. I am ready for XFactor and will continue to tune into the Voice.

    • Sybil says:

      Winning Idol is both a blessing and a curse, but its much more the former. Look at Melinda Doolittle — a truly gifted singer — who pretty much flies under the radar. Elliott Yamin has done a little better. Danny Gokey was forced into a genre he didn’t want to be in (not that I would have listened to him in any event). We’ve yet to hear from Casey James. Does anyone remember who was 3d in Season 4? Vonzell Solomon. Never got a recording contract. Third place in Season 7? Syesha Mercado. Great voice, beautiful girl, no recording contract. She’s done some stage work, but again, pretty much flying under the radar.

      Hopefully, being top 3 will mean that Haley gets signed, and I’ll hope for the best. But the winner gets the lion’s share of the promotion, and I’d like to see Haley get it. Will it happen? Unlikely. But look how far she’s come! No reason to give up yet!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Casey James and his band are opening for “Sugarland” on tour.

      • Walrus says:

        True, the winner gets the most promotion, unless their name happens to be Kris Allen… but they also get saddled with sub-standard song writers and syrupy thick production. I can’t think of one that I’ve bought that gave me the sound I expected from the artist. David Cook’s best stuff are the acoustic versions of songs from his CD that lack that over-production.

        The only chance the winner has of a persisting career is the hope that they can manage to hang on for a sophomore or even third album (does the use of the word ‘album’ date me?) with more creative control and a label that isn’t associated with 19.

    • G-Mom says:

      I have to agree with you in that the producers have their favorite and, if they don’t win, the winner gets shafted. Case in point – Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. I voted for Kris and was THRILLED that he won. (It’s apples and oranges between Kris and Adam – both are great – it’s just what you like.). Adam’s record company treated him great and promoted him like crazy. On the other hand, Kris’ second single was forced on him to make a duet with Train’s Pay Monahan who wrote “The Truth”. No promotion. His fans wanted “Alright With Me” as his next single – which was FINALLY released. No promotion whatsoever! Kris, being the good guy like he is, is doing well – AND he is very into charity work. AND he is working on his second album. Yea!!

  44. KED says:

    The best vocalists advanced and this is a singing competition after all. The very sad story this year is that the judges led three of the top four to believe that they already had the win in the bag. As a result they are shocked and devastated when they are in the bottom two or in James Durbin’s case, are voted off. Tonight their fans are up in arms and blaming the artists and music critics that tweeted their support for someone else. (Haley) This is no longer entertainment.

  45. Jared says:

    Thank God. He was such a toolbag. Idol is so much better off, I really want Scotty and Haley to win!

  46. G says:

    Done watching….don’t care for any of the 3 remaining…they are either boring, cheesy, or growl in the form of singin…..and whoever wins this season will sell less records than Lee or Kris….Bring on the XFactor

  47. Daniel says:

    When it was announced, I was shocked. Then James opened his mouth and I was glad he left. Such ego-driven self importance.

  48. Dera says:

    Yes, internet! We did it! Haley is safe! How about having Haley and Lauren for the final? AI haven’t had two girls for final since season 3. Let’s show the power of internet social media and make Haley and Lauren to final 2. Split voting for Haley and Lauren next week, guys.

  49. Pam says:

    I am overjoyed. As soon as Ryan said “there’s been alot of buzz about how strong the guys have been this season” I knew Haley was safe. The look on her face when Ryan announced it, the genuine and lovely responses of happiness from Scotty and Lauren, and the dejected clapping from Randy Jackson, made this one of the best Idol moments for me ever.

    This girl can win it. Save the growler ya’ll. Nigel, Randy and JLo’s tears can suck it.

    • agrimesy says:

      This has been one of the best nights in Idol for me, too. The top three looked so happy to be there. The judges looked so hurt, but they are the ones to blame for James’ demise. I hope it serves as a wakeup call for JLo, especially. I’ve given up on Randy ever making sense or taking responsibility for his words. I’m not sure Steven was affected at all. He’s hard to read. Even if Haley goes no further, I will remember this night and be happy for her. She beat the odds.

      • B.Rich says:

        Hear, hear. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

        I don’t think there has ever been a moment on the show like Haley getting announced tonight. James knew instantly that it was over.

        Daughtry getting voted out is now a close second in my mind. His reaction was priceless.

      • Julie says:

        “The judges looked so hurt.” I’ll take your word for it since I missed the broadcast. But I absolutely do not get it. WHY should the judges feel hurt? I mean, I just don’t get WHY they got so invested in the others and so anxious for Haley, the least undeveloped of the lot, NOT to make it. Can anyone EXPLAIN what’s been going on all this season? (Slezak?)
        Is it about WANTING to crown someone who is under 19 yrs old?

    • Aaron says:

      I agree. It was really sweet to see Lauren overjoyed when they announced Haley was safe–especially when she rushed up to give her a hug and then patted on the seat next to her. They seem to have gotten really close.

      • susela says:

        Well, Lauren commented to reporters last night that Haley was the best voice in the competition, yet got the most criticism. So even the contestants were aware of what was going on. How could you not be pleased for Haley getting some unexpected love from the voters?

    • Pam says:

      @Pam – I’m scrolling down through all the comments and found you wrote exactly what I was thinking! It’s fun to see someone with my name say the same as me.

  50. MrsJAGirard says:

    I’m thrilled Haley made it to the top 3! I wish we could say that the judges will learn their lesson from this (the lesson is- don’t be so blatantly biased and giver everyone a fair shot!) but I somehow doubt it. Hopefully Haley will get some of James’ votes (if they aren’t mad at her for getting through at his expense). #SAVETHEGROWLER !!!