Idol: What If No One Goes Home Tonight?

A few hours ago, Ryan Seacrest (aka @RyanSeacrest) sent out the following enigmatic Tweet: “Tonight will be a VERY interesting #americanidol. Good luck @LAlainaAI10, @JDurbinAI10, @SMcCreeryAI10 & @HReinhartAI10.” This, naturally, made my sleep-deprived brain spinning like a roulette wheel that finally (and ridiculously) stopped on this thought: What if nobody gets sent home tonight on American Idol?

It wouldn’t be unprecedented: Don’t forget that back in Season 6 producers called an audible and decided not to give anyone the boot during Idol Gives Back. (The following week, both Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson were eliminated.)

Plus, last night’s performance-show telecast was structured in a very peculiar fashion — with no real explanation given. In Round 1 (“Songs That Inspire”) the performance order went: James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery, and Lauren Alaina. In Round 2 (Leiber and Stoller Songbook) the order was Haley, Scotty, Lauren, and James — meaning the contestants’ toll-free numbers didn’t directly correspond with their performance order. (i.e., Haley went second and fifth, but her phone numbers were 866-IDOLS-02, and 866-IDOLS-06).

What if Nigel Lythgoe & Co. decide this “confusion” was too much for Idol voters, and decide to wipe the slate clean, and allow all four remaining contestants to embark on feel-good hometown visits in what’s been billed as a kinder, gentler reboot of the nation’s top-rated talent show? Imagine the P.R. boost Idol would get from such a stunt? And imagine how the resulting buzz might drown out growing media interest in NBC’s upstart The Voice as well as Idol‘s venerable rival, Dancing With the Stars?

Crazier things have been known to occur. But what do you think? Sound off in our poll below and vote for the likeliest ‘VERY interesting’ results-show scenario! (Or add your write-in vote down in the comments.) And for all my Idol news and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. djm says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised, but something tells me he’s laying the groundwork for a “shocking” elimination.

    • Krista says:

      That’s what I think.

      • Krista says:

        I’m either thinking it’s a surprise elimination (meaning someone other than Haley goes home) or something along the lines of a surprise guest/performance, etc. i doubt that there’s no elimination tonight. i think you’re reading too much into it.

        • karen says:

          well I hope this is the case – I will be so upset if Haley goes home. On the other hand, if one of the other 3 were to be the one voted off maybe they would keep all 4 so as to give one of their favorites another chance….sigh Hope not.

      • the real wendy says:

        WHAT. A. BUZZKILL! If no one goes home! LAME! As much as I want Hailey to FACIAL these “judges,” I don’t want her to stay in that way! What if they don’t tell us who WOULD have gone home!!! THE HORROR!!!

    • Joy says:

      “Shocking” would mean NOT HALEY. Woot!

      It also occurs to me that they could go ahead and eliminate someone, but still do the hometown visit thing with all four. I wouldn’t put it past them, if they didn’t want to drop the engagements they had lined up for one of the Chosen Ones.

      • Terry says:

        Except he didn’t say ‘shocking’ he said ‘interesting’. Pains me to say but I think Haley is going to be eliminated. Talking back to the judges, no matter how justified, is the kiss of death.

      • Bat Country says:

        The Big Shocker Which Shouldn’t Be:

        James’ time to go.

        It’s time for the rocker to go. And unless he was hanging by a thread last week or had stellar moments last night, neither which happened, the rocker goes fourth.

    • Ron D. says:

      The ONLY reason I think that Nigel would do this is if suddenly someone like Scotty or Lauren received the fewest votes and they wanted a mulligan.

      • Steph says:

        I definitely think that’s what’s going on. I think Lauren go the fewest votes last night and is set to go home but Nigel doesn’t want her to, so he’s going to pull a stunt like this to manipulate the outcome.

      • Dani C says:

        I totally agree. If no one goes home tonight, it’s because Lauren got the boot; and no way is Nigel going to let that happen. I think he’s aware that out and out lying about who got the lowest number (e.i. sending Haley home when she wasn’t the lowest vote getter) isn’t gonna fly; someone is gonna tell the press, and then that’s all she wrote. No more Idol, just the Voice and X-Factor. The show would lose all credibility…at least the little bit it has left.
        Save the Growler, Save the Season.

      • karen says:

        yep…that’s what I was thinking too! and I don’t like it.

    • tuppy says:

      It would be interesting, but I don’t think they want to mess up the top-three hometown visit tradition. Do you think they’d send all four home next week? Also, I think it would be too weird to do a pre-finale double elimination. Top three is so fraught knowing that each person has better than 50/50 chances of being in the finale, but someone is still going home. I only see it happening if they’re actually going to extend the season an episode — not if they would do a double-elimination next week.

    • kristie says:

      if it is a shocker, then all hell is going to break loose depending on who it is.

  2. leena says:

    Didn’t Hailey go 2nd and 5th?

    • Mike says:

      Yes, she did go 2nd and 5th. The numbers were correctly set out on the screen, however, so I don’t think that will be a sufficient or worthy excuse. Not that sufficient or worthy excuses amount to a hill of beans this year . . .

    • Emy says:

      She did indeed. Slezak is forgetting that James opened AND closed the show. Can they try to make him anymore like Adam Lambert? Too bad DSB was no where near as good as WLL and nothing this season has really come close to the Adam and Allison Slow Ride duet (save perhaps Haley’s HOTRS).

    • Jeannine says:

      My opinion: They wanted James to open AND close the show. Scrambling up the order was the only way to do that. Also, they are hedging their bets and if wittle Wauren got the least votes this will give her one more chance to redeem herself. HALEY FTW!

  3. Emy says:

    The only way I see them not sending someone home tonight would be if Haley was safe and they can’t have one of their chosen ones going home. Not likely though. My girl Haley is probably going home despite having the most singing moments on the show and impressive vocals overall.

    • indy says:

      BINGO! and they will use the phone numbers as the excuse.

      I wouldn’t be so paranoid if you didn’t talk about me behind my back.

  4. Nat says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into the tweet – I swear he tweets something along those lines every week – but it’s an interesting notion. You never know, maybe if a person they didn’t want to go home received the fewest votes they’re likely to send no one home (ahem, Lauren).

  5. t.t says:

    check out Seacrest’s interview with Steven Tyler on Eonline that he did after last nights show! He talks about how he loves haley and calls bs on J.lo and Randy great interview!

    • cibele says:

      Thanks for the recommendation. I watched it and it was pretty good insightful interview, I’m surprised. I specially like what he says about a singer’s character.

      • Dani says:

        Just watched the interview… now, why can’t he be awake every week and say stuff like that??? I liked the bit in the interview when he said “If you watch Reinhart up there, every bad comment she gets, it rolls right off. And that’s how good she is.”

  6. Zach says:

    I think it is just to build buzz, BUT I would love it if Haley received the fewest votes but gets to stay on for another week because of the phone number switch. But i would then hate it if scotty or james or lauren received the fewest votes and they are keeping them all on just to save their butts. Just my opinion. It probably is just to build suspense though.

    • takakupo says:

      I have to agree with this. If it’s Haley who got the lowest votes then I’m in for a vast amount of reasons (the most important of which are below):

      1) Haley was thrown under the bus last night.
      2) Randy Jackson then proceeded to board said vehicle, back it up! and then run Haley over a second and third time.
      3) When Haley threw the bus off of her the internets went a bit crazy down the middle with one side saying she was brilliant for standing up for herself and the other calling her a bitch because she had “attitude” (people really need to pay attention to context, Just sayin’).
      4) Haley got screwed with the placements. 2 is a dangerous place to go but in a diluted stage and performance order, 2 & 5 is just confusing and utterly forgetful (good thing she had the most controversial moments last night).
      5) Haley hasn’t been given the drooling praise that the others have recieved.
      6) Haley is the best right now.

      Now if it’s Lauren or SCOTTY! I will have a huuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUGGGGGGE problem with this:

      1) It will look like manipulation.
      2) It will ACT like manipulation!
      3) It will SMELL like MANIPULATION!!!

      They’ve been the favorites all along and these two have been the only ones the judges have pinned for the finale. If this is what happens then I’m done with the show. I don’t care for being used and manipulated in a contest with set rules (written or unwritten).

      If it’s James, I’m gonna laugh. The guy opened and closed the show. There’s not been a handful of contestants who have gone home with a pimp slot (final performance of the night) and most assuredly, they deserved it. If they save him though I’ll still be upset because it’ll only be the producer’s fault for screwing with the numbers.

  7. Lindsey says:

    Haley went second and fifth, not first and fifth… Just sayin…

  8. Cindy says:

    Maybe they did that strange order so they were ready with an excuse to not send anyone home if they didn’t get the result they wanted.

  9. Gus says:

    I know its probably gonna happen, but I really don’t wanna see Haley going home tonight. :/

  10. clay says:

    The only reason they would do that is if James got the least amount of votes and would have gone home if they eliminated someone.

  11. hailey says:

    I don’t know what will happen I just hope Haley goes home. For me she is the most annoying person ever to make it to Idol top 4.. Gahhhh she needs to go and fast.

    • flutiefan says:

      finally someone on here who agrees with me.
      i also dislike James.

    • susan outcalt says:

      I cant stand Haley. She seems like one of those people you hated in High School. She seems shallow and lets face it, it is just as important to be the kind of person that deserves the title. We dont need anymore bad idiols for kids to look up to.

      • lalala says:

        so you would rather people look up to lauren alaina who, from what i’ve seen, may be the dumbest person alive?

    • Cup of Joe says:

      She’s annoying? Compared to who?

      A guy who makes creepy faces while performing?

      A guy who’s turned in two performances of all filler, no killer?

      A girl who hasn’t been delivering her “potential?”

      Take your pick.

  12. Yaya says:

    He’s probably just getting people to watch.
    Oh, Seacrest, what you deem as ‘interesting’ and ‘shocking’ are really just the expected outcomes.
    Didn’t he say we may be disappointed with the results last week (the departure of the Lusky Stank)?
    I would love Scotty, James, or Lauren to go home; I’m not picky ;)
    Just not Haley, please not Haley.

  13. Caroline says:

    Would that help with fan wars? Or give everyone time to stock up on more torches and pitchforks? ;)

    I would be okay with the no elimination. Better yet, can we sack the entire judging panel? Maybe that is why Mr. Murdock was in the audience last night. Heh, if only.

  14. Posey says:

    The only way they wipe the slate clean is if someone they didn’t want to go home was about to. I don’t care what excuses they would give, number confusion was very foreseeable and they went ahead with it anyway.
    IMO, it’s just Seacrest generating generic buzz for tonight. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

  15. Yasin says:

    I don’t think Lauren Alaina is going home today… I think Scotty or James are going home.

  16. T says:

    I feel more like it will be an unexpected elimination like @djm suggested. There’s no real reason for no one to be cut tonight. No IGB to fall back on.

  17. Brian says:

    He also says every week that “you may be surprised” at the results. I will be upset if Haley goes home, but I am expecting it, no thanks to the judges and producers.

    • Brian says:

      There’s no way Scotty will be leaving anyway. He has been getting almost twice the phone votes as any other contestant according to dialidol. If it’s a shocking elimination, it will be James.

    • Milly says:

      He’s only used surprised or interesting twice, actually: once when Casey was voted off the first time and then again when Pia was eliminated. He does usually say something about it being a great show, be sure to tune in, you won’t want to miss, or lots fans are going to be upset.

    • Sybil says:

      Last week he said the results were surprising, and the ultimate result — Jacob leaving — was not. What was surprising was Widdle Warren being in the bottom 2. So the surprising thing tonight could just be who else is on the seal, not who actually goes home.

  18. Lee says:

    OMG…Slezak got a Haley fact wrong…there’s a conspiracy! It’s not really Slezak writing these columns!

  19. Pete says:

    Conspiracy: Idol could choose not to send anyone home, if Haley skated through next week. That would put the final nail in her coffin next week.

  20. LindaT says:

    If there is a shocker tonight, I think it will be the elimination of Lauren or James. However, I WANT the shocker to be Randy and JLo “arrested for first-degree foolery”, but first put in stocks for a while. They really deserve a double-dip punishment for their ridiculous “judging” performances all season. I would send Steven along with them, but he probably would sleep through it all, so why bother.

  21. TheReasonsY says:

    It’s Ryan, he finds getting a paper cut at a paper mill shocking.

  22. Lauren says:

    Even more importantly, since Randy’s contract with the show runs out at the end of this season and Steven Tyler seems over the show and reading notes, do you think we might get one or two new judges? This is my greatest wish apart from Haley making the finale.

  23. Dera says:

    I checked AI site and I got a feeling that Scotty got booted off. Tried using twitter to skim through tweets to see if I can find any insider finding. Nothing popped out. It’ll be interesting to watch tonight’s result show. I hope Haley is gonna be safe. I am so addicted to her I (Who Have Nothing) performance. Downloaded all of her tracks from iTunes. She is unique and yes she is current and can amongst top 40 artists. Viva Haley Reinhart. As ST said, with her performance last night on round 2, she Reinharted through the middle of next week.

  24. neil says:

    Something interesting = Lady Gaga performance.

  25. Jesse says:

    IF no one goes home tonight it will be because Scotty or James were at the bottom and TPTB can’t have that happen! Wait for it.

  26. JRM says:

    Voted my behind off for Haley last night. I hope it’ll be a surprise elimination, and if there is, I think it may be James.

  27. Kathy says:

    I’ll tell you what it means. They hid Lauren was in the bottom 2 by putting Scotty there the week before. She was again last week but they showed it to get her a voting bump. She is their chosen one this season. They ran Hailey over with all they had but I bet Lauren was now last. So they ate going to save her.

  28. Catherine says:

    The only way no one goes home tonight is if someone other than Haley got the lowest number of votes. Obviously only confusion over the phone numbers could have caused that result.

  29. Adam Leonard says:

    They only way they use that BS excuse is if Scotty or Lauren was the lowest vote getter so they use this flimsy excuse to create a producer’s save.

  30. Kristy says:

    The phone numbers weren’t off at all. James went first. His numbers were 01 & 05. Haley went second. Her numbers were 02 & 06. Scottey went third. His numbers were 03 & 07. Lauren went forth. Her numbers were 04 & 08. This was all throughout the show. Nothing changed but the order they went in for the second round. Haley will be the one voted off. She is nothing but a potty mouth & a sassy slut. I hate when the contestant argues with the judges. Also, I think Ryan’s comment about “VERY interesting show” is because Lady Gaga is going to perform. She is weird to me but I guess you could also call her interesting. The Top 3 will be Lauren, Scotty & James with Lauren winning the competion. You can bet on that one. :)

    • AnnaW says:

      Lauren’s hanging on by a thread.

    • objectification says:

      calling Haley a “slut” is disgusting. Way to stay classy and promote the image of women as sexual objects to be used and thrown away by men .. your comment makes me want to vomit.

      • Kristy-Kruncher says:

        Kristy is a disgusting, infantile troll. She clearly has a problem with women with brains, talent, self-esteem and personality. Maybe when Kristy is married to a redneck drunk, has half a dozen inbred brats, and chlymidia from the skanks her husband picks up in truck stops, she’ll remember calling a harmless teenager a potty mouth and a slut and wish she’d taken a page from Haley’s book.

    • Tith says:

      Wow, a sassy slut, Kristy, really? Do you have any knowledge of who Haley sleeps with? She cursed once, and she’s a potty mouth, but Steven gets to do it all season and generates buzz and applause?

      Jesus, women jealous of other women are seriously the worst creatures on the planet.

      • objectification says:

        So right about the double-standard: men are glorified heroes if they swear and climb the mountain of sexual conquest (see Charlie Sheen), but women are just objects to use and throw in the garbage. Calling women “sluts” is a reinforcement of the submission of women by patriarchal men and it is this kind of objectification that leads to violence against women. Women using it tells those men that they are correct.

    • idiot-eating shark says:

      @Kristy, SHUT UP. SHUT UP, SHUT UP. You’re an IMBECILE. Haley is a “potty mouth” and a “sassy slut”???!!? WTF? Are you 12? Did Haley kiss your boyfriend? Defend yourself! How DARE you call her a slut?? Who the f*** do you think you are? Jesus christ, seriously, youe.mother should have miscarried. Grow up and DON’T BREED.

    • Emy says:

      Most people who resort to misogynistic name-calling are projecting. Were you looking at yourself in the mirror when you typed this, Kristy?

      • Kristygavetylerhead says:

        Wow Kristy your dumb. I bet your jealouse of Hailey. I bet you want to be singer but your to stupid to.

    • DouginCheyenne says:

      Virtual cat firht, gota love it. Oh, Kristy, your stooping to name calling shows what shallow airhead you really are. I’ll paraphrase what the great Dan Akroyd use to say to Jane Curtin during their Point – Counterpoint sketches “Kristy you ingnorant slut!”

  31. Lily says:

    Interesting – we found a “technical problem” with the phone lines or online voting (Lauren or Scotty got eliminated), so we’re doing a “sing for your life” tonight and a re-vote.

  32. agrimesy says:

    Oh, geez . . . what Idol hell is this? Just make up new rules as they go. If no one goes home for top three night, next they’ll decide not to piss off America by having a TIE crown! Let’s just get it all over with.
    I’d be much more interested if Steven Tyler decided his only way out was to get fired and do something utterly glorious! That would not be televised though.
    My guess is Haley is safe . . . that’s shocking enough.

  33. Jacob says:

    Yeah, my first vote last night accidentally went to James because I assumed the numbers corresponded to the order (I am pretty new to this voting thing). Sneaky, sneaky.
    But, I want James or Scotty to go. Mostly James. He’s rubbed me wrong since day one, and not amount of stage presence has been able to sway me.
    I might cry if Lauren goes, but only because she’s like this sweet little bird you never want to see hurt, and not because I think she’s amazing. She’s good. Some maturity may help her.
    But I may toss something heavy at my TV if Haley goes. But, my gut says that’s not going to happen.

  34. Meyling says:

    I’d be pissed if no one was going home. Even if Haley (my favorite) is the lowest vote getter. I’d be like, why did I watch this? (Because And then what would they do next week? They’d have to send two people home or have a Top 3 for the finale. And I really like the fact that the finale is just the TOP 2.

  35. Diana says:

    Isn’t it obvious what’s happening? TPTB have obviously read and seen all of the negative feedback they’re receiving today as a result of the travesty last night. So rather than risk a massive back lash if H gets the boot, they’re keeping everyone there and will use the “phone number” excuse. They’re doing it to completely save face. This whole season has been a joke. I’ve been watching since season 1 and can positively say this is for me and my family. Bring on X factor and The Voice. AI has lost this fan. (and for the record, we’re family huge James fans).

  36. brandy says:

    Do you guys really think though that they’ll do this? That means they would only be able to do 2 songs a piece next week, instead of the traditional 3 (jimmy pick, judge pick, contestant pick). I feel like James is going home tonight.

  37. Tucker says:

    Sad commentary on the general American public if they can’t figure out the phone numbers for only 4 contestants – though they are emblazoned across the screen in bold fashion numerous times – because they mixed up the appearance order during the performances.

    Wonder what the numbers are like with people voting online vs. those calling in votes.

  38. Steph says:

    Now that you’ve said this, I can’t help but think you’re absolutely right. However, if they do it, I don’t think it’ll just be for the “shock”. The producers don’t want Lauren going home this week (which I think she’s going to), so they just won’t send anyone home to save her to make sure she gets into the finale with Scotty. If this happens, I’m going to rage because it’ll be just another thing the producers are doing to make sure THEY get what THEY want. Apparently this is now “Nigel’s Idol” instead of “American Idol”.

  39. Robin says:

    I think that no one will be sent home this week and that they will be choosing a guy and a girl for American Idol this year. That’s my guess!

  40. Laurel says:

    Slezak you DO LOVE a Conspiracy !
    I think Ryan is preparing us for a shocking elimination on tonights show.
    I think it’s going to be Scotty. ( His eyebrows maybe allowed to stay but I hope not )
    That would be the only really shocking elimination.

    Lauren & Haley have already been in the bottom 2 so no shock there.
    James would be kinda shocking but I don’t think he has been put on the same pedestal Scotty has been put on.

  41. bradycat says:

    What if they kept everyone this week and had final 3 instead of 2?? Survivor style

  42. Dera says:

    So if people used the second phone numbers, Haley’s votes went to James and Scotty’s votes went to Haley. Haley was the fifth performer and Scotty was the sixth performer. Then it means my AI site search vibe might be right that Scotty got the shocker boot. OMG!

  43. Liz says:

    Wasn’t Lauren’s number 6 last week? Maybe they thought if all the peeps voting for Haley would mistakenly vote for Lauren? I see what they did there! Hope Peeps didn’t fall for it!!!!!

  44. tomitweets says:

    None of the above. Gaga is performing. That’s freaky enough.

  45. Caitie says:

    I really hope Haley goes home.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Well, if that’s the case, then sucks for Idol. This dude will be one of the millions in the audience who’s going to switch to either The Voice or X-Factor. Shame, shame.

      Oh, and you’re a w@nker, too. ;)

  46. ktct says:

    Ok, I know I am in the minority as a Kris fan, but they completely dissed him on Final Four night, and he moved on. That is my hope for Haley! Side note for Haley fans:which former contestants, this season or another, did you prefer? I only ask as the judges keep saying she has no niche.

    Slezak, please respond!

  47. Pam says:

    No one going home? That is just BS!

  48. Dera says:

    I left a comment last night after the show that people should vote for Haley dialing 02 and 06. Then some one replied to that I was wrong and Haley’s numbers are 02 and 05 cause she was the fifth performer. Just imagine how many viewers made the same mistake. Oh My Haley!

    • ktct says:

      actually, it might bring James’ voters to Haley!

    • Pam says:

      That’s why it pays to look closely at the screen and write down the number carefuly. I can see people getting a little confused with the performance order being switched of course still no reason to cancel an elimination. People need to pay attention. The phone numbers were posted again during the recaps.

      • Lily says:

        I’m the one who asked for the number to be posted, because I don’t have cable TV to watch live. So, anyone like me who might be voting based on posted phone numbers would be potentially skewing the vote (not in my case because I saw Dera’s correction, plus I couldn’t get through anyway, but wouldn’t surprise me if others voted from wrong posted numbers.)

    • Blair says:

      I admit that I was the one who made that mistake, but I corrected myself immediately (2 minutes) after, saying “Sorry, my bad”. So, I never myself made the mistake of voting the wrong numbers. I had hoped that by correcting myself soon enough, other people wouldn’t be misled by it. I felt really really bad about the mistake I had made, but at that point, when you’ve already hit the submit button, the best you can hope for is successful damage control, and that nobody followed my mistaken correction of Dera. Dera, I’m so sorry. I hope you and others can forgive me. I’m an avid Haley supporter, and am livid about the injustices heaped upon her week after week by the judges, and PTB. …sorry.

  49. Doug in Cheyenne says:

    In my fevered statically improbable dream, I saw Haley getting the first safe call and then Ryan mumbling that beyond all odds, there was a three way tie for the bottom. Ryan then declares everone is safe. JLo and Randy proceed to commit double suicide with Nigel screaming, “What have I done?” I awake with a start and find my self giggling and grinning ear to ear! They say dreams do come true, one can only hope!

  50. Cashby says:

    My guess: They eliminate everyone and start the season over with every single contestant from seasons 5, 7 and 8.