CBS Tuesday In Review: Boom, Boom, Boom!

CBS’ three Tuesday dramas all came out swinging with their next-to-last episodes of the season, as NCIS served up (much) death, NCIS: LA teed up a mystery, and The Good Wife told her bestie how it’s now gonna be.

NCIS | EP Gary Glasberg promised TVLine readers that there would be “significant loss” as Season 8 winds down, and… um, yeah. Mike Franks (played by Muse Watson) decided to “tag along” as probie Gibbs guided him through the case of the week, a victim of the Port-to-Port Killer. Along the way, we got a visit from one-eyed Trent Kort, who shared some critical intel regarding P2P: His name is Jonas Cobb, and he’s a Navy Lieutenant (Dawson’s Creek‘s Kerr Smith) who had been trained as an assassin by the CIA, only to go rogue. Cobb pinched Kort’s eye to access NCIS HQ and “study” Gibbs, with whom he identified. Cobb later lurked outside Gibbs’ home only to get pulled into a fight with Franks. Gibbs’ mentor lost the grapple, and thus was confirmed to be the corpse from the rain-soaked opening scene. The hour closed with Barrett’s team getting ambushed by Cobb, who efficiently picked off both of E.J.’s partners before leaving us — and her — with a gun pressed against her noggin.

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NCIS: Los Angeles | Honestly, I barely remember the case of the week. (Was there one? The Fox bloodbath was getting underway, so I got a bit distracted.) I know it involved multiple guys who looked like Donal Logue, and Deeks charming a cute blonde while Kensi rolled her eyes. But the true meat of the matter involved Hetty, who throughout the hour — and after a tense phone call with Vance — subtly said “goodbye” to each of the team members, imparting bits of wisdom and, in the case of Kensi, a lethal-but-pretty gift. In the end, a prickly gal named Lauren Hunter (Claire Forlani) showed up to announce herself as the new ops manager, saying that Hetty had resigned. The hour ended with Hetty in Prague, deftly fending off would-be hoodlums. (Based on the previews, it appears she’s gone off the grid for an off-the-books assignment.)

The Good Wife | Crass comedienne Sarah Silverman served up a nice turn as the owner of a web site that hooks up cheating spouses. When a client wound up murdered, her illicit services landed in the crosshairs. Two red herrings later, the killer was revealed to be the “open marriage” hubby of Silverman’s character. But really, this episode was about Alicia letting Kalinda know that she knows, something which she did without ever speaking directly to the sordid facts. When Kalinda attempted to talk about it, Alicia stopped her right in her boot tracks, saying there will be no explanations, no defense, no context. If they must work together, so be it; if K can find a new gig, even better. Such an op surfaced quick enough, when Kalinda looked into joining a gal pal’s (Chase‘s Kelli Giddish) corporate snoop firm, but that went south in a jiffy when Kalinda’s first assignment was to work for Cary, and thus Peter! This was also the episode where Will learned, through Kalinda, that Alicia had separated from Peter, though he was quick to discount himself as an option. (The promos for next week, meanwhile… suggest he rethinks that stance.) Also: Alicia consulted with the firm’s divorce guy on how best to protect her interests, to which he urged her to stall until Peter’s on the clock as State’s Attorney. So Alicia settled for putting Jackie on alert: Try to poison my kids’ minds against me, and I will come down hard on you.

Which of the CBS dramas wowed you this Tuesday?

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  1. xav says:

    All these shows brought their A game last night. The Good Wife in particular killed it.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      WTH did Jackie mean by “I saw what went on in this house” or whatever it was she “threatened” Alicia with? Lame.

      • Mare says:

        I read that as a slam to Alicia’s parenting. But yeah, it was weird.

      • TaMara says:

        I agree it seemed weak. But I’m wondering if she’s talking about the trouble the kids got in while under Alicia’s single parenting? They were pretty out of control season one. Still, weak. If they’re going to pull some surprise we hadn’t seen before I’ll be kinda disappointed. Though, so far this show has always brought the good stuff, I’d allow them a bad moment or two.

      • Gina says:

        I was asking myself that same question last night!! I think she probably meant that she’s whitnessed Alicia’s not-so secret feelings towards Will? IDK.

      • D. Marie says:

        “I know what happened at your house.” I don’t think it’s lame. I think it’s a setup for next season. I think Jackie knows even more about Peter’s infidelity (or some other scandalous what-not), and Alicia is – once again – in the dark. Both Peter and his crazy mother are coming after Alicia next season.

      • abc123 says:

        I think she meant that she witnessed Grace’s off behavior, especially that weird church stuff she was into earlier in the season. And I think it’s been hinted that Grace had a possible lesbian affair? I’m not sure, I’d have to rewatch the season over the summer and get back to you then. :D

        (…unless it’s revealed next week.)

      • BRETT says:

        I didn’t find it confusing/lame at all. I think it was in her character to say that. It was her last ditch attempt to get at Alicia because she just got told. I don’t think anything will come of that comment. It’s like when you have nothing else to say, you fire off something that you think will make the other person shake in their boots. But Alicia has nothing to hide so there goes that.

  2. MGL says:

    Loved The Good Wife! Loved Alicia, Kalinda and Will’s measured response to her separation; and of course the twists and turns of the case itself. But, most loved the previews for next week.

  3. Kim R says:

    Fantastic 3 hours of television. NCIS let me down SLIGHTLY because it was so obvious who was going to be in the body bag. I did really like the way the episode played out though. Love the show. In LA Hetty was the story. I’m not sure what I’m going to think of her replacement. The Good Wife is just that…sooooo good. :)

    • Lyn says:

      Gibbs’s grim face in that pallbearer photo had already told me it was Mike Franks who died. MY one gripe was that they had to make the serial killer a Frankenstein-ish military-created monster. That’s been done to death, no pun intended.

    • XK says:

      I agree re: the body bag identity. I felt like they tried to treat it like it was a significant mystery (the way they structured the entire episode, the way they tried to put in little asides (‘seeing ghosts’), etc.), but the fact that it was obvious from the first 5 minutes who was in it really stole a lot of the episode’s thunder.

  4. Gina says:

    THE GOOD WIFE!! And that promo for the SF.. OMG!! The episode was excellent. I think that by far Julianna Margulies has WON the Emmy for me..her acting these past 2 episodes has been SUPERB! I mean, her acting has always been incredible, but for me she has exceled! she has proven that she’s a force to be reckoned with! I absolute love and admire her work so far. And plus, TGW is one of the smartest shows on right now.

  5. nakedheat2356 says:

    Great episode of The Good Wife …

    Next week’s preview – oh-la-la!

  6. Deion says:

    I took it as Jackie making a veiled threat toward Alicia’s work habits considering that Peter has already decided to believe that she’s been with Will this entire time. My only hope is that When Kalinda’s beef with her husband comes to light, their friendship can be repaired.

  7. jenn says:

    the whole point of NCIS was for you to know it was Franks in the body bag. Gibbs promised him while he was still alive for the whole story of what was going on and why he was brought to D.C. so Gibbs was keeping that promise to the “ghost” Franks…And it helped Gibbs figure everything out with the P2P killer.

  8. Whit says:

    Is Franks death one of the two on the finale preview? NCIS has two listed, is this one or are another two characters going to die?

  9. Suncatcher says:


    I believe it was Jessie Stern of NCIS who twittered going into this year’s NCIS finale, “what we have planned is either going to be great – or a total disaster.” In our OWN opinion, I think it is pretty close to a disaster (so far) for the following reasons, again, our family’s own (very) humble opinion:

    – the writers (Shane Brennan?) snatched our NCIS team by taking them WAY out of character this year; if it ain’t broke…
    – they started snatching the personality of the NCIS team WE know for most of this season and then by introducing EJ and her team;
    – it totally watered down the show by taking away from the Gibbs’ team and forcing us to watch far more of EJ and her team than we ever wanted; we tune in for Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ziva, Abby, Ducky Palmer, and Vance – not these “invaders”;
    – the invasion / P2P arc lasted way too long;
    – they kept the “invasion” going last night by killing off the much loved character, Mike Franks, sending Gibbs – and us – into an emotional free fall;
    – they sent US into yet another free fall with a totally out-of-character, tearful Ziva telling Tony she “couldn’t take much more of this” and wanted to quit; Huh? Ziva?
    – they left our heroes (sans Gibbs) in a tearful group hug on the elevator; touching tribute to Franks, but we then never got “let’s go get the bad guy!” that we have come to expect from this team. The writers left them sniveling in the elevator!
    – they next left us last night with 2 of EJ’s team needlessly shot by the P2P killer now hot on EJ’s heels; (how come no one (EJ) ever turns on the lights when inspecting a building for a known vicious killer after dark = needless killing of 2 agents here)?
    – the trailer for “Pyramid”, the finale, shows a solo Ziva getting smacked down by the killer; and an ominous warning that another team member will “fall” (to the body snatchers) next week.

    Perhaps Shane Brennan and the writers have merely lost their way / minds. They turned this season into something very dark that is counter to what has historically been NCIS – drama but upbeat; white hats usually winning; head slaps, few casualties. We tune in to see our favorite characters each week. We don’t tune in to see them knocked off or replaced by self-indulgent plots.

    Here’s hoping the invaders come to their senses by next season and give us back (all) of our REAL NCIS characters! Till then, the invasion continues…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • Kim R says:

      I personally loved the elevator scene. It wouldn’t be believable if the team did not show their human heartache over losing someone dear. I thought it was great how they had the door open, McGee comforting Abby & Tony opening up his arms and saying “bring it in”. One of my favorite parts of the episode. :)

    • Brandon says:

      Well, personally, I disagree with every point you made, and I think the season and penultimate episodes were wonderful, and I’m sure the finale will equally amaze me.

    • XK says:

      I have not enjoyed this season as much as others, but still disagree with most of your points.

      My big issue with the past few seasons is I just find Vance incredibly dull, and the bizarre subtext between he and Gibbs nonsensical… every time they try to go back to that well, I just shrug my shoulders and wait for it to be over.

      • Suncatcher says:

        @XK – Relief may be on the way. Word has it that “Pyramid” next week will focus heavily on the Vance / Gibbs relationship. There will be clarifications – and management changes… Not sure if that’s good or bad!

    • Newbie says:

      I will agree with you on the points concerning Ziva. For a former Mossad operative, her character keeps jumping into unrealistic territories the last couple of seasons, and that scene was one of them. She didn’t cry when she killed her brother; she didn’t cry when Jenny died; but crying when Franks, someone she barely knew at all, dies?!? And on top of that, wants to quit altogether?!? GTFO! And almost having a Tiva moment (and I don’t want Tiva to happen)…GTFO! And her being in a situation to be saved once again (promo) is another GTFO moment! Goodness, she has Mossad training!

    • SJ says:

      Well, I do not agree with you.

      Of course their personally changes over time but I don’t think there’s that much change this season. All I can come up with if compared to earlier seasons I’d say Ziva then. She is no longer “Mossad”. But even that has been gradually coming. And I’m so relieved Tony is not over the top silly even if there are still those moments. I mean, there’s silly and then there is silly. He never was that over the top in the first couple of seasons.

      Introducing a new team has brought a new view and new relationships and tentions. Somtimes a little stir up in the old and familiar is a good thing IMO. They are not stealing the light from team Gibbs just brought something new and well, isn’t it better they get gun down than “our” team?

      It’s still an upbeat show compared to many others and I don’t know but in my memory it was more drama and “perils” in the earlier seasons. Of course mixed with lighter ones. Just like this season. The banter is still there and they goof around. I am loving the drama and the peril they are now facing. (Hoping of course no one dies!)

      NCIS still rocks!

    • Stephanie says:

      totally agree that the writers have taken our characters aways. I cannot remember the last time Ziva kicked butt and showed her steely Mossad agent that she is. Where or where is Tony?!? a few seasons back, he was built as rising star within NCIS … always with a key and unorthodox insight into the case at hand. He was funny but absolutely serious when needed. now he’s just a goofball along for the ride and no longer cracks the case. Come on… Ziva crying at the death of Mike Franks… really?!? bah.

  10. Brad says:

    Am I the only one who will NOT be sad to be done with Mike Franks? I never really liked his character type, it’s been done to death, seems overwrought, and just annoys me at this point. But the fact that they keep bringing him back year after year…I, for one, won’t miss him.

    • Suncatcher says:

      but Gibbs will… (and lots of NCIS fans)

    • Alicia says:

      You’re not alone. Never liked him and he seemed shady to me after he “conveniently” left Jenny alone in the firefight which cost her her life.
      Last night’s episode had no emotional resonance with me. Though it did piss me off that Gibbs unzipped the body bag to look at him/say goodbye but he couldn’t manage to do that for Jenny. Hell, Gibbs found Franks dying in the street so he already saw him. Jenny died alone in a pool of her own blood (with Tony and Ziva finding her later) and yet Gibbs couldn’t bring himself to look at her???

      • Tia says:

        I don’t know about that. I always got the impression that he was (still) in love with Jenny, and didn’t want to see her a broken mess. I mean, at least Franks wasn’t gore left and right (as Jenny would have been. Her assassins used semi-automatic weapons for cryin’ out loud!). Gibbs could take the loss of Franks and still go on, but I think seeing Jenny would have broken him beyond repair…Just my opinion though. =] Personally, I’m gonna miss Franks. It was fun to see someone who could make Gibbs smile (like the scene were Gibbs recalls the team coming up with their own assignments and then going “if only, huh?”)…

      • Deb says:

        Wow – you and I saw that episode quite differently. (and it’s never rerun, has anyone else ever noticed that?)

        He didn’t “conveniently” leave Jenny alone, he was outside by chance when the bad guys came. He still got some shots in. And I read it as Jenny planning to get killed in the fight rather than dying soon of whatever she had. She set herself up as the bait, knowing she would die but also knowing that Mike would finish off the bad guys.

        I liked him and I like what his character represents. The original (at least for us) “cowboy” special agent that formed Gibbs and Tony.

  11. cass says:

    I loved loved last nights episode of NCIS simply because it gave us a better insight to the P2P Killer which I think is going to be important for next weeks finale. Gibbs is one of my fav tv show characters. Sorry that Mike Franks had to die in this episode, I like the Gibbs-Franks dynamic.

  12. Cass says:

    “…guys who looked like Donal Logue.” LAUGHING OUT LOUD. I thought the same dang thing.

  13. Elisabeth says:

    I thought The Good Wife was phenomenal- so excited to see what Jackie comes up with, and the Will thing- I can’t wait to see how this unfurls! The Good Wife is just so incredibly clever.

  14. CJ says:

    Loved NCIS last night – and I, for one, am very sad to see Mike Franks gone. His character was an invaluable lens with which to look more closely at Gibbs.

    NCIS-LA left an interesting plot open. Can’t wait to see what happens with Hetty.

    Good Wife – meh. Not liking Alicia’s reaction over the last couple of weeks at all. The sex stuff is old news, and she’s too competent and controlled to be doing this crap. If she really gets together with Will, I may be gone.

  15. Brandon says:

    NCIS and NCIS: LA had amazing penultimate episodes. I loved the format of the NCIS episode, and the elevator scene was quite a wonderful surprise for me. Looks like the finales will be rich both in story and character. :)

  16. Neille says:

    I have to say, I was very impressed with last night episode of NCIS. I thought that Jesse Stern’s (I am not sure if that is his name…) send off was really cool. The elevator scene was quite sad, yet in a sense happy because the team is there for each other. Tony and Ziva and McGee and Abby, just enough not to piss off anti people, yet still enough to be suitable for the shippers. It was a beautiful moment.

    Mike Franks will be deeply missed, I really liked his character but he was a loose end that had to be tied up. I liked him going down in a fight like Jenny did, but I also did not like the fact that if he hadn’t left Jenny, she might have lived, but then again she would have died. He was a hero in my book, and he partly made Gibbs who he is today. RIP Mike. Semper Fi.

    Next week is going to be epic!!! I am so excited. Even though it seems like it is going to be a “Ziva is a Damsel in distress” episode, I really think it was not going to be. I think it was going to be a team episode, I really do. People on are already ticked off… your loss it is going to be awesome! I hope Ziva is not going to be killed off, she is a fighter, and also the other half of the “Tiva” relationship. PLEASE WRITERS DON’T KILL HER !!!!!!!!!

    Either way next week is going to be awesome, I am stoked :)

    • Alyssa says:

      Don’t worry about Ziva. Cote de Pablo inked a new deal for next season. the article is somewhere on this site… :D

  17. Peggy says:

    I was somewhat disappointed in NCIS because I thought it was going to be a mystery as to who was in the body bag and it wasn’t. The one thing that impressed me was that I have only seen Kerr Smith play good guy roles and I thought he did a great job as the killer.

    I will miss Mike Franks as much as I missed Muse Watson when he died on Prison Break.

  18. Renee says:

    RIP Mike.

  19. seeingdouble says:

    I can’t help but feel we are being misdirected with this Jonas Cobb character on NCIS. I don’t think he is actually the P2P killer. I think he may be a patsy set up by the CIA/Trent Cort.
    *the synopsis for the finale reads: we finally learn the identity of the P2P killer. ??

  20. seeingdouble says:

    NCIS:LA was good and as protective as I am of Hetty I was more interested in the preview for the finale. Are we really going to find out who Callen really is? It seemed from the clip that it’s quite a secret they are protecting. That is reason enough to tune in!

  21. Linderella49 says:

    My favorite scene was Kalinda in the elevator. It was the most genuine emotion she’s ever shown. I’m not defending her having sex with a married man, but Alicia’s anger at Kalinda is displaced – Peter is solely responsible for his one-night-stand. I’m really more interested in what was the story behind the quid pro quo; why did Kalinda need to change her identity and how (if she worked for the State’s Attorney’s Office) was it that no one else there (other than Peter) knew her as Leila?

  22. Leslie says:

    I loved NCIS last night. I’ll miss Franks. He did come accross a bit shady at times, I wish there’d been more to it. Gibbs and his conscience “Ghost” was great emotion. Ziva was out of character imo. She’s more likely to be vengeful than cry. One thing, If you bring a knife to a gunfight you should lose. Franks is a hot head, not dumb. He should have gotten off a head shot-game over imo. He knew the P2P “Suspect”??? was there!!! NCIS: LA I was way too interested in Hetty’s interactions to pay attention to the story. No hetty and G leading the team means no NCIS: LA imo.

  23. Tanj says:

    “Cobb pinched Kort’s eye to access NCIS HQ and “study” Gibbs, with whom he identified.” My understanding was that Cobb used NCIS Special Agent Earl Stark’s id to access NCIS headquarters after killing him. This is discussed during the Gibbs/Vance conversation approximately 9 minutes into the episode.

    • Suncatcher says:

      Good point, Tanj! Now that you mention it – I caught that too but dismissed it as being my error. In looking back, you are right! Could Cobb really be the good guy – and trying to warn team Gibbs who the real P2P killer is? Hmmm….