Idol Source: Second Theme for Top 4 Week Is...

We’ve known for almost a week that the American Idol Top 4 will tackle songs from the Leiber & Stoller Songbook on this week’s performance show (a theme that, incidentally, was covered by the Top 5 contestants back in Season 4). But simple math tells us that with four singers — Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and James Durbin — competing over the course of a 90-minute episode, they’ve got to be tackling a second song, and possibly a second theme, when they hit the stage tonight. Now, a source close to the production confirms exclusively to TVLine that Leiber & Stoller will make up only half of the episode. The evening’s second set of performances will be drawn from the hat labeled “Songs That Inspire.”

And just like that, my dreams of “Hair Metal,” “One Hit Wonders,” “Songs That Make You Cry,” and “No Ballads Allowed” themes slide further down the drain. Share your thoughts and feelings on this development below, and for all my Idol news and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jennine says:

    There are rumors that James is going to sing “Dont Stop Believeing” but I thought Journey songs werent cleared to sing on the show.

    • t.t says:

      they are allowed. Dont stop believing was sung by the top 9 in season 8. I remember cause Kris and Allison had a mini duet in the first 4 lines :P sad but I miss my krallison

      • agrimesy says:

        Um . . . Season 8 American Idol Summer Tour . . . Did ya see the show? They closed with a group number Don’t Stop Believin’. Adam soared into the high notes at the end that I had only ever heard Steve Perry hit before. Good luck, James.

        • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

          I remember that! I saw the Season 8 tour at the TD Garden in Boston. It. Was. So. Freaking. Awesome!!! That song will always belong to them (and Journey, of course.) Even the Glee version can’t compare. So here’s hoping James doesn’t mess it up.

        • John Berggren says:

          I don’t think songs have to be licensed for live performances. I could be wrong though.

  2. Sybil says:

    Scotty: Any inspirational song with “Country” in it.
    Lauren: Will she pull the KLC Special, and sing “God Bless the USA”?
    James: Will he repeat his audition version of “Dream On”?
    Haley: I don’t care, I’ll still vote for her whatever she sings.

    • B.Rich says:

      Oh god no… now if Lauren doesn’t do God Bless the USA in the pimp spot, get a standing O, and then start crying I’ll be in shock.

      • TV says:

        Lauren is boring. She is a mix of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

      • Meghan says:

        OF COURSE this will happen! That is why they have already booked her for a fundraiser concert in the South (forget which state it was in) and qualified it by saying it would happen “regardless of whether or not she made the Top 3”.

    • jason says:

      I’m in the same boat. No matter what Haley sings, I’m voting my fingers off for her.

      • Rockerchick45 says:

        My votes go to Haley…she will visit Arlington Park for her hometown visit if she makes it, acording to the paper. Vote Haley signs all over Wheeling:) just friggin vote Haley…

        • Julie says:

          I’m with you…jut FRIGGIN VOTE FOR HALEY!! I hate that look that JLO gets on her face when she is about to throw Haley under the bus..and it happened again tonight! Screw Randy and JLO and how they praise everyone but Haley! Scotty just got his critique for his first song,(singing a “Yay for the USA and Jesus” type song, of course) and along with James got glowing reviews! At least Steven Tyler stood up for Haley.

          • Jeannine says:

            SO TIRED OF HALEY GETTING DISSED!!!!! Honestly. Randy and JLo are just ridiculously biased against her – glad she stood up for herself! When do they ever even critique the others????

            HALEY FOR THE WIN!

    • B.Rich says:

      She will probably bring up Bin Laden and her memories of 9/11 (at 5 years old) while she’s at it

    • evs says:

      OMG. Both James and Lauren sang Aerosmith on auditions. Note for future contestants> there’s only so many times you can hear “Dream on” and ” I don’t wanna miss a thing” ; Aerosmith’s album Aerosmith from the 1970s is actually excellent, and not too famous, so maybe dig in and do something else

    • Lalaland says:

      I totally agree with you!!! Haley Is the best whatever she sings is good =)

  3. Nico says:

    Here’s hoping Haley chooses (and kills, obviously, because she’s Haley) Down in Mexico…

  4. Nat says:

    I can only welcome news that diversifies a theme that seemed super-restrictive, but at the same time ‘Inspiration Week’ on Idol has delivered some serious clunkers – anyone else remember it as the one week where David Cook really screwed up? (And Michael Johns went home!)

    • darclyte says:

      Songs that inspire at least opens up the songbook a little to the types of songs they might ACTUALLY sing.

      My predictions for the night:

      Haley will sing first, and Lauren will sing last.

      Lauren could burp and fart the entire first performance and the Judges will say, “Lauren is BACK, America! We got a HOT ONE tonight!” Then, she could take a dump and puke for the second performance and they’ll claim that it was the “Best of the night!”

      Haley could cure cancer by singing her first song, and then bring about world peace with her second and the Judges would still rip her a new one.

      Wishes but not predictions:

      I’m still hoping for a James/Haley finale as I think they’ve been the 2 best and most consistent, but Scotty has had some really good performances lately. I’m not exactly a Haley fan, but I don’t hate her, and I would LOVE to see “The Chosen One,” go home this week.

      Probably not gonna happen…

  5. agrimesy says:

    think . . . think . . . think . . . What inspirational song has the word “country” in it?

  6. MSD says:

    So the reported “Don’t Stop Believin'” for James appears to be aligned correctly.

    Although– for the love of Journey, I wish we could vote to officially retire Don’t Stop Believin’ from all outlets of pop culture. For all those frat boys/sports fans/drunk bar goers/Gleeks who “OMG LOVE THAT SONG!”– I’m sure the producers are preparing yet another James tongue-bath from the judges regardless of his execution of the song.

  7. B.Rich says:

    Song order:
    1. Haley: hi baby, hey Haley…
    2. Scotty: will probably do Hound Dog
    3. James
    4. Lauren: God Bless the USA

  8. Maureen says:

    That makes sense. I was wondering why Lady Gaga was mentoring the Leiber & Stoller week. So will anyone tackle “Born This Way”?

    • B.Rich says:

      I hope not, it’s probably her worst song.

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      I sure hope so! That would be too cool. Then I would have three different versions of that song (I already have the Glee cover, and I got the Starsmith remix as part of “Songs for Japan.”) It’s catchy, and I love the message it sends.

  9. Mark says:

    Looks like another way to boost anybody but Haley — inspirational = country/church/patriotism, and I’m betting they just chose the theme as a way to give James a huge helping hand, since he’s been singing the Journey song for a long time.

    If Haley survives this week, wow.

    • B.Rich says:

      I can’t believe she’s still here. Usually the attractive girl with the most talent is out really early.

      • B.Rich says:

        Just the last few years:
        Didi Benami
        Lilly Scott
        Katlyn Epperly
        Alexis Grace
        Jesse Langseth

        • Wisconsin Kevin says:

          WOW !! B.Rich- my hat’s off to you. Those seven women you mentioned are some of my favorites from the past three seasons. I tend to root more for the women since they are now “underdogs” trying to beat out the white-boys-with guitars ( although I am a huge David Cook fan oddly enough). The Lakisha Jones/Fantasia type Idol singers do nothing for me- I tend to root for the women who are NOT pimped ( Lil Rounds, Lauren Alaina, Katie Stevens etc.) Not only do I like the singing talent of Siobhan, Didi, Katelyn, Jesse Langseth etc., I also think the are incredibly attractive to look at !! I saw Siobhan in person after the Milwaukee Idols concert last summer- she is gorgeous in person..

          • Wisconsin Kevin says:

            editors note- in my above post when I referred to Lil Rounds, Lauren Alaina and Katie Stevens- I was trying to get the point across that those three are examples of women who WERE pimped from the start. Hope that clears things up !

      • B.Rich says:


  10. Mary says:

    Uuuuggghh. I do not foresee any “moments” tonight. Maybe James with DSB, but then there goes my hunch of a shocking James boot at Top 4. Don’t think Scotty will take the chance to break out with either theme, either, which is really disappointing.

    • SpyKi says:

      There is no chance of James having a moment with DSB, he is not good enough to sing that song.

    • agrimesy says:

      It’s all the more shocking when the last performance was a good one! Seriously, it happens all the time. James will continue to get his “in it to win it” praise, and viewers at home will say, “Ugh, I’m so sick of that song!” Maybe . . . just maybe. I don’t wish him ill will, I just want Haley to have the third spot.

  11. sara says:

    Not that anyone on this show will ever choose it, but the one song I would do for “inspiration week” (and yes, like every self-respecting Idoloonie I too have an imaginary setlist for the imaginary world in which I can actually sing) is “People help the people” by Cherry Ghost.

    Aaaand that’s all I have to contribute. I can’t think of any other inspirational song that isn’t Hakuna Matata.

  12. Pearl says:

    I’m wondering, anyone thinks that is coincidence that Lady Gaga will assist the show after Hayley sang one of her songs? I dont, and i’m crazy to see her talking abot Haley’s version. It might be a crazy Jimmy’s move to put Lauren Alaina at side, since he’s saying in some weeks how she cant move forward, even if she has talent. I dont think that mr. Jimmy is pacient enough to deal with sixteen’s lauren until the final. Maybe he finally saw that Haley has more potencial to the market, to deal with the critics, and even to walk in Gaga’s path, who knows? I wouldnt be surprised if he told her to sing “Born this way” to give a “shut down” in J’Lo for last week, and sustain HIS POV.

  13. claudia says:

    For the Leiber/Stoller song I would like to see Haley do either On Broadway (Brook Benton version) or Spanish Harlem (Aretha Franklin version). Inspirational song? Cee Lo Green’s F**k You. THAT would inspire me for sure.

    • Jon Y. says:

      Oh my GOD she NEEDS to do F*** You. And point to each of the judges in her performance. Lord knows that’s what I have been doing to my TV for weeks now.

      • amadeline says:

        I don’t even think of them as judges anymore. To me, they are now the “overpaid group of commentators” who are not even worth listening to. I believe that as people they are probably personally very nice, but as employees of AI THEY’RE NOT DOING THEIR JOB! By not doing what they are so highly paid for they are ruining the show.

        I really miss Simon, Paula and even Kara. The latter two could be really weepy and irritating, but at least they’d call bad pitch and overall bad singing. Fortunately two of them will be back this fall on X Factor. At this point I don’t see much point in tuning in to AI next year when I can watch X Factor and the Voice (who will hopefully invite Haley to perform if she’s robbed of AI).

  14. HappyDays says:

    Haley + Beatles(Lennon) = Imagine

  15. agrimesy says:

    OMG! Does anyone remember Mindy Smith’s “Come to Jesus” ? It’s perfect for Haley’s voice. It’s got this hauntingly sexual vibe that would probably freak people out. I don’t want Haley to freak people out! Anyway, if you want to listen, here it is.

    I’m in manic mode for tonight like I’ve downed an entire pot of coffee or something! Anyone else totally JAZZED about tonight regardless of the themes?

    • tamara says:

      yeees!! I’m totally excited for Haley. I’m outside the US, so you guys have to vote like crazy for Haley!

      I do know Mindy Smith, and I love her. But I don’t think her songs are strong enough on the vocals to showcase Haley.

      I’d love for her to do Jolene. But I bet that song’s been done a hundred times.
      But I bet she’ll do great with whatever she chooses. And I hate Lady Gaga, but she’s a trained artist, so she knows what advice to give to them, so I trust she’ll be a good guest mentor (or whatever they call them).

    • Idol Fan says:

      You’re mentioning “Come to Jesus” and Haley and sexual vibe all in the same sentence? Talk about OFFENSIVE! And you’re trying to HELP Haley???

  16. Jamie says:

    I’d like to hear Haley do some Anita Baker covers.

  17. agrimesy says:

    WOW, it just hit me . . . THIS would have been Jacob’s moment. He’d have killed this theme! If he had made it last week, he would have been top three. Timing is everything.

  18. Kevin says:

    Will Lauren be allowed to sing “God Bless The USA” twice?

  19. jackie says:

    James: idc
    Scotty: uh..why isn’t he gone?!
    Lauren:its been a hard days nite?
    Haley: she should sing ‘Baby It’s You’ by the Beatles. She sang it for her final solo.

    **Go to Youtube and type in Haley Reinhart Final Hollywood Solo**

    And watch her MELT the Microphone <3

  20. Lo says:

    New song suggestions:

    Haley-Fast Car (Tracy Chapman), Fix You (Coldplay), Don’t Dream It’s Over (Sixpence None the Richer version), One of Us (Joan Osbourne), Halo (Beyonce)

    Lauren- You Gotta Be (Des’ree), Good Is Good (Sheryl Crow), There You’ll Be (Faith Hill)

    Scotty- 100 Years (Five for Fighting), If I Can Dream (Elvis Presley), Show Me What I’m Looking for (Carolina Liar), The Heart of Life (John Mayer)

  21. Pitchfork says:

    Posted on TV Squad today. Have no clue if they’re legit. I thought it came out that James was doing Don’t Stop Believing, but I guess Nigel and Warwick couldn’t figure out how to pass that one off as Lieber and Stoller. God bless you Steve Perry and thank you.

    Jailhouse Rock – Scotty

    One Bad Stud – James

    There Goes My Baby – Lauren

    I’m a Woman – Hailey

    Alligator Wine – Scotty

    Scotty On Broadway – Lauren

    Stand By Me – James

    Spanish Harlem – Hailey

    • Mark says:

      It’s the writer’s list, nothing more. And since we are only going to be put to sleep by one L&S song per contestant, thankfully it’s especially moot.

  22. Pitchfork says:

    Oops. That should read:

    Alligator Wine – Scotty

    On Broadway – Lauren.

  23. Haley says:

    I think for the inspirational song, Haley would song great singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” but that’s too overdone.

    I think Christina Aguilera’s Reflections or Beautiful or Hurt or The Voice Within would be amazing for Haley

  24. Kim R says:

    I just had to find somewhere to comment on the judges tonight after Haley sang her first song!!!!!! I’m so ticked off. I yelled at the TV. Yelled. At the TV. They are determined not to like anything Haley does. I’m so ticked off.
    I feel better.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Genie says:

      Right there with you. Keeping Randy was the worst thing they could have done. The vibe of the show is terrible. mediocrity gets rewarded and never critiqued, and talent is put down. It has ceased to be entertaining, it feels more like an awful marathon endurance contest now for the viewers, it’s just not fun to watch at all.

  25. ck. says:

    HOW CAN THEY SAY THAT TO HER??!! IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING???! I’m glad she stood up for herself finally.

    GO HALEY!!!!!!!!

  26. sbwm says:

    Livid! Absolutely livid. JLo and her “listen, baby”. Let Haley speak up – Randy! Go Steven Tyler! He woke up and judged and did her right.

  27. Dera says:

    Haley killed MJ’s The Earth song. I can wait to get its download on iTunes. Steven Tyler is so right she felt the song and she was fabulous. VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR HALEY 1-866-IDOL-02 OR 1-866-IDOLS-06 OR TEXT 5702. VIVA HALEY! LET’S HELP HER TO MAKE THE TOP 3.

  28. chikflik says:

    randy jackson needs to go away. and take jlo with him. he’s an arrogant puppet and to say that crap to haley after her performance….what a joke. thank god for steven tyler sticking up for her…and i’m proud that haley stood up for herself. if this is nigel’s way of manipulating the show…it’s a joke and totally unbelieveable at this point. absolutely ridiculous.

  29. Lori says:

    I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take. The only reason I started watching Idol this season was after hearing Haley sing. I was out as soon as Simon left. Her voice brought me back and is the only reason I’m still watching. These judges are just fueling the fire. I usually hate when contestants talk back to the judges, but I am so happy she did. I just can’t believe it took her this long to do it. They are crushing her, I just hope she sticks it out and continues to rise above Jennifer (someone who can never dream to match Haley’s vocal range and depth) and Randy (why is he a judge again?).

    • JBanana says:

      I’m with you on not knowing how much more I can take. Frankly, even if Haley pulls an upset and makes it through to next week, I don’t even know if I can watch it anymore. It’s painful to see someone get beat up like this every week. She’s clearly had it, and I think they finally broke her. It’s not entertainment, and it’s not enjoyable to see an actual person (a 20-year old at that) put through this. I wonder if she even wants to stay any longer. I don’t blame her for being pissed off, there’s only so much a person can take. Unfortunately I fear a backlash of people saying she has a “bad attitude” now or some garbage like that. AAGH! Haley, you freaking rock!! AI can go *bleep* itself!!

  30. JeanRose says:


  31. TrueT says:

    HATE these judges with a passion. I guess Haley should have sang a song about her love for Jesus/God’s goodness.

  32. chikflik says:

    randy just made me throw up in my mouth….he’s disgusting.

  33. ladyhelix says:

    I’m DONE. Going out to run. For a long long long long time.

  34. TrueT says:

    Randy is the biggest A$$. Round one is a tie between everyone EXCEPT Haley!? Biggest WTF of the series EVER.

  35. sbwm says:

    Randy is such an A** ! And then Haley has to sing right after that!

  36. chikflik says:

    i can only imagine what michael slezak is doing right now….

    • Kim R says:

      I said the same thing! hahahaha :)

    • HaleyFTW says:

      i can’t wait for the next episode of idoloonies, i swear, if Haley goes home tomorrow, i am NEVER watching this show EVER again. At least, Slezak knows my pain. he’s part of the reason why I love Haley so much, well that and her pretty much melting my brain of awesomeness with “HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN”

  37. cantbelieveit says:

    How many shots do randy and jlo get??? At every opportunity they could, they took a shot at Haley It’s been bad before… tonight their behavior was unbelievable.

  38. TrueT says:

    I find it how ironic that everytime Haley comes up, we get a thunderstorm watch.

  39. TrueT says:

    Wow another standing O for Haley. Color me a little shocked. I thought they were gonna fling more dung at her. Still gonna vote harder for her tho.

  40. Lily says:

    What’s the phone number to vote for Haley? For those of us who don’t have cable to watch the live shows. : )

  41. Mellie says:

    Lauren should sing I Ain’t Going Down by Shania o:

    Honestly I’m really hoping for Haley/Scotty in the finale. I know both girls aren’t going to make it, even if I want them to, and James is just… absolute hit and miss. So fingers crossed! Get those votes in for Haley, America! It’s a gal’s year and Haley deserves it.

  42. Dera says:

    I don’t understand what America hears. There is no way in the world the other three could nail both of the songs Haley performed tonight. She is a great vocalist. LET’S VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR HALEY 1-866-IDOLS-02 OR 1-866-IDOLS-06 OR TEXT 5702 She is more current than any crap current artist on Top 40. HALEY FTW!

    • Blair says:

      Sorry, Dera, but I have to correct you. Haley’s second number is: -1-866-IDOLS-05, due to the fact that in the second round they changed up the order.

      • BumbledBee says:

        Sorry, Blair, you’re wrong. She is 02 or 06. I know this because it was on the television screen.

      • JBanana says:

        No!! Haley is 02 and 06!!

        Haley Reinhart
        1-866-IDOLS-02 (866 436 5702)
        1-866-IDOLS-06 (866 436 5706)
        Text “Vote” to 5702

        • RTW says:

          Thanks JBanana. I hope everyone’s VOTING…Haley can’t make it through to next week by praise alone. Gotta run now to support our growler!

  43. Blair says:

    Sorry, my bad. I see that they didn’t change the numbers to suit the order of the second round.

  44. BumbledBee says:

    Poor Wauwen, she was so afwaid of being evil. Can she be anymore trite and annoying? Is she 16 or flipping six? Ugh.

  45. Colleen says:

    Oh my lord, I hate Randy so much I think my hair is on fire….

    • Kim R says:

      Oh thank you! That made me laugh out loud! I have been so mad tonight I freaked my dog out! hahaha :)

    • Rebo says:

      Randy has clearly sold his sold to Evil Wauwen. Did he not notice that James messed up the lyrics to “Don’t Stop” and did NOT in fact hit that high note? The replay at the end of the show was from rehearsals!

      Randy is disgusting!

  46. tag says:

    Haley has 2 and 6

  47. RTW says:

    Time to “walk through the fire” and let my fingers “burn” from all the voting. IT’S VOTING TIME!!

  48. RM says:

    Randy says Haley doesn’t have range? What??? It was a blusey Earth Song, which was a reinvention of MJ’s.

  49. Valerie says:

    Just when I thought my opinion of Randy Jackson could not be any lower…

  50. Randy suxx says:

    1-866-43657-02 or 06