American Idol Top 4 Performance Night: Who Did Best? Who's at Risk?

Watching the “judges” “performing” their “duties” tonight on American Idol brought to mind a classic Sesame Street ditty: “One of these things is not like the others. Which one is different, do you know? Can you tell which thing is not like the others? I’ll tell you if it is so.”

Yes, folks, it was another evening of watching Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson heap copious amounts of praise on anything and everything (and I do mean anything and everything) that came from the mouths of Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, and James Durbin, then suddenly summon the ability to give direct, pointed, and in some cases downright nasty criticism of Haley Reinhart. No, The Growler didn’t get a bucket of pig’s blood poured over her head, but if she somehow manages to survive to Top 3 week, then might I suggest Babe, Wilbur, and all their porcine buddies keep a close lookout for Nigel Lythgoe’s blade?

The Voice Recap: The Kids Are All Fight

This isn’t to say Haley was vocally flawless on her first performance this evening, but why is it that for several weeks running, she’s been held to a different standard than any of her competitors? It got so bad tonight that after the first round of performances (“Songs That Inspire You”), Ryan called the Top 4 back onto the stage and asked Randy who was his favorite. His answer? James, Scotty, and Lauren.

Like I said, one of these things is not like the others. Haley managed to get a Standing O from the judges for her second performance (during the “Leiber & Stoller Songbook” round), but they also heaped superaltives on Scott’s exceedingly clownish “Young Blood” and James’ pancake flat “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Idol’s Best Performance Tourney Pits Carrie Against Allison! Melinda Vs. J.Hud!

Okay, deep breaths I’m not going to say another word about tonight’s telecast in this post — instead I’ll channel my rage into a full episode recap to post overnight right here at [UPDATE: FULL RECAP IS NOW LIVE!] And so in the interim, I turn it over to you.

Sound off in our polls about tonight’s best and worst performances, head down to the comments to expound on said opinions, then scroll down for the latest three-part episode of the most important series on the Internet right now, Idoloonies. And for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Tonight’s Set List
James Durbin: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”
Haley Reinhart: Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”
Scotty McCreery: Alan Jackson’s “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)”
Lauren Alaina: Martina McBride’s “Anyway”
Haley Reinhart: Shirley Bassey’s “I (Who Have Nothing)”
Scotty McCreery: The Coasters’ “Young Blood”
Lauren Alaina: Elvis Presley’s “Trouble”
James Durbin: The Clovers’ “Love Potion No. 9”

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  1. SharonM says:

    I thought Haley was fantastic on both songs. I’m hoping Lauren goes home this week. Lady Gaga looked like a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    • the real wendy says:

      vote for her. or. I. am. DONE!

      • A.W. Baimun says:

        One of the most ironic things about the things being spewed from the judges mouths this year…. I’ve bought more songs off iTunes by Haley this year than ALL THREE of the judges since 1990. (gotta give credit to S.T. for everything pre-Armageddon)

        How far Haley makes it through will decide how long I continue to watch this pre-scripted reality TV show…. NOT whether or not I’ll buy her album.

        • amy.. says:

          Tonight was the first time I voted for Haley. Talk about throwing under the bus. Did you hear Lauren’s 2nd song and all the pitch problems at the end. This has become painful to watch and I haven’t even been a Haley fan. I voted for her tonight out of pure spite, At least Steven Tyler had some heart. I’ve been seething too.
          Lauren got all buttery with confidence again tonight, pulling out the “peaches” line.
          Wouldn’t it be awesome if Lauren got sent home. The judges would be flipping out and poor Haley would take the brunt of the judges pain and anguish.

          • Liz says:

            Dial Idol is saying that Lauren is probably going to be safe :/ With online voting this year, I’m hoping those numbers aren’t as solid as they used to be…(they did get Pia’s elimination wrong, so there might be hope!!)

          • Jason McD says:

            Can’t trust Dial Idol, they have been off all year and it is a very small sample of people voting. As someone suggested last week, look at the raw numbers. Somehow, Haley had more votes AND more busy signals than Lauren.

          • patti jones says:

            The more the judges hit on Haley the more votes she gets. I think they do it on purpose to help her not hurt her in the vote.

            Personally though, I’m tired of the groaners and screamers winning Idol, it’s time for plain old red, white, and blue American values and people who can sing without yelling down the house.

          • Mickey says:

            I agree – at the end of that song, little Lauren was shrieking like a cat with her tail caught in a door. She was out of tune and so close to losing control it was scary. I think the only thing that prevented a complete catastrophe was the back-up singers who carrying her to the end.

            I nearly pitched my remote through the TV when JLo & Randy started in on Haley after the her first tune. Both of them are supposedly musicians so I would have expected something a little less ridiculous to come out of their mouths than the crap that did. Jennifer sounded spiteful and Randy just plain stupid. Yuck to both of them. And this garbage with one standard for Haley and another for the rest… It enrages me.

        • Joseph says:

          I listened to all the songs again and here it goes.

          Haley, is the most mature of the remaining singers, she is attempting current songs and this week kicked everyone else around with both her vocals and performance.

          Not to say that Scotty will not go on another week because he will, he has the tween vote and the good part of the South and has been keeps doing well for this audience.

          James also I think will go on he has some of the best performances if not the vocals and given all the attention he has gotten from the producers will go on.

          Lauren though will share the Southern vote and go home, she is a good singer but needs to mature and has not always been the same artist from week to week.

          • patti jones says:

            I agree that Loren may go home, but hate to see it happen. She is immature at 16, but has the best voice of the two women. Haley is more mature, but when she groans, growls, and tries to be what the judges want, it’s really sad.

            Time for a change. NO rockers, screamers, and groaners, please.

        • mrclean says:

          amen to that!!! they really hate Haley…. I want her to stay to mess up their script

      • RTW says:

        My voting slot has now finished and I must pass the voting baton to the other time zones. SAVE THE GROWLER folks. I think you’d be surprised by the amount of support she’s receiving right now based on some of the just released news articles and other message board postings. Remember, she got a standing O and VFTW has her back as well, but don’t think for a moment she’s safe. If she’s not going down without a fight, neither should we.

        • amie says:

          I’m in love with this comment.

        • Laura says:

          Can’t get through for her!!!! Busy, busy. Are there two numbers for each tonight?

          • JBanana says:

            phone #s for Haley Reinhart

            1-866-IDOLS-02 (866 436 5702)
            1-866-IDOLS-06 (866 436 5706)
            Text “Vote” to 5702

          • SEATTLEJOHN says:

            I’m getting thru each time which is kinda scary for Haley…Dialidol has Haley last

        • Shock and Awe says:

          Dear Haley,

          Do not dispair! We all see how disgustingly biased the judges are against you even though your performances blow away the competition week after week.

          Your fans in cyberspace are going SHOCK AND AWE on those judges with POWER VOTING FOR HALEY!!!!!

          • adamfan says:

            She did scream out the entire second half of the first song. The second song was lovely. Haley behaves like a brat that never heard a single criticism in her life.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            @adamfan That’s not bratty behavior. That’s her calling out their bullcrap. It’s stupid to be put in another standard while others get free passes for barely serviceable performances. I’m sure she’s smart enough to know where she stands.

            Oh yeah, and you’re one helluva w@nker, BTW. ;)

          • Jenn says:

            @adamfan…I agree with you.I think Haley is a spoiled brat who screams through her songs like a banshee! I hope she goes home tonight.

          • @adamfan says:

            You’re confusing Haley with Widdle Wauren who does a complete component failure when she gets even a hint of criticism.

      • Joe says:

        Randy Jackson is a f’ing disgrace and the sooner this show goes off the air, the better since he will fade back into the obscurity he deserves to rot in. He’s a stupid man. Doesn’t say much for success when you see a truly stupid man be asked their opinion on TV week after week but that’s the country we live in. I just hope Randy peeks in here late at night as he eats his nightly bag of cookies before spitting them out in the trash so the calories don’t count. You’re a stupid moron of a man Randy Jackson. You’re a joke. You’re the luckiest idiot in show business and no one, and I mean no one in this country really respects you with the exception of rubes who get off on seeing someone “famous”. I’ve never wished anyone to get attacked by pack of feral cats, but Randy Jackson? I wish you get attacked by a pack of feral cats and I hope someone someday beats you to death with a pair of your red shoes.
        Oh and vote for Haley.

        • Jow says:

          Your comments are ridiculous. It is your right to not like Randy.
          But to call him a moron, to say no one in this country respects you,
          and then to say you wish he would be attached by a pack of ferel cats, and also hope that someone beats him to death is totally wrong. I respect Randy more than you based on your comments. A lot of the criticisms in this blog site are on target and have validity, but your comments have no validity.

          • Joe says:

            Randy Jackson in the house ladies and gentleman!

          • ramydam says:

            thank you.
            I vehemently disagree with Randy on most, if not all performances, but that does not make him a public enemy, and even if it did, nothing justifies calling for brutality, even in jest, in any forum.

          • SallyinChicago says:

            I’ve written several times, that we’re not in the audience and we don’t see what the judges see. Plus they are watching a monitor. So we shouldn’t criticize them for what they hear and see. Randy is alright as far as I’m concerned. I like Jlo’s energy and enthusiasm….and Steven is so cool, but he’s digesting it all. I loved it when he told Haley – don’t listen to those two. And Jlo looked at him like “WHAT?”

          • patti jones says:

            I agree, Randy has had a great career and deserves our respect even if we disagree with him. I often disagree with him, but also understand where he’s coming from.

    • The Ween says:

      I did not think Haley’s first song was her best. I agree that it sounded like she was shouting at the end. HOWEVER, I can’t believe that she got the criticism she did when the others got NOTHING!

      And speaking of nothing, I was terribly nervous when she sang I
      Who Have Nothing, because Jordin Sparks’ version is one of my favorite Idol Moments. But I LOVED what she did with it! It was really different. She definitely “made it her own.” I voted for her a “bazillion jillion” times because she is head and shoulders above the others.

      • Owen says:

        As good as Jordin’s was…Haley beat her.

        • Ben says:

          Jordin’s wasn’t actually that good.

        • darclyte says:

          Umm…no. Haley was very good, but Jordin was epic.

          • Name That Tune says:

            No Haley’s was a far more elegant and mature performance than Jordin’s. It reminded me of Shirley Bassey’s performance of “I Who Have Nothing”. It required a hell of lot more vocal control and nuance than Jordin’s. Haley FTW!~

          • Cmac says:

            Uh, the Haley love on this site is crazy in and of itself. The girl is way over rated (as are the other three) but to compare her to Shirley Bassey is ridiculous!

            What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

        • Garrett says:

          Really?? REALLY??? Lay off the Haley-kool-aid. You’re deaf & clearly have no sense of musical talent!

          • youarea.... says:

            ..tool. Go away.

          • patti jones says:

            Wow, all the praise and ravings for Haley prove my point. The more the judges put her down the more you people vote for her. I think it’s ironic that you all don’t see what’s going on here.

        • Brecken P says:

          Honestly…I had trouble enjoying Haley’s as a performance in its own right, because I kept comparing it to Jordin’s. And Haley’s version got dominated. It might have been one of the better performances of the night, but I think it was a mistake to sing a song that a previous singer absolutely SLAYED.

          • JenD says:

            i think it was the best performance of the night, but i agree that jordin’s was better. she had a much better handle on the emotion of the song. however, i think most voters won’t be swayed by comparing it with jordin. that’s not haley’s competition. the guy from mad magazine is.

          • SallyinChicago says:

            You know@Brecken, that they are limited to the songs they can sing because of rights clearances? You notice the same-o same-o songs get sung over and over? She may not have had much to choose from.

      • Joline says:

        First time voting – trying to get through on Haley’s line but it’s constantly busy!! Are there two numbers for each contestant? Went to FOX website but they don’t list the numbers to call. have 866-436-5702.

      • Julie says:

        @The Wee: I was worried about her performing IWHN as well, not because I didn’t think she’d slay it (as she did) but because I was afraid the judges would compare her to Jordin Sparks and make more rude and nasty comments. Luckily that didn’t happen. I am STILL seething over their first critique, and I HATE THAT LOOK JLO GETS WHEN SHE IS ABOUT TO DISS HER! We all saw that one coming, didn’t we? And poor Haley looked/sounded so crushed! I used to like
        JLO, but have lost all respect for her, and the same goes for Randy.

        • Tusk says:

          “I HATE THAT LOOK JLO GETS WHEN SHE IS ABOUT TO DISS HER! We all saw that one coming, didn’t we? And poor Haley looked/sounded so crushed! I used to like JLO, but have lost all respect for her”

          Two things I learned about JLO from this season.

          1. I hate when I hear “HI, Haley ermm” (Did you see Haley’s expression change when she heard that? She knew what was coming.

          2. I hate that laugh when she is cooing over the boys….AH HAA HAA HAA AH HAA HAA HAA.

          • Georgia says:

            It was predictable but no less nauseating. I think (hope) that Haley has people on the ground who are able to keep up with good reviews and let her know that she has support among fans and the media.

        • The Ween says:

          @Julie –
          I have long learned that the judges have no sense of the history of this show. That is entirely up to Slezak and us. They don’t even remember/mention stellar performances from one year ago, let alone 4! I realize that Steven and JLo are new, but really, Randy has no excuse. There is no excuse for Randy. At all.

          • Tonya says:

            I was actually shocked Randy didn’t take that moment to blast Haley and say it wasn’t as good as Jordin’s version. It at least would have felt more honest than his bulls*it “the best so far is James, Scotty & Lauren”.

            I hate this show now… Bring on X-Factor!

        • SallyinChicago says:

          This is why singers/artists shouldn’t be judges…especially big singers like JLO because people start to hate her because she’s giving out criticism. And people hate her if she’s TOO easy and likeable. She can’t win can she?

          Randy’s been there, so he don’t give a sh**itch….And Steven is just being cool and enjoying himself.

          • Tonya says:

            Big Singers should really be in quotation marks, because Jennifer Lopez is about as much of a “big singer” as I am.

          • patti jones says:

            I agree Jennifer can’t win, Randy goes overboard, and Steven is just it it for fun. That said, these judges are top drawer musicians in their own right and should be able to properly evaluate a performance on all levels.
            Let’s not be so harsh, we don’t know so much of what they know.

          • Liliana says:

            @Tonya, all you have to do is look back about ten years. JLo was an ENORMOUS singer in the fairly near past. And she’s got a hit out now- though I don’t like it. She’s relevant.

          • Tonya says:

            @liliana – I was actually referring to the quality and size of Jennifer Lopez’ voice, not her popularity in the late 90’s. She’s mediocre at best.

    • Owen says:

      I know Slimy Slezak has so pretentiously decided to completely ignore Steven Tyler, but can’t we all send some love his way for taking up Haley’s cause, for soothing her, to trying to make the poor girl feel better. Though admittedly sometime useless as a judge, Steven is as sweet as Slezak is negative.

      • Michelle R. says:

        At this point, we don’t know what Slezak is going to say in his full recap or in Idoloonies. This is just the thread that gets tossed up with a few comments.

      • Wendeeloo says:

        I don’t why you are here if you are calling Slezak names . He is far and away the best host for Idol there is and I defend him from such ridiculous name-calling. He inspired me to vote for Haley like I was a 13year old girl and I only hope many others did the same.

      • karenb says:

        I loved how ST said Haley had “Reinhart-ed herself to the finale!” (or top 3-can’t remember which!)

      • Debbie M says:

        Owen, may I suggest if Michael’s opinions tick you off so much, just don’t read his columns. Troll some other site.

      • amadeline says:

        Owen – Go suck an egg! Don’t visit this site. The rest of us want to hear Slezak’s opinions, not yours. Find a site you like and bless them with you lack of insight – or is it that you’re employed by another site to trash this one?

      • takakupo says:

        I think your assessment is very poorly thought up. Not only do you fail to address the valid points that michael slezak has made about Haley’s journey to the top 4 thus far and the judges rabbid attacks on her (rather than critique), you also fail to tell us why the other 3 deserve such a deluge of praise. It’s quite ridiculous to call slezak names…unless of course the oly thing you wantis attention.

      • JenD says:

        okay, i’m with you on ST, but why the hate for MS? if you think he’s slimy and pretentious, why are you reading his article (and garnering hits for the page)? and if you’re just name calling to be funny, it isn’t.

      • Yeah a little late says:

        Yeah Annie Barrett’s recap has been up for hours and nothing from Slezak. Must be nice having your own business instead of working for someone else.

      • Amy says:

        Actually, I love Steven AND his judging this year.
        There. I said it. Here. Where it will NEVER be well received.
        But I really do. And I hope he’s back next year.
        If I’ve lost my card-carrying membership to the Idoloonies, so be it.
        I understand the critiques of ALL the judges this year, and I really think it’s more a product of “just how the show is gonna be done as per Nigel & co.” and would have been similar no matter who they hired.
        I also get that Steven’s favorite word is “Beautiful”…yea,yea,
        so what. I still think he speaks from the heart…and is just being his authentic, musically passionate self. His “crazy talk” and funny metaphors or twists of phrase are entertaining, but even make some simple, to the point sense. He speaks from his musical gut, in a short-cut way, that perhaps he “gets” more than most of America. Could be more constructive at times, given his strong musical sensibility and experience.
        But I like him in the mix. And yes…I like his love for both Haley and support of Lauren. And when he loves something I really feel he loves it and believe him. When he doesn’t so much you can tell that too, in more of what he doesn’t say. He’s been the least “puppet” of all of them this year.

    • Joseph says:

      I often think you are over reacting to the judges ,, BUT ,, currently listening to the show and thought that the 1st Song from Haley was her best Performance ever in the show as of 20 minutes in. She has emotion, she hit her notes and she had an interesting performance. I am and sad that Randy and Jalo kicked that stellar piece of work to the curb , but happy that Steven Tyler would have non of it and stood up for Haley.

      Also , James 1st song , he actually hit the notes and did a great show also.

      • Rebecca says:

        What I admired about Haley’s choice of The Earth Song, was that it I really believe the song meant something to her. Whereas the others, well, I just didn’t believe ’em. So, what if it wasn’t well known? So what if it wasn’t her “genre” or whatever? Did she sing it well (I thought so)? Did it fit the theme? Yes! Just my 2 cents.

        • candice says:

          thankkk youuuu!!!!! i do think that james was able to connect with don’t stop believin, but that song is just so played-out cheesy that haley MOST DEFINITELY gave the most believable performance of the first four. scotty did not seem to care at all/remember 9/11 (he was what, 7 years old??) he just didn’t connect with the song and all i could think was that he was singing for votes and not from his heart. same for lauren. although i think she picked a better song for her voice. haley’s second performance was outstanding. haley FTW. i voted like a little schoolgirl.

      • Red in Denver says:

        I agree with your comments on Haley, but wasn’t impressed with either of James’ songs. His first mistake was picking a song originally sung by Steve Perry. No way James’ pitchy version (even with the by-now-utterly expected screams) looked good in comparison.

        • Lem says:

          I agree !!!

          James didn’t change a thing from the Journey version. Whatever happened to the times when the judges hammered contestants for not making the song their own and changing it up from the original ?


    • Aiden says:

      Haley’s “Earth Song” wasn’t the best, but she clearly out-sang and out-performed the other contestants tonight–which, by the way, she’s never given credit for on this show. The judges seems often interested only in critiquing her and heaping hyperbolic praises to the others. Such obvious bias.

      Also, I vote for the elimination of Randy Jackson. Please.

    • Maybelle says:

      You know Mr. Slezak it would nice, NICE if you for once would just hop off your self indulgent bandwagon of poor Haley and start actually giving a bias report about the Idol’s performance. Just because YOU like Haley doesn’t mean everyone does!

      • Ablo says:

        I think you missed the point. It is true that Michael gets biased and it is true he gets favorites. 1. He isn’t a judge. 2. And this is the most important — he (and many of us) aren’t angry because others don’t think Haley is the best or whatever — we’re angry at the way the judges and the show have consistently treated her. That a very different thing. You can realize that and still prefer James, Lauren, or Scotty.

      • Amie says:

        @aiden I think you mean Un-biased…. and Mabelle you’re right

      • Michelle R. says:

        “…and start actually giving a bias report about the Idol’s performance.”

        I, um, don’t think that’s what you meant to say.

      • nicetry says:

        Check out the voting sweetheart.

      • Calli says:

        It’s his job to give his opinion. If his opinion isn’t what you’re looking for, perhaps you’d enjoy a different venue.

        Disagree with him, certainly, if his opinion differs from yours, but to come here expecting to read a critique or recap of American Idol that is devoid of personal opinion is ridiculous.

    • darclyte says:

      Haley’s first performance was bad. Just bad. Her voice was grating throughout. It wasn’t a good song choice for her, but Randy came across as “mean” by going on too long. Steven again this week came to Haley’s defense (largely ignored last week.) Her second performance was (again) one of the best of the year, but I think perhaps the damage was done with her “talking back” to the judges. Lauren wasn’t very good tonight, but she could have burped her way through both songs and been told that “she was back.” Scotty was ok on the first song, and I love the second song but he was ridiculous the way he performed it. Both Scotty and James have seemed to regress a bit this week (and James also last wee,) but I did think that James was better than Haley on his first song, and was solid on his second. If it was up to me, Lauren would be going home, but I’m afraid it’ll be Haley’s 5th and final trip into the Bottom.

    • Trish says:

      Hey fellow Idoloonies!!! I am so loving what the so called “judges” are doing to Haley. Wait! Don’t attack me, I love Haley, but see if they continue to “attack” her then more people will be moved to take notice and power vote for her!!! That is what I am loving! They are actually “helping” her not hurting her!!! So keep it up “judges” and watch that girl go right into the finale and win it all despite you all!!! Go Haley you sexy siren who actually can sing and stay in tune too!!!! My whole family voted over 1000 times total for you. There were 7 of us and that is all we could get between all of us. So don’t know how you others are voting and getting high totals with just yourself but WTG!!!!

      PS, just bought both of Haley’s songs on itunes and she sounds even better on there. She is my IDOL!

    • scoot scotty says:

      Scotty majorly turned me off last night, between singing the 9-11 song, kissing the cross when taking abt gaga, and the return of the SNL parody of a country singer that he started off with back in top13-top8. I want haley in the finale, and anyone else but scotty in there with her would be fine with me.

      Here’s what lauren said about haley tonite:
      “I wasn’t a happy camper about that. [about the criticism of “Earth Song”] That made me a little ill. I’m sorry, but Haley has the best voice on this show and she gets the most criticism. I deserve a lot more criticism than she does. I’m Haley’s No. 1 fan. I listen to her iTunes songs over and over and over.”

      • Tusk says:

        Hope this is true, though I did notice Lauren have a panicked look looking at Haley when Haley gasped and said something like “Gee thanks alot” or Gee that’s nice” after Randy said All but Haley had a chance to win.

        Good to know that was a look of concern for Haley. That would really be sweet. You know sometimes I forget that basically Lauren is a baby with a BIG dream and seems truly sweet.

        That damn “JRand” pissed me off so much I forget and I kinda feel bad about that. Really making it more agregious what they are doing.

        • algalhi says:

          Didn’t realize that J Lo and Randy are “JRand” lol. They might as well be one person. since they basically spout the same talking points. Fair and balanced JRand is not. Glad that Steven awoke from his usual stupor after Haley’s first song and called them out.
          I just bought the studio versions of Haley’s songs and Earth Song is longer and quite beautiful – check it out!

    • Lee says:

      I found myself standing for Steven Tyler when he told Haley “don’t listen to them” after J-Lo and Randy eviscerated her for that first song. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but it seems that J-Lo and Randy have decided that they are going to do everything they can to keep Haley from winning. The completely uneven playing field when it comes to judges’ comments is becoming so obvious that I think it may create a backlast among the voters. It reminds me of the Finals of Season Seven, when Simon kept saying that David Archuleta was sweeping the night and David Cook ended up winning by 12 million votes. We don’t like it when we feel like the judges are trying to manipulate the outcome.

  2. Vetle says:

    I couldn’t believe it when Randy was like…

    Oh, here’s a gift for Lauren, James and last but not least Scotty – and the proceeded to take a dump on Haley’s lap. CALCULATED. SO. FREAKING. CALCULATED. And… Haley going 2nd and 5th? PUH-LEEEEEZ!

    Please, Team Haley, speed-dial like never before!

    • Cheryl says:

      I voted more than 150 times for Haley tonight. And I’m still not done! She is, by far, the most talented. She brings uniqueness and performance to her songs. I LOVE her voice!! I am sick of the judges this year. They are there to hawk their own sons, books, etc. and get paid an obscene amount of money to do it. I really miss Simon. Randy Jackson is abysmal.

      • Steph says:

        Randy is such a d0uche!!!! I don’t even think Simon was ever that cruel to anyone, deserved or not. He had an agenda tonight and accomplished exactly what he wanted to. Then to have the galls to take credit for her second performance… I CANT EVEN!

        I am literally double fisting voting for her right now, one iphone in each hand, dialing and redialing. She HAS to make it through!

        • karenb says:

          I know, right?! He kept going on and on and even tried to interrupt/steal Tyler’s thunder/praise for Haley! Douche bag is right!! Jackwagon, too!!

          Still voting like a kook!!

          • Brittany says:

            I voted with two phones for one hour straight. GO HALEY!!! If Lauren wins this show I’m done and that’s the first time I’ve ever said that about this show.

        • Steph says:

          Ok… time to call it a night but I think I got around 700 votes in. I have NEVER voted more than 10x’s for someone but it would seriously be a travesty if Haley went home tomorrow.

          • Name That Tune says:

            Team Haley, relax. My cell phone is busy right now sending off two votes every second for Haley for my 2 hour time slot. That ought to get her several thousand votes. She’s not going anywhere. It’s Scotty and Lauren who should be looking over their shoulders.

          • Maybelle says:

            So all you drones of Slezak will vote for Haley because he says so? Where were all of YOU when she kept getting in the bottom 3? Oh so NOW you like her? Whatever I am done with this site……

          • Ambiance says:

            Ba-Bye Maybelle

            All of us are searching for some iota of unique originality here…No one has it except Haley. No one.

            I for one am enormously offended at Scotty’s STUPID, ignorant song about 9-11. What an insult on every level.

            What a self-righteous STUPID sh#t kicker

          • LaterMaybelle says:

            Go away idiot.

          • Dani C says:

            Times up…sitting at around 1900…come on west coast!

          • ssc says:

            To Ambiance: Have you not EVER heard Alan Jackson sing “Where Were You”? Jackson wrote that song immediately after the attacks on 9/11. I seriously cannot understand how anyone would be offended by that song! Did you not listen to the words??

        • Anne says:

          Whoa…stand down Randy mob! Lower your clubs and torches because he is not even close to how heartless Simon was to contestants. Simon would call them “howling cats” and insult them in them ways that would leave me gasping. C’mon people..let’s get back to reality. We get it…you disagree with Randy. But he is not the second coming of the anti-Christ. geesh!

          • LeSo says:

            I agree that Simon was much harsher than Randy is in his comments overall. However, Simon was harsh with EVERYONE who had a bad performance and rarely singled people out on stage like that. Telling three out of four performers that they won the round was absolutely unnecessary. He certainly didn’t miss his opportunity to twist the knife. I can honestly say that I was completely against Haley from the beginning, wishing she had been voted off prior to the top 8. But, I have to give her credit.. She has really come on strong over the last few weeks and she’s definitely changed my mind about her. The personal bias displayed by the judges only makes me appreciate her efforts even more. It’s impressive to see her stand up there in front of millions of people and take the kind of criticism she gets, and it’s even more impressive that she excels in spite of it. I tip my imaginary hat to her!

      • Julie says:

        @Cheryl, I miss Simon too! He was usually on-target with his critiques. I get the vibe that Steven won’t be back next his facial expressions and body language…he’s having a difficult time being fed what he’s supposed to say, and increasingly speaking from the heart.

    • brandy says:

      Just voted 3,000 times, baby!

      • Ambiance says:

        How? I did the traditional send, recall, send and only had a couple hundred. teach me

        • Name That Tune says:

          Ambience, you’ve got to download a little app for your phone that will fire off an SMS every second for 2 hours. I can program in multiple short codes (5702, 5702,etc). The first time I tried this on my droid, I got over 18,000 votes through. I haven’t matched that since, but I usually get in 5000 – 6000 votes each week.

      • patti jones says:

        Okay, I’m seeing people who claim to vote 3000 times, others for greater or lesser times. This isn’t voting for talent, people, it’s a popularity contest. Hate me if you must, but if Haley or James win Idol this year, I predict they’ll be in obscurity within six months. Only Scotty has a chance with his country style to make a major career in Nashville. Of course, he has to finish school first. :) I used to think that the best singer one Idol, after Adam Lambert lost I realized that’s not true.

        • LeSo says:

          Scotty will have a career in Country music whether he wins AI or not. At this point, I would almost prefer that he loses just to give someone else a chance at a contract. Lauren is probably most suited to be controlled by the Idol machine anyway since she is still so immature and needs to be developed. I would like to see Haley make the finals just to get her as much exposure as possible, then she could potentially sign a contract with another record company and still manage to maintain some level of control over what kind of music she wants to make. I really just can’t see her falling in line like a good little girl at the end of the day.

  3. D says:

    Guys, I’m gonna keep it short and sweet. Just Vote Haley. For the love of god, vote Haley.

    • KellyH says:

      I have been spouting off all night about the injustice done to Haley, so you have shut me up by summing it up so nicely, D. From now on, I quit commenting and start voting. GO HALEY! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

    • tamara says:

      and I’m gonna agree with you, cause watching the judges really sucked the life out of me.

      Vote the hell out of Haley.

      Btw, there’s a girl on twitter that has inside info about producers, and last week she tweeted that Scotty, Lauren&Jacob were bottom 3, Jacob leaving. She posted it hours before Idol began.
      She said that Lauren&Scotty were pretty close in votes (or non-votes…). And that James and Haley were top2.

      She also says producers will do anything to assure Haley doesn’t get to top3. They may go as far as fixing the results. Though if they do, she’ll tell, so we’ll know.

      This is war people!!

      Vote Haley!

      • meggie says:

        What is the girl’s twitter handle!??! I want to follow her if that’s true.

        • tamara says:

          it’s @blackatyou

          Apparently she has a friend “inside” who tells her what’s going on.

          I hope they don’t catch that friend. I bet he’d get fired.

  4. Kevin C. says:

    If it weren’t for the fact that Haley’s performance actually was the worst of the first four (mainly because of the shouty ending), I’d be complaining more about the judges.

    Good thing she came back and slayed it in the second half.

    • JBanana says:

      I seriously doubt she picked that first song. Or either of them for that matter.

      • Vetle says:

        Haley wasn’t fantastic on Earth Song, but truly – she was, and is one of the very few contestants this year that actually feels the song. The end was a bit shouty, but it had emotion. She felt it! I saw her have some sort of out of body experience at one point. Almost crazy.

        Sometimes, vocals aren’t the main main focus. The vocals were far beyond good enough, and the emotion was accurate!

        • Allie says:

          Also….the hypocrisy of calling her song shouty while lauding James who is very obviously screechy and screamy is amazing… least she should in tune for crying out loud!

          • Christy says:

            Randy and JLo were all over Haley for singing a slower song that wasn’t the type to get the audience involved but Scotty’s song choice was even more depressing and they heaped tons of praise on him.

          • SallyinChicago says:

            @Allie — thank you. James didn’t do anything different with Don’t stop believing, the most OVERDONE SONG OF 2010. And LP#9 was boring. I walked away. It was done like a rock song, and it should have been slower and bluesy.

        • jaime says:

          It was “emotionally perfect” ;)

        • Colin says:

          May we say that (and I wish Randy had said it) that Haley’s first song was EMOTIONALLY PERFECT. I liked it…lots.

      • Tusk says:

        If you watched after her 1st performance she apologised for getting all “emo” but that song meant so much to her and to have it attacked like that …..

        So yeah I think she chose it. Not like the other 3 who IMO chose completely pandering songs. Maybe James meant his but the other two?

        Yah those choices were “perfect”

    • Erin says:

      But we knew that if she faltered even the tiniest bit, the hammer was coming down on her. They were excited for the chance to rip her up for a “shouty ending” (if we were actually critiquing performances… I still wasn’t sure they were doing that this year. Oh… just for her? Got it). The problem was that Randy was just too overzealous for his chance, like a puppy tasting blood for the first time. Uncle Nigel no doubt had to take a rolled up newspaper to him for that obvious show of agenda. What an eff’d up show this has become.

    • mike says:

      Except Scotty’s second performance was the worst of the night. On all levels.

      • El says:

        His weird crazy eyes creep me the eff out.

        It bothers me less when the judges are negative then how relentlessly positive they are about crap. I think they were right, Haley’s first song was boring. I also think Scotty and Lauren’s second songs were absolute crap.

        Give real feedback, consistently, or don’t bother. This is honestly why I’m enjoying the Voice more right now- it really does feel like it’s more about the performances then all the extra stuff they use to pad the show to two hours, and that’s the part I enjoy the most.

      • Katie L. says:

        It was pretty bad.

    • Mike says:

      Okay… was the end shouty? Yes. But watch MJ’s version from This is It. Watch the Celene/J.Hud/Smokey version from the Grammys a couple of years ago. She stayed pretty true to that and put her style on it. As soon as she started, I knew how it was gonna go, and I was into it.

    • Hmmm... says:

      Listen to the original. She was true to it. The shouting was painful on purpose. It was a cry. It wasn’t meant to be peaceful and pleasant.

      • algalhi says:

        Thank you @Mike and @Hmmm… for making the point that Haley stayed true to the MJ version, which was also “shouty” at the end. He was “yelling” at us, “What about…, what about…?”

        • Densie says:

          When Haley got to ‘What about the children?’ I shed a tear. I loved that performance and I’m putting it on my Ipod. I liked it better than the second song.

  5. clo says:

    Another night of letsgetridofHaley – did I love her MJ song choice? no. Did she deserve the judges horrendous feedback. F- NO!


  6. Paul says:

    Usually I don’t care, but Haley is getting the short end of the stick. The judges only seem to criticize her, no matter what the other performances were like. I don’t think she was trying to sound rude after the first performance, I think she was just sticking up for herself.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Haley slayed both of those songs. She took the stage, she looked comfortable on the stage, she sang with emotion….what more can the girl do?

      James is singing like a desperate man.

  7. Teresa says:

    So angry right now.

    Slayers unite!

    • Tusk says:

      LOL All I was thinking after the 1st song’s critique:


      LOL I swear I was seething
      It wasn’t her best performance, but as a poster said earlier, it WAS like an animal tasting blood. Randy just went at it. OMG

      • Denise says:

        It bothered me that JLo and Randy aren’t allowing anyone to have another opinion. It’s like we have to bow to the Diva and the Dawg. The audience isn’t allow to boo and Steve isn’t allowed to disagree.

  8. SallyinChicago says:

    I’m sorry but Haley is so far superior to those others….please vote her off so she can sign the record contract and go on tour. She doesn’t need American Idol.

    And did anyone notice Pia in the audience with the sad face after Haley sang I Who have nothing? Pia Pia Pia — THIS is your competition honey….

    Haley sings with emotion and with her heart and her body, and she’s like a mini Edith Piaf in my mind.

    Haley, if you don’t make it to number 1, do not worry. You have the brightest future of all those others.

    • tommay says:

      haley will be nothing. no one would want a record of a screaming, chainsmoking voiced girl. hell i can’t understand half of what she sings

      • Cup of Joe says:

        Perhaps you fap too much to the others to listen to her?

        • tommay says:

          fap? what does fap mean? now i am confused. and oh yes I hear the others. the only one with a chance to sell records is scotty and if it wasn’t for the type of music he sings, he would be up sh*t creek without a paddle. There is no market for James and Lauren can’t do anything but whine. Haley can’t sing plus she can’t take criticism either. oh well, i am getting over this crap finally i think.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Perhaps you also need to learn your slang, no? Fap means to jack off.

            Oh, and one more thing: W*nker!

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Also, I suggest cleaning your ears. Haley CAN sing. And she has every right to stand up to those losers that call themselves judges.

            I see them more as a kangaroo court. ;)

          • tommay says:

            are you british or something? maybe you need to learn to use actual slang that people can understand di*k. Just sayin’

          • Cup of Joe says:

            FYI, the word “fap” is commonly used. Look it up at Urban Dictionary. Same with “W*nker.” :P

          • Emy says:

            @tommay Wow you sound old.

          • No kidding says:

            NOW you’re confused? Pretty obvious it’s a constant state of being.

        • karenb says:

          OMG. Joe! that is so funny! Love it! Gonna steal it! ;)

          • Maybelle says:

            What are all of you, teenagers? Bullys? So lets gang up on the one person who might disagree with the rest of you idiots?

          • takakupo says:

            Maybelle…shut up. You’ve been gang banging on this thread the whole night.

        • Joe says:

          You need to learn to use the English language properly, then others
          might understand you. Expecting others to know your slang is rude.

          • MusicMaster says:

            Not really, old chum. The essence of communication is to be vital aware of all the nuances of communication. The Brits feel they ate superior because they created the number 1 language on the planet. If you don’t know English ( not American ) you are forever screwed. End of story.

      • heatseeker says:

        Lauren? That you?

    • marie says:

      This is amusing: Vote for the Worst is encouraging their readers to power vote for Haley. I don’t consider VFTW to be of much consequence, but hey, I’ll take their help! So much for voting for the “worst”!

      • TLKC says:

        I agree that Haley’s first performance wasn’t up to her usual level but the judging was OTT nasty, which is probably why they dialed back so much and apologized after the second song. (Can’t afford to fire up the “angry vote any more than they already have.)

        I understand the VFTW decision because their stated aim is to screw around the show.

        In past seasons, Idol has played favourites, pushing some above others, but it seems to me that Haley has been been singled out for dis-heartening feedback week after week in spite of excellent performances.

        Not nice but it would be easier if they were just pushing one idol and short-changing the other three. It’s lonely when you’re the only one being called out for something everyone is doing. And it’s not as if she can leave the show – she’s stuck like a kid in a classroom with a teacher who has taken an inexplicable dislike to them.

  9. Rebo says:

    Randy is evil! I just muted him in the end because I couldn’t stand listening to him. How could he sit there and praise James for slaughtering (not slaying) a Journey song? Let alone what he did to Haley. James is either “on” or “off” – he’s missing all the nuances that Haley’s gorgeous voice has. Randy is deaf dumb blind and STUPID! I loved how Haley got out of hugging him and turned her face away. Go HALEY!

  10. Bat Country says:

    I am so pissed off, this is it for me this year. The abuse of Haley was beyond gratuitous…

    • Erin says:

      what? you didn’t think a three-way tie for first place in a four person race was reasonable? Maybe he should have just said “I can’t rank them in any order except who was the worst. Which was Haley. It was you, you know? I’m being honest when I say it didn’t work at all on any level for you, Haley. So the number 4 for you. Or just last. I mean the worst.. for Haley, I’m not sure you get what I’m sayin…”

    • jules says:

      First time I have voted this year. I have spent the last hour voting for “contestant #2”. I’m done if she’s done…

      • Tuckers Mom says:

        This is the first time this season I have been compelled to vote. I am sick and tired of the crap they pour out on James, Lauren and that one trick pony Scotty that I could just VOMIT! Randy and Miss AutoTune, I mean JLo and Steven have not done them any favors. I voted for HAILEY all the way!! She is the only on that I gave seen ANY growth from through this entire process and even if she doesn’t make till the end, a label will pick her up.

        Go Hailey go!!

      • Deltasue says:

        BUH BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Tusk says:

          LOL Deltasue is back to tell us how this whole conspiracy is made up again.

          Why don’t you go somewhere where you’re not “forced” to make disparaging remarks in all your posts?


  11. Dani C says:

    WOW! I thouGht i was pissed off last week…i had to force myself to watch the second half of this f$%&ing show. Scotty, Lauren and James were great…sucks to be you Haley. She is my my Idol…f*%# the judges, i’m voting like mad for her tonight. Even if she gets the boot, i’ll know i did my part. Seriously Idol, F%&* YOU!

    • Debbie M says:

      My sentiments exactly! I was actually screaming at the TV. My husband asked me why I even bother to watch the show if it pisses me off so much, and I honestly don’t know why at this point. I just want to rip Randy’s head off after tonight. I can’t understand what Nigel and Co. have against Haley, but if there was ever a conspiracy theory, this is it. She did NOT deserve her criticisms tonight while the others were treated like the second coming. Absolutely ridiculous. I voted for Haley until the battery died on my phone! Screw you Nigel and Randy!

    • IdolJudgesBlow says:


  12. Paisley says:


  13. Gabe says:

    I hated how the judges (especially J.Lo) basically said “we are so mean to you because we know how good you can be.” That’s such crap, they are just mean to Haley because they want her gone. Earth Song wasn’t very good at all, but she was slammed when Don’t Stop Believing was praised?!?!? The judging system is so screwed up.

  14. AJ says:

    I voted for Haley. I’m worried for her though. The first song was fine, but I don’t think she did herself any favors with that. And I do believe that the other contestants had at least one performance better than that. I do think she blew it out of the park with her second tune. But was it enough? Lauren did well, James killed it on “Love Potion #9” and Scotty has his fanbase. I’m crossing fingers for Haley and voting like crazy.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Go watch the video of MJackson singing Earth Song. He sang it exactly like Haley did, and I wonder if Randy would have said he was screaming? Randy: Did you even see the movie with the song and see MJ’s performance. It was EXACTLY the same performance. OMG, that was a great rendition of the song and she sang it with her heart. What more do people want from this girl? She’s the one who has blossomed and jumped by leaps and bounds.

      • jane says:

        and that is what Haley was trying to say in her comments but no one wanted to listen. People on the boards say she was disrespectful..blah blah blah. She wasn’t. She has got to be sooooo frustrated with the judges slanted critique. If it were me I don’t know if I could even look at them anymore. (Except for Steven)

        • Debbie M says:

          Gotta give Haley props for keeping her cool in front of the “judges.” I don’t think I could remain so calm and refrain from telling them what douches they are. And I love how she comes back and slays them on her second performance the past two weeks. Good for you girl!

      • leigh says:

        I watched the MJ video of him singing Earth Song, and I agree, Haley sang it just like he did. So, what would the judges have said to him, if he’d been performing in AI?

    • Ablo says:

      James didn’t kill it on Love Potion — it was whiny.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        That song was arranged poorly. It’s a slower song and it’s more “bluesy”. James sang it like a rock song — like every freaking song he sings — ROCK….he should have slowed it down and put some sensuality into the song.

        • ErixN says:

          Yeah, I was disappointed that James didn’t slow it down and move like Lady Gaga told him to. Instead he walked around, posed, did spirit fingers, and then revved up the audience.

          • Blair says:

            exactly what I was thinking when I saw the performance. but he gets a free pass every time.

          • Tusk says:

            I’m an unrepentant Haley supporter, but I’ll give James his props, it was a good show closer, better than his 1st, that sounded off to me.

            I agree though, he does seem to be hamming it up pretty good and it is starting to get to me. In these competitions it’s always good to be humble.

            (Unless you’re Haley and taking shots week after week after week after week. I would have looked the other way to let her take one slug at Randy)

        • donie says:

          He started off w/ a slower arrangement that I liked more, but Jimmy-hat didn’t like it. The arrangement he ended up with was too cheesy.

    • Li-Li says:

      Lauren did well? On her second song she was out of breath, out of time, and out of tune by the end. Yet the judges had nothing bad to say, and Lauren got to report, “The judges loved it!” Gag me.

      • Holly says:

        You are so right! Lauren was struggling with that song, and even before she started to sing I wondered why she picked since she apparently doesn’t even like to utter the word “evil.” She was not in any way believable, she was clearly out of breath much of the song, and came off looking like a pageant contestant in the “talent” portion of the contest. Any yet she is “in it to win it???” I think Simon must have quit Idol because there was too much pressure from the producers to manipulate the outcome by lying.

        • jules says:

          and where was the judges “Bad song choice for you”????? It was not a good choice for Lauren… and with Haley that is all they want to talk about, not how good her voice or presentation is. I didn’t start out a Haley fan, but wow has she ever grown in her delivery this past month.

        • Blair says:


      • Debbie M says:

        As soon as Lauren said she was doing a Martina McBride song, I knew it was not going to go well. She just does not have the breathing techniques that Martina and Carrie Underwood have. I firmly believe they should have told her to come back in a year or two and never have gotten past the auditons. She is just not emotionally or technically ready for any of this, yet. There is definitely potential, but she’s not there yet.

      • Tusk says:

        I noticed it when they showed the performance recaps. The ending of her second song, she was barely able to finish the notes.

        Funny, I noticed in the recap, the clips of the two girls included the worse parts of their songs: Lauren’s breathless ending to the 2nd song and the end of Haley’s Earth Song which Randy complained all she did was shout.

        Bizarre seems they would want to show the best parts of the perfomances in those few seconds.

  15. Amy S. says:

    Tonight was so frustrating. Here’s a recap of my tweets:

    So much Kristy Lee Cooking going on tonight it makes me sick!

    Lauren’s second song was a nightmare! That song?

    Please vote for Haley!!

    @MichaelSlezakTV there is a conspiracy against Haley and she KNOWS IT

    • Volcfom says:

      I said the same thing about Kristy Lee Cook! Scotty and Lauren should be the bottom two just for that.
      I think my bf and I got in a solid 500 votes for Haley. I’ve never voted this much in ten seasons! I just hope it’s enough.

    • Tusk says:

      Amy S.

      It could have been much worse, think of your example. Can you imagine Lauren Pulling a Kristy Lee and pulling out the “God Bless the USA”? That in addition to Scotty pulling out the Ode to 911?

      Patriotism aside, Just an opinion on Song choice, I can’t imagine a bigger pair of “pandering for votes” songs.

    • Helen says:

      I totally agree with you about the pandering for votes. I had actually never heard Scotty’s song before but once I figured out it was about 9-11 I actually said “Oh God no”. Did you hear some of those lines? The one about not knowing the difference between Iran and Iraq– oh my God it is just embarrassing for our country that song. The hope that Slezak goes off in Idoloonies about it.
      The only thing I hope he doesn’t bash Scotty for is that I can see him being like “how old were you on 9-11? You can’t sing that” which is really not okay. Scotty is actually 2 months older than me (don’t worry, I voted for Haley exclusively tonight) but just because he is young does not mean he wasn’t effected by the day. Even though I was 7 on 9-11 I remember every detail, so Scotty could too.
      Still a disgusting pander though.

      • Noelbelle says:

        That song made me want to throw up…not because of the message, but because of the obvious pandering for votes. It’s like the producers said, “What do we need to put Scotty over the top? We need country, and Jesus and 9/11. Yep, that oughtta do it.” Lauren’s peeps obvs got the same notes.

        It’s funny you said that about his age because my sister (who just turned 18) said exactly the same thing you think Slezak might say. She was 8 and says she barely remembers it.

    • Hmmm... says:

      Sadly, KLC hit the money note on her Unchained Melody — exceptionally well (google kristy lee cook unchained melody). She’s actually a better singer than Lauren.

  16. Liz says:

    Oh Uncle Nigel, thank you for making it so abundantly clear the story you want to tell – switching up the order so Haley performs nowhere near the end of the show was a nice touch…
    However it just makes me want to vote for her more!

    • Tusk says:

      I spied Nigel standing in the corner Just as Scotty was running back to the stage. He was clapping gleefully with a big grin on his face. It was creepy and definitely machiavellian…I swear I heard a wolf howl and felt a cold breeze when I saw it.

    • Noelbelle says:

      Truthfully, I’m starting to wonder if this is some kind of calculated reverse psychology move that he’s got going on. Maybe he secretly wants Haley in the final so he’s telling the judges to hate on her so that her fans will rally around her. (I too obsessively voted, which I have NEVER done before and spent a fair amount of time restraining myself from assaulting my television set). Also, maybe I’m stretching for an explanation because this is doing my head in.

  17. amie says:

    Guys. Haley had her first not amazing song of the season at the worst moment but that does not mean she doesn’t deserve TOP 3. PLEASE VOTE, the lines aren’t busy and that’s the only reason I’m pleaing!

  18. Thea says:

    Randy was disgusting trash for his treatment of Haley tonight. I can’t recall a more overt form of cruelty on this show towards a person when he named S, L, and J as all “winning” the first round, even back in the Simon days.

    Hoping beyond hope that she survives this week.

    • GinaBallerina says:

      Tell me about it! I said to my husband, “Randy is being meaner than Simon ever was.”

      And really, for the love of all that is decent in this (t.v.) world, why couldn’t Randy name just one name or even two? It would have been infinitely nicer to leave two people out than just singling one out. He really did not have to name three names and he should be embarrassed. I loved Haley’s scoff at it. Didn’t the whole show just seem off and too contrived, too? Right after Randy said that, the camera zoomed in on Haley’s angry face, before quickly going to commerical. It all just seemed a little too calculated to me.

  19. Rosa says:

    I nearly screamed in rage at my television. The judging is so blatantly unfair – only STyler’s comment stopped the tears of rage, lol.

    I totally loved Haley showing her frustration and how utterly done with them she was. Her I (Who Have Nothing) was gorgeous.

    Durbin’s take on Don’t Stop Believin’ – especially after it has been covered by the Season 8 Top 10 and Glee – was literally painful.

    • Liz says:

      Yeah, it was nice to see Steven Tyler wake up for a bit and smack down the other judges. I’m getting the feeling that he has had it with the AI machine. Meanwhile, the brainwashing of J. Lo is complete. I can’t even speak about Randy.

      • jules says:

        I agree with you on Steven. He did seem a little disgusted with it all.
        Did anyone notice how close JLo and Randy sat when Lauren sang and how they would nod to each other… weird!

        • Tusk says:

          I also noticed most of the show, JLO and Randy seemed to be chatting with each other, while Steven just stared ahead. Most of the show.

          Weird I seem to remember JLO and Steven being more chummy. I didn’t record the show, but I remmember noticing his separtation at the Judges’ table, it was as if there was an invisible wall between JLo/Randy and Steven.

        • Jeff says:

          Did you see ST banging his pencil before Randy started his rant? ST is the type of guy to “stick it to the man”- I do projects for his mgmt team and he hates the corporate BS.

          Can I say one other thing? I am a metal fan. JAMES IS NOT METAL! He is HAIRBAND- go listen to “Cherry pie” and then Metallica. that’s the difference

      • Blair says:

        So true, Liz. J-Lo is nothing more than a “robot-for-Nigel” now, so seamlessly carrying out her “duties”, when a long time ago, back when the season began, she seemed to actually have a heart. I am utterly amazed at how and when such an about face could have occurred. …someone please enlighten me.

  20. Your sisters mother in law says:

    Michael… so so sick of Randy …and his comments to Hailey. She is the total package…I think he likes to hear himself…

  21. dj says:

    I agree, it was so blatant tonight. JLo has trouble concealing her contempt for Haley. Randy blathered on and on. Even when JLo told Lauren why they are tough on her, you knew it was directed at Haley more than Lauren. You knew they’d been on twitter and seen themselves called out by the bloggers and fans.

  22. HizzleT says:

    I believe that 8:42 pm est is when I watched someone’s soul get crushed on live television. Five minutes later I was standing on my sofa watching her get it back. Haley rocks! I’m off to vote.

    • Tracy says:

      That was about the same time I heard the sound of Slezaks head exploding:)

      • shelbar says:

        thanks for clearing that up, I thought a bomb went off somewhere.

        • Blair says:

          I know I heard a thunderclap just then so loud it nearly drowned out Randy’s ranting/making no sense …whatever …unfortunately, the thunderclap was not nearly loud enough!

      • Debbie M says:

        What does it say about us that we are both wondering what Michael was thinking while Haley was being crucified?

        • Lunakit says:

          …it says that we are grateful that Michael is willing to be a mouthpiece for sanity in the Idol universe…!

      • Tusk says:

        Ba Da Boom

        LOL Hilarious!!

      • duranmom says:

        So it’s not just me who wonders/worries about Slezak’s well being when the judges actually start judging just Haley — and not in a good way? Phew!

    • Erin says:

      If Michael thought they broke her after the first performance last week, I REALLY thought they did her in after the three way tie for first and a recap of why Haley sucks right before she had to perform again. If that was Lauren, she wouldn’t have been able to go on. Haley truly rocks.

  23. Katie says:

    I don’t get how they can criticize Haley for “screaming” while send praise to James (and Jacob in the previous weeks) for screeching. I didn’t think Earth Song was a very good song choice either, but my GOD. Don’t Stop Believing was painful. He DID NOT set the bar.

  24. Erica says:


    It’s obvious they don’t like Haley, but I don’t think you’ve ever addressed WHY they don’t like her. What’s YOUR theory? My husband says it’s because she’s the only one that hasn’t drunk the Idol Kool-Aid.

    P.S. Don’t you just love waiting to see what she’ll do during the judging?

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Let’s start a thread – why don’t they like Haley. She’s the only one who has progressed and blossomed — the word they used last week. I think they don’t want her to win, because Randy said 2 weeks ago a guy was going to win….yes, you did Randy, so you must want a man to win.

      Second, Haley is like a little Gaga. Pouty mouth and don’t give a f**CK!

      Next reason: Simon Fuller said he would take total control of managing the winner’s career — wow! Remember when Kelly Clarkson left 19R? And so many others, like Jordin. I don’t think he’s that great a manager and maybe it’s better that Haley leave early, because if she puts her career in his hands, he will squash it.

      Idol likes the “safe” “unsexy” neutered winners. All except Fantasia have been “safe”.

      Yep, there’s a lot going on. Because Haley is far better than those others.

    • as says:

      Why? Because Nigel Lythgoe has destroyed the premise behind American Idol which is competition….competition with fair play. That’s how it’s done. Instead, the producers had an end-game plan based on the back stories of the audition round. Teen Idol….Country Teen Idol….Asberger’s-Tourette’s dream Idol….It’s a real shame and can’t be overlooked. The judges behavior is unethical and just wrong.
      There’s nothing to do but put Randy and JLo on mute.

    • SusieQ says:

      I have to say…she held herself together more than I would have. I would have lost it…not in a crying the other way….I think she held it together. If Lauren had half of that criticism she would have been in a fetal position on the floor crying. HALEY FOR THE WIN

    • Nick says:

      I don’t think there’s any really complex reason behind it.
      I honestly believe it’s as simple as the fact that Haley was meant to be fodder, to pad out the season to make it easier for their chosen contestants to sail through, but now that we’re getting towards the end, she could potentially screw up their chosen final 3. That’s all it is. She wasn’t one of their chosen ones. She wasn’t supposed to ever get this far. With Pia going home, and Casey and Jacob turning out not to be what the producers thought they’d be, this season hasn’t been going the way they want it to, and the last thing they want is Haley making it to the end and upsetting their Lauren Alaina narrative arc. They want her as the last woman standing.

      • Holly says:

        I agree with you, but the producers are making the mistake of many television shows – they push the same old story lines, the same stale gags that made the show famous in the early seasons, thinking if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Well, Idol is broken and on the way out. You could see last season that the show has lost its relevance. Its crazy to stick with the “plan” (ie, Lauren Alaina will win Idol and be a big fat star) when clearly something completely “unplanned” has happened – that is an early long shot (Haley) has found herself and grown so much that she is now a viable and believable winner of the show. Unfortunately for the producers, Lauren has not panned out – she has not grown during this season, either vocally or performance-wise, she is obviously too young for the challenge at this point in her career. If she was to win Idol (which would be a big shock at this point) she would have a career about as stellar as Lee DeWyze.

        • Ashley says:

          Holly, I agree with you completely. For all of these reasons and more, I am giving up on Idol after this season. Maybe after this week if Haley goes home. My time is valuable to me and I’m a fool to waste it on what this show has become.

          • I'm done too. says:

            I only keep watching this season for Haley. Not disappointed again, yet infuriated by the “judges” again (except for Steven). The collapse of a great show continues…

        • Genie says:

          Right on! So true. I hated Haley when she made the top 5 girls, didn’t like anything about her, but she kind of hooked me when she stopped with all the crazy exaggerated ruuuu nnnnns. She is a great vocalist who takes risks that payoff to all but Randy and JLO. It’s been nice to see her grow and totally convert me from foe to fanatic. I think many others have had a similar experience. And she has maintained her composure (even when she talked back tonight), and grace in the face of undue adversity).

          SAVE THE GROWLER!!

          • LadyBug979 says:

            How can you say Haley maintained her composure? She was giving all kinds of (forget you) looks and strutting all over the place. Her attitude is what turned me against her from the start. And I’m really getting really tired of Slezak’s ignoring all that too. These constant accusations of favoritism toward the other contestants is just getting childish. They get criticsm too. I’m all for rooting for the underdog. But in this case there may be a reason she’s been in the bottom three so many times.

          • morgan says:

            And yet @Ladybug, how do you think your attitude would be if you were treated the way she is?

            You sound like you have bad enough of one already.

          • Noelbelle says:

            I think a lot of viewers would have the same opinion as you, including Slezak, that Haley has steadily grown on them over the season despite initial misgivings. To be truthful she was always my favorite, followed closely by Pia. When Pia got the boot, Haley was the only reason I kept watching. If she gets the boot this week (which I doubt) I don’t know that I’ll watch the finale.

          • Miguel says:

            “How can you say Haley maintained her composure? She was giving all kinds of (forget you) looks…”

            She maintained her composure in that she didn’t break down in tears or angrily tell them exactly what she thought of the malicious game they were playing. Instead, she came back and gave a performance none of the others matched. That takes talent, professionalism and a belief in yourself — i.e. the “attitude” that turns you off.

        • Teecie says:

          Excellent post, Holly. I’m also like Genie. I wasn’t a Haley fan at the beginning, either, but she has grown so much this season. She is leaving the others in her dust.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I agree with both Nick and Holly. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I do not recall a season where a contestant was pimped starting with their TRYOUT! Oh, there’s been pimping and promoting every season, but nothing like this ridiculous business with Lauren Alaina.

          • marie says:

            I think you’re right, DET: I don’t recall this much blatant pimping starting at the initial audition ever before. Even at the time of that first audition, I noticed it and remarked to my partner something like, Well, we ALREADY know who they’re going to shove down our throats this year.
            That said, I still feel empathy for Lauren, even though I don’t enjoy her performances (I SHUDDERED at “Trouble”) and can’t see myself being at all interested in her post-Idol music. Poor kid seems to be just SUCH a young girl, not at all ready for this (contrast with Allison, or even with Scotty this year, like his music or not). She’s SO young, she couldn’t even stand up for herself and refuse to perform a song that made her uncomfortable. She should never, ever have been given a spot in this season, but evidently the producers (and her parents?) were blinded by the dollar signs that sprang up before their eyes when they auditioned her.
            I’ll admit I’m touched by her tweets in support of Haley, as mentioned in another comment here. Seems like a sweet, if naive, young girl. How I wish she’d waited a couple of years.

    • Blair says:

      I think they don’t really want someone with true talent to actually win Idol. This has to have been part of their strategy at least since season 8, otherwise, why in the world didn’t Adam Lambert win? Anyway, that’s beside the point. I’ve only been asking that question since the finale of season 8, that’s all. ..but I digress… they truly do have a master plan, no matter what you may say, and have the power to control the outcome. I just don’t think that strategy to be very wise in the big picture, especially if they want to continue as the powerhouse reality show that they presently are. After all, on the horizon are other shows (i.e. “The Voice”) threatening to overtake the American Idol franchise…

    • Tusk says:

      Think about her journey.
      Bottom 3 what 4 or 5 times?
      In the Judges eyes probably something equivalent to Pia’s ugly duckling little sister.(we know what the ugly duckling turned into ;))

      Refuses to stay in their box
      “Yo I see you as a Josh Stone””I don’t know, you took a risk doing Adele who has such a unique voice””We just don’t know who you are””We’re not sure you know who you are as an artist”

      Makes Risky decisions no matter the theme unlike the others:

      Yo yo yo you know what “we” love about you Dawg you know your lane, you know who you are and that’s what we LOOOOOVE. Hey everybody Yo “Fill in the blank” is in it to win it!!!!!

      She has been put through the fire, psychologically and at times spiritually. She has been steeled and has come out a fighter finding vindication through her swelling fan base to turn her into a “who?” to “Haley Frikking Reinhart and eat it”!!!.

  25. debi says:

    DSB was fair, but LP#9 was better. I didn’t like either of Hailey’s performances, although the second song was much better than the first. All in all, I thought it was a bad night for all of them. Lady Gaga was interesting. James hasn’t been as good lately, but he is still my favorite. If dialidol is any indication, Scotty is going to win. He has gotten the most votes on dialidol for at least 8 weeks. I pick him to win.

    • Milly says:

      Dial Idol has been wrong so many times this season. For instance, it said Pia was safe the week she was voted off. It’s gotten the bottom person wrong every week except the week Jacob went home.

  26. Lizzy says:

    Ok… I admit it’s been years since I voted on AI… but I’m trying to vote for Haley, and keep getting.. .nothing… no busy signal, no answer… nothing….. is something wrong?

    • JBanana says:

      Haley Reinhart

      1-866-IDOLS-02 (866 436 5702)
      1-866-IDOLS-06 (866 436 5706)
      Text “Vote” to 5702

      • Amie says:

        I have verizon and I’ve calling for the past half hour and hanging after I hear “Thanks”. First are my votes going through? And second, how much is this costing me? I mean Haley’s worth it but my parents won’t be happy with the phone bill.

    • Darcy says:

      Vote online at — it’s much easier!

      • amie says:

        I’m doing that too but I know voting online goes longer.

      • algalhi says:

        To vote online, you need a Facebook account and you can only vote 50 times. They don’t tell you when you’ve gone over, so you have to keep track yourself. It’s a bit tedious as you have to type in their code, but there is no time restriction. I am in Hawaii and can vote online now even though the show doesn’t start here for another 2 hours.

        • S says:

          They don’t tell you, but you can sort of tell when the 50 votes are up because when you press ‘vote’ and you’re over 50 votes, it’ll show the “thank you for voting” page immediately, without having to load, whereas if you still have votes to go, the page will load for a split second before you see it.

  27. as says:

    A vote for Hayley is a vote against stank-eye it’s all about me and I’m beautiful Jennifer Lopez, her sidekick dog and the corrupt beyond repair Idol machine. This kind of fake judgery and producer manipulation has completely destroyed the show. It’s just wrong.

  28. jennifer says:

    just wanna say that slezak is making me sick with Haley. She seems like a bi**h that thinks that she is the greatest thing ever. Cannot stand the growling at all and haven’t been able to since the first time i heard her. The show tonight was horrible to me all the way around. Haley is the underdog and most of the time, i would go for that but I can’t put my support behind a stuck up snobby thing that seems to care less about anything. she sorta reminds me of Castro in the fact that she has the don’t cares

    • Vetle says:

      So wrong. SO WRONG! Haley definitely cares. I know Earth Song was slightly shouty, but you could SEE she felt it. Castro threw his performances out the window. Haley came back fighting. That’s a sign of somebody WANTING it. She got thrown under the bus – and she deserves to reach to finale. I’m SO mad right now.

      • Li-Li says:

        I agree – I thought Haley’s performance of “Earth” was very emotional and moving, and I wasn’t that familiar with the song. She definitely wants it – she’s just being professional. I’m sure they have to be very careful with their responses, reactions, everything. Then there’s Lauren, who giggles about her song choice, and smiles during the song, and giggles a little “thank you” afterwards. THAT is supposed to be heartfelt emotion??

        • Just Jules says:

          WAS it just me, or did Lauren giggle at the end of her “serious” Round 2 song? IT creeped me out.

      • SusieQ says:

        I have to say Haley is my fave and has been. I didn’t like Earth Song all that much but it was pretty short in comparison to the real MJ song and I didn’t have a chance to get into it. In fact I felt her song was one of the shortest. With that being said in Earth Song MJ shouted the end for the most part…she did exactly what he did.

        • jennifer says:

          oh i can’t stand lauren either. she whines too much for me. i don’t get the james love that the judges heap on him and scotty has performances where i just shake my head. this season is kinda making me wanna stop watching.

    • kristin says:

      is your name Jennifer Lopez??

    • Emy says:

      Maybe what you’re reading as “doesn’t care” is really “tired of being judged/critiqued when no one else is.”

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Perhaps because she doesn’t need approval from those jokes that call themselves judges.

      • jennifer says:

        she needs to learn to brush it off and quit being a baby. i look at her stink eye face and feel like going through the screen and smacking her

        • Cup of Joe says:

          Perhaps I should smack YOUR face, w*nker!

          • jennifer says:

            @cupofjoe: how sweet, you calling me a wanker, makes me feels special inside. wow you must be a strong cup if you can type wanker with a STAR!!!!!

          • Cup of Joe says:

            That’s not a star, that’s what you call an asterisk.


          • jennifer says:

            well dang joe, i am just a stupid girl!!!!!! Did you know that some people don’t call it an asterisk? That some call it a star. Look it up if y.ou don’t believe me I have a huge dislike for cyber bullying and that my friend is what you seem to be doing but oh well life will go on. I hate Haley’s voice and dislike her attitude. It is my prerogative to do so.

        • claudia says:

          She doesn’t need smacks from you. She has gotten plenty from the judges.

    • karenb says:

      Haley cares. And so did Jason. Just cuz he didn’t have mascara flowing down his face when the judges threw him under the bus, doesn’t mean he didn’t care. He was resilent and so is Haley!1

      Haley has the superior voice over all the contestants this year. She is totally amazing. And if you peeps have issues with Slezak’s support of her, I guess you could go read some other article…just sayin’.

      • jennifer says:

        i have no problem with the support he gives her and i have been following slezak for the last 5 years. It just gets on my last damn nerve that whenever he likes someone he shows them favoritism, same as the judges do. He is constantly talking about how horrible some of the others are and never sees the flaws of Haley, which are just as many as everyone else. Her phrasing, scotty’s dropped lines, lauren’s spoiled lil girl attitude, and James’ I am a rocker god attitude. they all have flaws and everyone has different opinions including the judges. the only difference is their opinion is broadcasted in front of all the viewers. they gave her a standing ovation tonight for a horrible song

    • Chels says:

      I ABSOLUTELY 100% agree with you…i am so tired of her growling. It is like all she can do. i am a first time idol watcher and i have not liked Hayley since day 1. Haley is by far the worst one on there.

    • LizNic says:

      I agree with the Haley hate. She comes off like a total stuck up snob. I’m not a fan of her growling or the fact that she thinks she can do it all the time. I could handle it though if I didn’t think that in person she would be a huge ass.

      I’m not sure why people seem to miss her facial expressions. It’s not a look of someone being professional, its a look of someone saying i’m better than all of you. Maybe I just have perfect vision though and can see those sorts of things.

      Good for her though if she has a fan base that seems to like her. Either way it doesn’t matter, they are all not what I’d call an Idol.

      • jennifer says:

        See what i don’t get is that slezak pretty much said that casey was horrible due to the growl yet he loves haley. it is such a double standard for him so why not the judges too. everyone has a favorite.

      • Georgia says:

        I think Haley comes across as a more mature artist who has been out there a few years longer than the teenagers and KNOWS when the judges’ criticism is scripted. I’m sure that she’d be the first to say that she’s not perfect (personally or musically), but she’s confident in her abilities.

  29. BethanyA says:

    I could not believe Ryan made Haley and (I can’t type his name or my Vaio will combust, I know it) hug it out. That was the worst thing I’ve seen on TV in a long time, more revolting to me than even the joust scene on Game of Thrones last Sunday. Ugh. This show!

    • Dani C says:

      THIS! Never make the Growler hug it out with Randy and Jlo…she deserves way better than them and the bull s*%# opinions.

    • Noelbelle says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t have handled it as well as she did. I would have (unintentionally, of course) grimaced through the whole encounter and then wanted to take a shower afterward. I don’t think she’s stuck up. I think she’s fed up, and I don’t blame her. She’s just one of those people whose emotions you can read all over their face.

    • BrazenSongBird says:

      Yes! It reminded me of something from my World History class where they expected the person being executed to forgive the Executioner!
      “Do you forgive me Lady Reinhardt?”
      Hug it out!

  30. Pat says:

    Lauren was awful on Trouble and the first song was not great. James was flat on both performances.

  31. Chuckles says:

    I have to agree with Michael here: It’s not so much that Haley was good on the first song (it’s not a good song even when sung well, and she sang it more than a little shrieky); it’s that James and Scotty each had one song that was even worse, and nothing was said about it. There’s definitely a double standard.

  32. LGH says:

    I admit I’m prone to hyperbole, but Haley’s performance of “I Who Have Nothing” was one of the hands-down best I’ve seen on Idol. She blew everyone out of the water — and totally stuck it to the misguided J-Lo and Randy. Weird how, in his response to them on Haley’s first song, Mr. Tyler sounded almost relevant. That was a heated, interesting moment, and I for one am proud of Haley for sticking up for herself. They criticize NONE of the other contestants, even when they need it, and she understandably got sick of it. VOTE HALEY!

  33. your sisters mother in law says:

    Please vote for Hailey everytime I vote the line is open

  34. sunny says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I put all my pool points on Haley to go home.
    I think Haley talking back hurt her (even though it was justified)and then they had her sing 1st second round so she wouldn’t have shoe ending moment of awesomeness like last week.

    So my American friends, please prove me wrong and vote for Haley. I’d be very happy to get 0 points tomorrow.

    • sunny says:

      *show ending*

      • Vetle says:

        I know the feeling. I think I’m foolish to think it will happen, but I put all my pool points on JAMES. I want Haley and James to reach the finale, but if someone else other than Haley is going, I think it might be James – his fanbase might assume he’s safe.

        Lauren could also go. I’m not sure what to do. I won’t put all my points on Haley. Never.

    • as says:

      I don’t think talking back hurt her. The judges have ZERO credibility at this point. They’re a joke to everyone watching. Simon !!!

      • Liz says:

        I’ll bet Simon is laughing himself silly right now. :)

        • Debbie M says:

          I would LOVE to know what Simon is thinking about this season!

          • Noelbelle says:

            I heard him say the other day that he isn’t even watching it. If he really is though, I’d bet he’s hoping fan frustration with AI’s increasingly irrelevant judges will give The X-Factor a boost.

  35. susela says:

    I, too, am furious about the way they are treating Haley. The finest performances of the season have been hers, yet the judges fawn over Scotty’s “Young Blood” and James’ “Don’t Stop Believing.” (And how does “Don’t Stop..” present a high level of difficulty, Randy?) I thought this season might actually be different with two new judges, but they still are blatantly playing favorites. It’s sickening. I’ve never voted so many times in a single night over the past 10 seasons. For Haley.

    • AllieK says:

      Am right there with you, Susela. Voting like a madwoman for Haley. I agree completely with your comments. KEEP VOTING FOR HALEY!!!!

  36. *lg* says:

    My parent’s voted 3 times tonight for Hayley and they’ve NEVER voted before! SUCK IT RANDY!!!

    • McFudge58 says:

      First time I voted this year…….maybe any year, actually……was last week. I’ve got two phones going now for Haley. For a half hour or so I had trouble getting through. Now I get through every time.

  37. Sybil says:

    No time to fully vent my outrage, because I must continue voting for Haley. I was growing used to the Inevitability of Scotty until he went all KLC on the first song, and all Smirky McSmugSmirk on the second song.

    On a brighter note, Gaga was a great mentor.

    Back to voting now.

    • Valerie says:

      AMEN!!! Love “Smirky McSmugSmirk”…thats my new name for Scotty from now on! lmao

    • Tuzo says:

      > Scotty until he went all KLC on the first song, and all Smirky McSmugSmirk on the second song.

      You’re just noticing that now? If there were any more mugging on stage Seacrest would be missing his man purse.

      • Liz says:

        Lmao Tuzo. Fantastic.
        Speaking of Scotty, he continued his clear mockery of Lauren with that face he made during Ryan’s “coming up next, Lauren!” bit. I’d love to know what the deal is with those two.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        “…Seacrest would be missing his man purse”.

        Made me laugh! :-)

  38. HeyJoanieB says:

    I agree with everything you said Michael. If they are going to throw Haley under the bus the least they could do is ‘try’ to cover it up. Nope. They didn’t care. These judges have to go.

  39. Mel31602 says:

    I agree it was unfair for the judges to say everyone was good in the first round except Haley, but really the only other one they should have critcized was James, who sounded too kareoke to me. I didn’t care for his second song either but it was sung well. And I did think the start of Haleys first song was boring and the second part was too screamy.

    Scotty and Laurens first performances were my faves of the night (I may be in the minority but I thought Haleys second song was sung very well but WAY too theatrical). I think Lauren did show a new side of herself with her second song, so while the song itself was kind of weird I think she was the best of the night. I agree that Scottys second song was cheesy but I couldnt help smiling during it. I do think the judges should have made the same song choice comment to him they made to Haley though.

    Will be interesting to see who goes home. With Lauren having a good night and all the anti-judges people rallying against Haley we may see a shocker with James going home,

  40. MrSideEye says:

    1-866-idols-02, 1-866-idols-06

  41. jessiesk says:

    I felt special tonight because I was able to say to my partner before it happened that Randy would trash Haley and that everyone else was freaking amazing, cause everyone was in it to win it. Thank God Haley went on the offense, finally, because if she didn’t I was going to trash my TV. Does Scotty the little mutant boy (the love child for George W and a caterpillar) ever do anything wrong? Of course he sings a song about 9-11, talks about Jesus, talks to God, kisses a cross, he is really sucking up to that Christian, brain dead right wing conservative vote tonight.

    • Mober says:

      I am right wing, and conservative….certainly not brain dead and voting like crazy for HALEY!!!!

      Please don’t stereotype people. We are all individuals.

      • Holly says:

        Damn straight! I’m conservative AND Christian, but I think Haley was by far the best tonight and all-in-all the best this season. The only people who are brain dead are those who make judgements about individuals they don’t even know…..

        • Mike says:

          Yee hah! We’ve even got the crazy conservatives! Love for the Dittoheads (at least tonight)! Haley FTW!

        • Noelbelle says:

          Touche, Holly, but I’d bet you’d be hard-pressed to find a liberal atheist who’d vote for Scotty’s performance.

      • jules says:

        Me too. Tonight is the first I have voted this season. I have been on the phone for 90 minutes so far. I won’t even put my kids to bed or vote for a second contestant.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I’m also a right-wing conservative Christian and I was NOT brain dead until I started watching this program!
        Go Haley!

    • Claire says:

      I’m a left-wing liberal, but just because I totally disagree with right-wingers politically doesn’t mean we can’t have the same opinions about music. I don’t see why anyone would equate liking the performance of particular singers with adopting a particular political philosophy. Also, there are Christian liberals, you know.

      • dgman says:

        Hey guys left wing, right wing, hows about we all go out for some buffalo wings…boneless…so the falseteeth peeps can nosh without fear.

  42. Lori says:

    I thought Lauren was the weakest link tonight. I really liked Haley’s first song, and even though I thought she did well on the second, I like Jordin Sparks’ version better. Still, Haley didn’t deserve the harshness she got tonight.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Lauren and Scotty have the best likeable personalities. I think Lauren has a long career ahead of her, but right now all I see is Kelly Pickler (with a much better voice). Scotty is a younger Jimmy Dean. But the south loves those type of singers, that’s why they’ll get a record contract.

  43. Spycig says:

    Totally agree – wasn’t feeling Haley’s first song and it just didn’t suit her but no way did she deserve the critism they heaped on her! James sound like kareoke (the Glee kids were hotter on this track), Scotty yeah it was a heartfelt song but boring “vocal” and I thought Lauren finally showed us what she’s capable of!

    • Spycig says:

      Second round – WOW! WOW! WOW! is all I can say about Haley’s performance – totally downloading that from itunes! Scotty was a trainwreck, Lauren was just okay and I totally loved Jame’s performance!

      I hope the final is James & Haley because that would be the most entertaining final – Scotty & Lauren would just be a snooze-fest!

      Back to dialing & texting for Haley!!!

  44. tom says:

    Mike, I’ve been reading your predictions about what would happen tonight and you were spot on with the crystal ball. You even predicted Randy with expected Lauren praise “she’s back !!!! ” . I chuckled .

    • McFudge says:

      I could not stop laughing when I heard Randy say that, having just watched Idoloonies. I think my son must have thought I was on crack or something.

      • Tusk says:

        Does Randy even wonder that he is rapidly becoming a bad (good?) caricarature of himself. Your whole person reduced to a set of phrases that people imitate mockingly.

  45. ATLgroove says:

    After watching the witty feedback on the Voice from actual competent judges/coaches, Randy’s “in It To Win It” schtick is just beyond lame. He said it at least three times tonight. Unfortunately, I wasn’t close enough to the remote to switch to Survivor during his critiques.

  46. Paisley says:

    OK This is war. What a bunch of fame-whores and shameless lackeys these judges are. Sickening. Ok so Haley’s vocal was imperfect on the MJ song, fine, but the scathing commentary from J-Ho and the hypocritical Randy was proof positive that the producers want Haley to go. VOTE HALEY

    • mike says:

      It’s not that they said something to Haley about the first song, it’s that they said nothing, absolutely NOTHING about the subpar performances by the other three. James on both songs, Scotty on that second song joke, and Lauren for missing all the end notes of the second song. Not one bad thing was said. If they’re going to judge, do it for everyone. Instead they just singled Haley out. Once they realized that they went too far, they had to heap the praise on her to counter-balance the blatant bias against Haley. No respect for JLo (Hey let’s see HER sing live!) and Randy.

  47. JBanana says:

    okay, I officially DISLIKE Scotty. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt before tonight, but tonight he totally made me want to throw up over and over again. It was like a God/Jesus/USA smorgasbord wrapped up in a look-at-me-the-poor-wholesome-boy-bracing-myself-against-that-sinner-witch-weirdo-LadyGaga and then with a 9/11 cherry on top. Really. Singing a song about 9/11 is hitting below the belt. The word “pandering” doesn’t even begin to describe what he did tonight. Bleeaaach! I was not a fan of his style but at least I was willing to say he deserved to be here. But not after tonight. That was totally gaming the system and it disgusts me.

    • McFudge says:

      Did you not get that his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek during his Gaga piece? I think Scotty is actually quite bright, very self-aware and more than a little snarky. I love that. That’s a reason I love Haley; she’s like. That FU attitude she gave the judges may turn some people off, but I think it’s awesome.

    • hooch says:

      Agree 100%. So calculated. It will work though. I’m sure my mother and the rest of her congregation in Alabama loved it, and I really think the bible belt south is the majority of who actually votes.

  48. SpyKi says:

    Idoloonie nation, please vote like crazy for Haley tonight. We can’t let her go home here.

    • Erin says:

      You got me. Since I really hate the show now, I didn’t care. But I will always be an Idoloonie, and I do buy into the producer fix. As an Idoloonie I say what we say every year… (in a Buffy Slayer voice) “Judges say what you want, producers edit as you may. But this show belongs to us. And we’ll prove that again tonight.” (then david cooke wins or kris allen wins and the powers that be can just suck it)

  49. J says:

    So James can get away with a bad performance because he was emotionally connected, and Haley can’t?! F- you, judges!

    • JBanana says:

      No freaking kidding! Where was the “emotionally perfect” catch phrase for Haley tonight!? Yeah, I wasn’t holding my breath.

    • Furious says:

      I could not agree more! What the hell? James can be a sobbing out of tune mess and get praised and Haley actually sang the song pretty decent, albeit a bit shouty in spots, becuase she had the emotion that has been lacking all season (all contestents) and she gets called out???? I’m calling b.s. on that one.

  50. Deb says:

    I think Lauren is going home tomorrow, not necessarily that she should, but that she will. She and Scotty are splitting the same voters and last week illustrates that he obviously has the greater percentage. That or my analysis is skewed to get the result I want.:-)