Ratings: Chicago Code, Castle Up; Chuck Down

Fox’s The Chicago Code and ABC’s Castle were the only two shows to enjoy meaningful gains this Monday.

Leading out of the just-renewed House — which with 7.76 million viewers and a 2.9 rating was down in audience and matched last week’s season-low demo — Chicago Code copped 5.7 million viewers and a 1.7 rating, up 4 and 6 percent, respectively. Castle meanwhile dominated the 10 o’clock hour with an audience of 12.6 million and a 3.1 demo rating, up 4 and 7 percent.

Elsewhere this Monday:

8/7c | Dancing With the Stars topped the night with 20.2 million viewers and a 4.1 rating, down slightly week-to-week. How I Met Your Mother (6.4 mil/2.5) tied its series-low demo, while lead-out Mad Love (5.15 mil/1.8) plunged 18 percent to a new nadir. (Can I say “nadir” here?) Bubble boy Chuck (4.06 mil/1.3) slipped 7 percent to tie its all-time low demo. The CW’s 90210 (1.46 mil/0.7) held steady.

9/8c | With the Two and a Half Men repeats now pulling just 6.4 million viewers and a 1.7, Mike & Molly (7.5 mil/2.2) dipped to a new series low demo rating. The Event (3.77 mil/1.1) plunged 15 percent to match its all-time low. Gossip Girl (1.18 mil/0.6) tumbled 14 percent to a very scary demo.

10/9c | Hawaii Five-0 (9.2 mil/2.3) placed a distant second behind Castle, dipping a few points to a series-low demo rating. Law & Order: Los Angeles (5 mil/1.2) collared a few more viewers but dropped 14 percent in the demo.

What earned your viewing dollar this Monday night?

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  1. Chad says:

    Once again, Castle dominates. My hope in television audiences is renewed.

    • NickC says:

      I have tried to watch Castle a few times but it is so BAD…Love the 2 leads but the writers are the worst…It is to bad the only show that Fillion gets a hit out of is his worst..Im not trying to be a Hater.I wish i liked Castle.(even if it is a bit of a Bones rip off)

      • Nick says:

        Agreed. Castle is terrible, but thats what the people in this country love – crap.

        • DL says:

          Just because Castle isn’t high-concept, high-octane, or dark and gritty doesn’t mean it isn’t a good show. It’s highly entertaining, which is what TV is supposed to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love shows like Fringe, Southland, Dexter… Hell, I was a huge fan of AMC’s overly-intellectual Rubicon. But sometimes you just need something that’s plain old fun and easy to follow. It’s no crime (no pun intended) that the show serves mostly as a vehicle for its two incredible charismatic leads. For my Monday nights (especially after watching The Killing the night before), it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

          • Camila says:

            Totally agree with you!

          • sadtroll says:

            DL, the second one seemed like a real troll – you shoulda just responded with a simple “You don’t like this country, move back to Russia ya commmie!” instead of trying to justify the show. It’s a good show, lots of fun moments but it is a procedural and I can hardly blame anyone for hating any of those right now.

          • You said it DL says:

            I agree. Castle is not high concept or high drama, but it is entertaining and perfect for wrapping up Monday night. I love the two leads (plus Ryan, Esposito and the Chief – even Lainie), and sometimes they explore some surprisingly New York situations where hilarity ensues (the best pizza episode with all of the Rays pizza joints was especially funny to me!)…

          • Chad says:

            Agreed. I followed Lost like a puppy dog. I love Fringe (and the ratings on the latter is what made me lose faith in television audiences to begin with. Come on, people. Fringe is amazing). Anyway, I really enjoy being able to sit and watch a full-on fun hour of television on Monday night. And at 10 pm, no less. Congrats to the cast and crew.

      • lolo says:

        it’s nothing like bones, there completely differnt…

      • Josh says:

        I wouldn’t say Castle is terrible or bad, it just isn’t very original. I’ve seen these cases before, seen this type of partnership before and even heard these jokes before. The actors are all great but every time I watch I’m just a bit bored. Still, glad it’s getting good ratings. Nathan Fillion deserves it!

      • Amber says:

        I watched Castle the first season, then started watching the second season, but I just couldn’t go on after the first couple episodes. I love Nathan Fillion and I wish Firefly was still on the air, but Castle is not very well written and it’s not a very good show for him to demonstrate his talents on. It doesn’t have a lot of dimension to the characters, it’s EXTREMELY predictable, and it’s trying way too hard to be Moonlighting, but doesn’t have an ounce of the chemistry that David Addison and Maddie Hayes had (at least for the first few seasons). I don’t think it makes anyone a troll to dislike the show. This is America, and if someone tries to spoon feed us something we don’t like, we can go “Bleh! No thank you.” =) (I ripped that last line off from Craig Ferguson on discussing why he doesn’t have to like the Twilight franchise.)

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      Just because you don’t like Castle doesn’t mean it is “crap”. Your opinion is your own and is not the benchmark for what is or is not quality TV. The world most certainly does not revolve around you.

      • k says:

        Exactly. I’ll point out that ‘Castle’ in no way actually intends to be a typical police procedural, the shows creators, writers and actors have all said it’s a murder mystery / romance and it’s no accident that the crime aspect is light hearted, that’s what they have set out for. It’s derivative of the classics. At it’s core the show is all about the relationship between the two (Castle and Beckett) and overseeing the growth and transitions in their partnership. In my opinion this show shouldn’t be compared to others that are currently on the air, not even ‘Bones’. If I’m honest, I’m in no way reminded of Bones when watching Castle, yes of course they have their similarities in that they solve crimes together and have feelings for one another but they have that in common with what is basically every other crime show ever made with a male/female duo.

  2. JD says:

    I’m not surprised that Chicago Code is doing well. The show is awesome and should be renewed.

  3. dan says:

    Couple thoughts on Chuck…it has really limped along these past few episodes and I think the writing has been really bad at times…the Volkoff arc could have lasted half a season and been more than enough…I thought there could be a lot more funny moments with alex and casey and they seemed to have abandoned that storyline..I know this last part is going to sound weird but I hate the new camera filming style on Chuck as much as I hate Zach Levis haircut…Chuck is a loveable loser at heart and they have turned him into a suburban grown up that is far harder to warm up to…Also it is hard to watch with any amount of joy knowing that it most likely is not coming back…Im slowly trying to break up so it doesnt hurt so bad in the fall…

    • Jenn says:

      I’m surprised by a lot of the things you’ve said, as I’ve felt the exact opposite for some. Chuck’s haircut is SO much better than it ever has been. When I look back at clips from earlier seasons I almost cringe.

      Although I’m not a huge fan of the Volkoff arc, I think the writers are doing amazing. I was just having a conversation with someone about how they have really gotten the audience down (other than the Volkoff arc). Everything I thought I was going to hate that has happened they somehow spun it so I liked it. They took what most shows would be annoying and carry out forever and made it just the right amount of time (like when Sarah worked for Volkoff. I was sure (and very upset about) that they were going to have her over there forever. It would have been easier for the writers to come up with things, yet they played it short and the way I liked it.

      Same for the whole “find a new intersect/the evil CIA lady”, they played that out just long enough.

      My only saving grace for if its canceled is it went out while still being good. They continuously kept us on our feet and things were always changing, always new twists.

      He’s still his nerd, but he’s grown up too.

  4. LOL says:

    I thought last night’s CHUCK was strong. One of the better episodes lately.

  5. trish says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. I love zachary levi and I really prefer this newer more sophisticated chuck from this season and last. not to mention his haircut makes him look way better these days. you have to realize that his character had to grow up to make any of this show believable. you wouldn’t be able to be in that line of work for any length of time without growing up some. I have loved the last 2 seasons more than I liked it in the beginning…

  6. SpyTV says:

    Chuck has had several really funny episodes this season, and last night’s was easily one of the best of the season (and probably in the top 5 for the series so far). I know there is no logic as to what makes a show popular, but if a show like Castle can get a 3.1 demo, in a more logical world Chuck should at least rate that high. I don’t hate Castle, but like others have suggested (including most reviewers) I find it to be a rather bland “relationship-type” show, like Bones, where nothing much changes episode to episode. If NBC can renew Community and Parks (love both of those shows)I’ll continue to hope for a Chuck season 5.

  7. Breck says:

    CHUCK is awesome, but it’s on a crappy network on a terrible night to have to compete on….It should get picked up by USA network and put sometime in the middle of the week

    • Ryan says:

      Breck, you could not be more on the nose with that. I wonder since it’s a WB produced show, if NBC doesn’t pick it up, would another network be able to grab it for one last season. I mean they are so close to syndication numbers that one more season for that reason alone makes sense.

      I for one would be happy no matter what if the show is given just one more year, with a set number of episodes and the cast/crew KNOW it is the last season. That way they can prepare a proper series finale.

  8. Ashley says:

    Good for “Castle”! I really love this show (admittedly, I’d watch Nathan Fillion read tax code for an hour, but I find the rest of the characters likeable and the show a great, fun escape from reality). It’s proof of what good can come from giving a show the chance to grow and bloom.

  9. Sam says:

    may be girls watching gossip girl dont like watching blair be abused???

    • Melanie says:


    • meg says:

      No kidding. From the ratings, it’s obvious no one cares about Chuck and his manpain that is NOT an excuse for being a douchebag attempted rapist pimp abuser. He’s a waste of airtime, and is dragging all the other characters and the entire show down with him.

      • Alex says:

        No, actually he’s the most popular character with the general audience. they make up the ratings not you Blair fans on the net. Why as a Chair fan would I watch after last episode? Seriously? And Chuck’s not an abuser or racist as much as you scream and whine about it.

    • BRETT says:

      Especially after the comments they made about the glass-breaking incident, I’m not surprised. Producers still do not get it, and the ratings are suffering because of it. I think fans of CW shows have the right to be more upset than other network fans because GOSSIP GIRL, for example, had such a long hiatus… and THAT is what the writers/show runners came up with? C’mon…

      • Carri says:

        You really think that many people read that article or go on the internet to read GG stuff? They don’t. I didn’t like to see Chuck and Blair being hurt by the writers for the millionth time and no one else did either so I doubt you crazy people one twitter made a difference there. nice theory but no dice.

        • tacos22 says:

          Maybe the article has something to do with the ratings, maybe they don’t. I do think there’s been a sizable reaction to it, which can make a difference with a small audience, youth-oriented show like Gossip Girl. But honestly a lot of viewers may not have needed the push. Maybe, just maybe, seeing Chuck throw Blair around, and throw a punch right next to her head, was enough all by itself. It certainly was enough for me. The article was just pouring salt in the wound.
          But one thing’s for sure – Chair fans are definitely singing a different tune. Before, the ratings were Dair’s fault. Now it might just be the crappy writing after all. Ok then. I think we can all agree on one thing, at any rate: This is not the show we fell in love with. And I don’t see the point in watching this new, lesser version of it.

    • Lauren says:

      But the ratings have been plummeting for the entire second half of this season. It’s obvious the overall quality of the show has continued to go down with each episode.. and it’s just pure boredom really. I don’t think casual viewers are as obsessed with Blair as the online fanbase.. they want entertainment and gossip girl isn’t entertaining.

  10. Melanie says:

    The Chicago Code is SUCH a good show, Beals is brilliant in it, and it really needs to get renewed. It’s wonderful to see a cop show that is more than just a cop show. All the intrigue makes you think.

    • Sean says:

      Exactly! I am completely addicted to this show, every single character has their own reason to make you interested. For example I’m always cheering for the police to finally take down Alderman Gibbons but at the some time I like the guy.

  11. Libby says:

    Chicago Code is one of my favorite new shows of the season. I hope it continues to climb. Castle is just plain fun. How can you not love Nathan Fillion’s quips?

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      it’s definitely my ultimate favorite of the new ones. SUCH A GOOD SHOW (to be honest, i was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect it to suck, but i didnt expect to be so into it, yay for low expectations but high delivery, eh?!)

    • sadtroll says:

      I do love Captain T but he needs to tuck his shirts in more often. Rick Castle can’t be doing the slacker thing all the time eh?

  12. Kayla says:

    Nooooo!! Why was chuck down last night the episode was friggin amazing, I loooved it and the ending brought tears to my eyes chuck is an awesome show and doesn’t get the credit it deserves. They need to renew it 4 AT LEAST 1 more season!

  13. Natalia says:

    LOL gossip girl ratings…where are all the CB fans now??? suck it

    • caitiedidit says:

      @Natalia MTE. Chuckistan used to be all over these articles. Now the ratings prove no one wants to watch The Suck Ass show, and… crickets.

      • Alex says:

        They can say the same for Dair who still have the worst demo episodes and has 4 out of 5 of the worst so you can go suck it because no one cares for them.

  14. XK says:

    Nice to see Castle thriving. It’s not a high concept show, by any means, but is always entertaining. It’s a good example of strong actors and characters making up for what are at times rather silly plotlines.

  15. Mdz says:

    Sooo sad for Chuck. I love this show and I want a 5 season so bad..but with the rating going down I really don’t see it happening:( .But I’m still hopping NBC will make the Chuck fans happy with another season..

  16. Katie says:

    This is what gossip girl gets for abandoning their core couples and the continuing destruction of their main male lead. More and more people are fed up and two episodes of Chair including an incredibly stupid engagement and a very polarizing altercation aren’t the way to fix it. They need to commit to Chair as a couple and stop making Chuck the villian. They also need to abandon the continued pushing of Dan and reactivate Derena. Season 5 could be the last so I hope they stop the ridiculous random pairings.

    • Natalia says:

      LOL excuse you…CB is what killed the show in the first place.

      • Katie says:

        I certainly respect your right to a different opinion but ratings have plummetted post season 3 after what they did to them in the finale. The second half this year has had no buzz because there has been very limited Chair interaction. I think that going back to the core couples and core relationships would really help the show. Next season may be the last one. The tme for random third parties and guest stars galore is over. The experiements this season failed. Whether you love Chair or hate Chair I think the ratings show that the second half of this season has been a disaster and that can’t be blamed on Chair.

      • Alex says:

        No, Dair has 4 out 5 of the worst demos so face the truth. The ratings weren’t this bad until Dair. Read up

  17. CC says:

    Castle is just plain fun. So happy for the lovely cast and crew that the show is a hit and getting stronger. A lot of the success is the intense chemistry between Katic and Fillion….best on TV now and really for a very long while.

  18. Chatty says:

    Poor Chuck. I agree with the posters who said that last night’s episode was one of the best of the entire series. The way they have weaved Ellie’s growth as a character this Season into the story has been fantastic; she has changed without losing her ‘Ellieness’. I also loved how they resolved Casey’s reveal to the mother of his child, and how his character has evolved, opened up his heart and yet kept his grumpiness as an adorable curmudgeon. Kudos to Linda Hamilton for making Mary Bartowski’s transformation into a “good guy” believable while retaining her “bada$$ness”. I love her. This week’s homage to the second Terminator movie was AWESOME! Also, loved that Jeff’s video turned out to be sensitive and romantic. Hahaha…and Ellie kissed him! I truly hope they renew CHUCK.

    • Jeanne says:

      So, agree with you. Last nights Chuck was fantastic and so glad to see Momma B character grow. The show was worth watching again to see Ellie plant a big kiss on Jeff. Chuck is the only show I watch on NBC – so original in storylines and family values. Such a waste if NBC cancels it before the 100th episode and syndication so near.

  19. jharnes says:

    Chuck has been great. When you look at all the money NBC spent to promote dying series put on after Chuck you must wonder what Chuck’s numbers would be if they had just promoted Chuck with part of that money.

  20. Bonbona says:

    Where are those Chair fans to say again : Gossip Girl’s got bad rating because of DAIR !
    When are you going to get it ?? NO DAIR = LOW RATINGS

    • Allie says:

      Ratings have been plummeting the whole second half of the season. Obviously it wasn’t entirely DB, but you certainly can’t claim that they helped ratings. At this point, I doubt they’ll be able to regain many of the viewers they lost.

  21. Veronica says:

    Quite frankly, 4×19 and 4×20 weren’t good episodes for Chair or Dair, so I don’t think either pairing can be blamed for the ratings. Chair fans aren’t interested in seeing Chuck flip out and hurt Blair, why would they want to watch that?

    GG has really alienated almost all of their fanbases at this point. Chair, Derena, Dair, they’re all a complete mess right now. Nate and Serena haven’t talked to each other in like 6 months. Jenny’s gone. The reasons people watch GG just haven’t been there, and the ratings are reflecting that.

    • Alex says:

      Messing with Chair last episode made me tune out and just watch what I wanted on you tube and they didn’t have Chair except on once so blaming Chair is dumb when they submitted fans to what they did last week why would I come back. I’ll watch next week FOR Chair.

  22. jrs says:

    Fair call on next season being House’s last. It’s barely been watchable lately…and this from a long-time devoted fan.

  23. Josie says:

    I don’t think the GG ratings are low because they’re focusing on CB again, or because of the allegations of “abuse”.

    I think they’re low because the writers took the most popular pairing (Chuck/Blair) and one of the most popular characters (Chuck Bass) and messed with them too much. They delayed Chuck’s redemption for too long, and put Blair in unrootable fauxmances with Dan and Louis for half of Season 4 whilst Chuck was stuck with boring guest stars.

    If the writers want to win back viewers they need to get back to the dynamics that drew viewers to the show in the first place – Chuck/Blair, the Serena/Blair friendship, and the NJBC. No more guest stars or “stopping and exploring” please.

    • Jenn says:

      Dair still has the Worst demos for an episode (the top 4 f 5 actually) . That’s what the networks look at. Please actually research something before typing. CB had nothing to do with the ratings except if you count that every time they hurt CB on the show ratings drop tremendously. Chuck and Blair didn’t bore the audience to sleep. That would be annoying Dair.

  24. CBgirl says:

    Wow its sad to see such poor rating for Gossip Girl after what was probably one of the better episodes of late. However, coming off the bat of what was a pretty dark polarising Chuck and Blair moment after a long period of CB angst Im not surprised that some people maybe decided to tune out.

    This happens everytime the writers throw something ship damaging to Chuck and Blair- more and more of the casual audience and the CB shippers stop watching because they lose hope for the couple. 2.15 saw a huge drop in ratings post episode, I believe there were rating drop offs after 3.17 as well and 4.11 saw another significant dip in ratings. Overall the entire second half of this season has failed to really generate great ratings which means the writers have been doing something wrong. I think the storylines have been far to dull and convulted, the characters have been far to tied up with guest stars instead of interacting with one another, and the only main-main dynamic was Dan and Blair who didnt make sense romantically and werent captivating enough to hold audience attention, while most of the other main character relationships were imploding or depressing Serena and Blair, Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Nate etc. I think the writers need to start working on not just throwing out shock thrill moments to generate a little buzz but working on the characterisation and repairing dynamics, redeeming characters, having the core cast interact with one another.

    No more random pairings or shock hookups, no more guest star romances or shock engagements, no more character assination, easying on the angst because the show is becoming more depressing then enjoyable focus on the core characters and relationships. Finally alllow Chuck to grow up and past his demons, fix the core realtionships like Chuck and Blair, Serena and Blair, Serena and Dan, Chuck and Nate, the NJBC, the Dan-Jenny-Rufus realtionship etc those realtionships were what got people invested in the show in season one and two when the ratings were stellar. It needs to go back to that.

    • audrey says:


    • Megan says:

      Yes it does CBgirl! And I don’t get how CB would be to blame if they had one scene. Really? The demo(which is ALL the network cares about) was still above a Dair episode that still holds the worst one ever. So ,please, the only thing that turned viewers off and has repeatedly done so in the past is when the episode says CB are done.

  25. Leona says:

    Gossip girl was amazing last night. One of the best episodes this season after 4.07 – 4.09. Great episode really enjoyed it! TEAM CHAIR!!

  26. Patsy says:

    I think why GG rating is so low is because many Chair & Chuck fans have given up on how the writers wrote the couple and Chuck as an individual. Writers need to realize at this stage its almost impossible for the show to gain new audience, what they should do is retain the existing ones and dont let them go away. I think its really important for GG writers to stop throwing Chuck under the bus and give him growth next season, then they need to rebuild the core couples that most people who watch are invested in – Chair and Darena! Stop hooking them up with each other and random guest stars people are tired to see that, we want to see the progress of the core couples…their road to happily ever after!

    • Jenna says:

      I stopped watching after last episode and I’m a Chair fan. They keep hurting th ecouple and I’m sick of being punished for liking them.

  27. Liz says:

    Gossip Girl really surprised me last night. Tuned in completely by accident (after having stopped watching back February) and it was a pretty awesome episode. It definitely deserved better ratings but not surprised to see so many people having tuned out with all the core couples broken up. At least it wasn’t a series low rating in the 18-34 demo with a 1.4. Looking forward to next week’s finale though, and judging from the promo it looks like there will be CB. So YAY!!! TeamDarkKnight FTW!

  28. Sina says:

    I can see why Gossip Girl is hitting new lows. That show is horrible. They were on to a good start with Dan/Blair but then they had to go back to Chuck/Blair and his boring stupid daddy issues and the ratings go down. They need to retool.

    • Bonbona says:


    • Jenn says:

      Dair still has the Worst demos for an episode (the top 4 f 5 actually) . That’s what the networks look at. Please actually research something before typing. CB had nothing to do with the ratings except if you count that every time they hurt CB on the show ratings drop tremendously. Chuck and Blair didn’t bore the audience to sleep. That would be annoying Dair.

    • Alex says:

      Dair slipped the ratings into hell. Everyone knows that so stop hiding behind it. The only thing worth watching is Chuck adn Blair adn their fans get tortured for rooting for them. Last episodes sucked for us. Why would I tune in to get trashed again

  29. Lexie says:

    Chuck and Gossip Girl had dismal nights. Maybe those shows should stop torturing their fanbases. Especially GG. I know all my CB friends quit after the crap they pulled this season.

  30. Molly says:

    Sexual musical chairs + lousy OMFGs + villifying a fan fave + guest stars galore + no nate storyline (yes, he’s still on the show, writers) + demolishing of two of the biggest couples (CB and DS)+ Writers thinking their crap don’t stink = BAD RATINGS.

  31. MSC says:

    Well, personally, Gossip Girls quality has been down the entire second half. Me, I like Chuck and Blair and last episode hurt my shipper heart and many others so I didn’t feel like watching anymore. I think I’ve just outgrown Gossip Girl and the bad writing.

  32. Clint says:

    I can’t believe the Chuck numbers. I loved the episode. Can’t understand why NBC will dump money into all kinds of junk, yet won’t promote Chuck to increase viewers.
    I hope they come back for a 5th season. fingers crossed. Come on NBC, step it up.

    As for Castle. Promising show, I like the actors, but holy cow the writing is a shadow of what the people are capable of. Its like a twist of the Bones show with crappy writing. Castle acts like a dreamy girl with moments of lucid fatherhood, and she acts like a power hungry cop overlord with momentary lapses into femininity. Great potential…but not there yet. :(

  33. Aiden says:

    Actually, final numbers says CHUCK retained a 1.4 for its penultimate episode of the season last night. It’s not astonishing ratings by any mile, but it sure beats the “all time low” preliminary results that suggested a 1.3 in the demo.

    Every Chuck fan still needs to watch! But there’s a ray of hope there, people are obviously still passionately fighting for it up to the last ep of the year. All Chuck fans, let’s get it up again for next Monday’s season finale!

  34. Angela says:

    People fighting on who’s ship got the worst ratings is amusing.Gossip Girl’s ratings are defined by this- When you stop writing for characters and trash characters to fit a plot your ratings drop. I haven’t watched in a very long time. I like Chuck and Blair and all but it has nothing to do with Dair or Chair.

  35. Leigh says:

    I agree With Angela comment about people laying blame on one ship or another for poor Gossip Girl ratings- its about quality of storylines more then anything.

    While the ratings for 4.21 were nothing to get excited about they still acheive a 1.4 demo which was while not desirable it was by no means a series low either. The actual worse demo for the season and the series was 4.15 which was a 1.3 demo. And if people are actually going to blame that on a fictional character and a fictional realtionship for achieving a bad demo in 4.21 with 1.4 (which is now the average demo for the show) when they only had one scene in the episode, then the same people should totally blame DB for the WORSE ratings in the history of the show with 4.15 because they were all over that.

    Personally I think the reason why last night episode got such crappy ratings is because people hate seeing the writer throw more and more horribly depressing angst at CB and make Chuck the villian- they got there best rating when CB were interacting reguarly and werent as ott depressing. The writers need to stop screwing CB around already and either commit to fixing them or end them entirely (Id like to see the ratings then). Since CB are such an integeral part of the show their realtionship has a lot of impact on the show tonally and right now the show is more dpressing to watch then enjoyable. There needs to be more crazy trashy fun like the Gossip Girl of old. Thats why I surprisingly enjoyed last nights episode because the characters were at least some what fun to watch, whether it be Chuck snarking and schooling Prince Lousy, Jack delivering hilarious one liners, Charlie being LMAO bona fide nuts “call me Serena”, Cyrus make wink wink Princess Bride call outs, seeing the return of the snarky back ground players like Penelope and the mini Blair and Serena’s thats the stuff that makes the show win not watching the writers throw immensely depressing crap at two of its most popular characters.

    Bottom line the ENTIRE second half has been a failure for the writers due to convuluted and dull storylines, too many guest stars and not enough main cast interaction and random stop and exlore pairings that arent popular with audiences plus to much destruction of the key realtionships and friendships.For that the blame rest on the writers NOT fictional characters or their ficitional realtionships.

  36. Monique says:

    Very happy for Chicago Code. Such a fantastic show.

  37. shannn says:


  38. Faith says:

    Castle really crashed Hawaii Five/0.
    Hawaii 50 lost 5 million viewers since the pilot. Gosh! Alex O’Loughlin looks good shirtless and Scott Caan is a good actor , but I watched because of DD Kim, but the show got so lame and the acting so bad that I dumped it last January.

  39. Pop Culture girl says:

    Hawaii 5-0 is my viewing of choice for Monday nights. I’m not a Castle fan, though I will try to catch re-runs over the summer.

  40. Sean says:

    I’m not a dedicated viewer of any one show on TV, I’ve been spoiled by the ability to stream episodes. But How I Met Your Mother and The Chicago Code have the ability to draw me in so that I can see them right away. Only Psych and Community top my list in terms of dedication.

  41. laura says:

    Chuck viewing usually slips this late in the season when there’s still no word of renewal doesnt it?

  42. Katie says:

    Chuck got adjusted up in the ratings to a 1.4

  43. Kmetko says:

    Well, as an Aussie, I absolutely LOVE Chuck! It’s perhaps the most witty, action packed show, not to mention a whole lot of sexual tension built into it, that I’ve seen in a while. We don’t get Chuck here in Australia, except on cable tv which you pay extra for.. I’m so glad I got onto watching it. If NBC doesn’t renew it for a season 5, I’m hoping that another network will pick it up, because here in Australia, there is a massive Chuck fan base and I know that all my friends that have converted to watching it, also all the Aussie fans will be extremely disappointed! We finally get to see how Chuck and Sarah (yes, I’m all for Chuck and Sarah) will start living their lives as couple, after almost 3 seasons of sexual tension filling the air with “will they, won’t they” thoughts. So it’s such a relief for all the fans to finally see them living a potentially happy “married” life. And all the writing that is going on with Alexei Volkoff and Chuck’s relationship with his mother, not to mention now that Chuck’s secret and identity is no longer a secret with his family (Ellie) is perhaps the biggest relief of all. So there is so much more to tell with the Chuck story, but only time will tell of it does get renewed. And it’s so good to see an Aussie do such an amazing job as an actress (Yvonne Strahovski AKA Sarah Walker…what a woman right??) For all those Chuck fans and Aussie Chuck fans out there, fingers crossed! May 16th!!

  44. jschro155 says:

    Lets show FOX what we think about cancelling The Chicago Code! Help get everyone you know to watch the final episodes. http://on.fb.me/jsyZwS