Fox Cancels Human Target, Lie To Me, Chicago Code, Two Others

Fox went on a killing spree late Tuesday, canceling five bubble shows including Human Target and Lie to Me.

The network also axed freshman comedies Breaking In and Traffic Light as well as Shield creator Shawn Ryan’s rookie cop drama The Chicago Code.

Fox Renews Bones For Seventh Season

The cancellations come one week before Fox is set to unveil its fall schedule to advertisers.

Fox, however, was also in the mood for addition as well as subtraction, granting orders to several new series including the Bones spinoff and J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz.

House Picked Up For Season 8

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect this evening’s bloodbath.

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  1. julia says:

    I’m shocked that Lie to Me was cancelled! It was such a breath of fresh air and I absolutely loved Tim Roth in the role of Lightman. I was also a fan of Chicago Code. TV does NOT need another reality show. Enough already. Guess I’ll follow others to Netflix, etc and watch shows to order instead of relying on the networks to get behind well written, interesting, and well acted shows. Shame on you Fox.

  2. Phillip says:

    I think Lie to me was the best of them. But why Bones is still a series I don’t understand. Fake, and everyone is young and the quincy chick who plays “Bones” has fake hooters, and looks like a swim suit model. Yeah right. It’s too bad superficial crap takes precedent over substance. FOX, take a Q from Breaking Bad, and ask Vince Gilligan to give you advice on how to make a really good show, because cancelling Lie to me was the best show you had. Oh thats right. The other phony show called Sons of Anarchy.

  3. Seeker says:

    The insanity that led to Lie To Me being cancelled needs to be seriously addressed! One of the the only shows that has been thoroughly enjoyable for a while. Whoever’s making the decisions over their need to be seriously considering a major stint in rehab.

  4. sonny says:

    Well they have done it now, The only night Fox is worth watching is Tuesday. I really miss Chicago Code and Lie to Me. Who knows maybe they will really screw up and cancel the 2 NCIS shows. SUCH IS LIFE IN THE CORPORATE WORLD. THIS SUCKS!

  5. gonzaga says:

    I’d rather lie to me, than the new series that are related to movies that were hits at the cinema. Like Resident Evil and Jurassic Park.

  6. missiesmom says:

    Was very disappointed to see Human target GONE!! Goodbye FOX.

  7. Diane says:

    Rats….I really liked Human Target.What is wrong with this station??They get good programs, then cancel them. They need to start sending out a survey and ask the viewers what they like. Hate this. Ugh! :-(

  8. Brandon says:

    That doesn’t answer my question. Why wa lie to me cncelled?

  9. Melani says:

    I can’t believe Fox cancelled Lie To Me. The interaction between the charaters was on the same level as Bones which I also love. The science behind the show besides being true was exceptionally interesting. I even went out And bought a couple of the real author’d books and want to learn more. Its really a shame that the stations have all sunk to the unbelievable depths to the so called “reality” shows. Its like wrestling, its scripted out and mindless fodder. Isn’t having your own reality enough? I am hopeful that CW picks this show Rudkin as they have so many others. Why can that station make money on these shows, and Fox can’t? I guess Fox would rather have viewers with lower IQ’s and less expectations!

  10. A0drey says:

    I have never enjoyed a tv series as much as I did with Lie to me. I will miss this one. I think there could be many possibilities how to continue the story. :(

  11. Melanie says:


    Bring back LIE TO ME!!

    This was seriously one of the best shows on Television. I hardly watch television at all, but I made damn sure to catch this one.

    I have been re-watching Season 1 the last 2 days, and it has only served to remind me how much I miss the show. Fantastic writing, fantastic acting, amazing character development… just when the audience was completely in love with and invested- THAT’S when you cancel? What the hell?

  12. acrf says:

    really? Lie to me?? Whyy?? :|

  13. lili says:

    WHY! lie to me the best show.only,which i like

  14. Tanya says:

    Bring back LIE TO ME!!! It fantastic show, a lot of people love it so much. And a lot of people disappointed!!!!!!! I am from Russia and I can’t understand this strategy, why??? Why??? Are there a lot of better shows? I don’t believe!

  15. Lesley says:

    I miss lie to me and human target a lot. All this reality tv sucks. I don’t know about anyone else but I have enough reality of my own I watch tv to escape that, and those were two of the best shows i’ve seen in a while. Hate to see them go, fox needs to be careful NBC has done this for a while now letting good shows go like life and I finally quit watching that channel all together, people are tired of getting vested in a series only to have it cancelled, I’m just sayin’.

  16. Keli says:

    Lie to Me was my favorite series on television. I urge whomever are reading these posts to listen to the fans. Bring “Lie to Me” back!

  17. Karen says:

    Is Fox reading these comments? If they truly are they would bring back “Lie To Me”. The most intellectually gravitating show on TV! Reality is the facial and bodily expressions of people and how lies can be read, Cal’s love for and relationship with his daughter, his love/hate relationship with ex-wife and his true love for his partner but fear of entering into a realtionship with her. The cast and their acting ability was outstanding! Now I watch all episodes over and over on Netflix just in case I missed an important word or expression. Fox is out of their mind and should bring “Lie to Me” back!!!

  18. Harold says:

    what is wrong with your programming and marketing staff who decided to cancel “Lie To Me”? It’s one of the most well balanced, interesting, exceptionally cast productions aired in years! Is it lack of sponsor support?

    If so, the network needs to remarket the program package to their sponsors so that they understand the draw of the production’s unique premise, blend of intellect and grit, and well developed characters, to the audience! The “rough and the smooth,” as Leitman calls it…he and Foster; and the exceptionally cast “Em” who’s unblinkingly candid stare, grace, humor, and intellect, bridge the two main characters.

    Get it back on!!

  19. April says:

    I realy liked the showThe Chicago code . I really got into it and then it was gone ); hope it comes back! Cross ur fingers everyone.

  20. Buddy says:

    Hello, I’m am so disappointed that Lie to me was cancelled. It was the best show and I learned so much about people. I am hopeful that the series will return, it’s such a great show. Tim Roth is an excellent Cal Lightmen and the rest of the cast is perfect in their roles. Does anyone know who I can email to send my request for renewal of Lie to me to the Fox network or the Producers? Thank you and thanks for having this section to express my comments. Have a nice day.

  21. Антон says:

    Верните “Lie to me”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. David says:

    There are very few shows that can hold my interest. The Chicago code and Lie to me were two of them. Fox and other networks have fallen into the “ratings” trap where abstract numbers sampled from society and theories concerning product sales from sponsors dictate Executive decision making. It has become a quick hit mentality among Execs who can only see the bottom line and lack vision… Old school shows that run multiple seasons that built large fan bases and were loyal to the shows has given way to 10 episode 1 hit wonders… Take the money, sell the next big thing to the sponsors and move on… such is entertainment so far in the 2000’s…

  23. Iron Horseman says:

    OKOKOKOKOK!!!!!! Please enough reality shows…..they don’t replace good sound acting and drama.What needs to be in place is a way to allow ample time for enough public to view and get to know a certain tv drama,’Chicago Code’ I think would’ve survived had it had less fillers wanting prime time space trying to bump-it from the ratings.I hope that the new ‘Prme Suspect’ does’nt end up the same way.

  24. Karen Nall says:

    Aren’t we all fed up with them cancelling great shows and replacing them with garbage. Are they really basing viewership on those Nielsen boxes? Come join our group on Facebook and let all the networks know what you think. Perhaps, together, we can make TV worth watching again!

  25. Dave says:

    Can’t understand why cancel “Lie to me.” Finally a show that I enjoyed watching. I actually learned something from watching your show and could put to use in everyday life. I have to admit, the show was better when they explained the facial expression in the 1st season. I’ll miss this show. Not to bright FOX.

  26. Smokey55 says:

    I am disapointed that Fox cancelled the Chicago Code,Human Target, and Lie to Me. I really enjoyed these shows, especially The Chicago Code. This is just another example of the brain dead Hollywood Liberals, who cannot manage a Dairy Queen with a guard at both entrances, let alone one of our major TV networks. I would not worry becuase as soon as these nutjobs continue to run up our national debt,they will not be able to afford to run any networks.

  27. Keith says:

    Yer not happy about the cancelations but I’ve come to expect it for some reason they cancel the good shows and keep the crap it makes you wonder why bother watching new shows when the cancel them on a whim some even part way through just shows the people who make decisions are the same air heads that like reality tv

  28. G says:

    Great job FOX, Lie to Me was so much better than all your new shows. Once you cancel House there will be no reason to watch FOX.

  29. Adithya says:

    is there a chance for lie to me to come back to fox

  30. Nohai Bogdan says:

    Canceling lie to me was pure stupidity,after cancelling house you can at least make some new lie to me seasons

  31. arty says:

    Turn lie ti me BACK! Are you hear me?!

  32. Elaine says:




    • Jon Y says:


      I only recently discovered Lie to Me via Netflix, but it’s the best. I hope it gets picked up sometime. The poll speaks for itself.

  34. Kamara says:

    Really? Why you canceled “Lie to me”? This is a big mistake my friend… in my country, Romania, everbody like “Cal Lightman & is Team”. In my opinion you must to make the season 4 of “Lie to me”. Good luck

  35. chelsea says:

    pliz jst bring back lie to me!!twas the best show!

  36. Solomon says:

    Верните lie to me гребаные пиндосы!

  37. Melissa says:

    I really miss how Dr. Lightman would say “Bloody hell” with his handsome accent :( Also how he would add “love” or “eh” at the end of his sentence. Also how he and Dr. Foster would care for each other, leaving me in front of the screen, thinking, *what a nice couple they would make.* Oh how I truly miss LIE TO ME! :( I hate Fox for cancelling a wonderful show

  38. Melissa says:

    To all the staff of Fox, I do not exactly know why you had to cancel the show but I gotta say that I would never understand or even try to understand the real reason. YOU HAVE TO BRING IT BACK!!! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE. Sorry for being this demanding girl but I really love the characters and the story

  39. Melissa says:

    To all the staff of Fox, I do not exactly know why you had to cancel the show but I gotta say that I would never understand or even try to understand the real reason. YOU HAVE TO BRING IT BACK!!! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE. Sorry for being this demanding girl but I really love the characters and the stories in Lie to Me

  40. Miriam says:

    My comment probably won’t make a difference ,
    But I really love every single bit of Lie to Me .
    Tim Roth is just amazing , and it sucks that they had to cancel such a great show ! With the seasons on Netflix I just don’t get tired of watching , it’d be even better if Fox brought it back , I wouldn’t miss not one episode ! -.-

  41. O says:

    I’m going to miss Lie to Me… This was a bad call… really bad!

  42. Aleksei Solovev says:

    Верните теорию лжи !!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Rafael says:

    That’s great take an imaginative show like ” Lie to me” off the tele for what reason exactly… Oh, let me guess, for more mind numbing, soul &sucking, worthless, emotionless reality tv. Yes, that’ll learn us well. We all know you monitor our tele watching frequencies. So, give us what we like we enjoy, and get the ratings you need on intellectual shows as such. “power of the pen”, I say! We, and our puny little minds, which are being rotted away by such boring, unstimulating shows would like to say, challenge us more, and our culture may not revert back to our knuckle dragging days. Thank you, from the youth…

  44. Michael says:

    Perhaps a UK company can pick up ‘Lie to me’.
    It has a lot of potential for a UK version and the US seems to have shot itself in the foot with this one.
    Come on Virgin – this could be a winner!

  45. Please
    Bring back “Lie to me”.
    Its really good show

  46. Joker93 says:

    i want all 3th and 4 season of Lie to Me

  47. Alfred says:

    I love lie to me I will miss foster and lightman !!!!:( fox sucks nothing worth watching anymore!….to fox stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!!!

  48. Fabio says:


  49. Eng.David Yuri Stocco says:

    We want more “Lie to me”! An inteligent TVserie that finish, why?

  50. Bring back Lie to Me