Fox Cancels Human Target, Lie To Me, Chicago Code, Two Others

Fox went on a killing spree late Tuesday, canceling five bubble shows including Human Target and Lie to Me.

The network also axed freshman comedies Breaking In and Traffic Light as well as Shield creator Shawn Ryan’s rookie cop drama The Chicago Code.

Fox Renews Bones For Seventh Season

The cancellations come one week before Fox is set to unveil its fall schedule to advertisers.

Fox, however, was also in the mood for addition as well as subtraction, granting orders to several new series including the Bones spinoff and J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz.

House Picked Up For Season 8

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect this evening’s bloodbath.

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  1. David M. says:

    Fox always does this. They have a good with a good following, and then they cancel the show. I didn’t watch many of these, but I watched Lie to Me religiously.

    What’s sad is that the good shows don’t even get to do their series finale. Worse, is they leave the season on high note, and you wonder what’s going to happen now.

  2. Brenda M. says:

    Fox, YOU SUCK!!!!

  3. shiny666 says:

    And here I thought Chicago Code was tops. Hell, even Detroit 1-8-7 wasn’t that bad. Most of the shows getting renewed are of comparable or worse quality, or are just plain old. The Simpsons still runs? (on what?) Soaps as old as I am? Reality shows? What’s happening to television? And while I’m ranting, how long has it been since MTV did music television?

    • shiny666 says:

      Also, Lie to Me started off as a damn decent show. Perhaps they should get some writers or something instead of canning shows so routinely?

  4. Cindy says:

    I cannot believe that Fox is cancelling Lie to Me. I absolutely love that show. I also love Hard Target. Fox you need to give the show a chance, put in on the off season like The Closer and you will find there a lot of us out here that can’t wait for a good show. When we finally get one you yank it. Get with Netflix and find out how many of your shows get watched, that should help with your decisions.

  5. Billi says:

    I really loved Breaking In and Lie to me both. Is there any chance either could be picked up by another network?

  6. pteradactyl says:

    CHICAGO CODE, REALLY!!! It’s a fantastic show with excellent actors and actresses. Not cool fox, not cool! BRING IT BACK!!!!

  7. Dany says:

    I just love Lie To Me!
    Still pissed at FOX… the decision was just wrong!!!!!!

  8. SLC says:

    Chicago Code, Lie to Me, and Traffic Light are great shows… Too much turn over on TV. If a show isn’t a hit within a few weeks they just dump it.

    But, with not football they have tons of space to fill..

  9. idahogirl says:

    Fox is making a huge mistake! drop good drama in favor of more reality and stupid baseless humor that focuses on immoral behavior. I for one am mad enough that Fox wont be playing in our home.

  10. Kralka says:

    6 pages of comments from people who all seem to have loved at least one or more of those shows, I am a little shocked that none of them are making it. I was a big fan of Lie To Me and The Chicago Code… am very upset they aren’t coming back for another season. Fox does suck doesn’t it…

  11. Vadim says:

    please feel free to resume shooting “lie to me”. watching it all over the world and everyone liked.

  12. Carla says:

    I can not believe THe Chicago Code was cancelled!!! It is a great show, terrific actors and the stories are great!!!!!!!

  13. kirk says:

    i loved lie to me

  14. kamel says:

    lie to me for season 4 obligatory its famous fox wake up hooo

  15. asad says:

    i love to watch Lie To Me b4 i even started to watch another tv dramas..F$%^% y do they cancel tat awesome tv show?

  16. evelyn says:

    I’m really mad that you cancelled my show Lie to Me , I don’t know the hell is the matter with you people and you got rid of human target two great show , But yet you guys keep some of this other crap on tv , like king of the hill and all that other stupid crap. Maybe they should take the show to a different network ware they might have had a chance , like USA or tnt anything on fox ,the only show I watch now on fox is bones and that is it i won’t watch anything else.

  17. Mac says:

    Human Target Rocks and needs to be renewed…Ames can leave but the chemistry without an actual affair with Pucci will help the program. Pucci’s money and power contacts will help too (besides, she’s HOT!!). Guerro is a Bad A– and needs to stay on course. Ames softens himtoo much. Lie to Me is good but wearing thin…Chicago Code is Good with a strong woman influence and view of insider politics…Breaking In is a good break with humor and a love interest that adds to it for women to relate to.

  18. I am very sorry ‘Lie To Me’ has been cancelled. I like the characters in this series and story lines. Tim Roth was really good and entertaining. I hope that a new platform for this talented British actor can be found soon. But I am disappointed Fox has decided not to give this another series. But I have heard there is a dispute over the copy write of the shows idea. So maybe it’s not that ‘Lie To Me’ was not getting the ratings! Any thoughts?
    The Foureyed Poet.

  19. Nadia says:

    Come on, they reniew House M.D. that sucked after Huddy line’s started and cancelled Lie to me??? Are you kidding?

    That’s unfair.

  20. Brenda Jones says:

    It is not one I have told but one that I almost fell subject to. In an effort to pull of the biggest scheme ever since the beginning of Television I believe that FOX has lied to us all about canceling one of the most innovative shows they have ever had the privilege of airing. Lie to Me canceled….really did you think for one minute Fox would be so condescending to their loyal fans and lead them to believe that they would actually drop one of our most loved shows on aire today? Shame on you Fox…Consider your self caught in your web of lives. I can proudly say I have joined the Lightman group.

  21. Eddie says:

    To cancel Lie to Me & Human Target was the only reason I watched Fox. They (Fox) doesn’t know what people like, no wonder I don’t like Fox, this confirms it. Here are some of the shows they give you, Glee, Family Guy, House, Bones, so you think you can dance…etc the show they should keep they cancel and the ones they keep are the ones they shoulds cancel. I will not watch any of the new shows they put in place of Lie to Me & Human Target and I don’t watch there other shows now. I have friends that watched Lie to Me & Human Target that I’m sure will not watch Fox either. I will tell my friends to stop watching Fox.
    I will watch re-runs of both shows where ever I can find them hopefully on another network or hopefully another networks picks them up…Please somebody pick them up!

  22. Jackie says:

    I’m so bummed!! I LOVE Lie To Me & Chicago Code!!! Two of my favorite shows :(

  23. Damious! says:

    Not LIE TO ME!?!?!? There has never been a show like lie to me it was special curse you fox!

  24. Alex says:

    Fox, I hate you sincerely for cancelling “Lie to me”.

  25. Cam says:

    I agree, FOX you chose to keep series that are lame and took the good series away. Lie To Me* should stay! I won’t be watching FOX.

  26. joana says:

    OH GOD,I love Lie to me as it was air… I cannot imagine that the next year won’t be another season.I’m so sad.That show shouldn’t be over because it’s really good!!!!!!!

  27. Serenity says:

    Firefly. That is all.

  28. Craigalicious says:

    I will miss “Lie To Me.” I enjoyed the show and it’s unique concept. And I don’t understand why shows with lower ratings would keep going (like Fringe) over others with better ones. But maybe it shouldn’t be all about ratings… I mean, American Idol still gets great ratings, yet it’s failed to produce a real “superstar” winner since season 4’s Carrie Underwood.

  29. Jimmy says:

    Fox really sucks!!! I really liked Lie to me, and think Fox like the other networks just want to play to the younger people

  30. red says:

    Loved Human Target and Lie to Me but really upset that Human Target got cancelled. When I think of some of the crappy shows still on the air it makes me want to punch somebody.

  31. Dee says:

    Cant get over the fact there will never be another lie to me. We all love the best show on tv. Why

  32. poppa john says:

    I am devastated! My family is so sad! This is one of the few shows a family could watch together. Was it not enough the show won awards? The actors were believable and the show entertaining and interesting. PLEASE bring it back, it was brilliant. SOMEONE out there save the show!!

  33. Bilahari Aryat says:

    I do actually miss LIE TO ME…
    I did really like Cal and his associates..

  34. Snake33 says:

    BACK “Lie to me”!!!! please!!!!!!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Lie to Me had become one of my top favorites out of all the
    networks. What are they thinking? Why remove something that HAD
    to be more competitive & viewed by more than some of the
    ridiculous shows that make it on. Please bring it back! Please!

  36. George_Gorgeous says:

    I’m from Russia, so excuse me for my English.

    I, like many of my friends do not understand why Fox canceled the filming of 4th season “Lie to me”.

    We die-hard fans and we believe that it was a stupid mistake, because this is the best series of all time.

    very much hope that this is just a PR move and shooting resumed.

    Otherwise, you know that Russia has many nuclear weapons, right? =)

  37. brandon slate says:

    i cant believe that fox has cut lie to me.what a dumb has to many seasons of shows and fox cuts them in there prime.

  38. Simmons says:

    Lie to me was great.

  39. Sly Stone says:

    Really hate seeing Human Target get cancelled. I guess budgetary reasons with Terra Nova coming in did in several shows. Let’s just go ahead an say FOX will only keep Terra Nova around 2-3 yrs. While SyFy still airs the most stupidest show ever in Ghost Hunters.

  40. CTrinity says:

    I love both Lie to Me and Human Target. I am kind of pissed that they cancelled such good shows.

    It was what kept me going when Bones went down the chute…now I have no reason to turn my dial to FOX.

  41. julie beacham says:

    I’ll miss Lie To Me. Is it possible for another network to pick it up the way CBS picked up Medium after NBC cancelled it?

  42. Karey says:

    I’m so done with FOX!! Big disappointment!! FOX/FX canceling once again more of my favorite shows on both channels. Over and over again… Lie to me was smart and refreshing,, not same Ol crap! Well good by to more of my favorite shows.. And good bye Fox and FX! DONE

  43. Dee says:

    Human Target and Lie to me was great. I’m not sure why we have to watch stupid mess like Bobs burgers. That should have been the first thing to go.

  44. jj says:

    I have never voiced an opinion about tv shows until now. Lie to me and Chicago Code were such good shows. It is sad that Glee, immoral, Hells Kitchen, f word every other word, which is a shame, has made me realize that cable is worth the money. X Factor is good. Fox was having more of my attention but no longer, sadly. Human was great until the female character was written in. Bring back Lie to Me, Human Target and, especially CHICAGO CODE, if not Fox, someone.

  45. Sochan says:

    I can’t believe it! Lie to Me has so much potential and maybe to much for our actual society…c’est dommage. Quelle belle réussite!

  46. Amy says:

    I am still hoping someone will see the mistake in canceling Lie to Me. It was witty and different and one of my faves. Really disappointed in fox.

  47. Eva says:

    FOX SUCKS. They cancel all of my favorite shows.I don’t bother getting attached to FOX shows anymore. Lie to Me was one of the best they’ve ever run.

  48. anne stillman says:

    I am so sad! Lie to Me was my favorite-and I mean favorite- TV Show ever. Does anyone know why Fox did this? I know that these shows were very popular.

  49. Sandra says:

    I am so sick and tired of Fox and all these other stations that don’t renew Great TV Shows. These companies would rather keep stupid shows that I wouldn’t even let my kids watch at any age, instead of the ones that really teach lessons. My whole family loved watching Lie to Me for several reasons, we are happy that Bones did get renewed but come on keeping House for 9 yrs its over doing it. Yes it is a great show but I would rather sit for hours watching Lie to me then House any day for the week. This is not the first show that these so called special people that pick what we want to watch has screwed up. I am tired of Fox getting rid of some great shows and all these other networks that I have taken out my cable because I refuse to pay for more junk. When I was growing up we had Touched By an Angel, Highway to Heaven, and many many more great shows that was worth my money. Instead of trying to teach things to our new generation you wonder where our kids keep going wrong, well I can tell you know that these so called great shows that you keep are not helping out kids.