Fox Cancels Human Target, Lie To Me, Chicago Code, Two Others

Fox went on a killing spree late Tuesday, canceling five bubble shows including Human Target and Lie to Me.

The network also axed freshman comedies Breaking In and Traffic Light as well as Shield creator Shawn Ryan’s rookie cop drama The Chicago Code.

Fox Renews Bones For Seventh Season

The cancellations come one week before Fox is set to unveil its fall schedule to advertisers.

Fox, however, was also in the mood for addition as well as subtraction, granting orders to several new series including the Bones spinoff and J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz.

House Picked Up For Season 8

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect this evening’s bloodbath.

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  1. catherine says:

    Aw, I like breaking in and traffic light. :(

  2. Paddy says:

    God damn it, I loved Breaking In.

  3. hilla says:

    they put lie to me at a different time slot because one of their shows was horrible and now they cancle it?! after what they put the show and the fans through?!


  4. W0NK042 says:

    Lie to Me – Nooooooooooooooooooooo. :’o(

  5. Janah says:

    Oh NOOOO, I cant believe Lie to me really got cancelled – are they crazy??? What is wrong with FOX??? Im really disappointed right now!!!

  6. mike says:

    i will miss ltm h target and breaking in hopefully 24 will be back

  7. Henry Alan says:

    I hope the main cop in the chicago code can get a new show since I thought he was good.

  8. John Smith says:

    Come on! Cancel Breaking In? At least let it run for the 7 episodes before cancelling it!

  9. Sourabh says:

    And all shows I like and watch every episode of. WTH?

  10. Tekkie says:

    FOX…I just can’t believe these are cancelled, especially LTM. Did it ever occur to you that if u didn’t monkey with the time slot, schedule and back nine episode crap the shows might have and keep the following they deserve??? Y’all suck at FOX, just like NBC when they cancelled good shows to keep the crap. I hate watching new series now, you can’t count on them even after 3 seasons.

  11. Christina says:

    They cancel “The Chicago Code” but order “The Finder.” Fox what the heck are you doing!

  12. Moe says:

    The DVR has the whole season of Chicago Code, great watch or just delete? And I liked Traffic Light. Human Target should move to FX and lose Pucci.

    • Ercia says:

      Definately a great watch! Amazing story lines and spectacular acting. I hope someone picks it up like Southland got picked up, but there are so many factors involved that it rarely works out that way.

  13. Alison says:

    Really, really disappointed that “The Chicago Code” got canceled. This is a great show that’s finally finding its stride. It kills me that crap like the Sunday animation block is still on, but a wonderfully written and acted show isn’t given the chance to grow and thrive. Fox execs: y’all are crazy.

  14. cookie says:

    We’re really sorry to see Human Target get dropped. It was an excellent show that was enjoyed by three generations in this house. The cast will also be missed — they were spectacular.

  15. Jessalyn says:

    This just shows how extremely lucky us Fringe fans were to get a fourth season renewal.
    Now lets show our thanks by getting some good ratings when it returns.

  16. Patti says:

    So sad to hear about Human Target. Fox once again killed a show that was excellent. It didn’t have a chance to get good ratings because every other frakking week it changed to a different night. They kill good shows and leave crap like American Idol on the air. Ugh.

  17. Mar* says:

    Noooo Chicago Code!! I love this show, It´s great. I´m so sad about that, please other network rescue TCC.

  18. Elena says:

    I can’t believe they have cancelled Lie to Me, and decided to start with a bunch of new series !

  19. Pepper says:

    Noooooooooo! Lie to me!!! And the mind-blowingly boring Bones spinoff gets picked up. I hate this. Good shows get cancelled, dime a dozen shows get cloned. Stupid Fu… x.

  20. Claire says:

    I agree, I was starting to really like Breaking In! Sadness… I didn’t like Human Target, but many people did, so that sucks too. :(

  21. kirads09 says:

    I am sorry to hear about Human Target being cancelled. I thought it was fun to watch. I think they made a fatal mistake by changing the team/cast with bringing in the rich lady and young con woman. It just was too soon for the show to make a huge change up like that. It was much better when it was just the rag tag all guy team. Guerrero dude rocked!

  22. Shani says:

    That sucks!!! Chicago Code was a great show, I am so disappointed.

  23. Laura says:

    First time I’ve been disappointed in Fox. I’ve always respected Fox has the one network that will give a show a chance. Chicago Code is an AWESOME show. Lie to Me was a great quirky interesting show. Human Target was much better without Pucci so I understand that one a little better. Shame on you Fox!

    • raelee514 says:

      You obviously didn’t watch Firefly. Fox is evil! This isn’t really unexpected, yet it hurts all the same. Especially in regard to Lie to Me, Human Target I was a bit more prepared for because the Ilsa Pucci character wasn’t really well thought out and did change the tone of the show too much, but I a third season could have brought it back to the first season tone damn it by writing her out. Dang it.

      Lie To Me though was just smart writing with brilliant acting, a different twist on the crime drama. I’ll really miss it.

  24. Mike says:

    I was enjoying the show traffic light, figures it would get canned…

  25. EveatEden says:

    :( Huge Human Target and Chicago Code fans in my house. Lie to Me was over when they took out the FBI, it really sucked this season so I am not upset over that one and don’t even watch the comedies. Will be sad to not have Human Target and Chicago Code back next year :(.

  26. abby says:

    The Chicago Code had the potential to be the best drama on TV. I hope another network will pick it up. This show reminded me of The Wire!!!!

  27. Sam says:

    Bull Crap Lie to me is wayyyy better….
    Fudge fox

  28. LeLe says:

    This sucks! I loved Breaking In. It was so great.

    This is the reason that I hate watching new shows. You start watching, and then they take it away. Maybe they could move it over to USA. They have great programming.

  29. Alex says:

    I’m sad that Breaking In was cancelled. I loved that show! It was really funny! I thought it had good numbers too.

    • Erica says:

      The first episode seemed forced, but I have really like all the other episodes. Poor Christian Slater, he just can’t get a break. Fox needs to let some of these shows grow legs. They are loosing viewers with there whiplash programming.

  30. zengarden says:

    Ah… Super bummed about Chicago Code — that was a quality show.

  31. Doug-H says:

    Other than Fringe, it seems like FOX is going for anything that would draw younger viewers…. And cheap…. I suspect that Fringe does pretty well around the world as it is different than anything else on TV….

    Real shame about Chicago Code…. I thought it was finding itself… I feel LTM was not as good in its final season…. Too much Lightman as a long wolf… We’ll never know if Lightman and Foster hook up… This lives Castle as the only show with a positive Father-Daughter relationship though will that be short lived with daughter going off to college on the west coast????

  32. Julian says:

    Hey Fox, have you ever wondered why you lag behind in ratings compared to CBS and NBC? Here’s why: you axe all of your good shows!!! The Chicago Code was doing a lot better than Fringe in terms of ratings. Chicago Code showed the potential of being a great crime drama. It was also refreshing to see a city other than LA or NY represented for a crime drama. Not to mention, the show was shot on site in Chicago and not in Hollywood, which also helped with the realism. I hope another network picks it up. Then, when it’s an established top TV drama, you all will be thinking what could have been if we had given that show another season. You really dropped the ball, again, Fox.

    • Jena says:

      Everything you said is correct, except I think you mean ABC instead of NBC.

      They[Fox] don’t respect the audience and consistently shift shows to accommodate AI. Instead of producing an interchangeable show that runs in AI’s spot in the Fall(and maybe also in the summer), they continue to stick it to the viewers. I only watch 2 shows on Fox, Fringe and Bones, and by far I can say my viewing of both shows have been inconsistent. FOX lost me as a faithful viewer when they cancelled TSCC and started pimping out Glee(which lost me in the 1st season).
      I not even going venture into any new shows this network is offering up this summer and Fall ’11. I stick with my older scripted shows(on other networks/cable) and watching foreign dramas on the internet.

  33. sash fan says:

    Why Chicago Code? Geez. I’m done with Fox and all network programming. There’s just no use getting involved in watching a show — they all get canceled. Forget it — I’m sticking with Showtime and Fx

  34. Erica Bertel says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I really like Chicago Code. Of course Lie to Me and Human Target were great too, but Lie to Me had a good run and I think Human Target jumped the shark last season. No offense to the actress, but Ilyssa was annoying. I liked her in the first episode and the idea of her funding from a far, but they went in a totally different direction.

  35. jay says:

    COME ON!!! Lie to Me and Human Target were awesome. And is there no love at all for Christain Slater. I thought Breaking In was funny as hell. Especially the Comic Con episode.

  36. cacusc98 says:

    That sucks! I loved Human Target & Breaking In. But since they were on FOX I should have known they really wouldn’t get too much of a chance. :(

  37. Brad says:

    Being from Chicago, Chicago Code was excellent, great cast great story line, just so much can be done with this show.

    Lie To Me was one of the best shows ever. Tim Roth was amazing.

    Really liked Human Target. Started going downhill when Pucci was brought in. If her roll was different it would have been better.

  38. Chris says:

    Any chance of the Chicago Code getting picked up by another network?

  39. tree979 says:

    FOX is a joke. Hope the new shows don’t get too comfortable – they’ll be lucky to make it through a whole season before Fox axes them.

    BTW, having seen the pilot for The Finder and found it to be the worst waste of an hour in my entire life, just adds insult to injury!

    I hope another network will pick up Human Target because it’s just too damn good to be cancelled permanently! This is Fox’s biggest screw up since Firefly!

  40. W0NK042 says:

    So they drop these & go with The “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” rip-off?!? (Which even went out of it’s way to comment about the fundamental interconnectedness of all things).

  41. sherylgurl says:

    WOW. Probably the only two reasons (other than BONES) I would EVER tune in to FOX- LIE TO ME and CHICAGO CODE. Major Blows.

  42. O says:


  43. Carm says:

    I just watched Breaking In for the first time last night and liked it. I also liked Chicago Code.

  44. Ely says:

    I can’t believe they canceled Lie To Me! It’s the only reason I tune in besides Bones. This is so stupid!

    I do hope another network will pick up Lie To Me! They can’t leave us hanging like that!

  45. Andrea says:

    Once THE FINDER gets canceled (after about 5 episodes, unless FOX coddles it), can viewers have HUMAN TARGET back?

  46. bmospr04 says:

    Sad about Traffic Light and Chicago code, kinda wished they gave Breakin In another chance. Lie to Me and Human Target shold have been canceled. At least Fox kept Raising Hope. Fox kinda sucks. It’s nothing but idol and Glee. Family Guy and Cleveland Show are their only saving graces…They gotta shape up. Glee has The OC written all over it. They gotta graduate some time…

  47. Melisa says:

    Without a doubt, I will miss Chicago Code the most. I love that show. I’m really getting tired of great shows getting cancelled and awful shows staying on the air.

  48. Bob says:

    Thought for sure if they canned Human Target they would spare Lie To Me. Just goes to show you can’t count on anything these days in the entertainment world. Fox threw away a good show. For what it’s worth, they could have canned House (over-the-hill, even though I like it) to save Lie To Me.

  49. Groove says:

    I have to say I’m a little gutted that Human Target was cancelled but I was half expecting it. Season 1 was far far better and I was hoping Season 2 would open up more about Jr and The Old Man… Instead that was over and done with in the first 5 mins of the 1st episode. I can see that trying to add new characters opens up the show to other watchers, but did it really need it?? Human Target for me in Season 1 was a gritty, action, suspense show that wasn’t my 24 replacement but gave me a little action a week.

    Another huge huge issue for me, being in England, is the scheuale – last season Human Target was on a Wednesday then a few weeks in the days it was on swapped and changed and had weeks with nothing on etc

    I would have liked a 3rd run of Human Target maybe partnered with Fringe on a Friday….

    Never know someone might pick it up… if its possible….

  50. acid778 says:

    man lie to me was kind a gettin old and kinda predictable or maybe that was just me and i liked human target just cos it was an adrenial rider from start to fnish but breaking in it had me in stiches stram start to finish and to cancel that after just 5 episodes FOX made the wrong move !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!