Bones Cast, Producers Talk About Sex, Death, Baby Drama and (Gulp) The End

A possible hookup. A death. A birth. The final two episodes of Bones this season are full of big moments. Series creator Hart Hanson, executive producer Stephen Nathan and cast members Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin gathered at the Paley Center for Media on Monday to preview Thursday’s penultimate episode for a group of very lucky fans. They also dished to TVLine’s very own Michael Ausiello (the evening’s moderator) about saying goodbye to one of their own, the status of the Finder spinoff, the arrival of new squinterns, and the possibility of a (gulp) musical episode.

Death Is Coming |
As you’ve probably already heard, a member of the team will fall victim to sniper Broadsky in this week’s episode. We won’t reveal who finds themselves with a bullet in their chest, but suffice it to say it’s a fan favorite. “You don’t want to kill someone on the show and have the audience say, ‘Oh, thank God!’” said Nathan. Added Deschanel: “It’s sad to see both the actor and the character go.”

Will The Finder Find a Home? |
Amid reports that The Finder may fill some holes in Bones‘ schedule next season while Deschanel takes maternity leave, Hanson stressed that such an idea is just one of eight scenarios the producers are mulling. “If The Finder doesn’t get picked up to its own series, then it will go into the bin of ideas for what to do with Bones,” said Hanson. “I’d do just about anything to get The Finder picked up. It’d be fun. But they’re separate.” And if The Finder can’t help, there’s always Bones‘ “deep bench” of supporting talent to pick up the slack.  Hanson hinted at the addition of one or two new squinterns next season. (Dear Bones producers: Please bring back Tina Majorino’s as Booth’s FBI colleague.) Deschanel’s pregnancy has also had another unexpected effect: It has delayed the actress’ Bones directing debut, but Hanson reassured the audience that Emily will helm an episode when she’s good and ready.

Baby Makes Three | How did Conlin prepare for her character’s childbirth in the season finale? “I watched some clips on YouTube,” she replied. “I was very nervous about it.” Probably not as nervous as Hodgins though, who is “the perfect harried father,” said Nathan. Thyne had plenty of inspiration from his own family. “My mom was about to give birth and my dad left her,” he recalled. “He got in the car. I believe I was born in a hallway.”

From One Showrunner to Another | Dealing with a similar will they/won’t they dynamic on his own show, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe told TVLine last month that it’s time for Booth and Brennan to get together. “I do give [his comments] credence,” said Hanson. “He runs a real show. It’s a really good show. He knows what he’s doing, so I’d be crazy not to go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ … He’s one of those voices you would listen to.” But Hanson made sure to point out that listening “doesn’t mean I act upon it.”

To Sing or Not to Sing? | Ever wish Bones would stage a musical episode? You’ll get a little taste of it in this week’s episode when the gang takes on Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut.” But don’t expect a full blown song-and-dance hour anytime soon. Hanson shook his head when the idea was brought up. Added Deschanel: “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Looking to the Future | There’s no end date in sight for Bones. “As long as people keep murdering people,” replied Hanson when asked how long the show can go on. “As long as these actors are producing what they produce.” Sounds like a far cry from Deschanel’s original prediction. “I thought three years, tops,” she said. “How much can they do with skeletons?!” Turns out a lot, especially when “there’s a lot of story between Booth and Brennan,” added Hanson. For his part, Boreanaz is up for playing the role “as long as its challenging and stuff is going on. I enjoy playing Agent Booth,” he said before jokingly adding, “The money’s gotta be f—ing right.”

Back to the Past | A storyline exploring Booth’s childhood became a causality of the writers strike, but the producers hope to revisit it next season. “We have to decide what [piece] of Booth’s past to bring out,” explained Hanson. “We have a couple choices – [his] mom or dad? Probably not both, but you never know.… I’d be really surprised if we didn’t do that next year.”

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  1. Bella says:

    I don’t like it that one of the characters are going bye bye

  2. Rachel says:

    I was wondering why no one thinks that it might be Daisy that gets killed off the show.I mean they are focusing so much on Sweets being the one that is killed, so maybe it’s not his death but the death of Daisy that Sweets is going to have to deal with. I mean really if Sweets is killed off then I am afraid they are in the beginnings of sinking their own show. Sweets and Bones are polar opposites which, I feel, stimulates the show. Sweets has the psychiatric side, Booth has the feelings, emotions and faith, while Bones is logical almost to a fault.

  3. julianne says:

    There is a good possibility that it may be Sweets. How many times has he just escaped death lately. In season five he was on the derailed train/subway and in the first sniper killer episode he was standing right next to the Gravedigger when she bit the dust. Booth and Sweets are together in many of their scenes on Bones. I think his character might be replaced by the new female agent introduced in the last sniper episode. And the last episode was Sweet’s heavy where he played a large role in placing the blame where it really belonged on the girl’s supposed parents (really kidnappers). Maybe that was his last hurrah on the show so that he could leave the audience with one of his best performances. It’s sad to see him go but maybe he wants to move on and expand his career in a different direction.

  4. omj says:

    Let’s look at this logically: spoilers on all sites, including Ausellio, have said it’s a “major” character who dies. A major character, to me, is someone who is on pretty much every episode and who has a storyline revolving around them that is personal and not associated with finding a killer each week. So, the major characters on this show are Brennan, Booth, Angela, Cam, Hodgens and Sweets. None of the squints are major characters . . . the only one who ever came close to that was Zack, and maybe Daisy to a certain extent but only because of her involvement with Sweets. Caroline and Max are recurring roles and I don’t believe can be considered “major”, as much as we might like them. We know they’re not getting rid of Booth, Bones, Angela or Hodgens. Cam is shown on the sides in the season finale. So, it stands to reason that it will be Sweets who is the victim of the sniper. JMO.

  5. pralineiguana says:

    I believe we’re allowing ourselves to be misled by who is and isn’t named for appearance in the final episode. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of newly filmed FLASHBACKS?!

  6. Terri says:

    It looks like “BONES” is about to go the way of past shows; whenever they start deleting characters and making critical changes to the storyline it usually foretells the end of a show. It doesn’t sound like the cast is unhappy and I can’t believe its not making money for everyone. This will make for one more unhappy viewer if the changes lead to a show finale!

  7. Lynnii says:

    Every other website the main one people are thinking is going to die is Vincent Nigel Murray… I am gonna go with that. He kinda annoys me anyway.

  8. poeticserenity says:

    everyone keeps mentioning Zack… has anyone considered that if it is Sweets that dies, then there goes the only other person other than Zack to know that he didn’t actually kill the guy??

  9. Jd says:

    I don’t think it’s Sweets, in the interviews from the TJT Paley Centre David Boreanaz says “I think the relationship with Sweets will be twofold because, one what Booth will have to deal with… with what happens in the season finale and how he handles that going into season 7.”

    Neither do I think that the cast lists for the finale mean so much, just because someone isn’t there doesn’t mean they are the one who gets killed and transversely if somebody is in the cast for the finale doesn’t mean they are alive, it could be to do with memories and flashbacks.

    Sweets gives a emotional side to it all that balances all the science so I’m convinced it’s not him…

    ‘what Booth will have to deal with’ is quite possibly his guilt that a bullet that killed someone he cared for was meant for him as for Bones I don’t think it matters if it is a sqintern or a major character, in the last episode their are two times when people question her humanity (emotional capabilities?)over objectivity (with Sweets in the Diner and Arastoo in the lab) and she is obviously hurt… so I think she is heading for an emotional ‘blow out’ anyway and the death just makes it happen sooner.

    I’m thinking it’s either going to be Caroline, she is the other that brings an emotional side to it all and she’s almost a mother figure or Cam… Michelle being left without a parent again would be harsh but would strike a cord with Bones being left feeling alone coming out of one foster home after another.

    I hope it’s not Sweets (his character and cheekiness has grown on me) or Caroline as her sarcasm cracks me up… Cam I can do without I’m not keen on her character at all…

    • Irishgirl says:

      Ok, I just watched the interview you reference, and I don’t know that David’s comments mean that Sweets isn’t the victim. If anything, they could be a big sign that it will be Sweets. He’s asked about the team being ‘in jeopardy’ and there being ‘some shakeups’, and he answers by discussing a new FBI character and then oddly jumps to ‘dealing with Sweets’. It’s kinda telling. However, he does open the comment by saying Hart has ‘a whole thing going on with the squints’, which could be a hint that it’s a squint that is killed. So, who knows.

      • Jd says:

        It did cross my mind it could be retrospective and that the ‘relationship with Sweets’ and what he has to deal with could imply that Sweets was the one, perhaps I’m just hoping a bit too much it’s not Sweets!

        I like the way he questions their logic vs their emotions, the character has added an emotional element that was lacking in the first few season but not so much that it takes over.

        I hope he doesn’t change the squints too much Vincent, Arastoo and Wendall are good characters who challenge Bones logic but understand it as well.

  10. Tasha says:

    The only problem with that theory is that when Booth was hallucinating, it’s when he had the brain tumor. They operated and fixed it. So if he were to hallucinate again, that would mean he has another brain tumor. Not likely.

    Although, I really would love to see another episode like The End In The Beginning… that was one truly awesome episode. One of my all-time favorites!

  11. PATTY says:


  12. Ali says:

    Has anyone considered bones’ brother rus I dont know if he was on any of the cast lists or why he would be there but that would affect bones alot and in the earlier season he did play a more major role?

  13. Michelle says:

    Please God do NOT bring back the Finder!! I hated that episode!! What makes “Bones” great is the ensemble of actors and how they interact together. The Finder episode concentrated too much on the Finder and not enough on the rest of the cast that I loove so much…

    • Cyn says:

      That’s fairly typical for a “spin-off” style pilot. The show spends most of the time on the potential spin-off characters, with only a passing nod to the titular show. If you watch the NCIS: LA spin-off episode of NCIS, or even the NCIS spin-off episode of JAG, it’s the same thing. It’s a way of making a pilot and getting buzz for a show. Way back when, spin-off shows were usually real spin-offs, where a long-time or recurring character, or even a well-received guest character was given their own show. Rhoda, Maude, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, A Different World, and (of course) Angel are all examples of these types of shows. Another standard spin-off type was the “new” show after a series ended. Joanie Loves Chachi, AfterMASH, Lou Grant, and Frazier are all examples of this type of spin-off.

  14. southernrose72 says:

    Very sad about the upcoming death. I am really hoping that its not Angela or Goblins. Their baby needs both parents. I would love to finally see Booth and Bones get together. Both of the above couples have way too much chemistry to separate them. Not really sure that I want anyone killed off. The show is great as it is. My family looks forward to Thursdays nights. Great job to all actors/actresses on the show..

  15. Amanda says:

    its sweets or angela brennan is with the person when they get shot could be sweets having one of his anoying chats or angela coz she is alwaya with brennan , bones will then be upset thats where the bed scene comes in. i know in the little video clip of this weeks they show brennan with angela after woulds but her and angela talking could of happened before the death

  16. Bones fan says:

    Hodgela baby is named Michael Staccato VINCENT Hodgins. It’s VNM.

  17. kristen says:

    I think its VNM too. But then on the other hand if it is a major charahter he is not one, where as Sweets is. I will be devistated if its him. He is a favorite favorite character. well we will see thursday.

  18. miranda says:

    i´m crazy now.

  19. Alexia says:

    But the thing that sucks is sweets is sweets and he brings booth and bones together he is sooo cute and he is ingaged :( if he does die I will HATE bones I LOVE this show so please don’t kill him off i would rather have max or the assistant can’t think of his name but he is emo not the blonde oh well but don’t kill him off that ruins the show!!! And of corse don’t kill bones booth angeila hodgins cam or the Indian dude haha love him too

  20. miranda says:

    I hope its not Sweets, but, i think that is him. Sadly

  21. Erika71 says:

    It was after the first few sentences that I knew when it said, “one of the fans’ favorite”. I knew it will be Sweets! Need another very good light-hearted but serious actor or actress to play the FBI’s psychologist. I think the character of Daisy will not return.

    I think there should be a “flashback” of Seeley and his dad. He learned what he did not want to be: a bad father like his…however he learned that in order to be strong and disciplined, he had to go into the military. Throw in his brother too.

    (I remember Zack! I just do not remember “The Finder” ever airing! And I did not know that Emily was pregnant! Congratulations Ms. Deschanel and to your husband David Hornsby!)

  22. Wendy says:

    Please not Sweets. I love him! You can get rid of Cam, not into her at all this season. The Michele college plot was annoying. Not Caroline! I love her too! Take Mr. Nigel Murray. I will miss him, but not terribly. Leave Wendell, his charater is so sweet and loveable. But still, take Wendell if I can keep Sweets. Take Daisy if you must, though it will break Sweet’s heart. I don’t think it is Daisy though. Figure out how to bring Zack back! I miss him terribly. How about the death makes Sweets realize how short life is and he can’t let Zack rot in prison for something he didn’t do. Thursday needs to come quickly!!!

  23. K says:

    Cam: For – seems to have been less present in recent episodes
    Against – they already almost killed her once

    Sweets: For – his character’s purpose becomes less significant if they
    actually put Bones and Booth together
    Against – they are apparently forcing Booth to confront some
    past demons next year, which sounds like a recipe for

    Wendell: For – was his getting more hours just a tease before dying?
    Against – would killing a squintern have much impact?

  24. ruth says:

    Well maybe the person who gets shot, making us think he or she dies, but for what reason I dont know, will not die only to live and return on another episode. Also everyone is forgetting that Zack, Wendall, Clark Edison, and Nigel Murray are not the only quints what about Arestoo Vaziri, the squint who faked an Indian accent.

  25. C.J. says:

    I was at the Paley Center screening last night and am pleased no one has left a comment confirming who died. I also liked the explanation for the death given by the panel – both the part reported here and the rest of the answer (which might clue you in on who got knocked off). In any event, it was quite suspenseful. My only regret about watching the ep with a 100 other fans – not being able to hear all the dialog because of audience reaction.

  26. BuffyFan says:

    Alot of posts I have seen, not just in this thread, have stated it is Mr. Nigel-Murray. According to the article above the character killed is a “fan-favorite.” IMO, VNM is NOT a fan favorite. He actually annoys me. If he died on the upcoming eppy then I would be fine with that.

    Adding even MORE interns next season I think will become irritating. I am tired of the flip-flopping of interns every week. Pick one, a great one, and stick with them. Personally I want Zach back, the chemistry he and Hodgins had was awesome! However, I do know that killing off a major character (aka higher paid actor) allows for the show to hire more characters/interns (aka lower paid actors) and use funds in other aspects of the show. This is similar to what they did when Zach left.

    Now, as for Sweets being killed off—he has become a major character, a fan favorite, and I believe would be a loss to not only the characters but the show as well. I adore Sweets immensely. He adds a twinge of reality when needed, especially concerning the impending relationship between Booth/Brennan. His loss might actually cause the falling into bed scene for Booth/Brennan. If the relationship actually happens, IMO Sweets would be a great and funny way to analyze it. Plus with the idea that Booth is going to be dealing with more past family issues it might be beneficial to keeps Sweets around to help him with those problems.

    Caroline has a recurring guest role (similar to Max), and I find her character simply hilarious, but I do not believe that she is a “major” character. Thus I am not planning on them killing her off.

    Cam has been on the verge of being killed off previously on the show. However now she has become the gaurdian for a teenager preparing to go to college. I know that some have mentioned that this aspect of her life would keep the PTB from killing her off, but you have to remember that Michelle is basically an adult. Also I am sure that Cam has prepared for any unexpected occurence, such as her death, by planning with a life insurance policy. Thus Michelle would be financially able to complete college and have a good life for herself.

    I am just crossing my fingers, knocking on wood and praying that they kill off VNM. I don’t care for his character and would not be affected in any way if he is gone. He has got on my nerves since he first showed up on the show.

    Alas, we all must wait til Thursday to actually see the episode. :P

  27. Lori Y. says:

    I really hope it’s not Sweets. He’s become a favorite of mine along with all the originals. Plus he’s so darn cute!

  28. Carol says:

    I will really be upset if it is Sweets or Caroline. I hope it is a squintern. Mr. Nigel Murray is the only one I halfway like. They can get rid of the rest of them.

  29. Goldie says:

    This was just posted in Ask Ausiello:

    Question: Can you tell us if the person dying on Bones this week is a regular or recurring character? —Alyssa
    Ausiello: It’s a full-time series regular who has been with the show since the very first episode and whose name rhymes with “Moans.” Just kidding. It’s a recurring character (but a popular one).

    • STARK says:

      it´s a recurring character and a popular one? the only ones i can think of are Max and VNM,

      on the other hand, was the whole first sentence a joke, or just the part of the name? because if the recurrent and popular character has been in the show from the beggining, the only one left it´s Caroline

      i think it´s VNM, that would impact Bones and the team very bad and Bonest the most, since she asked him back in the first place, or maybe he dies saving her life.

      • Goldie says:

        The first line was a joke, he was hinting that Bones herself would die. It’s the last sentence that’s important.

  30. nouhed says:

    bonjour de paris
    merci pour cet article il est intéréssant je suis trés heureuse qu’il y est une 7éme saison bravo à toutes les personnes qui ont permis que BONES existe
    en france on est à la moitiée de la saison 6 j’ai hate de voir la suite

  31. Bonesfan says:

    I think it could be Zach he is the kind of person that would be targeted by the sniper, some one that did something horrible yet escaped punishment. Also some one that every one would be very upset about….just a thought!

  32. Brennanite206 says:

    Hodgela call their baby boy Michael Staccato VINCENT Hodgins.

    Make of that, what you will.

    • Kat says:

      Someone else said this too but where did you find this information? I think it is very interesting in regards to who the victim could be if it is accurate.

  33. Mavi says:

    Why kill anyone??? I love every character in there. Gawd…this is so sad. :-(

  34. AcuraT says:

    The death can be one of two people: Ryan O’Neal or the assistant of the week. Ryan is well liked by the audience as the reformed “Bad guy,” but with the sharp shooter, he could easily be over his head and killed off. The assistant could be killed since there are a number of them in rotation, so losing one will not impact the show.

    Everyone else would hurt the chemistry of the show. Maybe John Francey Daley could go, but he seems to have good chemistry with the cast – about as good as “Zach” was originally. So I am sticking with Ryan O’Neal as the most likely to go away. Too bad, like the character, even if he is not a focal point for the show (and it would drive the character of Bones into the arms of Booth). This would allow the writers to make them “closer” at the close of the season, but take them apart at the beginning of next season.

    I don’t expect Bones and Booth to get to together, Hart seems intent on having it go on for ever and that is fine as it adds little to the story on a weekly basis. Castle does a better job with the Beckett and Castle interaction, no questions asked.

  35. AcuraT says:

    Apparently, my guess is probably right. Here is a “factoid” posted on the internet:

    “It’s a recurring character (but a popular one).”

    This fits Ryan O’Neal (Bones’ father) perfectly as I stated a few minutes ago. He is recurring, he is popular, and his character would get involved in solving a case like the sharpshooter. Very logically that he will die.

    I give liklihood at 85% that this is the outcome of who dies on Bones on Thursday. The other 15% goes to the assistant to Bones for that particlar week, but does not really fit the “loved” part of the clue.

  36. elizabeth says:

    Anything with David works with Buffy and angel now bones he always successful.thank you david

  37. Vickie says:

    I love bones. Who ever it is that gets shot, I am sure it will hurt the show. I guess we will half to wait and see who it is. Just so it is not Bones or Booth.

  38. Diana says:

    If someone MUST go let it be someone who doesn’t make much difference. Not Booth’s boss either. I like her. But as many have already said, ” Why does anyone have to go ” There are other ways to keep everyone intrested. Don’t mess the show up…Please

  39. Diana says:

    Oh and PLEASE no musical episodes! Not gulp..YUCH

  40. Meghan says:

    I think it’s Angela.
    The stuff I’ve read says the bullet was for booth. Can you imagine a more tragic death in the show than to have the bullet hit ange while they’re all visiting in the hospital after the birth of the baby? Maybe hodgins. Either way, I don’t think it’s mr Nigel murry or sweets.

    • Kat says:

      It is not a series regular so it can’t be Angela. It is not going to be Bones, Booth, Angela, or Hodgins.

  41. Laura L says:

    I know it is not R O’Neil…but it should have been him.
    He is a lousy human off and on the camera.

    But I guess if one can find next weeks scroll and see who is
    in the eposide and who is not. There may a clue to who gets
    What about the guy from ZZ Top Angela’s father

  42. Jennie Unger says:

    I think it might be a squint. Why? One Ryan Cartwright will be a regular in the new Syfy show “Alphas” starting in July Just sayin…

  43. luvbones says:

    its not sweets, ausiello said it was a RECURRING character, and sweets has been a main character for a couple seasons now, so its not him. the two options are vincent and caroline, most likely VNM…the actor has a new show coming up… and for those of you who argue that bones wouldnt be that upset over an intern death, remember when she said “shes not as cold as everyone seems to think!” she could also very well be upset that booth was almost killed by broadsky. also, she worked with VNM on several occasions which would cause some sadness. i dont think it will be caroline, and it isnt wendell or max cuz they are both in the finale. enjoy!

  44. Lilay says:

    I hope it’s Cam [that gets killed]. I just don’t like her. I never have. I have wanted her to get killed off or taken off of the show since she first was casted in the show.

  45. pattyC says:

    I think it’s Sweets. Read the article above: it says that the entire cast will be singing Nilsson’s “Coconut” in the last episode. Remember who else sang this song recently? Sweets. On the treadmill at the gym.

  46. Linda Holland says:

    I love Bones, I hope to buy the 5th and 6th season and please let their be a 7tn. Thanks for a GREAT SHOW.

  47. tessie says:

    it waz vincent. i cried. but i speak for everyone when i say BRING ZACK BACK!

  48. Jade says:

    I watched the last 2 episodes on my DVDs and I cried because they were the last 2 episodes and one one the team dies

  49. somehow please bring back Dr. Sweets — he was great on the show. Did he know about this? What is he going to do now? Again, somehow bring him back. Thanks.