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Question: I hear there’s an unexpected romance on the rise in the season finale of Glee. Any hints as to who is involved? —Aimee
Here’s what I can tell you about the finale, and it may or may not be related to your question: Everything — relationships, Nationals, etc. — comes down to [spoiler].

Question: So I was thinking about the upcoming Glee death. Can you confirm or deny if the doomed character is a New Directions member? –Jacqueline
I can — and I will — deny.

Question: I am a closet ABC Family watcher and really enjoy Pretty Little Liars. Got any juicy scoop? —Jay
Guess who’s finally showing her face in Rosewood? Ali’s mama! The soap is casting the recurring role of Jessica DiLaurentis, the late teen’s mother who comes to town to attend a sure-to-be-sabotoged tribute to her daughter. The role’s recurring so I guess she’s gonna stick around for a bit.

Question: I’ve heard there are two endings for the One Tree Hill finale — one to be used as a season finale and one for a series finale. Does that mean we will find out if it has been renewed for a ninth season before the finale airs? —Erin
You’re actually going to find out right now: The show is returning next season for roughly 13 episodes. I’m willing to bet all of my Super Smurfs on it. As a result, I assume they’ll go with the season finale airing May 17.

Question: Got Law & Order: CI scoop? — Louis
As a matter of fact, I do. The L&O offshoot is gearing up to put its own spin on The Social Network… only, being from the L&O-verse, there’s a murder as well as a lawsuit. From what I can glean, the episode, which is currently casting, splits the Mark Zuckerberg character in two: a hot-chick website inventor and her sleazebag partner.

Question: Just a little clue about the blind item about two characters returning to a hit drama at the end of this season? Are they both men? Women? One of each?
They’re both women.

Question: Got anything on this season’s final two episodes of House? —Chris
Do I ever. Sources confirm to me exclusively that someone’s going to be a first-time daddy! And in possibly related news…

Question: Where is House‘s new bride Domenika? Will she turn up in the season finale? —Renata
Yes, but in name only.

Question: Got any Bored to Death intel? —Mark
Casting Scoop! Happy Endings‘ Casey Wilson has landed a Season 3 guest spot as an old girlfriend of Jonathan’s (Jason Schwartzman) who runs into him on the eve of her wedding day. Speaking of Happy Endings, how’s that second-season pickup coming ABC? Don’t let me down.

Question: Please can you give us any Private Practice scoop on Addison and Sam? Is their split permanent? —Jacklyn
Kinda sounds like it. Although EP Shonda Rhimes says, “Just because they broke up doesn’t mean that they’re going to stay broken up,” the boss lady acknowledges that they always faced long odds as a couple. “From the minute Addison arrived in L.A. she’s been saying she wants to have a baby, and she sort of put that on the backburner [while she was with Sam],” she explains. “Now she’s sort of at the place where she’s ready to face it. Plus, she is dating the ex-husband of her best friend. That is a messy situation to be in. However justified and lovely and wonderful they are together, it’s a messy situation. And it stays messy.”

Question: This is it Mike. Your last chance ever to give out Smallville scoop. Make it a good one worthy of the Man of Steel. —Joel
OMG, the pressure! OK, I’ve got two words for you Joel: Surprise. Cameo.

Question: Modern Family finale? Something? Anything? Bueller? —Denise
The episode ends with the prospect of a significant life change for one branch of the Pritchett family tree.

Question: Cougar Town! Any scoop on the Hawaii-set season finale? —Renee
Curious what the Hawaiian version of Penny Can looks like? Well, you’re about to find out!

Question: Can you tell us if the person dying on Bones this week is a regular or recurring character? —Alyssa
It’s a full-time series regular who has been with the show since the very first episode and whose name rhymes with “Moans.” Just kidding. It’s a recurring character (but a popular one).

Question: Deets on the Chuck finale, please! —Megan
Images of Yvonne Strahovski in a wedding dress have leaked. The show recently shot scenes on location at a Los Angeles-area church. The entire season has been building towards a Chuck-Sarah wedding. Yet in spite of all of this, exec producer Chris Fedak says fans shouldn’t assume those two crazy kids will end up getting hitched in Monday’s finale. “Just because we may’ve shot something at a church doesn’t mean [there’s a wedding],” he teases. “Once you see how our season finale works there should be a degree of doubt. It’s structured in such a way that we don’t know if Chuck and Sarah are going to get together in the end.”

Question: Worst-case scenario — Chuck doesn’t get renewed. Will producers excise the finale’s top-secret cliffhangery epilogue that’s supposed to set up Season 5? —Ryan
Good question. Let’s ask Fedak. “From a technical perspective, we probably won’t know the fate of the show until after we lock the cut of the finale,” he says. “However, I really like this ending that we’ve built and I think it works no matter what situation we’re going into. I really love this episode. I don’t think I would change it.”

Question: Castle fans are holding our breath waiting for the finale, which has already been described as “explosive” and “mind-blowing”! Any other last-minute scoop to tide us over until Monday? —Cheryl
The final scene of the episode features nearly the entire cast. Draw your own conclusions.

Question: What can you tell us about Lisa and Ben’s reappearance on Supernatural in the May 20 finale? —Bonnie
Their return will “test Dean’s resolve,” reveals exec producer Ben Edlund. “It’s going to [force] him to choose what kind of hero he’s going to be. As we always knew, one day or another, he was going to have to make some choices like that.”

Question: I scream, you scream, we all scream for scoop on the identity of the person in the ice cream cone mascot costume on Community! —Erin
I’m in a bit of a pickle here. TVLine’s Matt Mitovich just forwarded me a quote from Gillian Jacobs that practically spoils the reveal, but if I run it she’s probably going to get in big trouble with her bosses. Damn you, ethical quandary! [Big Sigh] Eh, screw it. She’s a big girl. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. According to Jacobs, the actor playing the costumed bandit is… “a person on IMDb.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Bluestocking Inc says:

    Finchel kiss during the song! It’s got to be…

  2. Regina says:

    Smallville surprise cameo…..Lana??

    • Paige says:

      Kristin already said she will not be returning.

    • Corinne says:

      I don’t think it will be cause Kristen Kruek said she was not going to be coming back for the finale, and she sounded sincere. My off the wall bet would be Gene Hackman. They’ve had all sorts of actors from the various Superman franchises, I think it would be amazing if Hackman made an appearance.

      • robert says:

        I have been wishing and saying that for years. . . Smallville only has two things really to do besides Tom Welling becoming Superman. . . and they are for Gene Hackman to come on and a cameo of a young bruce wayne batman and diana wondwer woman. . .. lets hope. . . but in honesty i have not a clue?? Im so ecited!!!

    • Alex says:

      I’m hoping maybe Brandon Routh…? He’s the only “Superman” that has yet to appear on Smallville….

    • Jenny says:

      I’m hoping for Perry White!!!

      • lisa says:

        I thought the black stuff dripping from the virgin marys eye in last weeks ep might have been Brainiac. So might we have a James Marsters cameo??

    • Brian says:

      That’s what I was thinking too. I’d prefer Perry White (which honestly NEEDS to happen), Bart (would be cool to see him help fight Darkseid, as he’s my favorite JLAer after Clark), Bizarro, Parasite, or Mxyzptlk (any one of them could play the “there’s a last-minute threat Superman has to stop!” role, signaling the continuation of his never-ending battle)…or a surprise mid-battle cameo of Batman, which would be awesome…but I think it’s going to be Lana.

      • Nick says:

        Um…Henry Cavill?

      • laz says:

        I think when lois is standing in her wedding dress in front of the mirrow at the door there will be lana and yes i think lana will be there but only have a scene with lois i think a lana and lois scene is one of the best kept secerst of the last eps plus brain pertson said there is a scene with a door that is very smallville.

    • Mrjzn says:

      Jonathan Kent.

      • Mrjzn says:

        Or more specifically John Schneider. $1 says he’s in the finale.

        • Tony says:

          Bit of a bad bet given that he´s been in some of the promos released and in the pics as well…so why not bet more given it is a sure thing?

    • dwain says:

      christian bale anyone

    • Bob says:

      Not Dean Cain again!

  3. Jeny says:

    It says will in italics…it can’t be true, can it ;/

    • Alicia says:

      Aaaaannnnd piggybacking off this comment…

      First, if the unexpected pregnancy BI pertains to House and that glorified extra (and hooker) Dominika–that would be especially low, Ausiello.

      Second, DARE I even hope the two ladies returning to a hit drama are Paget Brewster and AJ Cook?? TV gods makes this so!!

      • John says:

        I highly doubt it would be House. From my understanding there’s one Season left to go, and I don’t think Shore, being the fantastic writer he is, would allow for a character to grow up with his child in one season, without giving us a long enough tour of the before and after (then again, House’s detox took an hour).

        I have a feeling it might be Chase or Taub. With Dominique or a friend of hers. Yes, I realize that might be a tad farfetched, but it doesn’t have to be her. I would love it if it’s Taub, but Chase also needs a long-overdue storyline. His promiscuity appears to be the only thing defining him at the moment.

  4. Natalie says:

    Jesse St. James is going to be the Glee star that dies.

    • Ing says:

      No its not Jesse. Its been said by Ausiello himself that the death on Glee is FEMALE. Jesse, last time I checked, is MALE, not to mention is in the finale as well…seeing as the death is the episode BEFORE the finale, it cannot be him. My guess? Becky. Which is really sad.

      • Angela says:

        I’ve also thought the character who dies might be Becky. Or, the character could be Sue’s sister — something that dramatic may really change the trajectory of Sue as a character, something which really needs to be done.

      • Megan says:

        I’m thinking (and hoping) that Sue is the one who might die. She’s just a character that’s blown past the top of the crazy spectrum and contributes nothing worthwhile. The kids create enough drama and story on their own to need Sue anymore.

        • Hannah says:

          No way is it Sue. She’s really important for the dynamic of the show, even if she hasn’t been seen alot lately. And also we’ve seen alot of previews and images of her in the episode- I couldn’t imagine Sue just being killed off randomly. It wouldn’t make sense.

      • Dane says:

        It’s April.

      • Nat says:

        The Fox press release says that a death “rocks the world of one of McKinley’s own”. I think that rules out a lot of people who are around as supporting characters – i.e. Beiste, Emma, Becky. I actually think the Sue’s sister guess is right on the money. Some people have floated Finn’s mom, but with Kurt’s dad having had a heart attack earlier in the season and them being newlyweds, it would be a bit much (also, I read somewhere she’s in the Nationals episode).

    • Paul says:

      It’s a girl who dies, i’m pretty sure it was in the last one of these.

    • Tigger says:

      We won’t be that lucky.

    • Marisa says:

      See, I was thinking maybe it’d be Principal Figgins (who died), they’d promote Will (not Sue), and life goes on.

    • Bella says:

      I think it’s going to be Finn’s mother.

  5. Jem says:

    I am really, really, really intrigued at the surprise cameo comment. Who could it be?

    We know Lex is a lock, we know Lana is not coming back. We know that Jonathan is there as shown on the previews. Zod is done, Supergirl is done, Chloe is definitely back. Who is it? Ah.

    I’m going to go with someone from the Superman history/background. That would really rock.

    • Jenny says:

      Perry White, I hope!

      • Jem says:

        Good pick! I’d imagine he’d be there for more than a cameo though. It has to be someone that’s quick in and out flash.

        • anakinjmt says:

          Erm, not exactly what I was hoping for Mike, but it’ll do. I’m gonna go really off the wall here and say Whitney. Or heck, maybe the next incarnation of Hawkman.

        • Jenny says:

          Well, they haven’t confirmed that he’ll be in the episode. I figure they would if he had a significant role. I think a cameo would make sense for him! Perry White FTW!

    • Roy says:

      How about the real Jimmy Olsen? The kid who got Smallville Jimmy’s camera at the funeral ?

  6. Adrienne says:

    I really, really, really don’t want the Bones death to be Sweets. I adore him.

    • Christine says:

      i believe Sweets is a series regular… the scoop says a recurring character dies, which makes me think squintern or the u.s. attorney (forget her name)

      • amy says:

        Not Caroline! I love Caroline. What about Booth’s brother?

        • Melody says:

          Yep, I’m afraid it’ll be Caroline as well. They have only four reoccurring characters: Caroline, Jared, Cam’s daughter and Max. Since Max is in the finale we know it’s not him and I can’t imagine that they’d kill off the daughter just as she’s headed for college so the description “a popular one” makes it Caroline. Not that I’m sure people like Jared, but Caroline makes a bigger impact.

          • Ace says:

            The squinterns (Clark, Daisy, Wendell, Vincent, Fisher, and Arastoo) are all recurring as well, so it could be one of them. My first guess is Vincent Nigel-Murray, since he’s in that ep and has had a pilot picked up for next season. If it’s not him, it’s probably Caroline.

        • Carm says:

          I think it is Caroline too, unfortunately.

      • Dane says:

        Sweets is a regular.. THANK GOD! I think it has to be Caroline. Vincent Nigel Murray is NOT that popular.

        • Nerdista says:

          I honestly love Vincent Nigel Murray. The only squintern who’s death would make me really sad is Wendell’s. I love him!

          • Melody says:

            I guess I don’t think of the squinterns as reoccurring characters because they seem to always be there, but that’s my description of them, TVLine may have a different definition so that could put one of them in harms way. Oh please not Wendell, he’s my favorite sqintern and he just got the promotion.

          • Melody says:

            I just checked IMDB, not that it’s always accurate, but it has Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray as the squinern of choice this week and no mention of Caroline or Jared.

    • Lu says:

      It says the person has been there since the beginning- so it can’t be Sweets or the Squinterns.

      • Dawn says:

        The “since the beginning” comment was a joke, ending with “the name rhymes with Moans”.

        My fear is that they are killing off Caroline Julian. I would HATE HATE HATE that, as she is one of my absolute favorite characters; however, if that is who Broadsky kills in error, we know Booth and Brennan will never let him survive. Please let it be Daisy or VNM – they are both so very irritating.

    • Kathy says:

      I bet it’s Max!

      • Becca says:

        I was thinking the same thing because the preview shows Bones looking crushed and crying in Booth’s arms. We know he’s in the finale but that doesn’t mean that he lives through the whole episode.

      • estee says:

        it’snot max he’s in the season finale which is the episode after this week

    • Bob says:

      It’s Mr. Nigel-Murray.

    • zaza says:

      I read that it is Bones who is in most need of comforting after the death, so who would she feel the worst about losing amongst the re-occurring characters? Well, Max, obviously.

      • T says:

        Bones might be sad for a different reason than just the death. She may realize that Booth could have died, and that makes her re-evaluate their relationship…

    • Carla says:

      Aus said, “It’s a full-time series regular who has been with the show since the very first episode” which means its only one of four characters: Bones, Booth, Angela or Hodgens. Everyone else hasn’t been on since the first episode. So it can’t be Sweets. ): not to happy about who it still could be tho! I love all of them!

      • blargh says:

        Read the whole answer.

        “It’s a full-time series regular who has been with the show since the very first episode and whose name rhymes with “Moans.” Just kidding. It’s a recurring character (but a popular one).”

  7. Jee says:

    It’s Will?
    What’s going on here? (glee)

    And Taub is gonna be the daddy on House… I’m pretty sure.

    • Janine says:

      Definately Taub as the daddy. The PR for the next episode says Taub deals with some surprising news. I guessed it was gona be Rachel being pregnant from the moment I read it.

  8. Sam says:

    If Vincent Nigel Murray is killed in Bones i will cry! I love him!

  9. Dee says:

    The death on Bones has got to be Caroline. She keeps showing up at the sniper’s scenes and that’s the most painful death I can think of if the person killed isn’t a series regular. Although, I’m pretty relieved it isn’t a series regular.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree. I can’t imagine that many people are that attached to VNM. Inside the show, would Booth even know who that is?

    • Lex says:

      I’m relieved that it’s not a regular, too, since I was afraid it would be Sweets and I adore him. So then I thought Vincent would die, but he’s always comic relief so it would be weird, and I love him as well so that would be sad.
      But if Caroline dies… oh no that would be devastating. The more I think about it the more it makes sense, but I would hate for that to happen!! She’s amazing! :(
      Ahhh I love all the characters so much.

  10. Ing says:

    Hmm…sounds like a funeral at the end of the Castle finale…Only thing that makes sense! :( SO SAD! I have a feeling I’m gonna be crying my eyes out that night!

    • Brian says:

      Could the death be that other M.E., who randomly popped up again last night? I think Captain Montgomery is a little too obvious at this point, since he’s celebrating his anniversary AND retiring (both HUGE cliches in cop dramas that signal death…the only other thing he could do is have a baby on the way)

      • Ines says:

        I hate that M.E.. But Martha also popped up last night and we hadn’t seen her in a while and Lanie hasn’t been seen in weeks. I think it’s gonna be Capt. Montgomery. Yes the speech was a BIG cliche, but have you seen the promo for the next episode? Ryan says “He’s been lying to us” and mentions betrayal. All that talk about retirement… Although if he betrayed them, would they be at his funeral? Unless his was betraying to protect Beckett (another cliche). Regardless, I think it’s going to be a GREAT episode!

        • Becca says:

          I thought it sounded like the “He’s been lying to us” and betrayal comments sounded more directed towards something Castle did…especially since the episode returns to the storyline of what happened to Kate’s mom.

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      First thing I thought of was a funeral.

    • Clive74 says:

      think its a funeral as well. But what is its a fake death? Their faking Beckett’s death to keep her safe. That will be a real cliffhanger for everyone!! Well can’t wait for monday as well!

      • Annie says:

        I had the same idea! They could fake-kill Beckett because Lockwood and the others are after her. It would be very similar to what they did on Bones, but I wouldn’t mind as long as it means that they don’t kill anyone for real.

      • Kenneth says:

        But then, Beckett has to live her life under new identity (unless she wants the killer to know she’s still alive). However, if Captain Montgomery is really the one who’s dead… Well, it would be really cliche but sadly I can’t think of anyone else important enough to be killed in the finale (except Castle and his family + Beckett and her comrades). The sneak peek is very intense though!

        • teniba says:

          why is the sassiest M.E. on TV off the death list? I think she is a real candidate for death, specially because her relationship to esposito is not mentionned any more?

          • VikingWarrior says:

            Oh! OH! I just had a thought. What if Capt. Montgomery is the powerful person behind Beckett’s Mom’s death and he’s been playing her (and us) all along?

  11. Alex says:

    I’m so lost with the Glee scoop. And I’m sorry, how is Finchels return a surprise to anyone?

    • CM says:

      “It may or may not be related with your question”. Obviously it’s not related. Finn and Rachel will sing together at Nationals and will get back together as a couple while they’re in NY.

  12. Sarah says:

    I’m starting to worry that it’s going to be Caroline dying on Bones. I honestly don’t think any of the interns are beloved enough to be considered “popular characters.” That makes me SO sad. She’s wonderfully hilarious… I heart “cherie”

    At least we know it isn’t Sweets… (thank god)

    • Lindsay says:

      None of the interns were there from the very first episode. :(

      • Alex says:

        uhh…he was KIDDING about that part. Obviously it’s a squintern.

      • psales73 says:

        Caroline wasn’t in the first episode either…she didn’t come along until the episode down in New Orleans. Then again, I can’t think of anyone who isn’t a regular who has been there since the VERY first episode.

        • Laura says:

          However, in the 100th episode flashback, they did show Caroline in their 1st case ever, so technically she has been there from the start. Although if they killed Caroline I would be very very pissed!! And I would probably cry too.

        • lacey says:

          The very first episode was a joke, along with name rhymes with “moans”. Caroline is a popular recurring character, which was the actual clue, so it could be her.

  13. miranda says:

    so, its not Sweets?, Caroline or Nigel, no more options.

  14. Ben Canady from VA says:

    Glad to hear One Tree Hill is renewed!!!!

  15. Kristina says:

    I’m thinking the Bones death will be an intern. They are recurring characters. I hope it’s not the British one.. or the blonde one.

    • francisca says:

      It’s not the blond one, he is in the finale. But the British one, as you say, is in this episode, and chances are (if not Sweets) he will be the one to die. I hope it’s not Sweets.

    • zaza says:

      Wait….could it be Zach? Maybe Brodsky goes after him because Zach went to the looney bin instead of jail. And Brodsky is about taking out people who have gotten away with something. Zach was in the first episode and is very popular. And Brennan would definitely be upset by Zack’s death.

      • estee says:

        i wouldn’t consider zach a recurring character any more my vote is unfortunately with caroline at this point. she’s really popular & it kinda makes sense if you put all the clues michael & matt have both given. i’m glad it’s not sweets but i know i’m gonna cry no matter who it is! :'(

      • Catherine says:

        I’m pretty sure the Broadsky’s aiming for Booth when he accidentally kills the other person, so he couldn’t target Zach and I can’t think of any scenario in which Zach would be out of the asylum & next to Booth. Caroline’s my guess, sadly- I don’t think fans love any of the squinterns THAT much except for Wendell, who’s in the finale.

  16. D says:

    Glee: Everything comes down to FINCHEL!
    The returning characters are women. I keep saying JJ and Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds.
    Chuck: church, I hope it’s not for a funeral. Not Sarah’s funeral please. She had blood in her mouth while she was wearing her wedding dress and at the hospital, Chuck said he would do anything to save her.
    Castle: the whole cast is together in the final scene, maybe it is a funeral. From whom? Maybe Cap. Roy Montgomery.

    • sophie says:

      Totally agree with you!

    • JD says:

      i think that the wedding scenes in the church that they showed in the preview for the next episode is going to be in Sarah’s subconscious while she’s in the hospital. maybe we’ll find out by the end if she’s alive, but we probably won’t see an actual wedding. just like we didn’t get to hear the actual proposal. i’m hoping that next season (if, god willing, there is one) Chuck will finally get over his refusal to kill people and shoot Vivian in the head for what she’s done. also, did anyone wonder why when Sarah collapsed last episode, Ellie and Devon ran off? I think Devon was supposed to be calling 911 but they’re doctors, shouldn’t they have been immediately helping her? anyone could have called 911. i thought that was strangely done.

    • D says:

      Finn and Rachel’s new original song “Pretending” is awesome, they will sing it in Nationals and afterwards engage in a make out session, on stage, that lasts a very long time.

    • D says:

      I was right about the death of Cap. Montgomery. I just wasn’t expecting to see Beckett being shot as well.

  17. Adrienne says:

    I didn’t think of that point – Sweets being safe as a series regular, not a recurring character. I do agree that losing Caroline would be the most devastating, although I’m rather fond of VNM as well.

  18. Casey says:

    Okay, so the Bones death is a RECURRING and not a REGULAR. So much relief just washed over me. I was afraid Sweets was gonna die. Sweets is a regular! YES! :D

  19. Becca says:

    Is it possible that the death on bones will be Daisy? (that is Sweets girlfriend right?) I have missed a few episodes this season and not sure what has happened with her and Sweets.

  20. Adrienne says:

    I suppose it could be any of the squinterns, but VNM seems to be regarded as the most popular. Daisy’s been MIA recently, but she and Sweets got back together a while ago.

    • Jenn says:

      It has to be big enough to get Bones to cry. I’m voting on her dad, Max. Which I won’t be terribly disappointed about. In fact, the only non-regular character I would be devastated about would be Wendell. I would also be disappointed if it was the DA lady, or Russell.

    • Catherine says:

      I’d say Wendell’s the most popular squintern, he’s adorable. A lot of people find VNM irritating, although I do like him. Caroline seems the most likely.

  21. mike says:

    i think the death on GLEE will be artie.
    as for smallville… um b routh or bruce w cameo?

  22. Brendan says:

    hmmm Jimmy Olsen as the surprise Smallville cameo?!

  23. Davey says:

    hmmm…Smallville’s surprise cameo?? Not Lana, Pete (Sam Jones III) not really likely. Chloe and Pa and Ma Kent are in the episode from pictures that have been posted.

    Maybe it’s not a character we’ve ever seen on Smallville.

    Chloe did mention a “billionaire with expensive gadgets” and a “wondrous woman”. Maybe she comes back with some super friends?

    • ava says:

      I don’t watch the show that much but I assumed Chloe was refering to Tess and that other guy who’s not Justin Hartley.

  24. Taylor says:

    The Bones death is killing me! I just hope that it isn’t Sweets.

  25. Adrienne says:

    They specified that the Glee death would not be a member of New Directions.

  26. Tammy says:

    so freaking tired of Finchel. Give me something new.

    • Nerdista says:

      Word! I loved them originally but now it’s just an endless cycle. And it would be slightly more realistic to keep them split. I know Glee isn’t known for realism perse, but the characters are rooted in realism and no character is who I thought they’d be at the beginning. I never thought I’d like Quinn and by episode 3 I loved her. So if Finchel stays apart, fine by me!

  27. AndyLuvr says:

    WOW. Surprise cameo on “Smallville?” I cannot wait. Heck, at this point, even though I’m so done with the character, I’ll welcome seeing Kristin Kreuk back if only for a quick appearance. I’d prefer it to be Laura Vandervoort though because that farewell that Kara gave to Clark blew chunks.

  28. hayley says:

    glee couple could be puck and rachel? or mercadees and sam?
    death could be terri?

  29. Talisker says:

    Surprise cameo on Smallville? Why not Bruce Wayne?

    • Chuck says:

      I thought the same thing. Bruce or Jimmy Olsen.

    • Esta says:

      I doubt Smallville would choose now the final episode to wrestle away the permission to Bruce Wayne.

      • B says:

        The producers said that DC has given them a full on greenlight for the finale… I don’t think we can rule out Bruce Wayne like we could before

    • Brian says:

      I kinda think they would. They just this season got permission to even say that he exists, so maybe Geoff Johns cleared Batman’s appearance for a quick cameo. I think that’d be awesome.

      • Esta says:

        They pretty conspicuously never named Bruce Wayne. It’ll never happen with Batman movies out there.

        • Brian says:

          That’s because they couldn’t before. Ridiculous restrictions from WB or maybe Nolan (much like they had to clear elements of Season 5 with Singer, who was directing SR at the time). But since WB is actively planning on restarting Batman after TDKR anyway, maybe they figured “why not?”

  30. sigh says:

    I kinda thought the point of this was to actually give spoilers, not just put [spoiler]!

  31. Jared says:

    The surprise guest stars (blind item) are from Gossip Girl.

  32. Jon says:

    Where the hell have all your True Blood spoilers gone?

    • Esta says:

      Have you been emailing him questions…….??? Hate when people complain about their shows being dissed.

    • BRETT says:

      These spoilers were dedicated to finale episodes of SHOWS ON THE AIR. TRUE BLOOD hasn’t even premiered yet. Be patient; you’ll have ’em all summer… Geeze.

  33. Jeff says:

    “Once you see how our season finale works there should be a degree of doubt. It’s structured in such a way that we don’t know if Chuck and Sarah are going to get together in the end.”

    What the heck does that mean? If they leave Chuck unclear on something that important in what could be the series finale there is going to be a revolt by all the NotANielsenFamily supporters. You better be kidding Chris Fedak.

    • Jenny says:

      Someone mentioned this and I think it’s true. I think the wedding we saw in the preview is not a clip from their actual wedding. I think it’s more of a dream sequence, what Chuck wants to happen as opposed to what is actually happening. Then they flash to reality and Sarah is in the hospital. Part of the reason, I think this is true is because Sarah is not wearing the same dress as she tried on before. This, of course, is just a theory.

  34. Barbie says:

    I’m REALLY worried about Max Keenan in Bones. Gosh, I hope not, Bones just got her dad back.

    I hope it’s one of the squinterns, actually. I don’t want Max or Caroline gone. I’m just sooo relieved it isn’t Cam or Sweets.

    The returns: JJ and Prentiss FOR SURE! AJ Cook already has a new contract and they’d said that if her pilot wasn’t picked up, Paget Brewster would also be back, so, I’m guessing it fell through. Happy news.

    Also, Castle, I’m hoping the Chief or Lane will be gone, none of the others.

    • D says:

      Agree with you on CM and Castle.
      As for Bones, some pictures of the season finale came out and we can see Max there, sitting on a wheelchair, talking to Booth and Brennan.
      I think it will be Mr. Nigel-Murray.

    • lj says:

      Unless Paget opted out of her pilot before finding out if it was picked up, there’s no way to know if she is back for good or not, since NBC isn’t announcing its line up until next week. That being said I still agree that the blind item is referring to her and JJ, and whether or not her return is permanent will be part of the cliffhanger.

      • Ingmar says:

        But their returns werent exactly held under wraps. We all know JJ returns and Paget can return if she wants….my bet is on another show.

    • Ashley says:

      I’m crossing my fingers that you’re right about “Criminal Minds” and Paget Brewster coming back! We already know that A.J. Cook is, so maybe the second return could be a guest role for Lola Glaudini’s Elle Greenaway as either a victim or a consultant; otherwise it could be Meta Golding’s Jordan Todd.

  35. Sloopy says:

    The only smallville surprises that haven’t been announced would be Lana, Carter,or Brainiac. Carter would be cool if he showed up in a dream sequence to help the gang beat Darkseid.

  36. Alex says:

    You people clearly don’t read Ask Ausiello enough, or well enough.

    1. The person on Glee that’s going to be dying is a girl. And is not a part of New Directions. So that narrows it down to about 4 people? Bieste, Emma, Sue or Terry. Can’t really think of anyone else.

    2. Ausiello was CLEARLY KIDDING when he said that the person on Bones who’s getting killed off has been there from the first episode. It’s not a series regular. So Booth, Brennan, Cam, Sweets, Angela, and Hodgins are all safe. It’s obviously one of the squinterns, or Caroline. My money is on Wendell. Though I wouldn’t be unhappy if it was Daisy.

    • francisca says:

      Take your money back before it’s to late. NOT WENDELL! He is not even in this episode. He is in the season finale. The intern in this episode is Mr. VNM. I hope he is the one who dies.
      NOT BEISTE! Lots of people (cast members and some sites) already said it isn’t her.
      NOT SUE!
      NOT TERRY! The death is supposed to be devastating for the Glee club.
      NOT EMMA!

    • Char says:

      Or Sue’s sister, or Becky.

    • sg says:

      Is it possible the Booth’s son Parker could be killed? Think of how shut down Booth would be… Emmy! And perhaps one of the returning characters on this list is Rebecca or Hannah.

  37. Sandy says:

    I think the death on Bones is going to be Bones’ dad. Or Caroline.

  38. Stefany says:

    Wait. One. Freakin’. Minute… So at the end of the Chuck finale we won’t “know if Chuck and Sarah are going to get together in the end”. And if they don’t get renewed (which sadly seems more likely every week), they aren’t going to give us any kind of closure? I understand they cannot do it in the episode. But please. For the love of Chuck – You are going to have to give us loyal Chuck fans some closure. Even if it’s through our favorite medium: AA.

  39. QBOTU says:

    I agree it sounds like a funeral on “Castle.” I think the Captain dies .. they set up his departure last week with his “retirement” that never seems to take hold. His death makes it permanent and sad …

  40. CAM says:

    Well, I am thinking this means it’s not Sweets, but that means I think it has to be Carolyn. If so, I will be totally bummed. She is one of the best characters on the show. I love the comic relief she often provides. I would expect Booth to be pretty devastated.

  41. Amber says:

    Hahaha. “A person on IMDB.” Classic.

  42. Aiden says:

    Tuesday is officially my favorite day. It’s got both Idoloonies and Ask Ausiello.

    Lovin’ these weeks Chuck, Castle, and Community scoops! The finale’s are are all on the horizon, and they all sounds EPIC. Also, Fedak’s words always calm me down. In any case, the CHUCK s4 finale will kick butt for sure.

    Also, I’m gonna take a whack at guessing those blind items..
    Bones character death: Caroline
    Two big returns: Grey’s Anatomy (Izzie and Erica Hahn)
    Glee Death: Finn’s mom

    • Char says:

      I’m pretty sure we would have heard about it either of those actresses had made an appearance on the Grey’s set.

      • sladewilson says:

        Not necerssarily – remember how much Shonda HATES spoilers. She would go thru some Black Ops ish to shut that set down and put a hit out on anyone that leaked anything…

      • Aiden says:

        Ausiello himself says he’s surprised how the dual comebacks on this hit show has been kept under wraps. That was my tipoff that it’s Grey’s, and two girls only means Izzie and Hahn to me.

    • jenna says:

      sad that the 2 females scoop means that it won’t be a burke return :(

      • McScotty says:

        yeah I was hoping for a Burke return, would be really interesting to see how Owen and Cristina work that one out. I don’t like the Hahn idea much, since I think it would create unnecessary drama with Callie/Arizona. They’ve had enough drama for the moment.

  43. kellybelly says:

    Regarding “Cougar Town”. We love this show at my house, EXCEPT it’s kinda gotten stale recently. Its the same ol’ plot/story each episode. Are we ever going to see Jules & Lori back at work? I feel like they’re doing the same gag: Lets all drink and play games. It’s getting boring. I liked it better when the drinking and games were a small part of each episode, with something else going on. Recently, it just seems lazy.

  44. mmartian says:

    Unfortunatly this tells a lot about who is going to die on bones
    A grief stricken bones and boothe collapse in a bed together means
    It is not a squintern. Especially not after looking closely at booths face. Booth is NOT that close to any squintern and I am not sure Bones could tell you anything about her interns let alone feel that deeply for one.

    recurring characters that could make them grieve like this
    2)Cam’s daughter

    • Melissa says:

      Sweets is not a recurring character, he’s a regular. I’m starting to think Caroline :(

    • estee says:

      booth is actually pretty close to wendall & he’s a “squintern” but we know it’s not him cause he’s in next week’s episode a recurring character knocks sweets off your list & as far as bones not caring about her interns…i don’t think people give her enough credit did you see her last week? she care a lot about that girl & worked like hell to find her parents. as for cam’s daughter i think bones would be upset but not nearly as upset as booth my money is on caroline

  45. nitemar says:

    Mike, your House spoilers suck big time! We know Taub’s the new daddy to be..boring!

    • Tracy Murray says:

      Perhaps Taub’s surprising news is not a baby , but something else , good or bad ,and that would leave either House or Chase as the obvious choice for first time daddy .

  46. J says:

    I think the new relationship on Glee will be Kurt and Karofsky. I’ve always thought the bringing on of Blaine was a red herring. Of course, I don’t know how they’d explain Karofsky being in NY at nationals.

  47. John Stone says:

    You have not really given out any information about anything so what’s the purpose of this site?

  48. Jenny says:

    Really hope the kiss in the finale will be Brittany and Santana. All the other major couples have had their big moments already. This relationship is relatively new – at least in terms of serious focus and screen time. They seem to have a pretty strong arc building right now, hinging on Santana’s coming out, also likely to happen in the finale. Not sure if it’s the “pivotal” couple Ausiello is referring to, but I’m betting they get something big in the New York episode regardless. I’m not normally moved by TV romances, but this one gets to me. I know I’ll be crying!

  49. TV Gord says:

    Michael, I don’t think it’s looking too good for Happy Endings. Damon Wayans Jr’s pilot (The New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel) has been picked up by Fox.

  50. Anonymous says:

    All those words, and no actual scoop. Disappointing.