HIMYM Post Mortem: Jennifer Morrison, Josh Radnor Weigh In on the (Sad?) Ted/Zoey Split

Zoey, we hardly knew ye.

Actually, we did get to know Jennifer Morrison‘s How I Met Your Mother alter ego pretty well over her lengthy guest spot on the CBS sitcom, and honestly, we’re still not quite sure how we feel about the environmental guru. But as of this Monday night, she and Ted are officially kaput, and we had the pleasure of being on set for the divine Miss M’s departure.

Here’s what the House alumna and onscreen ex Josh Radnor had to say about their “emotional” goodbye, and whether they’d ever hoped Zoey might actually be the titular mystery mom.

TVLINE | How are the two of you feeling about Zoey’s How I Met Your Mother exit?
Morrison: I don’t think it’s real. [Laughs] I feel so at home here. It’s weird to think that I’m not coming back every week. When we shot the breakup, we all thought that this was really depressing.
Radnor: Jennifer and I “broke up” last night, and it was actually really sad because I’m sad to see her go. I like having her around, she’s great.

TVLINE | Would you say that the actual breakup was a fitting goodbye for the embattled duo?
Morrison: I think so. In life, there are those relationships where you really love someone, but they’re just not right for you and there’s a little bittersweet feel to it. But still, you know you’re doing the right thing. [Editor’s Note: Morrison’s Zoey makes a brief appearance in the season finale airing Monday, May 16.]

TVLINE | Did you ever think that Zoey might actually become “the mother” — even though the odds were stacked against that theory?
Morrison: I’m a fan of the show and had been watching from the beginning, so I’d done the math from all of the clues and felt like it would be really difficult to justify Zoey being the mom. If she’d been married to The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan) that long, it’d be impossible for her to have been Cindy’s (Rachel Bilson) roommate. So, I had a feeling that Zoey wasn’t the mother, but it was just such a natural fit that I never wanted to leave. “I don’t have to be the mother, just make me their buddy!” [Laughs]
Radnor: I don’t really know what I thought. I don’t obsess over those questions like most people do because for me it’s better to play a character forward and a little more naively because that’s what the character is going through. I don’t have the insight that Narrator Ted has. One of the nice things about the show is that we revealed a few episodes back that Zoey and Ted split up and that it did not go well, so we knew it was coming. A lot of the show is about accepting change, and this season in particular has been about growing up, saying goodbye to childish things — like a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

TVLINE | Now, Josh, the ultimate question: Will Ted ever find true love? And do you look forward to being able to play that?
Radnor: I feel very close to Ted. He’s someone I care about and I want him to be OK, I want him to land on his feet. So from that perspective, I hope someone — whether it’s the mother or not — shows up when she’s supposed to, and everything works out.

Hit the comments with your thoughts on Zoey’s departure, and Ted’s future with the ladies.

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  1. Anumber says:

    Awww I’ll miss Zoey. <3 Not surprising thought. Their relationship was doomed.

    • Zayne says:

      While Jennifer Morrison was great, I never liked Zoey as a character. I thought she had way more unlikable qualities than endearing ones. Once we found out she was definitively not the Mother, I lost all interest in her.

      I’m one of the people that think the show should cast the Mother and introduce her. The show can keep going after that singular moment. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it will be the closing moment of the series finale though. If you’re not going to introduce her, fine, but stop giving Ted girlfriends. It’s pointless and really hard to emotionally invest in. It really hurts the quality of the show IMO.

      • KevyB says:

        EXACTLY! Plus, Zoey was always such a confrontational character so there were very few laughs whenever there was some Her VS Ted story going. By the time she was actually a girlfriend, I was done with her because she was never allowed to be funny.

    • lorna says:

      Dear God I hated Zoey. She was standing up for a cause, but she was willing to stab Ted in the back to get what she wanted. They just never fit right to me. Ugh, Ted needs Victoria!! LOL

  2. Jennifer Nishizaki says:

    Wow…even though I knew they were doomed from the flashforward episode, thanks for letting those of us on the west coast know that it’s going down tonight. It doesn’t air for an hour and a half. Couldn’t you have waited just til it’s over everywhere?

    • JD says:

      If they waited till you and everyone, everywhere saw the episode it would take a year for it to hit the internet.

    • Alex says:

      Doesn’t the fact that ” post- mortem” is in the title indicate that you should wait until AFTER you’ve seen the episode to read it? Just saying.

      I certainly enjoyed Zoey more than some of Ted’s other exes. But seriously, this is getting as bad as Smallville. Clark needs to fly, and Ted needs to meet the mother!

    • Holly says:

      The article is titled Post Mortem. Why’d ya read it if you haven’t seen it?

      • Jamie says:

        The title and subject of the article was on twitter, so if you follow TV line you got spoiled.

        • Jack Connor says:

          The title only gives away the fact that Ted and Zoey break up. We already know it doesn’t work out for the two of them.

          What the title doesn’t give away is WHEN Ted and Zoey break up. You would actually have to read this article to know that. Hence, only if you’re willing to spoil this episode for yourself, will you actually click the link to this article.

          • Andie says:

            Well, the ones of us who didn’t have time to watch last night now know they break up in last night’s episode, so that was spoiled. And by the way, I opened the article to comment on the annoying title, not to read the recap, so I wasn’t the one who spoiled myself.

    • David Schipper says:

      I think Zoey had a legitimate chance. As far as the hints in the episode with Rachel Bilson, I think you can explain anything. She could be a sister of Rachel Bilson who got in a big fight with the captain and stayed with her for a while, which wouldn’t be unreal. I think the writers can work what they want into a script and that istn’t too difficult. Am I a sentimentalist, yes, always-but its the writers responsibility to create a story where you believe in characters and I think Zoey was the most believable match for Ted so far. Relationship dynamics are never predictable which should be the crucial message. Sorry for going deep, but hey, I just got done watching a tape of the finale and if you’re going to tell a story, you can’t be confined by seasons, a preset “formula” and so forth. Just my opinion.

  3. jenna says:

    ehh once we knew she wasn’t the mom (from the flash-forward)she kinda seemed like she over-stayed her welcome.

    plus it was a pretty low move to pull out that tape!

    • Cheryl says:

      Oh I know, when she pulled out that tape I just thought “what a bitch!” haha! I’m glad she is gone, I never liked her on House and didn’t like her on here either.

  4. El says:

    Their relationship was terrible. I kept thinking, why am I bothering to watch this unfold when 1) she’s not the mother, 2) they’re horribly, unbelievably mismatched, and 3) it will ultimately have so little consequence as far as growth or change goes that it might as well have never happened to begin with.

    The problem is that HIMYM really has no idea what to do with Ted until he meets the mother. Most of the other characters have grown and changed over time, but Ted stays so wishy-washy that he’s gone from sweet romantic in S1 to creepy man child now.

  5. Kirsty says:

    The Ted/Zoey relationship wasn’t great admittedly. However, I love Jennifer Morrison so I kept watching. I also love that she was so into the show and can prove she’s watched the show. It was kind of cute how she ‘did the math’.

  6. Bistro says:

    It was a horrible relationship. I hated Zoey since the beginning and i´m glad she is gone. Jennifer Morrison can´t do comedy. I liked her more in House. Zoey centered episodes have been the worst of the series just because she didn´t have it in her. I hope we´ll never see Zoey again.

  7. Dave says:

    Damn, always forget not to check this damn site before 10pm Pacific. Thanks for the headline.

  8. Stacy says:

    I don’t get the spoiler concerns for west coast (besides the fact it said post-mortem). We knew already Zoey and Ted break up, and you knew it had to be coming soon because the aracadian decision was being made. They didn’t say in the article HOW they broke up or what transpired (did he go for GNB and she get upset vs. did he go for arcadian and then ultimately realize what he had just given away for her and resented it or any other crazy possibilities). the only thing remotely given away was that it happened this episode and lets be honest thats why most ppl go to spoiler sites to find out a little info about what is happening on their favorite shows.

    • Dave says:

      Not so much a spoiler on something in the back of my mind knew was going to happen. But why not cue this story to run after at the very least the West Coast showing. How hard is that? This story popped up TWO hours before the show even aired in Los Angeles and before as far East as Denver. Just find it obnoxious is all, there is no rush. OTOH, I could do a better job of just avoiding this site altogether or never checking it until the next morning.

  9. TJ says:

    I think nobody in charge of this site care about viewers on different timezones. Thanks for the spoiler!

    • Jack Connor says:

      Why would you even come onto this site expecting anything less?

      The truth of the matter is, if you really didn’t want to find out ANYTHING spoiler-related, you wouldn’t be searching the internet until AFTER you’ve watched the episode.

      And for everyone who’s crying about the title giving it away… the fact that the article is titled “Jennifer Morrison, Josh Radnor Weigh In on the (Sad?) Ted/Zoey Split” only reveals that the 2 break up, BUT doesn’t say anything about WHEN the break up occurs. We ALREADY know they’re supposed to break up because the freaking show producers put it in an earlier episode. That means that ANYONE who’s privileged enough to interview Radnor and Morrison can ASK about the break up, write an article on it, and post it online REGARDLESS of when it is/was posted.

      The only way you find out that the two are breaking up this episode IS IF YOU READ THIS ARTICLE OR ANY OTHER SPOILERS. In that case, you really shouldn’t be complaining about it.

      • TJ says:

        My another guess is you don’t know anything about a thingy called “RSS”? I was searching nothing, it just popped out on my RSS feed.

        Secondly, as an above-average follower of the show, I actually didn’t know they were going to breakup. I don’t know how I missed it but I just did. Then this header appears on my RSS reader and spoils everything for me. They can at least be a little more careful about the headers, a little something that indicates the post is about something that actually aired off 1 or 2 hours ago will do it just fine.

    • Kaiulani says:

      Try living in Hawaii. You have avoid the internet (not just TV related websites) from 2pm onward not to get spoiled by headlines, etc…

  10. Dave Walls says:

    Jennifer Morrison seems like a nice person in real life. There.

    Now, with that said, please take her character Zoey, and set her on fire, never to return. This storyline has sucked all the funny out of this season.
    Yes, I want to know who the mother is, and I care about the characters, but I want to laugh along the way!

  11. Sally says:

    Jennifer Morrison is great in comedy AND drama, I wish we could see her again on HIMYM. I like Zoey and I wish she’d stay as friend of the gang now, instead of her being Ted’s girlfriend (which didn’t work out for obvious erasons).

    • Lena says:

      Actually she is ok in drama and lousy in comedy. That´s why everybody hated her. A good actor makes an unlikable character likable. She made an acceptable charater annoying as hell.

      • christine says:

        You nailed it! I hated Zoey from the very first episode, and even as they tried to make her more endearing and likable Jennifer just didn’t pull it off. It didn’t seem like she was able to grasp or accurately portray the different layers of the charcter

      • trisha says:

        ”Actually she is ok in drama and lousy in comedy. That´s why everybody hated her. A good actor makes an unlikable character likable. She made an acceptable charater annoying as hell.”
        just your opinion, everybody don’t hated her.

  12. Elliot says:

    I’m going to miss Zoey
    she was a great character

  13. Bob says:

    To the people complaining about him meeting “the mother” taking so long, just come back in a year or two for the SERIES finale. To announce “the mother” any earlier doesn’t make sense, since that would be the end of the show. No need to continue after “I Met Your Mother”.

  14. Christopher says:

    People complaining about the time this article was posted “spoiling” their viewing experience need a reality check. It is YOUR responsibility alone to make sure that you don’t read spoilers. If it bothers you to read spoilers for episodes you haven’t seen, then don’t read articles about the show in question until after you have viewed the episode. Sorry to rant, but I was really moved by the unbelievably stupid content of several posts above.

    • Dave says:

      Glad I could move you, its obviously very easy to do. Just as easy as cuing the article to run 3 hours later. There is no rush. Its really no BFD to me, just took a few seconds to make a point. But thanks for the ‘reality check’ sparky, duly noted.

    • Ben says:

      Did you actually read any of those comments fully? They didn’t read the article it’s in an RSS Feed–you have no control over whether it’s there or not, if it was published, the article title shows up. I’m a fan of this site on Facebook, the article and first few lines of the article popped up in my news feed. And yes, the title alone is a spoiler–this site rarely gives away future plot points so explicitly in the title and normally, when talking about a show that just aired, the titles tend to be more coy. The show had aired on the East Coast–it’s great that you got to watch it without knowing what was coming, but don’t you think other people would have enjoyed the same thing?

  15. Mikey says:

    Finally!! Her character is the main reason I stopped watching HIMYM. That & the fact that Barney’s character has become increasingly annoying! (what is it with these popular, successful shows (HIMYM, Glee, Big Bang Theory) that insist on taking a supporting character (even if it’s an ensemble cast, there’s always one who’s better in smaller doses) and blowing up their role to the point the overshadow the show itself? I could rename these shows as: Barney & Friends, Sue Sylvester Hates Singing & Sheldon – The Annoying Nerd. Don’t get me wrong – love these shows but I start skipping episodes when they get too character specific.
    And Zoey on HIMYM was such a bad match with Ted (not to mention she has a husband (also bad casting)) – she was annoying and whiny and UGH! – Just stopped watching last season and haven’t seen more than 1 episode this year. Maybe I can start watching again next season?

    • april-ann says:

      Agreed, Mikey. The length of American tv shows interferes greatly with creativity. It’s all about money, and they’ll keep a hit show going no matter what, even though there’s nothing interesting left to do with the characters. So they grab onto a breakout character in an ensemble and force it down our throats until it kills our interest in that show. “The Urkel Show”, “The Alex P. Keaton Show”, it goes on and on. The British version of The Office went for two seasons and that’s it, because the creators and writers did not want it to suffer creatively. Due to popular demand, a one-hour “Office Special” aired to tie up loose ends, and end the series. As far as I know, that would never happen here.

  16. Hellkit says:

    Sad !!
    I like Zoey

  17. Mike says:

    I so wish there where a twist and Robin ends up being the mom but that won’t happen since we know she’s Aunt Robin to the kids.

  18. Hayley says:

    They belong together forever…i love them together..they need to get bck together