Bones Fans, Prepare to Wonder: Did Booth and Brennan [Spoiler]?

Did they or didn’t they — that is the question. Or at least it will be after you watch this season’s penultimate episode of Bones on Thursday (Fox, 8/7c).

Those lucky enough to attend Monday’s Bones-themed Paley Center for Media panel (moderated by yours truly) got an early peek at the episode and, without giving too much away, I can confirm that by the end of the hour viewers are left with the impression that Booth and Brennan may have finally sealed the deal.

Bones Baby ‘Bump’ May Help Spinoff Find Place on Fox’s Fall Schedule

I can also confirm that the scene in the promo that shows a grief-stricken Brennan and Booth collapsing into bed plays a central role in the mystery.

What are viewers to believe? “I think what the audience should believe… is they better tune in [for the May 19 season finale],” show boss Hart Hanson shared at the Paley gathering. “The answer might be there.”

He later added that the long-running “will they/won’t they” dynamic between B&B “is an issue that has to be dealt with pretty damn soon.”

As soon as… this Thursday, perhaps?

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  1. Lore says:


  2. Enzell says:

    FINALLY. *dies*

    • Alicia says:

      Finally what? HH gave a non-answer and it’s likely whether they actually slept together will be left open to interpretation, or at least up in the air until the show returns in the fall (or whenever).
      It wouldn’t be Bones if they didn’t take this opportunity to jerk viewers around some more.

  3. Kathryn says:

    ARG!!!!! This look SOOOO good…..Thursdays at 9 are getting ridiculous. Greys vs Bones vs Nikita Season Finale

    • lolo says:

      what dvr are for! :D
      plus, dose anyone even watch nikita?

      • Jason says:

        Shut your danmn mouth, lolo. Yes people watch Nikita. Don’t be fckin ridiculous.

      • TJCrinc says:

        CW airs the last 5 episodes online on their site anyway, as does IMDB, and hulu too i think. So i watch bones as it airs on tv, that get nikita on the net the next day.

  4. MD says:

    I get tired of all the waiting so I stopped watching the series since the DREAM of Booth.

  5. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Typo… “Brennan and Bones collapsing into bed”? LOL Ausiello, think you mean “Booth and Brennan” or “Booth and Bones”… XD

    A central role in the episode? Holy crap. Here I was thinking it would be an adorable but very un-crucial comfort scene. *reminds self to breathe*


  6. Amber says:

    I think you meant a “grief-stricken Brennan and Booth collapsing in bed.”

  7. Amy says:

    The question in my mind, sadly, is “Do I still care?” And I don’t have to wait until fall for the answer: no. Two years too late, Hart Hanson.

    • Lex says:

      Get over yourself and stop reading about/watching a show you no longer care about. The rest of us are still enjoying it, so why bother making it difficult for you AND the fans?

      • Amy says:

        I have stopped watching about it, and I will soon stop reading about it. But given how strongly I supported the show for season after season, and the number of times I — like you — foolishly defended in the belief that it would protect that relationship and justify our patience and faith, I am basically posting about this to say I was wrong. I was the truest fan of all, but this season has proved that the writers have NO idea what made them special and believable. Booth’s behavior about Hannah nailed the coffin lid shut. This ludicrous twist -which will have them having sex only out of grief so they can both deny it later – is just piling the dirt on the grave. Hope you enjoy believing in Hart Hanson for all THAT’S worth. And in a year, when you’re admitting you were wrong and somebody still drinking the Kool-Aid snaps at you, feel free to cut/paste this.

        • littlem says:

          Not to cause any more debates, I just wish to say that you expressed my thoughts about the show pretty well. I watched because of Emily, and I’m still keeping an eye on the general information about the show because of her and her character.
          Yes, I do consider S4 finale the series finale. No, I am not regretting that I stopped watcing. No, I don’t expect others to agree with any of what I say. Yes, I will be watching the series finale when that one airs, but no, I probably won’t watch other episodes.
          What it all means: you (and I) are not alone in this. It’s nice to read that other people have the same feeling about the whole thing. Not may former fans dare to post online, as current fans don’t tolerate such commest I*ve noticed.

        • Monique says:

          I still watch out of obligation unfortunately but did stop watching for a season and this still sums up how I feel. Great post!

        • Abby says:

          dude… seriously its a tv show. go read a book lol i love bones because its a good mystery show to watch at night. its not like you switch shows like you would switch a religion haha. so just breathe and admit that you will be tuning in thursday ;)

        • finovotny says:

          I gave up when Booth proposed just to one-up Sweets, but I’d had one foot out the door since they got rid of Zach in such a ludicrous manner. I did watch this and it was worth it. It’s like they remembered, finally, that Brennan is aspie, not brain-damaged, and that simple honesty works best. And the end, which I’d expected to be schmaltz beyond belief, actually worked. I mean, I hardly knew the character, and Sweets drives me mad, but somehow it seemed like just the kind of send-off this gang would give, and Vincent would have appreciated it wholeheartedly. I don’t believe a word HH says about anything and never will again, but they didn’t deny that something’s happened. Whether they actually had sex is left to the viewer, but the way they presented it supports any reading you might want to make. It may be they realised life is too short, it might just have been That Talk they’ve been needing to have, but the bottom line is the episode ended with Booth and Brennan most definitely together on some new level. And I’m good with that. In fact, so good I may never watch another ep, because I’m sure HH will find some evile way to take it back. But you might want to give this one a shot, it’s a nicer way to close off a show I used to love than just being pissed off at it, which I was.

          • Jenuzela says:

            I agree with you mostly, except for two points:

            Everyone blames HH&Co for Zach’s end in the Bone’s universe, but Eric Milligan wanted to go do other things on Broadway. He’s off on another kind of career right now and he felt he was finished with the Bones thing. I don’t understand why everyone blames HH for getting rid of him, and why everyone keeps demanding they “bring Zach back”. As much as I dislike HH for all the misleading crap he’s fed to fans over the years, it’s not his fault Zach is gone. And no matter how much people petition and whine, Eric Milligan is not coming back. At this point, I don’t even want him to. I loved Zach, but things have chanced so much since he left that it would be difficult for him to fit back into things. (Though to be fair, the actual method in which they got rid of his character was rather forced and implausible.)

            The second point – that Brennan is an aspie. She isn’t. Hart Hanson has specifically said Brennan does not have aspergers. Zach, probably, but not Brennan. She’s just that hyper-rational. But I agree, not brain damaged.

            But like I said, everything else you said is quite true. This episode was finally something good in a season (in a few seasons actually) that has sucked. I thought last week’s with the deaf girl felt a little more like strong, bossy, impressive, old-Brennan. I’ve been surprised and pleased with how the last two have gone. We’ll see how next week goes. Like you, I don’t have faith that HH will, in the end, deliver on what he teases about.

    • Mikos says:

      One Hannah too late maybe but I’ll still watch.

      And Lex, stop reading comments you don’t like…and really stop using phrases like “the rest of us”. It’s just one step away from using the phrase “us real fans” which would make you a giant douche.

  8. Kaibosh says:

    “left with the impression that Booth and Brennan may have finally sealed the deal” ….MAY have?!? More string along crap. Seriously I am getting really bored with this show. 3 or 4 years of tension is one thing but it is possible to wait too long. There needs to be an emotional payoff and this show is well passed the point where it matters any more. Add to the fact that Emily Deschanel doesn’t think her real life pregnancy will be written into the show. This means that what is likely looking to be Bone’s last season will have huge parts of the show taken up by shots of Bones wearing coats and sitting at her desk. It will be a lame duck final season and frankly I’m not sure I care anymore.

    • evs says:

      This season killed most of my love for bones, But.. One thing is for sure, next season won’t be the last season. Bones is getting the pimp spot after American Idol and Fox is lacking a procedural they can hang their hat on so they are into it. Another thing that bothered me, is, you can always tell when an actress is preggers in early stages. Their face tends to look “different”.. I can’t quite explain it. Regardless, I think I’m gonna watch these two in a casual way that I’ve watched this season. Aka, let’s do some Big Bang, then some Community, then some P&R and in the end let’s skip through an episode of bones searching for true fun times. Another upside is, we’ll get to wait for the next season and absence can make the heart grow fonder.

    • alittlebitofm says:

      Even a person who knows nothing about this show, but is familiar with TV shows in general and how things works, and who knows that the star of the show is pregnant, and the decision wether to write in the pregnancy or not was not made when they filmed the end of this season, realizes that whatever “happens” between her character and another character (B/B) will remain a question mark most likely until fall season begins. They need to make it look like something MIGHT HAVE happened, in case they’ll be writing in t5he pregnancy. But if they don’t do that, they can just say that what might have happened, actually didn’t happen. It will be up to the viewer to decide what they think the scene means – didn or didn’t. What’s teh big mystery here? What’s the big excitement here?
      whatever the writers planned before, after the Emily’s pregnancy news (which I think is great!) they needed to have a certain scene. (of course there is always the option to do a “what happaned before” scene later, but why not be prepared, and film a scene like that before she is showing.

      It’s just what happens in life… if you wait too long, you run out of some options you had, because life has other plans. That’s what hyappened to Hart Hanson’s show. No matter when he decided/decides to write/shoot the scene most fans seem to be more interested in than the quality of the show. But that’s not for me to question or ponder.

    • innerjuju says:

      WHY does there have to be an ’emotional payoff’ or more to the point, WHY do main characters in a show HAVE to sleep together before some fans are happy? Bones started out as a workplace drama. I’ve worked in a large company for 20 years and somehow most everyone I know has managed not to sleep with everyone else in the company. Can’t at least SOME of these characters just be co-workers without all the B&B/Huddy/etc drama some fans insist on?

  9. Jen says:

    Boooo.. only a may have sealed the deal? I hope the episode gives us an answer to that question.

  10. Eve Dallas says:

    AHHH!!! I love you forever. Please give us the awesome things you learned. ^-^ I still love this show A LOT. It is my favorite show on tv.

    • Lori-Anne says:

      I love the show everything they do on the job together is great and maybe with some luck they will end up together. I really can’t see them not.

  11. Stephen S. says:

    Quite frankly, I don’t really care anymore if Booth and Brennan will or won’t. I much more interested in who is suppose to die in Thursday’s episode as well as the final showdown between Booth and Arnold Vosloo’s character. We unfortunately didn’t really get a Marwan/Jack Bauer showdown on 24 since Marwan chose to kill himself, but I hope Bones doesn’t wuss out in this scene and we get an awesome fight!

  12. Courtney says:

    Does anyone even care anymore?? I certainly don’t. Sorry but even if B&B finally hooked up tomorrow it wouldn’t change the fact that in my opinion HH royally flushed this show down the toilet a while ago.

  13. Carolyn says:

    Just a thought, maybe they really do just allude to the possibility that they did “seal the deal.” Along comes the Game Changer and Brennan is pregnant. Now we know they did seal the deal. Even though Emily said that she doesn’t think they’ll write her real life pregnancy into the show, doesn’t mean that she’s not just saying it so she doesn’t give anything away. Read the other day that Hart has been keeping Emily’s secret for quite some time. But who really knows (except Hart) until we actually see it.

  14. Liz says:

    If this is a ploy to get me to watch on Thursday, then it is working. Damn you Hart Hanson you better not rip my heart out.

  15. swilliams says:

    This was my fav. Show for years,then the writing got real bad!!!Its almost to forced now.the way things ended with Hannah,the way Brennan still is not sure,the way she hints about it all and it goes nowhere.now it just seems like they will get together just because everyone thinks they should..I’ve been bored all season.guess it makes it easier when the show finally ends:(

    • Jason says:

      Brennan IS sure. Wtf are you watching? Not Bones obviously because you would know that Brennan confirmed her feelings in the “Doctor in the Photo.” GTFO and don’t come back until you have a good sense of wth is going on in the show.

  16. muir says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it – in the meantime I’ll just be stressing out over who is getting offed. =/

  17. Leithen says:

    Can I substitute the next episode of Castle for this episode of Bones?

    At least Castle looks like it’ll happen one way or another before the Hodgins/Angela baby can vote.

    • melita says:

      then keep watching castle
      finally 6 yrs later we get what we want

      • Leithen says:

        I guess the question is, in terms of the Booth/Brennan relationship, could you have skipped a couple of seasons without missing anything?

        I think yes.

      • Leithen says:

        And I will keep watching Castle.

      • Meph says:

        You guys really don’t understand why it took that long, do you?

        Booth may have been ready – and ready for a long, long time – but you have to see Brennan’s side. The poor girl has been through Hell in her life, and she has a horrible time trusting people. She doesn’t want to get hurt. As much as she trusts Booth…as much as she cares about him…she didn’t trust him /that/ way. She didn’t trust /anyone/, really, that way. Until ‘The Doctor in The Photo’, when she got a reality check.

        It took six years because she needed six years. Plus, do you all forget their past? Their beginnings? They almost had drunken sex! And they were bitter toward each other for a while before teaming up again. You have to take it all into account, people; there’s more to this than meets the eye. It wouldn’t be a good series if they got together in the first episode or something.

        Now, feel free to rant at me over how wrong I am or whatever else you want to scream at me about. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

    • Lauren says:

      I don’t get the people who say that Castle is handling the relationship stuff better because they aren’t stringing us along…Castle and Beckett aren’t together yet, so who says that they will be together by season seven? I think Bones and Booth have way better chemistry and have been handled a lot better, and I care a lot more about them getting together than Castle and Beckett,although I agree it should have happened a few seasons ago. Castle is a ripoff of Bones. A good ripoff, and I love Nathan Fillion, but a ripoff nonetheless.

      • muir says:

        Come on now, Castle isn’t a ripoff of Bones. They’re both “quirky cop shows” – which has been done a million times before, and will be done a million times again.

      • Matt says:

        Castle hasn’t waited six years….
        At least on there we got an “I love you” in S3.

  18. Pamela says:

    What do you mean “may have”?! I wanna see some action. You cannot make us wait a gazillion years and then make it vague and mysterious. That simply won’t cut it.

  19. L says:

    Are they seriously going the X-Files route with this??!! So evil, after all this time!!! So the cliffhanger for the summer will be whether Booth and Brennan hooked up or not? Kind of ridiculous.

    • postsalot says:

      I believe the piece is saying that it’s the May 12th episode that may leave you wondering and the May 19th season finale that will answer the question.

      Simma down folks. No way Hart Hanson would be that cruel:-)

      • Leithen says:

        No way?….

        You been watching this show?

        • Jenuzela says:

          Agreed. He’s been known to it before. Multiple times before. Bones finale’s have a recent history of having very bad “game changers” that promise to be something exciting and end up being…well, HH being THAT cruel.

  20. lexi says:

    at least something is happening people stop bitching abt bones :(

  21. Suzy says:

    People who say they no longer watch Bones should just stop commenting on forums. How would you know if the show has gotten progressively bad if you don’t watch it? Also, stop reading about the show if you hate it so much. Leave it to the fans who still enjoy it. Obviously, the show doesn’t need you. It just beat Greys in the ratings. So buhbye. Oh and Castle? Please. Totally Bones Lite.

    • nessa says:

      absolutely why do castle fans even comment hear
      and the bones haters/former fans should stop with the negativity

      • Leithen says:

        You speaks as if it’s impossible to be fans of both shows. And being a fan doesn’t mean loving it blindly.

        • Bluestocking Inc says:

          I’m a fan of both shows, but I don’t go to the Castle stories and comment about how Bones’s soooo much better. Did this story mention Castle? No. So it’s not relevent. There’s a bunch of Castle stories on here–I encourage you to share your love of the show there.

          I’d also ask that you not count your chickens before they hatch. IMHO, CB are as close to getting it together as BB were in season 3… and Andrew Marlowe has stated multiple times they don’t get together this season.

          • Leithen says:

            It’s TV. It’s relevant.

            This show doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

            On the other hand, it’s not a competition, and I wasn’t treating it like one. I just don’t understand why Hart Hanson felt the need to drag it out so long.

  22. Mdz says:

    Please pretty please!!! After sooooo long they have to make it happen. I mean we have waited almost seven years..It’s right about time I think!!

  23. Goathi says:

    Oh please. “Castle” is going to Season 4 and they are still not together so shut up!!!

    • melita says:

      totally castle fans need to zip it and stop there lameass comments

      • Melanie says:

        Sorry but I am a fan of both shows. The truth is, Castle only completed 3 seasons and it ended with one professing love for the other. Bones has completed 6 and we got nothing.

  24. melissa says:

    All I can say about Bones is that I never watched that program until about 3 years ago,I was immediately hooked and recently it has become a Thursday nite tradition in my house!I sure hope they hook up and get it over with,it will explain Bones’ baby bump!,to say the least!!!

  25. Pepper says:

    Oh god, this is so…
    I can’t believe that every local law enforcement officer, some witnesses and suspects ALWAYS have to comment on “Are you dating?, Are you having sex?, Are you a couple?”
    Seriously, it’s like something out of a 13-year-old’s fanfic. (Apologies to 13-year-olds.)
    Make no mistake, I love the show, I love all the characters but this commentary from the outside world is just so lame.

    (And The Doctor in the Photo episode ticked me off. In these procedural shows, they always want to teach the “weirder”, more original character a lesson. The typical “you’re gonna end up dying alone. Your worldview is endearing and unconventional but enough of this nonsense, better get a husband and have a baby quick. End up like the rest of us, be bland!)

  26. Amber says:

    Can’t wait for the last two episodes of Bones. It’s going to be awesome.

    Oh and Thank You Hart Hanson for being willing to make fans mad or you know what not. I take joy in the fact that I unlike them see this differently than they do.

    Yes, that’s right you fans who no longer watch or are negative I am pleased. I never thought for five seconds that B&B were ready at the end of season 4. They weren’t ready in season 5. Two steps forward and one step back. Growth takes time.

    On another note, don’t use Castle to dis Bones they are different shows. While they have similarities and what not it’s just not cool to use one to put down the other. I love Castle. I love Bones. But I will say this Hart Hanson has guts thank you. He was willing to anger fans. Some fans just let their expectations get in the way. They had expectations and got disappointed and they couldn’t see beyond that.

    People couldn’t see beyond their disappointment/anger that Hannah existed or was coming. I know some have problems with her characterization and that I get but others just had a problem because she was there period. This is actually a rather long and complex thing for me. It was hard having Hannah on Bones for me but I liked Hannah and understood Booth’s actions. I also understood the quick downward spiral of their relationship. I still do. I may be wrong but I am good with that.

    Have a lovely day/evening/afternoon all!

    Bring on the last two episodes.

    • Mythos says:

      Fan ego spill on aisle 4…
      Hart Hanson HAS lied to fans in the past. He HAS mislead them. He has not “had the guts” to anger fans, he’s been too afraid that getting B&B together will bring on that mythical Moonlighting curse and kill the show.
      It’s been SIX years. I agree, they weren’t ready in season 4, or season 5, because their characters had morphed into these other people who couldn’t be together. But I would posit that they were ready before. Earlier in the show. Let me jog your memory and remind you about that thick Unresolved-Sexual-Tension in seasons 2 and 3.

      But don’t worry. I still watch the show faithfully week to week. Hannah made me want to never watch again, but I endured every episode she was in and made it to this point. I would very much now like to see my patience pay off. If not, I’m not going to hysterically threaten to quit the show, I’ll just sigh and keep watching, but I’m not going to go spouting off how I’m so above everyone else because I know Hart Hanson’s true, noble motives.

  27. Lorena says:

    I looove that we are finally seeing some action, but who is going to die? I love them all so much, should be that p.a. at least i’m gonna cry that much ;x

  28. Eric T says:

    I wonder if HH knows that season 7 will be the last
    for Bones. So, he pushes this Finder/Locator as a
    replacement for Bones in season 8.
    Why else would he allow Bones to suffer as a show during
    season 6.
    Season 7 can address and tie up all the lose ends….
    marraiges, babies etc.
    By having the Finder/Locator fill in for 6 or 7
    episodes the fans get used to the actors. There
    will be a fan base ready to pick up where Bones left off.
    But from what I read…. The Finder was not recieved
    well by the viewers/fans.
    For myself, I found the Finder BAD. I have no interest
    in watching this show if it becomes a series.

  29. Sam says:

    WHAT? WE’RE ONLY GETTING “MAY HAVE”!!!! and why is Brennan grief stricken??????

  30. Doug says:

    I personally hope they don’t get together. Why does every TV team have to be in a relationship? I don’t want to see Booth and Brennan, or Beckett and Castle get together. The shows work with a mild to hot level of sexual chemistry that gets ruined when the characters cross the line into a relationship. Think about how getting involved ruined “Moonlighting”, “Cheers”, plus dozens of other shows….

    “Bones” really lost me this year. The episodes were weak and the actors seemed to have lost their grip on their characters; especially Emily as Brennan. I’ll continue to watch, but it’s starting to become a chore instead of a pleasure.

    • Reddy says:

      ^^ THIS! Thank you, Doug! I watch and love this show, but I have never wanted to see B&B as a couple. I know I’m about to get flamed, but it’s my opinion and I’m entitled (and I don’t think any of you are idiots or jerks or anything else just because you want to see them together). I don’t see why two characters HAVE to become a couple because they’re members of opposite sexes and demonstrate chemistry. The joy of this show was in seeing these two characters interact because of their differences — they are great complements to one another, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll make a great couple. The “will they or won’t they?” has driven me crazy for the opposite reason as many of you. That said, I hated Hannah, too — so I guess that’s one space of common ground!

  31. Sarah says:

    So here’s my theory:

    You know that last promo, where Angela is asking Brennan, “So what exactly happened?” and Bren gives her that coy smile?

    I’m wondering if that actually happens at the beginning of the finale episode.

    So we’re left with the scene of them falling into bed together in the sniper ep, and then the NEXT ep is where we find out what exactly happened.

    This would make more sense — people were having a hard time with why Bren would be acting so coy during the sniper ep if someone close to them had just died. This might be the explanation. If you watch the promo again, they show the sniper stuff first, then say something about the finale, then show that scene with Angela.

    Anyway, just my thoughts!

    • Carolyn says:

      Or maybe Brennan and Angela are talking before the death altogether, and before the bedroom scene. Maybe they were talking about B&B together, maybe the paper burning incident of how they said they’d get together. Who knows. The networks are good at manipulating the clips of the ep to make their previews. Gotta have intrigue. And they can make it look like something that never happened, happened.

  32. M says:

    Ohhhhh, I really want to believe, but I felt like such a fool the last time with that dumb dream BS. Pleasae let this be for real this time, PLEASE!

  33. Midori4 says:

    People still believe what the creators of the show say? That’s funny.

  34. Marianne says:

    If they go there, great. I will be thrilled…but if they don’t, that is ok too…I will watch the show either way. While it would be great to see them get together, I think people have gotten so focused on THAT aspect of it that they aren’t paying attention to anything else. It is a very well written show and I will continue to watch it ragardless of whether they are together or not.

  35. cac says:

    I WOULD be ok if they go there/I KNOW bones will go somewhere for a few weeks/so I THINK booth will have to deal with everything.

  36. alison says:

    Oh man, so we don’t even get to see them kiss let alone make the most passionate, romantic love in TV land. All we get is a hug in a bed. Total bummer for this total shipper! I was really hoping for LOVE between Booth and Brennan. Sigh…..

  37. Sarah says:

    I don’t understand why people are putting bones down, so what they had a few bad episodes. Who cares, people have bad days what if you have a bad day your just going to stop living? No you gonna hope for a better tomorrow. If you don’t watch it or like it then stop Bitching about it!! I bet the people that bitch couldn’t come up with half the stuff hart does, he’s very talented if you ask me! I love bones have been a fan form the beginning and won’t stop watching until the end when I will cry A LOT!! I would love to see b & b hook up but the show isn’t just about them it about murder, friendship and everything else that makes us coming back! Can’t wait till Thursday night!!!! <3 <3 :P

  38. Janet says:

    TV Romance 101 Rule #1: — If you let your lead characters get together, the show dies. Er, in the past, this has been M-F.

    Examples in the past: Moonlighting, “Beauty and the Beast.” In Moonlighting, when the sexual tension went to zero, so did the ratings. In BATB, they KILLED OFF the lead character — another ZERO.

    Now, I don’t mind some waiting, but especially in Castle this year, some of the ‘near misses’ are absolutely RIDICULOUS! Kiss her! Kiss him!

    • Debbie says:

      Moonlighting lost ratings because Cybil Shephard and Bruce Willis hated each other and there were constant delays on the set which ended in endless waiting for new episodes. In addition, the scene where they got together was rough and more like hate sex not two people in love finally getting together. Cybil Shephard was pregnant and they decided to write it in, say it wasnt his after she was off the show for several episodes, and then when she admitted it was his, the baby is born dead. That is what killed Moonlighting. It was week after week of horror. Take it from a die hard Moonlighting fan who left that show convinced the writers hated the fans. And the two stars couldnt wait to get away from each other. Unless HHanson makes those same mistakes it should be fine.

    • Rachel says:

      true but i still f*@#ing LOVE Castle :) *sighs* you should watch season 3 finale.. defintely a must see

  39. Michelle says:

    I’m not one of the fans that needs them to get together right this second, but when they do get together, I would like their hookup to be more than just implied (as that’s what it sounds like from this article). I don’t want to go through the guessing game like we did with Mulder and Scully in the Xfiles. They got together and we didn’t see anything. Wow, I feel like a total perv for saying that, but I don’t want B&B’s first time glossed over as how they get together is very important to me as a fan.

  40. Jess says:

    I don’t really want B&B to get together, and I think I remember Emily saying something a couple of years ago that they won’t get together until close to the end of the series (if at all). She feels the same way about that ruining the chemistry between two main characters. That said, I’m much more interested in finding out who dies. Part of me thinks it’s going to be Wendell, because I love him so much…but maybe Cam? We haven’t seen her as much this year as usual.

  41. Derek64 says:

    If they’ll go all X-Files on us with the “we’ll never quite know when/how they got together” strategy I will seriously throw a fit! It’s the worst thing ever!

  42. Juliana says:

    OH MY GOD!! I’m dying here!! Please, thursday, arrive soon!! *-*

    But I really hope that it’s not going trough X-Files way! I hope they do show to the viewers what they REALLY want… Maybe on the season finale, like HH said.

    • Meg says:

      i totally agree! if the episode leaves us with the idea that it MAY finally have happened, its sound like we won’t actually see it. they better show it to us in the finale then, or i’m gonna be POed

    • Rachel says:

      whats ‘the X-Files way?’ *confused look*

  43. Liza says:

    Yeah, the whole “will they won’t they” got old – nonbeliever now so stopped watching…too bad could have made a whole new dynamic if they were involved.

  44. Kiko says:

    When will people learn that “series regular” basically means that your name appears in the opening credits?

    Also, if you want to show a stunning example of how to do a relationship in TV-land, you need look no further than Chuck. Here at the end of season 4, Chuck and Sarah are poised to get married. They had their will-they-or-won’t-they, they had trials and tribulations, they saw other people, but they are evolving like, well, a real couple! Say what you will about the rest of the show (although it’s definitely my favorite cup of tea), but the way they did the main relationship was wonderful.

    But back to Bones… I haven’t found it to be nearly as enjoyable over the last 2 seasons as I did the first few seasons. I still think the cast is wonderful, but the cases are trying so hard to outdo each other that they’re perplexing and hardly plausible. I wish Booth and Brennan would have gotten together a while ago. If they’d had this moment at the end of season 4 or so, there might not be so many people boycotting the show. My husband refuses to watch anymore because the will-they-won’t-they is so ridiculous.

    • Jenuzela says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! That’s exactly what I feel.
      Chuck is maybe my favorite show on TV right now because Chuck and Sarah got together. The show is 10x better because of it. Now we’re not so distracted by all the irksome and melodramatic looks of longing and regret and pain, and we just get to have fun with more attention on the hilarious side crew. Chuck and Sarah together make the show better.

      And I believe Bones could be the same way. Booth and Brennan together could make the show so much more fun. There are so many storylines that can be born from a couple being together (and not just the typical stuff: threats to break up relationships, babies, etc) and without all the crap that comes with the will-they-wont-they the show could just get a lot more fun. And I, for one, think that the sexual tension could be increased by having them together.
      Just sayin…

  45. ann says:

    the bed scene did not have anything to do with sex.

    • Nicky says:

      But it’s suggested later in the scene with Brenann. And then the last scene, interlocking of arms, Booth’s smile…………I say it finally happened. Not that we’ll know for sure until next season.

      • melita says:

        i dont thing thasts gonna be a problem
        hart said all the secrets will ccome out in the finale so we wait and watch :)

        • Jenuzela says:

          Call me a doubter but I find a flaw in your sentence: “Hart said.” That right there makes the likelihood of the statement turning out to be true very, very questionable. In fact, makes it downright improbable.

  46. kate says:

    i like the show bones, but i am pretty disappointed that they get rid of my 2 favorite characters, zach and vincent….i dont know if i want to continue watching a show when they get rid of someone as soon as i get into them!

    • Rachel says:

      i literally cried when vincent died.. (no exageration)
      i was just sittin on the lounge balling my eyes out and my mum looked at me like im some sort of freak.. i just think of myself as a dedicated fan :)

  47. Jenny says:

    To all of those who stopped watching the show but still call themselves “true Bones fans” or “loyal fans”, I would just like to ask one question: Seriously?? Whether or not Booth and Brennan “get together” is just one SMALL part of Bones. To be a true fan of Bones means that you should love ALL aspects of the show, not just one part. Hart Hanson is going to play with the characters as must as he can, and we must accept this because if we don’t, and everyone stops watching the show due to anger and frustration over the Booth and Brennan relationship, the show will end. Also if they do get together the show would have a greater chance of ending because it is stated in the show that they “can’t work together as a couple”.
    So, back to the point, the true Bones fans are those who stuck with it despite the frustration and confusion. P.S. I do love the idea of them together, but not to the point that I would stop watching the show if they wern’t.

    • kay says:

      I am laughing my ass off at all the angry comments from before the finale. People are so funny when they get obsessed with a television show. I can’t wait for season 7.

  48. Jessica says:

    They’re having a baby

  49. Rachel says:

    OMG!! i watched the finale and i screamed then died!! :D

    omg omg omg omg!! Bones is having Booth’s baby!! :D
    soo excited but i can NOT wait for season 7! :@

  50. marwel mansueto says:

    i love this show! so much! i got really sad that bones season 6 is over :( i cant wait for season 7..