Fall TV Preview

Baby 'Bump' May Help Bones Spinoff Find Place on Fox's Fall Schedule

Fox’s Bones spinoff, The Finder, is still very much in contention for a series order at Fox. But with shelf space at the network so tight, I hear the network and the series’ producers are exploring an alternate way to give the project a presence on Fox next season.

The pregnancy of Emily Deschanel is expected to sideline her for as many as six to seven episodes from Bones‘ recently ordered seventh season. Fox, producing studio 20th TV and Bones creator Hart Hanson are discussing the use of Finder-flavored episodes as filler during Deschanel’s maternity leave. Those would be Bones episodes with The Finder star Geoff Stults and his sidekick Michael Clarke Duncan appearing in them, giving Hanson an opportunity to further develop the new characters.

The future of the third Finder lead character (played by Saffron Burrows), which has drawn polarizing reaction, is unclear. Read the rest of this story at Deadline.com.

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  1. Sophie says:

    Oh that sounds horrible :C I really hope they don´t.

    • John says:

      Bones is Laaaaame, replace with The Finder for ever and ever, that is all.

      • suzyku says:

        What show have you been watching?! Can’t possibly be the Bones the rest of us love. It’s The Finder that was laaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!

      • Terri says:

        Bones is the best show on tv try watching it before u knock it. I suggest going back to the beginning & watching it from the start very good tv

      • sunnygee says:

        How desperate are you for attention that you would post on a “Bones” website just to knock it? Sad little man.
        May 21 episode was amazing – did NOT see that coming.

    • Nanc says:

      I agree… This won’t fly in my book. Didn’t care for the pilot. This will alienate the Bones fans!

    • Liz says:

      i guess that will open up Thursday nights…maybe i’ll start watching Grey’s Anatomy again.

  2. tori says:

    NO! That was the worst ever episode of Bones, i would rather have a smaller season that suffer through that abomination again! Please don’t bring The Finder back!

    • Cameron says:

      Agreed. Maybe Finder will find its own stride, but it has no place on a Bones episode.

    • AJ says:

      Same here. I will NOT be watching any more Finder, however FOX may try to trick me into it.

    • bean99 says:

      ITA. We didn’t like that episode where they introduced the other show at all. It didn’t make me want to watch it and hope this doesn’t happen.

  3. Erinn says:

    Yuck, no. Just do a shortened season if that is the only way for it to be full length.

    • moonwolf12 says:

      Or they could at least post-pone the start of the season or something. I’d rather watch the rest of the Bones cast while Emily is gone then a totally different show that should be on it’s own.

  4. juniter says:

    Who cares about the Finder. We want Bones, film around her, film ahead, with where the story is leading now, they want to bring in another series. Get real.

  5. Meg says:

    This is the only thing that can capture my feelings about this: http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

    I mean, as long as they market The Finder as separate to Bones I’m happy but it has to be a series in its own right, rather than episodes of Bones. I don’t know if this article was even suggesting that could happen but I’m saying it now: it would be the death of Bones if that happened.

  6. chikenkicker says:

    Fox should use the 10pm hour as a primetime hour like the other major networks, i have no idea why they havent.

    • Anna says:

      The arguement is that the local affliliates don’t want to lose that hour.

      I liked The Finder. I prefer it to Fringe.

  7. udontknowme22 says:

    Not entirely against this idea, The Finder has potential but I have to say this- nothing personal against the woman who played the bar owner/pilot but her accent was painful(not to mention confusing as all get out) to sit through and I honestly don’t know if I could sit through another hour of it!

    • Esta says:

      ITA and if you follow the link above at DeadLine she may not be returning if its a series.

    • Lauren says:

      I can’t agree with you more. That accent was atrocious. I also hate Saffron Burrows (as an actress, not as a person, since I don’t know her) I might consider watching it if she wasn’t in it, just because I liked the other two guys.

  8. heathermac says:

    Wow, am I the only one excited about this? I liked the Finder ep and would for sure watch the show if it makes it in the line up.

    • liz says:

      I liked it too. Would definitely watch.

    • NickC says:

      I did not think i was going to like it but by the end i was HOOKED…
      I love Bones and if they have to find a way to have E.D. leave to give birth and Finder to have a spot then why not…Hope this happens or Finder Finds a way into the line up.

  9. emily says:

    this excites me. we’d be getting less bones no matter what. but i adore geoff stults, and i’d watch anything he does. seriously. i watched happy town.

  10. Christine says:

    They’re not saying it’d be Bones episodes with The Finder storylines, just that rather than have Emily Deschanel-less episodes or have more reruns, they’ll just have The Finder take over the timeslot for a period of time. Calm down! You don’t have to watch during the hiatus

  11. AJ says:

    Uuuuuuugh. Consider my viewership revoked during those weeks.

  12. Adrienne says:

    I didn’t care for The Finder – I’d rather they just do a shortened season or work around it somehow, hide her behind a lot of lab tables.

  13. andrew says:

    The Finder was excellent!

  14. Ingmar says:

    You all get it wrong. The article doesnt mean the Finder will be on Bones ; it just means bones will have less episodes this season like S3 and that the remaining weeks the spin-off can air new episodes ( so not in Bones ). Could actually work. I cant imagine a Bones episode without Bones to be honest. 1 episode might work, but 6?

  15. amy says:

    I’m surprised Emily’s going to be gone for 6 to 7 episodes. To me, that seems like a lot. I was thinking it was going to be more like 4, maybe 5 episodes. Anyway, I don’t think The Finder was that bad. Maybe they can show Bones all the way through in the fall. Then after the holidays, they can rest Bones and put The Finder in it’s place after American Idol.

  16. Phillip B says:

    I would rather have a season of reruns…. say
    the Best Of Bones to fill in while Emily is on leave.
    The Finder was a really bad show and I have no interest
    in watching it.
    I guess reruns of Law and Order will do if FOX
    puts The Finder.

    The producers of Bones are hell bent on getting this
    crap (locator) on no matter what.

    • caro1212 says:

      I agree with you for this

    • ColleenS says:

      Perhaps they should run a limited series of Zack Addy solving crimes in prison using the Jeffersonian staff as back up. I would watch that 100 times more than the finder.

  17. laura says:

    so bones on netflix for 7 weeks? got it!

  18. Linda says:

    I’m willing to give “The Finder” another shot. I think it definitely has potential. Though, I don’t know how Bones will be without Bones…

  19. Rachel says:

    It doesn’t matter to me I’ll just find something else to watch as long as I know when Bones is back on air. I really don’t know what to think about The Finder so far.

  20. KikaCR says:

    Crap! That’s so wrong in SO MANY LEVELS, that Finder episode was so lame…no, no, we need a better plan!! I can’t imagine The Finder as a show, I mean, the pilot was pretty bad in my opinion!

  21. ann says:

    Bones is the only show that I look forward to seeing all week long. I hope this is not the end.
    I missed the episode with the Finder so I cannot comment on it. If It is as good as Bones I will watch it but I hope it does not take the place of Bones.

  22. Ann says:

    no more Finder!!!!! DDDDDD:
    i will kill myself if they do that!!
    please don’t!!!!

  23. Sally says:

    Hahaha that’s a horrible idea. Better to just put it on hiatus. No need to make the show more stale than it already is. Sigh, the good old days of season one and two…

  24. lisa says:

    Yay! I loved the intro to The Finder – I hope it gets a full season pickup!

  25. Debbie says:

    I’d rather have them produce shows without Emily. Dig a little deeper into some of the other characters, maybe let each of them have an episode.

  26. n2seeleybooth says:

    Terrible idea to have fewer episodes of Bone, I want 22 episodes the pregnancy can be shot around lots of shows have done it without cutting the season in half, there’s no certainty there will be an 8th season 7 needs to be a full season

  27. Stephanie says:

    But The Finder would be its own show by that point, right? So it wouldn’t be 6 or 7 Finder-themed episodes of Bones, like the recent episode. It’d be 6 or 7 Finder episodes (in the Bones timeslot) and then a shortened season of Bones. Am I understanding that right? Sounds okay to me. That’s a lot better than 6 or 7 episodes of Bones without Emily. I’m honestly surprised they’re even considering that option. Would people really watch Bones without Bones?

  28. cac says:

    terrible idea/EMILY pregnancy can be filmed around, the rest of the cast can do the show without the finder.

  29. mawhi says:

    I would watch The Finder. It was kind of goofy and ridiculous.

  30. nitemar says:

    I’m happy for Emily who will definitely need her time off, but they can use her absence in a storyline, like they did on The X-Files when Gillian was pregnant and created an arc around it..I think FOX is having budget issues..

    • Janet says:

      I remember them saying Gillian Anderson was actually away for 3 episodes of filming but they managed to film bits of so many episodes beforehand that it looked like she was only gone for 1. I’m sure we could live with some “Bones Lite” if it meant no Finder…

  31. Susan says:

    Don’t care what they do as long as they don’t write either the pregnancy or the kid into the storyline.

  32. econruth says:

    Only if they have gotten rid of the girl sidekick with the fingernails on the chalkboard accent. Yuck!

  33. Rachel says:

    I, for one, think this is a great idea. I’ll miss Bones come the fall, but if it isn’t going to be there anyway (due to the pregnancy), I’d much rather watch new episodes of The Finder (and at least give that show a chance!) than reruns of Bones – isn’t that why they sell DVDs? Those of you who hate this idea – just go watch Netflix or something! Stop campaigning against new eps of something for the rest of us. I want to see the Finder!!

    • mmstp says:

      I agree. Give the new series a chance. Remember Seinfeld took some time to get some traction and it was a favorite for many years. Plus, let’s not forget Geoff Stults sans shirt….

  34. Cherry Stewart says:

    I do happen to agree that “The Finder” shouldn’t be in a “Bones” episode. Having said that, I’m looking forward to the show. I liked it as a show in itself.

  35. connie says:

    Bones bones bones more bones i love it i want it cant do with out it shot more of the others full season . Need bones.

  36. julie says:

    that`s the WORST idea ever… Im not that stupid HH, don`t try to plunge your new show down my throat! If you want me to watch it, it better be good (and aLot different from what I saw…)and not just some second rate Bones wannabe! Oh please…

  37. scamper says:

    Loved Saffron & her character in The Finder. Of course, we also liked her on L&O, CI.

  38. Tigger Olsen says:

    What I would love is if they brought Zach back for the 6 episodes somehow and kept filming.
    I know I might be the only one that still misses Zach, but I personally think it would be a worthy few weeks.

  39. Ava says:

    Please no! The Finder episode was the worst I’ve seen in a while. Or ever.

  40. wmcc520 says:

    HATE THIS IDEA!!!! The Finder stinks and I have no interest in that series. Don’t make the great Bones stink by inflicting these lame characters on us. If they must go through with the Finder they should keep it completey separate!!!

  41. TJCrinc says:

    Do like the filmers did for Star Trek Voyager in the late 90’s with Roxanne Dawson. They gave her a different uniform, and they never filmed below her bust.

  42. Mdz says:

    In my opinion that dosen’t sound like a very good idea…but who know maybe it end up working out..

  43. AngelMoonGirl says:

    EW no no no no. Just no.
    Bones is NOT about The Finder. WTH. Let it get its own show but DON’T take over ours! 6-7 episodes? Just NO. Can’t the writers be creative and find an exciting reason for Brennan’s absence? Like her being kidnapped or shot non-fatally or something? Or just make her pregnant… pleeeease… anything but this!

  44. JB says:

    I have to say I HATE this idea. I didn’t even feel like I was even watching Bones when they had the intro for The Finder. Didn’t care for it at all. Honestly,I really think they would really suffer in the ratings if they do it. They should just put The Finder on mid season and have Bones take hiatus while Emily has her baby and recovers.

  45. STARK says:

    I´ll accept this if, AND ONLY IF, first i get a written (and signed)guarantee, that there will be TWO more seasons of the show.

    that´s it, take it or leave it

  46. Zack says:

    It seems HH is doing everything he can to KILL the show Bones.The first half of season 6 all he wanted to do was kill the chemistry between B&B. Then we have Emily and David traveling to shoot the Finder so they can be in their show for 15minute. The episode before the Finder they were written out of scenes so they could travel to film there 15minutes in HH new show. This fan is going to watch Bones not the finder. Next season is filled with xfactor and AL that hour that is Bones should be Bones. Film around Emily’s baby bump a lot of shows have done it.

  47. Tamara says:

    OMG I hope not!!! The Finder Is So LAAAAAAAAAAME…. Probably the worst episode I’ve seen off Bones because it was all Finder not even Bones =(….. I Hope they see that fans are not going to like it because they will lose more viewers than last time mistake about bringing Hannah into the show!!!

  48. DotDotDot says:

    The Finder episode of Bones was AWFUL. Horrible. Unwatchable. Hated it…lol. If they try to integrate The Finder into Bones again, I’ll pass. And no way will I watch that show if it’s picked up as a new series. It was soooo bad!

  49. Derek64 says:

    Nnnnnnope. Nope.

  50. Juliana says:

    In my opinion it would be odd… I liked the spin-off episode with The Finder, but entirely six episodes… don’t know… I wouldn’t like it…