Kathryn Erbe Thanks TVLine's Criminal Intent Faithul: 'It's Just So Nice To Be Back!'

“Goren and Eames rock!”

“Goren and Eames were the reason I watched CI in the first place!”

“I’ve been counting down the days to their return!”

“I am so grateful to have the original Law and Order: CI back, with this amazing team. D’Onofrio and Erbe are amazing!”

Those are but a few of the effusive comments made by TVLine’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent fans as they anticipated the USA Network series’ May 1 return with Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe reprising their roles of Detectives Bobby Goren and Alex Eames.

When we apprised Erbe of the outpouring of support — just hours after the premiere’s impressive ratings rolled in — she let loose the widest smile. “I can’t tell you how much that means,” she shared. “It means so much, and it feels so good.”

“It’s just so nice to be back,” Erbe said of being reunited with the series and scene partner D’Onofrio, after the two vets were subtracted from the equation for Season 9. (Criminal Intent now airs Sundays at 9/8c.)

Like L&Overlord Dick Wolf recently expressed, Erbe would be thrilled if Season 10 — announced as Criminal Intent‘s last — in fact delivers such strong numbers that USA rethinks their decision to bench the procedural once and for all.

“I hope that is what happens, because people love these characters,” she notes. “They love them.”

While it’s been established that D’Onofrio’s crimefighting alter ego will face some personal melodrama this season as he meets with shrink Julia Ormond, Erbe says that Eames’ journey is much simpler. “She is just really appreciating being back with Goren.”

But there also will be, as previously reported, the introduction of Eames’ father, played by Raymond J. Barry (no stranger to siring top cops, as he has done on shows such as Cold Case and more recently Justified).

“He’s not a real happy guy,” Erbe says of Eames’ dad. “He’s got kind of a limited life.”

Happy, however, is precisely the word to sum up Erbe’s feelings about her and D’Onofrio’s somewhat unanticipated encore. “We’re having a really good time with our new showrunner [SVU alum Chris Brancato],” she says. “Everything is just great, and so much fun!”

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  1. Pamela says:

    It’s great to have Goren & Eames back!

    • JOANNE IRVINE says:


  2. Val says:

    I was not impressed with the way they brought Bobby and Eames back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy they are back, but why didn’t L&O:CI give a back story of why Eames came out of retirement, and why Bobby is back? This acting like nothing ever happened just doesn’t fit into the storyline.

    • Gored says:

      Actually the real premiere will be airing tonight. The ep that aired last week was supposed to be the 4th. USA decided to air it first because of the whole “Charlie Sheen” thing… that’s all.
      Here’s my reference:

    • sell says:

      Provavelmente eles vão explicar como Bobby e Eames estão de volta…Mas francamente como responder a algo que não tem resposta? Para todos os efeitos, temporada 9 NUNCA existiu, é isso! Foi uma piada de mau gosto que os executivos da NBC/EUA fizeram conosco! Como ninguém riu ( pelo menos eu não) decidiram recolocá-los de volta. simples assim.Pessoalmente a temporada 9 começa agora, então EUA nos deve mais uma temporada, que seria a 10.
      P.S. se alguém quiser traduzir meu comentário eu escrevo em português,não espanhol.

      • Steven Brock says:

        (Google Translate)

        Probably they will explain how Bobby and Eames are back … But frankly how to respond to something that has no answer? For all purposes, season 9 NEVER existed, that is! It was a bad joke that the executives of NBC / USA did to us! Since no one laughed (at least I) have decided to return them back. simple. Personally, the season now starts in September, then U.S. owes us one more season, which would be 10.

    • Karlene says:

      I too want an explanation–before the series ends

  3. Mikaylah says:

    Yeah, I hope they explain a little of what happened when they were gone and why they came back. That might happen once Goren starts seeing the psychiatrist. I am so happy they are back! My favorite pairing!

  4. Marsha says:

    Actually the premiere was the fourth episode filmed but because of the Charlie Sheen thing, USA changed the order of the episodes. There return will be explained in tonight’s episode.

    And Kathryn Erbe is correct, we absolutely LOVE these characters. :-)

  5. BJohnson says:

    I think that was a good idea to just get back into a case first. We’ve got 9 episodes (and hopefully an additional season) to work out all the personal stuff. It was good to see Goren and Eames back together again doing what they did best.

  6. walt milos says:

    NBC should put CI back on their network full time!

  7. Linderella49 says:

    I am so glad to have Goren and Eames back! I’m really looking forward to the episodes with Goren and the shrink…who wouldn’t want to be the fly on the way during those sessions! Awesome!

  8. Taylor says:

    I’m so happy that Goren and Eames are back! I wish I was in the States so I can see the shows as they air. Guess I have to wait until NBC airs it… By the way, does anyone know when that’s happening? :D

  9. dee123 says:

    I hope CI says around, even if was like British TV and have like 15 episodes a season.

  10. Trudy says:

    Love these two & I agree it should be back on nbc. They were fools to cancel it. They definitely should do another season,the original L & O was on 20 seasons.

  11. Jo says:

    I, too, am delighted that Goren and Eames are back!! The only thing that I wish they would change is the one who is their captain. He has played the part of a killer numerous times on THIS show. So,it is just difficult for me to adjust to him as their commanding officer.

    • Doug-H says:

      This happens all the time on TV… Actors coming back in different roles… especially in a long running show…. I always remember growing up watching Superman and they had this one guy who was always a bad guy but kept having different names!!!!

      On Law and Order TOS, they used the same actors as criminals and lawyers all the time except for when they were purposely recurring roles…

      I hope they do change their minds and keep CI going…

  12. Maggie says:

    I’m so happy to have Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe back on L&O:CI. It wasn’t the same without them.

  13. sam says:

    REALLY REALLY happy that these characters are back on TV — complex, frustrating, engaging, and always watchable. Thanks so much for intelligent scripts and great acting!

  14. Lorie says:

    Their return is the sole reason I’m tuning in. For me, they ARE the show. I’m thrilled to see them every week once again.

  15. Tina says:

    I am so glad these two are back. They are the reason why I watched the show in the first place. The other two teams of detectives just didnt fit the bill. I’ve never been a fan of Chris Noth’s character from the original Law and Order, so I did not watch episodes of CI when he was involved. I really hope they make it to season 11.

  16. LDSK says:

    I’m glad to hear that we made Erbe smile. She and VD are a great team and one of the best in all of L&O. So very happy to have the two of them back on TV!

  17. patricia says:

    so veeeerrrrryy happy goren and eames are back.i stopped watching the program after they left,and promised i would not watch again until the producers brought them back// its hard to see the new captain because he’s played so many criminal roles,but i watch only to see eames and goren.

  18. patricia mopdreski says:

    I am glad they are back I only watched because they are the show.I like the new caption He makes Goren look smaller.

  19. MLN says:

    I actually liked the new duo of Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows – they brought a different twist to the show, and a different way of getting into the offenders’ heads. I was just getting used to them, and now they’re gone w/o a trace! What happened??

  20. Chris says:

    I have whached Law and Order Criminal Intent for a very long time @ I think that the show whith Katthryn Erbe @ partner is the very best of all I realy hope that you DO NOT cancel the show again please keep it airing Thank You

  21. Paulette Theobald says:

    I’m glad that Goren and Eames are back. It was hard to imagine the show with anyone else, however, I did think that Jeff Goldblum did a great job. When a show lasts as long as CI it is only natural that individuals are not able to see anyone else as part of the show. But Goldblum deserves “kudos” for his character Zach. I was impressed and glad to see that he did not try to emulate Goren. (Not that anybody could). Great job Goldblum! And, welcome back Kate and Vincent. What an intense show CI is! PT from Wilton, IA.

  22. katsfur says:

    I cannot believe CI with Goren & Eames is coming to an end. I really wish NBC or USA would reconsider, even if they aren’t on every episode. It’s also not fair that there are no more L&O episodes, either, so now all that’s left is SVU, not that I don’t appreciate that series as well. I know it will leave a bad taste with me if someone doesn’t bring back new episodes of the others. I hope this makes sense, I’m just very disheartened at the demise of these series.

  23. kerrie says:

    Yeah im in Australia so we dont get the new eps aired for agea so im glad to have found out that they have returned, as we have only received up to season 5 dvd and so im still waiting for the rest of the seasons to come out on dvd lol. Like the rest of u i really hope they decide to keep running this show! It would make sense for them to continue as they kno bringing eames and goren back will make the ratings sky high!! Going NBC keep it going we love your show!! thankyou Dick Wolf for all your great Law and Order shows you rock!

  24. lilyflake says:

    So glad to have Bobby and E back on ci. They’re the only reason i keep on watching this show. Although Vincent is not the most good looking det in this series, his charm is irresistable. Please make the story go on, at least don’t cancel it before we got bored. one more wish: please let Goren and Eames show up in all episodes, so I don’t have to skip half of the story. Thanks!

  25. Deb says:

    The last episodes with the therapy sessions were just repeats of what we already new. Eames was shamelessly ignored, even in the flashbacks he had with the psychiatrist. So unfair. The whole show proved Goren could not work without Eames. She should have more of a storyline especially since these were the last episodes.