Elliott Yamin Vs. Adam Lambert! David Cook Vs. Bo Bice! Idol's Best Tourney Enters Round 3!

TVLine.com’s American Idol All-Time Greatest Performance Bracket Tournament enters the Round of 16 today — which is another way of saying that we’re only 48 hours away from seeing two of the show’s most beloved male voices booted from our competition. But, hey, all is fair when it comes to love of Idol (and the war of Idol), and that’s why we’re forcing you to make such grueling choices.

So wipe away the single tear running poetically down your cheek, and get voting in the latest set of single-elimination faceoffs to decide which Idol Moments will become Quarterfinalists in our 64-player tourney. Every day around 1:00 p.m. ET over the next few weeks, we’ll launch a new set of duels to the death, so be sure to keep coming back and making sure your favorites advance.

Kris Allen vs. Jason Castro! Archie vs. Taylor! The Idol Bracket Tourney Rages On!

Before you head to the polls, you may want to peruse these memory-refreshing links to the performances entering the ring this afternoon:

Adam Lambert, “Mad World
Elliott Yamin, “A Song for You
David Cook, “Always Be My Baby
Bo Bice, “In a Dream

‘Idoloonies’: Paul McDonald on ‘Blackbird,’
Crazy Dancing, and…Adam Lambert Comparisons?

It’s gonna be brutal seeing two of those great Idol moments fail to crack the final eight, no? So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Crystal vs. Allison! Melinda vs. Diana!
Vote Now as the Idol Bracket Tourney Continues!

And if you’re interested in the matchups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks and how the first round of matchups played out, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. JayK* says:

    Finally, an easy round! Adam and Cook all the way!

    • Lyn says:

      Outcome of that second match-up might have been different if it had been Bo Bice’s version of “The Whipping Post” rather than “Dream.”

      • Pearl@32 says:

        I know why “In a Dream” was chosen ~ the acapella factor ~ but yeah, “Whipping Post” was a-MAZING. I STILL have that on my iPod.

  2. Eliza says:

    I knew that from the beginning, haha. David and Adam for the finale ! Although, that will be a VERY tough choice because both of them are great performers and actually my all time favourites.

  3. Nita says:

    Yaaay…my fav AI of all time..David and Adam!!

  4. impliedbazinga says:

    This is akin to releasing a bunch of monkeys at a banana factory. Way too easy. DC & AL, hands-down.

  5. claudia says:

    My favorite idol ever, Elliott Yamin, is going to be eliminated in this round. *sniff* I loved the performance of Mad World but for me (for you) it didn’t have the impact of Song for You. I also voted for Bo Bice, so I’m definitely not in the majority on either poll.

  6. Vivi says:

    Elliott and David Cook.

  7. TK says:

    Cook v. Bice is a really tough one. Both performances are legendary and chill-inducing. Both great contestants, great musicians, and great guys. Have to vote for Cook because he’s one of the best Idol winners ever and Always Be My Baby had a more lasting impact than In a Dream (Cook’s cover remains a huge radio hit in Asia).

    And sorry Elliott, I don’t think you stand a chance son.

  8. Kirstin says:

    I knew it would come down to Adam vs Cook. My two favorites with Bo in third. That is gonna be a bitchkitty of a choice.

    • Joy says:

      Don’t forget, Adam still has to go up against either Archie or Clay, and Cook against either Daughtry or Kris Allen, before they face each other. So there might still be an upset on one side that makes the final choice easier…

  9. Danielle Notaro says:

    Aww, Michael how could you do this??? Putting Adam and Elliott up against one another. Dude. I love them both. Bastard.

  10. msalbright says:

    More than likely it will be Cookie and Lambert but my heart belongs to Bo Bice. In my opinion the man will always be a winner.

  11. Sandi says:

    I’m obviously in the minority but my two favorite performances on Idol ever are Mad World and In A Dream. THAT would be a tough call. But as much as I LOVE David Cook, even he cannot compete with Bo Bice’s In a Dream IMO.

    • Mia says:

      I completely agree. David Cook is my favorite Idol winner, but if you look at those two individual performances, Bo Bice’s is clearly better.

  12. MaryUtah says:

    I still think Bo Bice’s stripped down version of In A Dream is the finest moment in Idol history – so had to vote there. No doubt, Adam over Elliot.

  13. cinel says:

    David Cook will always be the best Idol. None of the others even come close.

    • SharonM says:

      He definitely was the one who changed it all.

      • Joe says:

        Bo Bice is actually the one who changed everything. Daughtry credited him with why he tried out…then Cook, then Lambert and currently James Durbin in this season. But putting Bice against Cook is bruttal…too tough to vote. Gotta got for In a Dream.

  14. JBanana says:

    hmmm.. the 64-player bracket seems to be a bit behind the times. Is it just me, or is it not filled in up-to-date for the rest of you?

    • disagree says:

      no, i disagree totally. look at the original 64 bracket. it is heavily skewed toward season 7 – present. even kendra chentelle, who didn’t even make the finals, is there, not to mention low-ranking singers like alexis grace. find me an alexis or kendra from seasons 1-6 in this list… yeah, didn’t think so.

      • JBanana says:

        no, what I meant was the results are not filled in… we’re already voting on round three and the bracket doesn’t even have all the round 1 results filled in yet..

  15. mrswinchester24 says:

    The other performances were amazing but “Mad World” by Adam Lambert was on a whole other level. As a matter of fact, Adam Lambert was on a level American Idol has never seen before. I LOVE David Cook and others who have come from AI but LOTS of them sound a lot like other people… This round for me goes to David Cook and Adam Lambert and next round to Adam Lambert.

  16. ashley says:

    What is the point of this anyway? What does it prove? It seems it’s only a poll to see which idol has the most viral fan base. It serves well for hits to the site as well, I am sure. Then it creates fan wars, and votes are thrown to the underdog by fans of others trying to thwart the results against the obvious choice. It is really a pointless poll. But hey, I am gullible I voted Lambert and Bice!

    • Eolra says:

      There is no point – it’s just for fun! Lighten up and enjoy the ride :)

    • Joy says:

      I think it’s just a fun excuse to go back and watch all these great old videos again…and again…and again… :-)

    • Erin says:

      That’s what I’m here for – it’s a fun refresher on some great Idol performances that I enjoyed over the way-too-many-years I’ve watched this show ;)

  17. Jake says:

    Though I love “Mad World,” Elliott’s “A Song For You” is the best male vocal that Idol has had thus far. However, Lambert’s rabid fan base will pull him through.

    • Josie says:

      It has to be a “rabid fanbase”…it can’t just be that your opinion is not actually a statement of fact and others can legitimately disagree with it. {eye roll}

  18. Kevin says:

    Yamin and Bice. I’m a two-time loser. :sad face:

  19. best says:

    My favorites-Walk The Line by Chris Daughtry, Maggie May by Paul McDonald, Best I Ever Had by Bucky Covington, Until You Come Back To Me by Katherine McPhee.

  20. Ablo says:

    Well, you did weight it toward recency.

  21. Jaime says:

    Off-topic: When are you gonna put those awesome videos of yours telling things about Idol, I can’t wait to see them. D:<

  22. Scamp says:

    The only two idols who inspired me to see ai live concerts and to buy every song and video they put out are David Cook and Adam Lambert. Are you saying I’m going to have to choose between David and Adam? Okay, I can only do so by remembering one thing… i bought all of the songs…live videos and studio recordings…every week at iTunes, so I always knew I was going to see or hear the performance again soon, but after Adan sang Mad World, I didn’t vote right away for Adam, instead I rushed online to mjsbigblog to immediately see and hear Adam’s performance again. I believe we crashed Mjs blog that night. I believe rickey.org may have got the most hits ever for the same song. Sooo, I don’t have to painfully choose between David and Adam. That memory chooses Adam for me.

  23. Theresa says:

    Listen to that Bo Bice clip. It’s incredible.

  24. Squirrely says:

    Bo Bice In A Dream was one of the best performances ever on Idol. I like all those guys but I LOVE Adam and I would vote for In A Dream over Mad World.
    It was miles better than Always Be My Baby.

  25. Debbie says:

    David and Bo my 2 favorite idol winners ever. David is and will always be the best winner and contestant from the show, but Bo’s version of this song is his best performance and one of AI idols best performance’s ever

  26. Sybil says:

    Why isn’t Billie Jean in this tourney? To me, that was really Cook’s big break out moment — ABMB was more of a deal closer. I think he won American Idol with that performance. But of the two, I think more people — and certainly more people outside the AI “bubble” — know his performance of Billie Jean.

    I voted for ABMB over “In A Dream,” even though I still get chills from watching Bo’s performance. Tough match-up, much more so than “Mad World” vs. “A Song for You.” Both are great, but “Mad World” wins it, for me (for you). Dawg.

    • JBanana says:

      this is why it’s so hard… because even among fans of the same contestant we will have different favorite performances of theirs. I for one prefer “Always Be my Baby” to “Billie Jean”. Actually Billie Jean would be below several other Cook performances on my list, even though it was definitely a moment… but then again he had so many. It’s the same for Adam and Allison and Crystal.. etc.. the best contestants had so many “moments” to choose from!

  27. Applesauce says:

    ok cook is my personal favorite winner….but lets face it. in a dream is the best performance ever on the show.

  28. sara says:

    It’s a shame I believe many people won’t really vote for the performances in question but for the contestants, namely Adam and David. As far as “moments” go, “A song for you” and “In a dream” should win this, hands down

  29. mad world says:

    I am certain that Adam’s Mad World is going to be the ultimate winner of this whole tournament, and deservedly so.

    I’m a big Tears for Fears fan, not to mention Donnie Darko fan, so just for bringing this song to the masses I salute Adam.

    However, w/o Bo Bice, there’d be no Daughtry on AI. It was Daughtry’s run that in turn inspired Cook to try out for AI (his words not mine). And w/o Cook’s bringing song rearrangement to the fore on Idol, there’d be no Adam or Kris, esp Kris, who proved to be an absolute master at song reimagination.

    So I voted for Bo Bice, bowing down to the king of the lineage.

    I also voted Elliot. He and Melinda stand head and shoulders above all other Idols, with vocal dexterity unmatched on Idol.

  30. Name That Tune says:

    Bo vs. David. That’s one of the hardest decisions ever!. Just rewatched Bo’s Idol journey on YouTube. Idol doesn’t bring performers like him into the fold anymore. He would still outshine any of Season 10’s performers!

  31. Debbie M says:

    Man, I’m surprised that Bo is losing by such a large margin. I adored Cookie’s song and play that on my iPod all the time, but Bo’s performance stands out just from the sheer nerve it took to perform a whole song a cappella. He should be a much bigger recording star than he is now!

  32. follias says:

    I guess this has been said before, but I still don’t know how you came to choose David Cook’s Always be my Baby over his Billie Jean, his All I Really Need is You, First Time Ever I Saw your Face, or The World I Know. The number of outstanding performances Cook delivered on Idol were amazing.

  33. Em says:

    I agree that Bo Bice is an awesome performer and anyone with the guts to perform a song acapella as he did deserves major props. The deciding factor for me in the end though was the sheer number of times that DC delivered amazing performances, week after week, constantly astounding me with his vocal versatility. So, even though ABMB may not be his BEST ever performance (for me), it is part and parcel with the shear volume of stellar songs he gave us, and for that reason, no matter what and no matter who he comes up against in any category, he is always going to win in my estimation. (Just an opinion of course, YMMV).

    • Name That Tune says:

      Well it’s “Always Be My Baby” vs. “In A Dream”, not Bo Bice vs. Cookie. I love Cookie, but this one goes to Bice. In fact I’d take Bice’s whole season of performances over all of Cookie’s performances in Season 7. But it ain’t an easy call, ‘cuz both of them are great. Bo is just better, by a hair.

      • Em says:

        How many other of Bo’s performances are that show stoppingly memorable though? And more importantly, had they been so, why don’t we remember them as we do Cook’s? E.g., Hello, Eleanor Rigby, Billie Jean, Little Sparrow, MOTN, TWIK, etc.? For me it is the body of work, and not just one individual “moment” – and Cook had “moments” during virtually every single week of Season 7. He is incomparable.

        • number8gurl says:

          Erin, I understand what you mean. I feel the same way about Adam’s performances. Of course ‘Mad World’ was his most renowned performance and all of Adam’s performances were stellar and ground-breaking (with the exception of No Boundries but that was totally not his fault), but for me personally if I’m forced to pick Adam’s most memorable performance it would probably be ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ followed by ‘Whole Lotta Love’.

          As far as Bo is concerned he had some other memorable performances besides Within a Dream, Whipping Post and Money come to mind. I’m a Bo fan, he’s from my hometown but I think overall I would agree with you that David had more memorable performances (I also voted for David but I’m not intimately familiar with his performances they way I am with Adam’s). In Bo’s defense the show had evolved considerably between his season (4) and Cook’s season (7). Contestants began to take more risks (although ‘within a dream’ was pretty risky), they were also allowed to play instruments. If you really want to give credit where credit is due Blake Lewis in Season 6 was the first contestant to really change up a song and make it his own with Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name. He paved the way for David and Adam IMO.

        • barney says:

          Em, you ask “why don’t we remember them (Bo’s performances) as we do Cook’s?” Guess what? Bo’s fans do remember them. You remember all of Cook’s songs because you’re a big fan. I’m not, so I don’t. Your perspective isn’t everyone else’s reality.

  34. B says:

    adam lambert is the most overrated singer ever on this show. all he does is belt out high shreeking notes in every song and dresses like elton john on meth and looks like KD Lang(by the way dont care that hes gay so dont think i dont like him because of that)I just dont see the appeal of him or why people like him he’s not that talented cant play an instrument like cooke, allen, or daughtry…Please someone explain to me what you all see in this talentless hack.

    • Marcus says:

      The ability to play an instrument has no bearing whatsoever on someone’s ability to sing. There’s a million guitar-playing singer-songwriters on Youtube. Compared to that, there’s a handful of singers in the world with the vocal range and breath control that Lambert has. You may not like his stage presence, clothing, or the style of music he chooses to make (and that’s a whole other debate), but he’s an exceptional vocal talent whether you care for him or not.

      • B says:

        ok the instrument thing was a bad example but vocal talent?? You act like he was the first person with his “range” and breath control please there are tons (more than a handful) of singers out there that can hit those high notes better than he could ever dream (Freddy Mercury, Steven Tyler, Robert Plant to name a few) Now i know these are the greatest rock front men of all time but he’s sang their songs on idol and dosent even come close to comparing to them and when he sang ring of fire simon was right it was indulgent rubbish he’s too over the top and tries to hard. He’s up against elliot and he doesn’t need to try to over sing the songs its all natural and full of soul and passion; not saying adam lacks passion either. Just dont see the appeal and will forever change the channel when i see this hack simulating getting blown on stage again.

        • Robin says:

          Sounds like you are not a fan of his. Why the high level of venom ? Always makes me curious when people hate and put down someone with that level of venom, makes me wonder what they are not dealing with…(eh, like simulated blow job, LOL)

        • delusional says:

          Your last sentence proves you have a problem with Adam’s orientation, not his singing. Don’t pretend Adam’s AMA performance was the only racy performance. You only noticed him and not the other heterosexual performers’ dirty deeds because you’re homophobic.

          Brian May, guitarist of Freddie Mercury’s band–Queen, thinks Adam’s a great singer and to work with him. Adam sings Whole Lotta Love better than Plant. Slash, Meat Loaf,and Rob Halford of Judas Priest have also publicly praised Adam. So who are you to judge that Adam isn’t a great performer and why should I believe you over the greats?

      • number8gurl says:

        It’s obvious you harbor hatred for Adam. Keep it to yourself, nobody cares. If you’re going to comment then comment about who you voted for and why (constructively if you’re capable of that – somehow I doubt it).

  35. Meyling says:

    I’m honestly really surprised that Always be my Baby is beating In a Dream. In a Dream has got to be in the top 10 Idol performances ever.

  36. Jason S. says:

    How is Always Be My Baby there instead of Billy Jean or even Hello? I just don’t get it. Also where was Lambert’s “A Change IS gonna COme?”

    • Meyling says:

      Ehh, I like Billie Jean, but it is nowhere near Cook’s best performance, IMO. I would rank Hello, Always Be My Baby, and The World I Know above Billie Jean.

      • Jason S. says:

        I barely even remember Always Be My Baby. Was that the Showtunes week when Carly stole the show with Jesus Christ Superstar and got voted out? MY favorite cook performances are Billy Jean, Little Sparrow and Elenor Rigby.

  37. Anna says:

    Eliot is just not in the same league as the others.

    • robyn says:

      I agree-Elliott is in a different league–a league high above the others- I like Adam, Bo and David- but Elliott is the best male vocalist AI has ever seen hands down

  38. CzarekM says:

    Interesting tournament. However, I would like to see another tournament: the best musical reality show performance in the history.
    Here, probably the best ever would be Jackie Evancho “Pie Jesu”:

  39. Glenna says:

    There have been some great performances on idol But “In A Dream” by Bo Bice Is the best. overall. None have come close. Bo is also the best idol ever. he rocked that stage.. He still rocks now.

  40. Y says:

    Adam and Bo. My choice.

  41. Joe says:

    Bo Vs Cook…two of my favorite (along with Daughtry) male contestants…Almost impossible to choose. Giving the song choice I had to go with Bo Bice on this one and a miscule edge season wide.
    Lambert in a slam dunk over Yamin.
    Someone above wrote that Daughtry’s walk the line should have been up there…absolutely!

  42. Kirk Torly says:

    Michael, you’ve given a bit of shine to Kendra Chantelle in this tournament, but what about Ricky Braddy? I love Elliott but Ricky’s version of ‘A Song For You’ during the season eight semi finals was the performance of that season IMO. He was well and truly robbed of a finals slot. I believe that had the producers/judges done the right thing and selected him with one of the wildcard spots, he would’ve been a serious player that year.

  43. Georgia says:

    This was the most difficult for me. After voting for Elliott in his season, and *never* voting for Adam in his season, I still chose “Mad World” for this round. As for David Cook vs. Bo Bice: BRUTAL! I chose David Cook, but still feel that “In A Dream” was one of the best performances ever on AI.

  44. Victoria E says:

    Wow — having to pick between “Always be my Baby” & “In a Dream” is one of the toughest decisions ever. Why o why did it have to come down to those 2? I finally had to go with David, but Bo will always have a huge chunk of my heart.

  45. number8gurl says:

    Of course I voted for Adam….I’m a die-hard Glambert…but I was kind of torn on the other one…love Cookie and Bo (voted for both of them) but if I’m to choose between those two performances Bo’s ‘within a dream’ was much more unique, haunting and memorable.

    And honestly why do people have to start bashing Adam everywhere he’s winning a poll? I get SO SICK of it!!!! GROW UP ALREADY AND GET A LIFE! Support who you like but quit trying to raise them up by dragging others down.

  46. Doug says:

    “Always Be My Baby” wasn’t even David Cook’s best performance. Hard to believe that it’s in the third round, and that so many people prefer it over “In a Dream,” which is widely regarded as one of the top 5 Idol performances of all time. I prefer Elliot’s “A Song for You” over “Mad World,” but that’s just personal preference. Adam’s turn on the Tears for Fears song is also regarded as one of the best of all time.

  47. Danielle Notaro says:

    I take Bo Bice over David Cook but noooooo choice to do so

  48. CGaff says:

    Why isn’t Cookie’s Billie Jean performance on here?

  49. Blondearsenal says:

    I much more prefer the manly voice of Elliott to the high pitched voice of Adam..

  50. Brecken P says:

    Adam vs. Elliot was a tough one for me, partially because I’ve only heard Elliot’s performance a couple of times (I didn’t really watch the show until the second half of season 6), which is ultimately why I went with Adam. Not like it would have mattered anyway. I was much more of a Kris Allen/Allison Iraheta fan than an Adam Lambert fan, but that performance (along with “Tracks Of My Tears” and “Black Or White”) was definitely one of the strongest moments of the season.

    As for the second one, Bo Bice’s “In A Dream” is one of the top 10 performances in AI history. Cook has at least one performance that’s probably in there as well, but “Always Be My Baby” isn’t it (although ABMB was definitely a great performance, the best Cook performance in my book is “Billie Jean”).