Ratings: Bones and Nikita Are Biggest Gainers, CSI Hits New All-Time Low

Bones dug up a monumental “W” this Thursday, delivering — for the first time ever, folks — more total viewers (11.1 million, up 13 percent) than either of its primary time slot rivals, CSI (10.46 mil) or Grey’s Anatomy (9.9 mil). The Fox drama’s 3.3 demo rating meanwhile marks a week-to-week surge of 18 percent.

The CW’s bubble-show butt-kicker, Nikita (1.93 million viewers/0.8 rating), also had a very good night, enjoying gains of 14 and 33 percent, respectively.

Alas, the hour of nine was not divine for all comers. CBS’ long-running CSI dipped to a 2.2 demo rating, hitting a new all-time low.

Elsewhere this Thursday night:

8/7c | American Idol‘s results show saw double-digit gains from a week ago, drawing 20.8 million viewers and a 6.2 rating. The Big Bang Theory held steady at 10.3 mil/3.1, yet Rules Of Engagement (7.7 mil/2.2) slipped to a season-low demo. Part 1 of Community‘s season finale (3.5 mil/1.4) dipped a few points, while Vampire Diaries was flat at 2.7 mil/1.2.

9/8c | The well-promoted Grey’s wedding(s) episode (9.9 mil/3.5) showed little movement but won the hour in the demo. The Office (6.8 mil/3.5) was (obviously) down from Steve Carell’s big send-off, but on par with the last “regular” outing. Parks and Recreation (5.1 mil/2.6) enjoyed gains of 10 and 13 percent.

10/9c | The Mentalist (13.64 mil/2.6) dominated the hour and was, as typical, the night’s most watched scripted program. Private Practice (6.9 mil/2.3) saw small upticks. The 30 Rock season finale (4.2 mil/2.1) served up an 11 percent increase in the demo, while Outsourced (3.15 mil/1.5) was down 12 percent from its last fresh outing.

What were you tuned into this Thursday?

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  1. Scott Parker says:

    I’m kind of glad that the ratings for CSI tanked. They had a good thing going with the “Dick and Jane” storyline similar to the blue paint killer and the miniature killer story arcs. The problem is that they sent back to it way too soon. They should have stretched it out further into next season.

    • Bob says:

      CSI really needs Grissom. They lost a chunk of their audience when Petersen left.

    • maddie says:

      Ray needs to go away. He’s a lame character. And Grissom should come back, of course.

    • jen says:

      Grissom isn’t coming back full time; mostly, they really need to get rid of Ray. He’s an albatross. No one cares that much about his character. And, the whole serial killer plot line is just sooooo over done on CBS.

  2. Carmen says:

    Nikita’s episode was awesome. Especially the twist at the end. Worried for Alex next week.

    • Kris says:

      Me too. I hope they don’t kill off Alex, I love her even though last night I felt like burning her at the stake for what she did. Heartbreaking!

  3. lolo says:

    oh yeah ,NIKITA rocks , i’m so happy it’s up
    and i’m pretty sure the ratings for next weeks season finale is gonna be better .
    come on CW , renew nikita already

  4. thelstrikeman says:

    Why is nobody watching Community ?!? Last night was the best half hour of comedy in years!! It deserves much stronger numbers in the ratings!

    • XK says:

      Because the viewing public would rather watch American Idol or Big Bang Theory, apparently.

      I’m just so thankful that Community already got picked up for season 3, as it’s been struggling in the ratings ever since American Idol started back up, (although BBT has too, relatively speaking).

    • Kelly says:

      Agreed. Community was great last night, as always. Can’t wait for next week.

  5. Amy says:

    I wish more people were watching Community too but it is such a quirky show and those don’t usually pull in huge rating even when they are up against American Idol and comedy juggernaut Big Bang Theory. I still love it and hope NBC keeps it around for a long time. Also, super excited that Parks & Recreation is up! That is aweesomesauce!

  6. Eve Williams says:

    The only show I watch on Thursday night is OUTSOURCED. Funny that you don’t even mention it in your last night’s rating round-up. Any reason? OUTSOURCED beat your beloved and media darling COMMUNITY last night with NO PROMOTION in the dreaded 10:30 spot! At least TV by the Numbers reported the NUMBERS. I know that the show — OUTSOURCED — is about a lot of brown people and you don’t care to dirty up your screen but can you at least report the facts! OUTSOURCED @ 10:30 BEAT COMMUNITY @ 8pm!
    And you can mention my name Eve Williams and print my email address: eve_williiams_10023@hotmail.com. And I dare you to leave this comment up!

    • Mike says:

      You seem to be forgetting that Outsourced had a 2.1 lead in from 30 Rock and wasn’t up against American Idol and TBBT :(

      • Eve Williams says:

        Matt – you can’t honestly tell me that a 8pm time slot is worse than a 10:30 time slot for sitcoms. It’s amazing to me the excuses when media folks try to explain why Community doesn’t do well at its prized slot.

        • XK says:

          You missed Mike’s primary point… Community is up against American Idol and the Big Bang Theory, both of which are ratings juggernauts. If Outsourced (which sucks btw, and I even watched the painfully unfunny episode last night) was on at 8, with no lead-in and against that competition, it would be lucky to break a 1.1.

          • Eve_Williams says:

            I didn’t miss Mike’s point. PEOPLE ARE NOT WATCHING THE SHOW REGARDLESS. THINK OF IT: if the combines forces of the NBC pr muscle, the trades that LOVE it, and the word of mouth from people who profess to love the show — if all that regardless of what is opposite it cannot get that show decent ratings, than the show is doomed to fail regardless. It’s all about numbers and there are enough viewers out there to sustain a show as “popular” as this one regardless of the time, but there isn’t . . . the show SUCKS! OUTSOURCES on the other hand doesnt even get a PR crumb; is on at an unGODLY hour and 30 ROCK is not it’s audience, yet it gets a 1.5. And two weeks ago a 1.7. NBC should have just left it were it was and not moved it. My feeling is that it will get picked up just moved somewhere else.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I apologize for the oversight; OUTSOURCED has been added, down 12 percent from its last fresh outing.

    • Mary Smith says:

      I totally agree with Eve!!! What’s up with that Matt? Did 30 Rock put you to sleep cause it was pretty bad last night. Outsourced is the little show that will not die. Hopefully NBC will realize that with a poquito of TLC the show will prosper, but as long as the media continues to be afraid of programming that goes against the grain — diversity on TV has a long way to go. Seriously tho — why didn’t you mention Outsourced’s rating at 10:30?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        At the risk of oversharing: I prep for the daily ratings report by jotting down all of the ratings from a week prior, then adding next to those the new numbers. Since OUTSOURCED wasn’t on last week, it wasn’t listed here on that piece of paper — so it got overlooked. It’s that simple.

        • mary smith says:

          Thank you for oversharing and I know that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar — but I don’t think we are in COHIBA territory here. If 30 Rock or Community or TBBT would have been off a week — I’m feel it in my bones, that it wouldn’t have been overlooked by you. I’m sorry but call me cynical. I may be oversharing as well, but I spent a better part of my life in TV, and with many journalists — TV & Print — as friends — I don’t buy it, your rational. The bottom line – I bet you don’t really like OUTSOURCED.

  7. Rachel says:

    Hells yeahhh NIKITA!! it has an AMAZING lead in episode (1×20), plus a well balanced and intense promo, and the fans have been AMAZING in spreading the word – plus lots of Maggie Q promotion this week!
    Very deserving of the rise! yay!

  8. Hannah says:

    Nikita was explosive last night! Definitely the best episode so far! So many twists! Fantastic. If we don’t get a season 2, I’ll be very mad! NIKITA FTW!

  9. John says:

    I haven’t seen the Nikita episode yet, but Bones was really really good.

  10. Emma says:

    Nikita was amazing last night!!! Just a mind blowing, full of adrenaline episode!! CW has to pick it up!!

  11. Santos Black says:

    Nikita was awsome last night! It has to be picked up! Come on!

  12. Mandy says:

    The show that I turn on the TV for on Thursday nights is The Vampire Diaries! Gotta have my Delena fix. :P other then that I always hate choosing between Bones and Nikita. I love them both!

  13. Jocelyn says:

    I love Bones and I love Nikita, but when the choice came between watching one or the other it was a no brainer for me, NIKITA!! This is honestly the best show on TV right now! I pray that there will be a season 2 cause it is to good of a show to give up!!! GO NIKITA!!!!

  14. Ivy says:

    Thursday is the day I wait for every week. NIKITA is the best show I have seen in a while. It is smart, suspenseful, and so tricky I love it. And this episode was just mind-blowing. The CW better renew it. I mean, it is doing well against such veterans series like Bones, CSI, and Grey’s Anatomy for a show in the CW, which we know always gets the lower ratings overall. Plus, Nikita brings in more viewers than other CW series that have had plenty of seasons. NIKITA is definitely a must watch show, and I hope the numbers go higher for the finale!

  15. Him says:

    “The Big Bang Bang Theory” is down 2 tenths, not holding steady…

  16. Sid says:

    Awesomw NIKITA episode last night. The CW doesn’t deserve to have such a smart show on their network.

    NIKITA belongs on F/X or USA where it’ll be promoted and treated a million times better than the way The CW treats it!

    • Nikita Rocks! says:

      I totally agree. It’s pretty much the only show on the whole network that’s not tailored for the tween/teen angsty population. It really is too good of a show to be on The CW. If they lose their mind and decide to cancel it, I will personally start a campaign to have this show picked up by another network! It’s amazing! It really is the show I look forward to all week and after last week’s episode…OMG! I can’t wait!

  17. Ingmar says:

    It was awesome that see that TGW actually beats CSI this week ; aswell as Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. And that while they had to face The Voice and Body of Proof in the 10pm hour. Go TGW!

    Grey’s downfall sucks thought, especially since the episode was well written and promoted alot. But maybe it’ll go up in the finals. Good for PP thought.

    Bones…awesome! Go Brennan <3

  18. marie says:

    Nikita was awesome! So happy the raitings went up. It better get a second season

  19. marie says:

    Nikita was awesome! So happy the ratings went up. It better get a second season

  20. bhm1304 says:

    So “Nikita” which gets similar numbers to most of the CW’s renewed shows that have been on the air for multiple seasons is on the bubble? The CW barely even promotes that show. How does that make any sense at all? It is the best hour of television on that network weekly. If a show as good as “Nikita” with three fantastic actresses in Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonseca, and Melinda Clarke can’t get good numbers what is ABC expecting from “Charlie’s Angels” with only one? I predict that show is going to go off a cliff very quickly.

    The CW would be insane to cancel “Nikita” a show that just gets better every week.

  21. Shirley says:

    Nikita was AWESOME! I can’t wait for season finale, part 2. And I’m going to die of joy the moment I see Alberta Watson in it. I hope she helps Nikita to take down Division!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Babygate says:

    Just sending out my love to Grey’s Anatomy. Still the best show on TV with fantastic, amazing actors, compelling stories and great writing. It’s the best part of my week. At the 10:00 hour there is a little gem that is grossly overlooked named “Private Practice”. Some of the best writing on tv ever. Not to mention that the actors, in addition to be phenomenal at their craft, are like ridiculously good looking…

  23. wyCwyg says:


  24. fernando says:

    Come on people lets start watching Private Practice!

  25. BAMA says:

    BONES was amazing last night! Just awesome acting and writing!!!!! Emily Deschanel was amazing. I bawled like a baby! That entire cast is incredible but Booth and Brennan are just a legendary tv pairing. BRAVO BONES! Way to push toward a big finish for S6!

  26. Maria says:

    Nikita was absolutely fantastic this week! Last week’s episode was a little on the slow side (until the very last scene), but this week’s episode was so action-packed and exciting. I’m nervous about which series-regular is going to die next week. I want them all to stick around, and I WANT THE CW TO RENEW THIS SHOW. I don’t watch any other show on the network, as I’m not really into teenage soap operas, but this show has it all: fantastic actors, action, drama, and suspense. GO NIKITA!!!

  27. Rachel says:

    Yay MENTALIST!!!! is anyone else here excited for them???

  28. Laysa says:

    Nikita just ROCKS. The best show on The CW!