Fringe Finale Exclusive: WTF Just Happened?! Producers Answer (Some) Burning Questions

[Warning: The following story is chockablock with spoilers from Friday night’s Fringe season finale. Watch before you read. Seriously.]

Fringe‘s Season 3 finale could have ended with Peter emerging from the Machine, as he and Olivia survey the roomful of doppelgangers he just united. Or, it could have gone a step further and left us with the jarring image of Peter “fizzling” away in the midst of debriefing the Walters on his learning from the future.

But this is Fringe. And the envelope-pushing sci-fier dialed up the WTF to 11 by closing the season with an Observer explaining that no one inside Lady Liberty is batting an eye at Peter’s vanishing because to them — now, having “served his purpose” — he “never existed.”

OK…. What?

Speaking with executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman after we previewed the finale, TVLine led with the No. 1 question on our list: Does Joshua Jackson have a Fringe gig come fall? Or should he have been auditioning for pilots? “He’s got a job. He’s still under contract,” Wyman confirms. “We can’t yet reveal what exactly we have in store for him, but he’s definitely not going out for other shows.”

As for those final two scenes, Pinkner said that even the most time paradox-savvy viewers “should be wondering” how it is that Peter vanished from existence, yet said he would be remiss to shed much light on that or what’s in store for Season 4. “The less spoilerage, the better,” he deferred. “The reason to come back and watch is exactly for the questions you’re asking.”

Wyman instead points viewers to this scene: “When Walter in the future says he has figured out a plan to send a message back to the past, he says that bringing Peter’s consciousness forward of course would have consequences.” Or as Future Peter himself remarked when presented with Walter’s plan: “Imagine the repercussions.” Indeed.

But could even the brilliant Walter have surmised that preventing a future doomsday would rob him of being with his son in the past? “One of the things we were playing with this season,” says Pinkner, “is a journey of acceptance for Walter, accepting what the Observers were trying to teach him in ‘Firefly’ – that in order to undo the damage he has done, he may have to be willing to sacrifice Peter.”

To briefly recap the finale episode, before we share more from Wyman and Pinkner: After glimpsing an instant of disorientation, we realize we are observing Peter as he exists in the year 2026, complete with memories of what he made wife (!) Olivia that morning for breakfast. The recovery of a “light bomb” used by a terrorist named Moreau sets in motion a chain of events in which Walter — now “the most reviled” man on the globe, as the deliverer of doomsday — deduces that it is he who will design the Machine and send it into the very distant past via the Central Park wormhole. He hypothesizes that if he can bring Peter’s 2011 consciousness “forward” in time long enough to realize that he must make another choice once in the Machine, both worlds can be saved. Alas, though Walter is spot-on in his assessment, it appears there are in fact “repercussions” to this correction, when Peter fades away from his 2011 existence, never to be remembered.

Now, a few other burning questions the Fringe EPs took on:

If Peter “Never Existed,” Wouldn’t That Mean No Feud Between the Walters, No Machine Activated, No 2026 Doomsday…? | In a word, no. “Walter and [William] Bell were always trying to find a way to cross over, even before the Peter [abduction] incident,” Pinkner reminds. “So things may have happened differently.”

What Was “Lost In Detroit,” As Future Peter Alluded To With Broyles? | “That’s not something the audience needs to understand just yet,” says Wyman. “It’s obviously something heavily emotional between them – that may or may not be the cause of Broyles losing an eye.”

Was Olivia In Fact the “Beloved Character” Spoiled To Be Dying In the Finale? (Or Was It Gene the Cow?) | “In the course of the episode, it was Olivia,” confirms Pinkner, noting that Gene had gone to that great dairy farm in the sky sometime between 2011 and 2026.

Is That It for Big Baddie Moreau? | Sadly, yes. Played by Dune‘s Brad Dourif, Moreau and his End of Dayers threat was simply the Case of the Week for Fringe Team ’26.

Have We Also Seen the Last Of Grown-Up Ella (Boardwalk Empire‘s Emily Meade)? | Yes, says Wyman — “for the time being.”

Did Fox Execs Have As Many Questions About Fringe‘s Latest Freaky Finale As I Did? | “Probably more!” Pinkner says with a laugh. “But everybody is asking the right questions – not questions of confusion but questions of intrigue, of being compelled. We always like it when it’s like that.” Adds Wyman: “We’ve gained a lot of trust over the years [when pitching ideas to the network]. They have now seen the way we operate, how we always have tent posts that we are moving toward and from.”

What did you think, Fringe fans? Did the finale sufficiently blow your mind?

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  1. Kristin says:

    I bet Peter will come back as an observer. But then everything will go back to normal.

    The episode was pretty predictable right up till the moment Peter went into the machine, then BANG! Wtf!!! I enjoyed very much!!

  2. sharon gaidosh says:

    what happens to the child, oliva from other side had? does he just vanish??? has every one forgot about him?

  3. smohan says:

    The finale was great all I was able to say was they don’t remember peter can’t wait for it to start up again

  4. Jason says:

    i personally think that maybe alternate peter was the only one to have been erased and maybe the peter on the original side was the only one of the two that was born and the only reason both the peter’s were sick at their young age originally was because they were both abnormalities? Just my guess… but PLEEEASE bring Peter back somehow

  5. Sarah says:

    Am i the only one wonderung if there is no peter…theres no baby :( but yeah peter needs to come back

  6. Kathy says:

    What about the baby?????

  7. Kathleen says:

    This is the best show on TV today! This is exactly what makes it so great, the conflicts & discussions. I hope posters realize that what makes great TV, controversy. Thanks Producers, Actors, & Fox. Can’t wait for Sept.

    BTW, is Dr. Who still on?

  8. Lee says:

    The writers/creators went too far in the final episode, which was tough to do considering everything they have created. This being science fiction, everything up to now has been great; in fact, the best thing on television, with the exception of “Justified.” But someone at the top needed to stop the writers and say “No, that’s too much, too soon” at three different points in the finale:

    First…the time jump. Even if the events occurred as shown, the method of telling the story was misguided. Still, I was along for the ride, until…

    Second, one of the universes needed to be destroyed by the end of the finale, and the writers balked. They could have planted seeds for a number of fantastic story lines after wrapping up that one. They could have even saved a few characters by having them cross over (whichever if the two survived). They could have even kept the three main characters (a must) and replaced one or two minor characters with their alt version while sacrificing a “primary” universe character in a great moment (Astrid, for example) in the finale. So they failed to take advantage of their own three years of superb set-up work in order to accomplish a finale that was just one huge compromise.

    Third, they ended the year with a cliffhanger everyone knows is bogus – Peter not existing. Everyone who is intelligent enough to know better knows the show would not have been renewed if Jackson was not returning. If they are going to try and continue without him, then somebody must have left recently and took all the brains with them. That “mystery” is also one which creates so many plot questions, even Mensa members will be scratching their heads and saying “Man, why should I even TRY to do this much thinking for a fictional plot?”

  9. Kate says:

    ok, here are my questions-if Peter never existed does that mean Fauxliva never had her baby? if she never had her baby then how did the machine turn on without Peter?

  10. FurtiveGlancer says:

    Despite the obvious twists, I’m interested in the “bridge” that Peter established before fizzing away. If that bridge persists, passage between the worlds will become mundane and the deleterious effects being felt in AltEarth might well carry through the bridge. Real war between the worlds is quite possible, as is cooperation. Which is more likely?

  11. Anthony says:

    i’m glad there was to baby drama in the finale. This ended well i thought.

  12. Henko says:

    If Peter has never existed, then who the hell operated the machine in that room that created the shared room of the two universes? O_O I feel a serious damage in causality here. >_<

  13. Mike says:

    Time paradoxes always blow my mind, and this episode has continued to stun and perplex me.

    -OMG! Olivia just shot by Walternate like that. No questions! No precedence! Just shot straight in the head!

    -Walter and William Bell being the “First People”

    -What about Fauxlivia’s baby? Is there one?

    Can’t wait until September!!!

    • Traxman says:

      Very Good Comment! I think it will Very Likely Be Revealed that Walter and Bell, are In Fact Descendants of The First People or Conversely They are Immortal or something else Weird–Very Cool 2 see a Show Being So Bold in It’s Efforts to ‘Branch out into the Unknown’ This is Definitely not a Show from the Bygone days of TV, it in Fact Does not Resemble anything that has Ever Been on–Though the Comparisons to the X-Files are Very Nice–Probably the ‘Best Thing to Ever Come to TV’ up until Fringe appeared!

      Cheers T:

  14. Lee says:

    Here are some other big questions to ponder: If Walter was smart enough to think of the elaborate method of saving two universes and Olivia Prime, how come he totally blanked out on the fact that saving them would paradoxically remove Peter from existence? Answer: There is no possible way he would have missed that fact. So Walter must have had some other motive for changing the past. That means Walter was hiding the truth from Peter when he revealed his brilliant scheme to build and plant the machine for them to find later (in the past?). So if Walter didn’t really care about saving Olivia or their universe, why did he really create the machine? Why does Walter hate Peter so much that he would erase his very existence? Now that Olive is dead, Walter is evil, Walternate is…. also pretty evil, and Peter is nonexistent, will Autistic Astrid be the central character next year? So many (not very) amazing questions yet to be answered!

  15. ld reynolds says:

    Peter had better find his way back in season four, and soon… or I will definitely be looking for the door. They killed Olivia and brought her back all within 10 minutes… So I have hope for the future!

  16. Leta says:

    If there was no Peter does that mean that when Olivia came from the other side didn’t get pregnant with Peters child so Walter could start the machine on that side.

  17. Monique says:

    Like I said on Hulu, it would be interetsing if the Observers are researchers from previously homosapiens. Say they were around for billions of years, plenty of time to evolve.

    Our universes are their experiments into how they came to be. That would explain the Observers pretty nicely. They are researchers watching their peoples experiments very closely.

    We are their experience. The created out big bang and evolution as a way to gain knowledge on how billions of years ago tehy and their world was created. That would be an interesting direction.

  18. Trace says:

    Ahhh. Got it. The interview was a hint. It’s the time paradox in reverse….and maybe twisted and stacked on its head. Spoiler alert. My predictions are rarely wrong.

    It’s a very large time loop. Groundhog day on a cosmic scale (which some religions and scientists believe in real world). My analysis of the twisting spiral of a story (kinda like a licorice stick): The first spiral (or at least that we see) is the story we have been watching the last three seasons. The machines were built by Walter and Walternate (remember there are two machines) and sent back to the past but their reasons for doing so and for keying them to Peter and the results shift with each loop. Yes, Peter faded. But he still exists as Walternate’s son. He faded as the effects of his decision created a new timeline….Peter Bishop would not be the same person anymore because his experiences would be different. Peternate will have same personality issues so we may find him bitter toward his father Walternate and running scams as in the beginning of the first loop. If the observer had not made a mistake and distracted him, Walternate would have found the cure for Peter. So of course he is alive. He is just not working with his father. Remember it is Olivia who forced him to work with Walter in Loop 1. AND it will be Olivia to reach him again. They are soul mates/soul magnets. They will be drawn together in each loop. The loops could go on forever with different iterations. Brilliant really. They could retell the story forever. And that’s what the observers do. They exist outside time or perhaps are manifestations of time itself as a force, eternal and unchanging or they are manifestations of the clockmaker creator of the universe who set the universe in motion but does not intervene, only observes. Not sure about them. But Peter will be back as Peternate. Bank on it.

  19. Skeptic says:

    Here’s the deal. Unless Joshua Jackson wants out of the show, it would be a huge mistake to create a mythology where he does not figure into the rest of the story. Don’t mess with success.

  20. Lee says:

    The overarching theories are great, but they do not resolve something we saw on a very simple level. We saw an event between Walter and Peter that was key to everything that happened in the finale. Walter told Peter he knew a way to save Olivia and stop the disintegration of the universes. But he didn’t mention anything to Peter about him never existing, which he had to be able to figure out if he was intelligent enough to deduce the rest. So what good was saving Olivia if Peter would be gone? Why would Walter lie to Peter? To be honest, as Peter learned more, I can’t understand why HE didn’t figure out the paradox; he has shown the same level of raw intelligence. I see a huge plot hole that I’d really like someone to fill.

  21. benzo says:

    So many questions, so little time.

  22. MissPamela says:

    Wow!! Brilliant writing. Can’t wait for season 4.
    Okay…1)Maybe Peter ends up in a “holding” area between universes like Neo on the train platform in Matrix Reloaded. Picture Peter there on the platform with the oberservers (bald men in hats) pleading his case on why he needs to go back to 2011. 2)The observers remind me of the Men in Black from X-Files, hats and all. 3)Love the bible parallels like in Lost. Peter’s position in the machine reminds me of Jesus on the cross. 4)They can’t “solve it” and end the mythology or they would be making the fatal mistake made by Twin Peaks when they solved Laura Palmer’s Death at the end of season one. Kiss.Of.Death! Bye-bye show. 5)They need a good balance between the stand-alone episodes (to hook new viewers) and the mythology episodes (to keep us die-hards sated). Can you imagine sitting down to watch Season 4 Episode 1 as a brand new viewer? You would be saying “What the hell?” “Where’s the remote?” 6)Which leads us to our job – spend the summer recruiting new viewers…but start them on season 1.

  23. VWBusMan says:

    Hmmmm… after much thought and all of Fringe Seasons, now that Peter never existed, I realized we never watched Fringe :O, or did we??

  24. jordan gibbish says:

    Just so we’re clear everyone Lost and Fringe were two different shows…one completely overrated with too much hype build-up and another following in a more legendary tradition of such shows as the x-files…except better…if anything Fringe is underrated.

    • Lee says:

      Right. So we’re fine, as long as the Fringe creators don’t go out and create a convoluted “Lost-Like” time-paradox scenario. D’OH!

  25. Al B says:

    I like that they finally brought the falling dust and ashes from the episode where young Olivia and Peter end up in a field together back into play, still a little curious how that will all play out now, and if more time travel will allow Olivia to remember Peter or if that love story has fallen out of the show for a while.

  26. Anne says:

    Please, please, please… someone nominate John Noble for an Emmy! he’s an amazing actor! Love the show and can’t wait for season 4!

  27. Ruth Rose says:

    The ending with Peter having never existed was a total surprise. I can’t wait to see how the writers get him back since none of the characters will be looking for him. great cliffhanger!

  28. Michael says:

    The thing that bothers me the most about the finale is the paradox that if Peter’s consciousness was brought forward to see what would happen if he made a certain choice and he then did not make that choice, then there is no reason for his consciousness to be brought forward to be shown the consequences of a choice he made, because he didn’t make it.

    I could stomach it better if the whole “future” thing was somehow a prediction of the future made evident to Peter, possibly shown to him by the machine or by the Observers or even Bell somehow or whomever/whatever. But time paradoxes are worse than dream sequences. At least with a dream, there are no inconsistencies with the “reality” of the story. With time paradoxes, the viewer is led to believe that the world “reality” is one way (in 2026), but, oh, no, forget that, it’s not really that way (in 2026), because it got changed somehow (in 2011). How did Peter see what the world was like in 2026 if it wasn’t really that way? The only explanation is that he didn’t really go, and that Walter in 2026 did not actually summon Peter’s consciousness forward.

    If the writers insist that Peter was actually summoned to 2026 and saw that which did not actually happen, then the writers can now do whatever they want with the story and explain it away as a result of the past, present, or future being “changed”. That’s not good. If that’s how the writers play it, then from this point forward in the show, nothing any character does matters, because anything can be reversed by just going to the past or the future and undoing any thing the writers regret having written. For instance, they could bring back William Bell by just going back in time and preventing his death. Once you introduce into a show that time paradoxes are possible, then you leave it open for anything and everything in the show to be completely changed, past, present, or future.

    I like time travel shows, but I deplore time paradoxes, because they, like Deus Ex Machina ploys, leave the viewer with the realization that the writers are willing to “cheat”. And when the viewers realize that, then they start losing interest, and the show starts losing ratings, and then the show gets canceled. I don’t want Fringe to be canceled, but if the writers insist on using time paradoxes to try to build up the drama (which it ultimately fails to do), then I will be one of the first to stop watching.

  29. Vashkan says:

    The tenor and tone of Fringe is virtually nothing akin to LOST, with the exception of the final death of Olivia and the Time Travel elements, the way the film was shot etc. The companion piece to lost was clearly Flash Forward, in almost every way. Fringe is its own work, and should be based on its own expression. Thankfully, the spirituality that was at the heart of the Abrams mythology, of which Flash Forward very much hearkened, is alive and well and at the heart of Fringe. The scene with Walter and the young woman when speaking of the dead cow and the end of the world was absolutely heartbreaking, and was one of the most spot on expressions of existentialist ennui that I have experienced in years.

  30. Chuck says:

    It made sense to me, if the show ended now I’d say it had a good run and gave us a good explanation. Since it’s apparently not over I just hope the writers are up to it and don’t mess up.

  31. sherri says:


  32. Nancy says:

    Quantum Physics. Study. End of message.

  33. starkiller says:

    My mind needs a cigarette.

  34. Mirror says:

    12 observers = 12 apostles? Did/will one of them betray Peter, the Jesus figure? I suppose one of them is “denying” him in this episode. And if the father did give up his only son to save humanity, then a resurrection must be coming!

  35. abbas says:

    I can’t believe it,peter?
    No,he is main part of this show,god,i can’t wait!
    Can olivia forget him?
    What the hell!?

  36. Richard Lingenberg says:

    If you follow Fringe it was a great finaly but for some one seeing it for the first time it probably did’t make any sense.

  37. Brian says:

    My biggest question is:
    If Olivia had learned to control her telekenesis,
    then how was it that she didn’t stop the bullet from killing her.
    Or perhaps she did just before it entered her brain,
    making it look to Walternate that he had succeded in killing her, She then faked her funeral, and in a future storyline that version of Olivia affects history to help further stop armageddon or save Peter.
    Also what about the guy in the zeppelin in her mind that she claims would be the one who will kill her, if Walternate is the killer then that episode made no sense. this adds to my Olivia 2026 didn’t die.

  38. visa victor says:

    Brad Dourif is an Awesome “C” list actor who has chosen his roles with great care for the last 30 years..
    & The thing about Time Travel is – The only way to move forward – is to go back – then move forward …… Hello Peter & Season 4..

    & P.S. Stop Being Mean to People it’s on only TV.

  39. Arminius says:

    peter never existed!! I remember peter, I wasn’t high watching this show ,maybe a few episodes but i still remember him.

  40. Exaybachay says:

    Regarding paradoxes… just pick any. Peter’s consciousness being “pulled forward” if 2026 never happened is equal to them all being in a room with the machine if he and Henry never existed… None of them really work from a single timestream, linear perspective.

    Clearly Peter “exists” or the Observers couldn’t be having a conversation about him. The question then becomes what level of awareness this given world has of him, and there’s your “how did we get there then?” paradox. An argument has been made that Walter would have crossed anyway because pushing boundaries is what he does – which can be supported by his “what I did I did by accident – you did it on purpose” comments to Walternate (nothing about Peter in that at its face). But still all of this reality shifting would be happening because Peter is blinked out of their relative existence, not the other way around.
    As Peter was explaining before he did his Back to the Future guitar solo exit, he’d created rips in both worlds to bridge them together. So the reals and fauxs are all conversing on shared space. The problem I have is not so much “how” Peter could cease to exist in that reality, but “why?” There’s no causal explanation set up.
    Only Peter from the alternate survives childhood to man the machine, and only Olivia from our universe has the telepathy to hot-wire it. It’s a cute Ying and Yang, but why didn’t Oliva disappear? Or anyone else? So it has to be machine-operator direct. Also Walter said that he couldn’t change events that had happened, but that they could change the choices that Peter makes during those events… Well changing “his choice” results in different outcome and is thus changing events, clearly, but I think we all take that to mean that Peter’s time in the machine is some sort of extra special convergence and jumping off point to multiple possible futures. After each, Walter would somehow need to send the machine back through time, or it could randomly be taken by a temporal worm hole (along with the notes) or you have paradox again.
    Speaking of notes – do the Observers supply those? Is that why they’re written in an unrecognized alphabet instead of explaining things more clearly? Will it be something old school and chicken vs. eggery like you have to hold Walter and Walternate’s instructions over one another and up to the light to read them together?
    They’ve already played with the idea of multiple events making multiple time-threads (didn’t Walter rep that idea in season 1 somewhere?)but I think adding divergent and ever multiplying possible universes on top of distinct parallel universes is far to vast and confusing, so it’s likely going to be limited to the two, distinct but parallel worlds – both sharing a constant (if malleable) time stream. I hope so, for narratives sake anyway.
    So one possible reason for Peter “blipping out” is that he has created a time-line option in which they don’t send the machine back, don’t build it, or don’t specify it for him. I mean, technically he could still “exist” in either universe or neither – he could just be Walter’s son, regular joe at home with his crisps and telly. Or he could have not survived childhood in either world. The Observers orchestrated Walternate being distracted and Walter crossing over because Peter was “important,” but if he set up events in which he was no longer that important, he might not have been saved in childhood on either side or he just might not be tied into the machine story. That would retcon him out of the notes, and open any possible reason up for his not being there.
    I do agree with the idea that the Observers don’t really always know how something is going to play out, but they seem like they’ve done it before… So it does seem like this is just another variation of the same for them.

  41. Phil 75 says:

    French Fan of this wonderful Tv Show. It’s gonna be very long til September and I am very lucky to spend so much time in the States ! In France they only saw season 2 …

  42. Orbe says:

    The “Peter don’t exist anymore” could mean the “Peter” “made” by him beeing stolen and raised in our universe never existed. And we can still think that a Peter who was never stolen from the other universe could still exist, beeing a different “Peter”.

  43. A. Fringe Fan says:

    I was horribly upset when the watchers said that ‘he never existed’, but honestly…when we think about it…Fringe would never be Fringe if Peter/Joshua Jackson was not right there within the midst of the show.

    He’ll come back in some fashion, surely. Olivia’s meant to be with him and so it will most likely come to pass. Right?

  44. Mr.Khrbr says:

    Someone HeLp me. I Can’t understand!. Is “Fringe” continue without Joshua Jackson??? I Hope, Peter (Joshua Jackson) will go on. Peter is one of the Best Character in Fringe. Walter & Peter & Olivia = BEST COMBO.

  45. john says:

    Hey how about we did this in our world and that is why it is at it is now and some people here now think they are god because of they have changed time but alas something came before and will come after them for they are not god such arrogance time will be endless indeed for them enjoy your immortality I wish you well.

  46. PapaChuck says:

    I’ve watched from the beginning. To me it is the best TV Sci’fi Drama ever. Great writers, Producers, Cast and Crew. 5-6-2011 show was magnificent. Can hardly wait until September. I’m am and as long as it’s on TV will be “”HINGEDonFRINGE”” Keep up the great work . . Wishing and Hoping for many more super seasons of FRINGE . . listen up FOX don’t let this show get away . . It’s a real keeper !!!!

  47. Tammy says:

    Not thrilled with the finale. Left me uncertain as to my interest in continuing to watch the show, and I’ve been an avid fan since the beginning. The observers are like the executives who decide which shows stay on the air and which ones get canceled. I’ll watch the first few episodes next season to see what happens and decide then. There will no doubt be a whole slew of new shows to check out come the fall.

  48. Bern says:

    As long as we are creating and destroying the multi-verse how about:

    Walter (remove the “hell” from Walter and you have water whose opposite is fire) and his counterpart are archangels (Raziel and Lucifer).

    Astrid (Compound name, from the elements ‘as’, which relates to the Aesir [a group of gods formed around Odin] and ‘trud’, ‘fair’ or ‘beautiful’. Farnsworth (The Farnsworth family tend to be mysterious and charismatic due to the families proximity to the planet Jupiter.) is the persistently beautiful mystery that accompanies all the archangels.

    The observers are simply the heavenly hosts.

    The machine is conception (feminine with its open cavity to receive) and Peter is the male creation which once joined with conception allows for any number of universes.

    Now Olivia means olive tree who’s extended branch is an offering of peace. So Olivia is the bringer of peace making her the Christ figure.

    Clear so far, eh?

    Let’s consider the name of the series for a moment:
    Fringe – the outside boundary or surface of something is obviously the new “outer limits”.

    Yet, fringe is also: a decorative ornamental border or edging consisting of hanging threads, tassels, and obviously there is a great deal of hassling going on over all the hanging threads!

    While in Physics fringe is any of the light and dark or colored bands produced by diffraction or interference of light! Therefore having interfered with the light by using a light bomb, the light and dark bands are fully justified in being opposed which brings us to the dramatic confrontational finale!

    With a name like Abrams (so close to Abraham) what else would you expect? ;-)

    So remember kids, keep it simple!

  49. j’adore fringe , c’est la meilleur série que j’ai suivi depuis ça départ jusqu’à la fin ,
    bonne continuation ,

  50. Pati says:

    I think that Peter still exists outside of the environs we saw in the finale.

    A Peter was born to both Walters and one died and “our” Peter lived….to be taken over to our universe by Walter.

    I think (hope) that by the ending of this season, that so much changes back that perhaps the original Peter did not die as a child. Perhaps because everything changed so much, perhaps what we didn’t see was the “other side” disappearing…….who knows.

    But I definitely believe that Peter is still in the story and will still hold a key role.

    Love the show….can’t wait till September.