Fringe Finale Exclusive: WTF Just Happened?! Producers Answer (Some) Burning Questions

[Warning: The following story is chockablock with spoilers from Friday night’s Fringe season finale. Watch before you read. Seriously.]

Fringe‘s Season 3 finale could have ended with Peter emerging from the Machine, as he and Olivia survey the roomful of doppelgangers he just united. Or, it could have gone a step further and left us with the jarring image of Peter “fizzling” away in the midst of debriefing the Walters on his learning from the future.

But this is Fringe. And the envelope-pushing sci-fier dialed up the WTF to 11 by closing the season with an Observer explaining that no one inside Lady Liberty is batting an eye at Peter’s vanishing because to them — now, having “served his purpose” — he “never existed.”

OK…. What?

Speaking with executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman after we previewed the finale, TVLine led with the No. 1 question on our list: Does Joshua Jackson have a Fringe gig come fall? Or should he have been auditioning for pilots? “He’s got a job. He’s still under contract,” Wyman confirms. “We can’t yet reveal what exactly we have in store for him, but he’s definitely not going out for other shows.”

As for those final two scenes, Pinkner said that even the most time paradox-savvy viewers “should be wondering” how it is that Peter vanished from existence, yet said he would be remiss to shed much light on that or what’s in store for Season 4. “The less spoilerage, the better,” he deferred. “The reason to come back and watch is exactly for the questions you’re asking.”

Wyman instead points viewers to this scene: “When Walter in the future says he has figured out a plan to send a message back to the past, he says that bringing Peter’s consciousness forward of course would have consequences.” Or as Future Peter himself remarked when presented with Walter’s plan: “Imagine the repercussions.” Indeed.

But could even the brilliant Walter have surmised that preventing a future doomsday would rob him of being with his son in the past? “One of the things we were playing with this season,” says Pinkner, “is a journey of acceptance for Walter, accepting what the Observers were trying to teach him in ‘Firefly’ – that in order to undo the damage he has done, he may have to be willing to sacrifice Peter.”

To briefly recap the finale episode, before we share more from Wyman and Pinkner: After glimpsing an instant of disorientation, we realize we are observing Peter as he exists in the year 2026, complete with memories of what he made wife (!) Olivia that morning for breakfast. The recovery of a “light bomb” used by a terrorist named Moreau sets in motion a chain of events in which Walter — now “the most reviled” man on the globe, as the deliverer of doomsday — deduces that it is he who will design the Machine and send it into the very distant past via the Central Park wormhole. He hypothesizes that if he can bring Peter’s 2011 consciousness “forward” in time long enough to realize that he must make another choice once in the Machine, both worlds can be saved. Alas, though Walter is spot-on in his assessment, it appears there are in fact “repercussions” to this correction, when Peter fades away from his 2011 existence, never to be remembered.

Now, a few other burning questions the Fringe EPs took on:

If Peter “Never Existed,” Wouldn’t That Mean No Feud Between the Walters, No Machine Activated, No 2026 Doomsday…? | In a word, no. “Walter and [William] Bell were always trying to find a way to cross over, even before the Peter [abduction] incident,” Pinkner reminds. “So things may have happened differently.”

What Was “Lost In Detroit,” As Future Peter Alluded To With Broyles? | “That’s not something the audience needs to understand just yet,” says Wyman. “It’s obviously something heavily emotional between them – that may or may not be the cause of Broyles losing an eye.”

Was Olivia In Fact the “Beloved Character” Spoiled To Be Dying In the Finale? (Or Was It Gene the Cow?) | “In the course of the episode, it was Olivia,” confirms Pinkner, noting that Gene had gone to that great dairy farm in the sky sometime between 2011 and 2026.

Is That It for Big Baddie Moreau? | Sadly, yes. Played by Dune‘s Brad Dourif, Moreau and his End of Dayers threat was simply the Case of the Week for Fringe Team ’26.

Have We Also Seen the Last Of Grown-Up Ella (Boardwalk Empire‘s Emily Meade)? | Yes, says Wyman — “for the time being.”

Did Fox Execs Have As Many Questions About Fringe‘s Latest Freaky Finale As I Did? | “Probably more!” Pinkner says with a laugh. “But everybody is asking the right questions – not questions of confusion but questions of intrigue, of being compelled. We always like it when it’s like that.” Adds Wyman: “We’ve gained a lot of trust over the years [when pitching ideas to the network]. They have now seen the way we operate, how we always have tent posts that we are moving toward and from.”

What did you think, Fringe fans? Did the finale sufficiently blow your mind?

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  1. Troy in Lincoln says:

    It did happen, its not all in Peter’s mind. The Observers confirmed this at the end. It was an outcome to another attempt to save the universe. The key in getting Peter back is in future Walter’s ability to move Peter’s consciousness “forward”. (Time is not linear)) Peter in body is gone for now, and the memory of Peter has been wiped away as an unexpected result of the “bridge”,-although the Observer hypothisized this might happen. But Peter’s connection will be through Olivia’s niece, hence the picture on the fridge. We know drawings hold alot of meaning in Fringe and back in 2011, she is that girl holding Peter’s hand.

  2. William says:

    when did Ella Blake change her last name to Dunham and why???

    • Rob says:

      It was heavily suggested in the future that she had “lost” something when Walter was talking to her, it also seemed as though Peter and Olivia had been taking care of her for a long period of her life. There were definite suggestions to that. It’s very possibly she changed her name back to her mother’s/Olivia’s name to pay a tribute to them.

  3. Robert says:

    It now has become so convoluted that I don’t even bother trying to theorize what is going on beyond the possibility that through some time dilation event, Walter jumps a sharktank with a motorcycle…

  4. Grey says:

    Am I the only one wondering what happened to the man with the cross from Olivia’s mind? The one who is “supposed” to kill her…Because if Walternate kills Olivia then he is definitely not the man with the cross.

    I sincerely hope there is some payoff for that small bit of info (since the show harped on it at the end of the episode and then never mentioned it again). The execs better not drop it completely like they sometimes do (Nina & Broyles kissing, anyone?)

  5. Robin says:

    I think this could be why I have a headache now…
    Oh I so had to rewind and watch the last few minutes again…after the observer said “he had served his purpose and had never existed.” That doesn’t compute with me b/c Walter was talking to him… I did notice how they weren’t really looking at him at first, and Peter was doing most of the talking but Walter replied with “the first people” right? so how can it be that he doesn’t exist?

  6. Jonathan says:

    Didn’t the Observers say, “It’s as if he never existed” or, “It’s like he never existed?”

    They didn’t say that he never existed. If he did exist, he ceased to exist in the connected world – bc: 1. He did exist as a real person, but was created by the Observers, and then eliminated; 2. He did exist, but was not “really” a free and independent person; 3. He did exist as a real person, but as I said in an earlier post, his consciousness was in the machine or elsewhere while his image was a hologram.

    If he did exist, and doesn’t in then current timeline, he still existed.

    Since there’s only one Peter for universes, he can’t be in 2 places at once. Thus, the connected universes is now one place, and Peter is elsewhere, in a new second universe.

    One last thought: Peter ends up on the Lost Island where Jack greets Peter saying, “I’ve been waiting for you,” and takes the Island through time to find the pieces of the machine and buries them in the Island.

    • mr d says:

      nice to see someone not crying about joshua jakcson not coming back , and actually showing some critical thinking skills , and good humour . thank you jonathan

    • Chad says:

      Actually It would be a dream come true if they found a legit way to make fringe and lost relate at the end.

  7. Rob says:

    The Observer’s line is: “They don’t remember Peter.”
    “How could they, he never existed.”
    Speaking of the observers, we’ve always theorized that there were 12 observers (one for each month), but in the scene at the end there were only 10 (8 in the background plus September? and December) add in August (was killed in season 2) that only makes 11. Unless you count the kid from Inner Child as the missing member.

  8. DN says:

    Are the producers doing a reboot of Peter and Olivia’s relationship? Was that a big psych-out showing them as a married couple, only to start from scratch next season so they can begin the (annoying) ‘will they or won’t they’ anew?

    This is treacherous territory the producers are entering because they could lose viewers if they scratch all that’s been built up between the heroes. And, considering the finale’s rating, “Fringe” could get only 13 more episodes instead of a full season. I, for one, thought the move was quite clever, but will stop watching this show if it is a reboot that is in the plans.

  9. mare says:

    Yea, right, sell it somewhere else, Producers. If Peter&Josh Jackson were such an important part of the show, you wouldn’t keep finding new ways to reduce his roll. What a disappointment this season has been for me. First they limited his role this season with the alt universe stories, and now they show how little they care by winking his character out of existence? They never would have done that to Olivia. No, apparently these people think Peter is the most expendable character. And they were right, because everything they wrote last night proved their point that if you take Peter out of the equation, nothing really changes. Hell, he’s not even important enough to be rembered, and sure as hell not to have impacted the world in any significant way.

    Nothing like a show writing how unimportant your fave character is, to kill your interest in the show. Blinking out of existance a character they had no use of wasn’t brave or daring, just very telling. I’m so done with this show.

    • mostlyDigital says:

      If Peter never existed then all of the show’s history would have to be recreated back from and including Walter’s building the viewer and discovering the alternate universe. In short, about 95% of Fringe. What do you you think the odds of that are? More likely that Peter has a (relatively) quick and simple return. “They would never have done that to Olivia”? She got a bullet to the brain and was dead for ten minutes. So far Peter’s been gone for about 30 seconds of screen time. I’m just wondering whether the next season’s plot arc will be based on healing the universes or move on to something else.

  10. Peanut Gallery says:

    Still processing, still processing. Wow, I think my brain will be broke without Fringe until September!!! That WAS AMAZING!!! But it gives me time to Hook so many more people on Fringe in he meantime!!! I have addicts to make and time to do it!!!Armed with the DVD’s that have come out and the Fringe website to go to, I have plenty to do!!!I hope both universes get together and stay together somehow next season, that will give us Charlie Back!! and We can have TWO Lincoln’s and TWO Olivia’s!!! Yay! I think Walternate should go to JAIL, but that is just ME! The Peanut Gallery

  11. TinCan says:

    It appeared to me that 2026 Walter had a stroke as he never used one arm and seemed to talk from the side of his mouth.

    • Bob Genghis Khan (you'd have to be a Bill and Ted fan to get that joke) says:

      Well spotted – Tanya Swerling (@TSFringe – confirmed that observation in her live Twitter session)

  12. Karen says:

    As long as Joshua Jackson is still starring in the 4th season, I’m loving it!

  13. Ray says:

    Well the finale totally blew my mind. So frustrated, can’t wait for september.
    So the First people are actually the future versions of our people who sent the machine back in time? And if this is a paradox kind of circle I guess we’ll never find out who built the machine in the first place but I believe it was William Bell. In the Season 2 finale, they said that the machine had the significant trademark design of William Bell and without Peter existing, Bell would survive Season 2 and live on to build the machine and send it back in time through the wormhole.
    Time travel just gives me a headache.

    I hope they resolve this Peter disappearing act because it makes so many episodes of Season 3 feel useless if he was never there. The first half of Season 3 would never have happened so no Peter and two Olivias love triangle, no baby henry, pretty much all the character development arcs of season 3 have gone poof.
    It made sense that Peter would disappear because he was correcting the imbalances between the two worlds and it was his survival through Walter’s meddling that “tipped the scales”. But I want to know how the writers will bring back Peter because there is no Fringe with only two of the main trio.
    It would be nice if they managed to change the events through the machine’s course correcting so that both Peter’s survived, giving Josh Jackson two characters to play like the others but having all the destruction coming from a different cause.

    • Angstrom says:

      I bet he comes back to the show as an Observer, bald head and all. Then by some choice or action of his own, he will be reinserted into one of the universes as Peter again.

  14. Cj says:

    My first thought was that season four is going to be exactly like lost, jumping back and forth from present to future. Peter and Olivia pulling a sun and Jin, stuck in whatever time they’re in, trying to get back to each other.

    Idk, they better have a good excuse for peter’s disappearance. Otherwise it looks real sloppy.

  15. ginger says:

    So does this mean w/o Peter and the extent that our Walter went through to cap his memories, by frying the brain, is he going to be just like Walternate? Without something to scare him to do that, I’m scared he won’t be such a sweet/confused man…… Love his character and the craziness….chocolate milk, lol

  16. Monster3009 says:

    As we know the “Observers” claim that there are many timelines working at the same time….Infinite future! I think the climax showed one scenario which is a completely different universe and timeline. So in short there are three universes (I assume) where Peter was never born. Also, noteworthy is the fact that how did Walternate got the papers which show (B)Oliva can stop the doomsday machine.

    There is another possibility that as Walter suggest to transfer Peter’s (future) consciousness forward, the Peter – Present and Future became one entity. So we will only be seeing him where the scenario is in 2026.

  17. Holly says:

    After I finished the episode, I wrote on my Facebook page “OK. What!?!”. And then I came on here and saw that was your reaction too. I just thought that was funny.

    I can’t wait to see where this goes next season!

  18. Lisa says:

    Loved, loved, loved this. The last time I had that mind melted moment was when the hatch opened. Only one thing annoyed me – I understand they couldn’t really age the actors – to get Olivia to roughly 45/47 – but, talk about them having a baby at the age? Peter getting her pregnant? At 45?? I thought that was asking the viewer to suspend their disbelief a little too much.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Umm…pregnancies by women in their mid to late 40s happen alot nowadays. We have an alternate universe, shape shifters, time traveling Observers, Peter time traveling 15 years, using a ‘doomsday machine’ to do this, wormholes connecting that future to the prehistoric past, and then Peter returning to the present and using the device to link the two universes, and the most unbelievable thing to you was the thought of Peter getting Olivia pregnant at age 47? Really??

      • Shan says:

        Nice one irishgirl.
        It’s funny isn’t it, god forbid a woman in her 40’s wants / can have a baby.. but a man, he can father a child in his seventies and it’s all handshakes and good for you… sickening. Women are capable of having children well into their 40’s, even later.. we’re just led to believe its unhealthy and they’re too old. Total double standard. Women like Lisa are why women are so f-cked over in this world.. and probably the alternate one as well ;p

        • I understand the double standard but it’s still fair to say that the older the average woman gets, the more dangerous — yes, dangerous — is it for them to carry a child to term. That’s just biology. The age vs danger ratio is different for everyone (and I’m sure Olivia remains in superlative health, Cortexiphan and all) and is linked directly to their pre-conception health. Then there’s the whole fertility/menopause issue.

          Anyway, later-in-life births are more common these days as health practices and technology progress. But +40 pregnancy still shouldn’t be taken lightly.

          (Irishgirl’s response to Lisa sums up my thoughts on the initial point)

  19. Charge says:

    I happen to know a bit about this type of stuff and all I have to say is, “IT MAKES NO SENSE. THIS OUTCOME IS NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE (nor makes sense with the most logical and probable theories)”…unless of course when they say he never existed, they meant a new alternate reality was created which is an exact duplicate (minus Peter) of the two universes and an event of them coming together at one location, because this could allow for Peter to have existed in what we knew, but not to this new direction of the new realities that came into being at the end of the episode. In other words, Peter has to be somewhere, it doesn’t have to be currently, maybe he was sent into the past in the original reality or into the future we had witnessed in most of this finale episode itself. I like how Fringe always has something new and unexpected and I think it is one of the best current shows on tv, but I worry that the writers and producers may not know exactly how to make sense of all this. Good Luck guys, its up to you now.

    • “Pinkner said that even the most time paradox-savvy viewers “should be wondering” how it is that Peter vanished from existence…”
      You DID read that part in the article, right?

  20. Charge says:

    An additional note; one could also argue that Peter did technically exist, but not to their perception, and so therefore is dead in a manner that can only be reversed by some other time travel or alteration. Peter did exist, the Observers remembered him because of their type of existence, but in the sense of the perception of those at the end of the episode, he did not (which leads back to the idea that a new duplicate of the universes was realized at the end of the episode).

  21. Bob Genghis Khan (you'd have to be a Bill and Ted fan to get that joke) says:

    WELL! I did not see that coming! Mind you 2026 looked pretty depressing with tinned steak and table wine out of a box. It’s not 1986 y’know…when stewed steak and boxed wine were ‘fashionable’. But I’m sure there’s a (cleverly written) back story there too.


    1) Does Walter only shave when he’s allowed out of custody?
    2) What happened to Sam Weiss?
    3) There was no Sprint branding on the future phones – surely a promotional opportunity missed?
    4) How did Peter know to go to that house to ‘meet’ Walternate
    5) Does this mean that William Bell never get vaporised

    It was nice to see Anna Torv dress a little more feminine and she even smiles as future Olivia the Boss. Not sure about Astrid’s straight hair though…come back Pacey…I mean Peter though…

    Thank Crunchie (it’s a UK confectionery) there will be a Season 4. Everybody’s gotta keep watching and make sure the ratings are good. I DO not want this series to vanish in to a worm hole anytime soon.

    • Rose Connelly says:

      I can answer #1 for you, razor blades aren’t allowed in prison. They can be used for a myriad of things that guards do NOT want to deal with, i.e. suicides and filing through handcuffs.
      Plus, if Walter is as hated as it seems in the future, the prison probably wants him as uncomfortable as possible out of spite.

    • Irishgirl says:

      #4 – The campsite they’d checked out with the radioactive signature….there was a key box left there. Inside was the key to the cabin on Reiden Lake, where Peter was taken by Walter years ago. The key is very distinctive looking.

  22. Kelly says:

    All I could say after watching was Holy Crap, OMG, What? No! and Sept is too far away. I still don’t have an interest in the other world or Bolivia. But as long as they don’t end or mess with the core family of Our Olivia/Peter/Our Walter I’ll stick around for all the crazy twists.

  23. Jonathan says:

    Someone corrected me earlier about what the observers said. They said, “how could they, he never existed.” I read into it, “it’s as if…” he never existed, which I think can be easily read into it (at least by me). They at least thought he existed until that moment and thus, he couldn’t have never existed. But the Observers linked up several times with Walter either stating or inferring that Peter needed to love, but that his time with Walter was limited. I think that one Peter had to die and one had to live to be the one that could save both, and if gone, could restore the balance. If both lived or both died, there would have had to be another uneven death. If the drowned Peter had lived, and the other Peter was saved, both would be in jeopardy.

    I wonder what happens if you kill an Observer? I think the two Walters should catch one and find out what e deal is. If nothing else, maybe Cartoon Belly will come back and save everyone.

  24. Lingon says:

    Though the ending was awesome, lots of long boring moments in this episode that prolonged the show but added nothing – Peter’s drinking scene, the lengthy funeral scened. I was disappointed. The whole show needs to be dynamite, not just the finale. Come on writers. Give us the whole 40 minutes to talk about and not just the cliff hanger ending!

  25. Lingon says:

    Does any one else out there think that the weekly plots with crimes that the Fringe solves are far more interesting episodes than the silly long plot of alter-universes and stars playing dual but similar roles? I would love it if the writers brought back the way Fringe originally was with more weekly adventures that change each week. Far more interesting and compelling to watch.

    • Mj says:

      I thought so too. I observed that most shows that prolonged in tv were those with solving a case per episode, eg bones, criminal minds, ncis, csi, law and order. I dont know perhaps fringe should not take things too differently from what they started. I really hope they did not changed the storyline… I love fringe, the 3 seasons for me is awesome, but if they are planning to change the whole thing for having Peter as never existed, then does this mean that the entire 3 season has been reset? And i hope this time travel thing is not the cornerstone of the story because this will be very bad for the show in my opinion, coz if it is then it is safe to say that they almost replicate Lost, and for me that show was awful.

      Lastly, what made me love and watched fringe was the emotions that i got from the show’s previous seasons, it has funny, romantic, scary, thrilling moments that i held on to… And i totally missed those things from the show, though not entirely because hey peter and olivia became a couple right? What’s missing also was, i cant see the pattern!!!! So im still very positive that season 4 will not screw up the whole thing

    • Kelly says:

      I think the observes and sam weiss are cool. I think the idea of another universe is ok but I’m not interest in over there stories. I like our universe,our team and their cases of the week while also developing their family and relationships with each other in little moments. I’d be more than happy to never see the alternates again.

  26. dawn says:

    i was just angry. :(

  27. alienbee says:

    OK. I was an XF addict and have become a Fringe addict over the years. The XF had the mythology as well as the stand alone episodes. Fringe has sort of gotten stuck in the mythology. However, it did what the XF never did – it shocked me. This I didn’t see coming. The Olivia – Peter – Walter relationship is the reason I watch though. Their dynamic is multi-dimensional but at the heart of it a real family. I was getting a bit aggravated that, once Peter and Olivia became a couple we didn’t see them interact with Walter much. I now wonder if that was for a reason.

  28. Jean D says:

    @MM. Pinkner and Wyman: I totally hate you but my alternate self unconditionally loves you guys! ;)

  29. Aimee says:


  30. Mzlola says:

    Friggin loved Fringe been watching since the first episode… I was so confused when I saw the finale!!!! I need for Peter to be back. I need him…

  31. T says:

    Pete is still alive in the alternate universe. He never got kidnapped by Walter, so he is probably married to the other Oliva with child. The Pete here died as a child, which is why nobody knows him in this universe.

    • Traxman says:

      How Very Insightful Of You Avid Viewer! You R Obviously a Huge Fan! I think you have ‘Solved it in 1’ as they say! This is 4 sure, what is Going on Now that I think of it a Bit More–This Is the Only thing that Makes sense: If he has in Fact already Passed on–then We have ‘Non Existence’ Congrats on Stating an Obvious Yet Passed Over Solution to the Whole Observers Comment! Way Cool–This is The Best Show On TV at Present–Eagerly await Next Fall to see Just How this is All Explained?

      Cheers T:

  32. becky says:

    I watched a S1 episode of this and was bored out of my mind. It had some X-files-y mystery about people disappearing in a field, but it wasn’t sharp, thrilling or funny enough to interest me. Good GOD that blonde woman is bland.

    Now I hear that, much like X files, the overarching mystery or conspiracy storyline is what really draws you in, but like LOST, they reveal things at a drip-like pace.

    All I can say is: IM WAITING TIL IT’S FINISHED!


  33. Nightghaunt says:

    I’m sorry but if they make it so Peter never existed I’m gonna be pissed. That would invalidate the entire 3 previous seasons and that’s just stupid. It would be a really big rookie temporal mistake and a cop-out.

  34. fringefan says:

    I hope they´re planning on doing something to bring Peter back…all that’s happening is great and I’m a total fan…but I want Peter back!

  35. Dawn Hannock says:

    If Peter never excisted then what about his Son that the other Olivia gave birth to? Does this mean their is no child?

  36. Fred Lassonde says:

    Well, I stand by my last comment which I see did not get posted here? Anyway, Poof Fringe what is that? I guess it never existed!

  37. Fred Lassonde says:

    Well, I stand by my last comment which I see did not get posted here? Anyway, Poof Fringe what is that? I guess it never existed!

  38. uFolk says:

    This is the greatest series I`ve seen for a looooooong time!! FRINGE has many fans in Sweden too you know! ;)

  39. dave says:

    I still want to know who/what the Observers are. I hope they get more exploration in Season 4 as well.

  40. Annaeeee says:

    I just have to say that ever since the first episode I knew this would be a great show and that I honestly thought for a moment that it would not last for long, but I’m so glad it has! Some series get really boring as the seasons go by, but all three seasons have been great and definitely every season has been better than the last!

  41. imarrcuss says:

    Did Peter happen to touch Olivia’s head before he disappeared…just say’n.

  42. Dawn says:

    ok really, peter not there.. how are they gonna explain how close a relationship olivia has to walter. 2 how do you explain the baby olivia has on the other side. 3 how do you explain the machine turning on if it was peter that had to turn it on in the first place. 4 EVERYONE in the fringe division knows who peter is, so how can you erase everyones mind. Peter is an essential part of this show. This is just stupid. You cant explain how they all are in the same part of the universe without also explaining peter. this was not planned well. I cant wait to see how it is explained in september

  43. Bob Singer says:

    So, has anyone asked the question ” If there are two of everyone (except for Peter whose doppleganger died), where is the other universe’s Mr. Bell?”

    • chad says:

      They have already stated that the other Mr. Bell died in a car crash.
      This could mean:
      1. It was a lie and he didn’t really die
      2. The fact that it was a car crash was a cover up and he was murdered
      3. He really did die in a car crash.
      But yes thats what has been said.

  44. Chad says:

    Questions I still have.
    1. Will this time traveling relate to the beacons and bring them back into the story.
    2. Who was looking for Peter in the first season? Does this have anything to do with that?
    3. Do the observers work for Future Walter and have another time machine. Does time traveling make you lose your hair?
    4. What was up with that observer kid?

    • Chad says:

      5. Does anyone remember when Walter went back to the Asylum to figure out more about “the equation” and seen himself across the courtyard? Was that a future Walter? Walternate? LSD? or another forgotten event by the writers?

  45. Kathleen says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome… But I wouldn’t expect any less from these guys! Can’t wait to see what happens next & I just hope FOX is smart & keeps this show for many seasons to come!!

  46. surfingtacos says:

    when does the new season start?

  47. Cranky Old Batt says:

    What if…

    Peter fizzling was only the beginning of the doomsday timeline fizzling and the next x seasons are all about the reversal.

    Meaning we get to see everything that has happened undo itself.


    What if…

    Walter and William Bell fractured Blue universe into Blue and Red universes and the machine’s purpose all along was to “stitch” them back together (Yellow universe)?

  48. Lori says:

    This show doesn’t remind me of LOST. It reminds me more of Alias and searching for the Rambaldi artifacts, and especially the drawing of Sydney Bristow reminded me of the likeness drawn of Olivia. I hope Fringe doesn’t end as pathetically as Alias did.

  49. Rosanne says:

    The question around alternate Olivias son wasn’t answered!!!!!????

  50. Joseph Echevarria says:

    Fringe’s finale, fraught with fantastic future foibles, foists frustration and forcefully facets for future features.