Fringe Finale Exclusive: WTF Just Happened?! Producers Answer (Some) Burning Questions

[Warning: The following story is chockablock with spoilers from Friday night’s Fringe season finale. Watch before you read. Seriously.]

Fringe‘s Season 3 finale could have ended with Peter emerging from the Machine, as he and Olivia survey the roomful of doppelgangers he just united. Or, it could have gone a step further and left us with the jarring image of Peter “fizzling” away in the midst of debriefing the Walters on his learning from the future.

But this is Fringe. And the envelope-pushing sci-fier dialed up the WTF to 11 by closing the season with an Observer explaining that no one inside Lady Liberty is batting an eye at Peter’s vanishing because to them — now, having “served his purpose” — he “never existed.”

OK…. What?

Speaking with executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman after we previewed the finale, TVLine led with the No. 1 question on our list: Does Joshua Jackson have a Fringe gig come fall? Or should he have been auditioning for pilots? “He’s got a job. He’s still under contract,” Wyman confirms. “We can’t yet reveal what exactly we have in store for him, but he’s definitely not going out for other shows.”

As for those final two scenes, Pinkner said that even the most time paradox-savvy viewers “should be wondering” how it is that Peter vanished from existence, yet said he would be remiss to shed much light on that or what’s in store for Season 4. “The less spoilerage, the better,” he deferred. “The reason to come back and watch is exactly for the questions you’re asking.”

Wyman instead points viewers to this scene: “When Walter in the future says he has figured out a plan to send a message back to the past, he says that bringing Peter’s consciousness forward of course would have consequences.” Or as Future Peter himself remarked when presented with Walter’s plan: “Imagine the repercussions.” Indeed.

But could even the brilliant Walter have surmised that preventing a future doomsday would rob him of being with his son in the past? “One of the things we were playing with this season,” says Pinkner, “is a journey of acceptance for Walter, accepting what the Observers were trying to teach him in ‘Firefly’ – that in order to undo the damage he has done, he may have to be willing to sacrifice Peter.”

To briefly recap the finale episode, before we share more from Wyman and Pinkner: After glimpsing an instant of disorientation, we realize we are observing Peter as he exists in the year 2026, complete with memories of what he made wife (!) Olivia that morning for breakfast. The recovery of a “light bomb” used by a terrorist named Moreau sets in motion a chain of events in which Walter — now “the most reviled” man on the globe, as the deliverer of doomsday — deduces that it is he who will design the Machine and send it into the very distant past via the Central Park wormhole. He hypothesizes that if he can bring Peter’s 2011 consciousness “forward” in time long enough to realize that he must make another choice once in the Machine, both worlds can be saved. Alas, though Walter is spot-on in his assessment, it appears there are in fact “repercussions” to this correction, when Peter fades away from his 2011 existence, never to be remembered.

Now, a few other burning questions the Fringe EPs took on:

If Peter “Never Existed,” Wouldn’t That Mean No Feud Between the Walters, No Machine Activated, No 2026 Doomsday…? | In a word, no. “Walter and [William] Bell were always trying to find a way to cross over, even before the Peter [abduction] incident,” Pinkner reminds. “So things may have happened differently.”

What Was “Lost In Detroit,” As Future Peter Alluded To With Broyles? | “That’s not something the audience needs to understand just yet,” says Wyman. “It’s obviously something heavily emotional between them – that may or may not be the cause of Broyles losing an eye.”

Was Olivia In Fact the “Beloved Character” Spoiled To Be Dying In the Finale? (Or Was It Gene the Cow?) | “In the course of the episode, it was Olivia,” confirms Pinkner, noting that Gene had gone to that great dairy farm in the sky sometime between 2011 and 2026.

Is That It for Big Baddie Moreau? | Sadly, yes. Played by Dune‘s Brad Dourif, Moreau and his End of Dayers threat was simply the Case of the Week for Fringe Team ’26.

Have We Also Seen the Last Of Grown-Up Ella (Boardwalk Empire‘s Emily Meade)? | Yes, says Wyman — “for the time being.”

Did Fox Execs Have As Many Questions About Fringe‘s Latest Freaky Finale As I Did? | “Probably more!” Pinkner says with a laugh. “But everybody is asking the right questions – not questions of confusion but questions of intrigue, of being compelled. We always like it when it’s like that.” Adds Wyman: “We’ve gained a lot of trust over the years [when pitching ideas to the network]. They have now seen the way we operate, how we always have tent posts that we are moving toward and from.”

What did you think, Fringe fans? Did the finale sufficiently blow your mind?

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  1. Reno says:

    OMG WTF? How in the world am I going to wait until SEPTEMBER? No Peter??? NO WAY!

    • fan says:

      pretty much this. I just finished watching and can’t believe it..(what am I going to do with my crush on Peter? and how are they planning on topping THIS?)

      • JC says:

        What are you going to do with your Crush on Peter?.. He never existed -> no crush on him =p.

        • Sandi says:

          And what about Peter’s offspring? He has a son on the other side. Does he still exist if Peter doesn’t to them anymore.

      • Joanna says:

        OMG! What the hell is the Fringe makers thinking!?!? I only started watching it because of Peter (and my enormous crush on him!) God I can’t wait until September!

        • Danius says:

          You guys did not read well: “He’s got a job. He’s still under contract,” Wyman confirms. Peter will be back. As long as its full time and not partial like say Mulder circa season 7…

        • Steve says:

          While you keep Peter occupied, i will console Olivia……. both of them of course :P lol

          brilliant series, cant wait for series 4.

      • caroline says:

        OKAY, Peter Crush is one thing, but OMG.. did he look awesome/handsome/droolingly hot.. I can see Joshua in an action movie of some type… he was way to hot for anyone’s good…Oh, and by the time the episode/season finale ended I was thinking, where the hell is “Frank the Rabbit”???? They borrowed more than a few pages from DD!!(Donnie Darko, for those wondering).. Time travel, no consequences my ass!! Of course there are going to be HUGE reprecussions from Walter (Dear God what an actor John Noble is,, you could physically SEE the differences between our Walter and Walter from the other side)This was everything and then some in terms of a finale.. but absolutely loved the life lessons learned from DD that the writers took and wove into the finale.. only thing missing, was Frank!!

        • Tico says:

          did you know he was up for the role of Batman?

        • Tammy says:

          I agree, John Noble is amazing. Did you notice that one side of his body was paralyzed. And he speaks in a strong Australian accent normally. Great actor!

          • Sharon says:

            I noticed that also about John Noble, Olivia sounds like she has an English, slight one, accent also.

          • Lynne says:

            That was the 1st thing I noticed after they gave him a shave and brought him back to the Lab at Harvard,his mouth and his right arm but they never made mention of it…then it seemed like it got a little better at the end of the show…odd!

        • Jen says:

          I Agree it was a mind blower left me with my mouth wide open…
          John Noble is most impressive actor He really appears to be two distinctly different people.
          Hope they bring Peter back.

          • Bry says:

            I believe the ‘Detroit incident’ Peter mentions will explain Walter’s right side paralysis as well as Broyle’s damaged eye.

        • Janette stephenson says:

          I asbolutely agree: John Noble is a superb actor. His range is awesome.

    • Liz says:

      Just finished as well and I’m still saying “no”!! Thank god this show didn’t get canceled true presesesor of Lost!

      • Paul W says:

        Absolutely! Totally agree. This season has been epic!

      • Slappy san says:

        Please don’t compare Fringe to that show. It’s nothing like it. I thank “the magic man in the sky” for that too.

        • Mike K says:

          Really? I think Fringe has taken a lot of elements that were explored in Lost and taken it even further. The finale of season 3 of fringe was just more proof as to that, with moving forward in time and exploring the other fringe concepts.

          Besides that, Lost was a fantastic show. Don’t condemn!

          • NickC says:

            Agreed…LOST was Epic and Fringe fills that hole…Having said that i was sooo let down by this episode.The big death was nothing.(death in a possible future means nothing)The ending with Peter not only made no sense but it left me more pissed then amazed.Reading the interview he comes off as arrogant.I LOVE Fringe but i was let down in a Big way.Great season.Disappointing end.

          • Glenda says:

            Really, I see more of what they TRIED to do with Alias back in the day in what they’re doing here. Even down to the “ancient drawings” depicting main characters in some kind of doomsday plot. They tried to do all of that in Alias through the Rambaldi plotline. For some reason there were a lot of people who weren’t fans of that, though I was. I’m glad to see JJ’s love of this kind of plot device find it’s home in Fringe. And he’s always loved big finale line bombs. “Sydney, you’ve been missing for two years.” Is just as big a mind-blower as “he never existed”. Good work JJ!

          • Susan S says:

            While most of the US was gaga over Lost, I found it rather uninspiring. The characters were too predictable and the story line was limp as a noodle. After the first season of wanting to like it for the sake of my family, I went back to writing my books and left them to the TV.

            Fringe, for me, was a mixture of interest and boredom. The first episode was a dud and if I believed in judging a show by it’s first episode I’d still be in the dark. By the third episode, I could begin to see the story arch and that helped to offset the lame episodic drivel.

            I agree with Slappy san. The two were cut from different cloth. The story arch of Lost was chaotic and uninspiring while Fringe kept things hopping. They aren’t in the same league.

          • Melissa says:

            This show is certainly more like Alias than Lost in my opinion, but then I never did watch Lost all the way to the end. Good connection Glenda!

          • Meeps says:

            DINGDINGDING!!!! I’ve just found the most stuck-up, pompous, self-promoting comment on the Internet for May 11, 2011!

            SUSAN S, please come forward to accept your prize: your own private *live* editor to proofread all of your correspondence! No more plebeian “mistakes” for a genius writer like yourself! CAN I GET A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR SUSAN S? HOORAY!!!

        • migs says:

          Dude. JJ Abrahams.
          Lost and Fringe are his babies. Of course there is going to be a bunch of similarities. And I love it.
          Lost has been one of the best TV I’ve ever seen.
          That said. Just keep in mind that not a lot of questions will be answered, cause that’s how he likes to do things. Cloverfield, anyone?

          • Lynne says:

            OMG…what a waste of my viewing time…we actually went to the theater and half of us had to leave due to motion sickness…much easier to watch on the small screen.
            I LOVED Lost and during Oliva’s funeral you could tell it was the same person who did both…the music and all…I have watched Fringe since the beginning…the 1st season got a little boring but by the 2nd season it got a whole lot better..can’t wait til season 4!!!!!

          • Karin says:

            OMG….loved Cloverfield. I must be a JJ Junkie. LOL

        • bobby san says:

          you are correct my fringe friend! my opinion, lost sucked. watched first 2 eps, 2 diff views from 2 diff peeps. whatever! i got lost, and left. fringe is nooothing like lost. i thank the magic man also. peace. and may fringe get to the masses.

      • maxxx says:

        Anyone else see Battlestar Galactica similarities with the first humans storyline?

        • bhb says:

          Yes Maxxx there are similarities to the much missed BSG show. Plus I saw references from Lost, X-Files & also Twilight Zone shows all throughout the season. However, this show is the best of them all. I saw great job to the everyone involved with the show especially the cast, writers & producers of the show. You all deserve a huge applause from us fans.
          Plus can anyone else not tell me why the 3 main actors are up for especially since the double duty this season from Anna & John are not nominated for any awards yet. That is an outrage how shows of this caliber are always ignored by the Emmy nomination board.

          Hey let’s start a FaceBook campaign to have Anna, Joshua & John all to host Saturday Night Live & also a write in to the Emmy award nomination ballot selection.
          Anyone willing to help out!!!!

          • Lola K says:

            I AM MORE THAN WILLING TO HELP YOU OUT!!! I think it is criminal that this show has not yet been nominated! It’s brilliant. And the acting is incredible… the nuances, the interpretations, the fragility of the characters they have created within themselves… sheer and utter brilliance. Fringe is the best episodic television in years and it deserves to be revered! Let me know what I can do to help with your campaign!!!

        • Susan S says:

          *sigh* Why must people compare shows? Battlestar Galactica was two different shows in two different decades. I don’t find a whole lot of similarities in those two shows, why muddy the waters even more by comparison to a completely different series?

          I find just as much similarity in the Australian first people myths or the prophesies of Nostradamus or a dozen different science fiction stories over the last 50 years.

    • Lala says:

      “he served his purpose” always loved the observers till they said this phrase…

      now where in hell Peter is ??? why??? or do they have a different plan for him, that he is not going to like and prefer the real world or whatever plan without Olivia and Walter and everythin else… plus, they weren’t sure too that they would forget about Peter. So maybe Olivia will see that there is something wrong, or missin… as she felt when she was on the other side… she will remember Peter i suppose and try to get him back, makin’ a deal or somethin…

      They will work it out… and u writers better work it out … The Show won’t be the same without him… we’ve already lost charlie… not PETER now !

      • Fred Lassonde says:

        Did not like that Peter just “Served his purpose” Tired of such sayings and ways of thinking as it seems to be teh politically correct way of thinking -what is next -getting rid of Walter because he is getting old and has been in a mental institution? Not much for that way of thinking. I liked Fringe a lot until this.

        • jacob says:

          Calm down! It had nothing to do with political correctness…. obviously the observers had a plan for him

        • Janelle says:

          How is this anything to do with “political correctness”? I’m wondering if you even know what politically correct even means.

      • Hannah says:

        I do miss Charlie. He was my favorite.

      • Susan S says:

        Now that you bring it up, I’m finding several problems with this season finale. The fadeout of Peter brings up so many alterations it guts the series.
        Peter was the cause of enmity between Walter and Walternet. He was the tension between BOTH Olivias and that tension had the promise of a huge number of episodes. What use is the bridge now that the enmity between the two universes has been resolved? Now that the bridge is in place, the ‘wormholes’ would disappear, thus making the ‘world in crisis’ tension dissipate.
        Now if Hollywood stays true to form, none of this will matter to the writers and they will continue to have Olivia tension, wormhole problems, and enmity between universes. That’s just bad writing. I sincerely hope they don’t pull that crap.

    • Fringe Fan says:

      Best finale of this season: totally blew my mind!

      I can’t wait until September!

      • Kathy Pickard says:

        I agree, this is the best finale! I’m hoping BIG that Peter will return because it just would not be the same without him. This last show was totally awesome!!! And about LOST….I just loved that show, and I love, love Fringe!!!

    • BevC says:

      My only question….how much recap will be provided in Sept? None?
      5 second showing of quick scenes *previously, on Fringe*….?? What I always think would be great (for us old people) would be to replay the previous season’s finale episode…

      • Entr0py says:

        They usually replay the last few episodes of the season a few weeks before the new season begins…just stay tuned and you should be able to rewatch them! :-)

      • PJ says:

        I agree BevC….they should show the shows finale episode the week before they start the new season!! I am truly lucky…I just love fringe and I DVR them. I too love Peter, but John Noble is just so great!! September will not be here soon enough for me.

        • Janelle says:

          Ummmm…. They pretty much almost ALWAYS show the last seasons finale the week or few weeks before the new seasons premiere. For pretty much every show on TV these days.

    • Dan Patterson says:

      loved it total blew my mind i have been a fringe fan from day 1 and will continue to do so while this series continues its current trend. Well done

    • jfgann66 says:

      I am sure Peter will be fine! Just like the show that went to the cancelation time slot refused to go away I am sure Peter will be back! Maybe as a spirit guide or even a watcher. Love the show ready for more!

      • Susan S says:

        Bite your tongue! The watchers look alike and have no personality. How could they possibly put Peter into that position without ruining both roles?

    • Sharon says:

      It’s going to be tough waiting until September, I hope Peter will be back. I found the last episode for the season very sad, I cried at the end and felt very sorry for our Walter on our side, Peter disappearing…I was genuinely shocked.

    • JONI HOOD says:


  2. jacob says:

    First time poster, all I can say is WOW what a season of Fringe. What a final episode, A-If John Noble does not get a emmy nomination it’s the biggest travesty in emmy history, I know thats being melodramatic but still he was beyond amazing. Easily my favorite character on tv, Joshua Jackson just showed some amazing depth the last scene where he said neither universe can survive if the other dies was amazing. So incredibly impressed with this show, and all I can say say is is it september yet.

    • Miffy says:

      I hope this means that Pacey won’t be on next year. That guy is the most wooden actor on primetime. If they truly get rid of him, then I may start watching again.

      • Delirious says:

        Dunno about others, but I’m willing to sacrifice one viewer (Miffy) for the return of Peter.

        PS. OMGWTF. That’s the only thing I can say and/or think of after watching the finale. Several times.
        PPS. When are the Emmy/Globes/etc people finally gonna come to their senses and hand John Noble his well deserved prize?

      • Lisa says:

        If you haven’t been watching, why would you read about the finale? “Pacey”, as you call him, has been quite stoic and brilliant when needed. He showed his range this season when he had to become both a lover and a killer… an disappointed, angry and hurt son and then a loving one. There’s nothing wrong with him and without him the show suffers.

        What I want to know is this. Remember in an older episode when Peter is trying to get his hands on the book (XYZ or whatever it was called)? There he ran into a girl and her abusive boyfriend, whom he then beat the crap out of, and the girl said to him “if I can find you, so can they”. They never came back to who was out there looking for him.

        • Lis says:

          I was wonderind the exact same thing a few weeks ago, actually. That storyline seems forgotten. Even before he hit the girl’s abusive boyfriend, Peter would receive calls or something of the sort by someone looking for him, and he actually considered leaving Boston again at some point. To begin with, he was abroad for a reason in the very first episode

          • Seaghost says:

            I guarantee you that knowing JJ and his work on Lost that will all be answered at some point, as long as Fox doesn’t do their normal thing with good shows and cancel LOL

            JJ has a great style of storytelling that is very in-depth and twisted, gotta love that. And remember, JJ won’t let stuff just go away, he told all pretty much in Lost by the end. Most peeps that didn’t like the end of Lost were upset because of HOW it ended, they felt let down.

            Most fans though loved the ending and feel that most questions were answered and given the ending it all made sense. I fully expect the same from JJ in Fringe.

          • g's says:

            I LOVE FRINGE and all the actors on there.. loved Astrid w/ straight hair… loved the final episode… the only tiny, tiny qualm i have with the show is JJ’s character. The way I remember him being described in the beginning of the series and his personality don’t really match. i believe they said he was involved in arms dealing in Iraq or something similar…? I feel his character is too soft for someone that led a life like that.. OTHER THAN THAT, the show is FANTASTIC and the only show I look forward to watching each week [gave up on the Event & V long ago]

        • FurtiveGlancer says:

          The pilot episode implied that Peter had been operating as a shady businessman, possibly a confidence man. It’s most likely that old business “acquaintances” were after him.

          • Lis says:

            Yes, but this episode when the girl finds him and tell him that “they” can find him too was on the 2nd season or at least late on 1st season. It didn’t seem like it was still because of that, I felt like there was something more to it. But you can be right, specially because it never came up again after. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it did though :D

      • Slappy san says:

        Did you even read the article? Geez!

      • Entrada says:

        what the Hell is wrong with you? did Joey said “no” to you because she loved Pacey? lol
        I hope PETER comes back now more than ever, at least so that stupid,desperate people like you never come back, you don’t deserve to be a Fringe fan so don’t worry. BTW the actor’s name is Joshua Jackson, he’s a great talented actor who wasn’t given too much opportunities this season, you can see_ Ops never mind! I wasn’t talking to you, you obviously know nothing about acting.

      • Rush says:

        …and he looks like he has a baby’s butt emerging from his forehead.

        • norcin says:

          go burry yourself because of your miserable life!

        • chas501 says:

          Did I hear earlier that he waas up for Batman…or is it Buttman. Joking! I’m surpised at the overwhelmiong support for the final twists. Many of us here are frustrated and not happy trying to make sense of the paradox.

          • Susan S says:

            Amen! That finale gutted the show. They may as well take it off the air at this point.

      • Mark says:

        LOL…Like you ever watched the show to start with…

      • Cranky Old Batt says:

        I agree he is one of the weakest actors on the show. Wooden and stiff is how I have always described him.

      • Susan S says:

        I agree 100%. Somehow people have begun to believe that lack of facial movement is de regur for great actors. It started with Paul Newman’s wooden (but pretty) face and I keep praying it’ll become out of favor. Sadly, no end in sight so far.

    • OK says:

      Agreed. I feel like Anna Torv should get a nod as well.

  3. M3rc Nate says:

    Holy balls. That was insane, and i am so….idk if confused is the right word. Confused is what you are when you have all the pieces…we dont, but holy crap i cant wait for season 4. Never have i been so wanting to know answers, Lost was good but never made me wonder/ponder this hard. As long as the show comes back and to some extent we still have peter and olivia and their relationship..then i am a happy bird.

    • CarlyO says:

      Lost just lost us. I finally didn’t care anymore. FRINGE – are you kidding? Peter never existed. Not even a BOOM…just a quiet non-existence. He IS out there somewhere,whether as Peter or the King of the Observers…and I’m wanting September to roll around like next week. ARGH!

  4. Donna says:

    Glad the producers addressed the question of why Walter and Walternate would still be hostile to each other even if Peter had never existed. That makes sense – that there still might have been a breach between worlds even without Peter involved.

    But, as Walter and Peter are the heart of the show, I sure do hope that timeline is restored :-)

    • Kami says:

      That’s a great point! I was also wondering what happens to Peter and Bolivia’s son!? Does he just disappear also!? I can’t wait for him to be revealed!

      • Chas501 says:


      • Javier says:

        Bolivia is a south american country…

      • cindy burrell says:

        Kami you asked the question I thought of as soon as The Observer said Peter never existed, if he never existed how did he father a son?
        Did both Walters never have sons? I don’t think they should kill off Peter, he was an important character that tied the two Walters and the two Olivias together. Oh well we’ll have to wait until season 4 to find out, I can’t wait !!1

        • Susan S says:

          I suppose they could always make the son into the father. No one has a history on Walter. Who are his parents? Could Olivia’s child become Walter’s father? Walter? Peter?–in a way to create the original timeline bubble?

  5. Jacob says:

    I have no thoughts anymore. They melted with my mind.

  6. Rob says:

    One of the biggest questions left out IMO is what does that mean for Peter and Over there Olivia’s baby? Does the baby no longer exist?

    • Irishgirl says:

      I was wondering that as well. Does baby Henry now no longer exist? And for that matter, is Peter’s mother still alive? No Peter means no guilt about taking him from the other side, right?

      • CarlyO says:

        And if Henry doesn’t exist, and Peter’s Mom is still alive, then is Walter’s brain now the same as Walternate, with no holes?

    • Susan says:

      If the alternate universe was destroyed, so was Henry. I wonder if future Olivia and Peter knew about Henry’s existence. Surely Walternate would have told them in a spiteful way?

      • Ashley says:

        The alternate universe wasn’t destroyed until after Peter got into the machine. Therefore, the whole Walter/Walternate and Olivia/Fauxlivia scene took place instead of the whole 2026 thing.

    • Mj says:

      Maybe, henry will now either lincoln or frank son. Possible right?

    • The Lunatic Fringe says:

      If Peter didn’t exist,, there can be no baby.

    • BillB says:

      If Peter no longer existed, the baby can’t have either – and neither can the Doomsday Machines in each world have functioned – needing Peter or his DNA (from Peter’s child) to operate them.

      • Susan S says:

        Which means there would be no bridge. Which means the next to last scene never happened. No, there must be another way of looking at this.

    • Sharon says:

      Same here Rob, what happens with the baby, Peter’s Son, grandson of the bad Walter? Or like Peter, never existed? Too many questions, not enough answers!

    • Letícia says:

      I was wondering about that too… then I watched it again and the baby bump was still there…so was the machine and everything else…I want to see how they are going to explain this things without Peter in the game.

      • Susan S says:

        OK, baby bump? The baby had been born. No bump. The machine being there is a good question. If the machine was made for Peter and Peter disappeared, why hasn’t the machine. If they have all forgotten about Peter, who’s going to go back and seed the past?

  7. Alicia says:

    That finale was ridiculous! (in an awesome way, obvs) I can’t believe we have to wait until September to find out what the frack happened to Peter! And Walternate just straight-up shooting future Olivia was insane. Love Fringe! P.S. Asterid

  8. Donna says:

    Oh, and keep in mind… this could have been the FINAL episode of Fringe, which would have been very haunting indeed… and sad… Peter heroically giving up his very existence to make peace. Thank God we get a Season 4…

    • Cameron says:

      Ohhh ouch good point. If the series had ended like this, it might have became one of those series I can barely watch anymore because the ending was so awful, like Prison Break.

      • Carly says:

        I feel the same way at the end of Doctor Who season two……I’ve owned it for years, but have only watched it once……it hurts too much. I cant wait to see this ep in Australia!

        • Elizabeth says:

          I don’t think it was quite that level for me. When Rose and the Doctor said good bye at the end of season 2 I actually cried. I know you don’t know me, but that is not a normal reaction for me–television does not do that to me (only ever happened once before during an episode of Touched by an Angel about a decade ago). I wasn’t distraught at the thought of no Peter; I was pissed at JJ Abrams for screwing with me again–I still haven’t forgiven him for the last season of Alias (or for the 2 year time jump with Syd turning up in China and Vaughn married to that horrid woman from the television show with John Stamos).

          • Favion says:

            I know what you mean. when stuff like this hapen Doctor Who i would react diff. like vwhen he got shot at the start of the new season

          • Gretchen says:

            I cried buckets when the Doctor got cut off mid-sentence, leaving Rose hanging. I think that is probably the most emotional season finale I’ve ever watched. I still tear up when I hear the “Doomsday” music from the scene right before the Doctor loses Rose. I hope Peter will pull a Rose and show up again!

        • Gretchen says:

          Carly, I totally agree! The end of Dr. Who season two gutted me…if this had ended with Peter dead the two would have been right up there together for the worst ending of a show ever (except maybe Firefly, which didn’t get an ending at all becaue Fox was stupid back then).

          • Jeremy says:

            Oh, Firefly! *tear Greatest show to never be given a chance. I still have vapid hatred for the people responsible for those idiotic decisions!!

      • nutshell says:

        Die Hard fan of PB too. And I feel the same about it! But the worst was when they killed Sara abruptly…Remember that head in the box!!? Anyway the first two season were great and genial. Compelling like Fringe is now for me.

    • forrest says:

      1) My fear as I watched the episode was the recurring thought of ‘the next chapter’. Are we going to stay in 2026? Olivia’s death and the above interview confirms this is not the case thankfully. 2) Instead of Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock, it’s going to be Fringe Season 4: The Search for Peter. lol. I really hope we do not see Flash Forwards or Flash Sideways or any other plot devices used in Lost. Been there done that – Not again please. 3) And before this episode I thought we might have seen the last of Fauxlivia. Not. 4) A much more satisfying viewing experience than Lost ever was. Good stuff. 5) If season 4 goes really bad, I will consider this episode the ‘final’ for the series. But that’s not going to happen, right?

  9. Karen Jo says:

    Mind blown! September cannot get here fast enough!!!!!

  10. Pamela says:


  11. sweetiepie1019 says:

    What I’m not hearing is whether Peter’s coming back or not. I mean, if it’s just temporary, it’s a great twist and could lead great things next season. If it’s permanent … that just seems like a bad move. I can’t see where removing two of the show’s best relationships (Peter/Olivia, Peter/Walter) would do them any good, especially when neither Walter or Olivia can remember the loss and therefore can’t have any sort of storyline or character development based on it. I don’t think – and I very much hope – that the Fringe writers, as clever with this show, would do that. Still, I’ll worry about it until next season, or at least until we start getting promos or BTS pics, which I suspect is what they intended in the first place. xD

    • Rob says:

      I honestly think that Peter exists outside of that Room he created. I watched the end again several times and I think some of the things he says are very big keys to what his existence means. He talks about how he seen the power and things the Machine can do. I’m wondering if that is the key to all of it. Perhaps Peter created an entirely new world without his existence because he knew it would help Walter/Walternate work together to fix both of their universes. I’m probably a million miles off but Holy cow was that finale insane.

      • enterlaughing says:

        My thoughts are also along those lines, Rob. I believe what we witnessed in the last few minutes was what was playing inside Peter’s mind – not a reality at all. I have a hunch next season will open with Peter still in the machine – perhaps at the exact moment Olivia runs up the stairs to him. We did not see anything “real”….we were witnessing what Peter was thinking.

        • Carol says:

          Right, I think the same thing about Peter creating an alternate place . he exists outside that room.

      • Alice says:

        It doesn’t seem that Peter KNOWS that he doesn’t exist, though. It’s almost as if he already doesn’t exist when that scene happens; the reactions to what he’s saying are very slow.

        My vote is on some residual memory from Olivia, and that she begins to remember both the old timeline, and it will turn out that he’s stuck in some sort of wormhole or “universe limbo” sort of thing. I have a feeling though that an attempt to save him might hurt the universes.

    • Donna says:

      Joel Wyman was on Twitter tonight and said that the central question of Season 4 will be “Where is Peter?”

      So, it’s pretty certain this is not curtains for Peter. I’ll be interested to see how they bring Joshua Jackson back.

      • sweetiepie1019 says:

        Well, that’s good at least. Thanks for the info! Although if it’s really central question for all of season 4, he might be gone for a while, which is still a bit of a bummer. Here’s to hoping they get him back sooner rather than later.

      • Dr Pratt says:

        The “Where is Peter?” thread for Season 4 smacks of “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock”. Actually, that’s not a bad parallel, Season 3 as “Wrath of Khan”, Season 4 as “Search for Spock”.

        Wow. I am a nerd. “Nerds!”


        • Susan S says:

          Holy cow! I seriously hope it doesn’t smack of that Star Trek debacle! “Wrath of Kahn” was far and away the best of the Star Trek movies. “Search for Spock” was almost the worst! (superseded only by “Star Trek: The Movie”) If season 4 turns out like ST movie 3 I’ll be dropping Fringe like a hot potato!

          “Where is Peter?” doesn’t hold much hope. If Peter has disappeared from both universes, there should be no memory of the man. Hence no reason to look for him. They’ll need some fancy stepping to make that concept workable. While I can see one way it could be done successfully, I don’t think the overall storyline can sustain the time it would take to carry out that concept. I’m also not sure the viewing producers are capable of following that esoteric a story arch.

  12. kristina says:

    i literally gasped so freaking loud when walternate shot olivia. rude. and the whole walter/walternate continuing feud makes sense now that they reminded me that they were trying to cross over before peter. but i still dont get the whole “peter not existing part” or how the machine was sent….. and how walter brought peter’s subconscious from 2011 “forward” so does that mean he did that in the present? idk but im definitely watching this again tomorrow when ive gotten more sleep.

    • Roberto says:

      The machine was probably modified by Walter to bring Peter’s consciousness to the future. What they did may have taken years after that scene!

      The machine was sent through the wormhole in Central Park, that leads to the late Paleozoic, 250 million years ago.

  13. David says:

    So does this mean baby Henry doesn’t exist?

    • meandmine29 says:

      Thank you! I thought no-one was going to mention him. So this means the pregnancy storyline was just to get Peter’s DNA to start the Machine OverThere? Not sure there’s any other reason for it. But Peter never existed then neither does his baby.

      • MrTemecula says:

        If there is no baby Henry, how was the machine activated? I hate time travel stories. It was cool when Star Trek did it back in the days, but now its become a standard scifi canard. The explanation never makes any sense. There’s always a grandfather paradox: If you go back in time and kill your grandfather, how could the grandson exist?


        • Lisa says:

          I still think baby Henry is (was) Lincoln’s baby over there. What we learned this season is that Olivia’s DNA also starts and/or controls that machine. Therefore, baby Henry can start that machine because of Olivia’s DNA if it turned out he’s not Peter’s or there is no freakin’ Peter. However the hell that works (which I do not like, btw). My gut feeling anyway.

          • Pocki says:

            Shouldn’t baby Henry be Frank’s baby though? If Peter didn’t exist there was never any need for Liv to fake a romance with him, and so she never got pregnant or fell in love and Frank never left her.

          • Gretchen says:

            I’m not sure that works. When Walternate took Henry’s DNA, he specifically mentioned that they isolated and deleted Olivia’s DNA and were left only with what was contributed from Peter. What still remains unresolved in my mind is the following:

            Even if Belly and Walter found a way/reason to cross over that did not include Peter, they never could have started the machine because it is tuned to Peter’s DNA. Therefore, if Peter never existed both universes would have been destroyed because there would be no one to operate the machine to save any of them from destruction.

          • Lizzie says:

            off of what Gretchen said:
            If Peter never existed then there would be no way to start the machines to begin with therefore there would be no need to operate them.

            Also, if Peter never existed then how could the machines be programmed specifically to him? And if they still somehow were made only to respond to Peter, then no one would ever be able to find that out because they would not have Peter to compare it to.

        • BillB says:

          Time travel paradoxes CAN make sense in the real world. In the Fringe world there are only 2 worlds or realities (that we know of). In the real world, many scientists think there are many multitudes of other dimensional realities. Some only slightly different than out own – some radically different. If you went back in time and killed your grandfather, You could still exist, but not in the reality/world/dimension where the VERSION of your grandfather you killed had existed in. You would find yourself in another dimension from that one.

    • PrimulaBlue says:

      There is no more baby Henry! The producers confirmed that during the tweetup during the finale.

    • Bob says:

      Correct. No Peter, no baby.

  14. Ometepe says:

    Eh.. Saw that coming

  15. kristina says:

    and is that why peter and olivia dont remember meeting each other when they were kids in “subject 13”? but then again they didn’t remember each other when peter still existed so idk but thats the only other theory i can come up with other than them just blocking out the memories since olivia doesnt remember being experimented on by walter either

    • Gretchen says:

      I think that is one of the minor inconsistencies from this season. If Peter and Liv met when they were kids, why is it that neither of them EVER remembered it when they were adults, no matter how long they were together? You’d think that at some point one of them would be all: “Hey, I remember when we crushed on each other like 15 years ago!” I don’t think Abrams did a good job explaining why they both forgot and then continued to block that memory.

      • nina p says:

        I think this was explained in an episode. Or another interview, I don’t remember well. They said the cortexophan made Olivia forget and Peter couldn’t remember because he lost a lot of memories from his conscious mind (that’s as far as I remember, whoever knows more can complete the story)

  16. Simon Jester says:

    Poor Brad Dourif — made his name and picked up a freakin’ Academy Award nomination for ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST, but remembered by Matt as the guy from DUNE.

    • Oops says:

      What’s even worse is that I didn’t even recognize him from “Dune,” I recognized him as Crewman Lon Suder from “Star Trek: Voyager.” :-\

    • dave78981 says:

      Geez, how about his work in Deadwood ?? C’mon… DU?NEw!?

    • Michelle says:

      I always think of him as Grima Wormtongue from LOTR!

      • Jay says:

        Remember him as the guy who melted from the toxic waste in “Robocop?”

      • Gretchen says:

        I knew I recognized him from something I’d seen recently! Wormtongue…I should have recognized him. I’ll always think of John Noble as Denethor, no matter how long I watch him as Walter. He’s just so great as a kind of crazy old man ;)

        • Susan S says:

          Of course Walter is a sort of crazy old man too.

          The range of his acting is shown so well in this series! To play to so very different characters and to play them well is major!

    • Mike says:

      I also think of Brad Dourif as “Chucky” in the 5 “Child’s Play” films. Lol. Fantastic season. Epic finale. Loved it. Can’t wait for September. And one added thought..if Peter doesn’t exist..could one of the universe’s “William
      Bell still be alive? Could be a clever way to bring back Nimoy. I loved how “Smallville” pulled off a similar ruse this season with the return of Lionel

      • John says:

        I was thinking the same thing. Bell died when they tried to get Peter back from the Feuxuniverse. If Peter never existed, Bell might be alive. All of the children/adults that Bishop and Bell experimented on/altered that died on that mission would still be alive on this side. I would love to see more episodes with some of Olivia’s gifted siblings. The episode with the man who could not turn off other people’s thoughts had many possibilites. Maybe he can still hear Peter? I would also like to see a few episodes where the two Fringe units collaborate on cases. What could be hotter than two Olivias and two Walters on a case?

        Remember: there were more casualties, including a major character at the start of the season that sacrificed that logically would still be alive with this plot twist.

    • Pocki says:

      I was just geeking out over the fact that Grima Wormtongue and Denethor were breaking our world apart together… srsly.

    • Bob says:

      Chucky!!! Heaven’s Gate. Ragtime. Deadwood. Mississippi Burning. Halloween.

    • John says:

      Here, Here! And he was wonderful in Ragtime and X-Files. Wasn’t he also the crazy serial killer in Star Trek: Voyager?

  17. Carrie says:

    So glad to hear that it’s not curtains for Peter. I mean I figured as much but you never do know.

    One of my favorite things in the dialogue in this episode was when Peter was with Walter in the lab in 2026 and he says something about Walternate and says “But you’re my dad”. I thought that was really sweet. And I was mentioning at the time how Walternate is Peter’s father but Walter is Peter’s dad, and then when he met with Holo-Walternate he addressed him as “Father” not “Dad”.

  18. Sunnie says:

    my husband suggest Peter was a ‘temporal being.” (a someone common SciFi concept, he says.) Created for an express purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled, disappears into thin air. If that’s the case, we might continue to see him if they go back into time or forward to the time where he existed, or if they re-live or perhaps talk about him, but he won’t be real in new episodes in ‘current time’. Which,if that’s the case, Fringe just lost a viewer. :(

    • Teresa says:

      I agree, if they don’t bring him back, or it takes way too many shows to resolve this, then we (my family) will not be back for long. The Olivia/Fauxlivia thing was almost too long for us. Just before it ended we were seriously considering not watching anymore.

    • mr d says:

      your a brain dead moron what about walter , olivia , astrid , boyles ? your telling me you watch this show just to drool over joshua jackson ? get a life , and a brain

      • gen says:

        I’m not a huge fan of Peter and I’ve never drooled over Joshua Jackson but I think some of the best parts of the show are his interactions with Olivia and Walter and Astrid and the whole family/team dynamic they have, so I’d be pissed if they got rid of him too.

    • Chas501 says:

      My best take on explaining this is that since the watchers are so involved in manipulating Peter’s movements and circumstances, that they are also involved in his existence or lack thereof. I still can’t reconcile the no Peter, no Baby paradox especially as it affects Walternate starting the machine. No Baby, no starting the machine, no mutual destruction.

    • Susan S says:

      If the Olivia/Fauxlivia arch was to long for you this Peter arch may sour you on the show. That is if they do it right. I expect it’ll take them most of the year to resolve it properly. There are a bunch of things they need to set up in order to bring back Peter. First among them is to realize there is such a being as Peter. That’ll happen using inconsistencies in the time line or interference from the watchers. One step on the road back to Peter and I don’t see it happening in less than three episodes.

  19. Sara says:

    Awesome, blew me away. Were is peters baby? It seems like next season will be crazy. I love fringe yaaaa!!!!!

    • Jaime says:

      People keep asking where the baby is… the baby is still with Lincoln… remember, FauxLivia gave the baby to him and told him to take him to her mothers if she didnt come back, and she got caught, so obviously she didnt go back… technically when the room “melded”, she was still Walternates prisoner

      • Steph says:

        I think what Sara meant was that if Peter never existed – does that mean Henry doesn’t exist, as well, since he never would have slept with Alt!Livia? I think a lot of people are wondering that right now.

      • scuta says:

        Fauxlivia was also in jail for trespassing Walternate’s orders, remember. So, how come she was by the side of Walternate in this episode? Was she pardoned by Walternate, or was she there due to Peter’s need to fix both universes?

        geez,this amazing mind-bending story is getting better with every episode and we have to wait till September! There are still several loose ends that require an explanation…

        I cite three of these unresolved ‘riddles’:

        Could the room filled with Olivia/Fauxlivia, Walter/Walternate impact NOW the stability of the original universe?

        Why did Fringe teams of both Universes experience the last few minutes of this episode (after Peter ‘disconnected’ himself from the machine and came down with Olivia) if Peter himself never existed?

        Is Peter one of the Observers?

        Only time (i.e. Season 4) will tell!

        • birdlady1 says:

          No, she wasn’t pardoned. She was brought to Walternate because she was needed to “fix” the machine. Walternate had the First People’s books as well and had the drawing of what seemed to be Olivia.

  20. Rekka says:

    What an amazing episode, and I know I keep saying that week after week, but it’s the truth. I love how this show keeps me wondering what’s going to happen next, what the next obstacle in the Peter/Olivia relationship is going to be, and how is it all going to work out in the end? I also love simply having these questions. A show that can excite our own individual imaginations, that gives us just enough answers mixed in with a batch of brand new questions, is such a rarity. Seriously, with the given events in this one episode, it’s going to fuel my own ideas of WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED for all of summer until Fringe is back and brand new for Season 4! Great job to everyone involved in the show! I’ll always be coming back for more!

  21. Jaime says:

    So if theres no Peter, if Peter never existed, how did Olivia get Walter out of the loony bin in the first place? That was the whole reason he was brought in in the pilot, he was Walters only family member, therefore the only one whose custody he could be released into… (Note, its been nearly 3 hours, and I’m just now able to form coherent thought… that ep was so epic that I still cant quite think straight)

    • Jenny says:

      I’m guessing history changed with peter gone and Walter never went into the loony bin? just a guess. my brain is tired too.

      • Stephen says:

        Remember Walter’s explanation about having sent the items into the past. It’s a paradox. It’s already happened. When looked at through Brandon’s analogy of time, the water has passed that point of the tube already. Time is still linear, for all the universes involved. The only exceptions to this seem to be the observers and Peter’s consciousness.

        • Gretchen says:

          I still like to quote the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who:

          “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff.”

  22. Jonathan says:

    I wonder if The “Peter” in the final scene who brought everyone together was a hologram, like his real father was in his original house. The real Peter went elsewhere, while his consciousness was projected into a hologram. I know it sounds crazy and is just speculating. But it would explain how he disappeared like his father’s hologram. So he’s now in another place, maybe re-building the alternate universe he destroyed. Since there’s only one of him left at the moment, he had to fully disappear and be non-existent while he puts things back together. Since the machine can somehow be used for time travel, maybe he sets out to save himself in the original universe and cure himself in the alternate one. I need to ice my brain now. Obviously, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I would name the first episode of season 4, “Peter, Peter” or “Peter, Peter. Where for art thou Peter.” Maybe the Walters and Olivias team up to find Peter once they realize he wasn’t fake. Or maybe the Walters and Olivias form a singing group. Did we ever figure out who those robot dudes were? I thought they were agents of Walternate, but they seemed to fade away,

    • jenny says:

      That’s interesting. The hologram part. Interesting way to bring Peter’s conciousness back to 2011. Could be why they showed Walternate show himself to Peter that way. A little hint, a little clue. Like you, I have no idea if this stands or makes any sense. My brain hurts as well. :/

    • Entrada says:

      Can’t be a HOLOGRAM he operated the machine (DNA) and controled it to creat that hole remember?

      • John says:

        Peter could be stuck in 2026 in the old timeline. We have seen Olivia attempt to “jump” universes and be sucked back. This means we could still have an episode or two of Peter stuck in an older body living in the Olivia absent hellscape of the old future with her niece and prisoner Walter.
        I would not be surprised that the first order of business for the two Walters would be to examine the machine that is in front of them and, since they also have similar DNA, be able to turn on parts of the machine that are new to the show.
        Maybe Peter’s one/two encounters with the machine have altered his DNA where he is half machine. Maybe he is in the machine..

        What fun!

        • Susan S says:

          He can’t be stuck in 2026 because that wasn’t the future, that was a future projected into Peter’s mind by the machine. That 2026 may or may not exist is immaterial. The Peter of the timeline we are experiencing did not go to 2026.

          Walter has already tried to turn on the machine with his DNA. It didn’t work. That the shield worked for Olivia who has none of Peter’s DNA means her specific gene spiral was the key. Peter’s DNA would therefor be required and none other for the machine. Similar isn’t good enough (although partial was). They would have to figure out that part of Walter’s DNA is needed to activate the machine and they would have to come up with the exact part of DNA that would work. The permutations in that would be greater than the number of atoms in the universe!

  23. chase says:

    Fringe is by far the best show on TV right now. I always liked it a lot, but it has gone into a whole other stratosphere in the last year. The only problem is that part of what made it such an amazing show this year was the way they showed Peter’s maturity. The relationship he has with Olivia and Walter. Peter is the nucleus of all the relationships. Granted, Olivia could have still met Walter due to the experiments he was doing etc., but without Peter there is no heart. I understand that Joshua Jackson is coming back from all I have read, but if he comes back in any other capacity I just cannot see how the show will hold up. Although the scifi “wtf” moments are also on a whole other fantastic plane of existence than ever before, without the nucleus-the heart-i.e. Peter, in the same capacity as the past the show will be doomed. I have a feeling this is another universe that has been made though-at least I hope so. String theory would then be alive and well and so would the original Peter but just in another universe.

  24. Chriata says:

    Ok now it is the summer have new people watch season 1 and 2 over the summer Hulu season 3!! We have a season 4 but more viewers are needed! With an awesome finally like this it should at least peak people’s interest use that!

  25. Carm says:

    Peter better be back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. jAY says:

    So what becomes of the baby Faxlivia & Peter had? Does he exist anymore?

  27. Lori says:

    I’m not worried about Josh/Peter being back. I trust the creative team. It’s been 3 seasons and the show just keeps getting better. They’re not idiots. They know what Peter means to the story. As for those who are now questioning the past, saying “If Peter doesn’t exist then how did/why did…” isn’t it safe to say that people can end up in the same place without taking the same path? Who says there is only one road to a specific destination. Time travel – it’s fun (or at least makes for fun TV).

  28. Steve says:

    It’s all a dream, a time travel paradox dream.

  29. Anita says:

    So in love with this show. I am so happy to have discovered it after Lost. Don’t know what I would have done with myself!

  30. Wallet says:

    Was looking forward to a season with The First People. Even moreso now that I assume that means more of the “lost future” timeline.l – where I suppose is the only place to get my Peter/Walter fix. Did Walternate bring his grandson with him? Could he be the “first” Sam Weiss? Heck, the “last” Sam may end up being the “first”. Also assuming the Observers will bring 2011 Peter back at the end of the season for a great Jin/Sun-esque reunion (only happier). So excited, can’t wait.

  31. Cindy J says:

    I think I said WTF was that? It ended with my mouth open in total awe and disbelief.

    • Lisa says:

      That’s funny because as it ended, I had this big smile on my face and the first shot of Walter/Walternate got an “oh sh*t!” and then the shot of Peter between the two Olivias got an even bigger “oooh sh**t!!”. lol

  32. Jenny says:

    I so needed this article! Cleared things up a bit for me! I’m still WTF though. You bet I’m intrigued. I still can’t believe what happened. I literally sat there for 10 min after it ended thinking about it. Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with this show! But it’s genius, absolute genius. Can’t wait for next season.

    • Kimberlee says:

      Totally agree with everyone so far! Until I saw this article, I thought oh man, this show is now over for good, but apparently not, so I am happy. I am very addicted to Fringe and I just dont know why! I do think Peter must come back some how! He is still important and deserves to live! Thank you for such an awesome unique show!

  33. kp says:

    wooooow…that was insane!!!
    cant wait for S4…..

  34. Rowan says:

    I love the ending so damn much! Really brilliant – not confusing, but as the show runners said – intriguing! I was so caught up in the story this week that I did’t realize the whole hour had gone by so I was surprised when it ended – and it ended like that! I haven’t felt that caught up in a story since the first season of Lost. Well done!

    Thank god the show got picked up. It it ended like that forever I would have lost it. It would have been brilliant, but I would have lost it.

  35. Jaggid says:

    As i sit here and contemplate what just occurred. I have to remember the scene of what Walter said to Peter. He said its a paradox he cannot change what he has done but he can change the decision within what has been done.

    This leads me to believe that Peter was still born and saved by Walter, because the decision had already been made and the action already taken. I believe that there was more that happened in the future that would shed light on what has taken place.

    If we are to believe that he has served his purpose, then his destiny has been fulfilled and the two worlds can begin to heal. That begs the question where is Peter. In my mind he can only be one place and that is still in the machine. Peter himself has to still exist for the events to have taken place. However i believe Peter linked the two worlds with that bridge and in order for it to remain stable peter himself must remain in between the worlds within the machine.

    I believe that Peter knew they would worry more about how to save him than repair the two worlds, this is why he set in a sort of amnesia or a paradox if you will that states he never existed. If we are to believe that the machine can create or destroy worlds then we can believe that this would be an easy feat for the machine to accomplish.

    Peter himself is between worlds a place of non existence between what is alive and what is dead. It is in this place that Peter can maintain the bridge that allows both worlds to work on the cure or remedy that will fix the events that set the destruction in motion.

    So in short peter created a paradox in order to maintain the ebb and flow of the bridge that links the worlds he has made himself that fine line that binds both yin and yang together. Once the worlds begin to heal i believe we will see more of Peter.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Ooo….I like this theory. Although, it doesn’t really lend itself to creating scenes with Josh Jackson next season, but it makes sense in the Fringe world that has been created up to this point. If this is the case, I wonder if he erased his existence from everyone’s mind….Astrid and Nina too? I was too aggravated with the ending last night to like it. After investing all that time in the Peter/Walter and Peter/Olivia relationship, I was pissed that it was just poof, and he never existed. From a narrative perspective, it was fantastic, but from an emotional perspective, it sucked balls.

      Something I’ve wondered this morning…..where was Broyles in that last scene after the bridge. Once Peter created the bridge, where did Broyles go? We see that Walter shifted positions a bit when Peter created the bridge…..Walter was closer to the machine, standing in front of the jeep or humvee, then when the tables and alts appeared, he was back at the terminal, about 10 to 12 feet away, in line with Walternate. So, was Broyles still there, or did he disappear too? I’d have expected him walking up to the group saying ‘what the hell just happened?’ or at least standing there in awe.

    • Jenny says:

      Real interesting theory. First post I’ve read explaining how Peter in fact still does exist. Like what u said about yin and yang. As walternate clearly and distinctively pointed out the idea in ep. but this is fringe, could be something out of this world, something we never could have guessed. Oh well time will tell.

    • Lisa says:

      I can get on board with the idea that he’s still in the machine, but I don’t think it will stay this way. They made a big deal telling us that the two universes absolutely cannot occupy the same space because one would destroy the other. So what I think is happening is Peter being in the machine has allowed these two worlds to join, but only in the room they’re in, using him and that machine as a space holder if you will (or a space creator). They will have to work together to repair both worlds and only then will Peter be able to leave the machine and return home. One of many ideas I have, but I like this one the best! lol

      • Kit says:

        both your comment and the parent post resonate with what I’ve been thinking. The observers never said Peter doesn’t exist anymore; instead, they said he does not exist to any of the people in that room. That makes sense, for if he did, the people there – Walter / Walternate or Olivia / Fauxlivia would continue to argue and or fight over him. A lot of posts here make a big deal about the idea that if Peter never existed, then the machine, his baby, the fight between the two Walters never could have occurred. I disagree on the basis of Walter said, the past has already occurred, and they can’t change past events. They can, however, change decisions within those events. So, if Peter can manipulate the space time continuum to join the two pairs of people and force them to work together to solve the problem by creating his lack of existence for them in that time bridge, a solution to the problem exists without negating the machine, the baby, etc. It also allows Peter to exist outside the time bridge, and perhaps he’s still needed to maintain that while they work.

  36. eric says:

    sooo glad joshua is coming back. I was really worrid, and i’ve been looking all over the internet trying to find out if he was still on contract for the next season. I just can’t see where it is going to go without him. glad to know at least he’ll be there in some capacity.

  37. JohnDoe says:

    Wormtongue was blowing wormholes in the world.

  38. Balance And Imbalance says:

    Peter said he punched holes in both Universes in the past to create balance between them(i.e. the bridge). Peter was a representation of imbalance because he was taken from the Other Side when the original Peter died. Therefore Peter erased himself from the history of both Universes when he created balance between them.

    This is why the Observer said Peter never existed. Peter was a just figment of the machine all along, a means to an end.

    • josip dark says:

      Peter shouldve died on both sides as a child so i agree that he was a source of imbalance … this show is freaking awesome

      • Lisa says:

        I disagree on that bit with you. Peter over there should NOT have died. Walternate had the cure for him, but because of the meddling of the Observers, he missed it (and our Walter saw it). This is the only reason the Observers ever let our Walter take Peter (and then saved them from the frozen lake) because they know they meddled in Peter’s timeline and our Walter put it back. Only our Walter put it back on the wrong course. So really, if you think about it, this WHOLE thing wasn’t Walter’s fault at all, but an observer’s.

    • Irishgirl says:

      But, if that is the case, does that mean he erased the other imbalances too? Broyles…..Charlie….Elizabeth Bishop….Ella….Rachel….Marilyn Dunham…..anyone ever killed by a shapeshifter?

  39. Kaibosh says:

    F’n A !! What a great episode. I think that the bond between Peter and the Olivias is so great that it transcends time. They won’t remember who Peter was but somehow they’ll feel something is wrong. The picture of Peter and Olivia in the field of tulips will probably mysteriously survive promting Olivia to search for Peter. Can’t wait!

    • Ellen says:

      Yes, I think the resolution of this situation will involve the persistence of emotion as well as us learning more about the nature of Time. One theory is that the spectral Peter who appeared in Olivia’s mind in the early episodes of Season 3 was really the real Peter, who is now an Observerlike being who is free to travel through time. Or perhaps always was – an Observer who feels and loves? In any case, the writers will need to be creative (in the best sense) to answer this question and keep us entertained. I am… intrigued. I know the writers love these characters.

      • Lisa says:

        We already know observers can love and feel because August saves the girl from getting on the plane to Italy that crashes because he likes her… and then he dies trying to protect her (if memory serves me). We know they’re capable of emotion, but I don’t know if I like the idea that Peter is one of them either.

  40. Shannika says:

    Weirdly enough i understood what happened, I think. In the future Walter sent the machine to the past, this is how the machine was found buried because he sent it through the wormhole. But this time past peter now knows whats going to happen in the future, so he knows what to do right. However from doing this, it made it as Peter never exsited, which sadly is better than the world ending. I’m now wondering if Joshua still has a job what they going to do. Can’t wait, September is going to be interesting.

  41. RR says:

    This was insanity. That episode was crazy….. I just hope the want for a great first episode next season doesn’t leave everyone disappointed if the show doesn’t deliver an episode that can follow this finale. I know I’ll be expecting a lot of the first episode. One that can explain just WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

    Great episode. Still trying to digest and dissect it all. Too much to figure out. I’m going to sleep it off, maybe watch again tomorrow.

  42. Arshad Ahmed says:

    i just finished watching the season3 finale, i don’t have word to express my feelings, was mad abt peter’s future in the show but thanks to which have this link and it relieved me about the only answer i was seeking rightnow “Will peter be in season4? thanks God im so relieved now.
    gr8 finale…

  43. Jason says:

    Frickin brilliant! I loved it, confused but like the man said, in a good way. I wish I didn’t have to wait until fall.

  44. AJ says:

    Amazing episode, concluding an amazing season.

    I’m just not sure I want Peter to be the Dawn Summers of this realm.

  45. enterlaughing says:

    I believe what we witnessed in the last few minutes was what was playing inside Peter’s mind – not a reality at all. I have a hunch next season will open with Peter still in the machine – perhaps at the exact moment Olivia runs up the stairs to him. We did not see anything “real”….we were witnessing what Peter was thinking.

    • AmyWestWind says:

      I would like to believe that Peter is still in the machine, and that he & Olivia will be together in Season 4. BUT, if he is still in the machine, and the last few minutes were all in his mind, then how do you explain the scene with The Observers? Peter would not have made himself non-existant (would anyone?), nor would he have referred to himself (in his mind) in the third person (“he served his purpose”).

  46. Morgan Bell says:

    Peter not exiisiting:
    1. What made Walter want to cross over?
    2. Was there ever a fire to kill the lab assistant?
    3. No dead lab assisant menas no St. Clairs riiight?
    4. All events from the day Walter stole Peter to the one preveedign the finaly are now moot?
    5. Olivia’s connection to Walter?
    6. End of the world sans Peter, how’d that happen?
    7. Alternate Olivia’s Relationship with Walternate?
    8. No Peter no MINI MOOSH HENRY! Paradox (keep him around)?
    9. If Peter isnt around then how’d the Machine work?
    10 I migh have more but ill stop.
    Walter and Walternate had strokes some time between 2011 and 2026, man I was freaking out had John Noble not been acting.

  47. Laura S says:

    The one thing i’m confused about right now, is how did Fauxlivia get out of jail to be with Walternate in the DOD lab at the end of the show? last we saw of her, he was telling her she had to stay in jail until this was all over. Doesn’t that seem like something they didnt’ explain?

    • Susan says:

      When the alternate machine started acting funny, he sent for her. She bragged to him that the other side beat him by putting Peter in their machine.

  48. Bushkabear says:

    Speechless i am with lots of questions swirling in my mind but where to begin?

  49. Chad says:

    Pretty sure it’s Jean the cow and not Gene. You know with milk producing cows being female and all. Just sayin’…

  50. AJ says:

    Here’s a mind bender. If Walter created the machine, and the machine is capable of both creation and destruction of entire universes, does that make Walter “God”? Or a God of sorts anyway. After all, he seems to be the most brilliant man across two universes.

    I REALLY want to know what the observers are up to as well. I am almost positive that Walter creates them in the future along with the Machine, and utilizes them to make “course corrections” across time.

    • carolina says:

      sorry for my english, brazilian girl, but i agree completely with you, Walter is God, Olivia is Maria and Peter is Jesus, in case, Henry is Peter in the past, son of Olivia (Maria)….J J Abrams make references to the bible in Lost….and again in Fringe.

      • RAGGEDT says:

        That’s very profound. Actually, from the middle part of the season, when the Observers were preparing viewers for the likelihood that Walter would have to be without Peter, I’ve been taken by the Biblical aspects of Fringe. However, I was thinking Old Testament — which would make the Walter/Peter relationship similar to that of Abraham and Isaac — the father having to be ready to sacrifice his son.

      • mostlyDigital says:

        Funny. I was thinking about how the writers could/would bring Peter back. If it isn’t a simple one-more-time of the time stream slippage they’re going to have to deal with the rebirth of the hero archetype. Jesus, Gandalf and Obi-Wan are examples of characters who are transformed and return. Peter would be uber-Peter and all the relationships would have to change. I think that it would move the premise of the show too far. I suspect that Peter will make a quick and simple return. Kind of like J.R.

    • Mara says:

      ooh that opens up some interesting possibilities!

      Walter as “God” and Walternate as his opposite…

      it leads one to interesting theories.

      and i find it interesting that this “god” spent several years in an insane asylum. lol

    • BillB says:

      Did Walter create the machine? Where did it come from? The future sent it to the past – in a loop. Who invented or created the Doomsday Machine? Where was the moment of it’s invention? It was found, buried in the past but sent there from the future. It’s as if you found a book hidden long ago in the past, but later had time travel capability to send it back to the past – from whence you found it. So who is the creator of the book? It has no creator – like the Fringe Doomsday Machine. It just exists without a time it was created – or a creator. Only a God could have the power to be such a non-traceable creator methinks.