American Idol Recap: Stanks for the Memories

Thursday night’s installment of American Idol wasn’t so much a results show as it was a series of distinct promotional opportunities. Jennifer Lopez took a break from her grueling work behind the Idol judges’ table to hawk her two latest singles and herald the return of the saggy genie pant. Steven Tyler woke up from his long season’s nap to move a couple copies of his memoir. That horrible British guy who insulted Stefano Langone’s mother’s cooking tried to whip up some buzz for another one of his TV shows that I have no interest in watching. And Jacob Lusk, Season 10’s unapologetic howler, tried to stake a claim as his generation’s Luther Vandross.

In the midst of the QVC-esque proceedings, a scrappy kid named Jimmy made like he was on an MTV reality series and showed us what happens when mentors stop being polite and start getting real. The results of this experiment were predictably refreshing — and so were the results of the 60 million votes cast by the Idoloonie nation at the end of Wednesday night’s “Now & Then” themed episode.

Indeed, a full two months after introducing us to the term “Lusky Stank,” and some five weeks after declaring that if he was sent home for his ridiculous cover of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” it wouldn’t be “because I sang the song bad, it won’t be because I sang the song wrong, it will be because everybody in America wasn’t ready to look at themselves in the mirror,” Jacob Lusk finally got his Idol pink slip, receiving the lowest number of votes and going the way of Kendra Chantelle, Robbie Rosen, Lauren Turner, Jovany Barreto, Asthon Jones, Karen Rodriguez, Thia Megia, Naima Adedapo, Pia Toscano, Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone, and Casey Abrams.

Asked by Ryan Seacrest what memory he’d take with him from his Idol run, Jacob answered with typical humility: “I think that America fell in love with me, and now I can go out and put out that good-feeling R&B music that reminds you of Luther, reminds you of those great old singers. And I get to come out and put that out.” Yes, folks, you can check him out on iTunes; the album will drop on the Fifth of Never.

Okay, maybe that’s a little unfair. As he showed us all the way back in Hollywood Week with his insanely over-the-top but undeniably entertaining “God Bless the Child” — which, Randy Jackson (Ph.D in nonsense) was most certainly not the best performance ever delivered on American Idol — Jacob has many of the ingredients it takes to be a successful recording artist. It’s just that he has no idea what to do with said gifts, and it wasn’t like he ever got the kind of pointed, instructive feedback from the judges to help him learn. Jacob’s vocal philosophy this season was an awful lot (emphasis on “awful”) like the “Omelette Gone Wild” that he served up to Chef Gordon Ramsay. On paper, the combination of tomato, asparagus, and lobster sounds quite lovely, but when it’s violently assembled to resemble “a plate of vomit,” no one’s going to want to go near it.

And Jacob proved with his caterwauling exit performance of “A House Is Not a Home” — in which his face varied wildly between the classic theater masks of comedy and tragedy, and ended with a “blibbity blobbity wooo-ha-wooo” shenaniganza — he’s still got some work to do.

Joining Jacob in the bottom two this week was Lauren Alaina, who was reduced to tears during Jimmy Iovine’s Thursday Evening Quarterbacking segment. (Was it just me, or was Week Two of this “Jimmy gets honest” experiment more pointed and entertaining than last week’s attempt?) Lauren “pulled back on biggest note of the song,” Jimmy complained.”I believe because of her performance of ‘Unchained Melody,’ she will be in the bottom two tonight.” That comment prompted the start of Lauren’s waterworks, which continued after Jimmy’s prediction came true, and flowed all the way through the end of the episode. I know it’s not a crazy thing for a contestant to get a little misty when she thinks her Idol run might be over, but did anyone else look at Lauren’s tremulous response to actual criticism and wonder if she’s got the emotional maturity right now to handle what the music business might throw at her in the immediate future?

Jimmy then went on to argue that James’ voice “closed down” on “Without You” (but was still worthy of… an 8 out of 10?); that Scotty will have an extraordinary recording career whether he wins Idol or not; and that Haley needed to “do something dangerous” (like covering Gaga’s “You and I”) to have a chance at cracking the top three. “Haley showed no fear in the face of being severely criticized,” he said, before calling her a “lock for the finale” if her confidence continues. What a difference a week makes, no?

Because we were down to the Top 5, Ryan Seacrest pulled his usual trick of splitting the contestants up into two separate duos (Lauren and Jacob! Haley and James!), declaring the fifth vocalist (Scotty!) safe, then trying to convince him to choose which cluster of compatriots was at risk of elimination. “I’m not doin’ that. Don’t do that to me. Can’t do that,” Scotty chanted, almost to himself, before Ryan guided him over to the James-Haley side of the stage, declared the trio safe, and added that despite last week’s visual hint that Scotty had been in danger, that in fact, he’d never been in the season’s bottom two vote-getters. Yes, folks, Scotty is in it to win it! (As if you ever doubted.)

And with that out of the way, let’s review the evening’s musical performances:

The Season 10 Top 5: “Happy Together”
The sight of Jacob, Scotty, and James with their arms around each other, heads together, singing badly, was cornier than this image (click it, it’s awesome!). Jacob’s voice, in particular, kept fading in and out of the abominable sound mix, but Lauren and Haley actually sounded pretty good together. If there’s another duet situation next week, might I suggest Uncle Nigel split things up into boys vs. girls? Grade: D+

Lady Antebellum: “Just a Kiss”
Cool band, loose mood. Not the most scintillating hook in the world, but compared to a lot of other chart-toppers we’ve seen on the Idol stage this year, these cats can really sing. Grade: B+

“Jennifer Lopez”: “On the Floor”
What if there was a really good dry cleaner next door to the Thunderdome? Well, you might end up with an outfit like J.Lo’s metallic, hardware-heavy bikini-choker -bloomers combo. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy those from-the-ceiling shots of J.Lo and her crew writhing to the music, or that I wasn’t having a hard time telling what was a real live vocal and what was a backing track. But then Jennifer squeaked some kind of shout-out to Miami, and I realized that anything richer than her simple-syrup voice had probably gone though at least 20 layers of purification and filtering. Grade: S (for Silver and Sparkly)

And now, on to our awards ceremony for the evening!

Best Knee-jerk Backstage Response to a Judge’s Comment
“I love Jesus!” –Scotty McCreery, responding to Steven Tyler’s opinion that he’d “danced with the devil” during his cover of Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone”

Best Butt-kicking Backstage Response to the Judges’ Comments
“I’m not gonna give up that easy and say I’m worried about going home.” –Haley Reinhart, staying cool, calm, and collected after J.Lo and Randy gave her harsh feedback for choosing to sing an unreleased Lady Gaga track (brilliantly, I might add)

Words From Ryan Seacrest That Prompted Me to Take a Mental Silkwood Shower
[To Steven Tyler] “Is there any area you haven’t touched?”

Proof That There’s a Little Truth in Every Joke
Lauren explaining “our stylist wants to kill me big-time,” on a night where she was clad in the most unfortch baggy, sparkly Pepto-Bismol-colored mini skirt.

Proof That Someone Within the Idol Organization Is at Least as Beastly as Yours Truly
Ryan’s remark about J.Lo’s new album, Steven’s new memoir, and Randy’s “bake sale in Tarzana, Calif.” reminded me a little bit of my bitchery in last week’s recap about the Dawg getting his shining moment with a spot in the upper right corner of your supermarket circular.

Biggest Missed Opportunity
That Bing-sponsored nonsense about how the Idols pick songs. Instead of silly jokes with Haley and Scotty, can you imagine if we’d gotten a three-minute deep dive into the actual song selection process? C’mon, Uncle Nigel! We already know you’re hiding behind the curtain: Show us how the process works already!

Next Week’s Theme
The songbook of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Guest mentor: Lady Gaga. Jordin Sparks will peform on results night.

And now that you’ve got the scoop, I turn things over to you. How are you feeling about Jacob’s ouster? What kind of future do you see him having? Can you imagine buying his post-Idol music? Sound off in our poll below, then hit the comments; and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. SharonM says:

    Jacob out – finally. I’d like to see a Haley/James finale, but I think it might come down to a Haley/Scotty finale. I think Lauren’s time is up next week.

    • jamesftw says:

      Haley/Scotty???? Snooze fest…Let’s face it…Scotty is crowned AI winner already. He is the Justin Bieber of country.already…lets get some excitement in there so we don’t snooze through the finale…so, James will make it WAY more entertaining!

      • SharonM says:

        I would love to see James in the finale. It would definitely be entertaining.

        • Kathy Goldstein says:

          I think it’s going to come down to James and Scotty….may the Best man win>>>> James Durbin!!!!

        • the real wendy says:

          Not if he sings like he did Tuesday night!

          • Jason S. says:

            It has to be Scotty and Haley and I think the producers have finally figured that out! They can’t risk a finale of JAmes singing as off key as he did this week and they can’t risk a finale of Lauren being afraid to hit notes and actually compete with Scotty. I think James turn of being thrown under the bus (see JAson Castro in season seven week four) is coming next week.

      • ziggy says:

        I think Scotty is more boring than James, but he’s a bit more humble and consistent. His eyebrows should win “best performance by an entity” at the Emmy’s, though.

        • Lily says:

          Scotty just needs to Botox those eyebrows, and he’ll mop the floor with Lauren Alaina in the finale. My prediction (not my preference):

          Shocker elimination at #4: James
          Shocker backlash elimination at #3: Haley (all the whining will be about how she rolls her eyes when judges criticize her, or whatever)
          Finale: producer-engineered Lauren vs. Scotty
          Winner: Scotty

          • Ambiance says:

            don’t think it will be two country singers. they will want to engineer a country vs a rock. so if you think it’s scotty then lauren’s out. that leaves james or haley. probably won’t want two guys due to all the criticism….so my guess…scotty vs haley in the finals

          • chistosa says:

            I don’t see Lauren making it to the final. In the beginning she was the chosen but she is slowly falling apart each week. She is not emotionally mature enough to handle the pressure. A good example of why 15 year olds should be allowed to audition. Look at the 15 year olds. Thia has the voice of an angel but could not deal with all this. Going home was a blessing. Lauren is so inconsistent but is totally marketable. She would have benefited immensely from one or two more years of life experience before doing this. I would not be surprised at any combination of the other three making the final. Any of those three could probably win.

          • Pam says:

            I hope you are so wrong about a finale engineered by the producer. It should definitely be a James/Haley finale because they are the best 2 vocalists and performers. Scotty is fun but not versatile enough … Lauren has a nice voice but is just lacking in the performance and confidence departments … James is confident and mostly on top of it all … Haley is an absolute joy to watch and hear! Go Haley and James!!

          • Cindy Sterling says:

            I am not a Scotty fan. His voice is good but I can’t stand to watch him perform. He may appeal to the tweens or teens but as a middle aged woman it gives me the creeps because it seems like he is trying hard to be sexy. He reminds me too much of Howdy Doodie or Alfred E. Newman from Mad TV. Thoughts anyone?

          • Ziva says:

            you unfortunately may be right.

          • Rick says:

            If that happens I’m going to start my TV on fire.

          • Patti Jones says:

            I agree Scotty will be the winner of this year’s Idol. He will have an amazing career in Nashville. I just wish they would let him showcase his bass notes more. There just aren’t that many great bass singers around, but he’s one of them.

          • Blair says:

            I know, right? I mean, with his plaid/red checkered shirt on Thursday’s elimination night, I couldn’t help of cracking up with thoughts of Scotty being attached to marionette strings saying, “Gosh, Buffalo Bob …it’s Howdy Doody time!” …lol

          • yappa says:

            I agree… Scotty looks like Alfred E Newman. But he reminds me of Jim Neighbors… old, boring, corny. There is nothing distinctive about his voice. I don’t think I’d even recognize it on the radio. His only advantage is that he’s so young… and he seems to be playing up big time to the religious voters.

      • donna says:

        The Justin Bieber of country. I love that! My finale preference: Haley/James. It was be massively entertaining and over the top. Worst case scenario: Lauren/Scotty.

      • Templar says:

        To add even less excitement to the finale, Stevie Nicks will perform. Not the most energetic singer in the world.

        • llm says:

          Stevie Nicks is amazing!

        • nickname says:

          I was just pleasantly reading the comments and having a fine time until you dissed Stevie Nicks. OMG, the woman is a rock legend. If she’s not that energetic, try to remember that she’s 60, and if you look half as good as her or have even a fraction of her talent, you too could be a contestant on American Idol.

    • Wheezer says:

      Ding Dong the Lusky Stank is Gone! I felt like doing the wave! Also, I second your Haley and James finale. Any other combination will not be as entertaining. For me, for you they have given the best performances of the season. =)

    • Name That Tune says:

      I can’t see it going any other way but a Haley/James finale. It would offer the two most creative and energetic performers on the show.

      • I would love a Haley versus Lauren showdown, but that will never ever happen. It’s been 7 seasons since it was Fantasia versus Diana DeGarmo, since then only 4 ladies have been in the final altogether, Carrie, Katherine, Jordin, and Crystal. As much as I think Scotty’s fan base is huge, I still think it will come down to next week’s performances. If he isn’t on the money, then maybe he could go home.

        Whatever fan base that Jacob has will not be voting for Scotty. That doesn’t really match up. It’s not like when Danny Gokey was sent home in the 3rd spot of Season 8 and all of his votes logically went to Kris Allen, which helped Kris beat Adam Lambert in the final. I feel Casey’s votes went to Haley this week(as well as a lot more votes due to her being unbelieveable). But I don’t know where Jacob’s votes will go. That might be key into next week’s departure and to who makes the Top 3.

        • Templar says:

          I disagree. Jacob is a gospel singer [think Baptist] and Scotty has displayed his faith more than once. In the unlikely event that Jacob’s fans continue to vote, Scotty is their likely choice. Lauren wears a lot of makeup and dresses trendy, James is a rocker, Haley is too provocative for their mindset. Scotty aka Mr. Clean will get Jacob’s votes.

        • Name That Tune says:

          James is top 3. Lauren’s Idol journey ends next week.

          It’s a tossup about the final 2, but I agree with Randy that this thing has become James’ to lose. But Haley may be the first female winner since Jordin Sparks in Season 6 . . .

          • Sue says:

            I can’t decide if I like that or not. I hate being dictated to by the powers that be. I know the powers that be want a female winner — but I don’t want Lauren to win. Haley has grown on me but I do not love her yet although out of the four remainings she really does have the best voice and she and Durbin are pretty close in stage presence (Scotty is a better performer – but still not great). But I’m not fond of the guys either. I honestly don’t know if I want to wast my time with the rest of the season.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Jacob is in TMZ complaining that Iovine made him sing No Air….uh, Jacob, not a good way to start your career criticizing the president of the music company to the press.

  2. ziggy says:

    SO happy Jacob is finally gone. I hope Hayley and Scotty are the final two.

    • Kim R says:

      I am with you! I was so happy Jacob got ousted that I made my dog bark! hahaha My husband, although he does like Lauren’s voice, feels she needs a year or two to mature enough to connect to the lyrics she is singing. I agree. Scotty has some wonky expressions sometimes but I can’t help it…his “Randy Travis” tones in his voice do something for me! hahahaha And it goes without saying how much I love Hayley. She’s got the 2 V’s….voice & vibe. :)
      Did I mention how relieved I am that I don’t have to see/hear Jacob anymore? Man….find some humility man! :)

  3. jamesftw says:

    Next weeks theme??? What?? I had to google what songs these guys wrote. Why can’t they make it more fun and interesting? Anyway, I digress..I am excited about this top 4. It is one of the best top 4 IMO. Go JAMES!!!!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Well NO KIDDING. I realize I’m always chastising the younger people on these discussion boards for dissing my classic rock music, but Leiber and Stoller?????? Seriously?
      James had better jump on “Jailhouse Rock” and after that I do not know WHAT to suggest for these poor kids. I am not positive but I think Leiber and Stoller wrote “She Cried” (recorded by Jay and the Americans). James and Lauren could sing that as a duet – and they could both cry. ;-)

      • ktct says:

        Haley should sing, “I’m a woman.”

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          She could certainly do justice to that song – but every time I hear it I think of those cheesy perfume commercials from the 70s.
          Dang I’m old!

        • claudia says:

          Haley is a little too young for this song IMO. Besides, Melinda Doolittle killed it.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Clearly I have selective memory. Not only had I mercifully forgotten Carrie Underwood singing that stinker “MacArthur Park”, but I also blocked out the memory of Melinda Doolittle singing the ultra-cheesy “I’m a Woman”. Thanks a lot, Claudia! ;-)

          • Name That Tune says:

            Yea, both Haley and Lauren need to stay away from that song. Visions of Lauren singing “Natural Woman” float through my head, & it’s not a pretty picture.

      • tag says:

        What about James singing Trouble? I’m worried Jailhouse Rock would end up too much of a caricature. It might be better as a group song.

      • tag says:

        Do you think James would dare to do “I Who Have Nothing?” Jordan Sparks killed it, so I wouldn’t want another girl to do it, but it’s an awesome song.

      • Shannon says:

        Actually, there’s a crazy, screamin’ rock version of “Love Potion No. 9” by Tyger Pan Tang that would be perfect for James. And for his second song, I recommend “Stand By Me”. If he holds it together, he can make the line, “I won’t cry/No I won’t shed a tear” sound really poignant.

      • Templar says:

        I hope james doesn’t do “Jailhouse Rock”. I hope he does “Trouble” from King Creole. And if they do two songs, I hope he does “Don’t Be Cruel”
        For Scotty I’ve got “Treat Me Nice” and “Love Potion #9
        For Haley: “Love Me” and “Poison Ivy”
        For Lauren: “You’re So Square” and “Stand By Me”

        • Shannon says:

          Didn’t Danny Gokey do “Trouble”? ::shudder:: At least if James did it, it would be a palate cleanser for that song.

    • Owen says:

      Like the mini-Idol version of “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”… I’m excited…

  4. Sybil says:

    What’s with the Leiber & Stoller theme for next week? I thought JLo had decreed that all the contestants had to sing songs that people would recognize. L&S haven’t been current since I was in high school, and that was nearly 40 years ago.

    • Lori says:

      According to Wikipedia: “Their (Leiber & Stoller) last major hit production was “Stuck In the Middle With You,” by Stealers Wheel in 1972.”


      • SusieQ says:

        I had to Wiki it as well, and there were not many songs that matched with the current artists, especially not two for each…but….my spidey senses are tingling …I think Scotty will do Hound Dog!

        • SharonM says:

          Yeah that was my guess too.

        • marie says:

          Actually, I’d rather Haley do “Hound Dog” – the original, pre-Elvis, Big Mama Willie Mae Thornton version, perfect for her gritty voice. Never happen, though.

          • JAson S says:

            I would love to see Haley do a slowed down ballad version of “Stuck in the Middle With You” ! Like Slinky and sexy. “Clowns to the left of me… Clowns to the Right” Stuck in The Middle With You!!!

          • Colin says:

            This is sooo Haley. Another standing O. I remember the Big Mama version from A Few Good Men movie. Hope she does it.

        • Templar says:

          No one should do “Hound Dog”.

      • Scarlett says:

        Oy is right!

      • Li-Li says:

        Haley could do a very cool version of that. “I’m A Woman” is too obvious. She’d have to growl, and then the audience will get mad at her again.

      • Just Jules says:

        Ok… “Stuck in the Middle with You”… would be awesome for James. Scotty will stick with an Elvis tune (natch).. Lauren will pick the most boring mid-tempo number (probably Stand by Me) and avoid any glory notes.. Haley hopefully will take one of the older songs, revamp it (ala Kris & Heartless) and kill it. <– emphasis on VAMP

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      “It smelled like turpentine, it looked like india ink…I held my nose I closed my eyes – I took a drink!”
      Kind of how I feel about next week’s theme. I hope Scotty sings “Hound Dog”. That might be one of the better options.

    • Grace says:

      Well first of all, as Haley found out this week, current and recognizable are two very different things. Also, since these last 4 weeks are setting the stage for the inevitable Scotty win, it’s only appropriate they should throw the boy some Elvis songs, no?
      It is going to be interesting, because I can’t think of much there that’s going to do any favors for Lauren Alaina. She has that nasty habit of choosing these dull midtempo numbers rather than going for a moment, and this is a big bag o dull midtempo numbers…

      Here’s hoping Haley takes a crack at Hound Dog! (The Ma Rainey version of course, before Elvis sucked the soul out of it…)

      • Grace says:

        Woah there, hold the phone, scratch that. I just wikied them and I didn’t know they wrote “I’m a Woman”! That song was MADE for Haley! Remember when Melinda Doolittle sang the cr*p out of it in season 6? Ooh, do it, Haley, DO IT!!

      • marie says:

        Don’t know about Ma Rainey – she may have recorded the song too – but I’m thinking about the Big Mama Thornton original for Haley:

        • Seers says:

          Holy Hound Dog! Big Mama’s version is another potential Idol moment for Haley. Imagine an old-school, unplugged version (with Casey on the upright bass). Please make this happen!

  5. kalspa says:

    Conspiracy Theory alert!

    They put Haley in the pimp spot two weeks in a row, because they knew according to the trends that Jacob and Casey were goners anyway. Now, they have put a scare into Lauren’s fan base and will have no problem justifying Haley going first this week, so that they don’t have to make a trip to Chicago next week.

    Just sayin’….

    • Jamesftw says:

      Ok…You type of Haley fans are the reason why I am starting to dislike Haley. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of the SABOTAGE comments about Haley, etc, etc, etc…
      I think Jimmy has set Haley to win, and it is her game to loose to the top 2 position next to the already crowned AI10 Idol Scotty.

      • jamesftw says:

        whoops..before I get bashed for spell checkers *lose* not loose.

      • Yo says:

        I’m ready to let it go now, because Iovine legitimized her as a contestant this week, when she had been marginalized. Second would be nice and third is okay, but winning is more curse than it is worth.

      • Pam says:

        @jamesftw – why would you dislike Haley based on her fans? Don’t be a child. If you don’t like her singing, fine – but because you don’t like people who thinks she’s being dealt a bad hand – that’s a ridiculous excuse for not liking a contestant.

        • Jamesftw says:

          @pam..I like Haley, James is my fave and I would love to have them both in finale. But, the more I hear about her “childish” fans moaning about her lack of love from the producers/judges, etc…makes me dislike her. Sorry, if I am being childish…so be it. Would rather have fans who support their contestant on the merits of their talent and not on the merits of what praise she is or is not getting. If you really support a contestant and vote it shouldn’t matter what judges/producers say unless you are sheep that need to be led by other people’s opinions.

          • Owen says:

            I was a Haley fan WAY before it was cool to be a Haley fan (I also wouldn’t have been upset if Scotty, James or even Casey had been/were the final two). Way back when Slezak was insulting her like he corrosively does anyone who he thinks DARES to sully his Idol. Awful man. Anyway, I TOTALLY understand how you feel about Haley’s fan. Its not rational, it actually makes no real world sense. But for me anyone who suckles at the Slezak teet makes me sick, and in the last few weeks EVERYONE on here has jumped on his Haley bandwagon. Which would be fine, except they (and he) have to derided everyone else, create conspiracy theories how AI is holding her back, and generally just be obnoxious. Not all fans, not even most fans, but there are enough horribly, Slezak inspired Haley fans that do this that make me not root for her as much.

          • Pam says:

            James … you should never let the fans color your like or dislike for a contestant, should you? Do you like Haley or not? Do you support her on the merit of her talent? That is what you said you would rather have. If you assess the top 4 … which 2 have the best vocals and the best performance skills? Who is confident? Whose recordings will you purchase? Who will you want to see in concert? For me, it’s a Haley slam dunk! She is the one I’ll go to see and hear. Her recordings are the ones I’ll purchase.

          • B.Rich says:

            I just assumed EVERYONE on here jumped on Hailey’s bandwagon because she has been in a completely different league since Bennie and the Jets.

          • jamesftw says:

            @pam…I am supporting James. All my votes go to him. So, whether I like Haley or not doesn’t really matter. My point was that her fans are making me like her less because they are being martyrs. And not only Slezak, almost every AI blogger is on the bandwagon. I saw it happening when Pia got dissed, so people started getting annoyed with the girls getting tossed out of the competition. Out of the 2 girls left, Haley was their gal.

          • zaza says:

            I like Haley better than Lauren or Scotty, so while James is my number one pick, I am also voting for Haley so I don’t have to listen to Lauren or Scotty anymore. Once we get down to the final two, I don’t really think it matters who wins. They will both get a music contract out of it.

      • Wheezer says:

        I totally understand what you mean. I like Haley and I would love a Haley and James finale. Let me repeat that James and Haley are the only 2 left that I like and I want them BOTH in the finale. But her fans are starting to rub me the wrong way. The conspiracy theories alone are enough to make me not want to like her. Let alone if god forbid you only liked her last performance and did not love it! Maybe, it is childish, but then again, maybe they are just as childish! LOL!

        • @galaga6846 says:

          Wheezer, great points. They’re probably the same people who cried foul when Lambert lost over Allen, or Studdard over Aiken. And, I also feel that some of the posters here have become Slezak Sheep. I love Michael Slezak’s writing, his humor, I think Idoloonies is brilliant! But, I think that a lot of people read Slezak, and then decide what their opinion is based on his. It’s like someone who reads liberal or conservative political blogs in order to formulate an opinion. I often wonder if unaided by Slezak, how many of these people would be such rabid Haley fans.

          • Pam says:

            Slezak is pretty much right on … but I wouldn’t let him ever make decisions for me. I had my mind made up before I even read his account of this week’s results. Are people really that insecure today?

        • Pam says:

          Wheezer … really? LOL … who is being childish, here? People are expressing their opinions … and it’s funny to me what some opinions seem to be based upon … what other people are saying shouldn’t matter to you if you like a contestant. Support the one you truly think is the best regardless of anything else.

          • wheezer says:

            I think you might want to look at yourself in Jacob’s mirror! LOL! or maybe read my original comment that we are all being childish, you saying people are free to express their opinions, but YOU are the one who told “@jamesftw – why would you dislike Haley based on her fans? Don’t be a child.” You are a prime example of what we are talking about!

          • Patti Jones says:

            I agree with that comment. I, however, am a Scotty fan all the way. Yes, he’s got a lot to learn, but his singing is so natural and comes out effortlessly. Limited? No, but his niche is certainly country, think about what a Country career is. Carrie Underwood, Reba MacIntire, Vince Gil, Garth Brooks, etc. These folks are major stars and as he matures I can see Scotty Mc becoming one of them.

      • @galaga6846 says:

        Wow Jamesftw, you’d think I would have written that comment! Haley is growing on me, but her fans are starting to wear thin. They’re becoming as incredulous and deranged as Aiken and Lambert fans. It’s quite embarrassing, to be honest. However, I would disagree with you, Jamesftw when you say that Jimmy has Haley set to win. You’re buying into your own conspiracy theories. I honestly think that they producers try to manipulate the results somewhat, but I don’t think they’re that clever. It’s like saying that George W Bush was the stupidest man who was ever president, but he’s this brilliant mastermind who came up with all of these plans to destroy the world. It contradicts sense.

        • Jamesftw says:

          The reason I said that he set her up to win by saying she was the only 10 rightfully so and he was really trying to get her to have a moment even with the GaGa song.So maybe bad choice of words,but Haley has the momentum to possibly get into Finale now

      • haley fan for real says:

        Just FYI – I’m a Haley fan, and I have been ever since she made the finals. I enjoyed Fallin’ and Blue when everyone else was bashing those, incl Slezak. BaTJ is the best performance of AI10, and Moanin’ is the best thing I’ve ever seen on Idol, period (YMMV). And she just keeps getting better. I am a fan of her talent and her singing. Her I-Tunes sound really current, her recorded voice is amazing. Her ability to sing every genre as is while adding her own signature is reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson.

        She’s not good at emoting in her live performances, and she sings too loudly at times when live – I think these are her 2 weaknesses.

        The conspiracy theory stuff is just all part of the Idol entertainment factor, and so it makes it all more fun, but honestly, it doesn’t add to or detract from my fandom. Thanks.

        • agrimesy says:

          Yes! Thank you! It’s a flippin TV show for cryin out loud! People get so offended by the conspiracies, but it is all a part of the Idol adventure. It’s like Survivor and Big Brother and the Amazing Race . . . honestly, Idol is just another reality TV show! That’s all. I do believe the producers pick favorites and sacrifice others by setting them up with censored or out of context packages and denying them the pimp spot the night they really need it. I enjoy the full spectrum of entertainment, but I do not lose sight of the objective.

    • Lispill says:

      I am one to love the conspiracy theories, but I so hope you’re wrong (secretly I know you’re right), because 4th is the worst place to leave the competition, cuz it’s just so damn close to that home visit. If I had my way, on merit alone, James or Lauren would leave next week, the judges keep spewing nonsense about him being consistent, and it’s just not true, he was only consistent because they decided not to call him out on pitch problems every week. And hey I like James, but I want this to be fair (I know I’m crazy right?).

      In terms of consistency give to Scotty, he was consistently doing the same thing every week, doing it very well, but still he was the most consistent of all. As for Haley, she deserves to be in the finale just for being the one who showed the most growth, and for taking the most crap from these judges.

      Lauren is just Lauren, which for me isn’t enough at this point. She’s still a kid, and she had a lot more maturing to do before being thrust into something this big. I think she has incredible amounts of potential but, she doesn’t have the confidence yet to explore them, which is too bad.

      Well, you know, those are my 4 cents, so to speak. Here’s to hoping Haley kicks some ass next week!

      • liz says:

        first of all, i would just like to say that i was rooting for kris allen after allison left because i figured that he needed the win more than adam did. so no accusing me of being a glambert or whatever his fans are called. that being said, i TOTALLY agree with you on the james thing. the only thing consistent about his performances are that he has consistent pitch problems. yes, he brings some flash and excitement to the show. much the way that adam lambert did. the difference being, adam was consistently pitch perfect (except for when he raped “One” which i still havent forgiven him for.) Not being a huge fan of country, i have never really rooted for Scotty, but a scotty win wouldnt bother me because he clearly can sing and really, no matter what he will have a career.

        the other thing that bothers me, is that clearly what is heard in the theater and what is heard on tv is different. this has been said many times by judges in the past (i.e. when simon would say on results night that he watched the tape back and that someone actually was all over the place.) Why has this not happened once this season? do the judges not watch the taped performances after? i mean i guess they arent required to…but they have in the past. hmm.

    • Erin says:

      Reposting my comment: You know you are not imagining this poor Haley treatment when my 74 year old mother (Hey, she had me in her 50′s) asks me why the judges only criticized “that last one who sang so well?” If my old ma can see this is a sham, then anyone can. She also wondered why they didn’t play up the whole story of the girl who almost went home in the beginning only to make a huge comeback and possibly win the whole show. She loves that story and says, “they never even mention how far she’s come… you’d think they would.” Indeed.

      • Dasha says:

        What if they judges were told to rip into Haley on the first song to set her up for The House of the Rising Sun and to jump-start her fans into finally voting their butts off for her?

        • Owen says:

          What if nothing if all is happening? What if there is no manipulation at all? Why can’t we just believe that the judges are honest people reacting naturally. Why is it so much easier to believe people are bad and have no integrity?

          • loopdeloo says:

            Because this is reality television.

          • Buster Cretin says:

            Your are incredibly naive little one. The answer to your question is that money is on the line. With other singing reality shows popping up all over the place, and some of them actually getting good reviews, it’s vital for Idol to produce a valid star this season. The Producers are very very very obviously manipulating the situation to ensure that they get maximum revenues out of this. When Iovine declared Pia wasn’t really a contender, I surmise he was looking at the returns on iTunes which showed that Pia wasn’t the highest selling artist. So, sorry to peel back the curtain on the big bad world little one, but yes, this is a money making venture with careers and jobs on the line, and if you don’t understand that then I’m sorry, someday you will. Yes, Nigel is a puppet master trying his hardest to produce the outcome he thinks will garner the Idol Machine the most cash and prestige. Well Duh.

          • Ronnie says:

            We can certainly take that position. It is true, we are not inside the judges heads. But if we take say Steven, and look at his judging, we will see that out of around 90 performance he has said that around 90% of them have been very good or required no critique. This could be what he thinks, but it means one of the following:
            1. A group of amateurs, some teenagers, are so talented they are performing at a level that has few if any flaws.
            -or if that is not true
            2. The judges are not talented enough to identify weaknesses in the performances.
            Professional music reviewers find faults in almost every successful album that is released. Even the ones they love and give five stars have some area they could have done better.
            Who knows, maybe they are correct and we are simply seeing some amazing talent and a mega album of all this years recordings is on par with “Sgt. Peppers” … maybe that is true, I guess time will tell.

          • joy2011 says:

            There you go using the word integrity again. Integrity-adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Owen – As much as I would love to believe this is purely a “singing competition”, it just isn’t. there have been a few jarring moments for me –
            1. When Lauren and three other girls sang on Group Night and J-Lo sadly proclaimed Lauren was the only one going through. The other girls sang as well or better and one of them sang so well my husband actually LOOKED UP FROM HIS NEWSPAPER and said, “Wow, she can really sing”. Yes, that’t the high water mark at this household – when a singer is so great my husband pays attention.
            2. When Naima and Ashthon were put through by the judges to the top 13 rather than Lauren Turner, Kendra Chantelle, or Robbie Rosen. (Stephano earned his save honestly, IMO).
            3. When Lauren sang like crappola last week on Unchained Melody and Jennifer declared there was “nothing to judge”. Huh??? I guess the judges have been instructed to never say anything bad about Lauren. Someone posted this before, but I’m inclined to think that’s why Steven is acting like Ozzy Osborne’s twin brother separated at birth. Perhaps he’s not interested in playing the game so he just declares everything “beautiful”.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Erin – either you’re kidding when you write your mom had you when she was in her 50s or she has my vote for Woman of the Year, LOL.

        • Erin says:

          Well, maybe she was a BIT younger when she had me (which would make me a BIT older)…. but she’s still a good candidate for the title. :)

    • Ronnie says:

      I am not a fan of conspiracy theories and have been very critical of the uneven treatment and backstage producer manipulation.
      – but it isn’t actually a conspiracy theory…
      – It is simply Bias. It’s wrong, lame and all the theories may be true, however what it actually shows is Bias more than anything.

      • Owen says:

        They are “judging”. Judging implies bias…by definition, one could not judge without being biased one way or the other.

        • Ronnie says:

          That is true in relation to the judges. But I am also referencing the backstage producer controlled actions, which do not fall into that category and should be even handed and without bias.

        • Ann says:

          Still, a judge has to maintain some semblance of objectivity instead of blatantly pushing your favourites. You have to look at the facts and then make an opinion. A real judge isn’t supposed to decide at the very beginning who you want to win and bow down at their altar every Wednesday while ignoring equally good (in my opinion, better)competitors…

        • Erin says:

          But it’s not judging when you are given notes (some that you may not agree with, Steven Tyler) of what to say; at least not judging from three individual perspectives. Instead you have a corporate opinion and interest at stake which you write out for public digestion. I never really bought into it until Slezak’s Idoloonies really shed light on all the bullduggy.

  6. Lori says:

    So why bother voting for Scotty if he’s going to have a stellar recording career whether he wins or not?

    • DookDood says:

      Because American Idol needs a winner than can actually sell records!

    • Eurydice says:

      LOL! So people should only vote for the contestant who’s got no chance of a recording career?

      • Lori says:

        Well no, but maybe it should pave the way for someone who is worthy of but not so “guaranteed” a recording career.

        • Eurydice says:

          Well, I don’t know that Scotty was “guaranteed” a recording career before he got on the show – everybody’s had the same chances he’s had. It just turned out that he’s very popular and that’s a major factor in a recording career – that’s what put him in the “guaranteed” category. And now that he’s got a fan base, it wouldn’t make much sense to tell them to stop voting for him so somebody else can win the competition. They want they’re favorite to win – that’s what it means to be a fan.

  7. Ronnie says:

    Oh, there was an American Idol results show? I thought I saw something with Lady Antebellum a few decent Jimmy comments and a crying teenager… but mostly I saw a huge commercial.
    – I wonder what the % of product promo versus real show there was.
    – A crappy book, Ford, Ramsey, JLO album, Bing
    – No wonder the group/duo’s are so bad this season.. and we understand why Haley/Casey said they didn’t practice… AI is making them waste time promoting large ego heads like GR instead of practicing/mentoring and improving their SINGING skills!
    – I have never noticed so much product dominating a TV show so obviously, seriously not even on Idol.

    – Isn’t American Idol still a ratings winner? It got 6.6/19 share of adults with 21.14 million viewers to win Wednesday night handily, doubling 2nd place Survivor.

    – Why does AI need this extra money from endorsement???? All it does is highlight their greed and their corporate control. There is simply no reason for this.

    • leigh says:

      Speaking of greed: what happened to Idol Gives Back? There isn’t a more urgent time than now.

      • SusieQ says:

        I was wondering that as well. They have JLo and Steven Tyler, I am sure they could be tapped for the benefit.

      • Ronnie says:

        That’s a great point … They don’t even need to do a huge production like previous years. They could simply make an all guest star results show with superstar singers, put up a red-cross number, place all the performances on i-tunes and donate all proceeds to disaster relief.

        But instead they promoted their own Fox shows, search engines and their judges careers.

      • Dasha says:

        They announced either last year or the year before that they will do Idol Gives Back every other year. That means they’ll have one next year.

        • Ronnie says:

          I don’t want to be too much of a cynic. I do remember them putting up Red Cross numbers earlier in the year at least once. I understand the prep etc. needed for the large Give Back shows…
          -but its frustrating to see them milking more money from product tie-ins instead of giving us a good hour of television.

          Us viewers deserve better.

      • wheezer says:

        I thought the same thing on Tuesday! I guess not enough high profile causes that will help them receive more kudos in return has happened over the last year. NOT!

    • Not says:

      Completely agree. I fast-forwarded through it in about 5 minutes.

    • Musica1 says:

      As one show runner put it recently: this is the future of television. With so many people using dvr’s to fast forward through the commercials, advertisors are asking for product within the show to be sure the audience sees it.

      • Aoife says:

        I love how they think people watched the commercials BEFORE the advent of the DVR. That’s when people got up to use the bathroom, or fix a sandwich, or talk to each other about what they’d just seen, or if they’re like my dad, flip obnoxiously through the other channels till something that’s not a commercial comes on, regardless of what it is.

  8. Emma says:

    Jacob seems to be so damn sure about the America embracing him. Good luck with that! After the tour, you’ll be dropped like that. I recommend startign the adjustment now. Jacob’s turn will be the one for the bathroom break & beer in the Idol tour, that’s for sure.

    Also, I’m getting really fed up with the revised judging. If the judges or Iovine want to gain ANY respect, they should give their judging and predictions *before* they see the voting results and do social media reserach on how the songs were perceived.

    • Reality says:

      Hysterical! I told my wife the same thing last night…I’m glad Jacob will be on the tour…so I know when to use the restroom and get by drinks!

      • Melisa says:

        Haha! I did that during the Kelli Pickler portion of that AI tour! Unfortunately still could hear her in the bathroom…

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I’ve never been wild about Jacob but I must say I enjoyed his exit performance – the sheer joy in his singing (which was pretty good, for a change) and Haley encouraging him to do the runs at the end was kind of fun. R&B is dead but I think Jacob can have a decent recording career in Christian music if he goes that direction.

      • happy says:

        The hands barrel roll continuation signal was funny. If Haley dances like she did at the end during a song, I’ll double my votes for her.

        • agrimesy says:

          I actually felt new affection for Scotty during Jacob’s good-bye performance. When Jacob nailed that crazy high run of notes mid way through, Scotty just stood there and shook his head really appreciating his fellow contestant’s ability. I like that. Scotty knows he’s got just four or five notes in his own repertoire. I don’t diss him for that. He uses them well. Jacob had more range, but he didn’t use his well at all. Too bad. I wish old school R&B was still on the radio. I loved Jacob Motown night.

    • Musica1 says:

      Actually the show sounds a lot different live in the studio. The judging alterations probably come when they watch it on tv. James especially is an amazing live performer. He’s by far the live audience favorite each week.

  9. josie says:

    Congratulations America! You were in it to win it when you sent Jacob packing. JLO better keep a close eye on those sparkly harem pants. Jacob might be tempted to help himself to them as a parting gift. It was good to finally hear the cognitive dissonance of the so-called Judges exposed by Jimmy I’s reality based assessment of the contestants. Way to stick up for Haley, Jimmy! I could live with a Haley, James, Scotty finale.

  10. Yo says:

    I think Jacob may have a rough time getting his career going, because he can’t take instruction. While the others have sometimes needed to disregard it, he needed to listen. I thought he was terrifc the first time I saw him, but I am not in that portion of America that loves him right now: He seems seriously unpleasant.
    The final four will make for an interesting show next week. I think Lauren should go home and back to school, though, and Idol should up the age limit next year. She ain’t close to ready.

    • CAT says:

      Absolutely agree with you about Lauren. I think she will be the next one out, and that’s as it should be. She obviously isn’t ready to handle this intense a competition. She’s probably never been criticized in her entire life, but that’s a whole different topic. The age should be lifted, maybe even to 18. Let these kids concentrate on at least getting a high school diploma before they start chasing what’s most likely not going to be a dream come true. Then they’ll at least have SOME decent preparation for life after “pop star”!

      • Reality says:

        Agreed 100%

      • Aoife says:

        Yes, all this, for God’s sake. I always prefer the ones who are at the upper end of the age limit, because they’ve actually DONE things, but eighteen is still fine–fifteen is way too young.

  11. JohnDoe says:

    That “horrible” British guy is Chef Gordon Ramsay, a three Michelin star chef who’s been awarded a total of 12 Michelins for his restaurants. Yes, sometimes he’s a Simon-esque jerk, but he’s one of the greats in the restaurant industry.

    • Yo says:

      Who cares? He’s nasty!

    • Pam says:

      Michael knows who he is; he just refuses to acknowledge him and all his buffoonish behavior.

    • cibele says:

      Still a crappy human being.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I believe Gordon Ramsey is from Scotland, where they eat really good stuff like sheep intestines.
      He is not a nice person.

    • Eurydice says:

      Then he should just shut up and cook.

    • S. Lee Stack says:

      I will acknowledge that Ramsay is well-respected in his chosen field of endeavor, like Iovine…but also like Iovine, he’s now become just another loud attention ‘ho reality show d.bag…the world (and TV) is now full of boorish, tacky people like them…

    • marie says:

      Of course MS knows who he is, but name him or not, he’s still the meanspirited, infantile, self-important jerk who insulted Stefano’s mom without any justifiable reason. Screw him and his restaurants and his TV show, I wouldn’t spend a dime or invest a minute of time on him.

    • Kartina says:

      why everyone seems to dislike Ramsay.. for me, the part where the contestants get to cook is amusing. If u watch Hell’s Kitchen, u’ll know Ramsay is nothing but hilarious, and he’s also a quite nice person outside the kitchen. Ok he could be pain in the a$$ but so is Simon, they are both just similar in a funny way. When Ramsay said to Jacob ur food is like a plate of vomit or something it’s just like Simon said u sing like a…(gosh I forgot all of his insults on idol ;P)

  12. Cornelle says:

    Three words express my feeling about this season as it’s progressed:
    Failure to Launch. There was ONE results show (the Stevie Wonder/Hulk Hogan night) that provided pure theater and entertainment. It’s been all downhill from there. A real snooze-fest. Hope springs eternal, but it hardly ever realized, for the Idol watcher. Every season — the exception being Adam Lambert. Even Carrie Underwood didn’t develop her stage presence until after the show was over.

  13. Pam says:

    I had the Hallelujah chorus going through my head when Jacob was sent home! I still don’t know why it took so long, but it’s finally done. And no Jacob – this American didn’t fall in love with you and I have no interest in buying anything you would ever sell.

    I feel that Haley’s really coming into her own and I love her spirit. I’m starting to hope that she’ll crack the eventual/predictable/inevitable James and Scotty finale. Is Haley in it to win it? Yes, she is!

  14. D. says:

    Not that I was even watching this train wreck of a season, but I would catch the performances on line simply because of Jacob. Now that he’s gone I have no reason to watch. And if Haley wins I may lose all respect for Idol & never watch again.

    • A person who does have a mirror. says:

      You don’t seem to have a mirror. I’ll lend you one.

    • Wheeze says:

      Um..hello didn’t you just say you DO NOT watch it, and only watched Jacob’s performances online. Obviously, you must be related to him or own a mirror shop and have no basis not to like Haley. So go ahead and keep on, keeping on out the door.

      • D. says:

        Maybe you should actually read & comprehend my comment before you respond to it. I watch all the performances on line. Jacob was my personal favorite. I enjoyed all of his over the top performances. No one has been really outstanding on this season. I can’t see what the hype is for Haley. How she looks is meaningless.

        • Wheezer says:

          I think you need to listen to your own advice. You do not watch the show (as you stated), and only watch clips online. SO saying you aren’t going to watch the show anymore if Haley wins is pointless! Also, if you did watch the show you would understand the mirror jokes that both “A person who does have a mirror” and I made.

        • joy2011 says:

          They are talking about a comment Jacob made about America needing to look in the mirror if he got voted off. It seemes to have put off many people and I think has been part of the reason many don’t appreciate his talent. Enjoy his music because that is ultimately what we all want, to have an artist inspire us with their artistry whomever it is we are rooting for.

          • Joe Strummer says:

            What’s there to enjoy about Jacob’s singing? Sharp and flat notes? Screaming into the microphone like a lunatic? He is not as talented as he thinks he is. He is not even in the same stratosphere as Luthor Vandross.

            I think the judges did a real disservice to him by not telling him how bad he was and how “pitchy” he was. If Simon was still judging he would have brought Jacob back down to reality.

      • The Ween says:


        hahahahahahahahahahaha! Own a mirror shop. Priceless.

    • Uncle Nigel says:

      OH my, how will I sleep tonight!!! D. might stop watching, I just can’t go on!

    • JENNY says:

      I think you should listen closely to his vocal, it contains an absolute painful scream, and even more painful watching him open his mouth to begin with.

    • claudia says:

      Gee, I lost respect when Taylor Hicks won, & then later when Lee Dewyse won. And what do you mean “never watch again”? You already said you’re not watching.

  15. dctoronto says:

    As soon as the tears started flowing, I too wondered about whether Lauren has the emotional maturity to deal with the harsh criticisms and meanness that will be coming her way should she win this competition.
    Is it my TV or has anyone noticed that James looks like he put on a lot of weight over the past week? He’s always had a bit of a tummy but it looked much heavier on both Wednesday and Tuesday nights.

    • Wheezer says:

      I think James has been putting on weight gradually all season. I think since the exit of Stefano he has put on even more. I think this journey has been hard on him, for missing his fiancee and child. All the past idol contestants that have kids say that is the hardest thing to deal with.

      • Lyn says:

        No doubt his “I’m doing this so my sweet girl & cute baby will have a future!” narrative will be front-and-center as the producers promote James next week. Along with “valiant struggling Lauren,” who’s clearly too young for this. (Don’t hate either one, just am annoyed by the manipulative tactics.)

        • Wheeer says:

          Seriously?! Come on. I was making an observation and stating an opinion. Remember you can only be manipulated if you let yourself be. Listen Idol will always use the same tactics every season, I do get frustrated by them too, but are you that much of a cynic to not think James really does miss his fiancee and child?

        • Jamesftw says:

          @lyn Hey just an FYI, I think that little segment on James hurt him more than helped him…so there. Why do people have hearts of stone on this board? Is it because you are 10 years old? Man…@wheez I agree with you 100%, it has to be super hard. As far as the weight,James looks good with weight on him because he is so tall. I think when they live in the Idol house they are fed like kings and queens.

          • Wheezer says:

            @Jamesftw I agree that James’s mini breakdown seems to have him hurt him, and definitely not helped him. I feel like people are forgetting that James does not have a say when the cameras are filming, if the camera man follows him, and if the evil minions behind the scene edit it into the show. God forbid he be human and miss his support system. I mean in all the interviews of contestants past and present they ALWAYS say they never realized how hard this competition is. Also, I just want to clarify that I do not think James looks bad with the extra padding. =)

          • Robin says:

            But why does he get away with being so emotional, but there is such harsh criticism for Lauren for being upset ? (I know, I know, he has Aspergers)…

    • Bee says:

      Lauren’s tears only solidify the fact that the “judges” have not evaluated and JUDGED her performances genuinely. If they had been honest and constructive these past many weeks, she would not have been so hurt by being in the bottom two.

      Also, it really annoys me that Lauren NEVER says thank you to any praise she gets from the panel. This girl needs some humility and gratitude.

      • JAO says:

        It’s hard for Lauren to be thrust into the spotlight like that. I don’t think it’s about humility. I am a professional coach and some people are not able to acccept their ‘shining’ or praise because they are either too shy, or somewhere down deep they don’t think they deserve it.

        • Paloma Pigeon says:

          Personally, I think Lauren has suffered from the worst type of stage parents. The kind that demand her to keep winning at the cost of gaining self-esteem and confidence from her talent. No accident that her mother was made up more garishly than Lauren at the beginning of the season and has apparently benefitted from an expensive makeover.

          • Robin says:

            Yes, that’s my take on it, it is interesting to me how vicious people can be about her (obviously she is not connecting) but are so understanding about other contestants, bullying is still bullying…IMO

        • ladyhelix says:

          Lauren was not “thrust” anywhere. This is reality TV. No one held a gun to her head. Lauren waited in line for hours in the hot sun for the privilege of taking shots from the judges and showing America she has character. Or not. If she doesn’t realized she’s being “considered” by the voting public for more than her voice – she should go home.

          • Just Jules says:

            I’m gonna bet she never stood in a long line in the heat,… I bet she got one of the quick passes and was handed her ticket to Hollywood on a silver platter. This young girl has never been told no and it is apparent in her poutiness when critique in even minor and subtle ways. Her parent look younger than she does.. and who let’s their 15yo kid get horrible spray tans and wear all that makeup? I can now appreciate all that Carrie Underwood was when she first got on the Idol stage (she developed into a great artist).. Lauren is a dud, face it. She has not changed ONE single thing this entire season.. and unfortunately for her it is too late.. THIS is why the new judging has failed. AND complaining about the sylists? I cannot believe they can do that to her without her (or at least her parent’s) approval.

      • Marta says:

        Agreed– and I believe she is the type who will plead “I’ll get better” so people will like me more…. not “I’ll get better” because I want to use my gift the best way I can. I simply don’t get the feeling that she LOVES music and LOVES to perform. I sense she has been TOLD performing is fun her whole life…..

        • Name That Tune says:

          She doesn’t believe in herself ‘cuz she’s young. I dont’ think she’s shy at all, just a chubby teenager (who’s probabaly heard that plenty) and lacks self-esteem. She’s shown more than once that she’s not emotionally mature enough to handle the pressure. Unlike James, you never get the sense she has a clue what she’s singing about. It has always been about hitting the notes, not feeling what she’s singing about. She knows she missed that big note, and despite the coaching she’s received to just let it go, she can’t. She too afraid of failing.

  16. SusieQ says:

    Jacob is def. my break and potty break singer! I guess I can see why some people like him, but There are quite a few in the 11 that I could miss and be ok, but him I will probably will anyways. I will give him a chance though, no lie. He doesn’t come to my area until mid August so perhaps he will get some voice lessons or better practice by then! Really I think his singing is just not my taste in music!

    I think they need to raise the tryout age again, only because last night we clearly saw that Lauren is not cut out for this type of pressure. Last night was the first time she heard major criticism and she crumbled. She couldn’t even watch James’s swan song, she just looked distant. Thia back in the beginning said that she would be devastated and couldn’t handle if she went home (this during the top 24) and you could tell she meant it.

    As much as I hated Lovine last week (throwing Haley under the Bus was just not cool) this week we both agreed that Lovine was the only “judge” on the show. The only thing with his comments he has to watch the songs first to judge him……wait….perhaps we should get rid of one of the new judges and put him on instead. He could be the new Simon!!!

    My ultimate finale would be James and Haley and Haley for the win. Scotty already has an awsome country career ahead of him, and as long as Lauren can learn to take it withought breaking, she will be able to as well.

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t know Jimmy Iovine and I don’t know if he threw Haley under the bus or not. What I do know is that everything on this show is highly edited. Jimmy might have said 99 positive things about Haley and the producers decided to air the 1 negative thing. With everybody pretty equally talented there’s no story, especially when it gets down to the really strong contenders who don’t need a lot of sympathy. What better way to stir up the fans than to create an underdog? Team Haley against the World!

  17. CAT says:

    At last! I don’t have to ever listen to Jacob again. Aside from the travesty of not having Pia included, the top 4 is what it should be.

  18. Tahoe Mike says:

    I think you let J. Lo. off the hook pretty easily. She says that crap to Haley about song choice, and then delivers that drivel?? That song was awful. Did she sing it like she believed it? How much emotional connection did you feel from that? I read somewhere tonight that her ‘performance’ was taped last week, and that it took three hours and 10 takes; and she still sounded out of breath running up the stairs. Say what you will about Lauren, but she does have the courage to stand and sing live to 30 million people, nerves and all.
    Was anyone else insulted by the whole pretending it’s live thing? Here is ANOTHER video, while we wait for J. Lo to shower and change back into the same clothes?? I think I’d rather have listened to Jacob sing a chapter of Steven Tyler’s book.

    I am vote, vote, voting for Haley to win this thing.

    • Ronnie says:

      “I think I’d rather have listened to Jacob sing a chapter of Steven Tyler’s book.”
      … HA! Excellent comment.. made me chuckle :)
      I wanted Haley to stand up and say “J-Lo, I’m not sure Nigel did you any favors with that song. Why are you singing a song nobody knows? You need to sing songs the audience already loves. They are simpletons and fools and won’t be able to handle a song they don’t know.”

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Tahoe Mike and Ronnie – made me laugh. :-)
        I’m guessing nothing in Tyler’s book should be sung on Idol, LOL.

      • Lyn says:

        Haha! And “if you’re still here next week, try not singing in a monotone.”

    • MDEP says:

      Many of the guest performers are pre-taped and have been for years. Doesn’t make it right since they say it is a live show, but just thought I should point out it was not only JLo who has done it.

  19. Reality says:

    You are at the top of your game Slezak…Dead on with your comments this week. It couldn’t have turned out better last night…HOWEVER, I believe that Lauren can come out next week and cough up a fur-ball like a cat and the Judges will yell things like…”Lauren is Back Dawg” “Lauren is in it to Win it!” or just “Beautiful Beautiful.”
    They want her to to win it…trust me.

  20. Maria G says:

    The best way to watch a results show? DVR it! That way you get to what you want to see without the unnecessary filler.

    I finally got what I’d been waiting for: Lauren in the bottom 2, which rendered her completely unable to deal! I hope she’s sent home next week, just to prove to Nigel she’s not the second coming of Kelly or Carrie but rather a whiny, bratty, bad mannered teenager that needs to be in school and is not emotionally equipped to deal with the music industry YET.

    Bye-bye, Jacob. Here’s hoping we see you as a contestant on “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” soon!

    Go Haley!

    • Pam says:

      Maria … I so agree that Lauren even being compared to Kelly or Carrie is unbelievable. Lauren is not ready for this vocally or emotionally. She needs a lot of work; and if she wins, she will not learn anything from the mistakes she is making right now. The judges should have been as real with her as they have been with Haley. Haley can take it; Lauren clearly cannot.

      • Just Jules says:

        Oh, Lauren’s singing career will start off just fine.

        Lauren and a great record out of the gate = auto tune

  21. Delon says:

    Lieber & Stroll songbook? That must be some sick joke, right?!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I thought the same thing. Even “Cole Porter Night” would be more interesting as Porter’s music that would challenge the vocal capabilities of these kids.

  22. NanCeE* says:

    So glad Haley was safe!!! I think Lauren may have ended up in the bottom two because everyone was voting for Haley – I know I voted many times for Haley and then remembered later that I hadn’t voted for Lauren. Still worried that Haley is next to go, but I am encouraged that she wasn’t in the bottom two this week. My inner conspiracy theorist expects her to be praised next week to hopefully lull the voters into a false sense of security. Did anyone else find the Ford video lyrics “be yourself” a little (a lot) ironic? I do think Lauren has a great voice and will do well, but to paraphrase (okay, butcher) Seth Myers, do you know who I’d like to see in the competition? Lauren Alaina three years from now. Lauren Alaina three years from now will have a stronger voice, more confidence in her song choices, and be more emotionally equipped to handle the Idol machine. Jacob’s parting comments show why the judges are doing the contestants no favors – poor kid believes his own hype.

    • Tracy says:

      Exactly. In 2 or 3 years, I think Lauren would have won but I don’t see it this year.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m no fan of Lauren’s but I am feeling a twinge of sympathy for her. She’s been hailed as the second coming of Kelly Clarkson from the beginning, even by Nigel, and has never been given any constructive criticism. From our vantage point all we’ve seen is her coasting by on an imperfect, untrained vocal while receiving nothing but mostly undeserved praise from the judges. Now suddenly she’s hearing criticism and ends up in the bottom two and she can’t handle it because she appeared to be sailing toward the finish line.

      • agrimsey says:

        Lauren has definitely suffered the consequences of being an early favorite. When Slezak showed her audition clip on Idoloonies a week ago, I was reminded of my initial response to her. I thought, man this little girl is fearless! She just sang an Aerosmith song in front of Steven Tyler and then put him on the spot to sing along. I was like, “Dayum, girl!” go for it. The judges commented that they wanted to see that spark they saw early on. JLo told her to go for the BIG notes because she can. When Lauren said she was singing Unchained Melody in the package, I thought, “Oh man, she’s going to go for the BIGGEST of the BIG notes!” and I was excited for her to have a moment. Then . . . it didn’t happen. Lauren has lost her spark. She’s just a deer in headlights now. I feel so bad for her, but like you I can’t give her a sympathy vote. I want the winner to have what it takes. I don’t think Lauren does.

        • Name That Tune says:

          I’ve never been able to give her a single vote because she has done nothing to earn it, while I’ve seen every other performer kick ass to deliver the most passionate and creative performances of their lives – even pathetic Jacob Lusk.
          From the first week, I’ve felt she wasn’t mature enough to deliver a soulful and heartfelt performance. My comments about her have always gone back to the same thing – she delivers lackluster kareoke performances because that’s all she knows how to do. It’s taken this long people like Jimmy I and Michael to finally say it.

          • Joe says:

            This is a great point. I’ve never once felt compelled to vote for Lauren. For me, her Idol moment, was top 24 when she sang the Reba Turn on the Radio song. After that, it’s all been downhill with nothing special. I don’t see how anyone is passionately voting for Lauren. What’s there to get passionate about? She’s white, blonde and sings country?
            I also think her parents have put a tremendous amount of pressure on her and the best thing for her is to get out of the competition and lower their expectations financially. You know as well as I do that her parents are already counting money that most likely won’t be there if she doesn’t win this thing.
            Lauren needs to get out of the competition, do the tour and then go to Nashville and work some producers who can guide her career without the ridiculous expectations I think she and her family have placed on her. That’s why she’s a blubbering mess when she thinks the rug is about to be pulled out. She knows that family is relying on her to buy them mansions and stuff.
            Her Idol run has been “meh” and I truly believe she’s only still here because Nigel still wants her here. I think she got voted out awhile ago and they fudged the numbers to keep her there hoping each week she’ll blow people away. It’s not happening. She doesn’t have it in her. If Jimmy was being honest, I think the producers finally know this too.

      • marie says:


  23. Deb says:

    Can’t comment on J Lo because I tune out and do something else every time she uses the stage as an opportunity for self promotion.
    Glad Jacob is finally gone, it should have happened weeks ago.
    I’m just waiting for one of them to sing Stand By Me and be endlessly compared to the off-the-cuff version Kris Allen sang recently. They could follow suit and sing the song originally, but at least two of them don’t seem to do much more than sing versions that could be heard at any Karaoke bar. I’m not familiar enough with this duo of writers to know if anyone else on the show, or elsewhere, has sung a unique version of any of the songs.
    Next week should also tell the tale about Lauren in terms of whether her trip to the bottom will make her fight back or not. If she wilts under the pressure, I somewhat blame the judges for their decided lack of critiques when she really needed them.

  24. blingedup.susan says:

    Hahaha. Michael, I knew you’d mention Ryan’s plug of Randy’s bake sale. That was my best laugh while watching Idol in weeks.

    I’m still mad at Gordon Ramsey and wanted him off my screen.

    Here’s hoping for a Haley/Scotty finale!

  25. Petra says:

    Thank God he’s finally gone. The right person did go home tonight, in fact he should have been gone a long time ago. I couldn’t stand him and no, it had nothing to do with him being black or gay. It had to do with his personality and his over the top performances.

  26. Tracy says:

    I definitely think it was way past time for Jacob to go, but to be fair, he does have an amazing voice. The question is what he does with it. Don’t you think in 40 years we’ll be hearing his voice on the cruise ship muzak? And trying to explain to our grandchildren about this show we used to watch. If Jacob can take direction (and while he’s not 16, most of us have learned a lot since we were 23),there probably is a place for him in his niche. He won’t sell a lot of gospel albums, but they’ll sell to the apparently large number of people who voted for him and he will probably be in demand for whatever kind of touring gospel singers do. I can also imagine him doing well in musical theater (as long as he doesn’t dance much). Also, people will buy his (probably inevitable) Christmas album. Although I won’t be spending my money to hear him, I’m guessing Jacob will do ok for himself over the long run.

    • Joe says:

      I loved Jacob early on. But outside of the Marvin Gaye You’re All I Need To Get By song, he never really progressed on this show and turned in a lot of eye rolling stinkers.
      This all went to his head very quick and he’s shown major character flaws. Being a male diva is not going to work in this business. It works for fabulous women, but it won’t work for Jacob. The issue with him is going to come down to his sexuality (sadly). Singing love songs to women is going to be a tough sell for Jacob. I like his idea of doing some old Luther/soul kind of stuff and finding that niche, but I don’t see a record label salivating at the thought of that. Broadway is a possibility for him, but I don’t see him having an original music career. Perhaps doing the supper club/cabaret kind of thing that Melinda Doolittle does singing covers might be his best bet.

      • marie says:

        Posting this as a reply to Joe’s post above because it’s relevant, but actually I mean this more generally: Jacob could try Broadway IF he can ALSO ACT as well as sing (whether or not you want to call that singing we’ll leave aside for the moment).
        The same goes for any “theatrical” Idol contestant whom viewers might feel would be more suitable for musical theater: someone may have a voice suited to Broadway, but unless they can also act (and often dance somewhat too), they can’t have a successful musical theater career.
        That said, several Idol alums have appeared in musical productions, so if he has a mind to, Jacob might give that a try too if he wants to.

    • karen says:

      Jacob has an amazing voice? was that a typo?

  27. ohbabs says:

    james has to be in the final two. Steven Tyler promised to perform with him if he made it to the finale. Sure would not mind Haley in the two, but think it will be Scotty/James.
    Another take on season 8. Kris. Adam. Allison.=Scotty. James. Haley.
    And we have the rocker dude versus the country dude.
    a little bit country…a little bit rock and roll.

    PTL and the idol audience, jacob is gone.

  28. Jan says:

    The right person went home last night. He should have gone home weeks earlier.

    I hope Haley is the next to go. My husband and I cannot stomach her attitude.

    My opinion: James/Scotty will be the final two standing.

    • Templar says:

      I have one good thing to say about Haley. She isn’t Pia.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Wow! Jealous much? What I see is a lady who’s resilient and is able to make lemonade from lemons thrown at her. Her knowing how to defend herself well are plus points, too.

  29. kalix says:

    This is the first season that all the main AI bloggers and many many previous standouts all agree on the same hopeful….Ms Haley is Inittowinit!

  30. maj says:

    so glad Jacob is gone.. and Slezak – you made me laugh at the corn picture : )

  31. agrimesy says:

    Last night’s results episode showed me something very important. Some viewers are still voting based on performance not favoritism. That’s really surprising to me! I expected Jacob and Haley to be the bottom two with Jacob going home. When Jimmy said he thought Lauren could be in trouble because she didn’t go for the high note, I dismissed it for drama believing her fans would carry her through no matter how she sang. WRONG! I think what’s happened is, Lauren isn’t getting any NEW fans where Haley is getting new fans every week because of her gutsy performances. She goes for it . . . make or break every week. In my opinion, Lauren is cracking under the pressure, and her fan base is finite. I think the same could be said for James. He isn’t growing on the show, and I think his “emotional” outbursts are a turn off for many neutral viewers. No way will he get Jacob’s fans’ votes since he celebrated so hard when he knew he was safe. James is insensitive which comes off as arrogance. Unless Lauren and James have fans who are prepared to power vote, I think they may be candidates for 4th place instead of Haley. Of all people, Haley is the one who’s really “in it to win it”. The judges put her in a position of having nothing to lose. She went for it this week and nailed it in spite of their criticisms. Now the judges look like bullies, and Haley is the underdog. Folks, I see Haley in the top three. I predict next week, James or Lauren will go home.

    • Elena says:

      You make a lot of sense. I never thought about it like this before. Haley is the only contestant who seems to show any growth at all. The others seem to be rooted to the same spot creatively. James DOES come across as arrogant and insensitive, however, I try not to judge him because he may not be as self aware as he could be (neither is Jacob, for that matter). Lauren does seem to be diminishing in every repect although I’ve always said that Scotty would be the last guy standing — if not the eventual winner. Sure, he does the same old same old, but he hasn’t had any real missteps and appeals to the widest voting audience (country fans, moms, grandmoms, young girls, has the Clay Aiken all-American charm). I’d love to see Haley take this thing. It would be great to have an accomplished singer (a jazz/blues singer at that) take the AI crown again.

      • Eurydice says:

        I agree with you about Haley, she’s grown in a really visible way. But I also think Scotty has been growing, but in a more subtle way. He’s been consistent and sticking to his strengths, but also taking advice and stretching himself some. And he’s been toning down his annoying mannerisms, the head tilt, the weird way of holding his mic, the Elvis lip-curl. It’s like he’s been refining himself.

        • blingedup.susan says:

          I totally agree with you, Eurydice.

          I see improved performance style in both Haley and Scotty.

          If the judges would offer more constructive criticism, we’d probably see better growth in all of them. But that horse has been beat.

        • Lyn says:

          I agree also — without a major physical makeover, a la Clay Aiken, he has improved steadily while staying true to his country self. As Sheryl Crow noted, he certainly appears headed for a Nashville career no matter what happens on Idol.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Good post, agrimesy. James doesn’t come off as arrogant to me – I’m going with what a lot of other people have written; he’s like a kid in a candy store and he’s trying a little bit of everything. It’s nice to see someone believe in themselves but I hope he sings better next week!

      • RT says:

        I don’t think it is arrogance either. Or insensitivity. James has been diagnosed with Asberger’s Syndrome which is a form of high-functioning autism. One of the biggest hallmarks is a lack of social awareness, and not always being able to tell what is appropriate or not appropriate in different situations. It probably never occurred to him that celebrating like that might not be the best way to handle things then.

    • Ambiance says:

      Good analysis agrimesy !

      I do think they want a rock vs country finale – just so they won’t p#ss off either genre group.

      You are spot on with Lauren. I think when they think of their Idol..they’d want someone who would have the ability to represent the show. She’s not only too young, but I think she will always lack the mental prowess. Same for Scotty – he would never be a good bull-sh#tter for the show. But, he fits perfectly into the religious side of country – big money maker

      Now James, I agree with you…he is just too full of himself. but..he’s enthusiastic about the show…a plus.

      Haley wouldn’t take any bull from anyone, it seems. But, don’t think they would know how to sell her.

      Well, hell, now I have confused myself. According to me – no one will be in the finals. hahaha

      • GinaBallerina says:

        I think what you’ve written is spot-on and very telling. You haven’t confused yourself – you’ve figured it out. None of these people should be the finals…and wouldn’t any other year! This is the weirdest year ever.

    • jamesftw says:

      Agrimesy…I agree with you that Haley has grown..I disagree that James is arrogant. AGAIN, James has a disability on the spectrum of AUTISM, that makes him more emotional and not have the ability to filter like you who is perfect. I have a son with autism, so I would know. As far as him gloating over being safe, he was NOT..He thought he was in trouble with how bad a night he had the night before and was relieved. James was made fun of as a kid due to his condition, the last thing he would come off as is arrogant. Geesh..people. I think what is arrogant here is judging others actions on the basis of your ignorant perception. And really when we judge other people, we are usually insecure because we have to make others look bad in order for our contestant or ourselves to look better.

      • agrimesy says:

        @jamesftw ~~ I’m not ignorant. If you’d read my post more carefully, you’d see that I said James “comes off as arrogant” due to his disability. I was commenting on James’ chances at advancement. People vote on perceptions even when those perceptions are unfair. I don’t think James is more disadvantaged than anyone else to be judged on misconceptions. LOOK at the stereotyping Jacob suffered. LOOK at the condescension Lauren is suffering now. Do I like James? I don’t know James. Am I a fan of James? No. However, I do know young adults with Asbergers, and I am not condemning him for his social issues. WHAT I AM SAYING IS that each of these contestants has an Achilles heel. It is only strategy for each contestant at this point to make the most of his or her attributes which may include capitalizing on another’s shortcomings. THAT IS COMPETITION! If you fans of James feel he should not be held to the same standard as everyone else, then it is you, who is discriminating against him. I hold him on an EQUAL playing field, and boy he better bring it!

        • jamesftw says:

          First of all calm down…My comments was in response to your statement “No way he gets Jacob’s votes since he celebrated so hard when he knew he was safe.” JUST A SIDE NOTE…I recall some pics on the web of Haley smiling and gloating after Pia was voted off and the other Idols were in complete shock and dismay. But, I stuck up for Haley..because I am a person who believes the best until proven otherwise on Truth. Pictures and perceptions do not equal truth a lot of the times. Anyway, your other comment of “James is insesitive which comes off as arrogance.” Ummm…I think he is one of the most sensitive guys on Idol.Maybe, because of his Aspergers you are confusing the perception of maturity. I don’t know, I just hate it when people judge people and I am a firm advocate to stick up for people because we all are not perfect unfortunately.

          • Robin says:

            I am so sorry, but your response was rude, not sure how that is supposed to help non-fans understand and sympathize with his challenges, when his fans come off as nasty!

          • jamesftw says:

            I am not following….how is my response rude?I am not trying to have people feel sorry for James..Just having people try to understand and not judge.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I’m a power voter, and I have voted for James every week. Same thing for Scotty. Never sent a single vote for Lauren. This was the first week I voted for Haley.
      At this stage, the most interesting Top 2 is Haley and James. I’ll be setting my phone up to deliver votes to those 2. Lauren has done nothing this season to change my mind and we are getting to a place where Scotty has to be amazing to keep my vote.

  32. pamela says:

    Hey,Slezak,thanks for the corn link! It made me laugh out loud!

  33. Fjóla says:

    What does one need to do in order to appear on Idoloonies

    • S. Lee Stack says:

      agree enthusiastically with Slezak about something…

      start ranting about how Haley is the greatest thing since Melinda Doolittle/Allison Iraheta and is getting mistreated on a Kendra Chantelle/Jesse Langsreth scale of unfairness and see how it goes from there…

      • The Wheeze says:

        @S.Lee Stack! Oh no you did not just make me spit soda all over my computer! Oh yes did! Let me just add. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Did I say ha! =)
        That was great!

  34. Elena says:

    Hilarious recap, Michael, and spot on. The product placements had me rolling my eyes and I found myself wondering during Jennifer’s performance how she could sing and move around like that. I wonder if she sang live as she was taped. Hmmm …

    I most definitely will NOT miss Jacob’s utter lack of humility. BTW, I finally went to youtube and listened to Tamyra Gray’s version of “A House Is Not a Home.” What a lovely singer she is! How could she possibly have finished before Justin or that girl (Nikki?). I never watched that season so I’ve only heard of her. Wow, she’s good.

    Re: Lauren, her tears last night definitely showed me that she’s not ready to win OR lose this thing. She’s just too young. Even after she knew she was safe, she looked destroyed. My prediction is that it’s all downhill from here. Her confidence has been on a downhill slide for weeks and I honestly can’t see her recovering from this setback. She’s adorable, she can sing but she has never connected to the songs she sings or with the audience. Maybe this is extreme, but I’d rather watch the lesser talented Miley Cyrus who at least makes me feel SOMETHING. I do think Lauren will learn these things in time. It’s a shame she didn’t wait several years before auditioning.

    Re: Jimmy Iovine, I’m not convinced of his sincerity and apparent goodwill toward Haley at all. He’s probably just responding to what people are saying to come across as a nice guy.

  35. Ambiance says:

    Oh sh%t, too bad Casey’s not still in. For sure he would sing “Mambo Jambo”

    Bet the PTB at Idol are in a tizzy. They have two country singers, girl and guy….and two rockers, girl and guy

    Now, you know they won’t allow the same genre final two. So will it be:
    1. James and Lauren?
    2. McChurchy and Haley?
    3. Haley and Lauren?
    4. James and McChurchy?

  36. marie says:

    Re next week’s theme: No question that Leiber and Stoller wrote a whole freightcar-load of classic rock and roll tunes (and some surprises – I’ll get to that in a moment), and the older viewers, including me, would definitely recognize them, but yes, Idol’s choice of themes can be MADDENING sometimes. What the hell do the admittedly iconic Leiber and Stoller mean to a bunch of teens and twentysomethings??? Give me a break!
    That said – permit me to indulge in a little fantasy for a minute. One song that you might never think they’d written is Peggy Lee’s classic of ennui and world-weariness, “Is That All There Is” (yes, they did write that – Google it). For just ten seconds, I would like to entertain the fantasy of Haley singing that song.
    And now that’s enough of THAT…singing that song would definitely break all the Idol rules, i.e., it’s not likely to be recognized by casual fans of contemporary music, it’s downbeat and slow in tempo, it’s a delectable morsel of a song to be sung by a smoky-voiced, nuanced, very hip female singer but the lyrics are downright depressing and can be offputting…
    WAIT A MINUTE!!! Just wait a minute here…
    So THAT’S how they’re going to hurl Haley under that final, fatal bus! THAT’S why Leiber and Stoller at THIS point, right at the point we narrow down to the final three…
    After putting her down most of the season, over the past few weeks, Jimmy has slowly persuaded Haley to trust him – hence the out-of-the-blue praise for her last night.
    Don’tcha see…
    Jimmy is going to compel Haley to sing “Is That All There Is”…and that’s the noose that tightens around her neck.
    I usually don’t buy in to conspiracy theories, but if this comes to pass…

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Marie, I laughed at your post. “Is That All There Is?” is a good choice for Haley, as is “I’m a Woman” – I am going to hazard a guess “I’m a Woman” is more recognizable because it’s been used on commercials (did Peggy Lee sing both of those songs?). But you made some good points. Those songs won’t get many votes from young viewers. Jennifer and Randy told us you must sing songs the audience recognizes. Other than you, me, and a few other viewers that came over on the Mayflower I’m not sure how many people will know these songs. Most of the songs are not even as well known as Carole King’s.
      The theme is kind of tailor-made for Scotty, the new favorite, what with the Elvis songs and all. “Jailhouse Rock” and “Hound Dog” are recognizable, particularly “Jailhouse Rock”, which was in “The Blues Brothers” (heck, THAT movie is 30 years old!).
      Lauren just might as well start crying right now. And if she sings “Leader of the Pack”, I’m going to cry.

      • marie says:

        LOL! Yes, I’d forgotten about “I’m a Woman,” and sure that might work better than the other Peggy Lee number because, after all, Idol really can’t feature a song containing the line, “Let’s break out the booze and have a ball”…unless, of course, they clean that up to “Let’s break out the COKE…”.
        Happily, Lauren won’t be singing “Leader of the Pack” – that was Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, not Leiber and Stoller, thank goodness!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Some of the readers here reminded me of Melinda Doolittle singing “I’m a Woman”. Every time I hear that song I think about a horrible perfume commerical in the 70s that used “I’m a Woman” as the theme song. I can recall my friends and me sitting there, watching the commercial, not quite believing what we were seeing, and making fun of the commercial. must have been some slick marketing, though – 35+ years later I still remember the commercial.

          Now, if you’ll pardon me, I have to go look for my car keys. Can’t remember where I left them. ;-)

    • adamziggied says:

      I would kill to hear Haley sing “Is That All There Is?”. It’s dark, humorless and so bluesy. She could kill it if she thinks hard about the lyrics and puts the emotion into it. I think it would get mega votes. Here’s hoping….

  37. Word Money G says:

    Haley is next. Massive rally for Lauren based on this “almost” elimination. Which is fine. Haley can then go off on a profanity-laced tirade on the the judges and the process and get instant cred. She can distance herself and sex it up and she’ll be way more marketable than she will be by playing it safe.

    Then James goes next, has a happy career in pop/rock, and the country kids head off to Nashville fresh off the finale and make craploads of money.

  38. Fran V says:

    No, Lauren doesn’t have the emotional maturity for the music business. Lauren hasn’t even had the emotional maturity to sing most of the songs she’s sung during the competition. Her immaturity has been obvious from the beginning and the judges did her no favor by declaring her “the one” at her audition.

  39. Chance says:

    Jacob was the ONLY interesting contestant left. This season has been so terrible. james has no business being in the competition. Lauren is completely boring. Scotty can’t do ANYTHING but country and the judges NEVER call him out about it, and every single one of Haley’s performances is just her attempting to imitate the original artist (and not succeeding)

    • J. Augustus Blow III says:

      I find Jacob interesting, alright… that he’s one of the very few (if not the only) contestant on American Idol that was unlistenable, unwatchable and unlikeable.

  40. Vetle says:

    I would totally welcome a Haley vs. James finale. Probably won’t happen though, unless Scotty catches a nasty case of the Melinda Doolittle syndrome (‘cept Melinda is waaaaaay better than Scotty).

  41. jacob's ghost says:

    I think Uncle Nigel put Lauren in the bottom two as a ploy
    to make her the underdog! Don’t fall for it people.
    I think the top three should be , Haley, Scotty and Lauren.
    James is not a viable recording artist. Pop is where it’s at!
    James can probably front a metal band but that’s it.
    It’s always about the bottom line…money!


    • ladyhelix says:

      I enjoyed Lauren’s first number- but Unchained was sleepy, awkwardly phrased, and lacked passion/conviction. At this point in the competition – with the others performing with energy and fire…. I don’t believe it was a ploy. I believe Casey’s voters found someone who matched his energy to dial for (any of the other 4).

  42. dj says:

    SO glad Jacob is finally gone. I’ve been waiting and wishing that I could actively vote against him. If he was a nice guy, I would have felt bad, but he’s not: He’s pompous and arrogant. My favorite part of the show was when Haley turned to Scotty and said something like, “Did you really do that? (pick a side)” and Scotty said, “No, he pushed me.” It was such a cute exchange between the two of them. I’ve voted for Haley since almost the beginning (Paul got most of my votes when he was there, but alas, we see how that went), and I’m going to keep voting for her because I think she has the best voice in the competition. The ONE thing that is perhaps turning people off is that she sometimes seems a little distant in relation to her fellow contestants. I’m assuming it’s just that she’s got that laid back attitude and isn’t a gushy, emotional hugger (like Jacob). People pick up on these things, and she may be looked at as cold by people who like their contestants to be all warm and fuzzy. Personally, though, between her and Scotty, they are the two who seem to have it together emotionally.

    • kc says:

      Couldn’t agree more about Haley not being a touchy-feely sort. She is rather introverted. And yet I feel that there is a warm glow within her that drives her incredible musical talent. Her confidence level seems perfectly balanced to me. I’m thankful we will likely not see from her the sort of manipulative tears that several others have shamelessly let fly. And when James said that “I leave it all out there on every performance!”, I wanted to puke. I like all four finalists but would most like to see a Haley – Scotty final.

  43. Clare says:

    I would just like to point out, since Jordin is performing on the show next week, that “I Who Have Nothing” is a Lieber and Stoller song.


    • Wheezer says:

      Yeah for Jordin!!! Can’t wait to see her! How nice for her to come back the week after Randy “The A$$” Jackson, just told all of America that Jacob has a better voice than her. Nice one Randy!

  44. David says:

    So anyone else think at this point Jimmy should be a judge now since the rest of the judges advice is pretty much useless at this point. Thank GOD for The Voice now!

  45. SajiNoKami says:

    not going to lie, liked the group song.. they sounded good, noticed Haley did not growl during some of it and it was a refreshing color to her voice. I liked that James and Scotty went for the extra cheese during it. It was my favorite James performance of the week so.. Never seen Gaga interact with people outside the standard performances and interviews. I hope she is good [gaga please smack some sense into james]. I hope she gets them to successfully experiment. Really, this theme? I hope they do duets and it is Chicks vs Guys. Really want a James and Scotty duet… just want to see what they come up with.

  46. Leslie says:

    Finally, the right person went home. I feel for Lauren, she is so young emotionally—this wasn’t the right time for her. At this point, with the exception of Lauren, I could be happy if any of the 3 remaining contestants win. I’m rooting for Haley, I’ve loved her since the beginning—but I would like to see James win for his family. Scotty is gonna be fine, he’s probably better off not winning so he can move to Nashville and get real help from real mentors. I hope Lauren goes home next week—-not that I don’t think she’s talented because she blows my mind with those vocals of hers—but I think she needs to get back to school and her friends and show choir and just be a kid for a bit longer.

    • claudia says:

      I like James. That said, if James wins they HAVE to sign him, but I predict he will be dropped within a year unless he fronts a band. He seems to be incapable of singing an entire songs without bum notes.

      Lauren hasn’t convinced me that she could have a country career. She’s no Reba or Carrie, heck she isn’t even beating what Kellie Pickler did in her season. We’ll see in a couple of years.

      Haley is my favorite but IMO the jury is still out on whether she could be a album seller or not. I’ve been a fan since Blue & I think she’s been consistant but she needs to learn when to growl & when not to. She has had a lot of vocal training but I think she still needs some direction. She can make her voice do whatever she wants, as does

      Scotty. I’m not a fan of country music but there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be successful in Nashville. So though I’m not a fan, IMO Scotty deserves the win.

  47. MrTemecula says:

    I hope they force the contestants to take fashion tips from Gaga. Lot’s of leathers and feathers. I doubt that will happen since Gaga is a kind person so I she’ll tell them to be fearless and be themselves. James and Lauren are going to need that pep talk. I would not be surprised if there is a couple of idol jaw-on-the-floor, bug-out-eyes, freak outs. Looking at you, James and Haley. Not too many people bigger than G at the moment.

  48. 2centsally says:

    If Haley doesn’t at least place 2nd, I’m done with this show. Her performances have a professional quality to them that the other contestants fall short of delivering. Her voice has a luscious tone and most every song is masterfully delivery. She also has a great bubbly personality, isn’t a 2.0 of someone else, and has really made this season exciting just by continuing to evolve. While the other contestants are hiding in their “safe zones” she is pushing the envelope every week.

    Lauren & Scotty have their country thang down, I am not a country fan, so I’m grading them on delivery rather than song choice or how it compared to the original because most times I am unfamiliar with the original. I haven’t witnessed any big wow moments, at least not lingering ones. They are both ridiculously young and this too make grading them difficult. They have tremendous potential and I suspect both will enjoy more success than say, Durbin.

    James Durbin has never sung a song in key from start to finish. He has isolated moments of singing well and his last performance demonstrated that he is not “current” sounding. I thought his cover of “Closer To The Edge” was awful, unrecognizable. He is not attractive enough to overlook that his talent is limited. More importantly his emotional maturity is limited. Why wasn’t James’s maturity questioned in this post in the same way Lauren’s was? I cringed when he broke down listening to “Without You.” Of course filming him sitting in the handicapped zone of a parking lot next to a big trash container crying did not help his situation. oiu

  49. Name That Tune says:

    How are you feeling about Jacob’s ouster? What the Heck took so long for him to get the boot?
    What kind of future do you see him having? He’ll go back to his strength and sing Gospel. Probably will be a big hit on the Christian charts. Will have unremarkable success there
    Can you imagine buying his post-Idol music? NEVER

  50. Owen says:

    Oh, my God! Just was watching “Something Pitchy” and something just occurred to me. Randy’s contract is up at the end of this year. I think they are placing Jimmy in line to take over for him.

    • S. Lee Stack says:

      I would actually be fine with that…
      replace Useless Jackson at judge with Iovine and replace Iovine at producer/mentor with Babyface…both areas are instantly upgraded and more credible…

      judge Iovine >>> producer/mentor Iovine

      • agrimesy says:

        Imagine how much shooshing JLo would have to do with Jimmy on her left. Randy just takes it. I don’t think Jimmy would. Oh, the drama on the judges panel!

        • S. Lee Stack says:

          LOL, she might shoosh Iovine once…then he’d tell her to get her huge booty back to the barrio and that’d be all of that…