Exclusive Video Preview: Community's Paintball War, With 'Sawyer' and Annie's (Actual) Boobs

“Raised stakes.” “Explosive.” “Colorful.” “Graphic.” “Sawyer.

Those are just a few of the words the cast of Community use to describe the NBC comedy’s “epic” two-part finale (kicking off this Thursday at 8/7c), which is filled with Western regalia and another brutal paintball battle. I was on set for Night 1 of the season-ending shoot — with Lost‘s Josh Holloway in my direct eyeline — to chat with the Greendale gang about what to expect from the “Modern Warfare” follow-up, and guess what? It’s everything they teased above, and more.

Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Community‘s Finale and More

“It’s Dean Pelton’s fault,” a pantsless, über cleavage-baring (see below exclusive video) Alison Brie told me of GCC’s latest combat. “He decides to surprise them with just another small, safe paintball game. Of course, he’s mistaken.”

Turns out, the prize for being the last man standing this time around is much more valuable than “priority class registration.” It’s $100,000 — or so the sponsor says. That means a bigger, bloodier paintier war.

“If [‘Modern Warfare’] was 28 Days Later, this one is more True Grit,” teases the Changtacular Ken Jeong.

This shootout also features the mysterious Black Rider, played by the hotness known as Holloway. “He’s, like, attractive,” says Joel McHale. “Dreamy on every level.” All jokes aside, Brie confessed to some major gushing by the cast over Community‘s guest star: “We were all geeking out because we’re intense Lost fans.”

Bonus Tease | I didn’t capture this little gem on camera, but Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley)  told me that while Part 2 of the season finale (airing May 12) does not serve up a cliffhanger per se, “There is something that will carry into next season. There are two things in particular that people will be talking about: One involves everyone, and one only involves a certain group of people.” So get to guessing…

Watch the full set-visit video here — with lots more from the whole cast — then tell us: Can “A Fist Full of Paintballs” possibly top “Modern Warfare”?

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  1. Summer Bay says:

    I loved what a bitch she played in Scream 4.

    • Cana says:

      A storylines that carries off to the next season. That was one of the blind item sex clues. There might be a shocking hook up tonight or next Thursday. Also the show in question was a comedy. I do not think it will be Jeff and Annie or Britta and Troy. Jeff and Annie have already established a will they won’t they they and Britta has already kissed troy. Annie had a thing for troy at the beginning of season one so her longing looks have already happened. I think that it’s either abed and Annie or him and Britta. Or maybe Annie or Britta sleep with Chang. And well I think if anyone in the group hooked up the last people they would want to bump into is any of the group members

      • Amber says:

        The second I read that, I thought of the sex blind item too! It’s been said it’s for a comedy, so…maybe this is it! Though I would still not rule out The Big Bang Theory, my other option for that. I’m thinking it could still go toward something like Amy Farrah Fowler and Raj. But Community is a good choice too.

  2. @DamenRoy says:

    Paintballs and boobs caught my eye with twitter on the fly.

  3. Matt says:

    *cue instant replay of Alison running down the hall in slow-mo*
    *replay again*
    *replay again*
    *replay again*
    *replay again*

  4. Sugarnatural says:

    Okay, seriously, in a word? AWESOME!

    This show. Blows my mind. All. The. Time. And anything with Alison Brie and her cleavage? I might consider playing on the other team for her, lol.

    I wish I understood why they’re all referred to as cards…

    • WuGambino says:

      The cards refer to voting about Pierce being in the group. Everyone but Pierce was referred to as a card and each card corresponds to one put in the voting.

  5. CL says:

    That’s the most cleavage bouncing I’ve ever seen. Especially on television.

  6. MiTYH says:

    Man, they all look like they have a lot of fun. That’s an awesome cast, and a great teaser for this week’s ep, LOVE IT

  7. jules says:

    I’ve never watched Community but with Sawyer guest starring, I might need to start.

  8. Cameron says:

    These last two episodes are going to be awesome. Possibly even better than the last paintball one, though I’m trying not to set the bar too high.

    And Allison Brie has seriously got it going on.

  9. Mike says:

    Gillian Jacobs has never seen Lost before!! Blasphemy! To be honest, I think this episode is going to be great…

    BUT, Abed and Troy are definitely the type of people that would be OBSESSED with Lost… so it will be a little weird for them to be playing paintball with Sawyer. Would not be surprised to see some jokes about that as throwaways.

  10. Amy says:

    Oh, Josh Holloway, you have been absent from my TV screen for far too long! I am so, so excited! It makes me miss LOST though.

  11. XK says:

    ‘Annie’s boobs’ are great… whether talking about the actress or the monkey, but the show itself is even better. Cannot wait for tonight’s episode!

  12. Raksha says:

    Alison Brie is AMAZING! The last bit was SO funny!!!

  13. Liz says:

    OMG I love Joel McHale and Alison Brie when they interview together. They are so funny :)

  14. Gale says:

    Professor Chang is the most underutilized character on this show. He needs his own show. Love Loel McHale though. I’ve stopped watching it as I find the writing to be very uneven.

    • topoopon says:

      I agree, sometimes the writing is funny. Sometimes the writing is insightful. Sometimes it’s actually knee-slapping hilarity.

      Uneven indeed. I’ll have to keep watching to see if the writing smooths out. :D

    • Cameron says:

      Gotta disagree about Chang having his own show, Chang has his time and place, but too much Chang can sometimes kinda make me want to shoot myself.

      That being said, in some eps he really gets to rock, like I imagine he will probably do in these next two paintball eps if the first one is any judge of it.

  15. Synth says:

    Joel McHale’s pecs look huge even when he’s sitting down.

  16. Aileen says:

    Alison Brie as Annie finally is being shown more mature, good thing since she is not in High School anymore. Joel Mchale looks great as always, and well the whole cast is just AMAZING. The cherry on the top, Josh Holloway! This episode is going to be EPIC. Thanks Community cast, crew, Dan Harmon, writers, NBC. Hopefully season 3 will get Community the recognition it well deserves. Love it all.

  17. timelord says:

    i love annie but that english accent was horrendous

  18. Maria says:

    I liked the bit where Alison Brie ran is slow motion

  19. Amber says:

    I don’t know what it is about Joel McHale that makes me giggle and blush uncontrollably every time I hear him speak. Maybe it’s because I actually met him once and I’m so humiliated over how I acted like SUCH a geek. Oh, those arms…I’ll never forget what awesome arms he has. Joel McHale handsome is way better than Josh Holloway handsome, IMO.

    Now to actually comment on the preview clip, I love that they’re spoofing Blazing Saddles. Community is the only show I can think of that’s cool enough that it will spoof a spoof. It’s epic. And I think I recognized a little bit of spoofing of Tarantino in the clip. But that’s Community for ya, they just have to spoof everything all at once and let you guess on everything they’re doing.

    I really need to hurry up and get off work so that I can go watch this. Work faster, Amber, work faster!

  20. RP says:

    Tonight was AMAZING. Kudos to the weird and wonderful brain of Dan Harmon and the whole cast. This had even more action AND heart then Modern Warfare.

  21. Andrew says:

    I was promised ACTUAL boobs. The cake is a lie.