Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: The Scoop on This Week's Shocking Bloodbath!

The grim reaper’s axe fell heavily on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries. As Klaus’ sacrifice finally went down — Spoiler Alertfour characters bit the dust: Elena and Jeremy’s only remaining “parents,” Jenna and John, feisty werewolf Jules, and the witch we hardly knew, Greta.

Last month, executive producer Julie Plec promised that there would be “some severe and tragic consequences” as a result of the sacrifice, which called for a vampire, a werewolf, the doppelganger, and a witch to perform the act. “The loss of life will be extreme over the last couple of episodes,” she added.

After Damon freed Caroline and Tyler, Jenna and Jules became Klaus’ sacrificial vampire and werewolf lambs, respectively, despite Stefan’s attempt to trade his life for Jenna’s. Greta, meanwhile, got her necked snapped by Damon during Bonnie’s stealth attack on Klaus. But perhaps the most surprising death was that of John in the way that he selflessly gave up his life so that Elena could have one of her own as a human.

For the TVD cast, these deaths are just part of the job of being on a show where vampires and other creatures run rampant. “A series regular is going kaput, so that’s the reality of it,” said Kat Graham. “Our show has never been a safe show to be on. If you’re cast on The Vampire Diaries, the likelihood of you dying is very good.”

Graham has faith that the deaths are not without meaning and purpose, adding, “I’m a huge fan of [executive producers] Kevin Williamson and Julie as people and of their writing and what they are able to do, so if they’re going to explore new avenues, it’s for a good reason.”

What did you think of tonight’s causalities? Will you miss them? Do you have faith that this is all leading to an even more awesome season 3?

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  1. Steph says:

    So sad Jenna had to die!

    • Val says:

      Me too! I had just fallen into the comfort zone that most TV shows offer… you know, the comfort of knowing that main characters will not be dying off in droves. But I forgot this is TVD, I forgot about crazy season 1… poor, poor Jenna. =(

    • Kelly says:

      So sad Aunt Jenna had to die :(. I wish the could have found a way to save her. Why is everyone hating on Damon?? Does anyone see that he was right the whole time about not trusting Eliajah? Alot of people are calling him a monster. If it wasnt for Damon saving Tyler and Caroline they both would have died. Obviously now looking back even if Damon had not given Elena his blood Eliajah would have double crossed anyway and Elena would have died atleast the blood ensured she would come back. This wasnt Damons fault. Now before you all start bashing me im not a Damon lover. I love Stefan too and in the end I want Elena to end up with Stefan. However I love Damon and true to the triangle so does Elena.

      • TheReasonsY says:

        I am not a Damon lover at ALL and I COMPLETELY agree with you Kelly. That is what I love about this show. I may dislike Damon but in the end he was right and acted to minimize the damage. Hopefully his werewolf bite will not kill him but instead turn him into a wolf as well. Also, I loved how no one is concerned that “poor” Katharine is stuck in Rick’s apartment.

      • Michael says:

        I just wish that they would have given Jenna a little more to do this season. That was a terrifically acted episode and the first time they gave the actress a chance to flex her chops. She was more interesting and compelling for me in those 20 or so minutes than she’s been in 2 years. I knew that should wouldn’t survive at the end of the last episode. There’s no way we would be forced to watch another female vampire face transition

    • Mia says:

      I know. The show won’t be the same without aunt Jenna. She offered some great fun, lighthearted moments, she was such a likable human character and Sara Canning did a great job. Not looking forward to all the doom and gloom. Really, if they wanted to kill a series regular, there were better choices than her.

      • Steven says:

        I stopped watching after the episode where Bonnie “died” a few weeks ago. The show is just all doom and gloom and not enough of the playfulness of season 1. Now that I hear Jenna’s dead, I’m definitely not coming back. She and Alaric were my favorite part of the show with their adorable and stable relationship.

        • lorna says:

          Oh her and Alaric were my favorite ‘ship as well. Soo sad, I cried for him. I liked John, as well. Not at first, but then I did. Most heartbreaking episode ever. I wish they had killed Bonnie off.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      I’m upset. I hope she’s not dead after all because this character was great and got a raw deal. Fix please!!!

      Meanwhile, is MEREDITH finally coming on next season?

  2. Tia says:

    Poor Jenna! I was so sad she died :( I wish there was a way to bring her back to life!
    This episode was pretty awesome though!
    Elijah not killing Klause was very annoying!
    But I’m upset at the lack of Damon in this episode! :P Cant wait till next week when it seems to be all about him :)
    They better find a cure for a werwolf bite!!
    I’m looking at you Julie Pec!! :p

  3. Amber says:

    I love David Anders as an actor, and I’m sad to see him go, but I’m actually just ecstatic that none of my favorites died! My favorite Originals live to see another day. I think they set up next season nicely. I can’t wait to see what Julie & Kevin come up with.

    • Sarah L says:

      I agree, David Anders is brilliant… The scene where John died was when my tears started flowing. This was an amazing episode, so epic, but SO heartbreaking. I’ve never cried this much watching TV. I knew Jenna would die, but it was so shockingly sad. Gosh, even the way they tortured Jules before Klaus killed her; that was awful. The worst was the funeral – I think my eyes were all blurry, which was probably why I had to rewind to watch the scene properly again. :/ The way they ended with Damon and Stefan was perfect too. Oh and Bonnie – she was BADASS. I was totally cheering for her during her scene. I can’t say I’m not a teeny bit annoyed at Elijah for not killing Klaus… but then again, Elijah is cool, so. but I wouldn’t have cared if Klaus died. I mean, come on! How are they gonna kill a vampwolf? On a side note, I’m so glad Matt broke up with Caroline… now Tyler has a shot! Yay. :)

      • jen says:

        glad to see im not the only one that was heartbroken over john’s death. i love david anders and he wa great on this show. i wish he could have had a bigger role.

        i agree damon did the right thing with his actions. if the others can’t see that then they are stupid. and now damon is dying. i really hope someone will step up and find a way to save him.

        i didnt want to see jenna die. although im not really a big fan of hers, i did enjoy the scenes she and alaric had together. she finally found out the truth about the supernatural world and forgave alaric and then she had to die. that didnt seem fair.

        and omg i couldnt believe that elijah ran off with klaus. im kinda torn about how i feel about this. one hand elijah broke his word with stefan, but on the other elijah is hoping that klaus will show him how to find his family that he thought he lost. and also i love elijah and klaus on the show. i didnt want either of them to die. the bad guys are what makes this show sooo interesting.

    • em says:

      I completely agree with this comment. I was so glad Elijah and Klaus lived. Honestly, I wasn’t really sad when Jenna died. I never cared for her, and I knew someone had to die. I was disappointed when John died but I know I’ll see David Anders on another one of my favorite tv shows soon.

  4. Jennifer says:

    OMG *Crying* RIP Jenna and John ! Vampire Diaries
    Tonight’s episode was so sad, even if I knew death to some characters was coming.

    Jenna’s death was hard, and John finally did right by Elena.

    I didn’t break down sobbing till the funeral scene. Seeing Elena’s tears, the music, everyone saying goodbye to Jenna… So sad.



    Damon, Stefan, and Elena are the show, without them there isn’t a reason to have Vampire Diaries.

    Can anyone tell me spoilers for the finale? I really need to know and I don’t mind being spoiled.

    They better get Klaus and Elijah in the finale or in the first couple episodes of the new season…Seriously!


    Hold on TVD fans.

  5. Amy says:

    It was very sad. I was pretty much prepared for Jenna to die after last week, but I was sorry to see John die as well. I was really glad that though that Damon’s actions of last week and saving Elena as a human required a real sacrifice.

  6. Trix says:

    It should have been Damon. I would trade him for every character that died, including Greta, whom we hardly knew. Also, I hate that that monster got the hero shot at the end of the episode.

    • Mikaylah says:

      I LOVE this comment, in that it confirms the fact there are others out there NOT completely infatuated with Damon.

      • Kris says:

        I loved Damon in Season 1 but now he’s just pathetic. He’s a sad, lovesick puppy who acts like a complete selfish jerk whenever life doesn’t go his way. It’s just sad to see such a dynamic character ruined in such a short time. Atleast last season there was some mystery to him but his infatuation with Elena has ruined his character. It just seems now that Damon is a soulless being who’s purpose in life is to be with Elena.

    • AS says:

      Wow, it’s a t.v. show. Hating a character that much is just ridiculous. Without Damon, the show would be missing a crucial piece. And what was so monstrous about Damon this episode? He wanted to take Jenna’s place too, but Klaus wouldn’t because of his werewolf bit. He saved Caroline and Tyler as well…they would have BOTH died if it weren’t for Damon rescuing them.

      • twinklez says:

        yeah, but his good deeds just seem to get effectively ignored by his haters… the fact that all he did was to save elena, he got bit himself to save caroline and tyler, despite being in the shock of “dying’ he still came to help..despite loving elena like crazy, making her forget his, these facts abt damon seem to be nothing important. the fact that he’s one of the few characters whose had so much character growth!!! from being a heartless killer to becoming the altruistic selfless defender of mystic falls! I love u damon! =)

        • Allison says:

          Yes, letting innocents die for the one he loves is truly noble. Bravo to your pathetic attempt at crediting a monster.

          • Z says:

            So you are telling me you would sacrifice the one you truly love for to save an innocent that you don’t know. I think a lot of people would do anything to keep their loved ones alive. So why bash on Damon for wanting the same.

        • Josh says:

          Seriously doing a few good deeds doesn’t out weight the bad. He’s murdered countless, he’s abused many(Andie, Elena and Caroline), heck he pretty much raped Andie…

          And let’s not forget this week’s choose line “If you come back as a vampire, I’ll stake you myself. I can’t live with you hating me forever.”

          Aww…romance…he rather she die than hate him..

      • silly says:

        loving a character only because he looks good is wrong. yeah ian is a really good looking guy but Damon is a psycho! I don’t know why everyone wants elena to be with damon… just because he wants that? he doesn’t deserve her… he doesn’t respect her or her wishes!

    • Sandra says:

      YES THANK YOU!!! Damon did not deserve any pity for his wolf bite. He is ruthless and pathetic. I’m sick of his emo tantrums. Poor Jenna.

      • T says:

        Haha, this arguement is just too much not to intercede. Damon and Stefan will always be a hot topic. Ok here are the facts, Stefan is the good one and Damon is the bad one, at least that was clear in the first episode. But dont you think after almost the end of season 2 we would understand why people would perceived otherwise for Damon? Clearly the backstory had us enlightened why he turned bad, because Stefan turned him into a vampire, much like he did to Elena. Stefan took away his choice just for the mere fact that Stefan didnt want to be alone, that is after learning that he and Stefan laid eyes on Katherine. Still, Damon turned out to be the bad guy. Damon feasted on killing lives and feeding on them because clearly its what a vampires nature tells you, still the hes the bad guy. Stefan killed a few people, the only problem is that we have never been able to get a glimpse of the Stefan prior to bring a clean living vampire, the difference was just when.Stefan turned good earlier than Damon. When. Thats the mere difference. Still we see no retribution of Damon being sort of good. Everyone assumes that Stefan cleans up everything Damon messes up, in which clearly by now after the last 2 episodes it would enlighten you that as much as you hate to admit it Damon always gets the job done and keeps Elena safe. Sure Stefan offered to take Jennas place, but instead he was left paralyzed and that was it, even the when Damon gave Elena to him he wouldnt and ask Damon to keep her safe, and yet he had done nothing to kill Klaus or even stop Elijah. He was basically useless the last 2 episodes.Taking Elana to see the sunset? WTF?! go find a cure, go find what possible things or rituals you can do, why does Damon always find ways sure he gets trouble but he pulls through. It always ends up Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie and Alaric that pulls through. Never Stefan, and Im really hoping hed find that cure for Damon because for God sake if he cant, hes nothing good to offer for show.

  7. Ashley says:

    I thought this episode was fantastic and so heartbreaking. I was sobbing at the end. I really hate tht John died (Sark fan here!) but the way he did it so selflessly was beautiful. I don’t understand why this ep isn’t the season finale. The finale actually looks more like a filler episode. Boo. :(

  8. Michael says:

    There was no scoop…

    • CS says:

      No kidding, I was all excited, but all this article is is a mash-up of interviews that have been out for a week or more… Not cool, TVLine…

  9. Andrea says:

    I’m so sad that Jenna died! I loved her and I would have been interested in seeing shatter vampire life looked like. At least we got to see a little bit of it in tonight’s episode. I’m o with John being dead, even though that just makes it hard let on Elena. I was so max when Elijah did what he did. I was hoping he could eventually become a good guy and help the rest of the gang out. So excited for the season finale!

  10. Lindsey says:

    So sad about Jenna and selfless of John. I am left to wonder what role Alaric as the “adult” in Jeremy and Elena’s life will end up being? That will be an interesting storyline to follow. And from the end it was clear in some ways Elena has more of a reason to remain human for her brother (as his big sister looking out for him). Lots of interesting pieces to be put back together. I have great faith in Julie and Kevin… That was an interesting twist as to how they got Elijah to save Klaus. Bet Klaus had that as a “backup plan” in the event of the worst possible scenario during the sacrifice. Knowing something like it would provoke Elijah. That’s a great storyline for season 3. I’m sure we’ll get an interesting glimpse here in the finale.

    And what about Kat??

  11. Caroline says:

    It is unfortunate that Jenna died as she had just become more interesting as a vampire. John’s death surprised me the most and it was very fitting that he sacrificed his life for Elena-atoning for his many missteps over the past two seasons. As Damon seems to be headed for redemption, hopefully Klaus and Elijah will stay in Mystic Falls a while longer. Season 3 looks like it could be the best season yet.

  12. Payton says:

    Poor Jenna! She will be missed. So now who will be a “parent” to Jeremy and Elena? Yikes, are there any adults left in Mystic Falls?

  13. Emily says:

    Jenna’s death came as no surprise, same with Jules, although I couldn’t care less about Jules while I was sad about Jenna. Greta? Psh, whatever. John! Oh my god, John. Never thought i’d have an emotional connection with him, but I cried during his letter. Sheesh.

    And Elijah… I was particularly fond of him, but he let me down. His motivation is valid though, and of course Klaus couldn’t die that easily! Things got fishy after the “honor” dialogue, but I remained hopelessly optimistic.

    I agree with an above commenter that this episode seems like more of a finale than the preview makes the actual one out to be. My prediction? Damon makes it out alive, but not before a oh-so-close-to-death experience where Elena forgives him/admits she had feelings for him. Damon redeemed himself somewhat this episode, but still has some more work to do. Dying or not, the decision he made doesn’t come without dire consequences.

  14. Kristine says:

    I’m split a little on the 4 deaths. . .sad about Jenna. . Poor Ric, who cares about Greta what they showed was a selfish child who didn’t care that her family essentially died to try and get her back, Jules waited way too long to try and justify her actions: besides she killed Rose, and much as I hate to admit it,I thought John did in death what he never did in life: be a REAL dad. . .
    As far as the finale. . .I don’t think we’re done with the death yet, folks. . .but before you skewer me, I definitely don’t believe Damon will die. . .why else would they be bringing back the Uber Witch Emily Bennett? Other than that, I’m not sure of too many other people’s safety. . .the axe is gonna fall,fans. . .we just don’t know for sure on who. . .

  15. Mikaylah says:

    I know reality is suspended in the world of TVD, but since Elena is not yet 18 both her and Jeremy are going to need a legal guardian. Or Elena would have to get emancipated and become Jeremy’s legal guardian, but she would have to prove she could provide financially for them both which I doubt a judge would by. Oh wait! They would just compel whomever they needed to. Geez, that is convenient. I am so sad to see Jenna go, as I really liked the character and her relationship with Alaric. Poor Ric, always losing the ladies in his life. I hope he sticks around. Also sad to see John die, even if it was for a good cause. The funeral scene was heartbreaking. :(
    One a side note: I love Elijah, and am disappointed that he didn’t kill Klaus. However, family is obviously as important to him as it is to Elena and I can’t fault him for wanting his back. If Klaus was telling the truth, and if Elijah can bring all of his siblings back, there are going to be a LOT of originals around.

  16. paige says:

    verry upset jenna and uncle john died!
    what does this mean for elana and jeremy? whos going to be their gardian? alark? i hope they find a cure for damon. there wouldnt be a show without him! what are klaus’s plans for stephan??? i cant believe elijah turned on everyone over what was probably a lie from klaus. its gunna be very hard to wait till september for the new season. dont think i can hold out if season 2s finally is as good as the first!

  17. Jesse says:

    Am I the only one who was rather insulted by the whole thing? Jenna never really got her due on the show, and then she just goes out without even getting a chance to be a bad-ass? And then Klaus gets to live? And then we get John acting all saintly, like he hasn’t been a complete ass for most of his time on the show, and I’m supposed to be sad and touched by his sacrifice? And then Stefan’s all like, “I’m not gonna let anyone else die”? Really? Haven’t you said that since the beginning, and how many people have died? Boo. The ONLY moment of satisfaction I got out of the entire thing was when Damon killed the witch.

    I clicked on this article hoping from some explanation from one of the producers, but the lack of anything other than a recap is aggravating. I don’t care to watch any more of the show, honestly, and that upsets me. I know, it’s just a television show, but I have come to expect more from this show than we got tonight. Very, very disappointed.

  18. Ashley says:

    I may or may not have wished death on Jenna many a time over the past two years, but I was sad to see her go. She was just starting to become interesting once she found out everything everyone was keeping secret from her. The rest of ’em I won’t miss.

  19. madeleine says:

    Im so irritated that the book and the series Are so different from each other…. i read the books and there are no answers to Are questions there…. its a totaly different story …..:(

  20. Juls says:

    Yeah it was sad to see jenna and john die but at the same time i tink next season gonna be the best. they can’t kill damon because Damon is the life to the show, so i believe Damon gonna drink Elena and then he gonna heal and become even stronger so that he face both klaus and Elijah, that’s what am getting from all this.

    • Marshen says:

      Damon is just plain annoying at this point. I hope he dies but I know he won’t because too many people are in lust with his murdering psychotic love for Elena.

  21. Elle says:

    We all know that Damon won’t die. They’ll probably kill Elena before they kill Damon lol. Either Bonnie and Emily will work something out or Elijah’s elixar will work its mojo on him. Either way, Damon’s staying.

    Also I hope they stop this whole Damon/Elena thing in the next season. I cannot tell you how sick I am of watching him follow her around like a sick puppy.

    More Caroline and Tyler! More Bonnie kicking butt! Oh, and surely you cannot leave out the handsome Klaus!!

    • silly says:

      you’re oh so right!

    • Mark says:

      If this show goes 8 seasons, the triangle will last longer than the supporting cast.That’s just the way it is at this point.

      These are good writers. They know when to shift the dynamic and freshen it up.

  22. Kim says:

    WOW that episode was INTENSE! I knew that Jenna was going to die, but I didn’t think I’d get as upset and sad as I did when she died. Oh and John’s death!? Really surprising. Although I didn’t really like him, I was sad to see him go like that; but this proves that he actually can be a good father. And because there are no parents left for Jeremy and Elena, I think Alaric will be their guardian. Oh and I couldn’t really care less about Jules or Greta dying; I didn’t like either of them. Now all I want is a Delena kiss, a Cyler kiss, and Matt to go away because he bugs me and he is kind of a douche haha. Oh and I think Liz will die on the finale, but I don’t really care about her either :P And I’m kinda pissed at Elijah for not killing Klaus, but I understand why, and I knew it was way too soon for him to die anyway. I cannot WAIT for the finale!! So excited!! :) GO TEAM DELENA!

  23. Laura says:

    Are we sure Jenna died? Damon looked at Jeremy and said sorry…he didn’t say it to Alaric also they never showed the name on the gravestone.

    • Anne says:

      I was wondering the same thing. It may just be wishful thinking, but here’s my reasoning: 1. We’ve seen many characters die… Bonnie, Alaric, John, Jeremy, Elijah, Elena… and then they come back. 2. Like you said, they didn’t show Jenna’s name on the headstone, nor did anyone ever actually say her name during the “funeral.” And Alaric should have been sobbing after losing another woman that he loved. 3. They were in the Gilbert section of the cemetery. Jenna isn’t a Gilbert. John, however, is. 4. A few episodes ago, Elena told John, “You mess everything up, you know. But you are THE ONLY PARENT I HAVE LEFT, so I suppose I could try to learn not to hate you.” Tonight, Stephan told Damon, “She (Elena) just lost THE ONLY PARENT SHE HAS LEFT.” Shouldn’t he have said the only TWO parents, since John and Jenna were both like parents to her? And why didn’t they show 2 separate graves? Wouldn’t they have buried both Jenna and John? Hmmm… Curious to see what next week brings! Jenna is listed on the cast list (on IMDB), but that could just be a flashback scene.

      • Ash says:

        Because they buried them next to the Gilberts’ graves. Jenna was a Sommers.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Don’t take the cast list as indication that an actor will appear in a particular episode. Series regulars receive recognition in the opening credits even if they do not appear in an episode.

  24. Alex says:

    SOOOOOO happy that it looks like Caroline and Tyler are going to be together in Season 3!

    • Melani says:

      I was bothered when Caroline was crying because she got dumped when Jenna and John were dead… Seemed like her priorities were off but then again, not sure she knew about it.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Yuck, I want Tyler with JEREMY!! They have hot gay chemistry.

      Caroline sucks—I’ve hated her from the very beginning. Nasty.

      • silly says:

        please don’t make people gay who are clearly not… i hate that every series has to have a gay guy… It seems as if being gay is the new it-thing! If someone is gay it’s cool but they don’t have to rub it in our faces in EVERY Series!!! If they need to have a gay character please introduce a NEW one!

  25. SP says:

    That episode felt somewhat disjointed! I feel that too much happened that was expected and the climax was not drawn out in a way to build the suspense that TVD excels at giving!

    Hated John, usefless character, good riddance. Sad about Jenna, just when she was getting in on things and had a good thing going with Alaric. Would have liked to see where that went… oh I guess this is where that went.
    Also would liked to have seen/known more about Greta.. her motivations, etc. Too easy to have her killed off. Jules was fun and fiesty as well, she could have shook things up again and again with wereworlf v. vampire.. and maybe been an ally in everyone v. Klaus/hybrid.

    Think that Matt/Caroline break-up is just another way of killing off Matt. Shown for his true colours as the small-town boy that Elena left behind.. suppose someone needs to be normal on the show however.
    Delena is the worst, hate every minute of that stupidity, especially Damon acting like a baby and lashing out vindictively and obviously at every turn. Would be stupid if he didn’t die at this point considering where they have taken this, but I agree it would be series’ suicide.. he’s sexy, fun and the perfect foil for Stefan-Elena. However Ian Somerhalder uses his eye stares WAY too much!!

  26. Evelyn says:

    The sadness of the funeral scene was overwhelming and Elena looking at Damon and knowing more heartbreak was coming with his death.The producers are good, we will always not agree on their decisions but it was a terrific episode. I applaud them for that.

    Jeremy showed maturity here. He is no longer the sad little boy. that was a stand out point for me, to witness him become a man and a good one at that.

  27. Evelyn says:

    I know people hate Damon but do you realise most of the time when Stefan sees trouble he calls Damon whi then says “I will take care of it?” Yes, his good deeds are overshadowed by his love for Elena but he is always there. He has saved them a couple of times from Vicky to date and he has a sense of humour.

    • Anthony says:

      Too bad he couldn’t take Jenna’s place. I would have enjoyed his death.

    • silly says:

      actually stefan saved elena from vicky… damon made vicky become a vimpire and stefan killed her!

      • Josh says:

        Saved them from Vicki has to be one of the worst Damon defenses ever. Not only because he didn’t do it but because he killed the girl and made her a vampire in the first place!

  28. Flo says:

    Damon is really for me at the heart of the show. Stephan can’t seem to be a man of action just a whipped boy imho. Damon always seems to have to bail him out or in some way save the day and no its not always for whatsherface. Its because he is a good person just tries to not be. Remember Damon was the one that left Stephan behind because he was killing everyone all the time. I still wish I knew what happened so they ended up in a role reversal. I also think there is more chemistry between Damon and whatsherface than her and Stephan.

  29. Lee says:

    Come on. Jenna was killed in a super fancy ritual – there’s gotta be a loophole somewhere. And what happened to Katherine? Damon is by far the best character on the show- love him !!!! Didn’t Elena come back as some kind of mystical beings in one of the books? Maybe that’s how they will bring Jenna back

    • @iLoveAnnaJeremy says:

      yay i’m not the only one who’s working on mad theories to bring Jenna back! :P i thought maybe there is a way to bring her back to life cause she drank witch blood! I mean WITCH BLOOD, it’s gotta be good for something, right?;)

      • fluffyraven says:

        Hmm.. this is a very good point. I was wondering at the time why she didn’t just snap the witch’s neck, like Damon later did. But where she actually drank her blood, maybe that will somehow let them bring her back. Especially since, like others have said, they didn’t show a headstone with her name on it, or show the body again after her initial death. Should be interesting to see what happens with the Jenna character.

  30. Dominique says:

    I’m SO shocked right now. I had a bad feeling John would be one of the casualties, doens’t mean I wasn’t upset. I love that man. And Jenna… ohh man that was a hard one to take. So much sadness :(
    I have to say that killing off any remaining family Elena and Jeremy have left is pretty cruel.
    Much rather would’ve seen Matt die.

    • Sophie says:

      I completely agree on that. Damn it, bring her back, please, ’cause I don’t know who else is going to take care of Elena and Jeremy and Elena was right, NO ONE ELSE can do it better. I also rather see Matt die like a thousand times!!!!! So sad :´( :´( :´(

  31. Raksha says:

    I am never watching TVD again…Jenna was my absolutely fav character on the show, and they KILLED her!!

    • Mark says:

      How is that even possible?

      I mean, I liked Jenna, but come on. She had maybe a few minutes in every second episode until these last two. She never really did anything…..

      Ah well, she’s dead. More people will die in Season 3. And Season 4. And Season 5.

      To paraphrase Russel T Davies “If you can’t handle Drama, go watch Friends”.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        What’s insulting is that they killed her off after not giving her very much to do. They should have written major story for Jenna from the beginning. This is just a lazy way to get rid of a character they didn’t know how to write for.

  32. Autumn says:

    The writers need to stop killing characters off. I think it’s just ridiculous now. It would be more original to let the characters live at this point. I mean, they clearly have an obsession with making Elena an orphan. Three parental figures dead in just a few episodes??? GIVE ME A BREAK. You can be shocking without a death toll. I’m really getting fed up with this show.

  33. Bingo says:

    It was so annoying how Bonnie and everybody else were taking so so long in rushing to help. I feel bad for Jenna, it was like everybody cared how to make sure Elene lives as a human, i mean at least she would live, Jenna would die!! I felt bad for Alaric. I was disappointed coz help could have come earlier but it didn’t. The whole bonnie rescue could have been done earlier. It was unfair with Jenna. Damon should live. He would, they wont kill him. I think Damon was the smartest amongst them all. He really put an effort to keep everybody safe. John Gilbert played his part truly.

    • @iLoveAnnaJeremy says:

      They took so much time on purpose! Klaus would be on his weakest right after the Sacrifice when he’s in transition and Bonnie/Elijah would be able to kill him without dying! (this plan sucked) I mean there was a lot of drama to protect Elena & Bonnie (love them both) but not that much of an effort to safe Jenna! :( they could have changed their plan! (didn’t work out anyway^^)

      • Josh says:

        Well remember Jeremy, Alaric and Bonnie all thought that Stefan was going to be the one sacrificed because he was going to switch with Jenna. They knew she was in danger but they probably thought she’d be safe until AFTER the ritual. I guess they weren’t in a rush to save Stefean because they knew it was really the only way and that Stefan choose to die after living over 140 years.

        So yeah that’s my review on the lack of rush to save Jenna or at least the lack of drama in “Jenna is going to be sacrificed” Bonnie and co. believed the Stefan switch worked as, why wouldn’t he want Stefan instead? He’s a lot more of a danger than Jenna.

  34. Liz says:

    I sobbed! I was really upset by both Jenna’s and John’s deaths. They really hit me hard.

  35. Greg says:

    I have to say this episode almost made me cry… it’s weird I was kinda expecting Jenna to die but I still was so sad to see it happen, it was a very touching scene. And even John, I have always disliked him, but this episode gave me a lot of respect for him. Because he didn’t just save Elena’s humanity because he despises vamps, no he did it so she had a chance at a normal life if she chose to. I also agree that this episode seemed more like a finale than the next one does. This episode would have made a great finale. But now that Jenna is dead who’s going to take care of Elena and Jeremy?

  36. erin says:

    Did John die because he took his ring off? I was a bit confused about why he just dropped dead.

    • fluffyraven says:

      John died because of the “fine print” on the spell Bonnie cast on him to bind his soul to Elena and keep her alive. The hinted at what happened to the mother after the baby was saved- that the mother died. This is what happened to John. He kept Elena from turning into a vampire, but in so doing sacrificed his own life (she took a breath and sat up, and he dropped dead)

  37. L says:

    This episode stunned me. I KNEW Jenna was going to die. But it was still gut-wrenching. And I cried. John’s death, however, shocked me. For ages now I’ve wanted him to die but when he did I cried again! Because it’s the one time he’s actually been a dad to Elena! I wasn’t bothered by Jules’ or Greta’s deaths. Honestly, I thought Matt was going to die. He’s dumped Caroline so he’s expendable. It’s going to be REALLY hard for next week’s episode to top this week’s. This week’s was the perfect season finale! But I will hold that thought until next week!

  38. Bob says:

    Am I the only one that noticed during Klaus transforming they showed stefan for a split second and he had canine teeth?

  39. katie says:

    Jenna’s death was what did it for me. I was struggling holding back my tears. Elena crying and Jenna sitting there confused it was just beyond sad.

    I loved the Bonnie butt kicking scene hough it could have been… I don’t know… more butt kicky lol

    I know they wont kill off Damon but for some reason I’m still afraid.

  40. Sienna says:

    I’m another Delena hater. I just feel that Elena is better off with Stefan and honestly Elena is too boring for Damon. Besides, what is Stefan supposed to do when/if Elena leaves him (in a slut-like move) for her brother? He’ll be heartbroken!!!

    Anyway back to the topic. I wonder what’s going to go down between Katherine and Ric now that they’re roomies lol. Romance maybe?

    I hope Bonnie breaks up with Jeremy… I’m just not feeling it.

    Tyler needs to man up and ask Caroline out.! Like NOW!

    Matt needs to die. Nice intentions and all… but still… die. lol

    I kinda want Elena, Bonnie and Caroline to sort of reconnect. They all seem so distance as of late and I know its because of all the drama, but it would be nice for them to have a small little girl’s night. Talk about normal stuff (boys,school and clothes) to remind us that they’re only 17 years old.

  41. Josh says:

    Definitely hoping Bonnie and Jeremy remain safe, same with Caroline. I would be very upset if any of those three die! I think if Bonnie does bit it, maybe in some big witch spell, she won’t be dead, dead but come back as a ghost…That might be interesting to explore. It would be a good way to finally show Bonnie’s home life, a nice kink in the Bonnie/Jeremy relationship and a new way for her to explore her witchcraft(as we’ve seen ghost witches use magic before).

    But yeah I hope she doesn’t die at all :-p.

  42. Mikey M says:

    The two characters they hardly ever use is Jannas and Matt’s so I am surprised he didn’t get the axe too. Seems the only way you get screen time is if you are some sort of creature or witch.

  43. Pam says:

    I am still in shock. How could they kill off Jenna. They need the “adult” supervision on the show and poor Alaric, he lost another woman. I honestly don’t feel like watching anymore. It’s like they killed the heart of the show. Does anyone else think that Jenna being killed in TVD is eerily similar to Marissa being killed off The OC? And we all know what happened after that…

    • Josh says:

      Considering that Jenna has never been central to most of the storylines on the show….no, I don’t see how it’s even sort of similar to Marissa dying on the OC.

      Not that I won’t miss Jenna or was sad about her death, but yeah not even close.

      Boy considering how much of a reaction we’re getting from Jenna’s death the other supporting characters(Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline and Tyler) better be safe.

      Though would anyone really care if Matt gets it?

  44. Mdz says:

    Really sad and, I have to say furious about Jennas’ death..:(

  45. Sienna says:

    Yes! Anything Bonnie centered would be GREAT. I’m so interested in the Bennett line and would love to explore it further. If Klaus kills her in the next season… I don’t think I could watch anymore. Well, I suppose I could just put it on mute and watch Damon sexify my TV screen lol

  46. Cassie says:

    Well, I am a Damon lover and Damon is not to blame for Jenna’s death. Klaus is the only one the fans should be angry with. Would they rather Tyler and Caroline died? Damon saved their lives. Fans may have liked Jenna but she was a pretty useless character. The only reason TPTB kept her around as long as they did was probably so they could kill her off in spectacular fashion.

  47. Hazel says:

    Why does everyone hate Damon??? He can acturely care for people. But i love Damon and Stefan the same I’m not just with Damon. I HATED how they killed Jenna I hope she turns out as a ghost!!! John was on Heroes to As Adam…. He

  48. Hazel says:

    Sorry did sum thing wrong carrying on… Seems to b on everything I love: the vampire diaries,heroes and charmed weird… Ok bye!!!