Bones Spoiler Alert: Could This Be The Big Game-Changer?

Might a Bones death, tragic as it may be, give birth to a new — and intimate — closeness between Brennan and Booth?

Fox Sweeps Scoopapalooza: Deaths, Drugs, Blind Items, Prom and More!

As revealed in Fox’s press release for sweeps, the May 12 episode of Bones finds serial sniper Jacob Broadsky hitting an innocent victim with a bullet intended for Booth. And as teased in the promo below, “one of their own won’t survive” that intense hour.

The same video clip shows a crestfallen Brennan collapsing into Booth’s arms… then into bed.

Could this be the “Change In the Game” cited in the May 19 season finale’s title?

Watch the video below, then weigh in on A) who you think will be leaving us and B) if that bed scene is anything more than two pals commiserating. Oh, and C) Don’t miss tonight’s new Bones, airing at 9/8c.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jules says:

    I don’t think I could stand it being one of the main characters dying! As much as I love all the squinterns, I hope its one of them.

    • dane says:

      I have a super sinking feeling that it’s going to be Sweets. I can’t see Bones being that devastated over any of the squints. I also know they aren’t going to kill either half of Hodgela. Cam’s gotta survive.. the only other regular shown was Sweets.

      • Sydnee says:

        it will be none of those guesses, i kno who dies, i read it in some spoilers a couple weeks ago

        • Jessica says:


        • Marianne says:

          The spoiler websites have only speculated about who will be killed off…no one knows for sure. I doubt Hart Hanson or any of the cast disclosed that to anyone.

          • Nate says:

            It is Vincent Nigel Murray that dies, thats why I don’t get why Brennan would be crying so hard over it.

          • 8daysaweek says:

            I could see Brennan being upset about a squintern dying as a result of working with her. Guilt and all that.

          • Katie says:

            I think she’s crying so hard because that bullet was meant for booth not because nigal died or anything like that. I think she has a realization of how close she came to losing him

          • Jana says:

            I think you are right… I just read IMDB for the cast for that episode. No Daisy, Cam’s daughter, or Ryan O Neal… BUT VNM is listed. I would imagine it would be him, cam, or sweets. I would be sad to see any of them go. VNM makes me laugh every time he is on an episode. Daisy is the most annoying and I would LOVE to see her go.

          • Nancy says:

            VNM is in a new show… saw a preview of it something about them being special. So could be him

          • Jenni says:


        • moname91 says:

          Then it would have to be Bone’s dad that is killed.

          • it could happen. maybe not only is Bones crying cuz the bullet was intended for Booth, but maybe her dad got in the way cuz he knows that Booth means alot to Bones and so he took a bullet for him. We need Cam and the squints. I dont think its Daisy. Havent seen her much this season. All tho Angela sounded pretty upset but i dont think it was Hodge Podge. Angela knows that Max means alot to Bones too, so im leaning more towards Max getting the bullet.

          • sboothsgirl says:

            I had that feeling too. Not that I like the thought of it. I would hate to see sweets go. Hehelps add to the humor of the on and off again Booth-Bones relationship. Not fond of Dasiy,and would prefer it to be a character like hers. So I am rooting for a squint with the exception of Wendel.

            Looks more like she is heart broken than wanting booth.However that smile when she is talking to Angela says something. Totally ready to end the spectulation by watching on Thursday. Hopefully it will be better than The end in the begining. We were told they would be together but it was not what we excpected. .

          • bearbumper says:

            I agree that it will most likely be her dad, though if Sweets were to die while trying to protect her, Bones would be crushed! It’s her DAD!

          • JAEN says:

            I don’t think it will be Max because Ryan O’Neal is in the season finale.

          • Arij says:

            i hope so !!! i don’t want anyone to die :(((

          • glenn says:

            no, Ryan Oneill has been signed for another year

          • southernrose72 says:

            I have to agree that Brennon would be very upset and turn to Booth if her dad dies. Does it really matter as long as they finally get together. Don’t get me wrong, I would hate to see some of the characters go, but there are a few that could go and never really be missed. After watching the clip with Brennon and Angela, it couldn’t be Hogkins because one would think that she would be a little more upset than that and certainly not at work talking to Brennon about the night that Booth and Brennon spent together. I want to see Zack come back, so as far as whom I want to see gone, either of the squints would work. Daisy is really annoying, so I would have to vote for her first. I do know that I heard ealier in the season that Cam might be leaving this season but that could have changed. You know the rumor mill gets going and you can’t always believe what you read or hear. I would hate to see Sweets go or Brennon’s dad. She just now got him back in her life. Whom ever it is has a big effect on her and I am just glad that she turns to Booth. To the writers, Gee, it’s about time guys………………..

        • Deborah Russell says:

          But if it is none of the regular squints, then why would Bones fall apart? I have a sick feeling it is going to be Angela… Her and Bones are like sisters and if this is their plan, then they can count me out of watching Bones anymore. If this is what they are using to bring Booth and Bones together, well, I feel it is stupid and just wrong… I feel like the producers are destroying a wonderful show and I don’t get it…

          • Jlesliet says:

            I have to agree with Deborah R. I have watched Bones since it began-and if they kill off Angela or any other important person I will no longer be watching!

          • Dana Tunick says:

            Not Angela- Angela is the one talking to Bones AFTER she does whatever it is that she does with Booth when she’s all upset. Don’t think it’s Hodgins either, since Angela would be in total mourning, and it looked like she was more into the gossip aspect of the conversation. I’m thinking Sweets, Cam or Nigel Murray.

          • Christabelle says:

            First off Debroah Russell and Jlesliet need to rewatch the clip and listen to the whole thing…the point is that AFTER someone dies Booth and Bones end up in bed…then they show Angela talking to Bones about what happened with her and Booth…so think, if Angela died how would she be there to ask what Booth and Bones did in bed…some people just don’t pay attention. Also that is proof that it’s NOT Hodgens, because would Angela care if Bones and Booth finally got it on if her husband was dead.

            Come on guys the answer is obvious…

          • purpley panda11 says:

            it cant be angela cuzz u see bones talking to her about wutt possibly happens wit her and booth…. i thnk its max….. or cam cuzz u barely see her in the clip

          • PAULETTE says:

            I have a feeling to that it will be Angela and Hodges will be left to raise the baby by himself.

          • LADY says:

            I agree with Debra R

          • audrey says:

            I would like to think that it’s Max. I feel that his character has outlived his purpose. Although I do enjoy his interactions with Booth, too funny. Besides, in the trailers, Booth isn’t crying or looking too upset, he’s consoling Brennan. If it were Cam or someone equally close to him, the bed scenes would play out differently. And to PAULETTE, don’t you think that if it were Angela then Hodgens wouldn’t have a baby to raise alone?? Unless they miraculously were able to save the baby. But that would almost be too cheesy and too harsh of a constant reminder of a lost love for the remainder of the series (which I hope never comes).

          • PenQuynh says:

            it’s definitely not Angela. it’s been confirmed that she will deliver her baby for May sweeps… Hodgins, on the other hands…

            is far too valuable in the lab to kill off. hahah. :]

          • mary says:

            could it b her brother or booths brother?

          • mirolex says:

            Sweets is very possible as the actor’s contract was not renewed. Any one of that group getting killed would be very upsetting to the rest.

        • Cynthia Booth says:

          Is it her dad? i think it should be her dad lol

          • cheryl says:

            On one of David Boreanaz posts to Twitter he said Max is in the finale show – so it can’t be Max.

          • Yaminisu says:

            ist not her dad because her dad is a main character in the season finale. I think, its Cam or Sweets. I don’t think VNM is important enough to kill off, nor was he pictured as one of the ones who wouldn’t survive the night.

          • Arij says:

            i hope it’s her daaaaad too i don’t want anyone else to go :(

          • PC Spooner says:

            It is definitely not Sweets, as Boreanaz talks about his interaction with him in season 7. No Angela, Hodgins or Cam, they are a crucial part of the show. Not his brother who has not been in any of season six episodes. It will be one of the interns.

        • Rosalie McGough says:

          SPILL YOUR GUTS. I’m thinking Sweets too. I’d hate to see him go, but I don’t want any of the other main characters out. I also think Bones and Brennan will console each other, and she will get pregnant, since she is pg in real life.

          • Katie says:

            SHE IS!!??!!?? NO FRICKIN WAY!

          • mz says:

            No not sweets!!! He’s my favorite!! really!! I really hope its not sweets!!!

          • Arij says:

            WHAT?? nooo not sweets he’s toooo sweet and he’s made the show even better !! it’ll be a huge mistake to let him go

          • Zoey says:

            wall i was reading the comments and i don’t think is Angela and Hodgins because i read somewhere that the last episode is Angela and Hodgins in the hospital delivering the baby and solving case trough a video call with Brennan and Cam (so it can’t be them also :]) i think is the lower (Caterin was her name? the big black lady) it’s the only person who wouldn’t alter the dynamic of the show and it still counts as a main character.

          • Addi Muller says:

            bones and brennan are the same people….

        • katie says:

          Who???? I am dying 2 kno.

        • margurite says:

          who im dying to know

        • mary says:

          who is it?

      • Acacia says:

        no no no no no NOOOOOOOOO.. Don’t even say that!

      • bonesnut says:

        My money is on Sweets. His character has outlived its usefullness. I never have liked him but grew to tolerate him. Now that they aren’t doing the “partners therapy” anymore, Sweets has no purpose. Throwing him into the cases feels forced. He was helpful last night, but 1 or 2 episodes a year is not enough to keep a character around.

        • Deborah Russell says:

          I love Sweets and he belongs on the show…

          • shawn s says:

            I agree, Sweets is a good counterpoint to all of Bones’ trying to insulate herself from feelings. He makes her face the truth of her fears.

        • Christabelle says:

          I don’t think it would be Sweets, regardless of how often he’s been on it’s always been him…I’m sure it’s one of the interns and that Bones is upset because it almost hit Booth, so I’m guessing the bullet was VERY close to him…Ever since Zack left they have been playing Russian Rullet with those stupid interns, so I hope it’s one of them lol…and I doubt it’s Max because Angela would look alot more sad during that conversation…it has to be someone they are NOT very connected with…besides Bones hollars “SOMEONE” has been shot…if it was an IMPORTANT character she would say thier name.

          • Kelsey says:

            I agree with you about the interns. They need to hire one already and if one gets killed, they will have less to choose from. And as for the someone has been shot comment, she could have been shouting to anyone in general and if it was a stranger, they wouldn’t know who it was so saying their name would be useless.

          • Amanda says:

            What about Wendell Bray?? Hes still an intern on the show from time to time. I would be really sad if he died though. I like him. Hodgins and Wendell seem to be really good friends too.

          • Addi Muller says:

            well of course she yell “SOMEONES been shot” because if she said the name then we wouldn’t be guessing….

        • MyBadBonez says:

          I agree with you in that I hope it is Sweets, too. He is more of an annoyance then anything and has often been manipulative. Very irresponsible as a Counselor, too. He told a compulsive gambler to ” take a chance”. He had him gamble on his relationship with his partner.

          Besides, if they got rid of him then maybe Gordon-Gordon could come back.

          • Kathryn says:

            I totally agree!! Sweets spent all of last weeks episode berating Brennan about not showing enough emotion, even after the outburst in the diner. Lately he has just been a real jerk and completely pointless. I also want Gordon-Gordon back, HE WAS GOOD!

          • mary says:

            it could be booth’s boss lady..the one who calls everyone, cher.. reee.. what is her name?

        • margaret stockton says:

          I do not want it to be Sweets…I love Sweets Char. he is funny..he always makes me laugh

        • Anne says:

          I agree we need Sweets!! Besides who is going to help psychoanalyze Booth and Bones new relationship!!

        • 88 says:

          I totally disagree his character is very interesting!!! And its very interesting how he gives his inputs on ppl being interrogated and i love his relationship with both booth and brennan

          Well i just love his character he’s really lotsa fun!!! I hope its not him!! He still has lotsa usefulness :D

        • Catina says:

          Are you kidding me Sweets has been a VERY important member of just about EVERY case this season…Sweets is AWSOME….I so hope that it is not Sweets and I am pretty sure that it will not be Angela or Hodgens…

        • Arij says:

          i loooooove sweets he’s funny and cute and adds and makes the show better

      • Angela says:

        Why does Cam “gotta survive”? I’d be okay if it was her…

        • txmzk says:

          I think Booth would be more upset than Bone if cam was killed off.

        • nb says:

          then they’d have to deal with the whole issue of what happens to her adopted daughter, and hasn’t that girl been thru enough?

        • Bruce says:

          My guess is Cam. She is the only one who has a romantic connection to Booth. If she leaves, Booth is free to become involved with Brennan. Or, they could bring back Zack to take the fall. Brennan would certainly be upset about that. But I would not be upset over seeing Sweets’ role being resumed by Gordon Gordon.

          • Christabelle says:

            The fact that she says “SOMEONE” has been shot, tells you it’s not one of the main characters. And Cam and Booth’s past is NOT the reason Booth and Bones haven’t gotten it on. Bones doesn’t think like a normal woman, she could care less. And Booth is way to far IN LOVE with Bones to let Cam interfere.

          • Hannah says:

            How can you possibly imagine that Cam is getting in the way of Booth and Brennan? There hasn’t been any sort of romantic or sexual tension between Booth and Cam for four seasons (and it’s debatable whether they actually had any during the few episodes they did date). Their relationship was barely mentioned after their very amicable breakup, and they’ve both had serious relationships since then.

          • david velez says:

            I think its Zack. Bones would most definitely be messed up by this..
            the rumours of zack coming back might fit this scenario.

          • mary says:

            i was so in hopes they would have already brought zack back..he was very good and he and bones got on so well..

        • Christabelle says:

          If it was an important character, Bones would not say “SOMEONE” died.

          • wendy says:

            she would yell “someone” if they don’t show us who got shot and then went to commercial break (or yelp – made us wait till the next season!)

          • margaret stockton says:

            I love Sack…I wish he’d come back…everytime I watch Bones..no one could ever measure up to him…

          • Amanda says:

            she yells that “someone” got shot because she is probably talking to 911..

          • Hannah says:

            We don’t know what context she was saying that in—it would be understandable for her to say “someone” if whoever she was talking to didn’t know the person. It sounds to me like she might be making a 911 call.

          • OMG OMG OMG says:

            omg its zack not sack hahaha

          • Catina says:

            Well she said that someone has been shot!!!!And she was calling in for an EMT to show up so it would make PERFECT sense as to why she did not say a name.

          • ruth says:

            or the person (one of the squints) could have been on their way to the diner to let Brennan know the results on a case when the shot rang out, and that squint could have been face down when they found them as they all run out of the diner. So until she turns them over to see who it is, she might not have known right away when she shouted “someone has been shot”.

      • Matt says:

        If it’s Sweets, I may stop watching the show.

        • Jamie says:

          If it’s Sweets I will DEFINITELY stop watching the show! I’m thinking it’s one of the squints. And like somone else mentioned, Bones is upset because she just lost someone she worked with and possible didn’t treat too kindly and is feeling a little guilty, and she’s upset over how close she comes to losing Booth(again)

          • mary says:

            aww, come on..sweets is a nerd and his lips r red..iwonder if he uses liptick.. sorry, hope i didnt hurt anyones feelings

        • Eshara says:

          I agree. Sweets is the best!

        • Sean says:

          I agree. Sweets is actually my favorite character. Would suck to see him go. i was always hoping for an ep where they all had to do IQ tests as a part of some assessment and he beat out Bones. Would be hilarious.

        • sunshine says:

          okay guys. so my theory is that if someone actually important dies, it will be like zach, because his “goodbye” from the show really didn’t do him justice. also, when they say one of their own won’t make it through the night, it could mean anyone. like maybe a janitor or a random officer. bones has been known for its unrelated promos. the crying could be with something completely unrelated. like maybe brennan’s dad getting into jail or whatever. just unrelated.

      • cat says:

        i think that its going to be VNM. The bullet was meant for Booth which is why Brennan is so upset, because it was a near death experience. Guys there is no way they could kill off any main character.

        • IzLight says:

          I completely disagree, they could easily kill off one of the main characters, especially Sweets, his character is nearly irrelevant (excepting some cases, of course) and is the easiest choice of main characters to remove. That being said, I agree I think it will be one of the squinterns, either VNM or Wendell would cause the most heartbreak. I also agree that the reason Bones is so upset is because the bullet was intended for Booth and she’s so afraid to lose him.

          • txmzk says:

            Why would VNM be somewhere with Booth for the guy to shoot him? I can see any of the others out and about, but VNM I don’t remember them ever showing him out of the lab-

          • carly says:

            I would be super sad if Wendell died. Cam gave him some more hours so I expected him to be on the show more. I think he meshes better with the main cast than any of the other squints. I will def cry during that episode.

          • Christabelle says:

            txmzk…it happens at the Lab so of course Booth and the squints would be in the same place

          • brandi.p says:

            there is no reason any squinterns would ever be outside the lab. im betting on sweets because well you never see him anymore and he does do field work so hed be out of the lab when the squinterns never are.

        • jimmys-back says:

          i think it will be VNM because if they get rid of anyone else most of us wont watch it. it would be too hard to see bones without the main charaters.

          • mary says:

            How about booths ex-girlfriend-hannah,booth loved her ,bones liked her, both are crying because of the death.

      • Julia says:

        Oh no! I LOVE Sweets! Well, not romantic love, I mean aww he’s so adorable love…. totally off subject-y. Same here, dane.

      • moname91 says:

        I think so too from the previews it sounds like Cam’s voice calling for help and Sweets is important to both Brennan & Booth. Besides he is the one, who always brought them together and was intrical to their relationship. I hope that we are wrong, but I really don’t think so!

        • Emily says:

          It’s Brennan’s voice calling out about the shot. But I definitely agree that it will most likely be Sweets. Aside from one of the MAIN main characters dying, he is the one that would cause the most team trauma.

        • rawr says:

          It’s bones calling for help. Her voice is pretty identifiable

        • Lor says:

          I think you meant to say “integral”.

      • nicole says:

        i think it will be angela and she will lose the baby… or sweets…. i hope no one dies :(

        • tallulah says:

          oh no, please don’t let it be angela. nobody would get over her death!

        • its not Angela because Bones told her what happened between her and Booth. Watch the previews

          • DeeDee says:

            The order of scenes in the teaser is not necessarily the order they appear in the show – they are not necessarily in sequence. We have no idea what the ladies are actually talking about. Of course the teaser wants you to think you know what they are talking about, but we have no actual knowledge of what their conversation is really referencing or when this scene occurs.

      • Shell says:

        I agree…I think Sweets. However, the promo says that (the death) isn’t the biggest shock so perhaps it’s not someone so “main” because, as much as them finally getting it on is a shock, I don’t think that can out-shock Sweets being killed.

      • Callie says:

        Yep. I’ve had this feeling to. And it’s not a very good feeling. I’ll miss him if it is him. :(

      • Jennifer says:

        It very well could be Sweets but I could see it being Cam too. She was going to be killed off in the “Man in the Cell” episode when she ingested the poison that Howard Epps left behind.

      • samantha says:

        i believe it will probably be cam that gets shot.

      • jenessa says:

        i think it’s sweets too. they didn’t renew his contract

      • amy says:

        totally agree although my family doesn’t share my opinion but hes the best guess no matter how bad it sucks.

      • Jennifer says:

        Don’t say Sweets :( I just can’t see the series without him

      • Martina says:

        sadly, i think its going to be Angela’s baby. I dont see them getting rid of any of the other regulars.

        • Jess says:

          It’s not going to be Angela or the baby because the description of the last episode says she gives birth at a hospital via webcam. I have to believe it will be Vincent Nigel Murray, Sweets or Wendall.

        • Christabelle says:

          Seriously, if your baby inside your womb was shot, would you be at work and care that your bff got laid…come on now…first off she’d be in a hospital because the bullet would have to go thru her to get her UNBORN baby…rofl

      • rachel g says:

        I think sweets too

      • Amanda says:

        i would agree cuz it says a bullet intented for booth and sweets and booth kinda look like eachother and bones with him too I THINK YOUR RIGHT.

      • Paul says:

        I can only hope it is one of the ridiculous characters brought into the lab to try and fill “zach’s” shoes. I’ve been asking for ever for the writers to bring Zach back (the show was so much better with him), but no one seems to be listening.

        • Christabelle says:

          Last I heard “Zack” was going to have his own show. But I’m positive it’s a squint because Bones says “SOMEONE” has been shot.

      • sonja says:

        See I think it will be Cam her story line hasn’t gone anywhere in a long time, and in the last show she barely had 5 lines. But of course they could mix it all up and it could be Bone’s dad, or Caroline or someone we’d never expect. Keep us guessing and talking.

      • Rosh says:

        John Francis Daley (Sweets) is credited in the final episode so is every other major cast member including Bones’ dad, therefore by elimination it has to be one of the interns.

        • Kensie says:

          Of course their gonna be in the casting list of the season finale, they have to be in the episode in order to be shot!

          • Lor says:

            The episode in which someone gets shot is the “penultimate” episode. In other words, the next to last, or last but one. It airs May 12th, and the season finale is on May 19th. Whoever gets shot will NOT be in the finale, unless they intend to show them in flashbacks.

      • allie-Cat says:

        i had a feeling it was Sweets. him and Bones have gotten closer with a few cases, the one last week with the little girl they showed their connection. i think bones will be torn about him dieing as will booth. the shock of loosing someone will lead them to stop hiding what we all know is there. she needs booth, but she cant see that need as a logical or rational thought.

      • Sarah C says:

        We’ve already been told that Sweets isn’t returning next season as the actor’s contract was no renewed, so it would make sense that he is the one not to survive the episode.

        Killing Sweets makes the most sense, given the information we have. But they could give him an easy, fluffy out and kill off one of the squints, but I don’t know that Bones would go for a fluffy exit of Sweets.

      • Lee Dukes says:

        Cam was originally supposed to die in the second season.
        Never know.

      • Ivana says:

        It’s going to be someone that’s often with Booth. So who besides Bones is most often with him and therefore has the biggest chance of getting shot. My money’s on Sweets. I know that Brennan yells “Someone’s been shot!” and that just means that they needed a line vague enough so that WE don’t know who’s being killed off. In the trailer Brennan’s upset enough to fall in bed with Booth but later not that upset when talking to Angela. I say Sweets!

      • TERI says:

        Nooooooooo England has’t quite caught up with the states yet so I have a few episodes to go, but I love Sweets. In fact I love them all, but I must admit if I had to choose to loose one of them it would be Cam (sorry cam fans). It is my favourite show on tv.

      • THERESA PINK says:


      • joshua says:

        no its gonna be mr nigel murray

      • Arij says:

        OMG i certainly hope it’s not him he’s too sweet !! i hope it’s her dad

      • Ruth says:

        I think its Sweets also, because if it were Cam, then Booth would be upset. And Angela and Hodgens have to stay because she cares for both of them. But with Sweets its because they are always having diferences with Psych and Science, and more so these last few episodes. But Brennan is starting to be closer to him because of both being in foster care. Well I guess well see.

      • Sharon Bernard says:

        I agree. The only other person that would affect them is his ex girlfriend. Sweets has been close to them both, and they have secrets with him. I like Sweets, I guess we will find out Thursday.

      • glenn says:

        no Cam doesnt have to survive

      • Bailey Moore says:

        It not sweets he is to good to die!!

    • Andy says:

      It will be Brennan’s dad. Ryan O’neal is set to be guest starring in the episode. Booth goes under cover on a bowling team with Ryan O’neal. So there is my thinking.

      • b says:

        No, Max is in the finale. This is the episode before the finale.

      • Tonya says:

        That is an interesting theory. I see a lot of people seem to think it is going to be Sweets. I hope not, the show won’t be balanced if that happens. He is the voice inside Booth and Brennan’s heads. I guess if it is Brennan’s Dad, he would at least be seen as a hero for taking a bullet meant for Booth.

      • Christabelle says:

        Seriously if it was her dad or any IMPORTANT character do you honestly think Bones would hollar “SOMEONE” has been shot…come on guys THINK!!!!!!!

        • laura.cetera says:

          I’m not choosing this post for any particular reason but I want to point out a few things. First of all, I agree, since Brennan does not mention who’s been shot, its probably no one important. BUT, they only said that an “innocent” is shot instead of Booth, not that the sniper shoots someone on the team. Whoever it is could be killed at some later time. Also, whe can’t say that its not Angela or anyone who would break our hearts b/c of the clip. I don’t think it is Angela, but it is very easy to move clips around. We’ve all seen it before. Just b/c you see B+B falling into bed the second before, doesnt mean that’s what those two are talking about, and also doesn’t mean that the convo happens after the killing.
          It’s not Zack. He’s gone, people. Trust me, I loved him too, but I think it would be a little obvious if they suddenly brought him back in one episode where “someone” is supposed to die, after three years of mental institution no-show. At the very least they’d have him on for a few episodes.
          It could be Sweets, but I doubt it. He is actually more useful than anyone seems to think, and he kind of acts as our translator for what’s going on. He’s funny and he introduces problems these two aren’t willing to face. Maybe it’s bad to use a character like a tool where some might think there isn’t need. But I like him.
          Personally, though it kills me to say it, I might theorize that no one is killed by the sniper, but Angela’s baby might die. But, please no, b/c that would be utterly horrible.

    • Sabine says:

      It could be Mr. Nigel Murray! Bones is pretty close with three of her interns and since Mr. Nigel Murray is in this episode, it could be him. (I hope it’s him because I love Sweets…)

    • Curtis R. says:

      Well I’m half-decently sure Bones isn’t shot. In the preview commercial, it’s her voice calling for an ambulance, but that MIGHT be for a completely different part of the episode. I can’t wait to see!

    • mary says:

      oh gosh i can’t wait!

    • Beth says:

      I totally agree…it CANNOT be any one of the main characters…it just can’t!I hope it’s one of the interns as well, Jules. *hopes*

    • Matt says:

      If anyone at all needs to be written out of the lineup, it’s Daisy. She and her grating, abrasive, high-maintenance narcissism and effusive, sickening sycophantism have annoyed me constantly since the very first time she appeared. And Bones grieving her loss because of the time they spent together away on jungle island anthropological research would make storyline sense, too. I hope, for the sake of my own sanity and affection for all the other characters, that Daisy’s the one producers decided to write out of the show.

      • Judy says:

        Please let it be Daisy so Sweets can get on with his life. He deserves so much more than this lust relationship!

    • Hannah says:

      I think it will be someone who is mistaken as Booth from behind. Which Sweets looks most like Booth. HOPEFULLY its a repeat of the ” fake your own death to protect yourself” kinda thing. I think Sweets is relevant to the pyschological factors to cases.

    • Valinda says:

      I think they need to get Zach back on! So maybe it will be one of the squinterns….

      • Christabelle says:

        It’s been way to long since Zach has appeared in an eppisode and he is working on his own show anway…but I sooo miss having him there, he was as smart as Bones in most cases and the least annoying…lol

    • Sally says:

      I think it’ll be Mr. Nigel Murry cuz then it’ll be a sad death yet everyone will be able to move on quicker. Plus he’s got that Alphas show on Syfy coming up ;)

    • ANGIE says:


    • connie says:

      well maybe hodges will be the one to get killed.
      thats the most likey with the baby coming..
      I just love the show i even watch reruns.
      perfect people for the parts they play.
      bones is so cute…
      keep up the show it’s my favorite..

  2. @3militarysons says:

    Oh, poor VNM! Hey, but whatever it takes to get B&B in bed baby!!!

  3. ggny says:

    Its got to be Daisy or Nigel Murray since they both have Pilots next year…Or maybe Cam’s daughter

    I VERY much doubt that after the Zach backlash that they get rid of another main character

    • Matt says:

      It would be hilarious if it were Cam’s daughter, seeing as she just got killed off on Nikita last week too.

      (And by hilarious, I mean tragic. Sort of.)

      • doug says:

        Thanks for spoiling a different show in this thread

        • Matt says:

          My bad.

          Though, to be fair, does it still count as a spoiler if it aired a week ago, and Ausiello already posted it on the finale checklist?

          • J says:

            No it doesn’t. A week is plenty of time.

          • jenna says:

            Dude, there are people who get mad at spoilers for movies that came out nearly a decade (or more) ago. So while no, I don’t think so, there will be people who disagree (or whine)

    • Callie says:

      But see, I was thinking that it could only be the people on the promo. Maybe I’m wrong, but if it were Daisy, I wouldn’t be THAT bothered, but I would be a little because I’d feel really bad for Sweets.

  4. Piper says:

    my money’s on vnm dying, but i’m totally ok with that. he’s one of my least favorite squinterns. also, i can’t stop watching the last few seconds of this video..amazing!! :)

    • lori says:

      i can’t quite picture VNM taking a bullet that was intended for booth, now sweets i could see doing that.

    • Ruth says:

      I would have to agree with you. I keep trying to figure this out too. I wouldn’t be as upset to see him leave. VNM is one of my least favorite squinterns.

  5. kcsl says:

    Are you sure someone dies? There is no mention of a Bones death in your finale preview!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I see four vacant slots ;)

      • Kate says:

        Plus according to this the death isn’t actually in the finale. It’s in the episode just before the finale. =)

        • Crissy says:

          Innocent victim..ie not one of the squints. But isn’t Angela preggers and are they not naming the baby Temperance if it’s a girl?

          Hate to say it but the baby is gona die because Booth and Tempy have been doing a lot of the baby/children talk in past. I could be wrong.

          • Dave says:

            I don’t think it’s the baby because in the preview Angela is shown talking to Bones about what happened the night before and she doesn’t seem upset at all.

      • Zero says:

        Am I the only one seeing your post Matt?? you say there is 4 vacant slots?? does that mean we’re loosing 4 people from Bones?? I’m a lil confused…… can you spill some more hints? please? ;)

        • mary says:

          well babies, dont speculate too much..if any of u look at criminal minds,there were 4 ppl let go off that show..gideon just disappeared, jj left, ell left and hotchners wife got killed..sorry to jump poff track, but i get so mad when thry dothings like that..forgive me..im new here..mary

    • Kelsey says:

      I’m half tempted to go with the question as to whether someone dies or not. In the promo, it says that someone won’t make it through the night. Do they mean Thursday night or night on the show? And it doesnt necessarily mean they’ll die, they could just leave the show because the character might think their job is too dangerous or something.

  6. Pamela says:

    You would figure it would be one of the sqints but with they way the show has been it could easily be a main character.

    • rowan says:

      Technically, everyone one working at the Jeffersonian including Brennan is a squint, except for Angela. Booth called them all squints.

  7. Barbie says:

    If Brennan is talking cheerily with Angela “the night after”, it means neither Angela or Hodgins have died. I just hope Cam’s okay. I love her so much!

    • muir says:

      Honestly, I’m a little confused at how Brennan’s talking cheerily with Angela if *anyone* has died. Like, oh yeah, poor [insert person] died, but guess what! Totally did the horizontal tango with Booth! Ugh.

      • estee says:

        i agree it is a bit odd that she’s so cheery but i’ve also read several places someone dies

      • Alice says:

        Maybe something is out of order here, or perhaps there’s two deaths, one minor death (non-recurring character) and one major death. Brennan and Booth get all close because they know that the first death was caused by Broadsky, and by the end of the episode someone else from the team dies when he’s gunning for Booth. Something like that would make it just a little easier for Angela and Brennan to be cheerfully talking.

      • lynne says:

        yeah well If you someone who finds booth hot then you would be smiles finally getting to be with the one you love and who loves you in return.. amen how ever it happens been waiting a very long time for it to happen! yay!

      • Bob says:

        Yall are just assuming its the day after!

    • Gram says:

      do you really think these clips are in order? The pr department gets paid to make it look like one thing when it’s another. That’s how they get us talking, fbing, texting, etc. and watching the show.

  8. mmartian says:

    I will miss sweets

  9. Ing says:

    The way Brennen looks coy like that at the end, oh…I do believe it is happening! Finally! AND the fact that it could happen in the episode BEFORE the finale!? Even better!! I will be so upset if they don’t finally get together this season. I may just stop watching. Especially if they kill off someone good. Killing off someone good added on to no Booth and Brennen get together equals me done with this series.

    • MurderMondays says:

      I’m calling something interrupting Bones and then we won’t find out what actually happened until the S7 premiere.

      • Vicky says:

        Except this promo is for next week’s episode, not the finale, which is the week after and, spoiler alert, has the big personal storyline being about Angela giving birth.

  10. Mac says:

    I think Angela is going to lose the baby.

  11. kim says:

    I hope it’s Cam, but it is probably a squintern.

    • Corinne says:

      Thanks for saying it first, I would not miss Cam either. It best not be Caroline. I fear it’s her cause she would fall under the most likely target for the sniper, at least more so than the squinterns.

      • estee says:

        OMG! I never even thought of Caroline! That actually makes a lot of sense!

        • Rowan says:

          Bones wouldn’t cry if it wasn’t someone she cared about – and she doesn’t really care about the squinterns, so I’m thinking it’s Caroline or Sweets. I think her tears would be surprising to her, regardless because I believe she’d think she only cry for Max, her brother, Angela or Booth. I hope it’s not Sweets. LOVE Sweets.

          • eli says:

            My opinion its that bones is crying because she realised how close was booth to death! just my thought!!

        • noodlebug says:

          What if no one dies someone is just really close to it and they will end the series. Anyway Emily Deschanel the actress who plays Dr. Brennen is pregnant in real life. Do you think they will use her pregnancy in the upcoming series. Maybe her and booth get together? This last episode they mention Dr. Brennen having a baby. Is is “baby BONES”?

        • estee says:

          after this week’s AA my money is caroline

      • Rebecca says:

        My first thought was Caroline. I actually thought she was going to die in the last Broadsky episode, when he was aiming at the bathroom that she was near.

        • Kelsey says:

          Yeah, I thought she was going to die in that episode too. I was really worried when that scene happened.

    • Nora says:

      Cam cracks me up with her sarcastic humour. I’ll be heartbroken and very annoyed if she dies. My money is on VNM, or someone less important. If not, Angela would’ve been more upset. she’s quite emotional is what i’ve observed

  12. Anna says:

    Poor Vincent. I’d much rather it had been Colin.

  13. kelly says:

    Maybe it’s Max, Bones’s dad. That would make me sad.

    • Garrity says:

      Its not max. both hart and david tweeted photos from the finale set with max in them.

      • z says:

        That doesn’t prevent him from dying in the end :) My money is on him or Caroline.

        • Ginny says:

          Um, yeah it does, cause the death is in next week’s episode, before the finale.

          • Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

            I’m not saying whether I think it’s Max or not. I’m just saying if it is it could be Brennan having flashbacks at his funeral or just in general. It’s been known to happen before.

  14. Jen says:

    It’s probably Vincent. I hope not, he’s my favorite squint :(

  15. Lilykakes says:


  16. Sidney May Canning says:

    as much as i hate to say it

    its totally going to be vincent.
    not only is he an expendable character,
    the actor ryan cartwright is shooting a new show now so isnt avaliable

  17. Bluestocking Inc says:

    If this is just some one night stand gimmick so that they can write in ED’s pregnancy I can’t be responsible for my actions.

  18. pburgsweetie says:

    It’s not Daisy. It’s VNM. Sadly. I hate to see him go. But I am over the moon to see them in bed. Even if it is over the death of a friend. This may be the push they need to final get together. And Brennan’s face while talking to Angela. OMG!!

  19. Deena says:

    Gaaah, I wanna see more of that pic! Come on Matt!
    I doubt Booth and Brennan slept together that night. They probably just fell asleep :)

  20. Elle says:

    I am just happy that Brennan and Angela are having a personal conversation. I have really missed them this season and their girl talks. It is good to see Brennan have her friend back.

  21. Princess Bones says:

    It´s Vicent

  22. garrity says:

    my bet is on Cam or Sweets…

    my reasoning

    -yes it could be VNM but would bones really fall onto booth and cry over him? doubt it.
    -until i saw VNM was the squintern of the week i thought it would be wendell because he’s the only one who has a life outside of the lab with people so he’s the only one who would be profound for the audience AND the characters. He’s hodgins (new)best friend, he dated angela, bones forked out money for his scholarship, and he’s booths hockey buddy…it would make an impact.
    -in the preview when showing people who might not make it…it was hodgins, angela, booth, cam, sweets…of those..we know from synopsis’ that hodgins and angela are having the baby and talking about a case via skype. booth isnt going to die. that leaves cam and sweets. its speculation but brodsky is outside when aiming his gun…sweets is in the diner in the clip…he could be eating with booth and gets hit..
    -cam is the only other person and i would be sad to see her go but it would be interesting for next season because then bones might take her job..HOWEVER i doubt they would leave michelle parentless again…

    so really. my money is on sweets..as much as i hate to say it. i LOVE him. but he is the baby duck..and it might be the catalyst that makes brennan realize life is short.

    also a couple weeks ago he was acting weird and emo and everything he said could have been a double meaning to what as to come sooo…yeah.

    • Booth_girl says:

      Arrgg. Your logic is good, but if they write off the sweet dorky guy again, it will crush me. I still miss Zack, and Sweets is awesome. I will be seriously crushed if they really kill a main character.

      • garrity says:

        dont get me wrong. i hate that the logic adds up to that..but i think it would be a cop out if they killed a semi important character that nobody would really be hugely impacted over. and they have already done the dear death/fake death stuff..this will most likely be for real. god i dont want him to die…=[

      • garrity says:

        ALSO, the episode is called The Hole in the Heart…

        WHO ELSE would leave a Hole in their Hearts?

        i doubt its VNM

      • basil.0 says:

        I just thought of something. It CAN’T be Sweets, because he is the only person who knows Zach didn’t actually kill that guy way back when. If he dies, Zach just dissolves out of the story line with all these loose ends. I am seriously thinking that it’s VNM because although Bones wasn’t close to him, she would still feel guilty for perhaps “putting him in that situation.” Despite what people think, Bones has incredible compassion, which makes me think that she could be upset about an employee’s death.

        • jeliphil says:

          Zach is pretty much gone, completely. He hasnt been in, or even mentioned in any episodes. I dont think they would think twice about killing off Sweets just because he knows about Zach.

        • Aureltc says:

          I think it’s Sweets. As much as I hate to say it cause I love his char. He admitted in a recent interview that his contract wasn’t renewed. =( If they kill of Caroline I may just pitch my remote through the TV. I love her.

        • Stevo says:

          Exactly why did they write Zach off Bones? I thought he was great and a strong player. I really miss him.

    • Angela says:

      Bones could be falling into Booth’s arms because BOOTH almost got killed AND the death of VNM or whoever. I believe it will be VNM or Cam. I hope, if it has to be one of those 2, that it is VNM. If the choice has to between Sweets and Cam, I pick Cam, although I really like her and it would be heartbreaking.

  23. Michelle says:

    Come on, guys. How often have they misled us? Brennan being coy with Angela could easily be before the death/bed development. I wouldn’t rule out a main character based solely on that clip. That being said, I also think it may be VNM, which is very sad since he’s my absolute favorite squintern.

    • Lea says:

      I agree, it’s a promo-scenes are often taken out of context for any show.

    • Vels says:

      I agree with you! They often put the events in the trailer not in the same order as it is in the episode so maybe Bones is crying over something else and then someone gets killed. I’ll miss whoever it will be :(

  24. samantha says:

    a) cam or sweets. if it’s not a squintern. cam’s really involved and central yet never connected with the others on a deep emotional level, though they are all friends, and sweets isn’t tied down at all. plus, it couldn’t have been angela, because she was talking to bones, and she looked okay so it’s not hodgins.

    b)yes. they slept together. and she’s pregnant. that’s how they’re tying in her pregnancy.

  25. Psales73 says:

    I’m going to guess that the angela/brennan convo happpens near the beginning of the episode, but maybe that means something good happens at the end of tonight’s episode. We know it’s not Angela or Hodgins that dies, because they’re in the finale. Other than them and B&B, I’m kind of “meh” regarding anyone else. Well, other than Caroline….I will go bananas if they kill her off.

    • Grrly says:

      I am pretty sure it is going to be Caroline, it would tie in well with her being the one that brought them all back together at the beginning of the season, and she would be a loss, but it wouldn’t interfere with the team dynamic too much.

  26. skylark66 says:

    I want to get excited, I really, really do but the promos have been misleading too many times. It could be two close friends commiserating and nothing else happening. I have to stay calm. I have been disappointed so many times. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have fun, positive events this summer to reflect upon instead of the angst of the last two season finales? Come on Hart, make it happen. I am going to trust you….one more time.

  27. steve says:

    Hope its cam as she adds nothing to the show imo but itll prob be a squint either vnm or daisy

  28. Me says:

    If this ends being the misleading of all misleadings, I will chuck my laptop out a window. (Watch my Bones online, for those wondering why I didn’t say TV.)

    I *really* want this episode now, and I hope it’s not more of TPTB leading us on a merry dance to nada. Six (almost seven) series in, it’s time for a little change!

  29. Allison says:

    What about Caroline Julian? We know she shows up again…what if it’s her?

  30. Deedee says:

    well i think its already confirmed that its gonna be Vincent and the bed scene!! OMG!!!!

  31. B says:

    I’m afraid it will be Sweets, so honestly I’m hoping for VNM, although that sounds really callous. Also, I don’t think it’s fair to act like Bones is being callous for smiling slightly for a moment during that conversation with Angela, even if it is after someone dies. Anyone who has been through the death of a loved one knows that there are moments or normalcy in the midst of the grief.

  32. Goathi says:

    Voice: “It’s (booth/brennan/bed) what you will be talking about all summer”

  33. Mise says:

    What I wanna know is why they’re in Booth’s (?) bedroom in the first place. The bed just happens to be there for them to fall in? There has to be some reason behind that that means this isn’t the ultimate fake-out.

    I hope.

    • dane says:

      I’m guessing he makes her stay over so he can protect her after someone has been shot.. and they wind up in bed. I don’t think they will sleep together though.

      • Acacia says:

        I know they won’t end up sleeping together. That will just ruin everything HH has been building up to. I say they either have an ‘almost kiss’ or fall asleep together. I’d actually be surprised if there is even any kiss between them, knowing HH!

        • Kelsey says:

          Knowing Hart, that scene is probably at the end of the episode and it ends when they fall into bed.

    • Jill says:

      That’s exactly what I was wondering. Why are they by a bed in the first place if he is just going to comfort her?

    • Jenna says:

      Spoiler-at the beginning of the episode they are all worried about their safety, maybe death threats (?), probably because of the sniper guy. So Booth probably insists Brennan stay over to keep her safe (!)

  34. Laura says:

    I think it will be Caroline, she would have every reason to be around Booth, which makes me sad because she is so entertaining. And if Booth and Brennan do not get together this season…I am done watching! I didn’t even watch the first half of the season because of Hannah. Really hoping the episode meets all of my expectations!

  35. Eridapo says:

    We already know who dies –> Vincent Nigel Murray. The sides for the finale show Cam, Angela, Hodgings, Sweets, Brennan, Booth, Max, Wendell, and Caroline are alive.

    As far as a hookup between B&B, it will not happen. We are being teased again by the slyly fox Hart Hanson, and like Charlie Brown’s Lucy he is setting up the football for us (the gullible Charlie Browns) before yanking it away.


  36. Froggy says:

    I say its Zach Addy.

    • Katy says:

      OOOOH I didn’t even think of that. Thats a really really good thought! But it makes me sad because even though he’s not part of the show anymore I love Zach. But it makes total sense that would be the only character Brennan would be that upset over without it making a HUGE difference in the plot.

    • Kathy Harris says:

      As I was reading rhrough the post, I thought Gorgomon, finally got revenge for Zach not completing his mission, and then telling everybody, everything he knew about Gorgomon.

    • Jane says:

      I thought this too and posted it on the finale score cord comment section. Killing off Zach would close the book on the character, would allow the sniper to kill off someone Booth cares about in the name of justice (laboring under the belief that Zack is a killer and should be taken out). Brennan would definitely cry over Zack. Plus the May 12th episode is entitled The Hole in the Heart. The episode when Zack was written out was entitled The Pain in the Heart. That may be too much of a coincidence for me.

      Plus, the actor need not guest star or be shown in the promos. He could be taken out by the sniper while in the psych hospital, killed off camera, with the gang receiving the news over the phone, or more likely, from Sweets, who treats Zack.

  37. D says:

    It’s not Angela, nor Hodgins, nor Booth, nor Brennan the one who dies. All 4 of them are in the finale. I hope it’s Mr. Nigel Murray, he is the only squintern I don’t like, and Sweets and Cam can’t die, they’re too important.

    • D says:

      And it’s probably not Cam nor Sweets. They were both alive (along with Booth, Brennan, Angela and Hodgins) in the behind the scenes photo of the last scene of this episode “The Hole In The Heart”.
      I keep saying that is Mr.VNM.

  38. Rainmaker says:

    How about Brennan’s Dad? By the photo of Brennan heartbroken in bed, I would only assume it would be someone close enough to her to spike an emotion from her.

  39. allie says:

    My money’s on Sweets or one of the squinterns, probably Daisy or Arastoo. Sweets has seemed to be very annoying lately, and I can’t stand him much longer. Daisy and Arastoo are really the only squinterns that haven’t been too present this season. Brennan seemed pretty happy near the end of the promo and Angela was with her, so it probably won’t be Booth, Cam, or either half of Hodgela. Maybe Parker or Michelle, but I can’t really see them dying.

  40. JohnDoe says:

    The quality of this show has gone so far downhill this season I don’t know if it will ever recover. It’s radically transformed into a bad soap-opera.

  41. Molly says:

    Oh, come on you guys, they are so not killing a main character, especially after the Zack debacle. It’s obviously Vincent.

  42. Alex says:

    O.O *hyperventilates* OXYGEN….. I NEED OXYGEN!!!!!!! I didn’t think I’d be alive to even see something like this…..I thought we’d be in season 54 of Bones and seeing them as old geezers still going around with the will they/won’t they crap.

  43. julianne says:

    Maybe Brennan is just extremely upset because Booth almost died so she finally breaks down because she doesn’t want any regrets.

    I don’t think anyone from the Jeffersonian or the FBI would be considered any innocent bystander.

    Just a thought.

    • Erin says:

      This was my thought as well. Booth (and maybe Angela) is really the only one she would get so upset about. I think he almost dies, she freaks out, yada yada. All of this happens midway through the episode, maybe 3/4 of the way. Then, someone else dies in the final confrontation.

  44. ann says:

    we better be just teased becaused this fan will keep the off button pressed if booth and bones sllep together after hannah.

  45. Megan says:

    its Vincent Nigel Murray… Its not Daisy cuz shes not in the episode, cant be hodgins or angela, cam has to survive. The only other option is Sweets. Soooo excited for this episode! Can’t stop replaying this!

  46. ivana says:

    I think that it might be Brennan’s dad…I hope it’s not Cam! I really love her character and that the fact that she is Canadian (:

    • Charlotte says:

      Yeah, but Max is in the finale. We KNOW this.

    • Kathi says:

      It can’t be Cam because it is her voice you hear making the 911 call. I highly doubt the producers would get rid of any big players at this point (at least I hope not) so I’m guessing it’s one of the interns.

  47. Mindy says:

    I’m going to combine this with another blind item and say it’s Cam and they will bring back Zach and Goodman.

  48. Rachel says:

    My thoughts are that it will be either Max, or Zack. Because in those cases, its someone she cared deeply for, but booth did not. hence why he wasnt crying in the promo.

  49. river says:

    I think it’s VNM. They’re not going to kill of Sweets, it’ll be to harsh. Broadsky might take a shot a them, though, facilitating Brennan’s developmeng.

  50. ann says:

    booth probably takes advantage of her/if she makes the mistakes of going to his bed.

    • Marianne says:

      You’re kidding, right? You honestly think they would ever go there with Booth’s character? He’s not the type…not in a million years.

      • Kate says:

        Marianne is definitely right. There’s no way Booth would take advantage of Bones, and she’s not the type of woman who could make that ‘mistake’ either. She’s very decisive. Regardless, Booth wouldn’t let their emotions, however charged up they might be, cloud his judgement.