Blind Item: Hit Show Plots Season Finale Comeback Shocker -- With a Twist!

Another day, another earth-shattering tweak to TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard.

In case you missed it, in the past 24 hours the number of “big returns” on the spoilerific cheat sheet quietly doubled in size from two to four.

But here’s where things get really interesting: The two returns — which by some miracle have remained under wraps — take place on the same show.

Far be it from me to ruin what is sure to be a jaw-dropping surprise, so you’ll have to make do with the following three hints: The program in question is an hour-long drama, it’s an established hit, and it airs on a broadcast network.

And that’s all your getting! Now do your best to turn those scraps into scoop in the comments section!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. 1ofGodsAngels says:

    Criminal Minds? Are JJ AND Prentice returning??!!! ( I sure hope so!)

    • Esaul says:

      It’s been announced a while ago that AJ Cook’s coming back to Criminal Minds, she has a two year deal with the show.

      • Luca says:

        Yes but what hasn’t been announced is that they are going to run into Ian Doyle again. Morgan is going to bust a cap in his arse etc. The final scene actually has Morgan at the cemetery saying to Emily’s grave “We got the guy” when Emily walks out of the shadows and reveals that the CIA and Interpol had her death faked in the hopes that Doyle wouldn’t sic his men on the BAU team if she was gone and she could hunt him down on the QT. ANd that JJ was ordered to go along with it and not tell anyone.

        • gia says:

          Why would Emily reveal herself to Morgan? ugh!
          It was not just JJ who was ordered not to tell anyone about Emily being alive, Hotch knew as well and him too, couldn’t tell anyone.

    • Alicia says:

      Oh my god, that was my first thought! Could you imagine if Prentiss showed up in the finale setting up her return for next season?? That would be A-MAZING!

    • lj says:

      My god I want Prentiss to come back so badly. These last few episodes just have not had the same spark for me.

      • lj says:

        Wishful thinking (?): Since we already know JJ is coming back, it could be possible the two returns are Prentiss and Ian Doyle…it says “big returns”, not former cast member returns…

    • D says:

      It has to be Prentiss! If it’s not her, why would her stunt double be doing on set when they were shooting the season finale?
      I see fireworks on May 18!!! ;)

    • houserocks1 says:

      Oh please let it be Jennifer Morrison. I went into mourning when she left and this would bring me back to the show.

    • Renee says:

      That was the very first thing that popped into my head when I read this.

    • Erin says:

      I too hope it’s Criminal Minds, but my hope is that one of the two shocking returns is Gideon. That would be BEYOND shocking.

      • Jem says:

        I highly doubt Gideon will ever return. After the way Mandy did, not showing up for work and all, I highly doubt they’d let him come back. I don’t think he wants to either. He said the show was too dark. I think he’s happier doing theater.

    • Meg says:


  2. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think you’ve made this post vague enough.

    • BRETT says:

      Thanks for complaining. No one wants to hear your negativity. Did Ausiello have to give us this news? No. Did he? Yes. Learn to appreciate it.

      • J from SK says:

        It’s technically not really news.

      • NickC says:

        @Brett….what Negativity?…He just said it was vauge and by definition this is very vauge.I see you on here a couple of times being snarky and acting like your smarter…I think you need a hug…and it’s time to move out of moms basement.

        • NickC says:


        • Paul says:

          NickC you are me hero for that comment lol, I thought the sane thing!

        • BRETT says:

          Great assumptions! Too bad they’re all wrong. How am I the snarky one? Her comment was far more snarky than mine, but thanks for coming out.

          • Kate says:

            @Brett How hard did Mommy beat you when you were little? There’s obviously a lot of repressed (or overtly obvious) anger in your life. Did it occur to you that she might have been making a sarcastic comment? Sometimes people with a sense of humor do that sort of thing. Nick is right, you definitely need a hug. And by the way, Congrats!, on making yourself sound like a complete tool.

          • BRETT says:

            Oh no! Internet people think I’m a tool! What will I ever do?

          • AJ says:

            No worries Brett, I imagine your people in real life find you just as big of a tool as we do ;)

        • Doris says:

          Do you not proofread? It’s “vague,” not “vauge.” And “you’re smarter,” not “your smarter.” And it’s “mom’s basement,” not “moms basement” (unless you have two moms, in which case it’s “moms’ basement!”

          • dave says:

            Doris, if you’re going to be so pedantic, then you should really close your parentheses — your hypocrisy is showing. How embarrassing!

  3. Rob says:

    I’d say it’s Lucas & Peyton on One Tree Hill, but you hate One Tree Hill so that can’t be it.

    • Samantha Schoenfeld says:

      I want to agree desperately. That was my initial thought. However, I have read MANY reports explicitly stating they weren’t coming back, although it would be a huge surprise and completely unexpected because of this. Much like Sarah Burton denying that Alexander McQueen was denying Kate Middleton’s dress as an attempt to keep it under wraps.

      For now I’ll just hope it’s true!

    • janelle says:

      oh that would sooooo goood. The show needs something to bring it back up..it is getting rather ho hum….

    • Kris says:

      That’s exactly what I thought but I (as much as I love it) I don’t think One Tree Hill is a hit. Plus one of those returns on the scorecard is already for One Tree Hill (Dan comes back in the finale).

      • Jen says:

        Based on CW standards it is obviously a big enough “hit” to have lasted 8 seasons so far.

        • postsalot says:

          Are you sure it’s been on 8 seasons. Seems like more. Much more. Way too much more.
          You get what I’m saying here…No but really, the show died five years ago and the CW has been airing it’s corpse since then.

        • Kris says:

          Just because OTH has a loyal enough fan base to keep it on the air, doesn’t make it a hit. A hit is a show that is widely viewed and has a significant impact on pop culture. One Tree Hill is neither. Don’t get me wrong, its my favourite show and I’ll love it forever but its not a cultural phenomenon, its a good show with a strong fan base.

          Now while this show is far from a hit as well (although it does have a relatively strong pop culture influence) there have been rumours that Katie Cassidy and Clemence Posey return to Gossip Girl in the finale so that could it.

    • Bob says:

      Who cares. Who watches that show, 13-year-old girls?

      • Kris says:

        Yes Bob, girls started watching OTH when they were 5. One Tree Hill may have started out as a high school show but in its 8 years it has evolved into a drama about young adults establishing their careers/families and transitioning into adulthood. The “13 year-old girls” who watched it in Season 1 are now in their twenties and doing the same which is why it’s still relatable. Just cause CW shows are perceived as “little girl shows” doesn’t mean that’s all who watches them. In fact, the average age of CW viewers is 41 so the network has more mature female viewers than young.

  4. Scott Parker says:

    I think if it is Fringe it would be to obvious. Could this be ABC’s V? I sure as hell hope so! I love the show and how the 2nd season ended. I sure hope ABC knows about all of the fan support and brings the show back (and this time sorts it out with Warner Brothers about putting the episodes online!).

  5. Selina says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm. Is the image supposed to be from said show?

    I’d like to think it was Supernatural – John Winchester and someone else. But it’s probably going to be some show I don’t watch, like Smallville or House. OOH or maybe Lucas/Peyton on OTH, now that’d be cool :)

    • BRETT says:

      Why are people not paying attention to the “established hit” clue? …

      • Virginia says:

        I would consider Supernatural to be an established hit. Six years, renewed for a seventh and it’s been on the cover of TV Guide a couple of times, thanks to the fans. Now I’m not sure if the CW is considered a major network.

        I would LOVE to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan again as John Winchester! Not that it would happen, but o e can hope!

        • luvprue1 says:

          It could happen. I know they are planning on a big surprise for the season finale. So they might bring back John.

      • Samantha Schoenfeld says:

        Just because you don’t like OTH doesn’t mean it isn’t an established it. It is completing its 8th season, and according to Ausiello, it is a safe bet to be picked up for a 9th – longer than many shows run. My main question would be the “major network” aspect as well, like Virginia mentioned.

        • BRETT says:

          It has been on the bubble list almost every year. That means it is NOT an established hit. Just because the CW keeps extending its life support, once again, does not mean it is an established hit. 1 million viewers versus 9 or 10 million viewers for established hits on the other networks; which one do you think this item belongs to? I’m betting the shows with more viewers, but that’s just me.

          • Adele says:

            I’m going to assume you’re talking about Supernatural, since that’s the original post you replied to. This show was always slated to run 5 years and thats it. I can’t remember it ever being on the bubble list before last year, which is when the 5th season ran. the fact that it is being picked up proves it is a hit, and if you know anything about its fans, they’re pretty rabid. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it any less an ‘established hit show’.

          • Kris says:

            I’m pretty sure Brett was talking about One Tree Hill but w/e. Viewers alone don’t make a show an “established hit” they must also have an impact on pop culture. BTW networks don’t really care about overall viewers, its the 18-45 number they care about. Networks would cancel a show show with 12 million viewers but only 1.2 18-45 and keep a show with 5 million viewers but a 3.5 18-45 any day.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’m betting–hoping–for Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Ugh….please god no. Please don’t let it be Izzie.

      • Ren says:

        Agreed…ugh…no more Izzie. Although if it were Grey’s that would be pretty cool…can’t think of who it would be though?

      • Rick says:

        He said two returns. If it’s Greys. it would have to be Izzie plus someone else. Burke?

    • Jeff says:

      If I was a betting man, I would say it would be Dr. Burke (they mentioned his name a lot this season & Christina needs a teacher) & Izzie.

      • Nessephanie says:

        This is exactly what I was thinking, Izzie and Burke! I think a returning Burke would be really interesting.

        • silly says:

          that would be great but i doubt it will happen… shonda hates the actor and fired him.

          • Lana says:

            I’ve stayed faithful to Grey’s through a lot of crap…but if they bring back Burke, I’m done. There’s no reason to bring him back, they’ve done just fine without him. I have no respect for the actor, and will not watch anything with him in it.

          • Kris says:

            I’m pretty sure she doesn’t hate Burke. If I remember correctly, she didn’t want to fire him but was pressured to by the network after he said the F-word a few times publicly, following the controversy (including once at the Emmys). It was always my understanding that she (privately) was on Burke’s side which is why she took it out on TR, creatively by giving him less material and almost no screen time until he finally quit the show.

            I would be over-the-moon if Izzie returned though. Grey’s hasn’t been the same without her.

          • Josie says:

            A month ago I would have said no… but now I actually think it could be Burke sicne the spilers for the fianl and press release says that Christina will have to choose between her realtionship or her caree” or something like that… which actually would make Burke a actually possiblity.

        • laujen says:

          i’m thinking erica han, that would really mess calzona up, and i hear trouble is down the road soon, and izzie or burke
          that would be nice!lol

          • him says:

            I both love and hate the Hahn idea. didn’t much like Erica, but think that it would mess Callie up a little. Arizona would kick Erica’s ass anyway. In any case, I think Calzona have had their drama for a while. Love the idea of it being Izzie and Burke, would certainly give Alex and Cristina something to think about, which Shonda’s been hinting at for ages.

      • Heather says:

        Burke I could take. Izzie, I would kill myself.

        • Kris says:

          Well then prepare that bullet because Izzie will be returning eventually. Katherine has made it clear she’d like to return at some point and they’ve been reserving Alex for her pretty much since she left. Once her child has grown a little more, she will be back.

      • Amy says:

        I think this is very possible, first because earlier spoilers suggest that Christina and Owen are getting “shocking” news at the end of the season that will test their relationship — and Burke’s return would do that — and also because Isaiah Washington has spent the last couple of years doing what Charlie Sheen hasn’t done, i.e. going to some therapy and getting his act together.

        • Nik says:

          I would love this to be the case! Always watch Grey’s but what i like least is how different it is to how it was, Bringing back Izzie especially would kind of recapture the whole magic of the first few seasons. Burke might make sense, if Teddy does leave with the therapist guy? Shonda has said that the core three are going to be put in surprising positions at the end of the seasons, what better than the return of the ex wife for alex and the return of the ex fiance and perfect teacher for cristina?

    • ak says:

      um. do you inhabit planet Earth?
      justttttttt checkin because what you’ve just suggested might throw the whole universe off kilter. but if you live, like, on mars, you’re golden.

    • Karen says:

      My thoughts exactly!
      Maybe she’s looking to get pregnant, and Alex donated his sperm to fertalise her eggs when they were still together, when she was on the brink of dying! Just a thought!

    • Amy says:

      A friend of mine who is in the middle of watching season 5 of Grey’s, said that Izzie had her eggs frozen maybe before she had her cancer treatments??? That is fuzzy to me. However, it makes me wonder if those eggs will be “the twist” to a character returning. Could those eggs turn out to be MerDer’s chance at a baby? I don’t know…that baby Derek was holding in previews was so darling!!!

      • bonesfan says:

        Don’t think so…. it seems to me that if they were going to go the invitro route, they’d use their own stuff… after all Meredith has been pregnant before, her issue seems to be in keeping the baby.

      • shaygb says:

        Mer’s problem is a hostile uterus. Donor eggs will not help.

    • Liz says:

      I would love for Izzie and Burke to come back. I would also love for Arizona to leave, I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes when the actress that plays her was on maternity leave, she is the most annoying character ever on the show for me, she’s going to marry Callie tonight and still somehow be completely miserable and whiny. Get the focus off Calzona and bring back Izzie and Burke.

      • Michelle says:

        Normally, I would agree, but Teddy has been absolutely horrible lately and I have grown to hate her more than AZ

    • Bob says:

      Are you crazy? News of that happening wouldn’t still be a secret at the beginning of May. Who really wants to see her back on the show, anyway? They’re fine without whiner.

    • Amanda says:

      I am with you in the delusional gang thinking Izzie should return, at least to get some closure. Don’t shoot me, guys, but I love Izzie and I wish she would return. The other could be Burke, as some suggested here already

  7. MoxieSue says:

    I was thinking Criminal Minds until I read that all FOUR are on the same show. Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives sounds the most likely to me.

  8. Cathy Riches says:

    Criminal Minds…JJ and Prentice?

    • Luca says:

      JJ we already knew, so she could be one of the original two. And then we have two new returns that are on the same show, something that would be shocking, it’s a broadcast ‘hit’. So that could be Prentiss and someone. Ian Doyle would be a possible but I’m thinking that Doyle wouldn’t be all that shocking. We know that they will likely revisit that case. You can bet Morgan won’t let it drop if nothing else.

      So I”m thinking Prentiss and either Elle or really go for the shocker and get Gideon back for even just one ep. He could tie into the resolution of the whole “is Reid going crazy like his mama” story (I don’t think he is but the dude seems to clearly have an anxiety issue/disorder and some PTSD going on). I think getting Mandy back for even one ep would freak the fandom out majorly. They would be talking about that whole ‘didn’t see that coming’ for the entire summer

      • Suncatcher says:

        Thomas Gibson has still not signed a contract with Criminal Minds. You may have something with Gideon and Elle if Gibson does not return and Paget Brewster stays with the new sitcom.

      • Sophie says:

        Neither Lola Glaudini nor Mandy Patinkin will go back to Criminal Minds. They both chose to leave the show, for their own reasons (Lola wanted to move back to NY and Mandy was tired of being in such a dark show).

        • Luca says:

          Mandy didn’t want to star in the show. He never said that there was no way in a frozen hell he would ever return for even one episode. And given the ties between his character and Reid, if they were playing that angle he probably would return. Because he’s not on a case. He’s there for the character side of things. Which is the part he never had an issue with.

          • Linda says:

            The showrunners would NEVER invited Mandy Patinkin back. He left them high and dry and none of them have a nice thing to say about him to this day.

  9. Joseph says:

    It’s obviously Kutner and Cameron from House. #blinditemsolved #nextchallengeplease

    • Gwen says:

      It would be a real shock if Kutner came back to “House” since he killed himself in his last episode!!

      • Phoenix says:

        True…but with House back on Vicodin he could start hallucinating again.

      • Joseph says:

        Or DID he…

        • Tracy Murray says:

          I think what has been happening to House was all a dream that started in the season two finale ” No Reason ” after Jack Moriarty shot him , I am pretty sure Jennifer Morrison will be back , for this episode at least , as well as Elias Koteas , since Moriarty was not caught by hospital security nor the police , House could regain consciousness minutes or hours later and the hospital will probably be in lockdown since the gunman might still be around .

    • silly says:

      lol i laughed so hard… kutner’s dead!

    • Hillary says:

      Maybe House is hallucinating again.. could be Kutner and Cut-Throat Bitch.

    • Leea says:

      There’s a spoiler floating around saying the finale includes flashbacks. I am so positive you’re right.

    • b says:

      No no, it’s Kutner and Amber. Duh.

    • Amy says:

      I dearly hope for Jennifer Morrison that she doesn’t have to return to this hell hole House has turned into.

    • Bob says:

      As others have said, House is a great doctor, but he can’t bring people back from the dead. And he can’t resurrect Kutner, either. Besides, they’re getting pinched by the network just to keep the current cast. Expect to see less of Cuddy and Wilson next year, which appears to be the final year of the show.

  10. Dijea says:

    ZACH! Make it Zach & ????

    • Julesmn says:

      Please, please, let it be Zach on Bones.

    • Fernanda says:

      I’m rooting for Zach too!

      • Stephen S. says:

        God, no. Please let it not be Zach. They ruined Zach by making him the gormogon apprentice. They need to just forget he existed. There is no fixing his character.

        • LULU says:

          Stephen, maybe you missed it but Zach is innocent. He told Sweets what really happened and Sweets knows he’s innocent but he can’t tell because it would violate doctor/patient confidentiality.

          • skylark66 says:

            Zach may be innocent of murder and cannibalism but he was an accomplice of the Grave Digger, thus no way he can come back and work in forensic or law enforcement. The Bring Zack Back campaign is beyond annoying.

          • jenn says:

            Hey skylark66, Zach was the apprentice of Gorgamon
            (sp?), not the Grave Digger. And many many fans
            love and miss him dearly. There’s always a way to bring
            someone back! Zach and….Sully????

          • Luca says:

            He might be innocent but there is little to no way to bring him back to the lab etc that doesn’t take a dump on believability with the show. So they would basically prove his innocent, see him released from jail (maybe) and then that’s all we’d see of Zach. Not really satisfying. Now if the show was ending and they wanted to have his character on a ‘happier’ note, do it as part of the wrap up. Otherwise it seems pointless.

          • b says:

            He didn’t actually kill anyone himself, but he was still an accomplice to Gormogon. And it made NO SENSE AT ALL why he would do that, the “explanation” given on the show was total BS. Stephen’s right, the character sadly and stupidly was ruined. There’s no coming back from that.

        • Are you guys serious?! Of course there could be ways to bring Zack back to the show! Let’s think about some characters from other shows. Gibbs on “NCIS” and Horatio Caine from “CSI:Miami” both KILLED somebody out of revenge (in both instances out of revenge for killing each of their wives), EVERYBODY and their dog knew about it, but nothing was really done and the show went on like nothing happened. My God, if stuff like this can happen, they certainly can find a way to get Zack back in, especially given the fact that he didn’t even kill anybody to begin with.

          Lastly, let’s not forget about Dr. Jack Hodgins. Hodgins, if you recall, stole evidence from the GraveDigger case and tampered with evidence in another case (I think the “Man in the Mansion” episode), but people have forgotten about that and he’s still working at the lab.

          Again, it’s TV, and they can make ANYTHING happen :-)

          • Meri says:

            Law Enforcement killing people is different than being an accomplice or apprentice to a serial killer. I still can see bringing him back, if not full time than for an episode. They already did that once, he was called upon from the psych ward to help on a case that was his specialty the season after they found out who/what he had become.

            He could be brought back in other ways too…Maybe Zach observed something from the psych ward that needs to be investigated or relates to a case, for instance. I am not on the “Bring Back Zach” bandwagon, although I enjoyed Zach I also enjoy the squinterns and I assume that there was an interpersonal reason Eric was written off the show. It would be nice to have him and others from the “Bones Universe” dip back in and out more often, though!

    • Alex says:

      Oh my god yes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

    • Amy says:

      As long as the other return isn’t Hannah. Ugh. That would be horrible. Surely Hart Hanson and Co. aren’t that stupid.

      • Meri says:

        Ryan O’Neil was recently in a picture someone from the Bones set tweeted, so that could easily be the second return. They didn’t specifically say it was a current picture, but Emily’s hair was the new this-season’s do, and Ryan O’Neil hasn’t been on yet this season (as far as I recall, anyway) so that is good evidence that Bones could be the topic for this blind item. I don’t remember which actor/writer tweeted that, but it was last week or the week before. I think it was David B but I follow so many of them that who knows!

        It could be Hannah, though…remember that someone gets killed off at the end of this season as well that brings Bones and Booth closer. It seemed weird that they set up that whole Hannah investigating DC corruption thing and then dropped it in the middle with a break-up. Hannah haters would love to see her get shot as a result of her investigation. Bones’s Dad dying would rock her world too, though, which might be enough to break down the rest of her defenses. I hope they don’t kill off Ryan O’Neil’s character, though. He is just so lovable for a sociopath and he has great chemistry and tension with Bones. I know some fathers and daughters who have tension like that!

        • Deb says:

          Ryan O’Neal was in “The Bullet in the Brain” this season and he is scheduled to be in the finale episode. So that would not be someone “returning”, IMO.

    • Amy says:

      As long as the other return isn’t Hannah. Ugh. That would be terrible. Surely Hart Hanson & Co. aren’t that stupid.

    • Joseph says:

      Zach and Kelly Kapowski. It’s going to be a crazy flashback/cross-show episode.

    • Lola says:

      Oh yes, please, please, please be Zach! But who’s the 2nd person??

      • Meri says:

        In a recently tweeted photo, Ryan O’Neil, who plays Bones’s Dad, was seen with Emily and David.

    • irpeace says:

      What if it is Zach and he is also the death on Bones? They did say that it was a regular and I could see Bones crying over his death.

  11. Poorwiggy says:

    Michael and Holly coming back to the office?!??!??

  12. sarah says:

    Well they just said that JJ is rejoining the cast of Criminal minds and wasn’t actress that plays Emily Prentiss offered the ability to come back after there was blow back from the fans and if she didn’t want to do the other show. She was offered a full time contract fro next year right?
    So my guess…JJ and Emily are back.

    • Luca says:

      Blow back was never a factor in the game. The writers knew the story they wanted to play (basically they did a huge Hotch thing so they wanted to give someone else a turn and went for Emily’s secret past). Her contract change from day one was that she wouldn’t be in all the eps and would be released after filming her last one (it’s a way to save money on the budget). Something for the record they didn’t have to tell her so far ahead. They could have just waited until she got that script. All ‘star’ contracts have a clause that they can be written out when not needed etc.

      As a curtesy they told Emily in advance and told her to feel free to sign up for any pilot offers etc. They would work around anything she was offered and decided to take. She actually filmed a pilot and word is still out on a pick up. If she decides to take that job, CM can’t say she can’t.

      • Rob J. says:

        While Luca is technically correct on these details, he’s missing one important detail from Deadline’s great ongoing coverage of the Criminal Minds Casting Kerfuffle — which is that CBS went back to her about a month or two after the season began and offered her the full 22-episode contract. Because they realized their mistake. However, Brewster decided that she wanted to pursue a pilot and declined to renegotiate again.
        That means that they were NOT working around her schedule as a “courtesy” — it means that they had to deal with her schedule because, well, they were the ones that made that request in the first place. Since the pilot-opt-out clause means that the show is in second position (second dibs) regarding their additional one-year option on her against the pilot’s first position (dibs) should the pilot get picked up, CBS and show co-owner ABC both made a point of not offering her pilots for this season, not as a blackball, but because they wanted to make it clear that what they most urgently want her for is Criminal Minds.
        Right now, I think that Prentiss and Doyle are a reasonable guess at the blind item based on what little information is available. However, I think that Izzie and anyone else (Burke, Ghost!Denny, Ghost!George) returning to Grey’s Anatomy would be a much bigger jaw-dropper of a pair of returns.
        Additionally, I’d love to see Ellen and Jo returned to life on Supernatural — sure, Ellen’s already been back this season, but some sort of permanent, non-time-travelly, non-alt-universe-y return of both mother and daughter would be awesome. But that’s not the same thing as thinking that they’re in the running as the shocking returns.
        Lana and Hawkman in the finale of Smallville? One alive, the other dead-but-reincarnated-ish? Still don’t think they’re in the running, but only because I can’t think of anyone other than Lana returning that hasn’t already been announced that would be as shocking a return, especially since we’ve known for a while that Lex is coming back.

  13. Mary Faith says:

    That has to be Gideon! JJ is returning at the end of the season on Criminal Minds as well!

    • Emily says:

      I was thinking (hoping/praying/begging) Gideon too! But everyone knows JJ is coming back-so maybe the second is Emily. Or someone I can’t think of. Or it is a completely different show and this is just very wishful thinking.

  14. John says:

    Izzy returns with Zombie George!

  15. Angela says:

    I kinda want it to be Criminal Minds. We know JJ is returning, so how about Emily and…Gideon? ok that’s too much of a leap, but I can hope right?

  16. Jac says:

    Chad Michael Murray and Hillarie Burton on One Tree Hill?

    • trace says:

      If that would mean Hillarie Burton was off WHITE COLLAR I’d be all for it.

      • Heather says:

        Unfortunately they made her a series regular on White Collar, so her return would only be for one episode more than likely. If it is her and CMM.

  17. Dan H says:

    I’m guessing we’ll be shown Jonathan Kent in the Smallville Finale (albeit the alt universe one) reuniting with his Martha.

    • Laney says:

      I didn’t think about that. You’re probably right. Just so long as it’s not Lana if it’s Smallville. Although it would be cool if Smallville brought Jimmy back somehow.

      • Jeff says:

        That wasn’t the real Jimmy Olsen. The real Jimmy was his younger brother that Chloe handed the camera to, so Jimmy doesn’t need to be brought back, he just needs to grow up, and Johnathan Kent has already been “spoiled” that he is returning for the finale, definitely not underwraps by any means.

    • Amanda says:

      It’s already been news that both of them will be in the finale.

  18. Mandy says:

    Lucas and Peyton on OTH!

  19. Jennifer says:

    I’m gonna guess NCIS/ Mike Franks

  20. Laney says:

    I don’t suppose it’s Bones and one of the returns is Zach? I know I should let it go, but I’ll never stop hoping for that.

    • Amy says:

      As long as the other big return isn’t Hannah. Ugh. Surely Hart Hanson and Co. would not be that stupid.

    • Corinne says:

      I’m with you, keep hope alive. It would be great if they brought back Gordon Gordon as well. He always does so great with Booth/Bones. I also heard something about them working on trying to write another episode with Cyndi Lauper, so that would be awesome as well. Just please, no more Hannah.

      • Booth_girl_1 says:

        Gordon Gordon and Cyndi Lauper would be great to have back, but I don’t think they would qualify as “shocking”

  21. L says:

    My first thought was Criminal Minds. But we KNOW JJ is coming back so that’s not really surprising.

    Could it be CSI? Grissom returning maybe? Or is Sara and Grissom already back? I don’t watch it… but it’s established, it’s an hour long.

    Could it be Glee? I heard a rumour Tanaka was returning (I sincerley hope not mind).

    I’m dying to know…

  22. Kate says:

    My first reaction was something “SVU”-related, but I think it’s going to be on one of the “CSI”s.

  23. Robbie1212 says:

    Gossip Girl?! Jenny, Georgina, Bart and Jack?

  24. Scott says:

    I’m guessing Gil on CSI, but I don’t know who else would be a surprise if they returned to the crime lab.

  25. BRETT says:

    If Izzie came back to wrap up her storyline that would be MIND BLOWING. Needs to happen eventually.

  26. Dr.Bufferette says:

    I’m thinking the show is FOX’s House, because a hallucination/dream would probably be the only explanation for the craziness that is the latter half of season 7. Wouldn’t it be WILD if Cameron and Kutner returned? Or Cameron and….STACY. What if the entire show has been a coma dream? What if House IS Coma Guy?

    • RMF says:

      Ha! I like that idea. House is Coma Guy, listening to someone else’s obsession with General Hospital.

    • Leea says:

      I don’t think Sela Ward would come back, but probably Kutner and Cameron.

    • b says:

      I wish Stacy would come back. The only believable love interest for House that’s ever been on the show.

    • Tracy Murray says:

      Cool , but what about the original Coma Guy , John Larraquette ? Will he be the grumpy doctor with the General Hospital obsession ?

  27. namelynorm says:

    My jaw would drop to the floor looney toons style if Burke returned to Greys Anatomy. That would be a true stunner for viewers and Christina. Hope it happens!

    • BRETT says:

      Wow. That’s actually a great idea. I am hoping it is Izzie but was stumped at who would join her. With the rumours that Christina is going to find out she is pregnant, Burke’s return could be HUGE. Or is the “disturbing news” that Christina and Owen are going to find out not a baby at all, but just involves Burke? I am intrigued…

    • 1ofgodsangels says:

      I doubt its Burke….. Isiah Washington really screwed up w/ the homophobic slurs…

      • Darrow says:

        Those were directed toward George, and he is no longer on the show.

        • Cinders says:

          Then he sued the show for unauthorized use of his photograph in a shot where they said that Burke had won the Harper Avery award. Don’t think that endeared him to the producers.

        • CC says:

          Regardless of who the comments were directed at, he still made homophobic comments and I’m pretty sure T.R. was not the only one offended. And considering how many people in Hollywood seem to either be gay or gay friendly, I’m surprised he manages to get any work in tv/movies.

    • Cinders says:

      If Burke came back, they would have to recast him because of the bad blood between Isaiah Washington and the producers. And Shonda does not do recasts.

      • Romain says:

        “Shonda does not do recasts”? Tell that to the original Dr. Naomi Bennett, Merrin Dungey. Audra McDonald who?

        • lj says:

          The Naomi recast was the network’s choice and Shonda was furious about it.

        • Lucas says:

          The Merrin Dungey recast was akin to recasting someone from the first filming of the pilot. Just in this case the pilot was a back door ep of GA.

          Replacing Burke, who is very very firmly established, with a new actor would be way more major and unlikely. If even allowed under union rules at this point.

  28. lothiriel says:

    Burke, Izzie, Georges (flashback) & … Finn lol on Grey’s?
    Yeah that’s impossible

  29. Jon says:

    Holly Harper is back on Brothers & Sisters?

  30. Camilla says:

    Keep dreaming. Zack is not coming back. Hart Hanson said really recently that they have NO plans whatsoever of bringing Zack back. There was a reason why Eric decided to leave the show. Does “bipolar” ring any bells for you?

    • Jen says:

      Eric Millegan did not leave Bones due to his bi-polar disorder. Eric didn’t want to leave the show, they wrote him out. Simple as that.

      As for what I think the blind item is, the only truly shocking returns I can think of would be Kate and Jenny on NCIS. Otherwise, nothing would surprise me. On any show.

      • Alicia says:

        I miss them both. Wouldn’t it be crazy if they introduced a Kate doppelganger (like Mac on JAG) where a new character looks just like a past murdered one?

    • Camilla:

      First, and foremost, Eric did not leave the show. Second, yes, Hart Hanson said he had “no plans to bring Zack back as a regular”. Hehe, but honestly, do you think that if he DID have such plans, he would say? If he did, that would completely negate the shock/thrill if/when he did bring him back.

      This is show business. No way are the writers and the producers going to show all their cards.

  31. Ella says:

    I think it’s Desperate housewives; I’ve read a spoiler about a shocking return in the finale so must be that

    • BRETT says:

      Nothing is “shocking” on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES anymore.

    • Paul says:

      I am thinking Desperate Housewives as well!

    • Media Ho says:

      How about Edie Britt and her psycho ex-husband? Edie’s a stretch, as Nicolette Sheridan burned major bridges with her lawsuit, but I loved her. Imagine her mixing it up with Renee! The psycho could return to torture Susan, Mike and MJ.

    • Liz says:

      Any chance Martha Huber might not be dead? That would be huge, since Felicia Tilman has spent so much time and effort towards trying to destroy Paul Young.

  32. TV Gord says:

    Kyle McCarty and Robert Clifton returning to Judging Amy? :-|

  33. Mark says:

    Izzy and Burke!

  34. Jeff says:

    The only awesome answer would be John Winchester to Supernatural.

  35. Giorgio says:

    My guess would be for House….I will say Cameron and….Master ? Stacy Warner ?

  36. z says:

    Chuck’s father and Daniel Shaw perhaps?

  37. Megan says:

    Im thinking Izzie on Greys….

  38. Lisa says:

    It is Lucas & Peyton on OTH!

  39. Mr. C says:

    Chuck is NOT an hour long drama.

  40. Chris says:

    Since he mentions that its shocking they have kept it a secret, that makes me think its Izzie and Burke on Greys…

    I hope its Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill, but with how much they have said they arent coming back this season, it would be quite the stunner to see them show up….

  41. Joe Jackson says:

    If all four are on the same show it is NCIS

    Mike Franks
    Trent Kort
    Special Agent Stan Burley

    and someone else

  42. Nita says:

    Alex Cabot on SVU? Stephanie March was seen ‘visiting’ the set and Alex coming back would be a shocker! It’s an hour long drama that is an established hit…so?

    • J says:

      That was my initial thought too. Unfortunately, it may just be wishful thinking, given my lack of faith in Neal Baer…

  43. Matt says:

    Holly and Rebecca back on Brothers & Sisters…? That would be AMAZING!!

  44. Rosemary says:

    Katie Heigel and Isaiah Washington return to Grey’s.

    Teddy is being set up to leave Seattle with either the Felicity guy or the Men in Trees Guy. Even if Teddy isn’t leaving, Cristina needs a new Cardiogod. Who better than Burke….and who better to create the conflict between Cristina and Owen described in the synopsis.

    Katie comes back for a short stay to close out her story with Alex.

  45. Spiderlizard says:

    There is supposed to be a plot point involving a lost African-American child in the Grey’s Anatomy season finale.

    It would be an interesting twist if the kid ends up being Burke’s.

    • Chris says:

      I actually think the plot involves one of the African children coming over for surgeries being lost…

  46. slipperyslope says:

    We can probably rule out House and OTH. Aus said broadcast network show. Wouldn’t that leave just the big 3, ABC, CBS, NBC?

  47. Wade says:

    Dr. Cameron on House!?

  48. spoilerchicka says:

    Amber and Lucas on House. Amber makes a hallucinatory return in House’s vicodin addled mind and teases him that Cuddy will return to Lucas now that House has ruined his chances with Cuddy. Lucas might be a hallucination or he might just pop back up at Cuddy’s doorstep. Lucas met Julia at Thanksgiving so I’m guessing she might try to help her sister by getting Cuddy back on track with her previous boyfriend instead of life with a drug addict who causes her so much pain. It might not be the right idea but it could help Cuddy move on.

  49. Ingmar says:

    I’d go for Holly & Rebecca on B&S ; or Peyton / Lucas on OTH althought it’s not a hit show since not many people watch it. And otherwise it could be ( I HOPE, I HOPE ) Izzie perhaps?

  50. Louise says: