American Idol Top 5 Results: Did the Right Contestant Get Sent Home Tonight?

American Idol held its Top 5 results show tonight, and that (of course) meant Ryan Seacrest split the contestants up into two separate duos, declared the fifth vocalist safe, then tried to convince that one lucky singer to choose which cluster of compatriots was at risk of elimination. Thankfully, Scotty McCreery took the “I’m not doing this with him todayyyyy” route and made Our Little Hostie do the dirty work. (Incidentally, Ryan took the opportunity to inform us that Scotty has never actually been in the bottom two; in other words, last week’s ambiguously doled-out results were a fakeout.)

In the end, it was a bawling Lauren Alaina and a comparatively composed Jacob Lusk who wound up in jeopardy. But after a long, drawn-out commercial break in which the perky teenager was forced to contemplate ending her Idol run by finishing no better than Season 9’s High School Student Aaron Kelly, Ryan revealed that Lauren would live to doubt her abilities another day, and that it was Jacob heading home.

“I think America fell in love with me,” said the ebullient Gospel singer from Compton, CA, before delivering a singout to “A House Is Not a Home” that ended with unabashed, joyous, and profoundly over-the-top caterwauling.

And now, as the expression goes, there are four. Let’s break down the remaining facts of the telecast.

Musical Performances
The Season 10 Top 5: “Happy Together”
“Jennifer Lopez”: “On the Floor”
Lady Antebellum: “Just a Kiss”

Idoloonies Interview: PIA TOSCANO on Her Dream Rap Duet,
Love of Ballads, and That Ghastly Jumpsuit

And now that you’ve got the scoop, I’m going to get working on my full episode recap — look for it to post overnight here at Until then, how are you feeling about Jacob’s ouster? What kind of future do you see him having? Can you imagine buying his post-Idol music? Sound off in our poll below, then hit the comments; and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. RTW says:

    It worked! All day yesterday, I didn’t look at myself in the mirror and look what happened!

    • Jing says:

      hahahahahahhahahahahah you’re killing me

    • Lori says:

      LOL!!!!!! But were you a part of the America that fell in love with him?!

      • For all the crap that Slezak and everyone (deservedly) gives Jimmy Iovine, he actually was right on the money tonight. Saying that Haley needed to take a risk and ended up being the best of the night, saying that Jacob’s 2 performances were odd, saying that Lauren missed her moment by holding back, saying that James’s second performance was overtaken by his emotion, and saying that Scotty is as consistent as they come yet faltered a bit with his 2nd song, were great comments. I wish we heard half of those kinds of comments with the judges.

        Either way, Haley is around, not even Bottom 2! And now we are finally even again with 2 guys and 2 girls. After the mess of a start with those 5 girls in a row going home, it’s all even. I think Scotty is easily the front runner, but Haley is right there, and James is close, Lauren better step it up next week and show us all that she has, or she will be following Mr.Lusk home.

        • marie says:

          I agree that for once, Iovine was dead-on accurate.

        • chistosa says:

          While I agree that Jimmy Iovene was on the money tonight I can’t help but think it is easy to be on the money when the results are in and you probably have been informed of them.

          • AtoZ says:

            Not to mention he had time to read the online blogs and forums as well… all of sudden he’s a genius? From what I read here and elsewhere, people who said they never voted, were voting like mad for Haley, since they were so mad after the judges stupid critique of her song choice, plus her idol moment at the end. I think Haley also picked up a lot of Casey votes (people who like singing that isn’t karaoke). If you ask me, she probably pulled in the most votes of all of them this week, so Iovine had to change his tune (and take credit as well for HIS brilliant song choice/risk taking).

        • B.Rich says:

          Loved Iovine tonight. He completely redeemed himself and gave what I though were Simon quality critiques. Where’s that guy been all season?

        • Dani says:

          I know, right? I was SO weird having Jimmy Iovine actually making sense… And Jacob going home! I’m almost afraid I’ll wake up tomorrow and realize it was all a fantastic dream!

          Haley lives for another week!!!

          • Cheryl says:

            YES!!! Haley is safe! But I’m betting that Iovine knew the results BEFORE he recorded his comments!

        • dbaj says:

          Seemed to me Jimmy took copious notes from Slezak’s blog last night (and weeks past), gagged & tied up Uncle Nigel backstage somewhere, & finally offered up some TRUTH to Season 10!

        • Becky says:

          James’ “emotion” was totally facked. It was clear from his preparation package and his post-performance interview that it was his plan all along to have a “breakdown” over the emotional lyrics. Puke!

        • Joe Strummer says:

          Jacob was terrible. I can’t believe in 9 weeks he has not learned subtlety. You don’t yell and scream during Love Hurts. It’s just not that kind of song. The song is supposed to build until yu hit the bridge. Then it comes back down again. He totally missed the point of the song.
          How can this guy compare himself to Luther Vandross. Just because you WANT to sound like somebody doesn’t mean you do. He will NEVER be a recording artist. He may be the worst artist on idol ever to make it this far.

          • linda says:

            No actually I believe the worst Idol to make it to the Top 3 from the 1st Seaosn is Nikki McKibbin. She was terrible & every week in the bottom 2 but made it all the way to Top 3. How she ever made it in the Top 10 was beyond me.

      • Ken says:

        There are no parts. ALL of America is in love with him, because Jacob Lusk is an artist who appeals to everybody. You must have been too overpowered by love to catch that when Jacob explained it.

        • candacetx says:

          or too scared to look at yourself in the mirror…

        • amy says:

          Not all of America is in love with Jacob. Personally I think every song he sings sounds the same and he should have been gone weeks ago. I can not stand his voice and I am glad that he can now go home and experience puberty.

          • sd says:

            I agree with you Amy, Jacob = same sound every song. Nice guy, which probably what saved him all these weeks. Not Idol star in my opinion. Gospel is a good place for him. The right ones are left. Long live Scotty!!!!

          • Sue says:


    • Sarah says:

      RTW is IN IT TO WIN IT!!

    • Jen says:

      ROFLMAO!!! I am clicking the imaginary like button!

    • Anna says:

      This season is so light on talent that Jacob and all of them except James never would have even made it to the top 24. I stopped watching because Jacob, Lauren, and especially Haley were still in it. Haley can’t sing. She growls. Haley can’t perform. She awkwardly stomps around. All along James has been the only one with any real talent.

      • Idolhead Ed says:

        Oh Please!If you still think Haley can’t sing you have some issues and it’s not taste. It’s your ability to hear proper tone and pitch. James was so off pitch last night it was embarrassing. Pia, Haley, Lauren, Thia, Scotty, are all better singers than James. They may not be as exciting but all can out sing James. Pia and Haley could embarrass him vocally any time. It’s OK he’s your favortie but with comments like that you just sound silly.

        • Anna says:

          I think you sound silly, because I never said James was my favorite. I still think he’s the only one with any real talent this season. Any other year, none of these except him would have made it to the top 24. As for tone and pitch? Haley is nails on a chalkboard. I can’t watch her onstage, because it is just too embarrassing. She’ll never embarrass James because she’s too busy embarrassing herself. I don’t get sucked in to the well written and manufactured comments by the “judges”.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            FWIW, James wouldn’t have been able to make it in Season 8 due to Adam Lambert being there. Haley has many colors with her tone yet you are tone-deaf to not hear it.

            Oh yeah, and James already embarrassed himself after turning in back-to-back messes in one episode. What do you say to that?

    • Raven_Moon says:

      That’s hilarious. Yay! I’m so happy with tonight’s results.

    • kellybelly says:

      LOL Hilarious!
      I just don’t think Jacob gets it. How he comes across. So annoying. He doesn’t even try to have humility. And Slezak, I can’t imagine buying anything he puts out. He may be compared to Luther V. , but he is “No” Luther V. at all. Not even close.
      He always reminds of a High School Drama geek or something. Or just an immature HS kid. (And I know of what I speak. I still am a HS drama geek, just hopefully more Anyway, yay that he’s gone. He was just soooo annoying.

  2. Matt says:

    I guess America finally looked at itself in the mirror.

    • the real wendy says:


    • Janell says:

      no joke…if I closed my eyes, I could listen to Jacob USUALLY but watching him with that…ummmm…those HIPS moving…it all didn’t fit…couldn’t watch him “in concert”…I am sure that he is just as SWEET as can be….but ummmmm…time to move on and make those little old ladies happy with your gospel songs…

  3. Gabe says:

    I think this is a fairly good Final 4… I’m not really a fan of Scotty or Lauren, but I think they have enough talent to deserve their spots.

    However, I think the Final 2 needs to be Haley and James, because they are just so awesome!

    • Ali says:

      Agreed. I can’t really say there’s a weak one left in the group. I’m also rooting for Haley and James (if I can forgive him for this week’s ummm….mishaps). Lauren and Scotty have both been pretty solid overall.

  4. Amy S. says:

    It was time for Jacob to leave, definitely. His sing-off was good; last night was not. Lauren was a complete mess. She’s gonna be a total headcase from here on out. So happy for Haley! She deserved to be in the top 3 vote tally–no matter what the judges said, she had a very strong night and I for once agreed with Jimmy.

    • umbrella says:

      Lauren looked devastated. She needs a reality check. She may not actually win this contest and she might have to go home.

      • ShrinkRapt says:

        Lauren is young and immature. This has never really been something she’s been able to hide. I doubt she has what it takes to cope with being the winner (which ain’t an easy road — can you imagine this poor girl giving several dozen interviews on no sleep in the 36 hours after the finale? No, I don’t want to see that, either.)

        Haley, on the other hand, has grown enormously. I couldn’t stand her in the beginning, and she’s somehow managed to take in the useful stuff that’s been said to her, and use it, and discard the dreck, to become genuinely enjoyable. Sadly, she is Not the Chosen One, so she gets showered in dreck. At least she’s got a backbone.

      • Gigi says:

        yes Umbrella

        Ha Ha Ha wouldn’t it be funny if Lauren went home next week

      • Joe Strummer says:

        They should make her go home because she can’t take criticism. What would she have done if she had been getting the same criticism as Haley for 9 weeks. She’d be a basketcase now.

        She’s annoying and needs to go home.

  5. Sandi says:

    seriously…”America has fallen in love with me”? Get over yourself Jacob…you are just not that great.

    • I’m sure Jacob will enjoy all the successes that American Idol 5th place finalists endure. I mean look at some former 5th place finishers like Aaron Kelly , Scott Savol, Paris Bennett. They are super famous, selling tons of albums and making millions right?

      Don’t speak for America Jacob.

      • Erin says:

        Ahh, but those are 5th place finalists that did not alienate America with insults, delusions of grandeur and narcissism. So you have to take that into account.

    • SUE says:

      jacob you cant sing and if people voted for you they felt sorry. Then they woke up and said what– vote him off its time.

  6. Ehjay says:

    I didn’t want to see Lauren go, so I’m happy with the result. I hope she takes this as a wakeup call, but I also hope that Haley’s fanbase (newly acquired?) continues to vote the next two weeks.

  7. AJ says:

    YES! Now I don’t feel like I wasted two hours of my life for voting so much for Haley last night.

  8. sara says:

    So how far will the producers and the judges throw Haley under the bus next week??

    1) complete lighting failure during her performance?
    2) complete sound failure during her performance?
    3) falsified video of Haley strangling baby kittens?
    4) a complete b*tchslap fest from Jimmy and all 3 judges?
    5) force her to sing My Heart Will Go On?
    6) all of the above

    • Rick says:

      I’ll go with option 6, LOL.

    • MrSideEye says:

      Sadly it is going to be nearly impossible for Haley to crack the Top 3. She got the pimp spot 2 weeks in a row now so she will with out a doubt go first next week. James/Scotty are “in it to win it” no matter how off pitched/one note they are, and Lauren secured her spot by crying in the bottom 2. I can only hope and pray that I am wrong about all of this.

      • agrimesy says:

        There is still a chance, albeit a long shot, for Haley to crack the top 3 . . . maybe even (dare I say it) the top two! Jacob had a HUGE fanbase. That’s how he stayed week after week. Where will his fans send their votes now? Some may not vote at all, but the ones that do are probably not going to pick James. James will not get the gospel vote because I don’t see a similarity in the taste of music. Also, he was kind of snarky about having to duet with Jacob. Even if Jacob’s fans’ votes are randomly distributed to the other three, James is the one in the deficit. It might be all Haley needs to take James’ spot next week and send him home.
        Another consideration is if Lauren goes home, Haley will pull a lot of female votes just to prevent another male Idol for the 4th year in a row. It could happen. It could.

        • Wheezer says:

          Or Jacob’s fanbase could vote for James, Scotty, and Lauren, because of all the anti-Jacob spewing from Haley’s fanbase. Especially, if any of them view this blog. I want a Haley and James finally so I hope not.

    • dp says:

      I think lauren has the strongest voice (though she doesn’t know how to use it). that said, the tears, seriously?! I understand she’s only 16 but the tears just further prove that she should have waited a few years before trying out since she can’t handle the pressure or even an ounce of rejection such as bottom 2.
      Allison Iraheta was always poised and calm when in the bottom 2, even aaron kelly managed to keep his composure. So the “she’s only 16” excuse doesn’t work.

      • Annoula says:

        I completely agree. If she wants to be a performer, then she needs to suck it up.

      • Elena says:

        Exactly what I was thinking. Lauren should have waited at least three years before trying out. I have a difficult time seeing her rebound from this. She was devastated.

      • Can't Sleep says:

        Maybe Idol will rethink letting 15 year olds try out. She acted like this in Vegas when she got criticized and I think she’s been treated with kid gloves because of it. They’re afraid to destroy her confidence. It will be a relief when she finally is gone and we can let the grownups play.

        • Debbie M says:

          Really, I think lowering the age requirement was a huge mistake. Lauren in particular is not emotionally ready for a cut-throat industry as this. They needed to tell her to take a few years and work on her craft (especially breath control), and then try out again. She has undeniable talent, but I don’t think she’s ready for anything like the real world.

        • idolidol says:

          Can’t Sleep, your comment is hilarious

          Yes, let the grwon ups play, even though Haley is not so old herself

          yet for the most part has kept her composure

          • Can't Sleep says:

            Haley will be 21 in September. That’s a grown up compared to a whiny 16 year old

      • A says:

        I disagree. Everyone handles stress differently. When I am angry or stressing out or overjoyed I cry. That is my response to stress. I don’t see anything wrong with Lauren crying. Who in this world doesn’t want to feel accepted. And to be told no one liked you is hurtful.

        • dejo says:

          Exactly what I was saying…geez, you would think it was a crime to shed a few tears. I’m a crier, it is just not something you can control easily. Men cry on this show, but a 16 yo girl is somehow not allowed to show any emotional stress.

        • AtoZ says:

          Sorry, but I don’t agree. Throughout the Season, Lauren has seemed completely emotionally immature, even for a 16 year old. From day one, I’ve been annoyed by her cutesy, babyish ways. I honestly don’t think there’s a lot of depth going on between those ears of hers, and it comes across in her perfomances as well. Talent? Yes. Pipes? Yes. But ready for Prime Time? Not even close…(and she wasn’t told “nobody like her”…millions voted for her I’m sure. Just more of them voted for 3 of the others).

          • Grazi says:

            ok guys
            so if you follow this line of self control, Haley also cant handle herself. She talks back and roll her eyes
            Lauren got nervous with results. she maybe felt her dream slipping away and could not hold the emotion but when she needts to be there she is, she still delivers when she sings
            why can James cry and pitch the whole song?? and nobody say that he is immature

            you guys just dont like her

        • Amelia says:

          Amen. So what if some people cry more easily than other people? That’s just how they are, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more emotionally unstable/immature or less to handle stress. When I cry, I can’t help it, and I really doubt Lauren could help it either. She’s cried before in a lot of the results episodes when other contestants have gone home has gone home.

          [Unfortunately, Lauren’s crying is not going to make it easy for Haley to get into the top 3]

          • Name That Tune says:

            Um, in Vegas she did more than cry. She cried and ran off looking for her Mama (“I want my Mama” is what she said). When faced with a little disappointment, she runs crying to Mama. That’s a sign that she is still a baby and too young for this pressure.

      • deedee says:

        I agree. Lauren has a fantastic voice, but she hasn’t yet figured out what to do with it. Her devastation at being bottom 2 tells me that somewhere in the back of her mind, she has convinced herself that she’s winning American Idol.

        Being in the B2 just crushed the fantasy of her invincibility. If the judges had done their job, and every so often kicked her butt for consistently under-singing, then maybe she wouldn’t have been so shocked to land at the bottom.

        Also, if we had a judge like Simon this season, then maybe Lauren could have “found her voice” by this point, and maybe she would have molded herself into a better performer. But as it stands, Lauren is probably the biggest case of reverse growth this show has ever seen. What a shame. Like Slezak says, “she lives to doubt her abilities another day”.

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t know. I think the “Poor Haley’s Being Persecuted” story might have hit overload a little too early. There’s still time for a backlash.

      • Deltasue says:


        • Kiki says:

          I’m so sick of the “Haley’s being persecuted” fable, too! She’s got a great voice, but Slezak, there is MORE to being an Idol than having a great voice! She still seems so stilted the way she moves around the stage–and how come you have said NOTHING about her eyes, her facial expressions?? There is no LIGHT there. She’s still focused on performing, not being in the song.

      • G says:

        Agreed…this board is so pro hayley I purposely voted for scotty and James the other nite…just because I am tired if hearing “poor hayley….blah blah blah….I’m sure her record sales will soar after idol….not

        • Name That Tune says:

          Never been a Haley fan all season long, never voted for her. But there is some truth to what Haley fans are saying. The judges gush all over pathetic Jacob Lusk. They give everyone glowing praise except Haley. She has stood tough and strong through all of it. By far, she had her best night of the season on Wednesday, and still got criticized for choosing a song that wasn’t well known. Forget the song – her performance was fantastic. Then she topped it off with the best performance ever of “House of the Rising Sun” on Idol. Jimmy I was right – she was a 10/10. First time ever I was moved to vote for her.

          This girl is a fighter. That’s why she mouths off. That shows she has strength of character. And she might actually be the first girl to win Idol since Jordin Sparks in Season 6.

    • Alice says:

      I remember back in the day (maybe like a year ago… so perhaps not THAT far) when Slezak was saying that the judges could convince the public of how contestants sounded if they reinforced it enough. If they said, “The sky is chartreuse,” we’d all start wondering about it eventually.

      Clearly, someone wants Haley gone, and yet the voters are not buying it. Perhaps people really are starting to tune out the judges in a post-Simon world.

    • dctoronto says:

      Fox will interupt her performance to declare that Osama was never caught and in fact he is living well in Tarzana.

    • Amelia says:

      You know, I’d love to hear her sing My Heart Will Go On. She’d put some grit into it.

  9. Danielle Notaro says:

    Your wish finally came true, Michael. And now I hope my wish comes true and Lauren gets the boot next week.

    • Erin says:

      I hear that! She has done nothing but underwhelm and pass through each week; never had a moment, and by moment I mean a literal moment/ note in any song that made you say “possible contender.” I’m sorry, but now that all the bad is gone, we have to cut the mediocre.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Me too – I hope Lauren goes. She has not earned her spot. And it would be a great story if Haley made the finals because she was always in the bottom three. A classic underdog story.

    • Eolra says:

      I like Lauren ok I guess, but I feel like she is only still here because of her *potential*, and not because of anything she has actually *done* thus far. It’s true that she *could* do some amazing things, but we have yet to see that. There is no doubt she has vocal talent, but I would be choked if she stayed on at the expense of someone who has actually been delivering while we sit around and wait for her to have a real “moment” finally.

    • Can't Sleep says:

      Totally agree. I got so tired of hearing that she was The Chosen One before the thing even got started. Don’t know when TPTB will learn to relax and let the thing play out before they tell us who will win.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I SO agree, Danielle. Poor Lauren. She’s going to be a mess if she gets sent home.

  10. Rick says:

    Thank God!! Finally! I don’t believe for one second little Lauren was in the bottom 2. It’s uncle Nigel’s way of getting her more votes for next week. She may be next, one can only hope.

    • Aaron says:

      I actually think for once she was…and I’ll go on record that I think she was the one who was technically in the bottom two last week with Casey. She’s cute and she definitely has appeal, but her Achilles heel is that she is majorly forgettable.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        I never understood the comparison to Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. To me, she was more like Kelly Pickler – both in voice, intelligence and mannerisms.

    • Debbie M says:

      I think Lauren should have definitely been in the bottom two. She proved that she is NO Carrie Underwood. She was having serious breathing problems in her first song. I thought they were going to have to bring out an oxygen mask for her. And in her second, well, let’s just say it’s a good thing Simon wasn’t on the judges panel to hear her butcher his favorite song. She wussed out on the glory notes, and was pretty much weak throughout the whole song. And I watched it three times just to make sure it wasn’t a rash judgement. It did not improve with repeated viewings.

    • Lily says:

      I’ll agree with those who do think Lauren was in bottom two. She failed to impress this week with a forgettable first song, then some cringe-worthy notes in the second song and a failure to deliver the expected glory note. She usually hits her notes, but didn’t this week. Also, Lauren’s home region in the South was devastated by tornadoes and many people still don’t have power, or are busy dealing with far more serious issues and don’t have time to think about voting for American Idol. I think Lauren not only was in bottom two this week for real, she was also was bottom two last week when the tornadoes first hit, but the producers decided to hide it with the “random” order elimination. This week, it just couldn’t be finessed any more, and Lauren landed in bottom two.

  11. dejo says:

    Wow, a bit rude to Lauren there Slezek! She is a 16 yo girl who just got put down on national television by Jimmy L. A few tears is not ‘bawling’ it is pretty normal. I am a crier, and I know when the flow you can’t stop them. And then you are embarassed even more. Damn, I know she put herself in the show, but I doubt she had any idea how painful it would be at times.

    • Rick says:

      She can cry when she goes home next week. Jimmy’s critique was not that horrible. I think she’s a DIVA and I can’t blame her after all the judges love she has received. Haley’s been kicked in the groin darn near every week and I don’t see her crying. Pia, didn’t cry until after she was done singing, man up little Lauren!

      • dejo says:

        Geez, she wasn’t crying because she’s a diva, she was crying out of embarassment and self-consciousness that is normal for an 16 yo girl who is unexpectedly criticized publically. Frankly, we are all wired differently and some just cry more readily. I don’t think it should be judged so harshly.

        • @galaga6846 says:

          dejo, I completely agree with you. I’m not a Lauren fan, but I’m not mean about it either. She was in tears. She’s stressed. I’m 33, and I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

          • @galaga6846 says:

            And maybe she shouldn’t be in the competition after next week because she can’t handle it. I regretfully say the same about my favorite this season, James. He obviously cannot handle the emotional stress of being away from his family, and is caught up in the limelight. As much as I’d like for him to win, the more sensible part of me says that it could be detrimental, especially given his ASD.

    • algalhi says:

      What I hear about the music business is that it is TOUGH! Blunt words from Jimmy Iovine will be nothing compared to what Lauren will have to face should she win Idol. I wish she had waited a couple of years to gain more experience and maturity, but she is Top 4 and I don’t blame her for grabbing at the chance. Going through Idol tests the contestants’ vocal and musical ability, performance, and creativity, as well as their emotional strength, ability to work a heavy schedule, and whether they really want this — all things that will be needed to launch a music career.

      So glad that Haley is still in the competition! She so deserved to be safe this week. She is having to hit it out of the park every single week, and she is doing it! Great experience for her to perform under pressure and stay mentally focused.

      I’d like to see a Haley-Scotty final. Scotty has grown on me since he’s been trying to get out of his comfort zone. He sings on key! He’s cute! He’s nice! And he is very chill — that serves him well.

      • candacetx says:

        while I don’t know Lauren or her family personally… something gives me the impression that she has always been a bit spoiled and overly protected in her life. She doesn’t seem like an obnoxious young lady, but she does seem emotionally immature and that she hasn’t been denied much. A little ‘no’ every now and again never killed anyone.

        She will need to get a tougher skin if she really wants to be successful. Having a good voice may not be enough.

        • Nael says:

          I agree.
          She does seem very immature (even for her age), she definitely needs to toughen up if she wants a shot in the music business, it isn’t all rainbows and free cookies afterall. Cutesy tears won’t get her far in the long run.
          This is why I hate the judges being cheer-bots this year, several contestants seem to have totally lost their connection to reality.

          Maybe it’s a good thing she got a little wakeup! nudge.

      • Amelia says:

        You know what? She’ll toughen up. The fact that she’s even in the Idol competition at all (and putting out decent performances each week) means that she’s more than able to handle the criticism and highly-sleep-deprived & stressful environment. She hasn’t thrown her hands up or thrown the towel in. She takes criticism a bit personally, but she is clearly learning to deal with the critiques that she receives and comes back each week with a good performance. The fact that Lauren tries each week & has never given up or almost backed out of the competition means that Lauren is “emotionally mature” enough to be there. Sure, parts of it may be an extra challenge for her because of her age or sensitivity to criticism, but she is accepting that challenge each week and therefore growing in maturity and ‘toughness’.

        • Amelia says:

          The Idol environment is very tough. If Lauren can handle the stressful sleep-deprived Idol environment she can certainly handle the tougher environment outside of Idol (if she wins or gets signed). She’ll toughen up and face the challenge. She’s young, but she’s definitely not an emotional time-bomb, she’ll be absolutely fine.

    • Owen says:

      Dejo, Slezak is just awful. Negative and a bully. The thing to do is turn the bullying around on him.

      • Eolra says:

        Owen, I’ve read several of your comments now and it seems pretty clear that you and Slezak don’t share similar opinions, and he upsets you. I’m just curious why you bother reading his blog; surely there are other AI blogs out there that reflect your point of view better and won’t make you so angry. Peace out dude, all this negativity isn’t good for you – try to find a happier place for yourself, man.

        • Debbie M says:

          Seriously Owen, if you disrespect Slezak that much, don’t read his columns. It’s not that difficult. Go back under your bridge if you don’t like what he has to say.

      • @Owen says:

        Your comment seems a little disingenuous. You call Slezak a bully and yet you constantly come on this comment board and bully Slezak with hateful comments. If you don’t like it here, please go somewhere else.

  12. Sybil says:

    Thank you, Jesus.

  13. corey says:

    Dear Jacob,

    go to broadway, you diva! good luck having no success there! and before you go, look yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself, if america loved you so much, why did you get voted off? was your earpiece malfunctioning? was the drum-beat off? or was it because your an annoying, flambuoyant, arrogant, poor vocalist? sorry to burst your buble,


    P.S. Don’t try to tell me Ruben Studdard or Big Mike were any good.

    • dp says:

      hey, season 6 had a fair amount of black contestants (not that race should be a factor). Melinda, Lakisha, and the eventual winner jordin who is half black – all in the top 4!

      but I see what you are saying, the show hasn’t showcased viable soul-r&b singers since then. lil rounds, big mike, and jacob all fizzled out after early hype.

    • Kevin says:

      Blame the judges for that one. What were they thinking when they dumped Jermaine Purifoy?

      • Sue says:

        And the r&b divas who do get through more recently make it more on looks than vocal ability (Ashthon from this season for example and even Naima). That other larger woman who sang with Jacob and Naima and the small, sweet R&B singer that sang with Jaycee and Brett sang rings around Ashton and Naima.

      • Vikki says:

        I still regret Junot Joyner not getting on the show from a few back. I still play his Hey There Delilah.

    • Owen says:

      J-Hud? On American Idol? She was talented but raw. She obviously grew into a tremendous talent. But. It was our Fantasia that had the true, uh…what did you call it….black power…? Whatever, Fantasia, not Jennifer Hudson had black power in (non-racist terms) spades.

    • ruben says:

      Uh, actually, Ruben came BEFORE J-Hud…

      Ruben – season 2 winner
      JHud – season 3 finalist

  14. A.W. Baimun says:

    I just can’t believe the Jimmy I.m.a.genius spin they put on his critiquing… after the votes have already been tallied and getting feedback from the fans on the forums. If Jimmy had been sitting at the table (instead of Randy) and said that Lauren could be in the bottom two before the end of the show, that’d be one thing. I think it’s supposed to make us think he’s not a clown.

  15. Louie says:

    This has been the first bottom two in all the years I’ve been watching Idol that I didn’t care which went home. I didn’t realize how mich I despised Lauren til then.

    • Aaron says:

      Me too. Although, I wouldn’t say I “despise” Lauren, I just don’t think she has the ability to give us a true idol moment. She always holds back and is inhibited. I wanted Jacob to go, but at the same time I wouldn’t have been crushed if she exited this week…although, deep down it would’ve been great, because it would almost guarantee Haley a spot in the final three :)

      • MrSideEye says:

        Yeah there was a tiny part of me wishing that Lauren got the boot (for obvious ‘better for Haley’ reasons) even though she didn’t deserve to go before Jacob. But hey, neither did Kendra, Pia, or Casey.

      • RTW says:

        You know what’s weird, there was a part of me that also wanted Lauren to go before Jacob. It wouldn’t have been right, but as others have said, Jacob would have been gone the following week. Maybe it was partially seeing Lauren’s performances played back and how she held back, but I mostly think it was the tears. I can name a certain someone who was in the bottom three week after week after week and took it like a champ, Buffy-style!

      • Kevin says:

        Wow! I was thinking the same thing! Glad to know I’m not alone.

    • Erin says:

      I am a terrible person because all along I wanted Jacob to go, but as soon as she was put on one side and started bawling, it was like the timer went off on my patience with her and I wished those tears would be at least put to good use… by saying goodbye. I know, terrible.

      • Elena says:

        It’s not terrible because I was thinking the same thing. Once Lauren started crying, I felt sorry for her but I had had enough.

      • Louie says:

        That’s exactly what I thought! I don’t exactly “despise” her but she just aggravates me with her cutesy “Oh look at my Dad…!” or “Look how cute I am..teehee.” And how irritating how great her voice is but that she’s always holding back. Also I hate how her defenders always use her age as an excuse… Umm hello, it didn’t stop Jordin from pulling off “I Who Have Nothing” or Allison from… practically everything she sang. So it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility.

      • GSOgymrat says:

        “Don’t cry out loud. Just keep it inside an learn how to hide your feelings. Fly high and proud. And if you should fall… Remember you almost had it all!”

  16. Joseph says:

    I think that most of this audience can agree that Jacob has been horrible for most of the season and as such a shock that he made it to #5 in the show. But I can not blame Jacob if he has been drinking the cool-aid and came to believe the hype he has been receiving from the judges, producers, and mentor. So wishing him well and who knows maybe he does have some sort of career after the tour if he is allowed to actually develop as a performer.

    • Rick says:

      Frankly I can’t stand the guy but with training he has an incredible gift. He can easily be trained.

  17. Rick says:

    Is it me or is Scotty starting to remind anyone else of Taylor Hicks with that dancing last night?

  18. Nora says:

    Thankfully, the bellowing Jacob is now gone. Rest easy, ears. Only problem was, it was about 12 weeks too late.

    • claudia says:

      True dat. I would have much rather had Ashthon or Karen on tour than Jacob. Too bad he didn’t leave 13th or 12th. Or better yet, I would have rather had Colton Dixon or Jerome Bell or Aaron ? than him. He should have never made the top 13.

  19. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you, America! At long last, a vote went my way. I’ve been wanting to be rid of Jacob for weeks. Now I never have to listen to him sing again in my life.

  20. dgman says:

    Happy now America? Are you? Really? The one bright star of this year’s idol get’s the boot and you come here to gloat? Oh wait, that ran was my rant at Pia’s ousting…excuse me while I go scour my thesaurus for appropriate superlatives for tonight’s result.

  21. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Well, I can sum this up in one word: YYYEEESSS! I prayed (multiple times,) I texted votes (one hundred times for each of the remaining contestants,) and it was all worth it! Hit the road, Jacob, and don’t you come back no more! Let’s hear it for out (almost) perfect Season 10 Top 4! YEAH! (cheerleader jump)

  22. PinBox says:

    There is a God after all!
    Thank you, God, for getting rid of Jacob!

    • Debbie M says:

      If Jacob hadn’t gotten the boot after those two horrific performance, I would have seriously been done with Idol because it would have been clearly scripted and not at all driven by the viewer’s votes. He should have been gone weeks ago. I cannot imagine who was voting for that diva.

  23. JRM says:


  24. Tina S says:

    Finally! Actually, I was kinda hoping for a bottom-2 tie and they’d both be gone tonight.

  25. blingedup.susan says:

    The right person went home.

    Could it be possible that my wish for a Haley/Scotty finale could happen? Probably not, but that’s still my wish.

    • agrimesy says:

      I’m hoping for a Haley / Scotty finale too! It could happen. Send the crybabies home already. (sounds mean, I know, I know)

      • Sue says:

        I’m hoping for Haley and James. I think she could pull through a win over James but not over Scotty (teens may vote for him, grandmas, moms, country music fans and the south in general). She possibly could beat Lauren based on just being better … but I wouldn’t count on it.

  26. Dani C says:

    Well, it’s about 4 weeks to late, but i do think the right person went home. If i’m being honest, i kinda, sorta wanted to see Lauren get the boot; she just doesn’t do it for me. Now it’s just two weeks until the Haley/James finale!
    P.S. That Jlo performance was heinous…i’m just saying.

    • lestat says:

      That was a live performance? I thought it was a music video?
      Your “heinous” remark makes me think of her “heiny” though. Just sayin’

    • billy bob says:

      you’re “just saying”? saying what? You already said it.

  27. Mr. Jackme' Off says:

    Ha! Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come and jackme Off!!!!!

  28. as says:

    That Jlo performance was heinous…i’m just saying.
    That Jlo performance was heinous…i’m just saying.
    P.S. That Jlo performance was heinous…i’m just saying.:)

    I was secretly hoping Lauren I’m-not-Carrie Alaina would get the boot too….mostly for the benefit of Nigel Lythgoe’s master plan.
    There’s only room for one girl in the final 3 and he picked her in October…the old perv.

  29. JohnDoe says:

    Now time to get rid of Scotty (that genetic hybrid of George W. Bush and Alfred E. Newman) and Lauren (Miley Cyrus wannabe that wears too much makeup).

  30. Elena says:

    Hell, yes, the right person went home! I’m not a Lauren fan, however, I felt kind of sorry for her. She looked wrecked and defeated even after she knew she was safe.

    BTW, didn’t everyone just love Jacob’s comment on how America fell in love with him? Sigh, he is clueless.

  31. dan says:

    SO glad to see Jacob go, and happy to count myself in the part of America that did not fall in love with him.

    • Sybil says:

      Since I have not fallen in love with Jacob, I’d better request my long-form birth certificate to make sure I was actually born in America.

      • JBanana says:

        OMG Hilarious!! This gave me a nice long belly laugh.. thanks, I needed that!!

      • dan says:

        Ha, I better request mine too, in case Jacob is right. Then again, I’ve been able to look myself in the mirror and not vote for him at the same time, so …

  32. Kai says:

    I feel like they set up for Lauren to be in the bottom two this week, maybe to scare her. They want her to be more confident and pick riskier songs, and I think this was their way of doing so.

    I don’t know if it will work though.

    Top 3 will hopefully be Haley, Lauren and Scotty. James will have to work extra hard to get back from this week. He was really bad.

    I think the top two is up in the air, but I really believe this is Haley’s show to lose.

  33. GSOgymrat says:

    I have never been to an AI concert. Is the group number tonight representative of the quality of the performances?

    • Casey J says:

      Fortunately, no. I’ve seen the tour the last three years and all three were pretty amazing. There aren’t many group numbers. The first 7 do two songs each, then the third place finisher does three (I think. It may be 3rd and 4th), and the winner and runner up do four.

  34. Scott says:

    Haley still gets zero camera time — she was very hard to find during the wretched group sing, which seemed to be in a horrible key for everyone. I was kinda hoping for Lauren to go home, just to see if she would have dissolved into a puddle of tears — and if she could have pulled it together for the final singoff.

  35. VFTB says:

    Vote for the Worst has a poll who should be next… Haley is leading the polls by a lot. VFTW followers don’t really care about the show, they just speed dial for the next mark. Since any and all votes count I hope she’s their pick.

    • B.Rich says:

      Haha awesome, they seem to actually be picking the best contestants this year. They try to deny what Nigel’s plans so Haley is the natural next choice. Obviously they know as well as we do Scotty is winning this show with or without them, doesn’t matter how terrible he is.

  36. @galaga6846 says:

    Oh c’mon John Doe. That’s not even cute, clever or funny. Picking on contestants because of the way they look is quite immature. It’s kind of reaching, if you ask me. And, it’s mean.

  37. ladyhelix says:

    I wonder where Jacob’s votes will go next week? Who will be in trouble because they WON’T get any of them?

  38. agrimesy says:

    Everyone is commenting on Lauren because she responded so immaturely to her bottom two placement, but James is also a crybaby. He teared up tonight. He couldn’t even get through his practice session this week. And another thing, did anyone notice James’ overcelebration when he knew he was safe? He’s done that before. James has just as many immature responses on this show as Lauren. If he gets a pass for Aspergers, then Lauren gets a pass for youth. Lauren isn’t ready to lose OR to win for that matter. I hope her parents are there to pick up the pieces either way.
    In my opinion, according to both vocal and stage performance, Haley and Scotty deserve the top 2 spots. Unfortunately they don’t have any crutches to pull sympathy from the viewers. They are both well- adjusted artists, ready, willing, and able to make a career of singing. At this point I cannot give my vote to someone I feel sorry for. I want an American Idol who has the stuff! I hope Haley wins, but it will be Scotty.

    • Robin says:

      I agree with you, Lauren is 5 years younger than James, but he gets a pass on the frequent crying because of his issues, she should get a pass because of her youth. Since neither one of them seems to be able to handle criticism, I have no idea how they will survive long term in the music business….

      • Eolra says:

        Whether I agree or disagree on the Lauren cry issue, I just wanted to point out that James did NOT get a pass on the crying thing yesterday; the message boards were loaded criticisms regarding it.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Crying during a performance when you’ve laid your soul out on the stage is something entirely different than crying because Jimmy I pointed out that you messed up. It’s why James will be in the top 2 and Lauren will be back in high school. Somehow, you’ve got to convey that you understand the meaning of the songs you’re singing. If Lauren was ever going to have a moment on Idol, that would have been it. But she couldn’t go there. If she had went for the note and her voice broke with emotion we would all be raving about it. She pulled back, and now her song was not even good kareoke.

    • Erin says:

      HOLD UP! James has Asperger’s and it is NEVER brought up like a dead spouse or weekly reminder of “16 year old Lauren Alaina.” We never hear how he is doing remarkably well for someone who has a disorder that affects his social interactions…with America! It doesn’t arrest his development to that of a 16 year old, he should be so lucky to be challenged to the extent of someone “normal” just a few years younger. Sorry to get serious, but it had to be said.

    • Moses composes says:

      Actually James was called on his inability to sometimes control his emotions.

      There is no reason to have 15/16 year-olds on this show. Lauren is mad talented by unless she has a huge ‘moment’ next week (or someone else completely implodes) that crying jag is getting her sent home.

    • chattycat says:

      couldn’t agree with you more about james and Lauren. At least Lauren cried over the results not during the performance-when he had ample time to prepare mentally for the performance.

    • Just Jules says:

      James’ asbergers and medicated tourettes are more likely the cause of his social awkwardness than maturity level. Give the kid a break. I doubt he was ever coddled in life like Lauren probably has been. He may not always sing in key, but at least he PERFORMS a song, something the majority of the Top 13 failed to do. I would love a Haley win, but I think Scotty still has the best shot. Lauren is forgettable and annoying all at the same time.

    • jamesftw says:

      Cmon…quit cutting down others cuz you are insecure about your fave Haley. I used to love Haley, she lives in my area…always for the home team. But,with this constant martyism of Haley, I am beginning to despise her now and it is because of her fans and not because of her. As far as James emotions…you haven’t got a clue on the spectrum of Autism. It is amazing he is holding it together as well as he has. So, just keep your judgments to yourself.And, James was not gloating about his safety. He was relieved. He knew he had a bad night and thought he was going home.

  39. Dani says:

    I…actually agreed with Jimmy Iovine a lot this week. The world must be ending.

    Lauren looked absolutely miserable pretty much through the entire telecast, even before she was announced to be in the top two. I wonder if, on top of the pressure of performing on live TV every week, the constant barrage of “You’re not confident enough!” is getting her down (even more so than she would be if she didn’t have to try to follow the so-called “underdog” edit.)

    I applauded when I found out Haley was safe. She’s really the only contestant I’m invested in this season. I also like James, but he still has a ways to go before he is at the level of past Idol winners (I think he could really benefit from some good critiques. Judges? *crickets*), and, if Haley goes, I’m not sure how much I’m going to care about who wins.

    • agrimesy says:

      I thought it was hilarious how Jimmy was all offended by JLo’s comments about his song choice for Haley. I actually think he did try to do the right thing for Haley. It was the judges panel who threw her under the bus. By the studio audience reactions tonight and the way Ryan worded her recap, Haley came out smelling like a rose! It’s beautiful, truly.

      • hopeful says:

        Vocal coaches article, Debra Byrd:
        HALEY REINHART — “You And I” (Lady Gaga)
        DB: We love Gaga. Now, I want you to know that Haley was sweating bullets over this. She was having such a hard time with this decision, of singing this song. We talked about it. We went over and over it. I had to speak to her about courage and bravery because she picked this song and then she doubted it. “Oh, the judges are gonna hate it!” she’d say. I said, “I’m really into making history on this television show.” We’ve had many historic moments on American Idol. And I said, “Let’s create history. Whenever those seeds of doubt creep in about your song choice, I would like you to remember you’re making history by singing an unreleased song by Lady Gaga.”
        And she was really worried about Lady Gaga’s response. She said, “Oh my goodness, I don’t want her to hate me.” That is the phrase she used — “I don’t want her to hate me for singing this song.” She made Jimmy promise, “Please let her know.” Once she got over one hurdle and spoke with Gaga, then she felt better. Then she doubted it again. I said, “Haley, you’re a very good singer. You perform it very, very well. You must believe it. You’ve got her blessing! You know what to do.” And she thanked me. She said, “I like hearing your voice in my ear before I go on. I need to hear that before I go on stage.” I’m so glad I can buoy her up and encourage her as she goes on stage.
        Did she do what she intended to do? I’d like to think, yes, she did. There have been other contestants this season where the judges didn’t know the song and they eventually liked it. It happened with Scotty. It takes a lot of courage for the contestants to sing a relatively unknown song.

        This entire season, she was a slow burner. Obviously, we were in the Scotty camp immediately, the Pia camp immediately, certain people, and Haley kind of grew on us. I guess that’s what we’d call the dark horse of any season. Jimmy Iovine said in one of the sessions — I don’t know if it aired — but he said, “People don’t understand what a good singer you are.” It just bothered him. “People really don’t understand you’re an amazing singer here.” I was so happy he said that. The judges acknowledged that she’s grown so much during this process, and that was a nice acknowledgment.

        • agrimesy says:

          Thank you for posting this article . . . VERY interesting! The producers and coaches are systematically making the judges irrelevant.

  40. @galaga6846 says:

    …a lot of mean-spirited comments tonight.

    • agrimesy says:

      I have to admit, the Idol season gets mighty cut throat from here on out. Some of the commentors get too emotionally invested in their favorites to be objective. I have noticed more and more actual in-depth critiques of the show this season than ever before. It’s like Slezak printed in the disclaimer, “Talk smart about TV!” BUT, you won’t find that kind of post usually on these immediate results boards. Folks are still worked up about the show they just watched. If that bothers you, try Slezak’s next day posts instead. Viewers have calmned down some. The majority (not all mind you)of the posts are more rational. I’m trying to help.

      • Erin says:

        Yes, emotions run high on results night, whether angered or relieved. Still it beats the 5 paragraph studies by people other than Slezak. I am assuming, of course, I don’t actually read posts if they run over 10 lines.

        • blingedup.susan says:

          Very generous of you. :) 4 or 5 lines is my max.

          • Erin says:

            You see? Your posts are surely read. And so are mine, at least by the slow reader/short attention span set like myself. :)

    • kemeko says:

      Agreed, and very childish. If you didn’t like Jacob that’s your right but all the harshness is completely unnecessary. We get it you don’t like Jacob.

  41. Taylor says:

    Jacob DESERVED to go home tonight. His swan song sounded like a dying seal pup who needed to be put out of its misery.
    I thought Lauren was going to bawl even more when she was standing there.
    Jimmy’s back in my good graces for calling out the judges, actually giving negative comments to the contestants, and for giving Haley the credit she deserved.
    Haley <333333

    • Sybil says:

      Yeah, except he did it AFTER the vote (and probably after he knew the results himself).
      I was annoyed by how offended he was — for himself — by the judges’ critique of his song choice. I fear that his support of Haley was a by-product of his desire to defend his own suggestion.

  42. Can't Sleep says:

    It was time for Jacob to go. Next to go: Lauren.

  43. Maria Calvert says:

    Jacob should make at least top 3. Lauren Alaina and that country boy still alive??? They are boring,specially her. Well, I hope the crazy voting wont put them on top of Haley, the only talented one left.
    Nora up there, your ears should rest for the rest of the eternity.

  44. JVC says:


    In your next idoloonies episode, give this message to Haley if you truly want to see her in the finale. Next week or final 3 week if she makes it, she should JUST SING a song, when i say sing, NO GROWLING! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a haley fan as well, but I know she has a great voice, I’d just like to see her sing a whole song without any growling that’s all. It would’ve been more epic if she did house of the rising sun all acapella then she would’ve probably just sang all together. I say this cause i want haley to succeed and I know she is very talented.

  45. JohnnieH says:

    That swishy tub of lard thinks America has fallen in love with him?

  46. DB says:

    Jacob gave a great swan song, loved a house is not a home….he had heart and soul….I really believe he had the most compassion of the last 5….so either handicap James, or jazzy Hailey, or the country duo will win, who cares…all the interesting people are gone…cookie cutter Idol…like the judges ordered….will they ever say anything negative…I doubt it.

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Compassion doesn’t amount to much if you can’t actually, you know, be in tune for a lot of the time.

  47. Snsetblaze says:

    I actually did not tune in this week as there is no one left who I love and frankly am tired of the program pushing certain contestants and offering no criticism and praising everything and throwing a certain blonde female contestant who is not 16 under the bus. I did watch the voice and more than 3/4 of the contestants were better than anyone (Pia and Casey included) on Idol this season. However, I may tune in next week depending on my moood and vote against someone rather than for someone. I don’t like Lauren period. Scotty bores me. I’m neutral on both James and Haley (though I do believe Haley is getting a raw deal), They have grown on me (I used to dislike both) but this week I did not feel the need to spend my time voting for them. This is a first for me. I actually think this season is worse than last year. I would not spend money and buy any of these remaining contestants albums.

    • billybob says:

      Interesting, confusing but interesting. and yet you take the time to come on an Idol post site.

  48. Jim says:

    I am so glad Jacob is gone …. Now I don’t have to hear him whine in the microphone anymore ….. And then cry on it

  49. Aliana says:

    By the end of the night with her pouty bratty behavior, I was really hoping Lauren would go home and Jacob would live to see another day. But Jacob was truly off last night, so no big surprise in his ouster. Nice to see that his fellow contestants really liked him, and nice that he could have fun in the send off. Despite Slezak’s disdain, Jacob showed up week in and week out with a great energy and had he been given any sort of real guidance at all, he would have grown on the show rather than take three giant steps back (one for each Judge who week in and week out gave him ridiculous “advice”). Best wishes Jacob, keep living your dream.

    • deb says:

      agree…the public hated him why…cuz he was different…different in a good way…do we still live in the 40s…OMG…

      • Nael says:

        No, people hated him because

        a) he is a bit tonedeaf and holds off-pitch notes for full durations. It is really painful to listen to at times. A really good singer would immediately correct a bum note or try to somewhat mask it with a strong vibrato. Bum notes happen live, no big deal.. but you have to react.

        b) he totally oversings (to an extent that it is REALLY annoying). Vocal acrobatics can be cool if used sparsely, but he was way off limits.

        c) of his delusions of grandeur. Comments like the “mirrors” one cost him a ton of votes I bet. He came across as full of himself. Doesn’t matter if it’s really true, the voters simply react to what they see.

        After hollywood week he was actually one of my favorites, no pre-bias here. He does have an interesting voice and a totally impressive range.
        But quite a few of his live performances were just really really bad.

    • GSOgymrat says:

      I didn’t hate Jacob. He stayed longer than he should have but that was not his fault, that was what the voters wanted. I really wanted him to pull it together but he never did. I think there were several problems. For one, I think he got conflicting advice from the AI staff such as “tone it down” and “go to church!” He also had a very bad habit of getting too immersed into a song and totally spinning out of control both vocally and with his performance. Another factor was he obviously believed it when people told him how wonderful he was which led to off-putting comments. That said, I think he has the potential to have great vocals if he learns control.

  50. corey says:

    anyone else getting tired of the results-show video clips idol keeps making us watch in hopes we’ll become emotionally attached to some contestants and buy tickets for the summer tour? i mean, come on. the how-to-pick-a-song one from tonight, for example: FLOP.