Greatest Idol Performance: Round 2 Begins With Blake Vs. Bo, Elliott Vs. Ruben, and More!

If you struggled to pick your favorites in the brutal first-round matchups of’s American Idol All-Time Greatest Performance Bracket Tournament, then Round 2 might leave you paralyzed with indecision. Today, we’ve got a bout between one of the most daring song rearrangements in Idol history and one of the most audacious vocal choices the show has ever seen. We’ve also got a showdown between two of the show’s most revered voices: Ruben Studdard and Elliott Yamin. Plus, there are tough draws for divisional top seeds Adam Lambert and David Cook. But nobody ever said it would be easy to pare down the field in our 64-player tourney, which is composed of the most electrifying moments in the 10-season history of Fox’s ratings behemoth. It’s your job to vote in these single-elimination faceoffs, and decide which 16 Idol Moments advance to our third round.

Greatest Idol Performance? Kris Allen, Chris Daughtry, Jason Castro,
Michael Johns Join the Battle on Day 7!

Every day around 1:00 p.m. ET over the next few weeks, we’ll launch a new set of duels to the death that will have you joyously reliving your favorite Idol moments and biting your nails wondering how in the heck you’re gonna choose between ’em.

Before you head to the polls, you may want to peruse these memory-refreshing links to the performances entering the ring this afternoon:

Performance Links!
Adam Lambert, “Mad World
Matt Giraud, “Let’s Get It On
Ruben Studdard, “Superstar
Elliott Yamin, “A Song for You
David Cook, “Always Be My Baby
Casey James, “Jealous Guy
Blake Lewis, “You Give Love a Bad Name
Bo Bice, “In a Dream

‘Idoloonies’: Paul McDonald on ‘Blackbird,’
Crazy Dancing, and…Adam Lambert Comparisons?

It’s gonna be brutal seeing four of those great Idol moments snuffed out before the Round of 16, no? So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Round 2 voting will be open for 72 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Greatest ‘Idol’ Performance (Day 8): Carrie, Brooke, Allison and Crystal Enter the Arena!

And if you’re interested in the matchups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks and how the first four days of matchups played out, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. SharonM says:

    Wow, I’m surprised by the results of David Cook/Casey James. That was a tough choice for me.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Agreed – I’m right in the middle of David Cook country and it was tough for me as well!

    • Marta says:

      Jealous Guy was freakin’ stellar…. but I admit along with Always Be My Baby being equally as stellar- David Cook as a contestant wins over Casey James as a contestant. Casey is way talented, but many weeks he simply couldn’t connect the pieces together.

      • JayK* says:

        Totally agree. This was the only match-up that gave me pause. Jealous Guy was breathtaking – one of my current iPod favourites. It was also one of the best moments of that season (and THE best non-Crystal moment!) but you’ve gotta go with Cook over Casey James any day of the week!

      • Suzanne says:

        That’s exactly right. Jealous Guy was a fantastic performance by an only okay contestant overall. (Still wincing over his Blue Skies.)

    • BurnThis says:

      I’m not surprised. Slezak has never liked or supported Casey James, so why not try and bury him by putting him up against the most talented male winner Idol has ever had? Casey would have easily won Round 2 in any other division. Personally, I think Jealous Guy was the far better performance. I loved Cook, voted for him and watched his whole season, and I didn’t even remember this performance! Maybe if people actually watch the two videos, the numbers will change because from his touching vocals, to his guitar mastery, to the mood he set on stage, Casey James had THE moment of Season 9.

      • Evan says:

        “Maybe if people actually watch the two videos, the numbers will change because from his touching vocals, to his guitar mastery, to the mood he set on stage, Casey James had THE moment of Season 9.”

        Seriously, I’d say the exact same thing about “Always Be My Baby,” substituting out “Casey James” and “Season 9” for “David Cook” and “Season 7.”

        • Ben says:

          Jealous Guy =/= my favourite Casey performance. So the vote goes to David, even though Casey was my favourite s9 contestant.

          • TheReasonsY says:

            Only one of these lives on my iPod and still gets listened to and that is David Cook. Sorry but Casey’s performance was great in Season 9 but Season 9 was a bad season. Being the best of average is still average.

        • BurnThis says:

          I guess you haven’t watched the David Cook video recently, he doesn’t play guitar in it, let alone with such cool licks. ;) So you couldn’t say the EXACT same thing, but I get your point. You like apples, I like oranges. Maybe if it were a different Cook performance, I’d agree. But I’ve watched that one and it sure doesn’t give me the chills the way Casey James’ Jealous Guy did — and still does.

      • Coco says:

        Yeah, I’m actually angrier that Adam is competing against an also ran in his own season, while Blake and Bo have to duke it out. As for Cook vs. Casey, Casey gave a great performance of a great song, while Cook took I song I actively hated and made me look at it in a new way and enjoy it. So I have to give the edge to Cook.

      • Carolyn Collins says:

        i have to agree with Burnthis. glad there’s something for everyone, because Caseys music is stuck in my heart. permanently. and none of the other idols, though most had at least one shining moment, has consistently created music that i liked enough to put my money down for.

      • MNCyn says:

        Maybe Slezak ought to take on the comparison of these two songs and write about it. Now that’s a novel idea since he’s never given Casey the time of day much less space in his column. I presume it was a little difficult to ignore ‘Jealous Guy’ in this poll though since other columnists continue to consider it one of the best of the best. It deserves sharing the limelight with David Cook. So glad it did!

    • Red in Denver says:

      I loved both Cook and James during the time they were on Idol. But, I voted for Casey on this, because, although David Cook USUALLY “WOWed” me, I wasn’t crazy about that song. “Jealous Guy” on the other hand is a hauntingly beautiful song, and I loved the slight blues feel Casey put into it.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes… but I voted for Casey because David turned out so many good ones. That was Casey’s pinnacle and one of the best of the whole season.

      • Connie says:

        The problem with this reasoning is that ONLY one Cook performance was allowed to advance. David had so many performances that were better than Jealous Guy but were not allowed in the competition. Your reason for voting for Casey would be valid if you could actually vote for David’s other performances. This is my problem with this poll.

    • Louise says:

      I think casey wins hands down although I do like david cook and voted for him during his season.

  2. Logistics says:

    Can we just get a massive number of people to vote for Matt, just to enrage the glamberts? That’d be a trolling of a LIFETIME

    • SybilT says:

      For me, for you (tm-Randy), I’m surprised that anything Matt Giraud did is even in the tourney. I’m not a Glambert, but there’s just no comparison between Matt’s performance and “Mad World.” You’d have to pit “Mad World” against “Always Be My Baby” or “In A Dream” to get a fair match-up.

      David Cook vs. Casey James wasn’t hard for me. The hard one was Bo Bice vs. Blake Lewis. Wasn’t a fan of Blake’s, but “You Give Love a Bad Name” was brilliant. Still went with Bo, though. “In A Dream” still gives me chills.

      • Logistics says:

        This isn’t about quality. This is about lulz. This is about enraging a fanbase of people. You are clearly mistaking my intentions here as someone who has personal investments in the outcome of this poll

        But, I understand for you, internet polls about reality singing competitions are serious business.

        • D says:

          wow, you’re amazing. Do you kick puppies too? Maybe piss on public toilet seats just for fun? Spit on the burgers your flipping before adding the special sauce?

          • Logistics says:

            Yes, because voting oppositely in a poll is the same as abusing animals and purposefully contaminating public property. Glamberts are the best at escalating minor things far beyond their level of importance

        • alison says:

          LOL funny it is really obvious who is taking this waaaaay too seriously and it isn’t the glamberts.

          if it is just for the ‘lols’ why not target one of the other fanbases, like the Cook, Archie or Kris fans, who are equally as passionate about their idol for your experimental “trolling of a LIFETIME”? You know why? Because it isn’t about laughing or trolling experiements, it is about bitter idolberts being resentful of Adam. You’ve been doing this voting against thing since the AI final – losing that poll didn’t matter, hilarious that you think this poll is significant.

        • Anti Logistic says:

          Sounds more like you have a personal problem.

        • ohbabs says:

          Mr Slezak is trying to run a “serious” poll here for idol fans to compare performances. and all you can think about is enraging glamberts? so it is you that spend your saturday nights on adamofficial trolling. just lay off the glamberts. everyone should have a hobby/passion. I guess yours is just messing with people. o how funny.

          • Sarah McDonald says:

            If this was a serious poll, it wouldnt, at this stage, pit Giraud against Lambert, a 2nd place winner against a fifth place winner. Or, at this stage, David Cook, a first place against Casey James, a third place winner.

          • Joy says:

            Um, Sarah, that’s how brackets work. The strongest contestants get the benefit of being paired against the weakest opposition, while those in the middle are more closely matched. (Look at the seeds Slezak listed on his original top 64 bracket to see how he’s assessing them…) That way, all of the strongest contenders have a chance to make it to the final rounds, instead of having to knock each other out earlier while weaker contestants cruise on through to the finals…

            There’s lots else you could criticize about this poll, but that approach to arranging the matchups is used in plenty of “serious” tournaments…like NCAA basketball, for example. :-)

          • ruthie says:

            SERIOUS! Really? This so called poll is apples to oranges. Adam against Matt? One is a rocker the other is blues how can you compare, either you like one or the other. Cook to James pop rock against hillbilly rock, no comparison. Balke’s bebop against an acapella? This is a terrible poll. Everyone is voting for their favorite singer, not best performance. You can tell in the comments. This was really stupid, don’t know why I even bother. Slezak, maybe you should get help with your choices

          • MNCyn says:

            Maybe Michael has been taking lessons from Idol on how to maneuver the vote.

    • ShakeIt says:

      Fight the power! VOTE MATT.

  3. Michael says:

    Elliot’s A Song For You and Kelly C’s “Stuff Like That There” are on a pedestal so high, no one will ever top them for me…for you, dawg. I had tears in my eyes when Elliot sang that song.

    • Evan says:

      Totally agree- and yet (sigh), Stuff Like That There was eliminated because it was too subtle for the TVLine community. Guess Jimmy Iovine was right. ;)

      • b says:

        I think Natural Woman only won because of the glory note at the end – and while I’m not sure another Idol contestant has matched a note that high since, one note does not a performance make. Stuff Like That There was the whole package.

    • Coco says:

      I will never get the gushing over A Song For You. It was just aight for me, dawg.

  4. Wally says:

    Poor Matt going against Adam, :/. I voted for him anyways, lol.

  5. bamabunny says:

    Argh, why, WHY did you have to put David Cook up against Casey James? I mean, I knew I’d have to vote one over the other eventually, but so soon in the rounds? And “Always Be My Baby” isn’t even my favorite Cook performance!

    Oh well, I guess I’ll be a good little sheep anyway.

    • SharonM says:

      Really there could be a contest just among the songs David Cook performed. ‘Always Be My Baby’ wasn’t my favorite either. My vote goes to “All I Really Need Is You’ from Neil Diamond week.

      • impliedbazinga says:

        I concur. “All I Really Need Is You” has got to be Cookie’s most underrated Idol performance. Ever. His brill arrangement (light years away from Old Coot Diamond’s original), his voice, his emotion, right down to how he looked that night … everything about that performance was amazing. I can’t help but fall in love every time I watch that!

        • Marta says:

          Thanks for the suggestion! As someone who finds herself OFTEN caught in a web of Idol Youtube videos with Cook videos often being the main culprit– All I Really Need is You wasn’t on my radar. Will have to go “rediscover” it.

      • Coco says:

        I have to give the edge to Hello for the massive momentum shift in the Idol universe, though The World I Know is a sentimental favorite.

    • kai says:

      I love David Cook. I love Casey James. But had to go with Jealous Guy. That was his best performance and dare I say much better than the original by John Lennon. Now if it had gone up against David Cook, World I Know……that would have been tough.

  6. Becky says:

    Hey, Michael, in looking at your brackets, I think David Cook’s “World I know” won over “Always be my Baby”, right? Probably won’t make a difference up against Casey, anyway.

  7. Eliza says:

    Ehh this voting obviosly is about the singer, not the song arrangements.
    Still, David Cook is my favourite, not only because I think he’s a great person, but also he had “Idol moment” almost every week and he made the show mooore interesting.
    If it comes down to Adam Vs. David, it’s gonna be a tough choice.

  8. bamabunny says:

    WAIT, HOLD THE VOTE! *waves hands furiously running after Michael* Slezak, you screwed up…according to your bracket, Casey should be going up against “The World I Know!” You put the Mariah cover by mistake!

  9. Joslyn says:

    Blake vs. Bo is SUCH a Sophie’s Choice for me! I loved both of them the most on their respective seasons, and those were my favorite of their performances. It totally kills me to have to decide, but I think Bo gets the edge for being so brave, before anyone else really thought like that on Idol.

    • b says:

      That was a killer decision for me, too. I finally went with Blake, because that performance of his really is one of my favorite Idol moments ever. But you’re right, Bo really put himself out there and then knocked it out of the park. It’s a shame they had to go up against each other here.

  10. Ginger says:

    I hated to have to pick between Adam and Matt. Love them both.

  11. Kirstin says:

    Adam vs David Cook would be a killer. But I’d go Cookie all the way.

  12. Shannon says:

    Ahhh!! I’m seriously struggling to pick between Blake Lewis and Bo Bice. Both performances were totally unique and unexpected, and I love both!

  13. jmarie says:

    Slezak, in the bracket you have Cookie’s “The World I Know” as the winner, but in the round 2 polls you have “Always Be My Baby”, did I miss something?

  14. Suenee says:

    according to the brackets David Cook’s TWIK beat out ABMB. So why are we voting on ABMB in this round???

    Doesn’t really matter I guess I love them both.

    David Cook to win the whole thing!

  15. Mrssmartypantz says:

    Poor Casey. You don’t stand a chance against the always impressive, not to be imitated, David Cook.

  16. Debbie M says:

    Choosing between those two songs by Bo and Blake got me. Have both of them on my iPod and still are some of my best Idol memories.

  17. Marta says:

    Bo gets the edge over Blake for me. Though I really did like You Give Love a Bad Name, I consider it Blake’s attempt at “playing the game”. In a Dream, in contrast, I believe was Bo just genuinely doing what he loved regardless of how it was going to be perceived.

  18. Barbie says:

    Blake vs. Bo is hard, BUT, there’s no performance like Blake’s You Give Love a Bad Name, none. That one was perfect!

    • Beth says:

      Bo’s performance was perfect, too. I, unfortunately, do not remember Blake. Must fall back to preference, huh?

  19. impliedbazinga says:

    “Always Be my Baby” was hauntingly sublime, yet IMO, it wasn’t David Cook’s greatest Idol performance. Not counting his sweet sing-out (“Daughters”), “Jealous Guy” was Casey James’ best. I like the blue-eyed Texan, but in retrospect, not even his best could match Cookie’s average, performance-wise. That said, Casey’s guitar skills are dope.

    • SharonM says:

      If Casey was a drowning man, the judges wouldn’t have given him a glass of water. His guitar playing never got the praise it deserved. Remember how he played during his duet with Michael Lynche?

      • genome38 says:

        OMG, YESSSS! You’re talking about “Have you ever loved a woman”? That was Casey on guitar? I’ve always loved his guitar work, but that duet is so beautiful, I bought it on iTunes. And now, he has a whole bunch of acoustic songs just out, with KILLER guitar work and very nice vocals. Plus, gorgeous guy!

  20. Deana says:

    Casey’s Jealous Guy was the best Idol performace, EVER. End of discussion.

  21. blingedup.susan says:

    Aw crap. Couldn’t you have put Casey against Bo Bice and David Cook against Blake Lewis? Or Casey with Blake and Cook w Bice? You had to put Casey and Cook together??? The first round was easy — I didn’t have any favorites competing. It’s getting too hard now. It’s like Sophie’s Choice. Okay, not that bad……

  22. Vin says:

    The Cookie Monster just can’t be beat in my book. I love this guy more in 2011 than I did when he won in 2008. Why? I heard his remake of Don’t You Forget About Me and got hooked on him again big time; then I go on youtube and find just a ton of great videos of either his great remakes of ‘Drive’ or the very impressive ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and if that’s enough, his new stuff that’s coming out that’s been posted from his DC concert is just crazy good as Steven Tyler would say. The others are very talented, yes, but Cook wins hands down every time for me.

    • janie says:

      I totally agree.. David Cook is not just my favorite american idol.. he is one of my favorite artists out there. I loved Adam Lambert, and Constantine and Bo and Daughtry and Casey james too but David Cook will always beat out all of them for me.

  23. Kevin says:

    I was crushed about the David Cook/Casey James matchup. “Jealous Guy” was the much better performance, but David Cook has a bazillion fans out there. If it was Casey/Blake, that would have seemed much more fair to me.

    I voted for Casey, but I’ve been overwhelmed!.

    • anabelle says:

      For the record I voted for Cook over James b/c I prefered Cook’s performance. Why must you assume that Cook could only win b/c he has a lot of fans?

  24. Evan says:

    Bo versus Blake is such a great match-up. In the end, though, Blake has my vote. It was the first time that the rearrangement strategy was used to such a dramatic degree. I remember my mother calling me the next day to ask what I thought about Blake’s performance– she had been hearing about it all over the news. It truly made waves.

    Bo’s performance is excellent, but ultimately, I felt like the choice to go acapella was a gimmick to garner extra attention and ensure a Final 2 finish. Blake was just doing the beat-boxing thing that he loved so much (and perhaps trying out beatbox rearrangements again after Simon blasted his version of “You Keep Me Hanging On.”)

    • Beth says:

      Acapella is NEVER a gimmick.

      • Evan says:

        Incorrect, Beth. Slezak in his recap this week had it exactly right when talking about Haley. Her acapella opening to “House of the Rising Sun” attracted the extra attention to her performance that she really needed. Same for James Durbin’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?,” Kat McPhee’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and Bo’s “In a Dream.” Seriously, are there any acapella performances that *aren’t* standouts from their season?

  25. Silvia says:

    If you click on the complete bracket it says Cook’s Always Be My Baby didn’t make the cut for the first round (67.8% for The World I know), why is it competing in the second round?

  26. BrazenSongBird says:

    I actually surprised myself today and chose a Casey James performance over a David Cook one. Even though I think Cook is the superior artist, and James’ bleaty voice drove me a little crazy during his season, Jealous Guy was one of those performances that was laden with such feeling and emotional commitment that it could not be denied. So, it got my vote.

  27. Beautiful You says:

    Elliott is just the best contestant/singer ever to have been on this show. Kind, gracious, funny, humble, and with just the most KILLER voice. If he doesn’t win the whole thing, I’m going to be sad :(

    • Lucky says:

      I kind of agree with you. Elliott was by far the most underrated contest in Idol history, Kris Allen being a close second.

  28. MattFTMFW says:


  29. tinybuffyfan says:

    Bo vs. Blake was the only tough one for me, as well. Oy at those two being pitted against each other! I agree with another poster that each of those performances was the contestant’s best of the season, and those contestants were my fave of their seasons, as well. I had to give it to Bo b/c like others have said, I still get chills every time I listen to/watch it. But Blake was amazing that night!

  30. Cathy says:

    I agree, no fair to pit Casey’s Jealous Guy against Cookie, but Cookie’s gonna win. Casey’s performance was one of my favorites the whole season and I’d gladly have voted for him over some of these other choices.

  31. tinybuffyfan says:

    And just to join the chorus: I, too, am a Cookie fan through and through, and was dismayed that neither “Hello” nor “Billie Jean” managed to make this bracket. I love Michael S beyond words, but I do not understand these omissions at all.

    • Amy says:

      I agree. Hello and Billie Jean were amazing performances and were the ones that made me first take note of David. But then I look at it as he had so many great performances on the show that its hard to choose just one or two.

  32. Patrick says:

    Blake Lewis bastardized “You Give Love A Bad Name.” That is a song the whole audience is supposed to sing along to and then he ruins that moment by doing his stupid, idiotic beatboxing.

    William Hung’s version of “She Bangs” should be able to beat Blake Lewis’ butchery of Bon Jovi.

  33. Paul says:

    I agree with most of the results– David, Elliott (SUCH A GREAT VOCAL ON THAT SONG) & Adam’s performances are definitely some of the best of their respective seasons.

    The only one I am torn between is the Blake/Bo matchup. Blake’s was so original, but Bo took a huge risk and it was such a haunting performance. I lean towards Bo but I get they are 2 groundbreaking performances for Idol

  34. nich says:

    How the hell is Blake beating Bo Bice? That’s just wrong!

  35. sara says:

    The Casey vs David duel is really really tough for me. “Jealous guy” was my favourite performance of that whole season, and “Always be my baby” is in my own David Cook-Top3, which makes it pretty damn high overall. What to dooo what to doooo…

    Also I know I’m pretty much alone with this, but I was never that crazy about “Mad world”. The performance was amazing of course, but the song itself had been played to its ultimate death about 5 billion times over due to all the damn Donnie Darko hype, at least here in Europe. And Matt’s brilliant take on “Let’s get it on” was the first Season 8 – performance I ever heard and what got me so hooked on it in the first place… blaaah blaaah blaaah, I know.

  36. sara says:

    … wait WHAT. Blake is winning over Bo’s “In my dream”? Are you freaking kidding me?????

  37. Isabela says:

    OMG! No way… Bo Bice’s “In a dream” is a million times better than anything Blake will ever do in life..

  38. idollover says:

    I loved Casey’s performance of Jealous Guy, but in my opinion, it was his ONLY idol moment in all season. So I just couldn’t give him the vote because Cook had so many great arrangements and performances. ABMB for me is just as good as Billie Jean and Hello just because in AI it is all about originality, arrangements and personality and he had it all.

  39. John says:

    I love the Blake/Bo matchup. Both versions were awesome in their own way, but I went with the innovative “You Give Love” over the stripped-down “In a Dream.”

  40. Reality says:

    Comparing anything Blake Lewis did against Bo Bice is beyond ridiculous…Bo’s in a Dream Was big league…Blake was worthless

  41. sage says:

    Bo vs. Blake should be interesting. Both were bold performances and vocally fantastic. I voted for Bo because it was more haunting even though I LOVED “You Give Love A Bad Name”

  42. JVC says:

    The toughest in this round will be clearly Blake vs. Bo. It took me a while to figure out which one to pick. In the end i choose Blake’s you give love a bad. I was REALLY impressed by the creativity he put in the performance. No disrespect to Bo Bice (I mean it takes GUTS to sing acapella on live tv) but i have to give the win to Blake.

  43. Georgia says:

    I supported Blake in his season, but had to pick Bo Bice this time. Very tough choices, and another reminder of what excellence we’ve witnessed in these 10 seasons.

  44. Carman says:

    So how does the voting work in this poll? Is it just a one time vote, daily, or as many times as you care to vote?

  45. betsy says:

    Elliot Yamin is hands down, by far, my favorite contestant of all seasons of American Idol. His “Song for You” was, as Simon said, a “vocal master class.”

    • Zach says:

      Hmm, I’m in the minority, but Ruben was awesome and hardly a dated Idol winner, and Superstar was arguably his best performance.

  46. kandace says:

    Adam Lambert beats all of the other idol contestants by far. :D

    • Fiona says:

      Yup there you go. The OTT Glamberts

      • Beverly says:

        Huh? Funny the others are gushing over their fans & you made no comment! Why when Adam has a fan say “Adam over all the others!” you say “yup there you go. the OTT Glamberts”! What’s up w/that! By the way “ADAM LAMBERT OVER ALL THE OTHERS!”

  47. idolbeat says:

    I voted for Casey over David. I did not like Always Be My Baby live. I love the studio version but not the live. Casey’s was the other way around – the live will always be my favorite of all songs performed live on Idol in any season. I have 9 American Idols songs of David’s on my ipod and 14 of Casey’s and he wasn’t even the DECLARED winner!
    Both are very talented – for different reasons, but are equally passionate about their music! That is what makes them great!

    Michael, when are you going to interview him? Has he been the only top contestant that hasn’t been on your show?

    • CarolynCollins says:

      yes, i agree. Casey James is my pick because when i listened with my eyes closed, his songs were consistently pleasant to my my soul. and thats what i want on my radio, on my music i listen to when its not being over taken by theatrics of stage. so far on idol, Casey is the only one that pulled me out to the tour. just to hear what he sounds like live. i have not been dissappointed any of the 4 times.he plays acoustic, electric, jazz, rock, country blues,..anything he plays his way is what i’m looking yeah.. when ARE you going to interview him?:)

  48. rowena says:

    This poll isn’t really going work David has so much more fans then Casey and Jealous Guy are still better then some of the other options on the poll. I am a big fan of both and I like Jealous Guy more then Always be my baby. Always be my baby isn’t my favourite Cookie performance, there is at least three other performances that I liked more like Hello, Billie Jean and The world I know, then after those Always be my baby. As for Casey he didn’t have just one great moment in the season, Don’t was also great and I loved Mrs Robertson but he never really got the credit he deserved for it.
    It is funny that both David and Casey did acoustic concerts during the past week, they were both absolutely fantastic! But as with Jealous Guy, I would give Casey the edge with Show me a bridge. I think I would now just not vote in this poll anymore, it is a bit useless now for me.

  49. Pauline says:

    My vote goes to Casey James! I mean, Jealous Guy was the best performance of Season 9!!

    I prefer David Cook’s version of Music of the Night than Always Be My Baby.

    But if you’re gonna look at who’s a better Idol contestant, then hands down to David Cook. He was always good, Casey had shining moments but not every week.

  50. haney says:

    if it is a bracket like ncaa then show us the bracket. Didn’t understand some of the idols were against each other…He seems to making it so is the results he wants