American Idol Top 5 Tackle Songs From 'Now and Then': Who Did Best? Who's at Risk?

Color me dazed, confused, and still trembling with unmitigated fury. Tonight on the American Idol stage, a Season 10 contestant managed to move to tears not once, but twice , and yet somehow managed to get the evening’s worst critiques for the first of those two performances. Oh, sure, Randy, J.Lo, and Steven came around with a Standing O for the second of Haley Reinhart’s two performances, but as far as I’m concerned, the utterly ridiculous performance of the judges’ panel can be summed up with a pair of Twitter hashtags: #TooLate and #NotEnough. Meanwhile, several performers got free passes for whiffing on pitch, stage presence, and emotional connection to the material. If I knew how to type the emoticon for an exploding head, I’d insert it between the following brackets [ ].

Okay, deep breaths I’m not going to say another word about tonight’s telecast in this post — instead I’ll channel my rage into a full episode recap to post overnight right here at [UPDATE: Full recap is now liiive! Click here to read it!] And so in the interim, I turn it over to you.

‘The Voice’ Recap: Second Chance Sweepstakes

Sound off in our polls about tonight’s best and worst performances, head down to the comments to expound on said opinions, then scroll down for the latest three-part episode of the most important series on the Internet right now, Idoloonies. And for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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Elliott Vs. Ruben, Plus Adam Lambert, David Cook, & More!

Tonight’s Set List
James Durbin: 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Closer to the Edge”
Jacob Lusk: Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown’s “No Air”
Lauren Alaina: Carrie Underwood’s “Flat on the Floor”
Scotty McCreery: Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone”
Haley Reinhart: Lady Gaga’s “You and I”
James Durbin: Harry Nilsson’s “Without You”
Jacob Lusk: “Love Hurts” (by the Everly Brothers, and also by Nazareth)
Lauren Alaina: Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody”
Scotty McCreery: Elvis Presley’s “Always on My Mind”
Haley Reinhart: The Animals’ “The House of the Rising Sun”

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  1. WillB says:

    Tonight on Idol, Haley and the ReinTones.

    • Owen says:

      Oh, give it up, Slezak. So they ruined the story you were trying to perpetrate, they sank the narrative you were probably sure would win you the Pulitzer for Pop Culture Blogging. Bitch bitch bitch. “…they (American Idol) have it against Haley, they are persecuting Haley, they want Haley not only to lose but be a blood sacrifice to the Gods of Scotty&Lauren-4-the-Finale.” THAT’S what you’re pissed off about. Haley was somewhat unfairly critiqued for her first song but then was given more than fare due to her absolutely fantastic final number. Plus: PIMP SPOT TWO WEEKS IN A ROW. And don’t say last week she didn’t get the pimp spot. Her preceding the James/Jacob debacle was enough to get her past Casey. Don’t you think the Idol people knew that. Ass.

      • Owen says:

        She got a friggin’ standing ovation from those judges you are soooooo upset about. Argh.

        • Owen says:

          I’m sorry, on my original rant I misspelled the word “fair” as “fare” as someone later inferred I did not know how to spell. I will have it corrected when I repost it as I’m sure Slezak’s conspiracy theory full post will piss me off even more…

        • Lee says:

          HALEY FOR THE WIN!! Anoop did a better job of Always On My Mind than Scotty. Bottom 3: Jacob, Lauren & Scotty. Eliminated: Jacob.

      • Deltasue says:

        AMEN!! Truer words were never spoken!

      • corey says:

        slezak- cool it with your conspiracy theories about haley. no one is out to destroy her! cool it!
        one thing i do have to say though about james’ first performance- similar to with jacob lusk a few weeks ago, it is hard to feel bad for or emotionally connect with a contestant when they come on with those sob stories, once they’ve already shown how arrogant they truly are.
        example 1: jacob lusk’s dance with my father “incident” (for lack of a better word) a couple weeks after his look-yourself-in-the-mirror “fiasco”.
        example 2: james’ my heidi and hunter…i must let them go whenever i see them (frequently) comment, after portraying himself as this hard-core rocker guy who thinks he’s sooo great. examples for that? his thing with stefano, general attitude on stage and whatever.

        contestants: get off your little ego trip thing and realize that none of you are superstars yet. from justin guarini to lee dewyze, unsuccessful singers have placed higher than 6th in idol history.

        • Sam says:

          I completely disagree, Jacob and James’ situations could not be more different. There is a huge difference between Jacob’s off-putting, holier-than-thou remarks/attitude and James’ “hard-core rocker guy” persona. I think James is confident while Jacob is arrogant. Did you see Jacob cheering for HIMSELF when J.Lo made the (preposterous) prediction that he would be in the top 3, or 2?? And even though James thinks highly of himself, I equate his self-image to that of a little boy who is just having the time of his life, a bit of a ham who likes attention and performing, whereas Jacob just thinks he’s god’s gift to the show.

          Also, I don’t think either of them were “sob stories,” yes the producers milked it, but there was real emotion there. I don’t think its at all implausible that James would miss his wife (girlfriend?) and son every time they leave.

          • Maybelle says:

            I agree with you Sam. The thing is I am sure they all are making sacrifices as you will “hear” but because James expresses it on camera he is a “sob” story and told to “get over it”. Why? Why should he get over it? The dude misses his family, WHY SHOULD HE GET OVER THAT? So the producers of Idol are milking it, how is that James fault? For having an honest emotion he is flooded with sarcastic remarks. I doublt any of those “haters” could do what any of these idols are doing. I don’t completely agree with Slezak but I do to some degree, Haley is getting NO LOVE and she knows it. Poor girl. I think she will do just fine. Now Jacob, it is time for that guy to go!

          • Amber says:


      • yappa says:

        Nah, Slezak was bang on. The first judging commentary was total bull. They dissed the song because noone knows it – hunh?! What happened to talking about how she sang it?

        As to the second song, they held back way more than they should have. It was the best performance of the competition, IMO.

        I’d like to see Haley and James in the final. I wouldn’t place money on that happening though.

        • SusieQ says:

          I hate that excuse that no one knew the song. A lot of songs they sing I don’t know…especially the country ones. I still like them b/c I listen for talent not “Oh wow I can sing a long and I know this song!!”

          • ohbabs says:

            any lady gaga fan knows that song so i guess little monsters don’t watch american bad. whether you knew the song or not Haley did an amazing job on it and it is a great song. The judges were so lame. There have been many songs on idol that i personally have never heard, many country and the 30 seconds to Mars song i can’t say i have heard. So What. Haley has not been my fave, but tonight my mind was changed. She is so far better than ANY of the other contestants and the fact that she is being marginalized makes me sick. wait i better vote some more.

          • jen says:

            I know, right?! Doesn’t no one knowing the song make the performance seem more original?! They should have judged the performance, NOT the song itself!!! I had nothing to compare the performance to, because I didn’t know the song, but I thought she sounded GREAT and liked the song! :)

          • Holly says:

            Exactly! I don’t know the first song that Scotty sang last night, but I thought he gave a great performance. Hayley’s performance of the Lady Gaga song was SOOO good, I actually liked it better than “House of the Rising Sun.” Not that I didn’t think her second performance was great – it really was fantastic – but I think I appreciated the first one more because I have never heard the song and she made me love it! Hayley’s two songs are the only things I will be downloading from last night’s show.

        • Dani C says:

          Amen! I seriously wanted to reach into my TV an b*tch slap Jlo and Randy. What the hell?! James and Jacob were both pitchy; yet somehow James is in it to win it and Jacod is ONE OF THE BEST SINGERS EVER ON THE STAGE?! So suck it Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken, Bo Bice, Elliott Yamin, Jordan Sparks (forgot Jacob sounded better than her too), Adam Lambert (Jacob sings higher than you too), Allison Iraheta, Carly Smithson, David Cook, David Archuleta, Kris Allen, Crystal Bowersox! You got nothing on Jacob Luck. Lauren performed the same mid-tempo number she almost always does, sang it the same way she always does, shuffled around the stage the same way she always does…and yet somehow she finally pushed through and showed America what she could do…whatever; second song was a slightly better. Scotty’s first performance was really great, but his second just sounded wonky; yet he’s beautiful and amazing. So why can’t Haley get any respect?!. Blaiming the song choice cause it’s not a “known” song; i call bullsh*t on that.
          And getting the pimp spot doesn’t mean anything unless the judges ACTUALLY PIMP YOU! She deserved the standing O and she deserved one for the first one was well; Haley killed it tonight.

          • Sam says:

            Double Amen! What was that crock of sh*t J.Lo was spewing about Haley having to bring it if she wants to compete with the likes of Scotty and Jacob? After Jacob tore up “No Air” into shreds, and stepped on it, and spat on it, WHAT?! WHAT THE ACTUAL CRAP?! She should be telling JACOB “baby lock them doors and put away the bag of tricks and just sing the melody for once, because Haley’s been BRANGIN it for the past couple of weeks, so you better watch out if you want to compete with the likes of HER.” That’s what she SHOULD say.

            The Lady Gaga song was great, not the best Haley performance, but great vocal, and during that first round, it was the BEST. And it was the only one that got negative criticism. Besides Jacob’s lukewarm “this isn’t the right direction for you” comments. Yes because a horrendous sh*tshow isn’t the right direction for anyone. UGH. No respect.

        • Jay says:

          Siobhan’s was much better…more hauntingly beautiful. Haley’s was decent but not moving.

          • John says:

            I am a big Siobhan fan but I have to disagree. Watched both versions tonight and Haley’s is more unique and memorable.

          • nancy59 says:

            Jay–Siobhan’s version of House of the Rising Sun was amazing, haunting–the best. Haley’s version wasn’t memorable at all. I think the judges gave her a standing O just so they wouldn’t be accused of being anti-Haley.

            Haley–mediocre! And what will her album sound like? Stale imitations of far better singers.

          • Kryssyess says:

            I still listen to Siobhan’s version,which I also prefer. Haley’s not wierd enough to twist it like that, and I kept wondering if her voice will make it to the end of the season!

          • joy2011 says:

            Just listened to Siobhan’s version and I think Haley hit a homerun being that she captured the message of the song. S-sang with too much virbrato and basically the same from begining to end. Haley had such subtle nuiances and highs and lows that made you want to listen carefully to what story whe was telling. S-no doubt has a nice voice but with this song Haley definately out sang her. Just saying!

          • joy2011 says:

            I also want to add she had so much more creativity in her rendition. Someone could easily imitate S’s version while it would be difficult to attempt Haley’s version. JMO.

          • Siobhan's version better says:

            I agree Siobhan’s WAS WAYYYYYY BETTER,and very haunting which made it memorable.

          • Georgia says:

            Siobhan stopped the show with her performance last season, and I was shocked that Haley picked it. Still, Haley did a beautiful job.

          • Gata says:

            LOL – if you all had not said anything, I wouldn’t have remembered that Siobahn did this song last season. I liked it when she did it, and I LOVED it when Haley did it. If someone sings it next year, I will have forgotten that Haley sung it this year…you see I have that natural progression thing going on. I don’t retroactively remember all these contestants songs.

            #HALEY IS IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

        • KATHERINE says:

          Totally agree! BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE SEASON! Hailey was amazing with both songs! I voted for the first time in my life. Amazing!

          • JVee says:

            I voted repeatedly tonight for Haley – and I am ANCIENT, definitely not the voting demographic. Can’t help it. Love. Her.

        • karen says:

          You got that right…Haley is fantastic, she is original, gutsy, and a great performer no matter what she will make it big. I had never heard the Lady Gaga song but man it gave me the chills…loved it and I bet she will be acknowledged by Lady Gaga herself for the performance. The house of the rising sun, is one of my all time fav songs…and I have NEVER been so moved by that song as I was tonight.

      • Carlos says:

        Before talking crap, learn how to spell the word “fair”

      • Angela says:

        Woah…take a chill pill dude.

      • Jason S says:

        Idiot — the “pimp slot” means nothing. IT does not guarantee the person will be safe. The performance itself does. The producers watch the rehearsals and they decide who will go last based on what performance they think is best to go out on high note and close the show! Are you trying to argue they want Haley to win? I don’t think anyone can argue that she has been the punching bad this year!

      • haley's Comet says:

        Owen, have you downloaded any of haley’s songs on itunes? She is by far much better than anyone who now remains in the competion. JLO herself, admitted last week that Haley has one of the best voices in the comp., yet the Judges and indeed, idol continually undermine Haleys performances and downplay her abilities. How could you suggest she perform a previously unheard Lady Gaga song, and then condem her for performing the song that Jimmy and the AI producers shoved down her throat. By the way she SLAYED…SLAYED that lady gaga song. I think that was one of her best performances to date.

        Like SLEZAK I too am upset with the treatment of Haley on this show.

        • Owen says:

          Well, yes I have downloaded Haley. But Haley’s talent wasn’t the argument.

          • Haley's Comet says:

            Owen, since you’ve downloaded Haley’s music on itunes, you should be familiar with her amazing talent, and the fact that she is arguably the best singer remaining in this competition. Having said that, it’s clear that the AI production team is trying to undermine and downplay Haley’s abilities in favor of contestants like James, Lauren, and Scotty. With all of this in mind, Mr. Slezak’s outrage is JUSTIFIED and appropriate. I do not agree with your rant against Mr. Slezak.

        • karen says:

          Ya what you said!

      • Jay says:

        Yeah, he got the vapors over Pia, and now again here. Taking a TV show a bit too seriously…

        • Ehjay says:

          You do realize that’s his job, right? He gets paid for this. So he’s allowed to take it as seriously as he pleases.

        • Lourdes says:

          Slezak taking the show seriously is why his articles and Idoloonies are some of the best Idol commentary out there. Never change, Michael!

        • joy2011 says:

          Aren’t we all taking it a bit too seriously by making comments here. Passion is actually a good thing, it means you are connected to life.

      • CAM says:

        Absolutely! Her first number was a screetchy mess. While “House of the Rising Sun” sounded good for the most part, she doesn’t know what she was singing about. That’s the problem. That’s why so many people don’t vote for her. She has great moments, but there’s no comprehension of the words she sings. She seemed to interpret the song this way: “It’s about a brothel, so I’ll be sexy and growl a lot.” The song is about ruin and destruction. It’s not about joy. Look at her face when she sings. There’s absolutley no understanding of the guy’s pain and sorrow. Find a version of Eric Burdon sing the song with the Animals. Or even Jim Morrison.

        • Maybelle says:

          Cam that was my problem with Pia. That girl could sing the phonebook great, but she never connected with the song. Maybe that is why I love James. I feel him in his songs, plus I like what he sings. I think Jacob also feels his songs, I just don’t care for his style. Slezak is allowed his “fanboy” crush on Haley like he did Pia, doesn’t make him wrong, but remember that is HIS opinion as this all of ours. Doesn’t make anyone right or wrong, just different.

        • adamfan says:

          I think that she is totally overrated. I would take her more seriously if she did not look so “prom” every week. She overdoes it with the rasp, I know that that can be controlled and she rolls it out too much. I also don’t like her “oh, they are picking on me attitude”, not everyone needs to be in love with you darling Haley. She is a decent singer but not what a lot of people are making her out to be. Maybe people just need to root for someone and she is it? I just don’t get all the love for her, it was not like that from the beginning, it started when the judges were harsh with their critiques of her.

      • takakupo says:

        What the heck are you so upset about? Haley has been bashed unfairly all season long (as was Naima and Thia in my opinion, though some of what they got was just desserts, I’ll admit). There hasn’t really been a single night where Haley’s received the criticism or excitement from the judges panel that she deserves in a comparative manner. If you look at how the panel critiques the boys like James or Jacob on any given night, they are never given a piece of negative feedback no matter what notes were missed or what connection wasn’t there.

        Michael Slezak is right in pushing Haley’s image further (though I think that he is just as complicit in hindering critiquing Haley on stupid things like saying she looks like she’s making ‘Come-ons’ *rolls eyes*).

      • kai says:

        Why dont’ you just call this Haleyloonies! She seriously has the worst attitude. If anyone–for example James–had sworn at Jimmy or pulled the pissy attitude she did tonight, you would be all over how bratty and egotistical he was. But when Haley has a F%#! them attitude, she is applauded. I seriously think that Jimmy Iovine was right weeks ago, people are watching your attitude and work ethic for the future. She never seems invested and she cannot deal with criticism. And seriously quit whining, the show ended with her getting a standing ovation! When is the last time they did that!!!! If you want to be pissed, blame Iovine for convincing her to take a risk. By the way, her last performance was stellar, but she STILL has not had an emotional connection to any of her songs or performance. There is no soul to back up her vocals and I think it’s because she is not fully invested.

      • Carol says:

        Owen, you are completely free to disagree with Michael, but how dare you call him an ass? Talk about a lack of class.

    • Haley just killed it with that last performance. I am so glad that the producers saw that it was going to be the best performance of the night and put her last. She deserved it. I really hope people forget the first song and stay with Haley, because Jacob was just so unlistenable. It was so painful I hit the mute button at one point. It was a complete mess, and the judges should have said so. They knew it wasn’t good, why are they taking it easy on him and buttering him up by saying he has one of the best voices ever on that stage. Give me a break. I just don’t get the Jacob love.

    • Candy says:

      OMG, my head was exploding right along with yours! I was screaming at my television. I voted for Haley for a half hour and believe if there is any Karma left in the world she will be in the finale. That’s what they all deserve–she, because she’s awesome, the judges, because they’re morons, and the producers, because they’re *word I can’t say*. I love your blog, and pretty agree with everything you say.

    • mixed msgs says:

      the show is definitely now sending confusing mixed msgs about haley.
      – jimmy procures a special song for haley
      – sheryl says she’ll have a “moment” with it acapella
      – she gets the pimp spot
      – BUT the judges throw her under the double decker bus

      is the show trying to say “look, it’s not our fault, we’re doing everything we can to save her, and she still can’t save herself”?

      did the producers tell the judges to bus her?

      that’s worse than anything!

    • Brenda says:

      Michael,You know I love your articles and the videos.Was watchin’ them where you were before but…you have shown something twice now and used the same comment-this segment literally disgusts me. I am not a fan of “Carrie” and please please do not show the ‘pig blood’ segment again. Also could you lay off scenes from The Exorcist also. Hey I put up with the cursing and the likes. Admit tingly I am a christian and have no tolerance for those gross scenes from those 2 movies. Thanks

  2. SpyKi says:


  3. JOHN says:

    MY GOD….FINAL FIVE…and more out of tune singing than I’ve ever heard at this point in TEN seasons…..Lauren, James and the terrible Jacob…had more ‘pitchy’ moments than I can believe….MISERABLE.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      ^what John said. It was worse than “Lee, who sings off key” EVER was.

    • JOHN says:

      …WOW…I was so angry with James, Jacob, Haley…that I forgot to congratulate Haley and Scotty…..the only two of tonights performers worthy of becoming AMERICAN IDOL, season 10!!!!!

    • ladyhelix says:

      It was so bad I honestly thought there was something wrong with my sound system during the first 3 performances – and then Scotty sang. He’s not my favorite but it was VERY clear that the variable was the performer – not my receiver.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Scotty deserves credit for picking a couple of very good songs and turning in two very good performances. I thought the background singers overpowered him in a couple of places on “Gone” but it IS a song that’s supposed to be sung by two singers (Montgomery AND Gentry). And he appropriately gave the word “gone” two syllables. It was an energetic performance and in the right key!
        I LOVE Elvis’ (Willie Nelson’s) “Always on My Mind”. Some of the prettiest lyrics ever written and probably one of the most painfully honest of love songs. I’m a sucker for good lyrics.

        • Lyn says:

          The Montgomery Gentry song was genius . . . not only an energetic performance, but a shrewd marketing move to pick the country tune that was the Atlanta Braves’ theme just a few years back! Scotty knows where his votes are. He also seemed to connect emotionally on the second song much better than the younger Idol performers usually do. (I voted for Haley, but am totally weary of her crappy song choices.)

      • Michael says:

        Scotty was fine, but just because he wasn’t out of tune doesn’t mean that he was anything special. His first performance while well sung was manic and the “performance” was amateurish. He flailed around the stage shooting faux hip-hop symbols to the audience. The second song, also well-sung, had a 3 note range.

        I like Haley. I really do. I don’t think, however, than ANY of these kids are worthy of the same crown as the likes of Kelly and Carrie. After all the hype, this season was no better than the last.

        Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez should be ashamed of themselves.(I don’t include Randy any more because he’s brain-dead and can’t help himself). They are so utterly useless. For the last few weeks, I’ve taped the show because I can no longer tolerate any of those a-holes. Simon phoned it in last year but at his worst he ran circles around these dolts. I hate this show. Can some please help me stop watching it?

        • agrimesy says:

          I wanted Scotty to sing the super low note in Always on my Mind the way Willie Nelson did it. I also wanted Lauren to hit the super high note on Unchained Melody. What’s the point of that song without the crescendo? I do believe Haley has the potential to be a great vocalist, but I don’t know about Kelly level. Kelly is the stuff.
          I feel the same animosity for the judges. They’ve gone from annoying to insulting, truly shameful. If you find a way to quit this show, please share.

          • Michael says:

            Yeah, I was really disappointed in Lauren’s second performance. She held back in every place she should have belted. Even her falsetto would have been nice. They are not giving that girl good advice.

          • Li-Li says:

            I will watch the show as long as Haley is on it. If she’s not in the finale, it will just be too frustrating. Next year, if they don’t change up the judges I may have to take a pass completely. Though it will be hard to give up Michael Slezak.

        • Leigha says:

          If these three judges are back next season, I will not watch. They are beyond frustrating. Are they completely tone deaf? Steven Tyler is there why again?

    • corey says:

      THE COREY AWARD FOR THE MOST OFF-KEY-YET-OVERRATED-PERFORMANCE-OF-THE-NIGHT-AND-IVE-ONLY-WATCHED-ONE: JAMES DURBIN’S CLOSER TO THE EDGE. and of course the judges are too preoccupied with whatver goes on in their minds to even comment on it…come on people.

    • Joe says:

      Haley & Scotty were best of the night. Lauren’s Unchained Melody approached train wreck status, but nothing will stop the machine from handing her the win. Nigel thinks America are morons and we don’t see through the charade. It’s offensive.

  4. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Fury does not cover my emotions on tonight’s show. So not only do they give crap advice about Haley’s song (that she KILLED), but they can’t even muster the strength to critique Lauren???? I now understand that we all need to know the song for their performance to be great.

    For once I agreed with Steven about his critique of “You and I”. *shudders*

    • SusieQ says:

      As soon as I heard Haley say that Jimmi suggested something for her to sing…I was like “NNNNNNNNNnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo” that you hear in the movies!!! I thought she killed it and I can’t believe that the judges would tell Jacob that he has the best voice and then slam Haley!! Some of the songs that they sing on the show I don’t know….so listening to one more that isn’t on an album yet doesn’t make a difference to me!

      • Jurybox says:

        I know! It’s like that scene from the movie Ice Princess. The novice skater is too much competition so the “friend’s” mother sabotages her chances by giving her a brand new pair of skates in the middle of the competition. Here, Haley – look – it’s a brand new shiny Lady Gaga song – won’t it be awesome if you get to sing it on Idol!!! (Just like the brand new skates, it’s gonna make you bloody up there even if you kill it – which she did, by the way.) Thankfully she blew everyone away with song number 2 – one that everyone knows. And I like her version much better than Sioban’s – and that one was pretty hard to top.

    • brooke says:

      I love clay aiken and I thought his unchained melody wasn’t great. But I guess I am too tired of hearing this song to even judge lauren!

  5. the real wendy says:

    James Durbin. No. No. NO. NO! Wow. So bad made me rethink of Jared Leto as an amazing “Vocalist!”. His second song… not much better! And I am a James fan! What are these judges listening to?
    Haley’s HOTRS… really amazing. I really loved it! Top ten Idol performance ever?
    Jacob was God-Awful.
    I find the other two so forgettable… although I liked Scotty’s first song OK.

    • tamara says:

      I feel the same way about James. He was my favorite, with Haley. But tonight he sucked, big time!! what the hell was that?? Closer to the Edge was god-damn-aweful. And then came the crying on the other one.
      I’m so disappointed.

      And the judges… no comment.

      Haley killed it tonight. She deserves to not only be top 3, and top2, but to win it!

    • Ali says:

      As a James fan myself, I gotta admit I was let down tonight. It’s like he wasn’t even trying on a lot of those notes. He was due a fair share of judges’ criticism that never came. I mean you can’t tell the guy it’s his contest to lose after what’s pretty much been his worst week. And Jacob! I was almost cringing and I thought he was going to get crucified…..but NO! A minor critique from Randy on his first song choice and JLo saying something about him being one of the best singers on the show ever (?!?!). It’s like they were stockpiling the negativity for Haley (first performance anyway). I still think there’s something to my conspiracy theory about TPTB secretly rooting for her and trying to stir up support with reverse psychology. But alas, there’s no denying the awesomeness of perf #2.

    • Blair says:

      I have to admit I wasn’t that impressed with James’ performance either, but excuse me …Jared Leto IS an amazing “vocalist”! That’s not just opinion. …it’s TRUTH, baby. How familiar are you with 30STM?

    • nancy59 says:

      NO, No, NOOOOOOO….it’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the pod people are trying to convince us that Haley is actually good! yak. yak.

      Haley is dead behind the eyes. There is never an emotional connection with the words she sings. She is a good mimic–she mimics what other singers sound like, but she has no true style of her own.

      Be brave, posters who write against Haley. We will survive!

      • evs says:

        It’s not that Haley is the reincarnation of Aretha Frenklin, it’s that the others are painful to watch. The judges bias against Haley (in previous weeks) also works against them. And Haley did great on Benny and the Jets, Piece of my heart and HOTRS. She’s progressed a lot since yodeling some 8 weeks back or so. BTW Have you seen Haley’s reaction to Randy finally giving her a compliment? Even after that performance she was ready to be ripped a new one

        Scotty is a one trick pony. It just feels like that for me, consistently. I like Always on my mind but he missed a melody that makes that song so.. felt.

        James was oh so horribly off key. Sometimes I just feel like he’s a giant teddy bear with trashy metal apparel. (Although he’s faithful to his music style, so that at least is to be respected)

        Jacob frustrates me. It feels like he does the same scratchy gospel riff everywhere. Did you hear Sheryl singing Love Hurts? That’s emotions, amazing voice and smarts. Also he is a little too into himself.

        Lauren.. trouble with her is that I just don’t care. She’s there. Her performances aren’t painful, not memorable either though. But when she speaks out, or plays to producers strings a giant neon sign “Trailer trash” lights up in my head. That girl is 16, yet her hair make up and antics are trying to hard to be grown up.

      • enterlaughing says:

        AMEN! Haley is the closest act to a Carnival Cruise lounge performer I have seen. Her forced smiles and ridiculous attempts to be sultry make me cringe. There is only so much I can listen to when the range is from a growl to a scream. She makes me want to clear my throat every time I hear her. I don’t see or hear the fascination that most others have with her. And before anyone else criticizes a singer emotionally connected to a song please remember one thing: Most of you people are in emotional meltdown over this TV show and are all over the page as far as your own emotions. Give it a break or take it on stage where it belongs :)

  6. Taylor says:

    HALEY! She killed it, not once, but twice. She deserves to be in the finals.

  7. Ehjay says:

    I can’t even with these judges right now. James can sing several off notes and get his back patted bc he cried buckets on stage but Haley sings gloriously and fantastically and all they do is critique a song choice JIMMY picked for her?! GFY, all of you judges.

    • mikey says:

      That’s okay, according to JLo, there’s “nothing to judge”

    • agrimesy says:

      The judges love James.
      The judges suck.
      Those who love James . . . . . . have something in common with the judges.
      Worst of the night by far gets the biggest praise by far. For me it isn’t about liking or disliking a certain style of music. James Durbin is a lousy singer, period.

      • evs says:

        Haven’t you heard that the judges are there to embrace the latin soap moments? And oh boy , are they nailing that one or what

  8. Gabe says:

    I love how Haley has almost 80% in the poll right now…. I thought You and I wasn’t bad, but House of the Rising Sun completely blew me away.

    When she said she was singing this, I could remember Siobhan singing it and then I was so worried Haley would completely fail. Instead, she gave the best performance of the night by far, and one of the best of this season to date.

  9. andy says:

    lauren and haley deserve to be in the Final 2.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Were we watching the same program?
      Haley absolutely deserves to be there. But Lauren? I thought they were going to have to roll the oxygen tank out on the stage for “Unchained Melody” – her phrasing was awful and she sounded like she was out of breath in places. She didn’t do it well the first time she sang the song. I can not believe the judges didn’t call her on that!
      On the other hand, I loved Lauren’s hair. Mine looked just like that in 1977. Killer Farrah hairstyle.

      • Michael says:

        Lauren is as good of a second choice as any of the others. I don’t know what exactly you are grumbling about. Jakob and James were both horrendously bad. Scotty was boring and safe. Lauren wasn’t great but neither were any of the others.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I was grumbling about bad phrasing and poor breath control on Lauren’s part during “Unchained Melody”. Sorry, but that just drives me crazy. It drives me crazier that the judges don’t call her on it – this IS a singing competition, isn’t it? Oh, forget it, they don’t call anyone on anything – other than Haley for singing a song they haven’t heard before????

          Channeling Carrie Underwood to get votes didn’t win any love from me, either. Just my opinion. But honestly, I have never cared for Lauren. In a few years I might like her.
          I put Scotty in second place behind Haley tonight. Normally I like James.

          • Oxygen Please says:

            I agree darcy’s evil twin. Lauren undersang Unchained Melody, like she undersings all her power ballads. Very disappointing. And she chickened out on the final glory note, like she always does. She really missed an opportunity to belt it out of the park. Instead, her delivery was just a gasping-for-air meh.

          • Catherine says:

            Lauren would have been better served by Idol to be told to come back in a year or two. Undoubtedly she has an amazing voice, but as you say, phrasing and breath control problems. Flat on the Floor seems to be the type of song she needs to sing but she kept falling off at the end of the phrases and running out of breath, and couldn’t keep up with the song. I agree with the comments on Unchained Melody–if you aren’t going to hit The Note, don’t sing it. The producers could have helped her out with a different arrangement, even more true to Leann Rimes’ version, in which she didn’t full on belt the glory note but sang it in a lighter, more yodel-y tone.

        • Erin says:

          Lauren couldn’t even hit the glory note that Unchained Melody is known for, the note the whole damn song is leading up to and delivered instead: disappointment. She dishes out disappointment like Scotty delivers eyebrows. All the time.

          • JBanana says:

            “She dishes out disappointment like Scotty delivers eyebrows.”
            OMG Freaking Hilarious!

      • Li-Li says:

        I think Lauren looked like Glitter Barbie.

    • Julia says:

      Yes, yes, yes. Haley slayed both her numbers and Lauren sounded as great as she did in her audition (for once.). Go girls!!! Haley number 1, Lauren number 2.

      Off key boys go home! (especially you, caterwauling Jacob)

      • Erin says:

        I agree Lauren is Number 2. HAR HAR.
        Seriously, the first song ate her alive, proving she is no C.Underwood and the second was just an overall fail – that song has been rocked by the best.

      • Sharon says:

        I agree on the Jacob and James off key, but Scotty was overall very on key.

  10. MEL31602 says:

    I think it’s better that the judges were more positive with Haley’s second performance because that way the fans will remember the reaction more vividly. And I actually agreed with the judges that while her first song was technically sung very well, the song itself was not that great. I am glad she got a standing ovation for the second song though.

    I also thought Scotty had a good night. Both his performances were solid and somewhat different. He even showed some stage presence with his first number.

    Lauren I liked as well. Her first song choice was a bit safe but I really liked Unchained Melody- it was probably my favorite performance of hers this competition.

    Jacob had by far the worst performance of the night with “No Air”, but I really liked his version of “Love Hurts”. I’m actually glad he lasted longer than Casey because when Jacob is on he is much more tolerable than Mr. Growly Angry Face.

    For me James was the worst of the night, simply because I didn’t like either of his performances. The rock song he did in the beginning was offkey for much of it, and while I really liked the beginning of “Without You”, he lost pitch once he got to the big notes. With all the crying plus the votes he secured from last week though, he should be safe and Jacob will likely be out

    • Michael says:

      When Jacob is “on” he hits about half of his notes, any that’s only if he’s REALLY “on”. Casey may be a growler but he was usually in tune.

      James Durbin never even found the melody in “Without You”. That debacle started from note one.

  11. Alex says:

    #TeamHaley #BetterTheSiobhan’s #SaveTheGrowler #JimmySabotagedHerWithThatStupidUnreleasedGagaSong

    • tamara says:

      yeah, it had ‘sabotage per Jimmy’ written all over it.
      As soon as I heard unreleashed Gaga song I panicked. And then that Jimmy suggested it. I started choking.

      And the effing dumbass judges didn’t mention how well she did, just that they didn’t know the song&it was a bad choice.

      And yet they praised the others’ performances, especially James’.

      That finger Haley pointed at somewhere was surely for the judges. You could tell she was angry.

      And the lyrics actually fit perfectly. Look:

      “And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God I know I’m one”.
      As she said “it’s been the ruin” she points the finger at them, with an angry face.

      So take that, judges. Oh, I hope she wins and shoves it up you know who’s you know what.

    • Erin says:

      Mantra for all: JIMMY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, JIMMY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Love Hurts for Jacob was not a pal move, either. Nor was the advice of play it boring and safe and cover the most covered country song of all time, Scotty. These crap ideas make me think he really is an accident.

  12. SharonM says:

    Wow, they really don’t want Haley messing with the machine. And Jacob… why. Just… why.

  13. Gary says:

    I was ready to throw something at the TV if they said anything negative about Haley’s final performance after their earlier critique on her after ignoring some other questionable performances. I loved the look of shock on Haley’s face when Randy gave her good feedback.

    • ladyhelix says:

      You did notice that right after the good feedback Randsy said “and a number of people had TWO good performances tonight”. What a Duche

      • tamara says:

        omg, I caught that too!! didn’t know who said it, but I heard it.

        What a bunch of douchey guys! at least the crowd was so loud they could barely be heard, but they got the nerve to stick that in.

        I’m always so pissed after each episode. But at least Haley closed the night with a dantastic number, to be remembered forever. &she got a standing ovation. I bet she cares more about the audience than what the judges say.

        Haley FTW!

      • hz says:

        and i thought jlo’s feedback was really a backhanded compliment… she said something like Haley was only good because she was mad at them? okay, it wasn’t totally backhanded. but it also wasn’t totally glowing, as it should have been!

  14. SybilT says:

    As soon as I heard the JIMMY had suggested the unreleased Gaga song, I knew the bus was coming for Haley. But I didn’t know JLo would be driving it. “I don’t know if Jimmy did you any favors.” JLo, I am officially breaking up with you.

    Haley did a great job with that song — though I would preferred to hear her do LG’s “Speechless” — but her “House of the Rising Sun” was beyond amazing. And yes, the judges’ ovation was #toolittletoolate If she goes home tomorrow instead of Jacob “Love Hurts and So Do My Eardrums” Lusk, I will cut a bitch. “Love Hurts” and “No Air” sounded like the mating calls of drunken Siamese cats. And James’ and Scotty’s first performances weren’t so hot either.

    • JBanana says:

      lol! When Jacob was singing, “It Hurts! It Hurts!” I was like, “It sure does, Jacob! Make it stop!”

      • dgman says:

        Yes…I can only imagine what fun Slezak will have with that clip/line in the next Idoloonies.

        • tamara says:

          hahaha!! so true!

          I literally got sick, really. Like somebody had stabbed me, and then I felt nauseous. I’m not kidding.

          What hurts even more is seeing the judges trying to restrain themselves from saying somehting bad. And then Haley does a fantastic song and it’s all negativity again.

    • imrahd says:

      @ SybilT, you are too funny for words, I burst out laughing and my daughters were looking at me strange,I am still laughing, Mating calls of drunken siamese cats? OMG, that is the funniest thing written ever.

  15. Bee says:

    haley was just WOW. for me, best performance of the season easily and one of my favorites ever on the show. she just had a “moment” with HOTRS. and you and i was such a cool and great opportunity and i thought she absolutely rocked it. she deserves to win. if i got a haley/james or haley/lauren finale, there would literally be tears of joy on my face. lauren was the second best and did great. if anyone other than jacob goes home, this show is a joke. oh and the judges are on drugs. pure and simple. yes they praised haley at the end like they finally should have, but james was really that flawless to them? scotty that mesmerizing? jacob didn’t sound like a dying cat? ugh. just be safe haley. top 4 here we come!

  16. marie says:

    I’m with you 100%, Mr. Slezak; I too felt total rage at those idiot judges after Haley’s first performance. She KILLED that song – no way they couldn’t have known that.
    I voted my fingers off for her – now excuse me while I go vote some more.

  17. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Ouch! Why is everyone being so negative? I thought it was a very good night (except for Jacob, who outlived his welcome last month or so.) I’m voting extra hard tonight for Haley, Scotty, Lauren, and James; they are the rightful Top 4! Please help me make that happen, people! Show Vote for the Worst that they cannot outlast us and we will defeat them!

  18. MrSideEye says:

    I am begging you all…. PLEASE VOTE FOR HALEY
    1-866-IDOLS-05 or 1-866-IDOLS-10

    Now excuse me while I watch her SANG House of the Rising Sun while voting.

    • Deltasue says:

      If you have to BEG people to vote for Hayley, then maybe she wasn’t as good as you thought she was! Now excuse me while I vote for anyone BUT her!

      • FredKnows Better says:

        Yah, she was really that good.

      • Templar says:

        I can’t tolerate Jacob, but if it came down to Haley and Jacob in the finale, I’d have to vote for Jacob.

      • Teecie says:

        I wish I could vote – American Idol doesn’t let Canadians vote. I’ve been a James fan most of the season, but tonight ALL of my votes would go to Haley. She was great on You & I, but brilliant on HORTS!

      • Sam says:

        Haha, I feel ya! Haley has had 2 or 3 real moments on the stage, but James and Scotty have been consistently awesome every week! I hate how suddenly everyone is on Team Haley… I’d rather have a winner that is creative, talented, knows their style, knows how to craft a performance, and has been consistent every single week! (In other words, James.)

        • hz says:

          are you an american idol producer?

        • DonDDD says:

          James has been consistently – consistently off pitch. It’s a singing competition and while he has amazing natural range, he just doesn’t have the control. The same can be said about Jacob.

        • Cami says:

          James has been consistently self-indulgent, off pitch and out of control. TPTB are pimping him because he’s got a sob story and they think he’s the straight and therefore safe Adam Lambert. In fact, he’s the Danny Gokey of this season but with cooler jackets and pianos on fire.

    • Steph says:

      I must have voted for her at least 300x’s already tonight… Haley CANNOT go home this week, next week, anytime. She is the best voice left in the competition, constantly on key, and not afraid to take risks & show the shades of her vocal range, unlike Lauren who is praised to death by singing a song straight and not adding any of her own nuiances or flavor to it.

    • tekkie says:

      This is me not liking or voting for hayley or anyone else for that matter! This season sucks… :((

  19. Marta says:

    Haley should have cried and hit bum notes….the judges AND Sheryl Crow were eatin’ that crap up.

    The intended theme of James’ pre-package, the performance, his exit interview was “This is going to be about me crying.” *eye roll*. If you’re gonna cry on Idol– do it like the consummate professional David Cook: after your performance, unplanned, and out of genuine emotion because your dying brother is in the audience.

  20. Yo says:

    I wasn’t too sure of the Gaga song, maybe because I anticipated Jimmy Iovine setting Haley up, but I knew House of the Rising Sun was perfect for her. Just knew she would be fine…and what a performance! This girl is a pro, she’s been doing this a long time. She’s confident on stage, she’s gonna be okay even if she doesn’t win. Lauren Alaina, on the other hand, finally convinced me she is never going to bring it. Ever. She is not hungry enough or lacks the passion or something; she can do the motions, but she will never bring money in for any record company. Won’t happen, and I would think Iovine would know that by now. Nice to see the energy in the first song, but Lauren’s version paled beside Carrie’s. I’m not sure Lauren is into this at all.

    Nice Job Scottie! Lusk and Durbin a little to off key for me.

    • Michael says:

      That couldn’t be further from the truth. I like Haley MUCH more than I do Lauren, but Lauren will bring her label much more money than will Haley. Her voice is marketable and radio-friendly. Haley’s is not.

  21. Alex says:

    VOTE FOR HALEY!!!! Despite her performing the two best songs of the night and having slayed THOTRS, she is getting her butt kicked on dial idol.

    • Templar says:

      Not a chance i’d vote for her, but thanks for the news.

    • re: Dial Idol says:

      I’ve found the Raw Scores to be most reliable. According to those, Haley is leading the pack!

    • Jason McD says:

      Hey Alex,

      The thing to think about when looking at Dial Idol, it has counted 62,000 votes last wee, when last week there were over 55,000,000 votes. It is a very small percentage of the total number of votes registered…and it is only counting the people who use their software with a dial-up modem. Somehow I just don’t put a lot of stock in their numbers. I am some what of a geek, so I have a hard time trusting anything that comes from such old technology.

      They have been off a bit this year. I will admit last week they got it right with Casey going home (honestly not a shock at all even though I love Casey), but the week before that they had Jacob safe and Casey in the bottom three, they were actually opposite. The week before that they had Casey going home, but Paul went home…And here is the big one, the week before that they had Pia top three but she went home.

      So my main point is, Dial Idol can be fun to look at to see how a very small percentage of people are voting, but it has been off this year and in no way a real indication of how things will turn out on results.

  22. HaleyFTW says:

    Anyone else anxious to read the ever-chatty Jordin Sparks’ Twitter reaction to No Air? Hehehehe. I still can’t believe Randy told Jacob that he is a “better singer than the original artists.” Awww hell no!

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      I feel you, buddy. Jordin was the first winner I ever saw in concert and the first winner I really cared about, and she will always have a place in my heart. No one insults her like that. NO ONE!

      • I Heart Jordin says:

        Jordin was the first Idol contestant I ever voted for. I power-voted for her for 4 hours straight on Final Night. I can still barely feel my fingers.

  23. Louie says:

    So let me get this straight… All the contestants got the “In it to win it!” except the two that the judges (producers/Uncle Nigey) want in the bottom two. Subtle… Maybe that’s what Jimmy Iovine was talking about

  24. Lispill says:

    Dear Lord Slezak! WTF was that??? I was shaking with pure, unadulterated RAGE throughout most of the show!! Holy manipulations, i don’t think it’s ever been worse than tonight! And poor Haley gave the 2 best performances of the night and got run over and over and over again by the bus … I just can’t take it anymore …

  25. ThisTime says:

    Haley fans are delusional. No one can understand what the hell she’s singing most of the time with her slurring the lyrics and staggering around stage like she’s drunk.

    James is IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!!

    • Katt says:

      when he hits the notes

    • Galloway says:

      Really? Did James actually HIT any notes tonight? Usually like him, but he was awful tonight.

    • Joe says:

      hey buddy, take a look at the poll. you’re the delusional one

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I normally like James but what was that mess of a first song he sang? Jared Leto? Really? Isn’t he an actor? How about picking a song by real musicians? Gosh, even Nickelback would have been better.
      I’m old so I remember when “Without You” came out in nineteen-seventy-coveredwagon and I didn’t like it the first time around BUT – other singers on Idol have made me like a song I previously disliked (Crystal’s “Give Me One Reason is exhibit A). James sounded awful tonight. Too bad, I like the kid.

    • Robin says:

      He was really off key tonight, even worse than he usually is…

    • Templar says:

      ITA . Haley’s fans are starting to sound like Pia’s and Thia’s fans. Delusional and desperate. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • mark says:

        So Templar, you’re pretty much the only anti-Haley one on here… even with numerous posts, it’s ogtta be lonely in “I don’t know a great singer when I hear one land”

    • agrimesy says:

      You should sit on the judges’ panel. You’d fit right in with them.

  26. Galloway says:

    Haley knocked it out of the park… then left the park, found it, and knocked it even farther. Unreal.

  27. Katt says:

    Haley…just wow. Truly an Idol “moment”. I thought it was way better than Siobhan’s last season (an I loved Siobhan)! I’m just completely jazzed right now. Channeling all the “jazz” into voting energy! Pease vote with me!!!

  28. Kathy P says:

    Wow Wow Wow Haley was on it tonight!!! She has the attitude to go along with it….love her & dialing like mad right now. I loved her first song but I thought the same thing about the danger of singing an unknown song. I was surprised that the judges dug into her so bad, like, really??? That was an awesome fit for her voice. Jacob just screamed and ripped my ears apart with every bad screechy note…GO HOME will ya??? Love ya Michael…what would we do without you??

  29. JVC says:


    I may not have been full of complete rage, but more annoyed. How many times did randy say “in it to win it”? Seriously if rand gave up $20 every time he said that, that would be alot for charity. And steven tyler where do i begin?….. Oh with this…. DUDE!!! YOU CHOSE TONIGHT TO WAKE UP!! WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN!!? Haley’s last performance she owned. She could’ve killed it if she did it full on accapella. That opening was haunting and beautiful in a good way. As for her first number… it’s clear like stefano before her, Jimmy hates Haley. Remember when she cussed when jimmy said she didn’t know who she is as an artist? They didn’t mention it.

  30. Volcfom says:

    Rankings for the night:
    1. Haley
    2. Lauren
    3. Scotty
    4. Jacob
    5. James
    I can’t believe I have to rank James below Jacob, but I did not enjoy either of his performances and Jacob’s “Love Hurts” was mostly good.

    On another note, I am still wearing a look of disgust about the judges’ comments about Haley’s Gaga song. I personally prefer when they do lesser-known songs because it makes you focus on the singer, and not if you like the original better or whatnot. They criticized her in the past for doing a song that’s too well known. STOP THE CONTRADICTIONS!! I’m so glad she shoved it back in their faces. I’m also glad that we got a pre-performance interview with her and a shot of her family in the audience, I guess the producers are listening!

    Btw, Haley and Casey get criticized for their growls but Scotty does it and suddenly it’s genius?!? ARGH!

    I could write a book about tonight’s show, but I have to go vote for Haley now.

    • MEL31602 says:

      I would switch Scotty and Lauren in your rankings but otherwise I agree with you.

    • emily says:

      There is nothing good about Jacob’s singing ever. The judges were ridiculous to Haley. Both of her songs were exceptionally good. I thought this was James’ weakest week of performances overall. Lauern seems too young and they dress her too old. What was with that 2nd dress. It was hideous. You couldn’t get past the dress to hear the song, which was weak anyways. I agree with Ms. Crow, Scotty might as well buy a pick up truck, get a hundting dog, and a rifle and move to Nashville. I’m sure Idol sees the dollar signs avaialbe through his careet. I love Jimmy. He is a business man, and his business is music.

  31. MSD says:

    I was on Lauren’s side throughout the night– until she didn’t go for the big glory note in Unchained Melody. Lauren Lauren Lauren….even Kellie Pickler attempted that sucker! (unsuccessfully) I’ll always remember David Foster and Andre Bochelli trying to get her to nail that note….

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I just had a brainstorm in between voting for Haley and and voting for Haley – Little Missy Country/Pop singers should not sing “Unchained Melody”. Ever.
      Honestly, Pia wasn’t my favorite but I think she could have done that song justice. And I think Stephano would have done a good job as well.

      • Oxygen Please says:

        I agree again. Stefano would have put his own nuances into it, and he would have pounded the glory note.

  32. Jennifer says:

    Dear Judges, “You and I” is an awesome song and Haley sang it strongly…so please suck it. Furthermore, your standing ovation for “House of the Rising Sun” did not save your asses, and the fact that Haley wasn’t buying it either (and seems to no longer care about what you have to say) makes her 100x more awesome. She’s done with you, I’m done with you…please continue to suck it. Love, Jennifer (not Lopez, because I’m unhappy to share a name with her at the moment). P.S. – The only thing James Durbin left on the stage tonight was his pitch. That is all.

    • ladyhelix says:

      I don’t think his pitch ever made it onto the stage tonight (so that it could be left there). As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure it left the building BEFORE he sang!! Wow – he’s usually not that “off”.

      • Jennifer says:

        So true. Well, he has been off before…but at least in those instances there were other parts of his performances to be impressed with (like kick ass drummers, for example). The pyro didn’t cut it tonight.

        • Billy says:

          Speaking of kick ass drummers – the drummer for the Idol band must be a Haley fan. He kicks it up a notch every time she performs. Check out his fine drumming on (the usually boring) Bennie and the Jets, and the intro to House of the Rising Sun really pushed the song into high gear.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh gosh, what you BOTH said! I’m laughing. :-)

  33. lahdilah says:

    Wow! Biased much toward Haley? I thought reporters were supposed to be impartial…

    Since I’m not a reporter, I can honestly say Haley needs to go home. She has such an arrogant attitude and all she can do is slink and growl. She pouts if anyone says anything negative against her and then acts like she’s above all of it. She’s spoiled rotten and needs to learn some humility.

    • Molly says:

      You sound like a jealous b****.

    • Robin says:

      I love your sense of humor! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it :)

    • SpyKi says:

      I can see why you’re not a reporter. You’re a moron. Haley deserves to go home but only after she’s won. She gets annoyed because she’s the only person getting negative criticism even though she’s much better than the other contestants and even then she takes it with grace.

      • imrahd says:

        I agree with you, judges did not give negative criticism to James for his awful, off pitch performances. And Jacobs screaming hurt my ears, and J lo said he was the best voice ever on that stage? has she ever watched Idol before? Its an insult to all the great performers on idol before, that comment just made me so mad, I am done with J lo. Randy is known for being bad judge with limited vocabulary but J lo is just hateful.

    • SusieQ says:

      Haley was awesome…the only reason she has an attitude is because she gets thrown under the bus every week by the judges and Jimmie…if she didn’t have some type of attitude she would have broke a long time ago.

    • Amelia says:

      When have reporters ever been impartial? News reporters try to be (and fail badly), but media/entertainment reporters aren’t expected to be impartial.

    • Deltasue says:

      FINALLY! THE VOICE OF REASON!!! I thought that maybe all of you posters were being PAID to vote for her! Remember, this is only one site, and you are all sheep following Slezak. Other sites have her in distant 4th, just above “makes my ears bleed” Lusk. BTW, I am NOT jealous of that smart-a** attitude, sleezy karaoke singer, as there is absolutely NOTHING about her to be jealous of! Also…unlike Hayley, I’m a nice person!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Wow. Our very own Suzanne Sugarbaker right here on the Idoloonies message boards.

      • already bored says:

        I am not a fan of Haley or the show, but I can’t help but to point out that your whole comment itself refutes your last statement. You definitely could have been more kind in your comment.

    • notmzbehavin says:

      Michael isn’t a reporter, he’s a reviewer–he critiques, blogs his opinion well enough that people want to pay him for doing so.

      His job is specifically to give an opinion. He’s paid to do so.

      His opinion is that Haley is getting a raw deal by the producers, and I agree.

      You can tell that Haley is “spoiled rotten and needs to learn some humility? how?? Through watching an edited 3 or 4 minutes of her on a stage once a week? Through reading tabloids written by people who haven’t gotten within 1,000 feet of her?

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but your assumptions are fictional based on conjecture and the unkind editing of people who don’t have Haley’s best interests at heart.

      • Jason McD says:

        Thank you Thank you Notmzbehavin, someone that understands what Michael is PAID to do…just so happens that MANY people agree with him, that is why he is so popular!!!

      • Blair says:

        Well said notmzbehavin! well said.

    • Rhiannon says:

      Lol that you don’t know the difference between a reporter and a reviewer.

    • Jay says:

      “She pouts if anyone says anything negative against her and then acts like she’s above all of it”

      Is it any surprise? Look how you got set upon by people just because you aren’t worshipping her as they do.

    • joy2011 says:

      I hope you have a degree in psychology to make such statements about someones behavior and character. I hope that people don’t look at you and judge you harshly without knowing what truly is going on in your heart. I think YOU need some humility when it comes to assessing someone you have not met. All the contestants have great characters for putting their lives under microscopes in order to do something that they love.

    • Elle says:

      Oh. I thought you were talking about Lauren.

  34. tatyana says:

    Haley, darling! This night belongs to you and only you! Go

  35. Katie says:

    I actually wished that Jacob ran out of air while singing No Air tonight. It was a vocal massacre. For a season where I don’t particularly feel invested enough to care too much, I literally gasped, then yelled at my television when J Lo mentioned that he has one of the best voices ever on any season on Idol. I can only hope this means she’s only ever seen this season of Idol, and even then she’s wrong.

    Then my general feeling of aggravation only escalated when I thought Haley got a coveted Gaga nod, only to be knocked down after SLAYING the vocal. Yes, while the judges tried to play catch up on the Haley front with the standing ovation at the end, but it can be filed under too little, too late.

  36. Ken Adams says:

    it makes no sense to me how the judges claim they want to hear the kind of artist the contestants will be, and then when Haley shows them EXACTLY what kind of song she could put out on the radio that isn’t a mindless cover of a song we’ve heard a million times, they run the bus over her? (Minus Steven. I’m still kind of shuddering that I agreed with most of his critique). She was totally vindicated by HOTRS, but the judges owe her a serious apology for driving the Uncle Nigel bus over her after “You and I”.

    Breathe in, breathe out.

  37. Genevieve says:

    Did you hear what J-Lo said after Ryan asked her how the vote will go? Something like “they all sang well but some of them gave 2 good performances”…Haley looked a bit deflated after hearing that. That made me so angry, they only criticized Haley’s first performance harshly while the others had pitch problems etc (except Scotty but he was kind of boring, in general). And again with Scotty’s grandma. Man, I am surprised they showed Haley’s family (or friends?)after the standing ovation. The Idol machine is really not into her AT ALL. I hope she wins so we can sabotage them…That’ll show uncle Nygel.

  38. Linderella49 says:

    I had high hopes for Lauren when she started Unchained Melody but then reality hit – she is wayyyyyyy too young to sing that song. She essentially unchained the melody! Then Haley came out and cleaned the floor! I loved Siobhan’s version of House of the Rising Sun, but Haley slayed it! Totally awesome! If she’s sent home tomorrow there’s no hope for AI this season or ever!

    • SusieQ says:

      I think most of Lauren’s song choices are too old for her, but that is because she’s 16. If you close your eyes and not thing of her age its better….but Haley ROCKED IT!! If she keeps it up she is going to the final two (and I hope to win but James or Scotty probably will)

    • CKK says:

      I don’t think age has anything to do with it. I see Lauren as being disengaged from her song while she is singing. Her eyes are roaming around the audience like she’s searching for her bff’s. She smiles at inappropriate times in the song. She’s just not engaged with the music. She’s simply singing, technically, from her throat and her head, not from her heart.

  39. Danielle says:

    I don’t know what the hell the judges were thinking when they ripped
    Haley apart after “You and I,” but giving her a standing ovation does not make up for that horrendous atrocity they committed earlier.
    But there’s absolutely no way Haley’s going home. People will be talking about that performance, especially with her closing the show and getting the standing ovation. So amazing. And now she’ll get new fans with that performance plus some of the Casey fans that jump on the Haley bandwagon.
    I just don’t understand how Jacob can NOT go home this week. When he came out for “No Air” I wondered if that was even a human sound. And then I turned just in time to watch that gross gyrating…

    • Steph says:

      Casey’s fans, possibly Glambert’s fans, and maybe even Gaga’s fans (especially after Randy dissed her)… who knows what could happen!

      • imrahd says:

        @ Steph, assume too much,Casey fan, Glambert’s fan, Ga Ga’s fans? Really? Get a life and stop assuming things.

        • tomitweets says:

          Adam Lambert’s fans will be behind Haley because he has has picked her as his favorite. JS. I’m a Glambert, but we were voting Haley before Adam picked her–we also vote James. Haley was the best last night.

    • SybilT says:

      Kelly Clarkson tweeted about Haley tonight too.

  40. D says:

    Haley was magic tonight, plain and simple. An Idol Moment through and through. From the acapella to the last note=chills.

  41. Bobby says:

    Haley House of the Rising Sun BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE SEASON. So brilliantly beautiful. The You & I performance also gave her the 2 best performances of the night. This was a special night for her

    James sucked tonight. I like him usually but his vocals were way off tonight. He should be in the Bottom 2 but likely won’t be

    Jacob has to go. He’s escaped far longer then he should & as bad a James was tonight Jacob was worse & James has actually been consistently good before tonight

  42. Lana says:

    Never let James sing another 30 seconds to Mars song. Made me sing NO NO NO NO Please let Me forget!!

  43. Joseph says:

    Okay , Haley 1st
    I do not really love her voice but if I block that out she did sing both songs well and do not agree that the song needs to be well known. Heck very few people knew Mad World before Lambert sang it two years ago :)

    • Breeze says:

      ummm -not true. People of a certain age all knew Mad World – especially the original version. Tears for Fears sold a lot of CDs…

  44. Molly says:

    So, I keep trying to call and vote for Haley, but keep getting the heavy call volume message. Are any of you running into this while trying to vote for anyone other than Haley?

  45. Kate says:

    The only thing I love more than Haley is my DVR: look at all the crap I fast-forwarded through!

  46. SusieQ says:

    I love Haley and House of the Rising Sun was awesome but it looked like she had a songasm at the end of it!!

    • Billy says:

      I was too overwhelmed by my own eargasm to tell if she did or not. I’ll watch it again now and see if you’re right…

  47. Shari says:

    James has the R&B vote unchallenged. It has to be the only thing keeping him in. The girls did enough to stay this week. Scotty and James did too. Jacob’s vocals were consistent. All over the place. I am still waiting for that Idol moment. I liked Haley but I loved Siobhan. James last week was the closest I have seen. Wish Pia was still in it.

  48. Haley-fan says:

    Has anyone gotten through on 866-436-5705? It is always busy for me. Have not gotten through once. Either everyone is voting for Haley, or that line is broken. If Haley goes home tomorrow then it was absolutely fixed. Use the 5710 number. Save Haley.

    • tatyana says:

      @Haley-fan. Do it on line.

      • tamara says:

        it’s overloaded too. I’ve beem trying for 10 minutes&was only able to cast 2 votes. Please try again message continuously appears after I press vote (after selecting Haley)

  49. Kate says:


    Does the AI wardrobe department follow Slezak? During ‘Unchained Melody’, Lauren looked like a Disney Princess (see “Giselle from Enchanted”) in that gown!

  50. brooke says:

    Why does hayley always get the pimp spot?? Scotty has never had it!! Not fair!