Idoloonies: Sabotage for Haley, Bad Advice for Scotty, and...a Disney Movie for Lauren?

Who’s the real villain of American Idol‘s tenth season: Jimmy Iovine, Nigel Lythgoe, the American teenager? On this week’s installment of Idoloonies, my cohosts (including a real live high-school student!) and I ponder this important question, and assess the last five vocalists remaining in the competition.

We also take a deep dive into these other vital topics: Why is Jimmy so hellbent on destroying Haley Reinhart’s Idol dreams? Was Haley justified dropping an expletive during Carole King Week results show? (Spoiler alert: Yes!) What bit of advice should Scotty McCreery completely ignore? Which former Idol contestant should Lauren Alaina try to emulate? Did James Durbin have an Idol Moment with “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”? And Jacob Lusk: Why?

To get our answers, press play below on all three parts of our latest episode (costarring characters from Deadwood, Citizen Kane, and yes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). And for all my Idol news and ridiculata, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Sebastian says:

    This just in: I live for Tuesday afternoons and Idoloonies. Just thought you’d like to know :)

    • hooch says:

      Watch out! Full on Fanboi alert!
      Haley sang an utterly craptastic version of “Rolling in the Deep”. I bet Adele cringed all 43 times Haley missed her note during that Grammy winner and here we have a 30 minute tribute to her.

      No thanks..see you after Haley goes home next week.

      • karenb says:

        Excuse me, but I had never heard the song before Haley sang it. The other day, I heard Adele’s version on the radio. Hayley’s version was way superior.

        Haley FTW!!

        • Lily says:

          I agree with KarenB – I had never heard Adele’s version before I heard Haley’s, and I thought Haley sounded much better.

        • Karrie says:

          I had heard ‘Rolling in the Deep’ on the radio but it never caught my attention but Haley’s sure did! I absolutely loved Haley on this song and her iTunes was even better!! You were right on the money Slezak with Jacob… UGH! James and Haley in the finale… hopefully!

          • Tori says:

            Thank you! Definetely James and Haley in the finale!!! :) Everyone wants Lauren but she’s just too young for it.

        • Eli says:

          No, no, no, no, no, no, just no.

          I love Haley as much as Slezak does, but she did not sing “Rolling in the Deep” better than the original, this isn’t a matter of taste, this is just fact. You may have liked it more cause you like Haley’s voice more, but that does not mean she sung it better.


          • Ben says:

            This. I far prefer Haley’s, but I find it frustrating that people can’t acknowledge the difference between ‘I like it better’ and ‘Haley sung it better’.

            Haley isn’t that great of a singer, she just has character.

            As for Iovine killing Haley’s dreams – lets face it, as the season goes on it feels like Iovine spends the week trawling the internet and media and then reports back to the idols what people are thinking of them. I don’t think anyone listens to Jimmy each week to choose who to vote for. Also, Jimmy makes bad decisions often (trying to talk Casey out of Nature Boy?) and good ones. If someone listens to Jimmy every week and takes his word as gospel, never trusting their own instincts (haley or anyone), they actually don’t deserve to win because even if they are the best singer they will end up with the same over-produced crud for a first album that plagues most idol alumni. If Haley doesn’t make it through the week, it’s not because of Jimmy Iovine.

        • zengarden says:

          Woah, hang on. Haley is awesome and her performance of “Rolling in the Deep” was pretty great, but better than Adele? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. You can’t out-sing Adele, just saying.

          (Random ps, if you like RitD you NEED to check out “Someone like You” by Adele too — her Brits performance was nothing short of amazing.)

          • darclyte says:

            Kelly Clarkson has said that Adele is her favorite singer and the best singer out there. Haley not only isn’t even close, but the gal who sang Rolling in the Deep last week on the premiere of The Voice completely outsang Haley note for note, and was much more emotionally connected to the song whereas Haley actually was smiling while singing it and just…ok, I’ll leave it at that. Haley better than Adele, puh-lease. Yeah, and Osama bin Laden is working at a Burger King with Elvis.

          • Jason S says:

            Yes someone can outsing the original performer. In the case of Haley and Adele I believe they have equally good voices. Haley added a little of her growl and yodeling thing to it! Whether it’s better or not is a matter of opinion. I prefer HAley’s voice.

          • w11 says:

            Good Lord. She did not out-sing Adele on Adele’s song. You can prefer Haley, but she did not out sing Adele. Not even close. And for whoever it was saying they’d hadn’t heard of Adele until Haley’s version of her song…um come out from whatever rock you are living under and look around. Adele’s album has been number one for six weeks and in the top ten since February. She an amazing singer/artist.

            I love Haley, and I can say that without having to slight another (established) artist to make my affinity for her known. I hope she wins or at least makes the top 3.

          • B-scot says:

            I listened to both a few times and to be frank Haley is a more technical singer, Adele doesn’t use that many techniques but has alittle bit deeper voice and smoother style of singing.
            Haley is doing some very hard techniques with her voice but does it so easy that most people don’t even realize it. Power singers that go for great strong tones like Pia and some degree Lauren would blow out their vocal cords if they trying some of this stuff, the pressure is simply to great for the quick changes in the runs and octaves. Celine could do it but was very careful about lowering her voice abit first to easy the pressure on her vocal cords but she was had a rare talent.

        • EvaneSam says:

          Exactly..I heard Adele’s version one time and it was good but it didn’t stick in my mind. Then I heard Haley’s version and I LOVED it. And as I always do, out of curiosity I wanted to hear the original and was like: Oh this…. Adele’s version was great, don’t get me wrong Adele fans but hearing this song for the first time I Hayle’s version was WAAAAY better.

      • ????? says:

        Please upgrade the video format! the current format wont just play through no matter what computer I use, its really irritating bc i love this show.

        • Mike says:

          User: Upgrade your Flash player if you’re on a PC. If you’re on a phone, go on a PC.
          Idoloonies > Idol. Go Haley!

          • JJ says:

            Upgrading your flash player is not necessarily the right answer. I have the latest everything on my pretty much new computer and this is the only site that I have trouble playing the videos on. Just figures that Idoloonies is my FAVORITE…..

      • MJ says:

        I disagree. I LOVED Haley’s version of Rolling in the Deep … much, much better than Adele.

        Having said that, Idol is DONE after this season anyway so it doesn’t matter who wins. Everyone is now talking about The Voice. It’s amazing to me how they were able to find such current, relevant singers …. something Idol hasn’t been able to do in recent years. Their last opportunity for someone fresh and current was Lambert, and they blew it what the milquetoast WGWG who did “win” (I use the term loosely). Wow, talk about craptastic. That was the beginning of the downward spiral. Goodbye Idol!

        • Jason S. says:

          You sure it wasn’t Adam who blew it by putting out the awful album For Your Entertainment. Kris album actually sounds more current and contains better songs. And I preferred Adam on Idol and harder rock in general. Adam didn’t deliver though!

          • Katie says:

            You have you’re opinion, and that’s great. But in terms of facts (album sales) Adam Lambert is more popular/current/viable than Kris Allen. Adam Lambert has sold over 800,000 albums, and Kris Allen’s didn’t even reach gold status. Additionally, Adam got a Grammy nomination off that album. Do I think For Your Entertainment was perfect? No. But it was more successful than Kris Allen’s album.

          • Milly says:

            You must not keep up with Idols post the show much b/c Adam has wildly (over twice as much) outsold his winner. I actually think Kris is amazing, but that his album was generic soft pop that would have fit in musically 5 years ago. He didn’t sound new, even though we as Idol viewers know he can be (Heartless, She Works Hard for the Money). Adam’s album was not amazing either, but it was critically celebrated and much more successful overall (more labum sales in the us and way way more overseas, plus two singles doing well vs just one). I think both need better material for sure and they’ll be alright.

          • Ian says:

            I’m with Jason. Adam’s album was horrible. Way too pop and overproduced. I prefer his rendition of What Do You Want From Me? better on the stage than in the studio. I was hoping Adam would make an album like the Eurythmics. That didn’t happen.

          • Nelson says:

            Ian, I think you’re confused. It was Kris’ album that was horrible. That’s why no one bought it. LOL Not trying to start a fanwar. Just setting the facts straight.

          • imrahd says:

            Oh and because Kris’s album is so current sounding, it sold lot more then Adam? NOT, look at the sales number, fact check before you post.

          • Jason S says:

            I never judge an album as better because of sales. Frankly I don’t care about sales of an album. I personally thought Kris album was better then Adam’s Maybe it was a matter of expectation. I had a huge expectation that Adam would put out some good material but it was awful!

          • Jason S says:

            Oh and selling 800,000 albums when you had exposure to over 25 million fans is not a success.

        • WTF? says:

          Actually Idol is renewed through 2013, so no matter the crappy outcome of this season, it’s gonna be on for two more years, barring some major ratings slip. Also, really, we’re still dwelling on Kris Allen “stealing” Adam Lambert’s thunder? Still? Two years later, when Adam has clearly become more commercially successful? Oy vey.

        • iTonks says:

          typical of Idol fans. “I’ve never heard the song before. I checked the original and my idol sang it better”. Look, I like Haley A LOT but Adele’s original live performances of any of her songs are breathtaking. If you’ve never heard this song before I seriously suggest you to come out of the cave you are living.

          • Lily says:

            “Come out of your cave”? Hello, some of us are working long hours just to put food on the table and a roof over our heads, so we don’t have a lot of time to listen to the radio or a lot of money to spend on music. Welcome to the real world! I actually listen to the Idol performances only on YouTube as I don’t have money to spare for cable TV. I did buy Haley’s Rolling in the Deep on iTunes though (first iTunes download of this Idol season for me.) That’s the version I’m talking about liking, it’s actually much better than the live performance. And Adele doesn’t need to be defended – her version of Rolling in the Deep shot to #1 on iTunes after Haley sang it. Millions of people got to know Adele’s music and thousands more bought and downloaded her song, thanks to Haley.

          • iTonks says:

            lol I am not defending any artist. I am just trying to understand why idol fans have the need to put these singers’ covers over the originals. It is not just Haley’s Rolling in the Deep but also James’ craptastic cover of Uprising. He totally butchered that song and idol fans went gaga over it “OMG I checked the original but James sang it way better”. That’s rubbish. It’s just like Glee and those awful shallow covers and people making them #1 hits.

          • Lily says:

            People like what they like, can’t do anything about that. Personally, I think it’s good that people buy an Idol’s song and give back a buck and a quarter for a performance they enjoyed. Now is the window for these kids to make some money, it gets harder for them after this. For original artists like Adele, an Idol or Glee cover makes bank in royalties, plus brings attention and extra sales to their own music, so it’s all good.

        • MikeP says:

          Yeah, I kinda agree with MJ. I think the fact that Lambert didn’t win his season was really the beginning of the end for Idol. People can say what they want, but I don’t think Idol has been able to “recover” from it. He was just too good to not have won. It worked out anyway for Adam though. He’s a big star now. Good for him. Karma.

          I hope Haley sticks around. Would like to see that Durbin kid leave next … he’s the biggest poser the show has ever seen. Can’t believe he’s not called out on it.

          • RT says:

            Whenever the discussion moves to Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in these comments, I am always so surprised at the idea most seem to have that to like one, you have to hate the other. Those two are my personal favorite idol contestants in all of the seasons of idol. I liked their genuine friendship that was very evident throughout their season, as well as the way they helped the other contestants too, like Alison. I have heard Kris Allen say that he thought Adam should have won, and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear Adam say that Kris deserved to win. Why can’t people like one of them without trashing the other one? Anyway, contestants like them are what I miss very much this season. We haven’t had one really great moment yet. Kris, Adam, and Alison provided multiple great moments which is why their season is probably my favorite.

          • saronne says:

            To Mike P: James is no “poser”; if you could understand Asperger’s and Tourette’s Syndrome (which I have, also) you would realize this. He is a truly nice human being, as well. I know as a man his kind of behavior might get to you, but, again, you just don’t understand, nor are you aware, I think, of his background which so greatly contributes to how he presents himself.

            Although I don’t care for most rock music, and certainly not Heavy Metal, and as much as I hold Scotty as my favorite re performance and voice (and love Lauren as well), I will not shed a tear myself should he wind up winning. I can spot phonies a light year away- and I grew up in a show business family; I can tell you I met more than a few of them. This young man seems to be a sweet and caring individual, with, as I said, 2 conditions that can well exacerbate emotional issues.

            It certainly seems evident that the song that drove him to such an outpouring of feeling recreates a lot of memories for him regarding his fiance and son. Even “macho” guys have a tad of compassion for other guys sometimes, no? :o)

        • allie says:

          Totally agree about the contestants on the Voice being FAR superior to anyone on Idol this season. The country singers blew Scotty and Lauren out of the water. The rocker dad made James look like an amateur and while there is no direct comparison for Haley – even the pretty girl who didn’t get selected was better. (Jacob isn’t worth mentioning). I am a huge Slezak fan but I actually fast forwarded thru this Idolloonies now b/c I just wanted to hear his comments and see the clips. Could care less about these contestants and Iovine? Terrible. He is ruining the show.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I watched “The Voice” last night and I was so glad the “Rocker Dad” (the bald guy with six kids – heck, no WONDER he’s bald!) got a second chance. I still like James Durbin.
            Lesson learned – don’t sing a Blake Shelton song or a Miranda Lambert song to impress Blake Shelton! The girl that sang “The House that Built Me” got a second chance and wisely sang some pop song the second time around.
            I liked the guy that sang “Hillbilly Bone”. Thought he was good.
            And I cracked up when they all failed to choose that very pretty girl the SECOND time around – and were upset about it. It does demonstrate how important looks are! Her vocals just weren’t quite there. She should try out for American Idol!

      • idoloonies9 says:

        that happened to me too, last saturday i was watching tv and while changing i saw a video of that song and I said: wooow that’s what Haley sang the other night…oh that’s Adele!” I really enjoy Haley’s performances!

      • idoloonies9 says:

        that happened to me too, last saturday i was watching tv and while changing i saw a video of that song and I said: wooow that’s what Haley sang the other night…oh that’s Adele!” I really enjoy Haley’s performances!

      • Aubry says:

        Yeah Right! Haley’s version of Rolling in the Deep is awesome. Clear Lauren’s crappy vocals out of your head and listen again.

      • tamara says:

        you know, I think she did a hell of a job with Rolling In The Deep, and her voice wasn’t even fully well. An she even hit higher notes than Adele, she added more color to it. I love the changes she made, and she totally made it hers.

      • Mark says:

        Spoken like a true fanboi yourself. To call Haley’s performance craptastic is show what a complete idiot you are. At the very least the performance was one of the best covers of Rolling in the deep thats ever been done. Many would and have suggested that it brings another dimension to the song that was missing in from the original.

        Sorry fanboi.

      • Miguel says:

        I hadn’t heard Adele’s version before Haley performed it. Because of Adele loyalists like you, I gave it a listen. Once, maybe twice. Adele’s seems to drag in comparison — the song ends up feeling much longer. In other words, I quickly tire of hearing Adele perform it.

      • Miguel says:

        You’re not very bright.

    • @galaga6846 says:

      Me too. I absolutely LOVE this show!!! It’s so well done.

    • JOHN says:

      YES…I agree 100 percent….Michael…you are THE BEST. I’ve been a fan of AI since season 1 not just because it gives birth to a couple superstars…but because it gives THAT OPPORTUNITY to so many talented young performers…MANY of whom are today working in some segment of THE BUSINESS, and earning a better living than pre Idol. I hope the show has several more years of life….but in my humble opinion…2 changes are necessary. One…Randy must go…he has far outlived his shelf life. We have the ‘fuzzy-wuzzie’ Steven and JLo, and that is fine, but we need a ‘Simon-like’ judge (Michael???) to give these kids some accurate direction. Secondly….the ego-maniac Iovine should return to his executive suite and count his money. We have had so many great mentors through the years…and this ‘dude’ ain’t one of them….just my humble opinion for continuing AI success.

    • JVee says:

      Oh, God – me, too. I watch the whole thing with a smile plastered on my face. Hey Michael, I liked Haley even when you were a hater, ok – a not-liker. So glad you came around. :) She’s a great singer and has a vibrant magnetic personality. Home town visit for Haley, yes!

    • Brian Franklin says:

      Why is Nigel treating Haley like this?
      She’s my favourite, you think she would be the ‘whole package’ so what is missing?
      Is it IQ? She has great voice and looks but is she packing marshmallows for brains?
      In fact how do the contestants stack up in this regard?
      Who will be able to manage their careers themselves and who is going to need a really good Manager?

      • Eolra says:

        Marshmallows for brains? Compared to who? Lauren? If anyone is coming off as an airhead it’s Lauren – have you ever heard her talk? My gosh. It’s like she thinks being an idiot is cute; and so do the producers.

      • ellen says:

        I agree with you, Haley does sound like a bit of an airhead.

    • Jake says:

      I am a late comer to the Idoloonie world but I am already an avid fan. I am almost completely in sync with everything Michael and his co-hosts say during each episode and I am completely in sync with not being able to stand Randy freaking Jackson. He is such a slob and to me a total waste of space on the Idol stage. He should have been canned long before Kara Dioguardi was. Also who’s call was it to bring Nygel back anyways? He is ruining this season with his crap and especially trying to ruin Haley. Haley is the best this competition has to offer and they are trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to kill her off which is complete nonsense. GO HALEY REINHART!!!!!!

      • Miguel says:

        I don’t think Kara Dioguardi was canned. In Steven Tyler’s new book, he mentions that she called him with the idea of replacing her on the show (sort of sounds like subleasing your apartment when you leave before your lease is up).

    • Julia says:

      Michael, by “sabotage for Haley” I thought you might discuss the fact that AI producers engineered a “not necessarily the bottom three” that included the beloved Scotty this week. I didn’t even catch that Scotty wasn’t clearly in the “bottom two” until I read articles the next day that said Ryan made some comment that the results were not necessaily in voting order. Now thousands of crazed high school girls are going to vote their fingers off this week so Scotty won’t hit the silver stools. (“Oh no, he’s in danger!”) At the same time, Haley’s fans may grow complacent from seeing her early waltze to the safety sofas. THis seems planned to pump up the Scotty votes. Grrr. The manipulation galls me.

      • Zazazing says:

        I honestly don’t think it’s the teen-age girls voting for Scotty. My daughter is 17 and she and her friends don’t care for him at all. They don’t think he’s cute and none of them are country fans.

        In terms of trying to manipulate the voters…have you noticed Ryan referring to Scotty as “The Body”? It’s like they are trying to convince the teen girls that Scotty is hot. Uh…not happening! My daughter preferred Stefano’s looks because he reminded her of Bruno Mars. If Stefano had worn the fedora like Michael had suggested, he might have stayed longer by grabbing the teen girl vote.

    • Sally says:

      Jimmy I. is just one more example that the Peter Principle is alive and well in Hollywood. I don’t care who he’s produced…the guy is not helpful (i.e., compare him to Babyface!), and has an agenda that is based on some skewed notion of the kind of music that will resonate in the marketplace.

  2. Okay, she may be a “high school student,” but Alex Dunphy is not representative of the girls that are killing Idol.

    • Owen says:

      O so true dat

    • Joe says:

      Exactly. Get a mall dwelling insecure teen girl who thinks voting validates her existence and brings her closer to her favorite contestants and then we’ll talk. You ever go dip your toe in the American Idol forums on the idol website? Those kind of cave dwellers are what is shaping the show. Alex is way too with it to represent the typical teen girl and if I were a teen guy in her town I’d be standing outside her house with a boombox over my head every night.

    • Fernando says:

      Based on your extensive interviews with 25 million Idol fans? Where did this “teen girls are ruining Idol” come from all of a sudden? So this is the first year teen girls have been watching Idol?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh no, it’s come up before. When David Cook went up against David Archuleta everyone just knew the “texting tweens” would make sure Archleta was the sure winner.
        On any given day, depending on people’s mood, the results, and the phases of the moon the following viewers are ruining Idol- just pick one or several: Texting Tweens, cougars,bored housewives, Christians, people from “Middle America”, Republicans, girls that like cute guys, girls that are jealous of other cute girls, girls that like cute guys and feel threatened by attractive women, Celine Dion fans, country music fans, viewers that are racist (they’ll elect a black U.S. President but not a black American Idol?), Baby Boomers, southerners from the Bible Belt, and conservatives that don’t like gay people (I’m very conservative but I LOVE Slezak – if my hubby dies Slezak is leaving his husband for me, I just know it!).

  3. ReMMeZ says:

    This just in.. Obama killed Osama and The Voice is killing Idol.
    May Idol rest in peace [pieces]..

    I can’t believe they reniewed this crap untill 2013. Must be a joke.
    Still i love idoloonies. Thank you Mr.Slezak

    • John says:

      Wow, really? I will never understand why people get such strong feelings about wanting a show to be canceled. Its not like anybody is forcing you to watch.

  4. Buggu says:

    Haley all the way to the finals !.. and I don’t care who’s the other finalist.

  5. Na says:

    She said “Sh*t”. (It wasn’t beeped in my country for some reason.) LOL, I kinda expected for “F*ck you” or “A**hole” :)

    • Cat says:

      Did she say, “bull s***”, or something like that?

    • happy says:

      Randy said something when Tyler was giving Haley’s critique. Couldn’t hear it clearly; did anyone make it out? but it sounded like it ended in “but that was good”

    • Jurybox says:

      That’s it? That’s what prompted Ryan to tell her to watch her mouth?!!
      I will be praying for a Haley, James finale. And if the Idol machine had any sense at all that’s what they would be hoping for too.

    • algalhi says:

      I’ve been wondering what awful cuss word(s) Haley said to deserve Ryan’s scolding and J. Lo.’s angry look — thanks for passing that on. Sh*t, that weren’t nothin’! ;)

  6. Tarasa says:

    Love Haley but I was wondering if kicked off Idols have shared any stories about her. Do they feel the producers are treating her unfairly or is there something about Hayley that we’re not being shown that somehow “justifies” the shoddy treatment she’s been given?

    • Owen says:

      I’d forgotten about the slacker reference Jimmy once threw at Haley. Its something I have noticed. As J-Lo says, she has one of the best voices, if not THE best voice, in the competition. But there is a laziness to her performances (except with Casey, I think she caught his energy) and a lack of focus. The middle of “Rolling in the Deep” was very re-inventive, totally awesome, but the first and third parts, she was somewhat phoning it in. I felt that a little about last week’s performance as well. Now, it could just be I’m seeing exasperation, how hard it must be on this girl to be swimming upstream against the Idol “We-want-Scotty/Lauren-or-if-that’s-not-possible-Scotty/James” current. But, to me, it does not seem that Haley is, to quote the Dawg, “in it to win it”. Which is a problem.

      • Li-Li says:

        I just don’t get why Haley continues to get all this criticism, when Lauren is so incredibly bland. Does Lauren really give off the impression that she works so hard – harder than Haley? Again, the criticism of Haley is so nit-picky – it’s ridiculous. Just that brief clip of her singing, “Beautiful”, was a true example of how she connects to the lyrics. I have never seen Lauren really connect, yet she gets a free pass week after week.

        • WTF? says:

          THANK YOU. I was just about to post something similar. How do people not see that it’s all being edited in Lauren’s favor (for some inexplicable reason!)? TPTB have been wanting Lauren Alaina to win since the audition rounds, and they will take out whomever necessary to get her to that finale. If they wanted Haley or even Pia there, those girls would have gotten the pimp promos from the start. I even suspect that’s why the judges have been critiquing Scotty in the past couple of weeks; no way that two teenage country singers make the finale. The story has already been written; the producers are just tweaking things to make sure it unfolds properly and America “chooses” the “right” winner. Look for Haley to get verbal acid spit on her tonight, folks!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Lauren has never lived up to the hype. they kind of sold the sizzle and not the steak on Lauren.

          • zaza says:

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the same group that produces Idol produce the winner’s album? Clearly, they want to influence the voters to pick someone they can make money off of. They know what to do with pop and country and maybe even rock. But I’m sure they think that no one will buy a jazz-type album by Hayley, which is kind of clueless of them, seeing how well Adele is doing right now. I’m sure TBTB think Lauren is the second-coming of Taylor Swift.

      • J. says:

        Although I like Haley compared to the other contestants, I agree with you — it’s not that she’s lazy but her singing sometimes is. It’s strange. If you watch the youtubes of some her pre-idol jazz performance you can see it there too. I think she may be going for “languorous sultry” but the result is poor enunciation and sloppy phrasing. She needs discipline in her singing — nothing a good teacher couldn’t help her with. But she did not have that problem this week with Beautiful — she had to work to hard to compete with the band, and she still has much better potential than any of the others to my mind.

      • Eolra says:

        It just goes to show that inane commentary from Iovine DOES affect voters – you now have some unfounded idea that Haley is lazy, just because Jimmy said so. The idea of “phoning it in” instead of trying hard could easily be applied to other contestants, for example Scotty and Lauren – two contestants who have consistently refused to push themselves vocally, stylistically, or emotionally this season. But Haley is the only one who is getting flack because Jimmy put that idea out there. Rubbish.

      • Jake says:

        that is a bs comment about her lack of focus. Have you heard her voice? She is a sixteen year old girl with no professional experience. She hasn’t toured for years like Paul McDonald and gotten stories or life experiences to be able to write songs or even music so how is she going to come up with a genius rearrangement at that age. It just should not be expected of her. She is out there killing it every week while getting sh*+ on by the judges and the whole production. I think people need to recognize what exactly this girl is doing with every odd stacked against her.

        • Aoife says:

          Which just means she hasn’t done her time and isn’t old or experienced enough to win this. I really wish they’d raise the age limit again–I have yet to see a 15 or 16 year old with the emotional maturity to move mountains on Idol. (Exception: Allison Iraheta. But she’d also been performing since pretty much birth.)

        • nancy says:

          She isn’t killing it – that’s just it – we keep being told by the judges that she is – but she is just adequate. Doesn’t matter if she is 16 – so was Jordan Sparks, and she killed it every week. Lauren has wonderful God given talent that a vocal instructor needs to help her with. Other years the singers got better and better – where is the help this year?

    • happy says:

      It’s more the energy/mood of the song – can you call Benny, Call, Pieces lazy? Though she really pushes the languid mood sometimes in other songs, not sure I’d call it dialing it in…

    • gazebo says:

      I think Nigel somehow got it in his head at the audition round that Lauren was going to be his new Carri Underwood. I remember one of the judges remarked “I think we found our winner” after Lauren’s audition. And I was “Huh?”. I’ll bet all the pimping and propping up of Lauren is because Haley has obviously surpassed her in performance ability (and talent IMO).

    • happy says:

      Here’s what Casey had to say:
      “I’m really digging the new panel. Yes, sometimes they’re a little too nice. I actually think they were a little too nice to me. I’ve been off, I’ve been pitchy, and Randy’s been quiet through that. He didn’t say anything. Then they’ll pick on Haley sometimes.”

      He’s in love with her voice at the very least:
      Us: What do you think her chances are moving forward?
      CA: Good. Very, very good! Her voice is incredible. The tone of her voice is like nothing I’ve ever, ever heard before. Never ever. I wish you knew how serious I was about this. Like, it’s never going to be replicated, and it’s never been done before. I mean, I think her heart’s in jazz, jazzy rock. That Adele song was perfect and I thought “Moanin'” was amazing.

      • Maj says:

        thanks for this bit. tho I gradually became less and less satisfied w/ Casey’s performance I always seriously doubted everyone who said Casey had an inflated ego. never really understood where that conclusion came from. he’s got a sense of humour & is self-depricating.
        anyhoo, glad to read his serious thoughts on the judge matter.
        Anyone inside or in front of their TV screens must have relized by this point what the production team’s doing to Haley.

        and if she really is lazy or something like that why don’t they show us? instead they keep on shoving Iovine’s face into our faces & criticizing her as much as they can!

  7. Owen says:

    As angry I get with Slezak sometimes, he always manages to find out what my FAVORITE TV show are (“Buffy”, “Deadwood”, “Community”) and uses them to punctuate his Idoloonies show. Its like he’s taunting me. Well played, sir…

    • Amie says:

      Blame Jason Averett, he does the editing so all those clips and text across the screen is actually his (maybe also Slezak’s) opinions. To me Jason seems to be a bigger Haley fan than even Slezak, case in point the end of the second vid.

    • Norman says:

      and don’t forget POWERPUFF GIRLS!! :o)

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      Too much Buffy though – enough! Powerpuff girls is great, but I do miss the cheesy Japanese sci-fi stuff.

  8. buffy522 says:

    Buffy, Adam and Deadwood in one episode. Heaven. This was worth the wait as I was laughing so hard!

    Durbs to me, is kind of like Taylor Hicks in that his personality is funny. We excuse his ego trips due to the disability. I would not let any other male contestant get away with “Will you still love me tomorrow?” He started off really well, but then seemed to try to pull a David Cook moment and it didn’t work. To me (and maybe it’s just my ears) he looses the melody, goes off key and screams without control too much!

    Jacob, please go away.
    Lauren should have waited a year.
    Scotty, yawn.

    Haley is definitely getting swept under the rug.There is always something the judges have to say to make her seem awful. Unfortunately to many people believe in the judges. Fortunately, many of us are seeing through that b.s. and voting for her.Just look at who some of the actual artists out there are supporting!

    • A Tyler fan says:

      Haley’s not that great. I like her and everything but I don’t see what the full is all about. You all rant and rave about her even though she is critiqued a lot by the judges, and not always in a positive way, yet Jacob does get positive comments (except from Lovine), and you all want him to go away. How is it you want fairness for whom you like, and want support for Haley, yet you don’t seem to want fairness for whom others like, like Jacob for instance. Why must I support your likeness for Haley? You insult the person I like. Think about that.

      • SpyKi says:

        It doesn’t matter what the judges say, they’re idiots. That’s the point everyone’s making. They’re giving Haley criticism and saying Jacobs brilliant when Haley completely destroys Jacob every week.

      • Rhiannon says:

        Even if you like Jacob, and I do as well, you have to admit that in terms of being in key, Haley is one of the few that does this on a regular basis, and much more often than Jacob or James, both of whom are praised highly by the judges. I didn’t always agree with Simon, but at least he gave his honest opinion and critiqued people for their faults. If everyone gets a gold star, then they’re all winners anyway so why even continue?

      • Idolhead Ed says:

        As a writer who writes about this show all the time I have to scour the net for some relevent info on the Idols. This week I found it very interesting that virtually every ex Idol is also on the Haley bandwagon. Kris Allen,Adam, Blake,Siobhan, and many more I can’t think of off the top of my head. These all offered the info they weren’t asked. They all are coming from an entirely different perspective than we are. So they know something.

        You guys can like her or hate her but even you haters have to lie to yourself when you say she sucks. She hasn’t had one bad performance yet. And without a doubt, sorry you James fans, Haley is by far the most interesting singer on the show. And there is a scenario that can put her in the final. I hope it happens.

  9. StorytellerGal says:

    Is it just me or is everyone else getting tired of the cameras cutting to JLo to get her reaction while the contestants sing? I don’t want to see JLo. I want to see the performers.

    Carrie, Buffy, Community, Deadwood – how much better could your clips get?? “Subtlety, Bitches” – now that’s classic! Thanks for making my Tuesday.

  10. SaraK says:

    Excellent, as always, Michael. Love your reincarnated self in “High school student” Maddie Shook.

    • maddie says:

      Maddie is da bomb!

    • Preston says:

      Agreed — Maddie was a fantastic guest! She’s like a cross between Lea Michele and Kristen Baldwin (yes, I went there), and she offered way more snark and intelligence than most people her age (or, for that matter, anyone on the Idol judging table this season). Bring her back!

      • Maddie Shook says:

        Thank you SO much! Being on Idoloonies was a dream come true and I’m glad you loved it.

        • E says:

          You were awesome Maddie. I rarely rarely post in the comments but wanted to make sure I did after your appearance. Hopefully Mike will bring you back for a future episode.

          • E says:

            oops – and I wanted to say that one of my favorite things in Idoloonies/Idolatry is/was seeing Mike crack up at the comments from the guests and you definitely had him laughing!

    • dgman says:

      If Jacob Stank then Maddie Shook. Seriously, is this girl really a teen? I think her syllabic count and insight is way too high for a normal teen. I don’t smell teen spirit but I suspect she has a MENSA card.

  11. Cat says:

    Great installment of my favorite Idol commentary! Fortunately for Haley, it seems like her fans are voting for her because we recognize the ridiculousness of the packages she’s getting, and we want to keep her in it as long as possible.

    I’m not sure this comparison is apt, but didn’t Kris Allen get pretty wonky packages all season, too? (Obviously, this is a different situation because Haley is not a “cute boy”, but just saying.)

    • A Tyler fan says:

      Did you hear yourself? “Fortunately for Haley…voting for her because we recognize the ridiculousness…”. You’ve not once said because you think she has an exceptional voice and could really sing, in key, melodiously, and beautifully. So why do you want her to win then? Because you like her? Is that the reason for her becoming an American Idol? Just because you like her? And I’m sure you’re one who hates Jacob, right? I’m so over Idol. I can’t wait for X-Factor with Simon. I’m tuning out of Idol after this season. I did it before and I’ll do it again. I’m tired of the popularity competition and not enough of a voice competition. Someone with a voice like Susan Boyle but with a look like hers would NEVER win on Idol.

      • amie says:

        Again I’m going to have to refer you to here:

      • JOHN says:

        …oh how I love these people who are so important as to proclaim…”I’m not going to watch ever again”….and do you think that the powers that be will give a ‘rat’s a__’ to your departure…their ‘cash cow’ is still drawing 20 plus MILLION who do watch…that’s where the dollars are!!! (a reported $485,000.00 per 30 second ad space.)

      • Idolidol says:


        Go to You Tube and listen to Bennie and the Jets and Moanin

        Those performances were brilliant and technically proficiant

        Haley’s performance of Beautiful was not as great because the back ground band was too loud. I also noticed horseness in Haley’s
        voice the last two shows
        However, the girl is very original and can definately sing, she just needs to get her voice and confidence back

  12. CandaceTX says:

    save the growler! I built an app so that I can robo-vote on the website. Take THAT Iovine and Uncle Nigel. bwaaaahhaaaaahaaa!

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      Really? You can do that? How? I would have done it ages ago! (My remaining favorites are Haley, James, and Scotty.)

      • CandaceTX says:

        for my work I use Web Automation macro tool. I don’t want to get blasted by the Administrator for promoting a product (esp since I have no vested interest other than helping to save Haley) – but the one I use is called WinTask.

        It didn’t cost that much: 300 bucks. You can automate any repetitive steps – especially on webpages. Pretty simple and tech support is no charge(but the hours to reach them are goofy because they are in France).

        I will be trying out the script I built for the AI site for the first time tonight… so I will let you know how many votes it allows me to place.

  13. Logistics says:

    Dude, I swear this Buffy edit is genius. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lauren turns out to be The Key, and Haley is forced to dive into an electrical portal all while singing THE HARDEST THING IN THIS WORLD…. IS TO LIVE IN IT.

    • RT says:

      Great comment! Made me laugh out loud.

    • CandaceTX says:

      I have loved the Powerpuff Girls edits. I’ll admit, I am adult who secretly loved watching that show when my kids were little. They outgrew it..apparently, I did not. :)

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Probably the best #Idoloonies to date! Awesome-sauce

  15. The Virgin Carey says:


  16. Esther says:

    Hmm.. Michael you bring up a good point about Jimmy and his belief that subtlety has no place on Idol. Maybe that is why Lauren is picking such horrible song choices. Maybe that is why she is picking such bland uptempo numbers. Because as I heard, scotty’s song was an uptempo but he CHOOSE to go against that and do a strip down version.

    Objectively, Haley’s performance was so so. Love her voice but IMO still hasn’t connected to a song (well actually the majority of them don’t). She is making the show interesting though. Maybe we can all collectively agree it’s Jacobs week to go this week.

    • Mober says:

      I would say that Bennie and the Jets was quite a moment for her.

      • Kristen says:

        Totally agree. Her ‘Bennie and the Jets’ performance actually turned me into a fan. I thought she was subpar until then.

      • Aaron says:

        Totally agree. Bennie and the Jets has been THE moment of the season for me…just excellent. Before then, I never particularly remembered Haley, but after that performance I did a complete 180. Stellar, stellar performance.

    • Mark Sloan says:

      Objectively Haley has had several moments:


      and my objectivity is much greater than yours.

  17. Amy S. says:

    Loved Haley on iTunes this week. That was a great song choice for her!

  18. SharonM says:

    omg remind me not to eat during Idoloonies. I almost choked to death when “chronic bedwetter” flashed on the screen. Holy crap that was funny.

    • karenb says:

      And I almost snorted my Diet Dew out of my nose for Pete’s sake on the “he’s incompetant and a f…ing liar!” Slezak, you kill me!!

  19. Pat says:


  20. Pat says:


  21. tina says:

    Of the idols left. I’d like to see a Haley/Durbin finale with Scotty in third. Thanks Mike for keeping us in the loop in the Haley conspiracy. Now that you mention it, I don’t remember what her family looked like,when they had them talk about their children. But they always show Lauren’s parents in the audience. I didn’t realize she gets no idol personal moments. Oh and the call out for dropping whatever expletive she said, I thought that was odd and noticed JLo’s mad-mom-face. I think I’ll start voting for the first time in about 3 years to keep her around. Looking forward to the voice tonight. Bet there won’t be any songs from the 60s unless they’re done with a fresh 2011 twist!

  22. narrative says:

    I absolutely agree about Haley being given no narrative at all!

    We have already have camera-chat time with the parents &/or families of scotty, lauren, jacob, james, casey, stefano, pia, thia, naima, and karen (not sure if we got to meet those of ashthon or paul), yet the first time we saw haley’s parents were 2 weeks ago sitting in the audience (the camera panned over to them for a cpl seconds).

    What’s up with that?

    • dp says:

      umm they showed and interviewd haley’s parents during birth year night… they actually went as far as showing her parents singing in a band. Some of you haley fans are getting ridiculous now, trying to nitpick any possible way she is being sabotaged. i think david cook is a good example of a contestant getting no narrative (a bartender? they mentioned once i think) and winning the whole thing.
      let the performances speak for themselves.

      • D says:

        Ok dp fair enough but also keep in mind Cook had lots of producer backing, nabbed pimp spot a decent number of times and had numerous songs cleared at command. Its been widely known since then that David had a lot of control over how he was portrayed, never letting his family issues enter the arena. You can’t act like Haley has it like everyone else because EVERYONE got video packages that night, all we learned was about her parents being in a band- again, what does that do for Haley.

      • Lauren says:

        No back story works better with a penis though.

  23. Amy says:

    I laughed so hard when you pointed out that even Karen Rodriguez has had a sit down chat with Ryan. Someone should start a “Save the Growler, Save American Idol” t-shirt campaign. Haley, we are rooting for you and more importantly, voting for you!

  24. Letta says:

    Haley all the way. Don’t know what is going on with Jimmy and Randy but they are missing out on pushing a girl with spunk, sass, style, fire as well as a good voice. She has all the things that the Naima, Pia and Lauren have missing on two or three of these points.

  25. Arthur says:

    I’m starting to think that Idoloonies/idolatry love to create story arc for their favorites even more so than the producers, Haley got her audition, hollywood week and vegas performances all broadcasted on TV, so I’m not buying the whole “biggest underdog ever” story that Michael and Jason seem to be pushing.

    • Rebecca Parker says:

      Sure, she got some Hollywood stuff shown. But since? Even you couldn’t even name one.

    • Kelly says:

      Hollywood week and such were a long time ago and everyone left got those same moments. Since the live shows, there’s been very little from or about her. Also, I’d like to point out that much of Idol’s viewers don’t start tuning in until live shows anyway. You can look to ratings for proof of that.

  26. Rusty says:

    I think the high school student guest was right on when she said Scotty was not a viable country artist due to his age and inexperience. You can get away with a lack of experience in pop music, but not really country (particularly if you are a guy.) A lot of the appeal of country music is in the stories of surviving all of the awful things that can happen during a lifetime; wife leaves you, you got fired, lost the house, the dog dies etc. You need at least some life experience and grit in order to be believable in that genre. His being young is not his fault, but the fact is that his performances at his young age have absolutely no depth or believability. I wish he would have waited at least a good five years before pursuing this career.

    • Eurydice says:

      Wow, that shows a real inexperience with country western music. It’s not about a specific kind of life experience, but life experience in general, whatever age you might be. And maybe that high school student wasn’t born yet when LeAnn Rimes hit it big at age 13, but she must have heard of Taylor Swift. In fact, most country western performers started very young, even if they didn’t get recognition and recording contracts until they hit their 20’s. Scotty’s just a few years ahead of schedule.

      • Abby says:

        The girl specifically said that female country singers can become famous early, and she even name dropped taylor swift. Her point was that male country singers don’t start as early which could cause a problem for Scotty. Notice how both the examples you chose to use were female. The high school girl said most male country singers sing about blue collar topics, and Scotty would have no experience with that yet which is true. I don’t know if you did not listen to her whole clip or if you just went off of what the person you responded to said.

        • Eurydice says:

          Thanks for the clarification – something went wonky and I couldn’t watch the entire clip, but I was also responding to the poster. I still think there are a lot of mistaken assumptions here. Just because somebody sings about blue collar themes doesn’t mean he knows anything about a blue collar life. These are stereotypes from long ago. Most of the current performers started playing music very young and have led pretty middle-class lives, just like Scotty.

          • Rusty says:

            Yes, but if they clearly aren’t old enough to have experienced the things that they are singing about, it’s just not believable. Perhaps most singers currently are from middle class backgrounds, but their age makes them seem like it’s at least possible that they’ve suffered in the way the song describes. Even if a country singer hasn’t experienced the exact things in the song, age and their own experiences will give them the frame of reference that helps them understand and empathize with the song which is translated to the audience. I’m sorry, but there’s just no way a seventeen-year-old kid can fully appreciate the material in many conventional country songs. There’s just no credibility there. I don’t believe Scotty understands what he sings, and I don’t think very many teenagers would (at least not with the depth that the song requires.) There may have been some notable exceptions over the years, but sorry, Scotty aint one of them.

      • Fernando says:

        country music hasn’t been called “country Western” by people who know the genre since the ’80s, btw.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Not since that great movie “The Blues Brothers” (1980) when Jake and Elwood go into “Bob’s Country Bunker” and ask the barmaid what kind of music they play. She replies something like, “Oh, we have both kids of music – we have country AND western”.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I was drunk the day my mama got out of prison,
      So I went to pick her up in the rain…
      But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck
      She got run over by a danged old train!

      With apologies to David Allen Coe. ;-)

      Country music fans absolutlely want connection, you’re right. That could hurt Scotty.

  27. Louanne says:

    Adam F Lambert likes Haley. Would love to see him give Iovine a good punch. He’d blow him a kiss after, but Adam can be kick-ass and if they had Haley watching, that could be one of the on-screen Idol moments she never gets. Adam should let Haley know not to put up with their manipulative crap. Michael, do you have a way to get to Adam?

  28. ErixN says:

    Thanks for this! I really hope Haley keeps going!

  29. MD says:

    It’s hard to go back and comment on everything after watching all three videos, but I’ll do my best.

    First off. Jimmy Iovine is useless. I did enjoy Babyface’ comments this week because he did seem to help and I do agree with you Michael that YGAF was Scott’s best.

    I’m also glad to see so many people really getting the Idol shenanigans. I’ve known this for years. THIS is Nigel Lythgoe. He finds way to “sabotage” the contestants whether it be the earpiece, the loud band with the poor arrangements, the lighting. This guy has been doing this since Season 2 when he made Clay’s Solitaire lighting so dark, with Clay in all black, that one couldn’t even see Clay. He did this when he would give Chris Daughtry the best effects in the house over anyone else. He did it by insisting that Taylor Hicks make a clown of himself so Daughtry could win. This is Nigel Lythgoe. Master manipulator. So I’m glad people are finally getting wind of his baloney.

    Now on to Haley. I would normally agree with you Michael on the sabotage of Haley. But I think they may have turned for some reason. If you recall, I think it was EW who did an interview with these kids asking them who their favorite Idol singer was. Haley said Kelly Clarkson. Then on Thursday, they “allegedly” had a question for Haley (who btw…for drama went last) and asked her who her favorite singer was. Well lo and behold, it’s suddenly Warlock favorite, Adam Lambert. Oh really? Kelly’s name was never mentioned. So to me, they did that so all of the obsessive Adam fans could vote for her. And you know, now that Lambert dissed James and supported Haley…they will follow and support her. There is no doubt, whatsoever in my mind, that this was the “manipulation of the week.” They probably don’t want James to win because he has a mind of his own. Idol does not want people to win who have minds of their own. This is why they never support Taylor Hicks or Kris Allen. Two smart and talented guys who won’t dance to their tune.

    And this of course segments into the thank you for the Kris and Allison videos. Also the Jordin Sparks. I love her performance of IWHN. I thought for a moment you would have shown Bo’s SBM.

    And if you recall Season 7….they pushed Syesha Mercado (WHO IS THAT) to the Top 3, just to get rid of Jason Castro. That too was Nigel’s doing.

    I can’t stand any of the producers of Idol. I do wish they’d finally put this show to rest.

    I am glad however, that for the last two years the show has been so boring.

    Oh and one last thing. You should have compared Matt Giraud from Season 8 (last exciting Season) to Casey Adams. Matt was way better.

    • happy says:

      Go back and listen to Haley’s answer.

      She said “For uniqueness, it’s Adam”. She went on to name Siobhan, Kelly (as the one who started it all), Lee, and Crystal.

      By the way, if you didn’t know, Adam called out his support of her last week fairly publicly; I’m sure part of it was returning the favor.

    • ohbabs says:

      o by the by I am an obsessed adam lambert fan but i would not vote for any contestant based on his endorsement. At the beginning of the season he liked Jacob Lusk. He thought Casey was good. Then Pia. Now Haley. Last season it was andrew garcia and toddrick hall. Adam is not the oracle i consult for my american idol choice. My faves have been Naima, Casey and James. Hoping James makes it to the final so I will have something to watch that night.

    • Emy says:

      I will never understand this mentality that makes people believe Glamberts will follow whatever Adam says. As a raving Glambert, I’ve been behind James the whole time because his voice is closest to what I enjoy hearing. Just because Adam doesn’t personally like him, or likes Haley more, means I’m going to stop having my own opinions. Almost all the Glamberts I know (and I know very very many) feel the same way. I also do like Haley, much more than any of the other left, so I hope it is her and James in the finale.

    • Petra says:

      Haley gave a nice list of performers she likes. And as past Idol performers have commented, Haley comes up. Nice that Siobhan came up, because I think last year, Cowell-Dioguardi did a lot of sabotaging of female singers Not-Named-Crystal, with Siobhan catching the worst of the bad advice from Kara (more big notes Siobhan!!).

      Last year, the ones I wanted to see and listen to were Casey James, Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan..with a feeling that Siobhan Magnus could be exceptional some day.
      This year, its Paul, Scotty, James, and Haley I like. With a feeling that Haley could be exceptional some day.

    • CandaceTX says:

      It must have pissed Uncle Nigel and Jimmy Iovine off when Haley one/two punched with her big moment on ‘Benny and the Jets’ and then stood out with Moanin’.

      Lauren has not had anything close to those that would justify her
      (predetermined) victory. Oh, I forgot, that’s because she’s the un-confident underdog…

  30. Wyatt says:

    Another piece of anti-Haley sabotage was putting her back on the safe seating first last week, as if she were number one in the voting, so people would think she is safe and they can go vote for someone else this week. By the same token, they put Scotty in the bottom two so that people would vote more for him. I am so fvcking sick of Idol manipulation. I think I’ll vote all for two hours straight for Haley next week just to help throw a wrench in their stupid machinations.

    • Kari G says:

      Wyatt, you are absolutely right. This is the first thing that came to my mind as well while watching the results. They very briefly stated that the results were random so anyone that wasn’t paying attention, or was fast forwarding would think Scotty was in jeopardy. Man that aggravated me to no end! I’m so glad someone else pointed this out!

  31. thelstrikeman says:

    I love Haley is my favorite. The others are so boring to me. I’m so pissed at idol, they treat Haley like she has nothing to herself, but she’s the best and most original singer.
    Last season was crap because of the contestants but this one it’s because of the producers (and judges). I think I’m over this show, I will focuse my attention on The Voice from now on!

  32. lking says:

    Thanks for these in-depth recaps, which really gives us a sense of what is actually going on in this season of Idol. The pimping and skimping going on is monumental. Cannot understand what Jimmy Levine is doing, or wtf the Judges are being paid all those millions. Think this show has seen it’s better days. They may still have high ratings, but the show sucks.

  33. MNCyn says:

    YES YES YES — Re the Idol question of the week: Last year Casey James was portrayed as a flippin’ carpenter (because he built his own house???) while he was busting his tush singing in bars and dives trying to build a legitimate music career. His homecoming (which loyal fans busted theirs to get him to) showed girls screaming but did NOT show any part of him singing his music his way for literally 24 hours straight! It was as if his soul was dangerously dehydrated and needed replenishing after having been in the desert of the creatively dead. He went on to slam the tour with the Black Keys, “I Got Mine” – Youtube it! It’ll knock your socks off! He was the only one on tour to get consistently good reviews! (“The highlight of the evening was Casey James, who stole the show …”) Idol tried to kill him and he saved their bleepity bleep tour!
    SOOO — my point. I see this happening to HALEY this year and – like Casey last year – it pushes me to vote for her! I don’t even know where she’s from or anything at all about her! I just know she’s GOOD and does not deserve this crap. I voted for one hour straight last week with power re-dialing. Even at 20 votes per minute, that’s 1200 votes. It just ticks me off that Idol does this!!!

    • Lily says:

      I remember that – at the time, I went online looking and found some of YouTube videos uploaded by fans of Casey playing guitar and singing kickass blues during his hometown visit. Of course on the actual show, nobody got to hear it.

  34. Zach says:

    Ive been watching idol for years and voted exactly one time but thats about to change because of Haley Reinhart. She is easily the best one that remains this season and i dont want to see what happened to Casey happen to her. Man that would have been the best idol finale ever if he hadn’t gotten elimanted. I cant stop watching their duets together, just terrific. So credit to her for actually getting me to vote as much as i possibly can coming tomorrow night.

  35. Sabrina says:

    Nailed it again! I bow down to the genius that is Jason. I do not believe that Scotty will win, I am adamant that he is the “Gokey” of this season, he will maybe finish second but he will not gain votes from eliminated contestants. I really think that James is the one to watch, he has been consistent has not pissed off any of the other voting blocks and has not been singled out. Lauren will be lucky to make the top 4.

  36. Janet B says:

    Idoloonies is more than enough Jimmy for me.

    Thanks to Jimmy and Randy, and to a lesser extent JLo and Steven, I don’t even bother watching Idol anymore. For a few weeks I had high hopes for JLo and watched, but I can’t stand to watch any longer.

  37. karen Anderson says:

    You know, you’re right about Kris Allen. He was continually sabotaged by the producers all season, with wonky packages and lukewarm responses, yet the American viewer overlooked all that and crowned him idol. If Haley can throw a couple of knockout punches for the remainder of her season, she has a chance of cracking the top two beside James. Lauren, Scotty and Jacob could fall by the wayside. Go Haley!

  38. Erinn says:

    Save the growler, save the world!

  39. Kristen says:

    Last week, when Casey got the boot, I was watching Idol with a bunch of friends. And of course, they were all (minus me) praying to God that Scotty would stay. (And we’re all 19-23 years old.) If that is any indication about how the female population is voting in this, then we’re in for big trouble in the coming weeks of competition.

    I’m hoping for a top 3 of Haley, James, and Lauren. Is that possible? I don’t know, but I sure hope so.

  40. Justin says:

    I died when I saw the “CHRONIC BEDWETTER”… and I’m agreeing with all this Haley-hate… I see it. I don’t like it. She’s one of the best.

  41. Rebecca Parker says:

    Loved it. I don’t know what the show’s problem with Haley is, but week after week she’s knocking it out of the park and they’re just… ignoring it and crapping on it. It sucks. I didn’t even realize she hadn’t gotten any “chats” with Ryan. What a joke.

  42. Caroline says:

    You are a genius Michael Slezak! End of story. Hailey FTW!

  43. Kathy V. says:

    Haley had me at “Blue”. Anyone who can sing country with expertise one week and come back and sing pop, jazz, blues the other week in my mind is clearly one to watch. I’m always excited to see what she’s going to do. She’s very well trained and comfortable performing–really a complete package. I’ll miss Casey and his authenticity–always fun to watch even if he growled. He’s confident and obviously a very secure guy. I hope he goes far. I’ve been haunted this week by James’s beautiful “Will you still love me tomorrow?”. It’s as close to an idol moment as we’ve had during the regular season. He has really good skills and is so likeable. It’s infuriating how much the judges and idol machine are against Haley…I think it’s backfiring on them. It happened with Kris Allen too because he wasn’t the chosen one and he won the whole thing. Let’s hope our girl does the same.

  44. Truth says:

    FYI Mr. Slezak,

    Both “Heavy Metal” by Hagar AND “You’ve got another thing coming” by Priest are considered heavy metal.

    I ought to know, my eardrums prove my attendance to 90% of the rock shows in my area from 1980-2000.

  45. SpyKi says:

    I love Idoloonies so much. It’s way better than American Idol. REINHART TO WIN!

  46. ohbabs says:

    Idol better be careful what they wish for. if it is a scotty lauren finale I can’t imagine they will get the views. I for one would not bother to watch. Who the flying flip cares who the next country hick singer is…it ain’t my america.

    • Steffi says:

      Country has the right to be on idol just as much as any other genre. The most successful idol is a country singer. Try to argue against that. Didn’t think so.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Clearly there are a lot of people out there that don’t understand how huge country is and the degree of loyalty of the fans. Some of the music is quite good because the lyrics are so meaningful and so very clever.

  47. Robin says:

    Jason & Michael you slay me! Powerpuff girls, Buffy and now Deadwood!!! What’s next…The Sopranos! The whole Rocker,bitches-to Sublety,bitches-to Sparks,bitches makes me smile. I love Idoloonies. How do we get Jacob Lusk to go home? Remove him from the mix and I would be happy with anyone (Lauren, Scotty, James and/or Haley) winning. That would be a great top 4.

  48. trev says:

    Incredible! Best editing yet. Can I please marry whoever puts these clips together? Because I absolutely love Idoloonies. Slezack, you are spot on with everything you say. I’m doing my own Raise-The-Roof/Hail Mary’s just watching your critiques. #teamhaley

  49. Steffi says:

    I love how people here are acting like they “hate” the show now because of manipulation, but can’t wait for x factor. You are in for a rude awakening for x factor then-the manipulation is increased by the tenfold.

    And I also love how people think that Haley is the only one being “sabotaged” by the show. She HAS had the pimp spot twice and has never gone first. Compare that to Scotty. He has gone first twice(the only one to do so), and is the only one left who hasn’t closed the show(James has three times, Haley has twice technically). If anybody, it seems to be Scotty they are trying to sabotage in order to make room for the James/Lauren finale.

    So keep acting like you hate the show all you want, but obviously you come here to watch something IDOL RELATED, so obviously you still have love for it, whether you want to admit it or not.

    • Charlotte says:

      Steffi, agree agree. You are all blowing the manipulation theme out of proprotion. Haleys was praised as “the best of the night” on the Elton show (and she was). I like the new judges. Getting critique harshly like Simon did, make some contestants preform worse and not like MS suggest make them better – see interview with Carly from season 7 on that:

    • dp says:

      i do agree about haley’s fans acting like the production is doing all they can to out her, it’s ridiculously exaggerated. what about Lauren, we get to see her fall down the stairs dozens of time and she stumbles around her interviews, the bad lamb outfit. and feeling the wrath of miley fans, lauren is also being praised and then humilated.

      and jacob and his comments and sound issues, i’d say they are manipulating when it comes to him too!

    • miguelde says:

      The “pimp spots” – near the commercial breaks — are intended to catch the attention of people who may be channel surfing. Not manipulate the voting.

  50. James says:

    The Voice is stupid because half the people on it are losers who could not make it on their own with all the producers help or their own money…

    Idol gives chances too normal people to be great!

    Anyways another great idoolonies Slezak!