Exclusive Video: House Is In Need of a Fix!

House‘s titular pill-popper will find himself in need of a new kind of fix next Monday at 8/7c, when the outcome of a boxing match puts him and Wilson at odds with each other.

Fox Sweeps Preview: Deaths, Drugs, Blind Items, Prom and… The Goonies?!

Watch this first-look video clip where the BFFs (verbally) spar with each other, and then read on for more:

Fox’s official synopsis of the episode reads as follows: “When House and Wilson … disagree over the outcome [of a fight], Wilson gives him exactly one day to pay up or prove him wrong. House presses the boxer (guest star Kevin Phillips) for more information to help prove his case and ends up attempting to breathe new life into the losing fighter’s career.”

Oh, and then there is this: “The team begins to suspect House may have another type of drug problem.” What the what?

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on House and More!

So, House is hoping to prove the fix was in with the boxer he befriends, while Thirteen, Chase et al come to wonder if the boss has a new monkey on his back, in addition to his frequent need for a Vicodin fix.

Do you think the team’s suspicion will pan out? Could House’s drug problem have expanded?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mark says:

    Dear Lord, what happened to this show?

  2. huddyfan says:

    No huddy?

    then I don’t care.

  3. Tucker says:

    The promo for next week’s episode last night looked like they were trying to sell us on House taking up heroin.

    • JR says:

      Could just be shooting Oxy it also showed him cooking it and thats what the junkies are doing these days….

  4. SMR says:

    So disappointed. I don’t think huddy or House back on drugs killed this show. Both could have been done well. It’s the writing and how these stories are executed that just honestly sucks.

    • Vel says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Becky says:

      Totally agree. I am sad to say I stopped watching a few months ago and don’t miss it at all. The writing has gone to squat.

    • JR says:

      First I have to say, IT’S CUDDY! And second the show is still one of the best on TV and it’s just that FOX is to inconsistent when it comes to showing new episodes, we just had three weeks in between new episodes before the one where Thirteen got out of prison and thats when viewers can’t keep up with when it’s new and when it’s not! I just DVR them all and then delete the reruns as needed, which is way too often in my opinion!

      • JR says:

        My bad, I didn’t catch the House Cuddy refrence, to Huddy. Wow maybe I have a tumor on my right frontal lobe and need the team to check me out, run a few tests and then let House tell them that it’s just me being a dumb ass/……………..

        • Kay Harrell says:

          I totally agree with JR. I love this show! I don’t even get tired of reruns….why? My schedule is so crazy that I never get to watch it. I don’t DVR. I usually wait and buy the season on DVD.

      • Denise says:

        I agree, reruns stink but House is the BEST show going,,,

      • vanessa says:

        I was wondering how many of you NOT fans never picked it up.. It’s Cuddy. Now if you do not like the show anymore. Please find another channel or program you want to watch and leave us TRUE House fans to continue to be amased every week. thank you. that what is so wonderful about our country. We have assess to remote control TV.

    • Ange says:

      I agree completely. The writing has been slipping since season 4.

  5. choke says:

    :l I love House, but some events just don’t go.
    Why marry Cameron and Chase in the Season 5 Finale, only to have her leave the series 8 episodes later?
    Why not let Huddy happen in Season 6, and then end it with so much hype only to break Huddy up after some episodes in season 7?

  6. sureal says:


  7. Julesinme says:

    I think that now Huddy is gone the show is getting back to its roots and will be even better than ever. I’m looking forward to this episode and seeing if the story will be what the preview leads us to believe.
    Can’t wait for season 8. There will be a season 8 won’t there?

    • Kim says:

      Huddy is not gone, even now this stupid ship is in the way! And the finale will be about Cuddy and her sister is also back, they should call this season the Cuddy show.

    • brandiatwood says:

      I love house watch it all the time ! Even marathons and reruns! You really learn a lot about illnesses! And people! House is my favorite show

    • teamhilson says:

      I 100% agree with you. I firmly believe that TPTB know how much they screwed up this season and wouldn’t repeat it again next year. I know it’s still around, but really, they’ve only been broken up a few weeks, and if House really did love her (for whatever reason) it would take more than a few weeks to get over it. And seriously, how cute is Wilson’s dance? He’s the bomb.

  8. Ally says:

    This show was once the only show I could not miss an episode of, pre-ordered the season on dvd and rewatched again and again. It is now another show I TiVo, watch when I get around to it and haven’t bought after season 5’s dvd came out. It’s really sad that the writers think they are doing this show justice by destroying the main character and turning loyal viewers away. It’s such a shame, this was such a great show with a great cast, now we’re left with what’s it been made into since the ridiculous dream/nightmare episode. Is it possible to save this show by the S7 finale?

  9. House says:

    Wow these article titles are really misleading. The one about Wilson in trouble a couple weeks ago, then this one about House in need of a fix? They all sound as if they’re pointing towards something happening to the show itself, but in reality it’s just something in the next episode.

  10. tahina says:

    House definitely needs a FIX!! Yeah, better writting, maybe new writers with mojo! How unused was Candice Bergen on Changes! Let alone House and Cuddy interaction, very bitchy Cuddy–always loved bossy Dean but this is just pathetic..only thing saved the show is/was the great acting, specially HL, RSL, LE and CRB. I wont be really upset if this was the last season, really! Fix it or finish it!

  11. Boo says:

    They want us to think its some sort of crazy drug, but he’s probably just mainlining something much more legal that he liquified.

    With all of this drug talk, I’m beginning to think that he never even took vicodin when
    Cuddy accused him of it. He just went along with what she said because he thought she would understand or something.

  12. Kim says:

    I’ve enought of Cuddy, her mother and the awful, stupid huddy drama. Yesterday episode was full of huddy nonsense and now even the finale will be about Cuddy and look, her sister is coming back! This season is a disaster, thanks huddy for ruining the show.

    • Brit says:

      “Full of Huddy nonsense?” The gist of the few scenes with H & C was that it’s over. It’s BEEN over. That should have you jumping for joy. How could a non-relationship ruin the show?

      • Kim says:

        Because after the horrid and silly huddy romance now we have to deal with the aftermath! Tptb made the show dumb to please dumb soap opera lovers and silly fangirls.

        • Bel says:

          THIS! TPTB’ve really lost focus on their target audience, if they’re so determined to reduce a once great medical mystery/character drama to sick making soap opera, then it’s only fair to say the show’s completely ruined!

      • un-holy says:

        Actually, I totally agree with Kim. The show is still full of Huddy non-sense. Even now everything and everyone has to deal with their break up and that was apparent in the last episode. I really miss Gr. House from earlier seasons, because his storylines weren’t all about his relationship with Cuddy. There were conflicts with Wilson, the Tritter arc, dealing with the team dynamic and so much more. I even miss the storyline with the teenage stalker compared to what we have now. Now, even his addiction and his relapses are just there to affect the Huddy relationship rather than House himself.

        • pax says:

          Looking at the plunging numbers I don’t think they can really afford to lose more viewers by alienating the rest of the House/Cuddy fans they have hanging on. I know people who hate House/Cuddy just want it gone, but as a showrunner with numbers plummeting more and more since House and Cuddy broke up, you have to think about keeping the people you have left. Their numbers were pretty stable this season even with “the Huddy crap” as people who hate it describe it. Now that they got rid of their relationship look at what’s happening. House is popping pills and miserable and making bets with Wilson and solving cases, but things aren’t better. House needs to go forward with Cuddy and have some real progress that lasts. They lost a lot of viewers last season and they’ve never really regained them. They are losing more every episode. They need to keep the ones they have.

          • Lor says:

            The rating are going down because viewers are tired of this huddy crap: first the stupid huddy romance now the huddy break up, everything about House is related to Cuddy/Huddy! Actually the huddytards are the only ones still watching hoping for a huddy make up.
            Also the last episode was promoted as a huddy one (again) but the ratings were still down! I wonder why, maybe because viewers want something more than a silly soap?

  13. Suzy Q says:

    The audience is SO GOOD that it’s OBVIOUS that nobody care about Huddy and how the things happened. **sarcasm**

  14. Caio says:

    The writers and David Shore need a fix, not House!

  15. Fran says:

    The problem is not Huddy, Hilson, etc. The problem is the nonsense this season. Nothing make sense! I hope that in the finale they explain all this nonsense.

    • Sasha DarkCloud says:

      I wonder if they will pull a “This whole season was an hallucination from the drugs”.

  16. Trevis says:

    About rates: House was the only show in that hour that dropped!
    It’s because the show is great! But, we can’t change David Shore because PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE! So, they die alone and stubborn, right?

    It’s not about Cuddy, Cameron, Wilson, but about hope,change and find a new way. Those that don’t look for a new direction… die on the corner!

  17. nitemar says:

    The problem is based not in th acting, the writers, Huddy, Hilson, Cameron or the lackof..but on the show’s creator, DS has, I think, lost the vision of the show,and seems like if his heart is no longer in it. That is vry crucial on any show. To bad..

    • Brit says:

      I’m with you, Nitemar, except that DS hasn’t abandoned his vision for the show or character. His vision is: “Life sucks, then you die.” Someone PLEASE get that man on antidepressants.

      • Sasha DarkCloud says:

        The sad thing is… no matter how much of a happy spin you put on things… you are still going to die one day. No amount of happy pills will change that.

      • dora says:

        I totally agree!!! I Hate what they are doing to this show, I used love this show, but now is just stupid!

      • Oxbridge says:

        Oh Brit, I couldn’t agree more. David Shore is the most pessimistic person I’ve ever read about. Thank God we had writers during the year that managed to give House a soul or he’d have no redeeming qualities.

        I have to admit that the writers have jumped the shark. By allowing House to practice while back on Vicodin, Cuddy had put her own license and the liability of the hospital on the line. House only needs to lost one patient and someone could claim it was because he couldn’t focus and Cuddy was aware that he was back on drugs. I’m having trouble suspending my disbelief here.

        And Wilson? Why is he letting House use him to tap in on Vicodin? Talk about enabling.

        The show used to be about logic, but nothing in it is logical anymore.

        Cuddy used to be fun to watch, now she’s just some sorry-faced hag who mopes around.

        I’m not sure anyone can resuscitate this show now that we’ve drowned it in Huddy. I know I don’t want House back on Vicodin either. He can be just as nasty off of it (even nastier because the pain is a little worse.) If they are going to put him on that much Vicodin, then let’s see the side effects; we need to see him jaundiced from his failing liver (Vicodin+alcohol), bloated from constipation, moaning about erectile dysfunction and on dialysis from his failing kidneys. Give us some reality.

        • gorblimey2 says:

          I agree. If they are going to put House back on Vicodin, then let’s be logical. His liver has to be suffering, his bowels would more than likely be backed up and possibly impacted, his sex life would be minimal and yes, his kidneys would probably be failing.

          I think the show is probably on its last leg because everyone on the staff-the producers, writers, director, actors are tired of the show. It’s a shame because I really want one more season that takes us back to the roots of House. I’d like to see him leave and go into private consulting like Sherlock Holmes or retire somewhere to raise bees just as Holmes did.

  18. Jillian says:

    I agree with a previous poster who said that Shores heart is not in this show anymore. Something very bad I feel has happened behind the scenes this year. This sure does make sense when you see the quality of the episodes, especially the much publised ep 15, Bombshells! since then its been what the F#@% am I watching. Everybodys character does not make any sense to me! They broke up the House-Cuddy relationship, people where happy about that, but look the ratings are still falling!! It really makes me want to cry, when I see a show that I have loved for the last seven years, now being treated in this way. Like TPTB are really doing this to themselves. The fact also that we have not heard anything about if the show will even be coming back next year, is a bad omen. So sad to see this really once great TV show end like this, I hope I am wrong.

    • Kim says:

      DS was forced to come back to the show, he was involved with other projects (a remake of TRF)and KJ was in charge: she is the mind of the awful huddy season and she had planned the huddy trip. This season was going down the hill and the fox people refused to produce TRF and forced DS to take House in his hands while pushing KJ aside.

  19. Dewey says:

    I miss the old House. He changed right after the episode where Amber died.

    Early House at the start of the episode House would appear fairly clean and right after he takes a case and the first of many puzzles that House has to solve his appearance becomes more disheveled. He doesn’t shave, doesn’t change clothes; all that is import to him is solving the case.

    House becomes so consumed by the case he forgets to eat – that’s why, in the early years he was taking food off of other people’s trays, he realized he was hungry when he saw their food.

    Even in the Amber death episode where House takes a quick nap and has a fantasy about Cuddy reality creeps back in with the fantasy Cuddy asking questions about his treatment for Amber.

    After the death of Amber it was more about relationships and less about his obsession and solving medical mysteries. Today solving the medical mystery is almost an afterthought.

    Enough. Bring back the old House with his obsessions and biting criticisms of his team.

    • evs says:

      The episode was truly brilliant though. First 4 seasons have 4 of the best philosophical/psychological final episodes. Those kinds of writings and characters ridden with intellect and philosophy got me hooked. Whatever is going on now is just Ok. I do like House & 13 bromance nowadays though

    • Shiloh says:

      The medical stuff does need to be picked up. So do the philosophical and moral debates. That has been lagging a lot lately. But they can’t just put it back there. They’ve established a fanbase who love certain characters. They need to work with that too. They focus too much on the medicine and they lose the fans they had who want to know what’s going to happen with the characters. They also need real character growth for all of their characters. Everyone is in the same boring place they’ve always been. Going back to old House hasn’t been a popular move at all. People thought that if they broke up Huddy and put House back on drugs everything would be better. But it’s not. It’s like mom shoving a big bowl of cold leftovers in front of you and telling you to enjoy. You might shove it down because you love her, but you’ll find some other place for a fulfilling meal if it happens too much. People are tired of the same old stuff with the characters, with House. He was making progress, finally got together with Cuddy and then they tore it all apart because House can’t be happy. Look at the ratings. They’re shedding viewers faster than I’ve seen in a long time with any show.
      They need to use their most popular characters better than they have been. They need to stop mocking fans and listen to them. They are in danger of losing the fans they already have because they aren’t listening. They shouldn’t have had an episode focused on 13, a marginally popular character, followed by one focused on Masters, a poorly developed character that they didn’t get the audience to bond with, right after a long hiatus. They shouldn’t have built up Huddies’ hopes and given them a rushed, lackluster relationship and then destroyed the relationship followed by mocking the fans on Twitter like they don’t matter. Yeah, there are jerk Huddies, but they had a huge fanbase that was active and passionate about the ship. It helped the show, and they spat on that and marginalized them. They ignored Wilson fans who want some good House and Wilson buddy time not talking about Huddy. They told people that House has no hope, crushed everyone’s hopes with bad PR, expecting everyone to be happy that House is back to square one. It’s not working out so well. I hope things pick up. I can see what this show can be and what it is. It still has a lot of potential. TPTB need to show they care about their biggest fanbases and work with them.

      • Anliah says:

        Yeah the bad blood between Greg Y and the fans hasn’t helped them at all. I know a lot of Huddy fans asked for a Hugh and Lisa interview a lot this season, for some of the cool promo pics they took of the two to be released, for decent kisses like Huddy had before they got together, things like that and no one heard us, or if they did they ignored us. They broke them up and then condescended to Huddy fans by telling them that if they’re angry at least they care. They tweeted things like #RIPHuddy and kept going on in interview after interview that House and Cuddy are done, that people don’t change. People were trying to tell them what they wanted. I get that they can’t everything they want but what harm would it have done to have given the Huddy fans some great kisses like in the old days? What harm would there have been in giving Huddy fans a nice, cute interview like the ones they had in season 5? People would’ve felt like at least the people in charge cared about us. The season House and Cuddy finally got together and the fans that love them the most were completely ignored. Didn’t they put them together for us? At least in part? With the interviews after it seems like they don’t care about Huddy or the fans. Like we were wasting our time investing all these years in them because they were just putting them together to get it over with. It was like we loved and cared about their characters more than they did. People voted day and night for those PCAs for them. In return they didn’t get a single video interview with Hugh and Lisa but they did have Hugh do one with Olivia. They don’t talk to Huddy fans (though some of the writers are getting better about this) or listen to them-sometimes it helps to know people are at least listening and care. We’re told that the people in charge don’t care about what we think because it’s their show. We’re made to feel that what we want doesn’t matter, that they don’t listen anyway, we’re called a percentage of a percentage after all the voting and arguing we do on places like these for the show and for Huddy.

        We’re their fans. We’re not always right. But we know the things we like and we’ve been trying to tell them and it’s like no one cares. So why should we? Why should we try to talk when we know they won’t listen anyway? The only thing left to us is frustration and then giving up and leaving because we don’t control the show or their actions, they do. And if they don’t care about what we want we can’t make them care. We can’t force them to listen and they can’t force us to like what we don’t.
        Greg has such bad blood with the fans that he is nice to them in q & a’s but doesn’t respond when they have genuine concerns and questions. Solether has done that and things are a little better, but between that and the post Bombshell interviews they’ve really damaged their relationship with the online fans. I don’t blame Greg Y for all of this. He used to get along with the fans and joke around. But it’s not like that anymore. I remember when he asked Huddy fans to get him a ton of followers for the uncut version of the striptease. We did it and we got a cool video in return like he promised. When we worked together and scratched each others’ backs, when we talked without bitterness and snark, when they seemed like they liked Huddy too and we joked around together things were better for everyone.

        • teamhilson says:

          Look, I agree, GY is a total a** but seriously, you make it sound like all Huddies are reasonable, mild mannered people who have been screwed over by The Man. But give me a break. What about all the death threats, and malicious comments the huddytards left on his twitter? He’s supposed to . . . what? Just sit back and take it? Why is okay for you guys to be complete jerks but not him? Because he’s high up on the House ladder? Seems like flawed thinking to me.

  20. Sara says:

    LOL Love how cute is Wilson and how annoyed is House for this XDDD

  21. AreKay says:

    Say what you must but you gotta admit…Wilson is Wonderful!!!

    • Beverly says:

      I agree Wilson is great. I Hate what hey are doing to this show. They need get back to how it was. Its about doctors tryin to figure out what the mystery disease.

  22. Kate says:

    Why drop the bomb of a serial killer and then not have the killer come back & attack 1 of the docs?

    • Zach says:

      Thank you! They ended that episode on such a cliff hanger and then it’s like it never happened. :(

  23. Tess Stickles says:

    Therapy, rehab, and “Huddy” have been getting in the way of the true Dr. House that made the show what it was.

  24. Huge Johnson says:

    Glad to have House back on drugs! Can’t wait to watch him spiral out of control, then build himself up. His self destructive no care attitude keeps me drawn to this show. Keep up the great work guys. A lot of people are pulled into mindless drab such as 2 and a Half Douche Bags & How I F’d Your Mother. Yours on the other hand, a brilliant show!!

  25. Kristin says:

    Why not marry cuddy and house?
    A marriage that’s always at odds is always funny!! Have them have a kid. Let the kid get sick for a couple of episodes and house find a cure. I wanna see them in marriage couciling. Now that would be funny. Cuddy’s mom baby sitting and tell them what to do with thier baby. Cuddy with mood swings. House on play dates with wilson and his baby, saying if he gets married to and has a kid.
    Dad’s having to change diapers getting pooped and pee peed on, planning a college fund, cps maybe getting called for something stupid, etc. There is so much more the show could be with these changes and have house have sick patients at the same time.
    The show needs a dramatic change to keep the viewers coming back for more. There is only so many shows I can watch with the same pill head house and him being lonely.
    Stop the insanity with what looks like reruns but it’s actually a new show.
    Cuddy an house needs to be married, house needs to get off the pills, don’t bring in stupid people like masters, and renew the show with refreshing plot lines.

    • Anon says:

      BAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRF. I could barely suppress the shudder coming from utter disgust and horror. Thank GOD what you said is NEVER gonna happen.

      If you want to see marital bliss so much, PLEASE just go watch day time soap, or Lifetime movies. Those would satisfy you MUCH MORE both aesthetically and intellectuality.

      Yes, the show needs some changes: changes for BETTER, not WORSE! Writers, please figure out ways to save the show, at least pull up the its IQ level so people drooling over House and Cuddy kissing under a tree & raising a kid together as loving parents & all sorts of 50s movies cliche would stop watching the show ever again!

    • Linda says:

      Please. I have never heard any Huddy say they’d want this for Huddy. Not one. It’s not them. Huddy is cool. They had something great with them. They hooked them up, made them fight most of the relationship instead of playing on the great stuff (sexiness, witty banter, intelligent discussion and debate) they had before with the two. House and Cuddy will probably never marry and that’s not a big deal. No one wants to see HOUSE morph into another show.

      It’s tiring seeing anti-Huddies come on here and pretend to be Huddies and act like idiots. It’s tiring seeing people who hate Huddy take an extreme and argue against it like that’s what most Huddies feel. No one wants this. And, to D down below, just because I like Huddy doesn’t mean I need that in real life (I love House and Wilson’s friendship. So by that logic do I need that too? Come on.) or that I’m a romance-addled fool, that I want House to change in the fundamentals that make him House (he CAN be with Cuddy and be the same-who knew?), that I have an inferior intellect compared to those other soaring intellects of the anti-Huddies, that I’m a tasteless, uncultured swine, that I’m a “silly fangirl” cliché or any other deprecation that these people want to foist on me just because I have committed the crime of liking and enjoying a great, realistic couple on TV that the writers built up for that purpose.

      Huddy is not the whole show to me. But it is a very important part of the show and has been from the beginning. What they have integral and irreplaceable to me. People waited years for them to finally get their s*it in gear and get together. They get them together, give them 15 episodes of largely fights and bickering and granny pecks and then split them up.The numbers aren’t doing so well right now and I can’t help but feel that people are tired of being jerked around about Huddy and about House. Huddy is a big aspect of this show. People can deny it and hate it all they want, but it’s true. Just because I’m a Huddy doesn’t mean that what I want doesn’t matter or shouldn’t be listened to. They should give us Huddy back and do a good job with it. The writers are more than capable of doing this. They also need to write the patient cases up to the high standards they used to have. Watch Mystery Diagnosis to get ideas. And even though I believe they can’t make House happy because they need to stick to that theme since that’s the way the show has always been, they need to have him at least make some gains in his life. Some that don’t go away by hitting a giant reset button.

      • Lor says:

        The huddytards want to see the show turned into a harlequin romance, go read BB’s posts and the huddytards’ community to see it

        • Kate says:

          How do you expect people to take you seriously and treat you like an adult when you use phrases like “Huddytards”? If you act like a name-calling eight-year-old who can’t have an adult conversation and respect people who disagree with you then how do you expect anyone to do the same for you and try to show your opinion some respect?

          • Lor says:

            I have no interest into having an adult conversation with the huddytards, sorry.

  26. Jane E says:

    They need to get the House magic back. Huddy was a driving force and it seems as if there ratings have gone down since they broke this couple up. The is the story of House who is now 51 years old. Shooting Drugs! WHy? So season 3.

  27. barrels says:

    wow whoever would have though….people watching television are pissed off by change ohhh damn

  28. James says:

    I used to think this was the best show on TV – I saw it as a character study – an MD that’s almost a Dexter-like sociopath having to deal with medical crises that forced him to deal with his misanthropic exterior behavior while actually caring about saving a patient’s life.

    Add to that House’s unraveling when it came to confronting his drug addiction and inability to form any real, adult relationships – all of which he is acutely aware of – making him even more interesting.

    Now it’s degraded into some ridiculous insult to the initial writers / producers / directors / and cast – characters are devolving into simplistic one-dimensional stereotypes and House is just a clown for Wilson to play off of – and what happened to the medical drama? The cases appear to be just fluff for the bad attempts at comedy – just so many things just don’t happen in real life medicine – real life has so much more profound drama…

    I still watch House – but let’s face it – it has lost its writing mojo…

  29. Jane says:

    David Shore lost his MOJO! That’s sad but true! And now I hope the serie ends for good.

  30. Ronald says:

    A example that people actually change is David Shore. He changed! He was a very interesting and great writer and now is just a mediocre one.


  31. UD says:

    Wow, people are really getting upset here over nothing. People, it’s just a show, get over it.
    I still like it, surely it has changed, and yes, I do miss the old show, but face it, it’s the OLD show. They can’t cook up the same story over and over again and put it in front of us. There have been some amazing episodes this season, the one where House met 13 in front of jail for instance.
    I think the show is different, but it still has the “MOJO”. I love House, Cuddy, and Wilson. I also love the new team and their new dynamic. I didn’t really like that potato girl who finally left and we got 13 back.

    But people come on, get a grip, what the heck? It’s just a show!!!

    • Allanah says:

      you have the best comment here. i completely agree with you.

    • Vel says:

      Well said. You can’t bring back the first couple seasons. The show has to grow at some point.

    • James says:

      Yeah I get it that it’s “just a show” – now, but at its inception, it was an “excellent show” – challenging viewers on multiple levels – for example – ethics, the question: can a devoted, active drug addict actually form a real friendship (with Wilson or Cuddy or his team)?, does House ever have the ability to change any of his fundamental character? And just how did House’s character form – some simplistic references to daddy-problems?

      (I thought I got a glimpse of House evolving on some profound level when he was in rehab and found himself responsible for the death of another, deeply wounded patient) – his whole relationship to Cuddy and Wilson is just exploitive – she for sex and he for playing pranks on. Lately, in the more recent shows – he’s just coming across as a one-dimensional bully that’s always going to do the the same thing: come up with some amazing diagnosis that none of his team could have possibly conceived of – it’s become too formulaic…and House is just starting too look like a bitter, burned out jerk surrounded with supplicants that never challenge him – I’ve known many ego-maniacal asses for MD’s – and they consistently never get very far in advancing the science or truly caring for patients (they’re often “patient stackers” – compressing as many patients in an hour as the insurance company and/or medical overseers will let slide). Medical advancement is not done by MD’s living on islands – it’s those that collaborate that advance the science.

      So yeah, I know it’s just a TV show – which once had great writing – and a great premise – but for me, at least, it was more of a character study – and that character has become stagnant and predictable. I really hope they can pull it back together – but from the posts I’ve read here, it looks like David Shore has just lost interest – and that’s manifesting in every line, situation, and dynamic in a once great series.

  32. erika says:

    one of Hugh Laurie’s favorite exercises is boxing! Maybe that’s where they got the idea from.

  33. Les says:

    If they have House shooting up or doing harder drugs, then I’m done watching. I didn’t like it when he went back on the pills but if they have him doing worse and/or outrageous and totally unbelievable stunts again..that’s it.

  34. D says:

    I just want to shoot myself every time my Facebook feed for House brings me to this website and I read the comments. I never learn, because people don’t change. Screw David Shore. The truth sucks.

    This “Huddy” love/hate thing is insane, and the bold statement that their break-up would cause viewers to dwindle was absurd to me… Until the numbers came in and we actually had less people watching after Bombshells. It amazes me that there are people out there who specifically watch a show for two characters to procreate, screw, bunny kiss, or whatever show of affection they aren’t getting in real life. And then you have the opposing side who cannot stand to see drama or interaction between the two. They are characters in a show. They have to interact. This bickering and babyish whining is enough to make a guy hit the Vicodin bottle.

    People may get their wish anyway; RSL is unavailable for a good portion of Season 8 and Shore himself said the House/Wilson relationship is a cornerstone to the series, and with the description of the finale, my guess is they are writing both him and Cuddy out– at least long enough to let RSL return next year.

  35. genagirl says:

    This scene gives me a little hope for the future. Not a Huddy in sight, thank goodness. HOUSE needs to get back to what it was before it went off the rails. House and Wilson are the core relationship and anything else is just distracting. I love their bickering, their silly pranks, the twisted friendship. You can tell Wilson is the one true friend House has, and in his own way, House is Wilson’s only real friend. Laurie and Leonard have great chemistry!

  36. Michael says:

    I don’t see what all the rage is about. This week’s episode was the best in a while and proves that they definitely still have it in them. They just need some time to get over the mess caused by indulging shippers before the absolute end of the show.

  37. Tawny_Cat says:

    My husband and I have been turned off by the pervasive negativity in the show. What I mean is, no goodness whatsoever exists in the world and everyone is miserable all the time. It’s just so depressing any more. House is so obnoxious that it’s totally unbelievable. There is no one likeable in House, so it’s hard to care what happens to them.

  38. deven says:

    This once-good show had long since lost its way quite a while ago. Now, even though I watch it…I’m afraid to watch it. It all seems to operate behind a blackish veil…dirtied and wrecked by lousy writing. The characters have lost the parts of themselves that held it all together and made it fun, no matter how they got it to do so.

    The show is now a waste of major talent, left to flounder from week to week with no sense of satisfaction for its loyal audience. It’s just a damned shame.

  39. Todd says:

    The main cast seem bored with it, there is no energy in their performances anymore. I think it is nearly a “going through the motions” phase of this show, I hope someone will realize that the time has come to wrap it up with some kind of dignity and end it.

    The minimizing of Wilson in so many episodes this season has been another disappointment, I find the House-Wilson relationship much more entertaining than House-cuddy. Though the writers have managed to devolve the House-wilson interactions to a who can keep a chicken in the hospital contest nonsense.

    The show’s apogee was the brilliant House’s Head-Wilson’s Heart and from that high point the series has been going downhill, with some exceptional episodes of course along the way, but they have never quite reached that level of sustained quality since then.

    Time to wrap up this once great series before it sinks into parody and consistent absurdity as so many episodes this season have done.

    BTW–can’t stand candace bergen, she is awful.