How Do You Think Good Wife Alicia Handled It?

[The following story contains numerous spoilers from this week’s episode of CBS’ The Good Wife.]

At long last, after weeks of waiting, Good Wife fans got to witness Alicia’s reaction to learning that Peter once bedded Kalinda (back when she was Leela and well before she and Alicia ever became besties). To say that Alicia’s response was measured is almost putting it mildly. Heck, I imagine many a divorced man who was wholly in the wrong wishes that he had been handed the keys to a new apartment, his boxes already packed and moved.

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But just as surprising as Alicia’s rational recourse (which was done largely as a favor to the kids) was Peter’s irrational attempt to play the blame game at episode’s end.

“[My answer is] a no,” Alicia said to a briefly plaintive Peter as he surfaced at their home, “to everything. Counseling, an explanation, anything you ask, anything you say.”

Faced with that stone wall, Peter accused his wife of being as adulterous as him. “That’s what this is about — you and Will,” he guessed, swinging-and-missing. Before making that failed bid to shirk some of his responsibility in this mess, he should have zipped it (literally and figuratively). But dude just kept talking. And then he started walking.

With Peter’s two feet in the elevator, Alicia invited him (rather rhetorically, I thought) to “say something that will make me fall in love with you again.” All he came back with was a defeatist “Goodbye,” to which Alicia stabbed back, “You got that right.” Damn.

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With that new rush of troubled water having passed under the Florricks’ bridge, we are still waiting for the Alicia/Kalinda showdown, and based on promos, it’s next on the playlist. Dare I say, Alicia looks far more incensed in that face-to-face — perhaps because with Peter she knew she had a snake on her hands, while Kalinda is new to her as the keeper of such a secret.

Speaking of secrets, Alicia wasn’t broadcasting to the world her latest (and final?) marital woe, but instead left most everyone — including the kids and Will — in various degrees of the dark about what went down.

Elsewhere during this week’s Good Wife: It was a guest star-palooza as Martha Plimpton followed up her 9 o’clock appearance on Fox’s outrageous Raising Hope with another turn as the double/triple-crossing Patti Nyholm, John Glover trimmed his Smallville mane to play a tough attorney, and V‘s Christopher Shyer fell to Earth as a judgmental doctor. Former Guiding Light cutie Aubrey Dollar was the nurse who, like most every man/woman, was digging Kalinda, and Mad Men‘s Aaron Stanton lawyered up as well.

Plotwise, Cary sniffed around Lockhart Gardner to see if he is still wanted back, and he is, though not at ideal terms. Instead, the tag for the episode had freshly elected Peter realizing that Cary — as a former coworker/adversary of Alicia’s — may be worth keeping around at the State’s Attorney’s office.

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Hit the comments with your thoughts on this week’s Good Wife. Did it satisfy, surprise, or come off as stalling on the Alicia/Kalinda front?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alicia says:

    Tonight’s ep was amazing (as usual). They really know how to keep the drama and tension going the whole time. Though it’s irksome when previews show scenes which don’t actually appear in the upcoming episode (Alicia confronting Kalinda while seated across from her in the office). But overall it was satisfying, especially when Peter showed his true colors by turning on Alicia when it became clear she was having none of his BS. What a stand up guy he is, bringing out the ugly at the flip of a switch; it’s almost like he hasn’t changed…

  2. c s says:

    I thought it was great. Julianna was brilliant. Definitely not enough Kalinda or Diane though.

    Still really hating Cary though. He never grows Every time he’s given a chance to be a good person he blows it by letting how much he hates Alicia get in the way. I think this thing with Peter is just going to show how bad he really is. Which is the most interesting thing he’ll have done all season.

  3. Peter says:

    c’mon, what Alicia got to bitch about?? If she forgive Peter for phone sex, she should forgive Peter and Kalinda, also she shouldn’t feel betrayed by Kalinda cause they WERE NOT FRIENDS back then, they don’t even know each other.

    Personally I can’t wait to see Peter and Cary team together to DESTROY Alicia!! take away her client, take away the kids… etc..

    • p says:

      bring it on! ;)

    • Josh says:

      Oh Peter didn’t have phone sex…he had sex with the hookers…And this is more of a betrayal because she asked him before if there were others…and he said no. Both he and Kalinda lied to her.

      • Huritino says:

        Who said they had sex ? You don’t get let go from a job and change your name, my vote is on sex had nothing to do with why.

    • yuni says:

      even if you didn’t sign your handle as Peter, I would know you were a male.
      So it’s okay to sleep with someone else’s husband on the condition that you never befriend their wife??
      Kalinda knew Peter was married. Alicia put trust in Kalinda at a time when she had reason to trust very few. having that trust broken is reason enough to feel hurt or betrayed.
      Also, Peter had sex with prostitutes, and Alicia never outright stated that she had forgiven Peter for his “indiscretions,” she always eluded the question. If I were Alicia I wouldn’t forgive Peter just for putting me at risk of VD’s.
      But whether or not you want to see Alicia destroyed (as misogynistic as that sounds) does nothing for the fact that at the very least your logic is flawed.

      • Mark says:

        Saying it’s okay would be an overstatement, but there are various degrees of blame here, and I think most of it falls to the partner who stepped out.

        I hate this thing some women do where they blame the other woman, as a way to scapegoat their relationship off as something that was stable before “she” happened. That’s garbage. The dude cheated, the dude is responsible. That stranger owes you very little, and as tacky as sleeping with a married guy is, it’s not quite the same as hurting the person you share everything with.

        This situation is a little different, because Kalinda has known Alicia for more than a year now and chose not to tell her. Still, this is Peter’s problem.

        • Karl says:

          Kalinda has known Alicia for more than a year now and chose not to tell her. But she did alot of pushing Will at her didn’t she, what was that all about ?

      • Yo says:

        I would have know that poster was male, also. Peter’s lack of character has never been so well displayed as in his accusatory rant at Alicia. And I suspect next season will show more of it.

      • Bill says:

        Okay, just for the record I’m a male and I don’t agree with what “Peter” said. The tone of the comment seemed to be just an effort on his part to get a rise of of others, especially the females, which make up a significant majority of the fans of this show.

        However, I’m not sure if “betrayal” is the right word to describe what Kalinda did by sleeping with Peter. Maybe that is the way Alicia feels because Kalinda is now her friend and co-worker and she feels great resentment toward Kalinda for ruining that friendship (at least in the near term). Also, it is easy to understand why Alicia has such anger toward anyone who slept with her husband, regardless of the circumstances. I think she was actually starting to see the possibility of her marriage surviving and now it’s all coming crashing down. She has endured so much and she just couldn’t endure anymore – totally understandable.

        But I am not entirely on board with those who are elated over Alicia sending Peter packing and the ensuing divorce that I’m sure will get quite nasty, which I’m sure will be really tough on the kids. I am among that minority that believed Peter when he said he had changed, when Alicia confronted him about Kalinda. I also thinks he really does love Alicia and would never hurt disrespect her like that again. Yes, he did lie when she asked him if their was anyone else, and for many, that deception is a deal breaker as far as Alicia and Peter reconciling. At the risk of sounding like I’m making excuses for Peter’s scumbag behavior, coming clean about Kalinda was much more complicated than if she had been a hooker or some woman who was not in Alicia’s life now. Kalinda and Alicia had become co-workers and friends. Peter knew telling Alicia about his one-night stand with Kalinda that happened years earlier would likely destroy that relationship and cause considerable complications with the two being able to work together. So I’m sure that wasn’t an easy decision for him to make. Of course he was an idiot for sleeping with Kalinda in the first place and I’m not so naive as to think his not confessing about it was entirely for the sake of Alicia and Kalinda’s relationship. But neither do I think it was mainly because he thought Alicia would leave him if he told her. Yet,it really doesn’t make any difference now. Besides, most fans wanted Alicia to kick Peter to the curb a long time ago. Whether he has changed or not is and has always been really irrelevant to them. Although, I think that if Alicia had never found out about Kalinda there was a good chance that Peter and Alicia’s marriage may have continued to rebuild, except for one problem that would have continued to threaten their reconciliation and had from the beginning – Will.

        There was something else that Peter said when Alicia confronted him about Alicia which was 100% true, and I don’t see how anyone could disagree. For the last two years there HAS been someone else in their marriage, who has been a clear obstacle as far as Alicia and Peter reconciling – Will Gardner. Alica’s feelings for Will, their moment of passion (which could have easily been much more if their timing had been better), the phone call when she told him he had to come up with a plan before she would consider leaving her husband for him, it all contributed to Alicia’s hesitation in really trying to save her marriage. Therefore, I thought it was a little ridiculous how indignant Alicia got when Peter accused her of sleeping with Will (“The Gall!!”). No, she hadn’t slept with him (that situation may be changing very soon), but she obviously intended to when she went back to his office after “the kiss.” and she had fantasized about it enough. Of course, all of that doesn’t come close to Peter’s indiscretions. But it does cut in a little to the level of indignation that Alica should feel when Peter makes the accusation.

        Ultimately, Peter was wrong about not coming clean about Kalinda when he had the chance, but it was a considerably more complicated situation than just confessing to another act of infidelity. And although I know that the “Peter is dirt and Alicia is the best” group will never agree that Alicia was not exactly the most forthcoming spouse when it came to telling her husband about the relationship/feelings she had for her boss, I tend to see the good and bad, the honesty and dishonesty in both those characters.

        So now Alicia has left Peter and will likely have at least a brief fling with Will, if not something more serious. I am one of those few people who find that a little sad because I really was beginning to think that Peter and Alicia were going to get through the crisis in their marriage. That doesn’t mean I though Peter deserved a chance to make up for what he did but I didn’t have a problem if Alicia (truly)wanted to give him that chance.

        I have two strong independent daughters who have I raised to not let anyone disrespect them, especially men. If either were faced with the same situation as Alicia and decided to walk away from the relationship, I would totally support them in that indecision. But if either decided to give their husband/boyfriend a second chance (not a third…and “no,” I don’t think Kalinda would have been a third for Peter because of when it happened), I would support that decision as well.

    • moname91 says:

      The whole point was that Alicia had asked Kalinda if she slept with Peter, when she first started at Lockhart/Gardner and Kalinda said no. I think that if she had been truthful, Alicia would have forgiven her. The same goes for Peter if he had disclosed all for Alicia at the beginning. But now we get to see his true colors and I don’t think that he cares about Alicia just his image.

    • teniba says:

      so you think that you could be friend with the person who your spouse cheated on you with?

      by the way if it is ok because kalinda didn’t know her, why was Kalinda afraid to talk to alicia about it? We know Kalinda doesn’t scare easily, so why was she be scared to tell the truth to Alicia?

  4. sladewilson says:

    Alicia was no joke but this was just the prelim bout. I’m waiting for the main event – Alicia and Kalinda. What no-one brings up is that Alicia has yet to know the entire story as to why Kalinda slept with Peter (and I think we still have some surprises there also) but I can see Alicia wanting to punch Kalinda in the face.

    BTW – Didn’t Alicia ask Kalinda in the first season did she sleep with Peter? I’m almost sure she did…

    • Alicia says:

      Yes, she did. Point blank. “Did you sleep with my husband.”
      So there’s that…

      • Lily says:

        No she didn’t. She asked how many times she had visited him in prison. To which Kalinda replied it was no true and it was irrelevant.

        • Alicia says:

          My mistake; she didn’t ask directly, but she asked “How often did you visit my husband in prison?” Which in the context of their conversation is a thinly veiled euphemism, and Kalinda replied “Don’t go there…it’s not pertinent, and it’s not true.” They both knew what they were talking about, and Kalinda’s last statement is false, which is tantamount to lying to Alicia’s face.

  5. Lori says:

    Brilliant episode and performance by Julianna Margulies and I think we’re in for much more of the same judging by next week’s preview. While one might disagree how the writers have written some of the plot lines, she and the whole cast play it to the hilt.

    I hope they bring Martha Plimpton back again. She and Julianna play so well off each other as they argue cases. Julianna (Alicia’s) smirks are priceless.

    Best, most interesting show on TV.

  6. CJ says:

    I’m really not a fan of the unilateral decision making. I always admired Alicia for being a calm, rational person – not in evidence tonight. I’d respect the character more if she and Peter had sat down and actually talked, or if she had agreed to the counseling.

    • Gen says:

      I concur. Unilateral decision making when married seems wrong. And so contrary to Alicia’s character.

      • Kat says:

        I Agree.

        • ummm... says:

          Seems to me Peter did a fair amount of unilateral decision making of his own: sleeping with prostitutes, sleeping with Leela, running for re-election for state’s atty and putting pressure on Alicia to play nice for the good of his career, lying about sleeping with Alicia…I mean, come on. Girlfriend had every right, and showed powerful restraint by not telling people the reasons she had for the separation (risking looking like the bad guy to her children).

          Alicia was just great.

      • Ro says:

        Contrary to Alicia’s character once upon a time, maybe, but as she herself points out to Jackie in “In Sickness”, “Your son MADE me this way.” Alicia isn’t the same person she was when she married him, and she’s done with his lies and excuses. She needed complete honesty from him after they reconciled, and that wasn’t forthcoming. Fool her once, shame on you, fool her twice..

        • kelly says:

          He needed complete honesty from him after they reconciled, and that wasn’t forthcoming. Fool him once, shame on you, fool him twice..
          When is ALICIA going to be honest with her family, there seems to be alot of lying going on from her.

    • Chris says:

      While it seems like unilateral decision making, there comes a point where “rationalizing it out, let’s sit down and talk” becomes being a sucker. Alicia recognized she had hit the point where she didn’t love Peter anymore. No matter what counseling would give them, she could never regain respect for him. He publically humiliated her by cheating on her with a hooker and getting caught. Part of his contrition at the time was to talk to her about his failures, and she told him, while he was in prison (season 1) “Just don’t lie to me..” and he assured her, twice, that “it just happened” etc.. that story unravelled from the get go. Pictures cropped up. The hooker showed up with details. And she swallowed it all; but when it came through that there was another woman (Calinda) the answer was obvious: this isn’t a “one time thing” Peter was a repeat offender. She knew about these two now, but were there others? Who knows, but she definitely didn’t want to find out. And going through counselling so he could weasel her again? Yeah, worthless.

      In the end, any decision to leave is a unilateral one. But millions of women and men make that decision yearly. And a lot of them have a lot less reasoning then Alicia. Her kids are grown; they are both high schoolers. Her husband is a repeated philander. And, if there was any hope of him ever reforming the situation, he certainly screwed the pooch on that by going vindictive blaming her. At that point, don’t let the door hit you on the a…

      What was she going to sit down with Peter and talk about “Ok, so now I know that you slept with two women while we were married.. are there any others?” “So, when you told me last year that you had a great failure and you regretted it, which one was it.. and I assume you must have enjoyed the other one?”

      Yeah, sorry. In the real world, it doesn’t work that way. If she had put up with that much BS, I would have thought: this show sucks. A woman who puts up with that kind of trash has to have such a low self esteem they’ll settle for being treated like a doormat. It was a long time coming.

      • Bill says:

        No, Kalinda doesn’t scare easily but she was already seeing that she and Alicia could be friends and that is something extremely rare in Kalinda’s life. So I can see why she would be afraid to tell Alicia the truth. However, I also believe that her repeatedly pushing Alicia to sleep with Will was an attempt to reduce her own guilt for what she had done. I wonder if Alicia sees that now. Frankly, I would expect that to make her just as angry of not more so than finding out Kalinda had slept with her husband.

  7. Gen says:

    I thought Julianna Marguiles brought such emotion and character to the role.

    That being said…Alicia’s reaction was a bit more than I’d have thought based on her past actions. Yes, Kalinda is her friend now, but she wasn’t then. But Alicia knew Peter had been involved with women during their marriage. I can see her throwing a fit because he didn’t tell her about Kalinda. But so drastic an action? That was unexpected. I’m not sure I like how much her character swung. But I love the show.

    And was Peter right about Will? Yes. Was Alicia honest about it – umm no. Had she cheated on Peter with Will? Not physically, but emotionally…

    • Kat says:

      Exactly! though bringing up Will was stupid his line about there been “three people in the marriage” was right. We seen Alicia thinking/looking at Will, all season long.

      • shasta says:

        But it is interesting that Peter only brings this issue up now…if he had this suspicion all along, wouldn’t he bring it up to her, if he genuinly cared about the health of his marriage? So they could go to marriage counseling, and fix the issue? To me, the timing showed he does not really care about the marriage – he only brought it up so he could go down swinging.

        • JJ says:

          I completely agree Shasta. Peter is nothing but excuses and by accusing Alicia of adultery and ‘There’s been three people in this marriage’ just goes to show he’s thinking of anything he can to hurt her. He doesn’t love her like he claims; he’s too self centered and devious. It makes me wonder how much of what Childs was claiming was really true. I didn’t think much but, after seeing his behavior and, especially, what he’s thinking he can get from Cary, shows that he’s a devious person.
          As far what Gen said about Alicia’s reaction being a bit more based on her past actions: I saw a woman who’d hit the breaking point. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Look at all the garbage she’s dealt with for 2 years: Peter’s mother (who I wanted to slap with a cold wet fish); Peter’s scandal; the spotlight and the taunts and the looks and the accusations. I think she needed something to push her toward what she should’ve done in the first place: leave the SOB. Of course the timing is interesting…and I wouldn’t be surprised if Childs had planned the timing to be like that (with sending the investigator out at that time) but the only thing I blame Alicia for is not having done it sooner.

          • Gen says:

            I don’t think it’s odd Peter brings up Will only now. He may have had his suspicions, but people get defensive and Alicia was not owning up to the fact that she’d been giving Will bedroom eyes for a long while. He probably didn’t want to rock his growing relationship with Alicia by confronting her earlier. Cowardly, mayhap. But what grounds did he have to stand on earlier? As the cheater and liar, when he had no proof, how could he confront her? Besides, one of the ways to earn someone’s trust is to trust them, or at least try to trust them. Which Peter was doing in that regard. However, the manner in which he brought it up – destructive. I don’t think Alicia would have actually heard anything from him. She was angry and hurt. He should have given her space. I don’t think anything he said would have made a difference, regardless of what she said.
            Do I think what Peter did was right when he cheated on and then lied to Alicia? Not in a million freaking years. Should he have told her about Kalinda, yes. But did he think that he and Alicia were starting over and didn’t want to bring up more of the past and screw up his relationship further? Mayhap. Which is very human. People do that all the time. It was stupid and ended badly, which we all knew it would (if not from screwing up in our own lives but by all the sitcoms we’ve watched in the past).
            However. I don’t think Will is any better of a guy, really. Trying to steal a woman who’s married and trying to work through some pretty serious issues? That’s low as well.
            I didn’t like Peter scheming at the end, true.
            Why blame Alicia for not kicking him out earlier? I’ve never understood why people judge spouses who stand by their cheating significant others. I think cheating is a horrible thing to do, but not irredeemable. And to me, it takes a great strength of will and forgiveness to move past it, just as it takes courage to kick someone out. Not everyone can move past the harm. Not everyone should. I think it should be up to the couples. But I don’t think that it makes Alicia less of a strong woman to stand by Peter and try.

        • Ro says:

          Absolutely. The best defence is a good offence, after all, and he was stuck in a corner. They say a liar can’t believe anyone else – well, Peter proved that neatly here.

    • xav says:

      So drastic an action? She asked for honesty from both her best friend and husband and got lies. She thought Peter slept with Amber Madison and that’s it, a hooker whom Peter could pay to perform sex acts Alicia presumably wouldn’t do. This is a confirmation that he had sex with other women he didn’t pay, calling into question whether he’d slept with other women who weren’t prostitutes. She found out her entire friendship with Kalinda was predicated on a lie. Alicia’s reactions were pretty mild.

      • Gen says:

        I meant drastic compared to how she normally handled devastating revelations. It just didn’t seem like Alicia. I agree that all she asked for was honesty, and neither Kalinda nor Peter were honest about their one night stand. I don’t know if it mattered to her that Amber Madison was a prostitute – Madison was a woman who fell in love with her husband. To me a one night stand isn’t as bad as that relationship. And also, not to excuse Peter or Kalinda, but Kalinda wasn’t her friend at the time. Peter didn’t sleep with her friend – he slept with his colleague. However, I do think Alicia should be livid with both.
        But was her relationship with Kalinda based entirely on a lie? I’m not sure. However, will Alicia now question whether Kalinda pushed her towards Will because Kalinda honestly thought there was something viable there, or because if Alicia also cheated, Kalinda wasn’t so bad?
        Regardless if Alicia wouldn’t do certain sex acts, Peter should never have hired Amber Madison. I heard a guy try to excuse himself that way. There’s no excuse for cheating.

    • Bill says:

      At the risk at being verbally stoned to death by most of the female fans of this show, was it so terrible that Peter did not tell Alicia about his one-night stand with Kalinda. He probably thought there was no way she would ever find out about it and with Kalinda and Alicia not only working together but having become friends, what good would have come from such a confession.

      I am among the minority that thought Peter really had changed,and that his cheating days were a thing of the past. So yes, he lied when he told Alicia there was no one else, but I don’t think it was entirely to protect himself. Good grief, how much worse could revealing that he slept once with Kalinda (before Alicia probably even knew her) had made it for him? Lying to avoid Alicia’s wrath – it was a little late in the game for that.

      And as for accusing Alicia of fooling around with Will, under the circumstances that was a bad move on Peter’s part. But of course she did to some degree (sorry, the brief make out session was still cheating – catch your husband or boyfriend doing that and tell me you wouldn’t consider it cheating. And Alicia would have slept with Will if he had been in his office when she came back. So while what Alicia did is nothing compared to what Peter did, her hands aren’t completely clean either. Then there’s the fact that she offered to leave Peter if Will could come up with a “plan.” And that she practically fainted for several months every time she was around the guy. She wasn’t exactly forthcoming about any of this with her husband. So does she get a free pass because her husband cheated on her? Don’t misunderstand. What Peter did, even excluding Kalinda, was plenty of reason for Alicia to divorce him. But she didn’t and at least made an effort (not IMO until this season really) to get past what Peter did and help mend their marriage. But now all of that is over and I’m sure the Kings will have some big season finale where it ends with Alicia walking into Will’s bedroom, or some such soap opera-like scene. I’m afraid I’m done with this show.

      Portraying a marriage going through a major crisis because of the husband’s infidelity, the husband striving to prove to his wife he could be a better man and they finding a way to mend their relationship, that was interesting to me. Now it’s just depressing, because the Kings let those like me have hope then said “to hell with it, not gonna happen.”

      • Gen says:

        I also think that Peter has changed, or that he’s trying to change. However, I think he should have told her about Kalinda, that it was a one night stand. Not just because secrets have a way of getting out. But because she deserves the truth, and he should have told her as a step in his growth. However, I also agree he wasn’t protecting just himself, but also Kalinda. They should have told her together.
        Peter was probably scared. He didn’t want to lose Alicia, obviously. And people make that mistake all the time.
        I agree that Alicia isn’t completely innocent either. It’s possible to cheat emotionally on a spouse. And that is what she did. And did make out with and would have slept with Will. Peter was desperate to try and get her to engage with him, and that’s probably why he brought it up. But the manner in which he did, and the timing stunk. Bad move, Peter. Hopefully Alicia will own up to it, because she should or she’s lying to everyone. Also, how is Will much better of a guy for trying to steal a married woman?
        And I hope the Kings don’t end with a scene like you predict. Because this has been such a complex show, that such an action by Alicia would be expected, cheap, and easy.
        And as I said in a reply to a post by JJ, I don’t think cheating is irredeemable. But in today’s society, much is made if the woman doesn’t kick the husband to the curb – that she’s weak and lacks self worth. Which, in the instances that I’ve seen marriages come back from such issues, the woman is incredibly strong to be able to hold her head high and tell people to back off. But I think it’s the decision of each couple.
        I hope the Kings don’t end the season with a divorce or Alicia sleeping with Will. It is called “The Good Wife” after all. But I hope they end the season with redemption of some kind.

        • Harper says:

          I totally agree with your comment. Especially the part about how society reacts to women who have been cheated on and stayed. The people who judge, don’t know what has happened in the relationship. Yeah, many times the man (or woman) is a pig and did dirty things because they could. But, when I am around friends or loved ones who cheated or were cheated on, there were other issues that needed to be addressed. And I don’t want to say I have more respect for them because I’ll probably get stoned for it, but I do look up to couples that can go through a struggle like that together, and come out strong and whole in the end.

          But back to the show, I for one am disappointed that after 2 years they suddenly gave Alicia her backbone. I finally felt like they were making improvements and she was getting over her Will infatuation. Although, I am glad that had it end because of something other than Will. I always knew that they would probably have Alicia and Big split up, but I wanted to see them more as a couple. I wanted to believe that they could be happy together. But now, I feel unaffected by the break up.

          Just some thoughts : )

          • p says:

            Alicia doesn’t love Peter anymore, and as a wronged woman I understand it. She thinking about Will was over the second she asked him about the second voice mail. She did everything she could. She risked another public humiliation. How dare he to accuse her of adultery. The Gull!!! Any way Peter was family to Alicia je was the father of her kids, I don’t think bimbo issues were his only issue… remember Casco?! We will see his true color next season :D and you are right the couple who go through bad timing and come out of together are adorable but I don’t think it should be advertise on T.V. it will be bad for women who are in an abusive relationship.

  8. Sparky says:

    I really want to know what the heck was Kalinda’s backstory??? It does nt excuse the fact that she slept with a married man but there must be some reason why we won’t hate her quite as bad as we are currently expected to…I think!!! I’m so glad Cary is nt going back to Lockhart/Gardner. Putting him in the SA’s office has being the making of him and I think the possibilities are endless now that Peter is in charge again – definitely my prefered option. Also kudos to Alicia for finally kicking Peter out and her reaction was measured but not over the top but still dignified and the way you would have expected her to react – it was a waste of time getting mad, she just used her anger to make her a better lawyer and mother to her kids focused on her priorities!!! Looking forward to her showdown with Kalinda – good to see her out of her comfort zone when Alicia confronts her next week and also when Will finds out – its supposed to be very unexpected. Love this show, now when are CBS going to announce its renewal cos cancellation is sooooo not an option!!!

  9. Lily says:

    Peter had sex with Kalinda, not Leela. She was already working at the SA’s office.

    The pussy footing around Alicia and Kalinda’s confrontation was off. But I loved Alicia’s scenes with Peter and can someone please give Julianna Margulies that Emmy?

    Patti Nyholm/Martha Plimpton was all kinds of awesome. I want a Nyholm spinoff!

  10. lo says:

    Yes – Kalinda should have told Alicia the truth when she had a chance last season. But Kalinda is not used to having a friend like Alicia. She is a loner. She didn’t want to ruin the only meaningful relationship she has had in who knows how long. I don’t think we really need any more back story on Kalinda. We know what type of person she is from watching her these past two seasons. She is a type of person who uses sex to get things she needs whether it be evidence from a crime scene, or a new identity to start a new life for herself. Sex doesn’t mean anything to her except as a way to get people to do things she wants them to do. However, with Alicia she found someone who she can be herself around, that didn’t judge her, who she actually liked being around and wasn’t using to get something she needed. I am still siding with Alicia and don’t expect her to forgive Kalinda for a while, but at the same time I still feel badly for Kalinda because i have a feeling Kalinda will be the one going down a dark hole while Alicia will reclaim life and seize the day for herself.

    • xaverie says:

      LOVE your description.

    • Dead End Intersection says:

      I would love for it to play out this way, they have their melt down next episode and the remainder of this season it shows Alicia is getting stronger (it was alreayd mentioned in this episode after she kicked her husband out she is more aggressive, was told she is doing a good job and the client felt she was truly fighting for her now).

      I hope this continues down this path while Kalinda goes down a darker one, same with Peter. My only disliek of this show was that Alicia was too calm and too in control with everything. she never really had that moment on screen where she just freaked out because she couldn’t handle something. This episode made her even mor ehuman in my eyes and mor ehuman in her children’s eyes. Next week looks pretty amazing during the confrontation, just from the previews Juliana is hitting it out of the park again!

    • tvadict Mom says:

      Well said

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      wonderfully phrased

  11. Judy says:

    Will has a love interest now. Remember he asked her not to go to England. In a lot of ways he’s a stand up guy and probably won’t dump her. Is it possible sometime down the road Peter will get Alecia to fall back in love with him or will he really slime out and use Cary to hurt her? It sounds like the regulars like Eli have signed contracts so it seems like a winner. But we need Peter though, he keeps us all wondering where this family is going. His mother is nuts.

  12. dlferriola says:

    Fabulous episode – Go Alicia! She really let Peter have it deservedly so. She did not love him anymore and now she did not even have to tolerate him either. I loved how she handled the whole situation with poise and grace up until the end when she let him have it. She definitely kicked him to the curb nicely all boxed up and in his own place. He really cannot complain because he knows he does not deserve her and she should have done it a long time ago. Really well acted and written episode.

  13. Jessica says:

    Um, Kalinda will not get off easy. It’s not the fact she slept with Peter. It’s the fact she lied about and, more importantly, became a close friend to Alicia, which appears really calculating and would cast doubt on the sincerity of the friendship. Who befriends the wife of an ex-lover?

    • Ingmar says:

      Smart persons would exactly befriend that person. Little to no chance their secret will come out. Keep your enemies closer than your friends, is what they always say.

  14. Danny says:

    Alicia could have handled it better. And by that I mean she should have kicked Peter in the balls as well.

  15. Ingmar says:

    Amazing episode! Give Julianna her emmy already! And Golden Globe for that matter. Give the whole show an emmy! Best drama on television for sure. Alicia was right about Peter, and kicking him out. She gave him chances enought. Cant wait for next week!

  16. kiks says:

    You dont need caffeine to give you a sudden jolt when you watch the good wife. After the show, I was engaged and emotional. Compelling and fantastic episode. One of Julianna’s best – especially during the scenes involving confronting her kids and jackie florrick. I am running out of positive adjectives to describe this show!

  17. jill says:

    The writer needs to look up the meaning of a “measured response”.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thank you, I just did: “deliberate, calculated” — which is precisely how Alicia reacted, rather than fly off the handle, lobbing pots and pans at Peter.

      What do I win?

      • BRETT says:

        Matt, gotta love the fact that you challenge some of the more idiotic comments on here. Keep it up!

  18. Kim R says:

    I thought it was such a well done episode. And I, for one, was shocked at Peter’s lashing out at Alicia. I don’t want these to be his “true colors”. I want to believe he truly loves her. :) I do understand how they wrote Alicia’s response to this jarring news. She has pretty much repressed any rage from the previous shock to her system. I think this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Love the show! :)

  19. Lyn says:

    Thought it was a little odd that after almost adjusting to their post-adultery life, Alicia would go ballistic — including superhuman marshalling of Realtor, apartment, boxes, movers, lease papers and huge payment in the middle of the night! — over this betrayal that happened so long ago and before she even knew Kalinda. But I guess it was just the last straw. She said Peter could do nothing to make her love him again, and that’s the key: She just doesn’t and can’t.

  20. Sweet Revenge says:

    Unitl it happens to you, you don’t know how bad it hurts to be betrayed. It happend to me, Alicia didn’t forgive him, there was too much going on for her to even think about it. I think she would have forgiven him if she had not found out about Kalinda, that was too much for her to wrap her brain around. She knew right there and then, she couldn’t stay with him, and have to find out about more women, one by one every few months. I would rather die. As far as Will, I hope it turns out to be a real relationship in the end with them getting married, she deserves to be happy.

  21. Carrie says:

    I find it interesting that cheating on her with hookers and the public humiliation was not enough for her to be done with him, but once she found out he’d slept with Kalinda, that was the last straw. I doubt Kalinda was the only other woman he slept with and besides being unfaithful, he could’ve given Alicia VD. Did she ever get herself checked out after finding out about her husband and the hookers? The guy is such a creepy liar, he makes my skin crawl. His mother is also a piece of work. She should’ve chosen Will a long time ago.

  22. MGL says:

    I thought the episode was very well done. It’s TV so there are certain allowances (i.e. super human packing and leasing capabilities), but that’s ok, it delivered the point. I did not think it was so strange that this discovery did Alicia in. She had discussed honesty with Peter last season, and he had left this detail out. As the viewer, I don’t think I am as upset with Kalinda. We still don’t know what the story is and she did meet Alicia post Peter. One comment, I did think Peter or Chris Noth was scary when he threw the Will thing back at her. I am not sure I would want to be married to him! I am still a Will and Alicia fan. I like Will. He may not be perfect, but he is not scary! I hope for some moment of passion between them; even if fleating.

  23. lipsticksocialism says:

    MGL — LOL at super human packing! totally thought of that! although leasing capabilities I can see happeneing.

    YES, Pete was scary in the end! I was a bit disappointed in that (my love for Chris Noth knows no bounds), but it will make for meaty storylines so awesome!

    Episode was BRILL overall.

  24. E says:

    QUESTION: The only thing confusing me at this point is the fact that NO ONE seemed to know that Leela/Kalinda are the same person, despite the fact that we’re talking pretty recent history. If Peter knew “Leela” through his State’s Attorney position, why did it take the super sleuth’s to dig that up? And does a lawfirm hire someone without a background check (particular for an investigator)? What kind of work was “Leela” doing that no one recalls her. I’ve probably missed something, and would love someone to explain what I’ve missed.

    Love this show, but this has been confusing me.

  25. Annie says:

    Actually I have say, to some degree I sided with Peter. Alicia has been a bit of a hypocrite if you ask me. She was fully prepared to sleep with Will, and the two of them have danced around the sexual tension for a long time. She certainly wants something with Will and Peter picked up on it. In terms of the sleeping with Kalinda thing – it was two years ago – yes, he should have told her – however, it’s not like he stepped out with some hooker the night of the election.

    And I don’t think it’s unreasonable for him to think that she could have seen that he has changed. The guy did change. He made an effort and changed. I would have at least heard him out – but it seems to me that she was waiting for a reason to divorce him. So maybe she’s the one who didn’t try.

    I just get a bit weary of the whole wronged woman thing. It takes two people t create or destroy a relationship – Alicia isn’t owning up to anything she may have done to contribute. Not excusing Peter, mind you, but let’s get real, rarely is one person exclusively the victim in an interpersonal relationship.

    If she doesn’t love Peter then she should have stopped stringing him along for months and been honest with him. But then television never is realistic in its depiction of relationships and I guess they figure this is a good character arc for her. I think they could have come up with something much better than this tired old plot twist.


  26. Jeri says:

    I back Alicia and her response 100%. It was very good of her to not blame Peter to the kids, that must have been hard. I hope they will realize the truth without having to know the details. Her reaction was very honest and true to her character.

    Enough is enough.