Did Chuck Get Off the Best Shot at Bin Laden?

Sure, all of the late-night TV hosts declared it open season on the late Osama bin Laden during their first monologues since the terrorist’s take-down. But it may have been NBC’s mild-mannered Chuck that executed the most stealth commentary on world news’ hottest topic.

As Monday’s episode of the spy dramedy got underway, Morgan and the Buy More boys were discussing Chuck’s imminent bachelor party in (or so they assumed) Las Vegas. While Lester and Jeff were game for Sin City gaming, Casey countered, “The best thing about Vegas are the gun ranges.” And to that end, he had packed “some of my fancy targets” — namely, head shots of Osama bin Laden. Watch that clip here:

Obviously the scene was shot a while ago (in early April), and maybe someone out there would argue that it could have been excised from the final cut. But something about it was terribly fitting, especially since we would like to think that John Casey — perhaps in collaboration with Jack Bauer — played a role in Operation Geronimo.

(For those curious on what the late-night TV hosts had to say, here are links to Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Letterman‘s Top 10 list of bin Laden’s Last Words.)

Alas, several chunks of this week’s Chuck missed the target. I had been spoiled on the “Las Vecas” joke, so I saw all the misunderstandings coming down Broadway. But even for those viewers “surprised” by the mix-up, it was a rather tough sell. Also, the reveal of Agent X elicited an audible groan from me, because while Timothy Dalton has been enjoyable in measured doses, I for one have had my fill of Alexi Volkoff, let alone his daughter.

And why did I have to keep reminding myself that Ray Wise’s henchwoman wasn’t Jennifer Esposito?

The good? Chuck coming clean to Ellie about him still being a spy, and her logical and complete understanding. (Hooray for the absence of faux “betrayal” drama!) Then, El’s awe as Chuck demonstrated for her the Intersect’s many cool tricks?! Very fun, and long overdue (even if it meant Morgan’s shirt being dishonored). Also: Casey feeding ammo to Hartley’s machine gun-manning mum.

What did you think of this week’s Chuck, bin Laden shout-out included?

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  1. aleksa says:

    Adam Baldwin’s the man! Jayne would totally have made mincemeat of bin Laden.

  2. Kelley says:

    I got a big kick out of the target. it was very appropriate for Casey. I actually did not mind in the least that Volkoff was Agent X. I don’t much like Vivian I admit but Tim Dalton is a different matter. I really enjoy the stunt casting on Chuck, from Richard Chamberlain, to Ti Dalton. I am very sorry that they killed Stephen Bartowski, as I really enjoyed Scott Bakula’s portrayal of the bubbling engineer, but actual genius.

    One of the things I have always enjoyed about Chuck from the first was Chuck and Ellie’s relationship. You did really get a sense of family, and I love that they use the family to help develop the plot lines of the show. Which in the sense of Agent X being Volkoff gives an extra layer to Mary Bartowski’s (Linda Hamilton) involvement with her, and his obsession with Mary.

    I do completely agree that I was glad the secrets between Chuck and Ellie are over. They were best when they were solid with each other. Let’s see Ellie really step into her role as being the medical/Scientific genius she is. I love that Chuck fully admits that as smart as he is, he really feels his sister is smarter.

    Please please NBC, let’s have another season of Chuck!!! We still have the story of Sarah’s mom to find out about!

    • 8daysaweek says:

      Chuck has the best stunt casting. One I’d personally love to see Chuck Norris going head-to-head with Casey sometime. John Casey FTW!

  3. AJ says:

    Loved that last night, though I thought he said “I brought some of my fantasy targets,” instead.

    Either one makes sense, though, so I could have heard wrong.

  4. Debbie says:


    I can’t help but think that Orion will come back, I mean after all didn’t he “die” just outside the lab where they literally brought Agent Shaw back from the brink of death? I remain ever hopeful.

  5. GimplyGump says:

    I ♥’ed this episode. I laughed hysterically at Casey’s Bin Laden target. Especiaaly knowing it had been filmed a month or so earlie. Then I thought: THE PRESIDENT IS A FAN!!!!!!!!!! <bg

    NBC, renewing S5 will improve your luck,
    It's clear many of us do indeed give a duck!
    Sarah and Chuck shows us the way,
    Casey and Morgan have comedy gold that must stay
    So we beg of you to renew our beloved Chuck!

  6. Tim says:

    It makes perfect sense that Volkoff was Agent X. I think it sets up the final two episodes perfectly. I don’t really understand how and why Vivian became so evil though. I mean sure she was betrayed by Chuck (so she thinks) but the complete change in her beliefs don’t really mesh with how she was introduced.

    The Las Vecas joke was a bit annoying and honestly the whole Big Mike/Lester/Jeff storyline just took away from the episode.

    The machine-gun mum was very comical and their use of the song was perfect for that scene. Once the old lady started pulling out weapons etc. I knew from that point on Volkoff had to be Agent X. I don’t really like the ending and feel as if the whole subject gets resolved by the end of the season that it will be extremely rushed.

    I just hope for a Season 5 at this point.

  7. Julio says:

    Chuck speaking Japanese after dishonoring the shirt was the best. I too am tired of the Volkofs. The Las Vecas joke was dumb, but not as bad as the reneaux one.

  8. Utha says:

    Since John Casey is my favorite television character since Ed Stevens, I loved everything involving him last night. The “fancy targets,” the rubbing who knows what on his face in the woods, and his absolute delight in helping the old woman shoot that weapon! Casey is the best!

    I was underwhelmed with the reveal of “Agent X,” but this is the only role I’ve ever seen Timothy Dalton play that I truly enjoy, so I’m willing to let it play out.

  9. DrewH says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more Timothy Dalton, especially if it involves making him a good guy. I bet that could be fun. However, I am so over his daughter I don’t think I’d even notice if they just stopped talking about her altogether and let her fade away into bad memories.

  10. Harnes says:

    John Casey – a real American Hero!

  11. jeremiah89 says:

    I agree on having enough of Volkoff’s daughter, but not Volkoff himself. Seriously, season 4 hasn’t been as good as the earlier days, but Timothy Dalton has saved most of the episodes he’s been in. I love that guy!

  12. Sara says:

    I LOVED Hartley’s momma!

  13. Jem says:

    I’ve the exact sentiments. I’m not entirely sold on Vivian and her portrayal and it’s holding me back. On the contrary I’m intrigued about this latest Volkoff twist. While this could lead to overuse of Dalton (already is to some) they way Routh was to some, I think Dalton has sold and will continue to sell the performance making it palatable.

  14. Philippa says:

    Well, of course – maybe in an alternative time line – Casey killed Osama :-)

  15. DN says:

    I think the ironic twist was quite good. Vivian was good and Alexei was bad, and that’s gotten completely – and believably – reversed. I wonder if Volkoff will join the team next season.

    The only real negative about “Agent X” for me was the story line of Mike, Lester, and Jeff’s journey to Vegas. It’s silliness didn’t fit with the episode and was a distraction. But, then again, I think the Buy More has served it’s purpose and the show needs to move past it.

  16. Kayla says:

    I loved the episode and everything in it, even if some parts weren’t as strong as others i still loved the whole thing each scene gave something different for me whether it be ridiculous humour or action or just out right hilarious i loved the whole thing and i think some ppl are just to damn critical i think even the eposde’s that aren’t as good still bring something special and unique and they always stick with their storylines and characters (like the buy morons) and that is why i love chuck so much! Give us a season 5!! I give a Chuck!!

  17. eleni says:

    what were the odds of casey holding the target of osama bin laden?!hilarious!xD
    this was a funny/awesome/almost unexpected,episode!love it!
    fav parts:old lady with machine gun,casey wishing she was his mom,chuck telling sarah the truth,lesters scream of joy,chuck’s chinese or whatever that was and Alexei’s hot pic!xD

  18. Aiden says:

    I’ve been savoring each and every one of the CHUCK episodes lately. They’ve been on fire! And this one’s no exception. I always give huge props to shows that can give me huge laughs, excitement, suspense, and action all at the same time. CHUCK’s never failed at that. I can’t wait for the last 2 episodes of the season! It’ll be explosive.
    Now let’s get that pesky S5 renewal too so we can relax for TV Season 2011-2012.

  19. Susan says:

    CHUCK was very entertaining, once again – we need a renewal for season 5!!

  20. Mdz says:

    Loved last nights episode!!..On one hand it kept me all hour long with a great level of strees and anxiaty wondering who was Agent X and at the end Loved that it was Volkoff!!
    And on the other I laughted soooooooo much ….
    Great episode!!!
    Please give us nerd herders a season 5 for Chuck!!!

  21. Apple says:

    I couldn’t figure out where I saw Ray’s henchwoman so I looked her up.

    She was the female lead in Comedy Centrals short lived Krod Mandoon. Funny show too bad it was canceled.

  22. Lindsay says:

    Wasn’t he one of Casey’s targets in Chuck versus the First Date? I can’t remember.

  23. Jeanne says:

    The laughs last night in Chuck were great! Loved Casey and the “fancy targets”. Chuck’s writers have always had great timing. Loved Casey giving the sticks to sharpen to keep the guys out of the way. And “Hartley’s” Mom and Casey’s interaction was great. Can’t wait for the final 2 shows – and greatly want Season 5!

  24. Ali says:

    When I saw the Bin Laden target, I literally squealed in delight. I’m sure there is a real tough badass Navy Seal somewhere out there right now that is one happy camper after eliminating the horrid OBL and in my minds eye, he looks just like our beloved John Casey.

    I have so much love for Adam Baldwin. He steals every scene he is in and the episodes that feature him are always the best. As Casey (and as Jayne,) he always nails that perfect blend of snark, humor and bad-assery with just a teeny-tiny bit of inner nerd shining through. You just have to love him and the characters he plays. He’s the icing on the cake of my Monday evenings and I will watch him with joy and glee in anything he is in. You rock, Adam!

  25. KL says:

    This was an amazing coincidence with OBL. No one seemed to notice that when Roan and Diane get together world events start happening…Berlin, etc. That happened when in the real world the Egyptian revolts were at full strength. Diane and Roan still have the mojo.
    Casey makes me laugh every week…my favorite.

  26. Edward says:

    Personally, I just loved the integration with the Ke$ha song as they blew up the house. Seriously, the degree of correlation was absurd. Yes, “Las Vecas” was stupid, particularly when the Buy More gang in Vegas could have been epic (though expensive to film, I suppose), but it was still a good episode for me.

    …and I’m not tired of the Volkoffs yet, though it sounds like I might be the only one. I think there’s more story there yet to tell, and two good actors (a h*** of a lot better than Brandon Routh…that man can ruin anything).

    Here’s to another season!

    • Samantha says:

      I was 100% agree! I love Alexi, Vivian is a little eh, but I’m excited to see where they will take this story line. I was definitely done with the Shaw storyline pretty early but this one has kept me interested. The Ke$ha song was fantastic, as was the BA old lady! I really am still surprised by NBC’s reluctance to give this show a solid chance. It could be gold for them, honestly. Maybe if they are dumb enough to pass on it another station will pick it up?

  27. Kevin says:

    Loved everything about last night’s episode. LMAO and still get a smile thinking about Adam Baldwin’s character Casey holding the target with OBL on it. This show needs to be around for season 5 and many more.

  28. Bob says:

    Save Chuck! Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive!

  29. brutony says:

    Casey would have DEF gotten UBL, and taken pics, becasuse w/o the proof its another bogus claim by the O’Bozo Administration!

  30. Scolaighe says:

    I liked the episode in all aspects, even the cheesier ones like “Las Vecas” — which actually set up the very enjoyable “Reneaux” punchline.I loved Baldwin’s delivery on the near-throwaway “socialist money” dig. I like the way the Volkoff story arc is going with the moral dilemma of doing the right thing by him, his daughter, and Orion vs playing it safe and keeping mum. It can lead to a satisfying season end if handled right.

  31. B_Maddox says:

    Let me say that I love the show… yet not as much as before. Seasons one and two were excellent (especially season two), yet they worked so well because Chuck was a guy most of us could relate to. Here’s a guy working in a dead-end job, pining after the girl of his dreams, doing his best to be a good ‘family man’ to his sister. It might not be everybody’s situation, but he was a great everyman, nonetheless. And, oh yeah, he just so happened to have vast amounts of government secrets in his head.

    Couple that with great music used at the perfect time, twists and turns that weren’t telegraphed four or five episodes in advance (Bryce’s story of how he was trying to protect Chuck, as an example of ‘I didn’t see that coming storytelling’, or the identity of Orion, or even Chuck-Fu). Everything seemed to fit perfectly into place after it was revealed, yet it was almost always surprising.

    These days, it seems like each episode is running on auto-pilot; Chuck, et al. get caught in a jam, Chuck uses Chuck-Fu to get out of a hairy predicament, Team Bartowski wins the day, lather, rinse, repeat. I think my biggest problem with the show these days is that it seems to have lost a bit of its ‘heart’.

    A show that was once grounded in a sense of ‘reality’ (despite the fantastical premise) is now, basically, just your story-of-the-week, with some not-too-hard-to-figure-out story-arc moving through the season. That’s not to say that I’m not surprised by some of the turns, but none of them is coming out of left field to complement the complete story in a ‘wow moment’ way.

    We scoff at the Buy More plot lines these days, but the juxtaposition of the Buy More and Chuck’s unwitting ‘spy life’ used to be what drove the show, usually tying things up with a bit of a – and here’s that word again – heartfelt lesson taught to the viewer. These days, the only lesson learned with the Buy More subplot is not to hang out with Jeff and Lester.

    I have no idea what’s in store for the final few episodes. It would change the series a bit if Ellie were to become the newest Intersect, which I thought would happen in last Monday’s episode. I’m a bit dismayed that it didn’t. The whole Orion/Volkov ‘best friends’ connection didn’t seem surprising to me. Instead, it seemed a tad lazy.

    Change the game, writers! Then again, who knows what’s in store for the final episodes? I’ve been present when the show’s plot has blown me away before. I’m hoping it can do it again. Who thinks either Ellie herself, or Ellie and Awesome’s baby, will digest the Intersect in the season (series?) finale?

    Still again, I love the show. Let’s just hope it can get back to its old self before it’s too late.

  32. tina says:

    I’ve actually seen the whole series twice and like it. It’s fun, has action, comedy, romance. i would like more like it.