First Look Video: Bones Baby Talk Is Reborn!

Is Fox’s just-renewed Bones planting the seed for a Brennan pregnancy?

Two seasons ago, Brennan and Booth batted around the idea of conceiving a child together, but that storyline didn’t gestate for very long. Now, with series lead Emily Deschanel expecting in real life, there is a plum opportunity to revisit her alter ego’s ticking biological clock.

Fox Sweeps Preview: Deaths, Drugs, Blind Items, Prom and… The Goonies?!

In fact, in this exclusive video clip from this Thursday’s episode, Brennan makes conspicuous note of the fact that with Angela due to deliver her and Hodgins’ baby any day now, she will be the only Jeffersonian regular sans child.

True Blood Stud Bowls for Bones Finale

Press PLAY below to get Seeley’s take on how “easy” a fix there is to that situation. (Hint: It involves the word “bang.”)

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  1. Deena says:

    Oooh, they’re buying a gift TOGETHER? Nice :D

    And, yes Bones, that’s how it goes! Can’t wait. Ugh, two more days

  2. Kristen says:

    Hmmm…could Hart Hanson actually be setting the groundwork to write in Emily’s pregnancy?

    • bones says:

      Nooooo. Do not want. At all. Replace the trench coat obsession with a huge bag one and it’ll all be fine. There’s no way they can pull off a Booth-Brennan baby after the season we’ve just had. Just no.

    • Amy says:

      I so hope so!!! lol

    • b says:

      Nah, I think this scene is a tease. After everything that’s gone on in the past year, no way would Booth be ready to father a child with her just yet.


    • Alicia says:

      God I hope not. It’s bad enough I have to suffer through the Angela pregnancy. This is a procedural crime show. I don’t want to hear about bottles vs. breastfeeding, and finding nannies and daycare, and the color of diaper poop. I know all the shippers somehow think this would be oh-so-romantic. But it’s not. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the writers just don’t have the talent to write an adult realtionship drama without all the time-worn tricks.

  3. Lor says:

    I just love how they’re buying the baby a present together!

  4. Angel says:

    Bang! I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. LOLOLOLOL.

  5. sarah says:

    Foreshadowing? Could it be? Nooooo….that would be too easy ;)

    I kinda love that fact that they are discussing what gift THEY should get. Maybe Booth just slipped and said ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ ;)

  6. Skalle says:

    Oh, I am really not happy about this if that’s where they’re going.

  7. Tony T says:

    This clip was a joke….. Brennan acts as if she
    is a total complete fool.
    What no cellphones to call Booth/Brennan into the
    At this point I will just record Bones… and
    it the reviews are good. I will watch it over the
    weekend. If the reviews are bad…. Delete….

    I bet that season 7 will be the last for this once
    great show. Which is now a shadow of its former

    • Deena says:

      Isn’t not like you can explain a mute deaf little girl covered in blood over the phone.
      Don’t get your hopes for an end of Bones. The numbers speak for themselves and they’re big!

    • Alexis says:

      Didn’t you hear? Fox already announced another season.

    • Marissa says:

      Yeah right. I love how things are going. Lots of baby drama with Jack & Angela. Tension between Booth and Bones. It is finally getting better since Hannah left. She just made things awkward. Bones will at least make it to season 9.

  8. Paul says:

    The thing I’m looking to the most in this episode is the whole story with the girl. For me there a two types of Bones episodes: The “oh look a dead body, lets find out who it is and who killed it” episode and then the “amazing storyline, amazing character development and emotional with solving the murder as a B plot” episode. Those second types of episodes of the ones I look forward to the most, and to me this seems like that kind of episode.

    • Lea says:

      I agree-the second type is what Bones was like in it’s first few seasons. Frankly, it was when DB and ED got producing privileges and said they wanted more comedy that the quality of the show started going down. Do they have any idea that it’s the occasional dramatic episode we like best, like the Doctor in the Photo or the episodes about the sniper?

  9. Delci says:

    I want bones and booth to juz kiss,it kills me to see them togather,juz kiss already

    • Sarah says:

      I agree with Delci that what I want to happen they have put it off for too long know they are made for one another!

  10. Jill says:

    “Actually it terrified me. It was the family pet for many years before it was stuffed.” I love little throwaway moments like that.

    • Darlene says:

      Oh my gosh me too! Brennan is so funny about little comments like that…cracks me up everytime.

  11. Garrity says:

    OK. sooo booth probably just predicted the finale…bones sees angelas baby and BANG..they BANG. yes? no? please?

    is it thursday yet? it needs to be thursday.

    • lucy says:

      Well the person who plays Brennan in the show is prego so, they will have to make the character to……

      • Cyan says:

        Actually, they don’t have to make her pregnant. In How I Met Your Mother, Alyson Hannigan was pregnant in a few episodes, and they covered it. Though she wasn’t in quite a few episodes when she was really fat.

    • Kimberly says:

      You and me both!!!

  12. Ingmar says:

    Caroline!!!! Yeee :D Love her!

  13. Amy says:

    Does Sweets have a kid we don’t know about?

  14. Misty Howell says:

    I think they should have a one nighter and she magically gets pregnant!!!!! That’s how that goes! Ha ha!!!!

  15. Jessica says:

    I dont see the video!

  16. Linda Frank says:

    I am so happy they are finally getting together and there will be a different look to the show. Ever since I started watching the show I get more and more into it. I am addicted and don’t mind saying so.

  17. Tay says:

    I think Sweets isn’t considered a “lab regular” though I do agree that most of them probably don’t think of him as an adult quite yet.

    It needs to be Thursday. Now.

  18. Ashley says:

    I think the show has become beter this season, last year it was losing luster but this year I am as excited as.ever to watch. Cant wait till thursday! Hoping for a relationship then a baby!

  19. bones2 says:

    I agree with bones. They have gone too long and shared too much to have it just fall together and ooopps…
    I pregnant. This would not be the best option as a lasting couple.
    No No No, This progression into the relationship should be natural, the only way it will work and the only way they will stay as a couple. Isn’t that what the fans want B&B together forever?

  20. Kimberly says:

    BooHoo all you nay-Sayers! The whole point & tension in the show is for Booth & Bones to get a life together! They have been good for each other (and I think the comedy is to help Bones become more emotional and showcase Booths great natural comedic timing and delivery) and make great partners. Who else, really, is ever going to understand them the way they do? I say: Bring it on already; the sexual tension is killing me!! PS Use the pregnancy as futuristic foreshadowing. Angela is intuitive; let her have a seris of dreams.

    • laura.cetera says:

      Kimberly that idea about the Emily’s pregnancy being a part of a series of dreams – or “not real” episodes at least (a la End in the Beginning) is really cool! What a great idea. But you know, I’m not really sure how it all works, but since it breaks for a while she might already be near the end of her pregnancy anyway by next season. I just don’t think its going to come into play at all.
      For me, I’ve been thinking that if they get together by the end of this or next season…they could marry at the end of the next after that…sorry for all y’all who hate the dragging along, but I’d be heart-broken if my fav series died out now. And I’ve always been able to see them together. They already kinda are, as you see in this video clip. Buying a baby gift together, anyone?

      • Kelly says:

        It’s possible that the whole lab is buying a gift for them, and Booth & Brennan are in charge of getting it. I guess we’ll see what happens!

      • Emma says:

        Ummm, im not sure if theyre gonna get married cause that would be just too much.

    • Stephanie says:


  21. anai says:

    the most pleasant of bones is as desembuelve a case and make it into many personal stories and the feelings of Brennan and Booth pregnancy but now they have not had any relationship and it is better to give us a fascinating final for the sixth season and wait for Emily to have her baby.

  22. Brittany says:


  23. Serena SIdes says:

    OMG i can’t wait to see if they get together now EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jodie says:

    I think they belong together it’s perfect timing for them to just go for it and be the crime solving couple…..perfect!!!

  25. Ruth says:

    Yes, Bones and Seely should have a baby!

  26. carolyn says:

    Please please put these two together!!!!!!!!! ;)

  27. Elle says:

    This is one of the few episodes that I have actually looked forward to this season. I like the more serious episodes, with an occasional just fun one. However, most of the episodes are now filler episodes and a rare serious one (except for all of the angst of the first half of season).

    I hope Brennan is shown as caring and compassionate with the young girl. This season they have focused on her lack of empathy and her cluelessness. I have not enjoyed it at all. I am a Brennanite all the way.

  28. Susan says:

    I think it would be great, I love their chemistry.

  29. Sandie says:

    Brennan and Booth share so much – it’s been wonderful to see their relationship growing over the past few years; their ‘relationships’ with other people that didn’t work out – these two need to be married – what a great team! They need to be a family – baby and all!!

  30. ann says:

    sound liked trying to maked her uneducated in this one again.

  31. TheChaosQueen13 says:

    I am totally in love with this show and can NOT wait for Thursday to roll around again(the best day of the week).So cant wait for Bones and Booth to finally get together like in Booth’s dream during his coma situation.

  32. chatty_nati says:

    since booth and brennan have both said when they work throught their stuff they’ll be together, and their basically waiting for each other, when he say hormone will be rushing and then bang mama bones, he’s practically suggesting they have a child together! plus one of the producers has said that angela/hodgins baby will change brennan and booth its all suggesting they have a baby, unless this is to completely throw everyone off before the season finale.

  33. Jules says:

    I don’t think there will be a baby “Bones” yet…. although every fibre in my body is screaming for them to just do it and get going…
    But I do think that seeing Angela and Hodgins with their child, a family, will help to push them to realise that they BOTH want that too, with each other.. I have high hopes for the new season… I don’t care if they are a bonafide couple at the end of S6, but sure as heck I reckon they will be right on the verge….. If I could kiss Hart right now.. I would….

    • Dee says:

      I would slug him not kiss him. I am tired of being teased and am to the point now that I am almost ready to quit being a bones fanatic! Having said that I will still watch the show hopeing that they finally get it right and put them together. Hart needs to get a clue.

  34. pennyb71 says:

    you guys don’t get it…if they ever got together, the tension between them would not be the same, and the show would therefore lose its sparkle…..its the tension that makes the show. i\t would never be the same if they did get together. I hope it doesn’t happen for a LONG time – wanna see more!!!!

    • Delaney says:

      PennyB71 is absolutely correct. The tension is like a character of it’s own. Maybe most of you are not old enough to remember Moonlighting, but honestly, we really don’t want a Maddie Hayes and David Addison redo here. Once the two main characters got together the show was over. Remember, Booth’s sperm is still at the Bank, waiting….

    • snewman1976 says:

      As much as the romantic in wants to see Booth and Brennan together. The whole dinamic to the show is their sexual tension and awkwardness around each other and their feelings. If they get together what will be left? I don’t want to see the show die. So many other procedural shows I watch rarely delve into the actual characters. That is what makes this show great.
      If they did get together what would they do to keep it interesting. They couldn’t be completely open as the FBI would split the team. Bring a baby into the mix and Booth would never let her out of the lab to protect her. I guess overall i am on the fence.

    • niecylee01 says:

      I totally agre after reading all thoughts with pennyb71. Lets get on with the show let Angela have her moment. Go from there, Sperm bank can always be an out!

  35. Katie says:

    Personally, I think they will go back to the conversation held FOREVER ago about Booth being a sperm donor. If they just get together and have a baby the series will die, it will be too boring. Add a baby (with Booth’s donated sperm) into the mix, and the tension that follows as Booth can’t help wanting to be in the child’s life…that could stretch out for multiple seasons and make it worth watching!!

    • Ruth says:

      I really believe they will use Booth’s sperm for Brennan, then of course Booth will want to be more involved in babies life, so the visits wont be enough for him, and Brennan will fill like she can raise the baby by herself, but eventually she will become more dependent on Booth for help and THAT ladies and gentleman is when they will get together. But I think the show had begun to take a turn for the door when Hannah came in the picture, because Booth and Brennan are just now getting back to their chemistry, albeit luke warm instead of HOT! I look forward to this show every week, only to watch the chemistry between Booth and Brennan

  36. BrianR says:

    Why not write and film a scene with Booth (or other) and Bones to be used as a flashback for the new season when Emily will be very pregnant to explain her condition rather than putting her behind tables and desks.

  37. Evelyn says:

    I <3 Bones, makes Thursday worthwhile! Yeah Katie. Bring on a B & B baby. Brennan would have to morph into a supermom because she is "the best" at anything she tackles. No way would Booth back away from his child or "baby's momma."

  38. Betsy says:

    OOOOH love the teeser! This is going to get interesting. YEAH THAT BONES WAS RENEWED AGAIN NEXT SEASON!!!! Way to go fox!

  39. Haeleigh says:

    I hope they do( perfect couple) O:)

  40. Sandy says:

    I hope they do. Brennan needs Booth more than she knows and when that special someone comes in your life you DON’T let them go.

  41. Sloan says:

    Look at them. They’re a couple again. Buying a gift together.

  42. ronda says:

    I so think they should do the baby thing. I would love to see them as a couple

  43. John says:

    So the suspect is deaf and mute, is she also blind and/or illiterate so she can read and write Q&A’s? And she can’t read lips or do sign language?

    They act if speech is the only method of communication.

    • claude says:

      This is one short scene at the beginning of the episode. How do you know they won’t use sign language later in the episode?

  44. Amber says:

    “Bang Mama Bones” Bam!Baby. That’s what this moment calls for. :D :D Most importantly they’re buying the baby gift Together. Woohoo WooHoo! :D

  45. AngelMoonGirl says:

    I LOVE THIS CLIP! I’m not sure what camp I’m in regarding a Brennan pregnancy storyline so soon, but, part of me really wants to see that cute B&B baby and watch Booth and Brennan be parents! I just don’t want their relationship rushed either. I always hoped we’d see them have a baby together toward the end of the series, but, I’m sure if the writers wanted to they could make it work now as well.

    LMAO at Brennan telling the story of her “stuffed animal” family pet. Eww? I wonder if those were the foster parents who locked her in a trunk for two days for breaking a plate :/ Poor Bones!

  46. Anne says:

    OK!! Enough is enough. This great show deserves its due after the fiasco with the stupid Hannah storyline. To those who have no imagination, think how creative Hanson could be with a wonderful season of drama. comedy and just plain getting to the place where the entire 6 seasons has been going. Bones and Booth together. Remember the scence when Booth tells Bones that he knew from the very beginning that they belonged together. Come on some of you fans who can’t see the forest for the trees. Bones and Booth need a romantic relatioship. Enough with the guy hugs and the romantic eye sex . Even William and Kate finally tied the knot after 6 years , and have been cohabitating since last June. are the kidding? So lets get things going since Emily is already pregant what an opportune moment to get the ball rolling. I am chewing my nails for the next three episodes.

  47. Mary T says:

    I believe that season 7 will be the last and the show will end.
    Lets face it, Bones has gotten stale and at times boring.

    So, let the writers just address all the lose ends of the various
    charterers next season.
    The writers have 22 episodes to have Booth/Brennan become a couple
    and just move on to the finale.

  48. rick heimack says:

    Awesome. Will not take anything away from show. Best show on tv

    • Carol NYC says:

      It was at one time long ago. Now Bones is just a shadow of its
      former self.
      I agree with many of the posts that season 6 has been the worst
      for Bones.
      Also, not impressed with The Finder.

      Doe’s TV need another police show?

  49. Elly says:

    I think this could easily go “The X-Files” way. We may end up finding out that they were sleeping together secretly all along.

  50. Shaz says:

    May Bones go for as long as the Bones crew is committed. It’s been #1 for me since the very beginning. I love EVERY aspect of this show, especially the team and how well they all balance each other out. I’m a Brennanite as well but the B/B dance is just icing on the cake. What I enjoy the absolute most is watching Brennans growth in understanding the world on a different level, and the new things we learn about her the further we go. Hannah was just another necessary piece of the puzzle that revealed another layer to Brennan she didn’t even know existed. Sure, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, but that’s what makes it Bones. Life’s about surprises and obstacles, things that test our strength and character and make us question our place in the world. This is what Bones delivers, spectacularly…Enjoy the journey, don’t worry about the destination.