Dexter Spoiler Alert: Killer Season 6 Intel

Dexter Morgan’s little underground vigilante operation is about to reopen for business.

Production on Dexter‘s sixth season gets underway at month’s end — ahead of a likely September premiere — and TVLine has an early look at the new blood being brought in to fill the void left by Julia Stiles, Peter Weller and Co.

Among the three recurring roles being cast are…

| Jamie: Described as an outgoing and fun Latina in her mid-20s, this Florida native relocates to Miami for grad school.

| Chicago Mike: New thirtysomething African-American homicide detective who possesses a finely turned BS detector. The Windy City native does not play well with Dexter others.

| Louis: A buddy of Masuka’s (C.S. Lee) who joins MMP as a new lab intern. Role calls for a Caucasian actor in his 30s who is “attractive in his own way.”

Got casting tips? Theories as to how the new trio figures into the season’s A-story? Hit the comments!

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  1. Brendan says:

    I think Nicholas Brandon would be great for the lab intern. He can be quirky, and serious and downright scary and pathetic….Dexter would be a good place for this Buffy alum to show his stuff.

  2. Sofia says:

    I like the idea of new characters, but I’m dying to see Lumen again so they better bring her back along with the new characters

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Ewww, she was the reason Season 5 sucked so very much. I never wanna see that goatsucker again!

      • Gusar says:

        Whoa, those are some tough words. I loved Lumen. Then gathering evidence together, preparing the killroom together… that was great to watch. I wouldn’t mind at all to have Lumen back.

        • Gusar says:

          I meant “Them gathering evidence together.” Damn typos.

        • cb says:

          Agree with you I thought it was good to see dexter work with a partner. I’d love to see her back but I don’t see it happening since she left to return home to her family unless they can come up with a good reason that she returns.

      • Denise says:

        Speak for yourself, I LOVED Lumen!

      • MJ says:

        Agree, I don’t want to see her ever again .
        At first I didn’s dislike her so much, but by the end of the season I couldn’t stand her. Her character was just a mix of Miguel Prado and a bit of Layla, but in a really bad way. The “love” story betwen them just made me roll my eyes.

    • Kate says:

      I was iffy on Lumen at first, but I ended up really liking her because it was so nice to see Dexter have someone he could talk to about everything. I think between Lumen and the kids he became a lot more relatable in this season. I thought Michael c Hall did a fantastic job switching back and forth between murderous and cuddly Dexter!

  3. B says:

    “Chicago Mike” sounds like a new Doakes.

    • Sourabh says:

      I miss Sgt. Doakes.

      • darao'b says:

        The “SURPRISE, M*THERF*CKER!” clip still makes me laugh.

      • Heather says:

        Me too. I am still hoping for a miracle of all miracles that Doakes was never killed in that explosion and has been in rehab working to get back to take Dexter down. I loved me some Doakes. I just want to hear “I’m to you mother f*cker” one more time!!!!

  4. LJ says:

    Find a place for amazing actor Holt McCallany, who was robbed of being able to continue an amazing role on Lights Out … PLEASE!

  5. hello says:

    I just hope Deb is still a part of the show

  6. joe Brooks says:

    prediction: Louis is the big bad of the season.

  7. Jared says:

    I cannot wait for the return of my fav show on TV! September cannot come soon enough!

  8. Alexandru says:

    I predict Louis is the big bad of the season but at the same time befriends Dexter (like Miguel) and hooks up with him romantically (like Lumen). I mean, if they’re gonna rehash previous characters, at least switch it up. They never told us on the show whether Dexter is straight or not. I wouldn’t mind some bisexual action from our main hero (or antihero).

    • There’s never been any evidence that Dexter might swing both ways but every evidence that he’s straight. Are you getting distracted by his gay character in Six Feet Under? ;-)

    • John says:

      At his darkest, Dexter is asexual with heterosexual impulses, whereas at his most human you could argue that grew to love Rita and found a love with Lumen.

      Besides, even if there was some homosexual urge in there, it would be against The Code. Rule #1: Blend in. Do not draw special attention to yourself in any way.

    • Jules says:

      Consider this: Louis is the new big bad.. and it allows them to make it look like the killer is a lab geek (geting close to being Dex) and getting Dex all paranoid.. only to reveal at the end, that Louis was actually a killer too… and they are still oblivious to our man Dexter.

      Kind of a hybrid of the Doakes years and the Miguel/Lumen arcs… I mean if they are actually going to just do a re-boot, why not?

      Personally, I hope they continue to build on Dexter’s emptional development – the Lumen story was amazing in that regard.. (way more than the Rita seasons).

    • Benjamin Kabak says:

      Why do you always have to try and gay up a straight character?

  9. darao'b says:

    Soo they basically recast Doakes? I wish they would stop doing the same “some guy at the office is suspicious of Dexter” (taken over by Quinn after Doakes) trope again and again and mix it up a little. How about one of them knows and wants to join him? Or something?

    • Beau Bennett says:

      ummmm, cause they already did that lol durrrr, remember the mexican DA guy that was the “big bad” two seasons ago

  10. ryaneco says:

    @darao’b – joining him? That’s been done before too; Season 3? And to an extent Julia Stiles character last season as well.

  11. NickC says:

    Is there any word about DEB?If she’s not on Dexter i will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bummed.

  12. pam beesly says:

    For Louis, Jimmi Simpson would be great if he wasn’t doing Breakout Kings (or maybe he could, on hiatus from BOK). I also think Michael Weston would be a good fit.

  13. AlistairCrane says:

    I’m kind of hoping this is the last season. I can’t WAIT for the isht to hit the fan when everyone finds out Dexter’s a psycho killer. LaGuerta’s reaction when she learns Dexter set up Doakes as the Bay City Butcher will be amazing.

  14. postsalot says:

    I think Louis will be strangely drawn to Dexter and then Dex will have another flashback to the tanker o’blood and this time he’ll remember himself, Brian and a baby brother….TWIST!

  15. Thom says:

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we had a female lead baddie this season who knows maybe this Jamie could be more then just a grad student

  16. Kim says:

    I thought Lumen was a fantastic character and was shocked to see her leave since she was the perfect partner for Dexter. I hope they bring her back, the Rita character was way too annoying. I didn’t like her at all. It seems all she did was whine.

  17. j says:

    They going to kill off deb or change the actress?

  18. coldqueen says:

    A touch young, but I could definitely see Jason Dohring as the lab techie. (I’d kill to have him back on my tv.)

  19. yowsup says:

    They should swing for the fences and cast Denzel.

  20. Ben Kabak says:

    Dexter killed Lumen. The last scene on the boat was a dream.

  21. 4F says:

    After the sloppy/lazy wrapping up of last season’s storylines, I think I’m over this show.

  22. MelissaR. says:

    Maybe Mahershalalhashbaz Ali from “The 4400” for “Chicago Mike”? His acting style would be a good antagonist to Dexter, but not be too much like Eric King as Dokes…he’s more soft-spoken…would be more threatening than outward aggression (imho).

    For “Louis”, perhaps John Cho from “Harold & Kumar”? He’s pretty good.

  23. S. Lee Stack says:

    Dexter is on water-skies and heading towards a shark-tank while wearing a leather jacket…

    • MJLavelle says:

      *water skis* Skies is the plural of sky. And no, Dexter is not about to “Jump the Shark”. And if you feel that way, then why in the world are you reading and commenting on a “Dexter” related post? I will never get the Troll mentality. Go back to Facebook, and post nasty comments about your grandma’s birthday party. The story lines have always been somewhat outlandish, and last season was no different. It is a show about a police technician that is a serial killer. The subject matter alone requires things to be somewhat bizarre.

  24. bmospr04 says:

    If Breakout kings doesn’t get a 2nd season, i like Laz Alonso as chicago mike. He’s black and cuban; would play very well in Miami. I agree that Deb needs to know about Dexter this season.

  25. Jamie says:

    Season 5 with Lumen was my favorite. I do think Deb might find out about Dexter in this season. She found out in the first book in the series, why not in the show also? She never turned him in.

    • cb says:

      Really that’s weird at least the way deb seems on the show I think she would turn on him. Did she help in the books or just leave dexter to do his thing?

  26. Alex says:

    I wish they would go to the books for inspiration. There are some really great stories in there. I loved how they teased Deb finding out Dexter’s secret (she knows it in the books). How about Dexter getting a young padawan (Cody ftw). And yes for the love of god, please don’t recast a Doakes/Quinn character. And with the addition of Colin Hanks, maybe get his dad to play the real master of puppets for this season. That’d be awesome!

  27. Kathy says:

    Terrence Howard for the African American!

  28. Kathy says:

    OWEN WILSON as Louis, Masuka’s sidekick.

  29. Streamy says:

    Watch the interview with Co-Executive Producer of Dexter on Tomorrow’s episode of Filmnut on TheStream.tv. 8 p.m. PT/ 11 p.m. ET