Fringe Spoiler: Look Who Peter Sees in the F*t**e

WARNING: If you have yet to watch Friday’s Fringe, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward…

In the final moments of Friday’s intense, breakneck-paced episode, Peter climbed into the Doomsday Device and was transported 15 years into the future.

Well, I can now confirm that, in next week’s season finale, among the folks Peter encounters in the year 2026 is the wide-eyed FBI agent played by — yep, you guessed it — Boardwalk Empire‘s Emily Meade.

But that’s not the twist. This is the twist: Turns out said FBI agent is… Olivia’s now grown-up niece, Ella!

What other surprises await Peter in the future? Could this be a clue about where the show is headed in season 4? Speculate in the comments! But first, check out the promo for Friday’s finale…

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  1. SAM says:

    I’m not going to speculate because the show ends up surprising me but I will post how much I’m lovin’ this series and am so pleased that it’s been renewed.

    BTW, can someone please remind me of the significance of the half-dollar? Thanks!

    • Gavin says:

      The coin was Peters good luck charm. When he was a boy his dad gave him the same coin (in both universes) when he was terribly ill. This universe’ Peter died, but the Peter we are following now was cured, so for him the coin fufilled its purpose!

    • cassidy says:

      to be vague and avoid spoilers, i believe he collected them as a child before he was taken from his home…

    • Handsome Smitty says:

      But didn’t Walter take the coin from Peter and fail to hand it back?

  2. Anjali says:

    BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION at the moment!!!
    @Sam the silver half dollar is Peter’s lucky coin… it’s the coin he used to play with as a kid.

  3. Lea says:


  4. Jay says:

    Old news! for about 2 weeks now :(

    • Esta says:

      maybe not for some of us. I follow lots of Fringe blogs, first i have seen. then again I have a day job and all, lol.

  5. Dessy says:

    I knew it was Ella immediately I saw the press release about 2 weeks ago

  6. z says:

    So i guess Walternate is the one to kick the bucket?

  7. chris says:

    i knew it was ella as well but thats only because a couple weeks ago i googled whether or not ella would be in season 3

  8. Pam says:

    The flash foward is very intriguing. I am thinking about the end of the show now and I realize that I am not sure which universe it was. I had assumed it was the alternate but now I am not so sure.

  9. Colleen says:

    My roommate and I keep watching this promo over and over. It is all kinds of crazy! Crazy in a good way, though. I love that I have no idea where this show is going.

  10. Corrinne says:

    It has to be our universe since Fauxolivia’s sister died in childbirth, so she has no niece over there.

  11. Corrinne says:

    Correction, Fauxolivia’s sister died before childbirth over there and over there still had the twin towers in 2001. So is has to be over here’s future.

  12. Mary says:

    In the drawing at the end was that a drawing of Peter, Olivia, and a child?

  13. Art Bundrick says:

    Has Walter ever explained to his other self why he took Peter from him? If he did not take Peter, he would have died! Surely, that may make a difference to the other Walter. Hmmmm.

  14. roni says:

    When in the final two minutes do you see Ella since I haven’t seen her even though I’ve watched it like 50 times. And I agree that the future is a combo of both worlds since Peter couldn’t decide

  15. tpie says:

    I really don’t think the 2 worlds could combine. Also, i think Peter can use the machine to reset the balance, not destroy worlds. The child in the picture could be Henry, if Walternate can accelerate his gestation, then why not his aging? I think the future is shown to Peter to help him make a difficult decision, Like ghost of christmas future. lol. The Watchers’ tested Walter, they could be helping Peter.

    • gymmommy says:

      It has to be Peter and Olivia’s daughter because Henry would be at least 15 years old if we are looking 15 years into the future and the child depicted couldn’t be more than 10 years old.

  16. Erick says:

    Astrid is the one dies. Not Walternate.

  17. jen says:

    Awesome. This has been a great season; I’m so glad it’s coming back!

  18. joyce says:

    I saw a part of a script spoiler that is our Olivia who dies, which is a major bummer.

  19. RKron says:

    I can’t wait to see the interactions of a confused Peter to everyone around him, Olivia to grown up Ella, and what the character Moreau (Brad Dourif) will bring. Wondering if we’ll see future Nina because I didn’t see her in the promo and I hope she isn’t left out of the last episode again like last season.

    Also, I’m not that afraid of the character death since it’s in the future, but I’m hoping this isn’t the final cliffhanger. It should be something unexpected that hasn’t been released yet.

  20. Anna says:

    WOW… i just love Fringe. Enough said.

  21. Monster says:

    I believe that Peter with the help of the machine destroyed the alternate universe since in the promo Walternate clearly states that. Also, I believe Walternate somehow managed to enter this universe and is creating a havoc.

    • RKron says:

      Or, Peter subconsciously spared Walternate’s life when he reset the universal balance because the man is still his real father.

      • Monster says:

        @RKron: It may be possible but we don’t know yet if you can spare someone’s life with the machine or if it restores balance. Also, Walternate has technology to cross universe and as we saw in the latest episode that when Peter entered the machine something happened on the other side (or the machine on the other side). Therefore, it stand to more plausible that Peter unknowingly chose the fate of the alternate universe.

      • teniba says:

        what about his own child?

        • Jason McD says:

          Does he even know he has a child? I didn’t think anyone “over here” knew that bit of information.

  22. james r says:

    I read that this role is potentially recurring, so a future Ella possibly reccuring into season 4? That could mean either a) Fringe will stay in the future (i find this one unlikely) b) Fringe will return to the future, maybe like they kept switching between universes this series (may need a different coloured opening titles) c) Ella returns to the present with them

  23. Barb says:

    I think its both universes merged into one. Of course Peter didn’t know Fauxlivia had a baby, so that explains the tears. Any character that didn’t have a double would survive immediately. The others, it would be unsure.

  24. TV Junkie says:

    Loved everything about Friday’s episode except the “finding” of Olivia’s picture on the old scroll. Sometimes I feel they are recycling old ALIAS scripts when they play on the whole “mythology”. Loved ALIAS until the Romboldi story line took over everything.

    • jackace says:

      These scrolls are from the “present” (or close future), they were sent back in time by Walter, just like the Machine.