Hot Shots: Smallville Series Finale Sneak Peek!

Smallville fans have much to be excited for as the series enters its final two weeks.

Just last night, a new promo for “Prophecy,” the penultimate episode airing May 6, let slip a glimpse of such infamous DC Comics baddies as Black Manta, Captain Cold and Solomon Grundy. The CW also has released the first of two batches of photos from the two-hour finale airing May 13.

Smallville First Look Video: Lex. Is. Back!

Showcased in this salvo of pics are Tom Welling (as, of course, Clark Kent), Erica Durance (luminous as lady love Lois Lane) and Michael Rosenbaum (reprising his role of Lex Luthor). Things look a bit tense in many of these scenes, but we are promised that Batch No. 2 will depict happier times as Clark puts that tux shirt to proper use, as a bridegroom.

“It’s safe to say that there are highs and lows in the finale,” Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders tells me. Teasing what’s to play out in the two-hour series-ender, she says, “We are very appreciate of the fans who have stuck through this longer than most marriages last, so we want to deliver payoff as best as we possibly can. At the same time, we have to be pushing off to when Clark really becomes Superman, and his final showdown on Smallville.”

Yep, she dropped the S-bomb. So drink that in as you flip through this super photo album:

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  1. STARK says:

    Megamind is back!!!

  2. laz says:

    every time i here kelly’s mouth open my head hurts she has just comfirmed what i thought all a long is lois will get mindwiped and lois and clark will not get marred at the end and it lookes like doomsday all over again when it comes to lois she will miss the last 30 mins of the last eps and guest stars will be there till the end.and in the shots you got up here you can tell this is in the 2 part of the last eps because clark is got the same stuff when he is with lex and lex is only in the 2 part and there is no wedding ring on clarks hand so no happy ending for lois and clark what’s JS say all clark needs is the love of his mom and dad and lex but not the love of his solemate lois i just wish some one would buy JS KS BP TW a comic book and please for love of god kelly quit talking please.and to add to that clark will be shirtless with tess in next weeks eps some one has got to fix clark up after he and lois fight and tess knows how to do that and plus bqm is writing it and he love clark and tess scenes just look at the eps of luthor.

  3. AndyLuvr says:

    I didn’t even know what the term “slash” meant back when “Smallville” began, but its premier slash couple CLEX is back! LOL!

    • laz says:

      i am sure tom welling will put his acting chops in the clark and lex scenes cause he sure the hack don’t put them in there for lois scenes it’s like he hates ed and the lois lane of smallville way to go tom you suck.

      • xav says:

        Is it just me or did this whole comment make no sense at all?

        • laz says:

          i would like to have a nightflight scene but looks like that want happen next to clark in the suit that is the most iconic thing not clark and lex but lookes like we will get scewed out of that scene since the big baby tom welling don’t put the suit on till the last mins of the show and since that want happen till then dc wan’t let clark and lois get marred till he is superman and that is that.

  4. Roger says:

    I didn’t start watching to see Clark become Mr. Lane. Thanks for the sneak peak at Lex, Ausiello, but you can keep those pics of this stupid wedding that didn’t even happen in the comics. So disappointed in this season of Loisville and how she plans her wedding.

  5. Michael Sacal says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the continued inclusion of “comic booky” aesthetics. They look okay but out of place in Smallville based on how it began.

    It’s degrading into Birds of Prey territory, skewing the fringes of the Batman TV show from the 60s.

  6. laz says:

    go watch the clark and lois’s scenes and then go and watch the clark and lex scenes and if you can’t tell the two scenes apart then i will shut up but since you are a clexs fan it would not matter what i say.

  7. TayMads says:

    I am personally really excited about the season finale. As for the comments above, they have stated numerous times that they aren’t going to mind wipe Lois. I personally don’t care if they do and I encourage it because Lois doesn’t even know Clark’s secret until way later when he is already Superman. Having her know the secret kind takes everything interesting out of their relationship. That is just my personal opinion though. I think the finale should be about Clark and Lex. Not about Lois because Lois had nothing to do with him being Superman. Not according to the comic books. I think it’s about time we focus on CLARK. The show is about him so let’s focus on him.

    • laz says:

      well then they hav’t two do the same two lex don’t they cause he don’t know clarks secret tell he is superman you can’t have one with out the other right.

      • TayMads says:

        I completely agree with you but I was only responding to the posts talking about Lois which is why I said nothing about Lex. You’re right. Lex should also be brain wiped because he also did not know Clark’s secret.

    • Michael Sacal says:

      If they mindwipe Lois, that invalidates the future that Clark saw in homecoming, which means that history is not written and that he could chose not to put on the glasses.

      Now, haven’t the Legion’s multiple trips through time made it clear that history has to be respected and that if it is changed that can lead to trouble?

      Brainiac 5 wouldn’t have sent Clark through time if any place he visited was a possible event and not a concrete event, would he?

      • TayMads says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that future set in 2017 which is six years from now? Oh and also, Lois wasn’t even wearing a wedding ring during that whole sequence so they weren’t married when she found out the secret. Brainiac just showed Clark that Lois finds out the secret….and that wasn’t even his intention at all. He wasn’t going to take him to see his future, the whole reason why Clark saw it was because he touched Brainiac 5’s ring. Nowhere in the future did it state how or when Lois found out so I don’t think it will affect the future at all really. If Lois get’s brainwashed sure it would be upsetting but that doesn’t mean Clark will be brainwashed too so I don’t see how it affects the fact that Clark wears the glasses now. I think she would only be brainwashed to the point where she doesn’t know the secret, not to the point where she doesn’t know Clark at all.

        • Michael Sacal says:

          He wears the glassess because he saw himself wearing them in the future, a future in which Lois knows the secret.

          If Lois can forget, then the future can be changed, which means that he doesn’t need to wear the glasses.

    • lily says:

      The lame “Lois shouldn’t know Clark’s secret before he’s Superman because it’s how it is in the Comics” is seriously getting old and utterly ridiculous because of the double standard. You want Clark and Lex in the finale? Isn’t Lex supposed to not know Clark before he’s Superman?! But of course Lois is the problem, not Lex knowing Clark before he’s Superman, not Chloe who is an original character, not all the heroes and villains that Clark has met before being Superman,etc.
      You may not like it, but it’s also interesting to not always follow the mythos otherwise each adaptation would become too predictable. You may not like Lois’ important place in Clark’s life in SV as well, but if you’re trying to find a culprit for the lack of focus on Clark, how about you look at characters (guests and regulars) who had a storyline that had nothing to do with Clark or made him brainless or mopey? At least Lois doesn’t hurt/betray him like others have done and what she does is always about him. The Comics also shouldn’t always be taken as the sacred graal because some storylines are not very good and others are from the silver age and tell things that don’t fit in today’s world. For example, Clark not telling Lois that he’s Superman way after they got married,which means hiding to her a part of him/of who he is, is very disrespectful to Lois and made Clark look bad, so I’m glad things have changed and SV had the guts to have their own take on the triangle so that neither Clark and Lois come off bad or stupid.

      Moreover you single out Lois helping him become Superman when it has been stated in SV that many people helped or have helped him, by giving him advice or clues (cf. Booster Gold for a recent example, but Hawkman as well, the Legion,), inspiring him (Lois, and Chloe to some extent), guiding him and protecting him (his parents, the Martian Manhunter…),etc.

      The finale should be about Clark and the people that matter to him and his destiny. It shouldn’t be all doom and gloom with villains to fight but full of hope with Clark surrounded by the persons he loves and finally becoming a public Superhero. It should be faithful to the SV mythos while showing iconic moments from the Comics.

      People watch for different reasons/characters, I’ll watch the finale mainly for Clark, then Lois, then Martha and Jonathan, then Lex. That’s all the people I care to see, but I won’t mind if some characters – that don’t exist in the sacred comics or don’t know Clark before he’s Superman and have a storyline having nothing to do with him (like Chloe, Oliver, Chlollie, Emil, Jeff the DP intern, Tess, Darkseid and his minions, Lionel, etc.) have bits of screentime devoted to them because they are part of Smallville and deserve some recognition and wrap-up.

      Sorry for the long comment. I’m just so sick of Lois being always singled out as the one thing wrong in SV because “she doesn’t know in the Comics!” when there are plenty of evidence making that point completely moot in SV. People should just say that they hate Lois and be done with it instead of trying to come up with arguments to make it look like she, of all characters, doesn’t belong in SV and shouldn’t know who Clark is.

      PS: Fun facts; when Lois started getting more screentime from season 8 on, Clark’s screentime increased and he got more of it in seasons 8,9 and already 10 than in seasons 6 and 7, when Lois didn’t have much role in Clark’s life and when Clark was miserable most of the time. What were in those 2 seasons? oh yeah, Lexana and Chloe being Clark’s brain. Lois is indeed responsible for Clark’s lack of (good) focus!! /sarcasm

      • TayMads says:

        The whole reason why I said absolutely nothing about Lex is because I was responding to the Lois comments. I clearly say that in my first sentence before going into my opinion. There is no double standard. I completely agree that Lex shouldn’t know the secret either. The whole reason why people are upset that Lois knows is because they are making it seem like SHE is the reason why he becomes Superman. That is why I have a problem with it. And I have stated that I don’t like Lois Lane but that isn’t why I made the comment. I made the comment because it bothers me that Lois is kind of being made the center of the show when it isn’t about her but Clark. Smallville in it of itself isn’t even really about Superman but Clark Kent and even though yes, Clark has gotten more screen time it doesn’t change the fact that most of the story lines revolve around Lois and not Clark. You have valid points but also have some invalid points as well. We are focusing too much on Lois and Clark and not Clark just like we are focused too much on Lana/Clark, Chloe/Clark, and Lex/Lana. It’s time to focus on Clark and for everyone else to be in a supporting role.

        • lily says:

          I apologize if I said things that were not really related to what you said in your post. I sometimes speak in general terms beside respondind to the comments in a specific post, so some sentences may not have been directly directed at you :/

          I don’t think she’s the one making him Superman, if it has been stated then it was a great exaggeration. If we take the facts, then Lois has been inspiring him, supporting him, giving him advice. But it’s impossible she’s the one making him Superman since 1) he came up with the double identity by himself in season 8, 2) he has been inspired by many people since season 1 and not only Lois, 3)he was the one who suggested the glasses to Lois in Masquerade and started acting clumsily (he was just reluctant in continuing doing so in Booster), 4) Martha made the costume, 5) he has been saving people – with or without his powers – well before Lois knew about his secret etc. Lois, as the main important person in his life, shows the most support and belief in him, and gives him advice but it has been shown that she’s not always right about the way to go (cf. in Masquerade when she suggested a public costume with sunglasses and a red hoodie).

          I want Clark to do things by himself too, and I don’t think Lois has been made into the “Superman-maker”. I also don’t think Clark and Lois have gotten that much screentime; it was true in the first half of the season but now they rarely have more than 3 scenes in an episode together – only the two of them – in an episode, each of them doing their thing apart or interacting with others in most episodes, with Lois’ “thing” most of the time related to Clark. And even if there has been storylines about Clark and Lois, I don’t really see how it takes the focus away from Clark. Otherwise we could say that everytime Clark shares a scene with someone it takes the focus from him. So why it’s the case with Lois? Because it’s about their relationship and it’s “cheap” compared to supposed more important stuff for Clark? Clark’s love life does matter and Clark and Clark/Lois is the strongest relationship that has been featured in the Comics, and I find it unfair when some undermine it as if it should be a detail. I also don’t see how it is a bad thing when it makes Clark happy and more grounded. I don’t believe we should compare the focus that Clark/Chloe and Clark/Lana got with Clark/Lois since, to me, the former often made Clark look brainless, helpless for one and made him sad and mopey (as well as avoid his destiny) for the other, while Clark/Lois showed him stronger, bolder, moving forward, going to the DP, being happier. So it’s a case of bad focus vs good focus. I see why you would be tired of Clark/Lois if you don’t like relationships developed onscreen, but to me focusing partly on Clark/Lois is a good thing and is as important for Clark (and by that I mean we as fans may not like it, but it’s what Clark wants that matters and not our opinion) as becoming Superman. His relationship doesn’t prevent him from putting the protection for the planet first, as shown in Dominion.

          I’d love to see Clark save people, fight more, and use his powers more, but Clark/Lois isn’t at fault. It’s the budget and the producers’ “kitchen-sink” approach of this season. I’m sure that it would be possible to show the hero side of Clark more without using much money, but it seems the producers have wanted to do as many things as possible that were not done in live-action before in this last season (Darkseid and his minions,Lionel,Alexander/Conner, the VRA,the SS) , often resulting in too many storylines badly developed or/and wrapped-up. So to me Clois is far from being the issue as it doesn’t make him weak or make him less of a hero, I think it’s one of the good/positive things for Clark this season; if there is a lack of focus some other storylines are the problem, but there has been simply a lack of proper focus on Clark. Plenty of times, in scenes not involving his relationship with Lois, he could have come off stronger, as more decisive or proactive, but the producers/writers often don’t seem to know how to write a proactive Clark and instead give more “heroicness” to others, like to Kara in Supergirl who suddenly knew everything better than him and had to lecture him.

          We can agree to disagree about the Clark/Lois relationship though :) It’s fine if you don’t like it, I just don’t agree with you that it takes focus from Clark and that Lois is the center of the show (in Dominion she had less screentime than Clark,Tess, Oliver and Zod!, in Fortune the focus was more on Chloe and Clark, in Luthor it was Clark/Lionel, in Kent Clark and Jonathan, etc.).

  8. Dee says:

    Yay!!! Those pictures are great!

    Cannot wait for those two to be on the same screen again.

  9. michelle says:

    I bet Lex gets mindwiped not lois

  10. JHarnes says:

    Well it is easy to see folks who hate the show are out in force today. If you enjoy Smallville just relax and I’m sure we will have fun over the next two episodes.

    NOTE: Smallville is not part of the current comic controversy that has Superman renouncing his US citizenship. Leave Clark the Blur alone!

    Smallville is fun. Lois and Clark are fun. When they look at each other you feel a connection. Now I would love them riding off on a motorcycle at the end just as they arrived when Clark crashed Lex and Lana’s wedding. You can bet Lex will want some pay back there!

    Smallville I so wish you were not ending! It’s been a great run and you folks: Actors, Writers, Directors and all the others who created the show deserve a lot of thanks for years of fun adventures!

    • AndyLuvr says:

      Is that what’s happening in the “Superman” comic books these days? That’s very interesting considering Superman is the most famous illegal alien in fiction/pop culture!

      I agree with you and I too wish “Smallville” would go on. I’ve grown to love its own mythology that mixes elements from the comic books (which I’m not current on) and the Richard Donner films along with its original characters, specifically, Chloe Sullivan and Lionel Luthor. Early episodes hold up very well (unlike “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” which is a tad campy for my taste) and I’ve really enjoyed how the show turned from a super powered “Dawson’s Creek” into a bona fide superhero show. “Smallville” has really been a fun ride.

  11. mgb says:

    I really don’t want a wedding either, not being an E.D. fan. This whole season seems to have turned into the Lois Lane show, and that makes me sad since it’s the last one and should have revolved around Clark. However, I think Tom Welling is amazing, and I can’t wait to see Michael Rosenbaum return as Lex Luthor. The two of them are a great on-screen match. No one plays Clark Kent/Superman better than Tom Welling.

    • liz says:

      No offense but i hardly call this season the lois lane show. I think its more the Bring back as much guest starts show, or put as many pointless plots that have nothing to so with Clark/Superman. Take your pick.
      And seriously Lois dosent even have her own arc. She should have been shown more at the DP being a great reporter, but no. All she is shown is a romantic relationship with Clark. Thats fine but being a Lois fan i would have like to see her own individual arc seperate from Clark.
      The pics look good. Lois Clark and Lex look great! I still am looking forward to the finale, i think it will great.

    • lily says:

      I can understand not liking weddings or not being fond of an actor/actress.

      However I really don’t understand how it is the Lois Lane show when everything Lois has done this season has pretty much been about Clark and she doesn’t even have her own independent storyline as she has barely been seen investigating and when she was most of the time it was related to Clark.

      Moreover she hasn’t even had that much screentime in each episode since Luthor compared to Tess, Oliver and Chloe, and even guests like Lionel and Booster Gold (who got 21min). She now often gets the third spot in screentime while she’s the second main character this season. When Lois is around,there is the certainty that the story will focus on Clark, but when others are there they often do things related only to them or “steal” storylines that should be more about Clark because they have to have something to do (Chloe and the Suicide Squad, Oliver and Darkseid, Chlollie, all the stuff from the AU world, Tess and Lionel/Granny, Kara becoming public and creating a double-identity in the space of one episode thus effectively stealing some of Clark’s thunder, Chloe/Jimmy or even Chloe/Davis, etc). All regulars have the right to have some focus, and I agree wholeheartedly that Clark should get the most focus, but you can’t blame Lois and not others when when Lois is there, her story IS generally about Clark/revolves around him. What is funny is that one complain from many Lois fans is that she hasn’t had an individual storyline this season and that most of what she does is always about Clark…Lois can’t win it seems, criticized for being there, criticized for not doing more for herself, criticized when she does one thing wrong even if she’s -beside Clark- the one always apologizing, showing understanding, being supportive, being the most forgiving, learning from her mistakes. Being with Clark – and just because she’s Lois Lane – seems to make her the target of many criticisms, which I don’t understand for all the aforementioned reasons.

      I guess it would be better for some if Clark was only shown being Superman saving people,fighting villains and showing off his abilities, but not really having a home and love in his life so that there can’t be people close to him that could take any focus from him even if their lives are about him… Sounds like a very hopeful and happy life for a hero that sacrifices so much and who has always longed to belong and have a family ! *sigh*

      Whatever Clark does, whoever Clark shares time with in the finale, I just want to see him happy being Clark/Kal-El/Superman, spreading hope, being surrounded by people he loves, being a leader able to face supernatural forces as well as human bad guys. If being with Lois makes him happy and psychologically stronger, then I don’t see what’s wrong – love isn’t presently a weakness for Clark and he certainly has the right to love and deserves to be loved. It’s also what he has always wanted since the first episode of SV and him getting what he wants is logically about him.

      I agree with you though that Tom Welling plays Clark wonderfully and Michael Rosenbaum and he are great in their scenes! I just wish Tom didn’t have to play brooding and depressed Clark so much between seasons 5 and 7, it must have been tiring for TW after some time, which makes me even more grateful that he signed up for 1 then 2 more seasons after season 7. Tom really seems like a great guy and I hope to see him in front of the camera after SV again.

  12. Carrie says:

    Great pictures! Thanks for all the “Smallville” coverage.

  13. AlistairCrane says:

    So excited for the Clois wedding!!! The engagement/weddings were my favourite part of the 90s “Lois and Clark” series.

    • laz says:

      i really want the wedding to happen to but with the way kelly is wording her stuff up there is that the one thing she don’t care about is clark being happy and tom already said that a hero life is to be alone.and he is a EP this year so i think he knows what he wanted and that is for clark to be alone witch is sad.but tom don’t care for the lois lane of smallville only the lex of smallville i mean how the hack are you going to start a show about superman and not have a lois lane on it at the startof it but you can have a lex very stuiped.

  14. lily says:

    With all my ramblings, I didn’t even thank you Matt for the pictures and the SV coverage. It’s great to know that we can always count on you to cover SV and do your interviews with professionalism by asking pertinent and thoughtful questions! I hope you’ll get to interview Tom and Erica (though I’d love to hear from Michael and Cassidy too) before the Finale.

  15. cdizzle says:

    Some of your comments are too funny. I was actually laughing out loud. Clex? really. You do realize Clark is straight right?

    But, the pics look pretty cool. Show down time. but, also, I’m glad they dont show Clark become Superman until the last few minutes, because all these 10 years were about him becoming superman. I mean the show isn’t called superman lol. I’m sad for the ending. But I hope it’s a good send off.

    • laz says:

      tell that to conner i kid.
      but on a side note when guess stars can say how a script is writen at the end that is very bad and i can tell you right now guest stars should not have that much power over the ones like ed who stayed when she could have left. seems like the TPTB care more for the ones who jumped shiped and not the ones who stayed like ed and i bet it makes ED and JH feel good i bet.and i wish tom welling would prise ed as much as he does mr in his interviews but have not seen him say one good thing about her all he talkes about is mr this and mr that and all ed talkes about is tom in her interviews just once i want him to do the same thats all i ask but i know it will never happen witch is very bad on toms part but who knows mabey he will shock me and say some good things about her on the talk shows he is doing in the next week or so but i am sure it will mr this and mr that i am sure of it.

      • TayMads says:

        Do you have some type of prejudice towards Tom Welling? I hate to burst your bubble but of course they treat Micheal Rosenbaum better because it was the only way to get him to come back…and he is a show veteran. He is part of the orignial cast while Erica Durance is not. She has been on the show for six seasons which is a pretty long time and it should be respected and put in high regard but exactly HOW many interviews have you seen of Tom Welling? He isn’t like he does them all the time. The few I have seen he speaks highly of all his costars. It could be the reason he doesn’t talk up Erica is because the people interviewing him never ask him about her. I personally believe that TW and ED have no chemistry whatsoever but that is just my personal opinion. TW has been on this show for ten years. Maybe in his interviews they just focus on him and MR because MR is like one of his closest friends.

  16. Greg says:

    Looks like he’s wearing a bald cap which I have no problem with. I mean we can’t expect the man to chop of his hair for a one episode return.

  17. Robert says:

    Man there are some whiny Smallville fans!!!! There’s a preview of what to expect on Youtube. Get over it!!!! I believe Clark is going to marry Lois, and will don the suit at the very end when he will “drop by” Chloe’s place who is reading a Smallville comic book to her son. We may only see him rip the shirt and not the full suit, but we will see it.

  18. Susie says:

    wow… thought this was already over…oops