How Would You Reboot Two and a Half Men? (Without Changing the Title, That Is)

The facts are these: Two and a Half Men‘s main man, Chuck Lorre, is vested in keeping the show going by any means possible — and most definitely sans Charlie Sheen.

“Chuck Lorre is fighting to keep the show alive without the star it was originally created for,” a source told The Daily Beast last week. The Hollywood Reporter is now echoing that sentiment, saying that Lorre has presented close associates and Men costar Jon Cryer with “a new creative direction” that will subtract Charlie Harper from the mix but keep Alan, Jake et al caught up in comedic capers for at least another season to come.

As told to THR by an insider, Lorre assured Cryer that the reboot “would involve a significant role for him, and the introduction of a new, yet-to-be-cast character.”

WB Lawyers to Sheen: Stop Pretending You’re In Talks to Rejoin Two and a Half Men

Lest anyone think Lorre might steer TV’s most watched sitcom in a very new direction — one perhaps ill-fitting the show’s current title — a studio source tells TVLine that by hook or by crook, Two and a Half Men will keep that name should it move forward. After all, unless the Valerie of Valerie’s Family just up and leaves, name-changes are a risky proposition, even more so for a long-running series such as Men.

Is Charlie Sheen ‘Winning’…. Or Begging for Work?

So what do you think Chuck Lorre has up his sleeve? The official word on Men likely will be handed down by the time CBS holds its annual upfront presentation on May 19, so the time to speculate is now. Will Charlie go on the lam for heaven knows what, freeing up his room to be occupied by, say, a cad cousin? Will Jake be “promoted” to full “Man” status, allowing for a new young’un — maybe Alan has a not-legit kid out there? — to enter the nest?

Share your reboot theory in comments!

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  1. Davi says:

    Charlie has a mental breakdown and develops multiple personalities. Each ‘personality’ is represented by a different actor/actress each week, but it’s still ‘Charlie.’

    This saves money by having guest actors all the time instead of a series regular.

    Although, I much prefer the magically de-aged Charlie who turns into an obnoxious child… Wait, ignor that. I’m mixing reality in too much there.

    • Luminosity says:

      Oh my gosh, Davi, I had the exact same idea but didn’t see your post until mine popped up. Great minds think alike!

  2. Luminosity says:

    My idea is to a new Charlie every episode and to only reference this with a voice over stating “The role of Charlie is being portrayed tonight by {actor’s name here}”. One episode could have John Stamos playing Charlie. The next episode could have Rob Lowe playing Charlie. I think it would be hysterical to just keep it going with different guest stars and to not have the regular character’s outwardly acknowledge the difference.

  3. Christy says:

    I know it has been said before but…
    *Charlie decides to stay in Paris (is that where he went?) with Rose
    *Judith throws Herb out
    *Herb come to live with Alan
    Judith and Herb could then share custody of Millie (who BTW has never been seen and must be like 3..4?). Then we might be able to revisit the fact that she maight be Alan’s daughter, which Herb knows nothing about. Alan could keep trying to spend time with her to see if she looks, acts, or is like him in any way. Plus Herb is AWESOME so more of him please.
    And mainly PLEASE don’t bring Charlie back!!

  4. Dw. Dunphy says:

    Charlie Harper flees when illegitimate child is remanded to his custody. Alan and Jake have to raise the l’il paste-eater on their own. The kid’s mom is… wait for it… Rose.

  5. ThatOtherGuy says:

    Have Charlie go crazy and take off. Have him check in occassionally using sound bites from actual Charlie Sheen clips (“The only way I get to see uncle Charlie anymore is on TMZ”). Alan invites his old college roommate to move in, who’s like Charlie, only gay.

    Or just kill Charlie with an STD and replace him with a chimpanzee who solves crime.

  6. Aidan Williams says:

    Yeah i hope for god they keep this show going and find another actor. The Show is awesome

  7. Larc says:

    Just dreaming because he’s far too busy to do it, but…

    Somebody’s nutty grandpa played by Christopher Lloyd moves in.

  8. Lori P says:

    I vote for the Bewitched switcheroo. What would irk Sheen’s ego more than not even acknowledging he existed?

  9. AM says:

    Charlie disappears (presumably with Rose), and Judith kicks out Herb, who moves into the beach house with Alan and Jake…

  10. chucklorreisadoofus says:

    or just cancel the whole thing and move on to real entertainment.

  11. Julie says:

    Without Sheen there is no Two and a Half Men, this show was created for him..but they can try.. but good luck with that Chuck..

  12. Alex says:

    Well, since the 1/2 man is now like 1.25 men, perhaps it’s time to go back to the drawing board on this one.

  13. theotherguy says:

    Except for the name, the show was/is at its core The Charlie Sheen Show. Now that that’s no longer possible, any ‘reboot’ is corny. Remember 8 Simple Rules after John Ritter’s untimely passing? Same here… the ‘crazy’ cousin or illegitimate brother or unknown heir Charlie met @ a bar coming into the house would totally change the show’s dynamics & all pale in comparison.
    Besides even the ‘half men’ title hasn’t worked for years. As Jake got older, they had to dumb down the character so some of the ‘I don’t get it’ jokes would still work.
    Sorry Charlie (and Chuck), but nobody’s wining here…

  14. GleekAmy says:

    After watching tonight’s hilarious TBBT, I say cancel 2.5 Men, and make TBBT 1 hour.

  15. hemingway says:

    Take Emilio Estavez instead of Charlie Sheen.

  16. wick says:

    I’d just have Alan play both Charlie and himself – like United states of Tara, only funny,

  17. WB Frog says:

    I would have Rob Lowe step in as Charlie and not even mention a change. Lowe has the same charismatic personality and charm and wit that Sheen has and would serve as a more than suitable replacement.

  18. inning says:

    After years of cheating life the way he had, death finally catches up with Charlie.

    At his funeral, Alan meets an old friend of Charlie’s – Don, a recently divorced screenwriter with a 7 year old son. They get along too well, and after a few episodes it is revealed he is gay.

    After a few more episodes, Alan finally comes to the realization that he himself is gay. Don, with his son, moves into the house with Alan… and they are Two and Half Gay Men.

  19. Precisely says:

    Charlie and Rose disappear, leaving only a note.
    The note is literally ONE sentence,
    Went to Europe with Rose, I’ll be back.
    or Alan, went to Europse with Rose, don’t be there when I get back.

    ….something to that effect, very open ended.

    End of the first episode a guy in his early 20s shows up, claiming to be looking for his father, Charles Harper.

    Episode 2 Evelyn demands a DNA test which eventually comes back that he does have Harper blood. He lives in Charlies room, and acts just like his father.

    EXACT SAME DYNAMIC, with the offspring of the Main Character opposite his newfound Uncle and Cousin….
    And you can even have him and Evelyn hate each other for the full blown REPLACEMENT.

    Then personally if I was Charlie Sheen I’d apologize and get my show back for the following and final season just as a F^ck You to Chuck Lorre.

    TWO Episodes and you have your replacement with a more than plausible scenario…. How could C. Harper not have at least ONE illegitimate child over the past 25 years. The son character would be 23 years old.. Charlie got his mother pregnant when he was 22.

  20. marie says:

    We (fans of the show) have said it before … HERB HERB HERB is the new ‘full’ man.

    1) In prev. episodes Charlie has said the house is paid off, the cars are paid off, there’s money in the bank …. so he dies … any way you want him to … and he leaves EVERYTHING to Alan. Alan moves upstairs in his new suave, confident character he was becoming before Charlie got scared and ended the show. rat bastard

    2) In prev. episode(s), Alan and Herb have become friends and have had VERY FUNNY exchanges about Judith … both having been married to her. Herb leaves Judith and lives on the sleep sofa that Alan has newly vacated. …. VERY FUNNY story lines here (keep the GAY OUT of this … is much funnier without the gay angle) …. Judith dropping Jake off and facing TWO EXES … gotta see this!

  21. Matt says:

    While he is not an A List star, I’ve always thought it would be funny if Ryan stiles got kicked out by Judith and moved in w Alan. Plus, he’s rich being a doctor and could afford the house payments.

  22. yosoy says:

    the show will be canceled after 2 weeks anyway, so why bother coming up with theories, it’ll fail without charlie.

  23. Dude says:

    Here is what I would do man:

    Have Charlie die in a car wreck and Alan receives word of his brothers death and while at the funeral Alan gets a letter from Charlie’s attorney and so does Jake, and etc.

    So the gang goes to meet this lawyer dude and at the reading of the will it reads this:

    Alan my dear leaching brother you get my malibu beach house/furnishings.
    To my Flatulence Nephew Jake you get $1,500,000 to use as you please.
    To my pompous Mother Evelyn you get all future royalties from my jingles.
    Berta you get $100,000 to use as you please.
    Last but not least my dear loving Chelsea that i truly love you get our private collection of movies, my car, and $3,000,000 to use as you please.

    Then I would have it to where Jake receives another letter from Rose’s lawyer that says at the time of my death if Charlie Harper is deceased you will receive my malibu beach house and furnishings free and clear.

    Thats all in episode one of new season:

    Episode two would be like this:

    Alan who is living it up gets a phone call from some guy claiming to be his 1/2 brother and wants to meet him so Alan agrees to meeting this guy and this guy is Ralph Macchio and he is a lawyer back east who is divorced and has a 20 yr old daughter going to Harvard Law School. Ralph’s character is wanting to re-event himself and start fresh so Alan meets up with him and agrees to getting a DNA test done and to find out they are 1/2 brothers from their father. So he tells Alan he his plans and Alan agrees to let him live there awhile. At this same time Evelyn is trying to talk Jake into selling the beach house or renting it and Jake is considering moving into it but Alan is against it.

    Well that is a good start for Lorre to use but dude if you decide to do it I want money man.

    • Dude says:

      To add to it:

      Later in the season Alan does not like the way Jake is spending his money as he buys a Bentley Continental GT, Big screen TV, all gaming systems, you know like you would see on Cribs.

  24. ncmacasl says:

    Hire Michael J. Fox to take over Charlie Sheen’s role. He can be Rose’s brother who has Parkinsons (or whatever).

    Perfect Ultra-Meta since Sheen took over for fox on Spin City.

  25. Yostie says:

    OK. This whole thing is going to flop without Charlie. But here’s an idea. Charlie dies (in whatever way) off camera. Charlie leaves everything to Allen, but Charlie was in serious debt. So in order for Allen to pay the bills and stay in the house he rents out the room to different “person of the week”. Keeps the cost down from paying a series regular more money since it was written that whoever is hired will not make as much as Charlie did.

  26. Michael says:

    Bruce Willis!

  27. Brock says:

    Honestly, I NEVER watched it for Charlie. Ever. I enjoy every single OTHER character FAR more than I ever did Charlie.

    I am thrilled with the reboot.

  28. Umair says:

    well, i think charlie’s character should be there and performed by some other actor

  29. justin holt says:

    It would be Two and a half men is missing……..lolzzzz

    Watch Two and a Half Men Episodes