Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Season Ends With Another Shootout… But There's a Catch

Grey’s Anatomy is closing out its seventh season on May 19 much the way it did its sixth: with a lot of victims. The big difference this time is that they’ll be emotionally scarred, not full of lead.

“Last year, we had a gunman in the hospital, and there was a shootout,” reminds series creator Shonda Rhimes. “This year, there’s an emotional shootout when the season is done, and Meredith, Alex and Cristina are not left unwounded.”

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“What I love about what happens at the end of the season of Grey’s is everybody takes very interesting turns,” she continues, “and things happen that I don’t think anybody was expecting to happen for our characters.”

A clue about Mer’s looming crisis may come in this week’s all-new episode. “We see Meredith do some things concerning the Alzheimer’s clinical trial that just aren’t good — or even legal — but she feels are right,” previews Rhimes. “And once that happens, the consequences for her start to emerge, and it’s about how long she can keep them at bay.”

Grey’s Anatomy Exclusive: Look Who’s Returning!

Rhimes also confirms that the competition for Chief Resident will climax at season’s end. Settling on the ultimate victor was the subject of fierce debate in the Grey’s writers room. “We had big arguments about who should be Chief Resident,” she says, “and part of it really came down to what we wanted the story to be going forward and where all our characters needed to be at the end of the season.”

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  1. eiby says:

    im just sad that the show is ending and can not wait to see what happens i just spend the last 3 weeks watching the seasons 1 through 6 due to my work hours i missed all the show but im still needing to see the very begin of season 7 episodes 1-13 that musical episode was so great i love it i hope we get to see another one well i think the chief residence will be karev hopes is him and i hope not to miss any more shows.

  2. Shannon says:

    If all you people are gonna do is whine and complain about the show why are you even watching it? Quit crying about the “awful” writing and just quit watching the show! It’s a tv show people! My husband and I love the show and while there are some things I don’t care for, I still love the show. The moment I can complain about every single little detail is the time I need to find a new show to watch! C’mon!

  3. Beverly says:

    To be frank Christina lacks the emotional bedside manner that is needed to be the resident chief. So I highly doubt she would succeed IF she is chosen as resident. I’m excited about the finale and to see how much more the characters evolve with these new twists and turns.

  4. tj lander says:

    hey when r yall going start building grays house two years a go she outline the house in candels i think its time to build it and get out of her mom house for the resdents to live in there and they can have there space and place of there own

  5. Grey's Lover says:

    Personally, I think Izzy is coming back and she’s going to be made the new Chief Resident. Think about it ~ the topic says “Look Who’s Returning …” and it says that it’s going to be an emotional upset for Merideth, Cristina, and Karev. What would be more of an emotional upset, especially for Karev, who has been gunning for chief himself, than if his ex-wife comes back into the picture as his boss??

  6. Resi says:

    Not an O/C fan, just because it always looks like Owen is having troubles with his dentures.. Don’t want to see ‘troubles’ for Meredith and Derek… Love the Lexi/Jackson pairing… Would like to see April/Robert couple…..and of course Izzy to come back and patch things up with Alex

    • ashray says:

      I love Lexie/Jackson and was really cheering for April/Robert last night. I can’t say that I agree with Izzy coming back though. I think it has been too long and she alienated too many people.

    • kelly says:

      i would like to see Izzy come back, and George, and Burke! That is when the show was at its best!

  7. ashray says:

    Am I the only one that wants Jackson to be the underdog who gets the job?

  8. Shaina says:

    i cannot wait! I LOVE this show! I really wanna see how Callie Arizona and the baby are doing after the recovery. I love them, <3
    I don't really understand this article and what it's saying… BUT, does anyone know if they're gunna have a 8th season??? I hope they do!!:D

  9. Karen says:

    I too have had enough of the Callie/Arizona part of the show. They just are not a believable couple for me mostly because of bad acting I think from the actress that plays Arizona. BORING!!!! I would rather see Callie and Mark just remain best friends and raise the baby together that way. As for Christina I think where they have taken her character is horrible. She has always been so strong and driven, and agreed not really a people person but that is what makes her Christina. The fact that she is now a married “wimp” just doesn’t suit her well at all. I don’t mind Owen as a actor, and agree that he has stood by Christina which I like. It’s just how she is now that makes me sick to my stomach. As for Mer/Der I wish they had a little more excitment going on and not so dul this season, but I still think they are the rock of the show. Always together and strong together. I hope karev gets more air time too. Less Calzona and more karev. He may be a bull in a china shop when it comes to verbally expressing himself but he has a good heart and I like that we are seeing more and more of that. I love Greys and have been a fan from day one….I do hope the writers listen to the fans a bit more. Also, bringing back izzy would be an interesting twist I think! I wish you hadn’t killed George….he to this day was my favorite (when you actually gave him lines that is). He was the sweet kind loving one of the bunch….we need more of that not so much bad stuff all the time….Good stuff please!! Oh, last comment…I think Adel fading so fast with Alzheimers is so sad. The chief has gone through so much of this type of thing before with Mers mom….why torture the poor man??? Or is she going to be the one that flips out in the SF????

  10. Kathi Geukes says:

    You people realize you’re taking about a SHOW, right?

    • ashray says:

      Why get on just to be rude? I’m sure “most” realize it is a show and not real people or situations. It’s nice to be able to talk about things that we like without being ridiculed by other people. Thank you for being understanding about other people liking a SHOW and wanting to discuss what people would like to see happen to the characters that we have grown to like.

    • ehkelley says:

      We do! But many of us having been watching this show since it started so we’re passionate about the characters and what happens to them. This show started when I was a senior in high school and I watched it all through college. When I was an RA my residents would have Grey’s Anatomy nights- it was a great community builder. The point is, no need to get snippy. We all have our vices- you’re probably a closet WOW player and do you see me judging you?

  11. Camey says:

    Maybe it would interesting to see the chief resident spot given to Meredith and ten have the chief find out about what she did with the trial and take it away from her….. Or would he let her keep it because she gave Adele the drug??? Hmmmmm

  12. Tasha says:

    I am gonna need to see Dr. Burke….I am just saying, it would shake up things a hundred percent! Please bring him back, preferably using Isaiah Washington…..thanks!

  13. Keisha says:

    They need to kill some bitches off fast. Start with Amy and Stark, no one likes them and they are VERY uninteresting. Eliminate the new OB chick, she’s just a filler for Izzy, everyone knows it. Get rid of Bailey’s love interest, I like it when she’s bossing people around, not snogging male nurses. Reduce the airtime for cally and arizona and get back to the MAIN characters: Meredith, Cristina, and Alex. Too many superflous characters reduces the quality of the show and the depth of ALL the characters as a result. There’s only so much screen time to go around. :p

  14. ohmygod.. says:

    you people are acting crazy for nothing. i know that not everyone likes every character and sgrees with everything the writers do but cut them some slack they have been doing this show for a mere 7 years. its not like its a comedy and anything can happen, it has to make sense, it’s a medical drama..

  15. Nels says:

    It’s really difficult to get that invested in the Chief Resident race when the last time there was a race, Callie was replaced by Miranda within weeks. So, we know whoever gets named chief resident may not end up actually being chief resident.

  16. C.J parker says:

    I hope Meridith and Derrick get to adopt, Alex needs more screen time and the whole McSteamy and Little Gray need to get back together tired of the Callie/ Arizona/Mark thing, If the writers split up Derrick and Meridith I will not be watching the show ever again, thats what killed my love for E.R…don’t make that mistake!!!!

  17. lovebugJD says:

    I have been a grey’s anatomy fan since the beginning.. i have been a fan of mer/Derek and i like Christina. I agree with some of the other comments.. sick of the calzona-mark love triangle.. MOVE ON. they Had the baby now move on…the whole show has been come about them. they should make a show called Calzona if they wanted it all about them. PLEASE Put more of the other characters in the show more.. its getting kinda boring..

  18. Sara says:

    I don’t see why everyone keeps complaining about the calzona story line. If your a true Grey’s fan then you would love it all! To me every bit of the show rocks. I love seein the characters grow. If the story played out right away how everyone wants there would be no show. So stop complaining. Just like mer/der I really want then to have a baby but I’m sure they won’t have one for a while because that’s what keeps us watching. I have no doubt that we will all see a baby from them someday! Until then I’ll be watching!

  19. mrswesty says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the Teddie/fake husband relationship…this has actually been my fav subplot for the last few episodes.

    I think Shonda has done a great job beating up Meredith – that has been and always will be a basic premise of the show – remember she is “dark and twisty” not “bright and shiny” – that is how the character is written – crappy childhood resulting in a young woman trying to adjust.

    The great thing about GA is the variety of plots and subplots and weekly stories the show brings! Why complain about this one or that one? Frankly, I have never been a huge Sandra Oh fan and never really understood all the hype about her, but I watch her drama with Owen unfold the same as every other plot on GA. WHY? Because this is what the show is about! Grin

    The only complaint I have for GA and the writers and producers is the lack of weekly episodes! I hate waiting 2 or 3 weeks in between only to find out the season finale is just around the corner. What happened to a show that airs an episode every week, maybe taking a break one week for a holiday? I want an episode every week next season – with whatever twists and turns they can pump out! :)

  20. Liz says:

    I used to love Callie and Arizona but in the last semester it’s just gotten really messy with Mark in the picture. I want fun Arizona again with her “don’t offend the makers of the tiny humans” talk.

    I feel like the original characters have been ignored too, where have Mer/Der, Christina (aside from her experience with PTSD), and Alex been this season?

    What bothers me about all the baby story lines is that people act like it’s so unnatural that Christina and Arizona aren’t gaga about having kids. I think it sends the wrong message.

    I was a fan of Owen and Christina before he got all messed up, but the relationship just seems really unhealthy. He’s no abuser but I think he is selfish and I think he’s jealous of her talent. It’s funny because Christina keeps on ending up with guys who want to nest and she’s not a nester.

  21. jennilynn says:

    i want cristina and owen to stay together but i don’t think it would be right for them to have a baby…owen has excepted her for who she is and she just doesn’t seem like the type that wants kids…its night right for her character…i love her for her witty sarcasm not how compassionate and heartwarming she is…its just not for her character…i hope her and owen can be happy the way they are now!

  22. Kellie says:

    I would love to see, Mer & Der with a baby, Callie and Arizona off the show, Bring back George, Burke, and Izzy…they were the best, that is when the show was at its best. The season finally, they should have “burke’ be named as chief!!!! George could come back as a ‘look a like’… Izzy comes back and falls back into the arms of Alex (he needs someone!)…I really don’t like all this callie an arizona getting married crap…

  23. Meg says:

    Wow. I would like to put my 2 cents in, if next years season is about Merder fighitng and separating on and off like the past about mistakes made in this season, I’m definitely turning it off. Mostly because I’m sick and tired of the past Merder fighting.

  24. moonlight says:

    I don’t hate any couple..but I am a bit tired of CallZona/Mark..it looks like the second part of this season was just about them, specially callzona..one or two episodes it would be ok..but this its just too much…
    I think the CR it will be Alex…Cristina wouldn’t be a good CR, it’s just look to what she used to be when she got interns..and she didn’t have change THAT much..I would prefer to see her as a cardio god…it could also be meredith, but she messed up with the trial, so I’m not sure where her carrer is going after this..unless derek steps up and take the mistake as his own..
    the 2 newbies..it would suck if it was one of them..but if it has to be, hope is April..but it’s just because I don’t like the guy..

    about the baby’s thing..I think that MerDer are going to adopt, and Cristina is going to get pregnant (maybe she already is) she will want to abort (she doesn’t want kids), but she wont because something terrible is going to happen to Owen (dying, or something)..sorz CO fans..I do like CO, but it’s the only way I see Cristina keeping a baby without her having to change her character (if she was going to became a mommy-type it was when she was about to give up cirurgie, not now).

    I would like to see Lexie back with Mark..but I don’t see that happening..at least not yet..

    not sure if that has to be ONE thing that will make the emocional shootout..about cristina, can be the pregnant/owen thing, with mer, I sure it is about her carrer, and with alex could be something envolving his family..
    if it is just one thing for the 3 of them..I only see something about Izzie..could also be Lexie, but unless Cristina was directly involved, I don’t see how she would be left unwounded..

  25. Me says:

    People, please remember that this IS JUST A SHOW. Everyone likes who they like and the story lines they like. Good Grief!!!!

  26. AnneS says:

    I think that Derek and Meredith needs to have a pause. They are starting to be a little to much, and i just want a fight between them! Derek needs to get mad at her for doing something. We just need to sweat a little bit. And then they can get back together. That is actually what the show is about. All the characters are getting a little too family minded. And where is all the competition about surgery? I want the old Greys back.

  27. Dani says:

    Ok all you people who keep saying you’ll be done with the show if such and such happens aren’t real fans. You have to stick with the show to see everything, because maybe what happens you’ll like more. Or like most shows what happens doesn’t last long and things go back to the way the majority of people want it because the writers are trying to make you happy. So stop complaining and wait until everything actually happens.

  28. Guilmer Mancia says:

    I will always like Grey’s but the stories and the feeling of the show have changed dramatically. I miss the old cast. I wish they could try and bring back the memory of George. Like maybe having a scene of them visiting the grave. I hope izzy comes back as a guest star possibly.

  29. kk says:

    everyone is getting emotional and defensive over peoples opinions.. everyone is entitled to think the way they want to and its just a tv show.. its not like this is real events happening.. everyone needs to relax..

    • angela says:

      agreed! i think its interesting to hear everyones take on the show and their predictions but why get angry at each other?

  30. Candace says:

    This is what’s gonna happen: Alex will find out that Meredith switched the placebo for the actual agent. Meredith and Derek are going to find major success with the clinical trial. In fact, Adele’s condition will improve incredibly. As a result, the chief will pick Meredith as chief resident. Only, Alex knows the truth about her cheating, and exposes her dishonesty. They will have a major fall out (either before or after he tells on her), Christina will find out (I think after it hits the fan), and will feel betrayed. Derek will be livid because Meredith put his career in jeopardy. All the while, Dr. Avery will continue to swoon me out of my mind everytime he graces the screen. It’s gonna be a whole, emotional mess with only Jackson’s eyes to console me. If this goes down, I will be sad, mostly because I love the brother-sister relationship Alex and Meredith have. It’ll be hard to see it deteriorate if this goes down as I predict. Here’s hoping it doesn’t.
    Mrs. Jackson Avery.

  31. angela says:

    can we have more bailey? even if its with dumb eli (there’s just something about him i don’t like…he seems sneaky to me)

  32. Nat says:

    Firstly there is alot of haters out there for callie and arizona. yea they have been the focus for a few episodes but two of the shows characters are involved in a horrific accident, that is a major storyline along with the triangle. they are going to be the focus of a couple of episodes (big deal). Secondly callie and arizona’s is a mainstream gay relationship (it’s 2011, it’s about time!), in my opinion they should have more screen time.
    i love grey’s anatomy and its characters and storylines it’s an awesome show, and i thought the musical episode was fantastic!!
    Callie and Arizona Forever…

  33. Nati says:

    i absolutely love the entire show i love every cast that has either passed away which by the way i cried alot for and those who stayed i can really say this show is one show that makes me think alot about the brain and soo on so forth but this show is one hell of a soap Oprah i love it i cried soo much with every season but i couldnt help it i hope this show continue =)

  34. Ginger says:

    I agree….I love the show. And all the characters. Been addicted since day one and haven’t missed an episode! Yeh….if this show ever went off air…I think I’d cry! Then I’d buy every season and still watch it on re-watch it on Thursdays to see what I didn’t pick up on before…lol

  35. kathii says:

    guys chill!! it’s just a fictional tv show.. enjoy watching and stop complaining about characters. They are unreal!!!

  36. norma says:

    Where is all the ROMANCE????
    I think its getting out of hand, and the steamy, romance needs to come back or the show will be in trouble.

  37. norma says:

    and one more thing, Arizona really needs to leave the show,
    there is something about her we just do not like.

  38. misty says:

    What Happend to Izzy and that one guy I forgot his name but he lived with Meridith. I missed a lot. Please let me in on what I missed

  39. xantcha says:

    I don’t get why Meredith can’t just keep her mouth shut about what she did. If I did something bad like that, I just wouldn’t tell anyone. I also must be one of the few that doesn’t like Mark/Lexie together. I can’t stand Mark with anyone and I actually like Lexie and Jackson. Cristina and Owen are boring, Callie and Arizona are boring, Teddy is boring. This show could stand to get rid of some people probably.

  40. ke-shaunta says:

    I think that Meredith and Alex should be Co-Chief Residents(I would like to see more sceanes with the two of them). Also I wonder how Derek is going to react to what Meredith done. Also they need to bring in a new Love interest for Mark I mean I like Lexie and all But I SERIOUSLY Hate her for what she did to Mark. Also I think Izzie characters needs to come back for a while just to die Tragically later on(thats kind of wrong I know but its better then her story line now)

  41. Ana says:

    I don`t like to see actors singing in a serius scene, not is a musical, is awful.

  42. pllfan says:

    I like the calzonaslone! The CAM storyline was at least interesting, if you all remember the beginning of the season Grey’s Anatomy should have been called Yang’s anatomy bc everything was about her! So lay off Torres and Robbins!

  43. olivia says:

    ok i watch this show for marder so bring more parts with them oh i use to like calzona but stop with them more mardar so please give me that oh and lexie what the hell you know you are in love with mark so stop with all of this childish stuff god and Christina you are getting annoying god please let meredith have a baby oh and all of those people saying oh i don’t read the spoilers anymore and crap shut up ok and i watch all 6 seasons in a month and didn’t look at one spoiler and i still love it ok god

  44. Sam says:

    i think there is too much drama in this, i mean we seen more worse conflicts in earlier seasons. I kinda wanted to see more critical and surgical cases, more than to see more soaps.

  45. omondi john dickson says:

    i think the emotional shooting the writers want to put in is not a good idea,we are so used to the cast being with thier respective partners..i wouldnt want alex to get anyone coz he’s good acting bad boy…but all in all whatever changes you guys make just make season eight so freaking amazing….

  46. Kim says:

    Somebody is going to adopt one of the “African Orphans” that Korev flew in for treatment. Owen & Christina…..or….Derek & Merideth. That’s my guess….we’ll see

  47. MagenCorbin says:


  48. MagenCorbin says:

    THE SHOW WOULDNT BE A SHOW WITHOUT MEREDITH AND DEREK!! AND THEY ARE MY FAVORITE!! i hope they finally get the baby they want! dont like Christina and Owen! love ALEX!! hate Callie and Arizona Callie should have died and not George! they need Iz back too :):)

  49. B. says:

    I love Grey’s Anatomy especially with the Callie and Arizona storyline they are doing a great job and I think Shonda Rimes is doing a great job… if you hate it then don’t watch.. I actually can’t wait to see what is next for Callie and Arizona I think BOTH of them are AMAZING actresses I hope they stay on the show for years and years to come.. I really think right now they are whats keeping GA together.. I brought me wanting more GA each week..
    Callie and Arizona Forever Strong…

  50. janet says:

    Watch not so faithfully anymore. seems like when i see a line i’m not interested in i drift away for awhile. the writing is still o k but a lot is annoying the way it is presented